Hour - World Clock

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Fabrice Leyne
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1 year ago
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10.15 or later
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User Reviews for Hour - World Clock

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4 years ago, Benjamin B. Brown
Emailed developer - 11 mins later, got a response
I love the app - I have many workers and clients in different time zones, so this helps a lot. I also love the way I can custom set the format of the time, date, time zone, etc. in the menu bar. Really amazing though: I had a problem and emailed the developer. Within 11 minutes, the developer responded with a solution! Keep up the great work Fabrice Leyne!
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5 years ago, Wanderfire
Could use some improvements to facilitate planning meetings
This app doesn’t allow you to change the names of cities (i.e., if one of your attendees is from Bellingham, WA, you have to keep the city name at Seattle. The app doesn’t allow you to change the name from Seattle to Bellingham even though the two cities are in the same time zone.) This app also doesn’t allow you to easily ask and answer the question, "If I want to schedule a meeting next Wednesday, at 11AM, what time will it be for my attendees in Kemah, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri? I want to know if it will cut into their lunch time or or commited times that they have locked in. You have to wrestle with it.
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7 years ago, Sun2874313
Great, But Annoying
This would be ideal, if the program didn’t pop up asking for reviews. I have every possible notification setting disabled, and, still, I get requests for reviews? Absolutely not okay. It’s a testament to how much I like the app otherwise that it retains 3 stars. Normally, I’d delete the app and give a 1 star review for this intrusive garbage. If there’s another review request now that I’ve made one, I WILL give 1 star. Leave us alone, please, or give us a way to shut this off. Otherwise, thank you for the excellent app. Once they get enough reviews from us cannon fodder, hopefully they’ll remove the review demand and be an all-around worthy app.
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6 years ago, Zoomer5477
I am a digital nomad and I couldn’t live without this
Excellent little program that allows me to schedule accurately and know when to call and whn not to. Makes it so much easier than actually trying to sit there and figure it out manually on the fly. I have had zero negative issues with it. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, mmollick
Pretty good app, but some issues
It's a great app and very useful when working with a remote team across the globe. I've been running the app for several months now and just recently I've noticed it has some memory leaks. Under normal usage where you periodically restart the system the leak isn't really noticable. After 70 consecutive days of uptime and the app running the entire time it's managed to consume upwards of 4.5 GB.
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3 years ago, FijiBlueMan
Good but could be better
This would be much more helpful if there were some UI interface that you could leave open on your desktop as well as having the option to have the time on the top menu bar be customized to a particular timezone (maybe the first time zone/city on your list?). Would get 5 stars from me if these features were available.
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11 months ago, TintinSF
Great product
I work with people in different time zones around the world and i also travel...so figuring out what time we can all me can be very challenging...this app has made it very easy to figure when we can meet...it's changed my life and made global remote work efficient.
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6 years ago, wgdavies
Exactly what I was looking for
I wanted a world clock to show the time simultaneously in multiple, selected cities and be out of the way when not needed. “Hour" is exactly that and has worked great for my (limited, basic) needs. It looks nice, integrates well in the environment, and I am aware of it when I need it without it ever being obtrusive.
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2 years ago, DrGreyBeard
Great app. Use it nearly every day!
When I need to determine what time it is elsewhere in the world, a single click on this little app's icon is all I need. I found it to be simple to configure, great at doing its primary task, unobtrusive when I need it to be out of the way, and stable.
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5 years ago, JOtr222
This is a disaster for Business
I previously wrote a glowing review of this app…. until DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME showed up. This app does NOT compensate for DST in the USA. I am a world traveler, and I was using this app to keep track of worldwide appointments. When daylight savings time happened and the app did NOT update to compensate, I was grossly embarrassed by missing an appointment in my otherwise previously flawless record of keeping appointments. Until the developers add a DST feature inside the app, I absolutely do NOT recommend this at all for anyone who needs a reliable worldclock to Keep Appointments.
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4 years ago, Dimochka23
Perfect little app
I read the earlier reviews and then noticed that the developers had incorporated user feedback. That was enough for me to give this app a try over the many other options available. The app is clean, simple, easy to set up and does what it's supposed to. I think it's great.
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7 years ago, DoodlePad
So far it’s great
I downloaded this a few minutes ago, simple interface, good feature set. Love the slider so I can slide over to a future time and see all cities change with me. If this opens on start and is reliable, then it was definitely worth the $3 for the upgraded version.
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2 years ago, thehonestygirl
Exactly what I needed! Only two greviences would be I wish I could remove the top menu bar time (already have the system one). And I do wish I could select via timezone and not city, but that's just a small one. Cheers for a free, fantastic app!!
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7 years ago, Zwerlie
Absolutely wonderful
This is such a great app. I can't believe it's free. It does everything I need. I've got the major US time zone so that I can make phone calls across the country without wondering what time it is.
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3 years ago, Jonathanchad
Close to perfect
I work across multiple timezones and this is my go to tool to double check time differences. I just wish there was a way, besides the slider (which can be clunky and too mouse dependent), to jump between times. It would be great to pick a city or time zone and key in the day and time and have the rest of the zones adjust accordingly.
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4 years ago, fjarrett
Great, simple, but lacking one important feature
Excellent app. Very simple and lightweight. Would have given 5 stars but there isn't an option to display the seconds in the menu bar. Until they add this I can't fully replace the default system clock/time with this app, so I have to run both :-(
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2 years ago, FWeasley
Hard to read
The world clocks with the background of the continents makes it REALLY hard to read what time it is. I don't understand why there isn't an option to have digital clock read-outs, or at least get rid of the continents in the background so you can really see the hands of the clocks. Thanks.
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2 months ago, Mr Connoisseur
Hour - World Clock
I really like the app. I would have gave it 5 stars The only thing I do not like is, that it does not show you what day of the week it is in other countries & it is confusing when it says tomorrow instead of saying yesterday Monday, today Tuesday & tomorrow Wedsenday
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4 years ago, Intonarumori
why can't you change which time is displayed in the menu bar?
It always displays the system time, but I already have the system clock for that. I would always like to display another time zone or at least be able to pick which time zone is displayed in the menu bar.
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1 year ago, AzmathR
Great idea but..
I wish there are more updates... The scrolling from left to right to change time using touchpad is a overwhelming. Its too fast. I think it should be slowed down (less sensitive). Five stars if this is fixed.
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7 years ago, Road Warrior Too
Perfect. Exactly what I needed...
Clean, simple interface. Not the overkill so many world clocks have. Excellent app. One click when I need it, out of the way when I don’t. Adding a zone takes seconds. Rearrange with drag and drop. Nice. Does exactly what I need for tracking who is awake when I am :) Paid the $2.99 to unlock some neat little extra features, but the free works great without the bells and whistles. I like bells and whistles. Well done.
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6 years ago, NW32X
Does what it’s supposed to do
Why is it so difficult for developers to create apps that just do what they’re supposed to do and then stop there? I would have rated it 5 stars for doing its job, but had to remove a couple because of the annoying popup each tie it updates itself.
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8 years ago, jshimizu
So far, so good.
Nicely housed in the menu bar and always one click away. I like it. Only downside: you have to upgrade to access all of the settings. For me, that means I’ll just have to put up with the analog clocks.
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6 years ago, JCWOAK
Love it.
Fantastic app. As a North American who lives and works overseas, constantly booking conference calls with people in multiple timezones from GMT to Pacific to Hong Kong and beyond, this is one of my most used tools on my Macbook. Love it.
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3 years ago, Mansing23
It Just Works
Nothing fancy, but a reliable display for those who are working between time zones around the world.
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1 year ago, Grigory K.
very helpful and reliable app
Great app to monitor time and date in different time zones on Mac OS. My time on Mac is not the same without it.
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5 years ago, Michio Yamada
Simple is the best. Dashboard is gone but I found this clock!
Since Dashboard is gone (I'm using Mac OS Catalina) I just wanted to know my friend's time in overseas. This is a simple clock in menu bar. Love this.
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1 year ago, saffglenview
2023, still one of the very best things in the app store
There are so many bad apps out there. 1) this is perfectly made 2) the interface is perfect, simple, and does “everything you need” with NO fuss 3) the app is continually updated. Absolutely first-class product - basically perfect. the developed is well-known as a leading expert - it's a great app.
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4 years ago, BJAABQ
Use the app on more than one Mac computer?
Hello, great app. I’m a paying customer. Can I use this on more than one of my Macs as a paying customer?
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8 years ago, graybell
Great little app
Essential for keeping track of what time it is for my friends in other parts of the globe.
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1 year ago, On Time Bob
Great for planning across timezones
The meeting slider is fantastic. It allows you to figure out "if it's 2p here... what time will it be there?". Great app.
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7 years ago, Songzhilin
Good to know more than 3 location times :-)
Good to know more than 3 location times :-) it’s very usable when you have more than 3 differenct time zone colleagues.
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7 years ago, Felipe Barreiros
I never write down reviews
But this app is amazing. It mimics the actual Apple’s native clock and puts more useful to it. Amazing, I really love it!
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3 years ago, Rdr20044
Very Good
Very useful when you are working teams spread across the globe.
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5 years ago, JasonNWS77
Works and looks great.
Many useful options in a clean easy to configure app!
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3 years ago, odedharth
Not compatible with dark mode
Not compatible with dark mode
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6 months ago, Yangming
Excactly what I've been looking for
Love the concise but good looking design
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2 years ago, innehaja
It is great app but how can I set...
If my mac shows Texas TIme, how can I set the app to show other country or area?
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1 year ago, j0nathan_r0gers
"Hour Mini" widget stopped working in macOS Ventura
I can update my rating once issue fixed. I only see "Hour Mini Failed"
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7 years ago, Antonio Max
Great app, I have all the time I need in my menubar and this is awesome. Its the missing OSX world clock!!
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7 years ago, shidosuru
Does exactly what it needs to do.
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7 years ago, iamman
Love it more
I have used the free version of this app since it was created. Love it ! I love it so much, as I upgrade my OSX I am upgrading to preimum.
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2 months ago, viking_one
Not Trusted...
Running the clock opens an update window that takes up center of your screen... and there's no obvious way to close it or remove it. Why?
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7 years ago, bobdetemple
Memory Leak?
There seems to be an issue with a recent version of the App, so I had to uninstall. If left running for a while it will climb 2GB + of memory usage.
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1 year ago, Rainbow767
i have been using it for a decade
i need to check the time each day and it has been great.
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2 years ago, ChristopherMusic
Stopped Working in MacOS13 (Ventura)
The Hour Widget no longer work in MacOS 13 - The widgets remain but appear blank (with no time or complications visisble). Please Fix! Paying Cusotmer Here!
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7 years ago, Vishwa90
Free version is goo, but..
The free version is good, but it asks you to review everytime you restart your Mac.
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6 years ago, Smith_Vicious
It Works
Honestly just downloaded it but read a review where it’ll keep bugging you if you don’t write a review so here’s my review I hope it works. **UPDATE: It didn’t stop bugging me to rate the app. Was at 4 stars, demoted to 1 star. QUIT ASKING ME TO RATE!
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4 years ago, SJ-
seems like a nice app
doesn't allow for displaying seconds in digital display, would be nice to have a large display window option
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6 years ago, coreylee36
The rate the app notifications need to go away!!
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