Hours Time Tracking

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Hours, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Hours Time Tracking

4.51 out of 5
7K Ratings
3 years ago, chicagoland-ipaduser
back to the best
Update: I still love this app!! The reporting functionality has been much improved (my needs as a solo user are limited but real) since my last review below and I’ve had only rare crashes. I can’t imagine using any other time tracker at this point. I started with this app a long time ago, was a happy user, then had to abandon it when it started acting up in some of the ways to which other users have attested. I contacted support but didn't see the main issue I was having (overlaps I couldn't get rid of) go away. So I reluctantly switched to a different and app. Finding the replacement program lacking after several months' use, I contacted Hours customer support about my issues to see if there might have been any updates that could have addressed them, and was encouraged to try Hours again. I've been using it continuously since April, and it's now working as advertised. I do still occasionally get unintended overlaps when switching tasks or changing labels for a task -- it seems to happen when my internet connection is slow and the sync lags a bit. But such overlaps are rare and easy to locate and correct. I use the program to track my work as an academic in the humanities, so I can't comment the team features, but for solo time tracking this is the best I've used. I've tried half a dozen time tracking apps over the years. The closest competitor I've worked with is Toggl, but in my view Hours wins handily.
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3 years ago, Enoch S
Great! Simple! Needs Some Improvements w/UI
Update: Still a great app and improvements made!! I think the only thing that is needed is for more information to be explained on the subscriptions on the App Store and also online. The “personal (yearly)” subscription is perfectly priced!! Great features for a freelancer! (Should just call it “Freelancer”) and the pro “Team” and some description. Props for making this incredible app! Previous Review: So far this has almost all the main features needed to be a great solution to time management and reporting, but there are some things that can be improved, namely UI. I’ve made these suggestions and their staff has been quick to communicate. Using paid version now.
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6 years ago, jdta
Great on the phone and old watches. But no support for series 4.
With my phone and old watch, this was a 5-star app; with my only slight disappointment being the lack of ability to set overtime rules. But that’s easy enough to deal with myself after I export my CSV. BUT: The complication no longer works on the Apple Watch. I upgraded to the Series 4 yesterday, and the Hours complication will not let me add it to new faces. The app synced over, and it works when I launch it manually. The complication even works still on my legacy faces that transferred over when I switched. But I can’t add it to the new faces I’ve been trying to set up. This a problem for me, given my workflow and my unpredictable need for time tracking. My work is fairly interrupt driven and only certain clients and projects need to be tracked. So the ability to switch time tracking with just a couple of taps to the wrist was a godsend. So, tl;dr, this is a 5-star app on old hardware. But I guess the devs have abandoned it on the meantime, and if you have current hardware, you’re unsupported moving forward. So minus 2-stars on current gear.
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5 years ago, fergusdfgkdk
No longer a free app
Suddenly you can’t use the app anymore without logging into an account. I didn’t have an account and don’t want one. This shouldn’t be allowed to be marked as a “free app with in-app purchases” if you literally can’t use it without purchasing anything. And don’t tell me the account is free, because there’s no bozo-level which costs nothing — there’s only a 30 day free trial. This is complete garbage too because if I only use the app on one device, no infrastructure or services are needed on their end for syncing (i.e. because I’m not syncing anything). I used to have a fully functioning piece of software on my phone, which wasn’t synced with anything and which therefore did not require any account— now I don’t have access to any of my timers or past information or anything. This is really garbage, highway robbery at its finest. Thanks for destroying my perfectly good app with your unnecessary update, and thanks for robbing me of access to a bunch of my personal data which i spent hours creating (pun intended). Seriously though the people who pushed out that upgrade that forces users to have an account— terrible people.
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5 years ago, Itsallaboutme1
No Stars - Difficult to Navigate
I installed the app to track my time through out the day. When I first opened the app, I wanted to add that I woke up at 9:07AM. So, I set a time slot for wake up time at 9:07AM. (It was currently 10:40AM). So, the app automatically setup a 1 hour and 40min window for waking up. When I tried to adjust the wake up time; I had to use a 2nd time slot for what I was doing from 9:07AM until 10:40AM. That was difficult to do. During the process of trying to figure out how to add another time slot; I realized that you only get THREE FREE TIME SLOTS and you have to PURCHASE additional time slots! How can you test the app with only three free time slots? The app also signed me up as part of a TEAM when I had selected tracking time for individual productivity. Then, somewhere in-between uninstalling and reinstalling-the app; ( I had uninstalled then reinstalled in order to rate the app), it said that my password was incorrect and I needed to create a new password....it was a big mess from there and I have now WASTED more than 2HOURS trying to add a productivity app that did not work!!!🤨🤯
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5 years ago, Varentari
Disappointed Is An Understatement
I had used this app for a few years to track my productivity and project hours for billing. That is until they suddenly updated and put everything behind a subscription paywall without warning. It was forcing me to create yet another account and select which version, none of which are free, and in fact are a fairly high cost when compared with other comparable apps. What upsets me most is the lack of consideration for the existing user base with the sudden change in business model. It would have been understandable if they put new features behind the paywall and kept a free version, but they completely squashed any free use of the app. If they lack respect for their current users now, what will stop them from sudden changes in costs and package features in the future. This company has completely destroyed any trust I had towards them. I would never recommend them or their products now. The happy ending is that I’ve already found another app that does just as much, if not more, and is free.
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6 years ago, JonnyRaja
Best time tracker app for freelance
I’ve tried quite a few time tracking apps to record time I work on different projects and this app handles multiple tasks/projects the best. I can work on something for half hour, jump to a different project/client and do that for an hour, jump back to the previous project and as long as I remember to start the timers it works very well. Additionally, the timeline is super easy to use and it’s simple to adjust time blocks of work as you’re working throughout the day. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s remarkable how many other apps don’t nail a basic necessity like this. The developers have done an outstanding job and I have but one singular gripe: the color palette 🎨 It could really use some punch! I’m sorry for being picky but pastel isn’t my thing 😩 If you guys could allow us to assign our own colors to projects that would be awesome! Thanks!!
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3 years ago, arkangel111
Rounding error
Overall it is a decent app, and I don’t mind paying for a subscription for something like this since it allows me to create invoices. That said, the web and app functionality are not unified. You are unable to invoice from the app, and can only get certain report views from one or the other. My biggest complaint though is that when I create a report from the app to attach to the invoice I create on the web, there is a rounding error on one, and the total time does not match. I’ve even isolated this down too the specific days it happens on and reported this to them, but their solution was to manually correct it on their end. This is a very reproducible bug, and a big deal to not send invoices to your customers where the math doesn’t add up, and contacting them every month to correct the issue on the backend (it happens 2-3 days a month where the total time is off by a minute) is just not an acceptable solution.
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2 years ago, Risa Pez
Amazing time tracking
I use this app daily to track how I spend my time. I have separate timers for work, sleep, routine, todo list etc. I love that you can add a note to time blocks. I start a new time block every time I switch tasks at work and use the note to state what I plan to work on. It helps me be more intentional about what I spend my time on and how long I spend on a task. One feature idea I would love would be the ability to “plan” future time blocks for a day which you could then try to match. Often, part way through the day I find myself looking at my timers so far and thinking about how I can fit in X more hours of work etc into the day.
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2 years ago, ChrisP-IKS
Wonderful Product.
I used this app for years to track my time in my personal life, my own business, non-profit work, and as an IT manager for industrial plants. I love the easy to understand visual format. The tasks are easy to create and manage. The free version is robust and entirely usable without spending money. However, the paid version was both inexpensive and provided diagnostic tools that allowed me to push information to the company management team with ease. I would recommend this tool to anyone looking to track their time, especially if they prioritize ease of use over gadgets and options.
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5 years ago, Virgil Brigman
Nice App - Vendor? Not So Much
This app has many great features and I used it for quite some time - that is until one day the vendor put most of the capabilities behind an overpriced paywall without telling anyone, basically “bricking” much of what I relied upon prior to that. I couldn’t even edit the pre-existing material. I was torn by this, however I am a firm believer that regardless of product quality, service orientation is paramount, and dare I say this seems to be a diminishing asset in many industries. I complained but it didn’t matter to them. Maybe if I was paying customer my complaints would have held water. But probably not. Company can do what it wants. Well, I can too - and I voted with my feet and now use another fantastic product. Don’t get me wrong - this is a highly featured product but you will have to pay to get it. The irony: I’d actually pay a flat one-time fee to operate the app locally, or a much, much smaller subscription fee.
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2 years ago, gardnerlitt
Very good at what it does
I give it a four on principle. Theres some minor issues, i wish i could specify my time afterwards without that time having to jump to 15, 30, or 45. I wish i could log times i worked on the day before instead of having to add the time (though i font always know the specific times, it wouldnt be a bad thing to have) not sure if these are “pro” features, if hours has something like that. However with all of that, hours is still one of the best time tracking apps ive used, it might be the only though i think ive used a couple. Its fairly accessible and easy to use, all things necessary for a great time tracking tool!
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3 years ago, Niki Cov fine artist
Not reliable and only one timer now
On more than several occasions the timer never stopped and ran into multiple days despite having stopped it. Furthermore, the crossover into different interface (starting timer in iPad then turning off in iPhone) lead to multiple timers errors that had to be reviewed before any billing hours could be exported. This just isn’t reliable enough for professional use. What broke the back was they stopped allowing more than one free timer (they began with three, then two, and finally only one.) The cost of subscription at that unreliability and is simply not worth it. But as a free timer and with willingness to check for errors at the end of billing cycle, I was grateful for the time being. Thanks.
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3 weeks ago, Kara379052
Love it! Have some very small suggestions ☺️
Absolutely love this app. I love that it takes just one tap to start a timer (others make you start a timer, select the project, select the client, etc), and one tap to end the timer. Amazing. Custom reporting too, so I can see my hours this week, or for the last 10 days, or this month, etc. It’s simple, straightforward, and works great. The only way it would be better is if it had a badge while a timer was running, and/or something on my Lock Screen, so I didn’t forget the timer was on. Oh! And having a widget would be super awesome too ☺️❤️
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5 years ago, Arduous
I didn't lose my data
I've been using the free stuff for awhile because the interface is quick and initiative. So I have lots of data in the app on my phone (no online account). When I saw they revamped their service levels I feared the worst... But other than being compelled to finally create an online account I didn't suffer any data lose, nor has my past data been disabled (even though I'm well past the allowed three timers for free service tier). Thank you. PS if you had an all you can eat device-only tier (no web) for $12/year I think you'd get more sales from people like me.
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6 years ago, clrack parker
Whee is the ipad app?
The app is okay works fine, the only thing that i would change apart from ipad app doesn’t exist is could put some sound when the activity that i am doing past one hour or something like that The perfection would be that you have another when you set up your proyect and could choose some minute in specific where you could put an alarm with the sound of your library music. That would be perfect. But something that i don’t understand is why when you look the advertising about pro features of monthly payment appears an ipad running hours app.... where is the ipad app? Because in the app store doesn’t. I think that if they solve this 2 cons of this app, could be a solid 5 stars and put ahead of rivals apps.
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5 years ago, Tim4HIM
Was the best... before subscription!
I have used this app for about two years, and love the simplicity of the user interface! I also love the timeline which makes it easy to see how the day was spent. Very easy to be switch between tasks. There are a few things I could wish for, but no need to even mention them, because I will not be upgrading my old version. The reason: because of the exorbitant subscription fees!!! Who would pay such monthly fees!?🤯 I still use the older version of this app and love it, but I know that when I get a new phone, I will need to change to a different app(Because I refuse to pay the crazy subscription fees)! So I am checking out others right now! This app will be missed. Sorry to see it go the way it is going. It seems the developers are greedy, but I believe they are actually cutting their own throats. 🤑🤑🤑
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6 years ago, tanmcclaran
I love the concept but...
Overall: The concept of Hours is great! I love how easy it is to use and convenient it is to “tap the clock”! The price is very reasonable. I love the versatility of adding projects, tasks, clients, etc. The export to cvs is another benefit!! All very good things!! There are just a couple of things that unfortunately are pretty big things and the reasons I can’t continue to use Hours. Bug Report: The reason I can’t continue to use this app is it doesn’t sync consistently between web browser, apple watch, and iPhone. Throughout the day I find myself manually entering data because time was running after I started it. It seems like after every weekend, I get a notification on Monday or Tuesday saying I didn’t stop a timer from the week before. Most often, the timer is from Thursday. I know I tracked time Friday, so it isn’t possible I have one running from Thursday. AND now all my data is lost from Friday. :-( <> Feature Request: I have one feature request: integrate with outlook. I don’t like tracking meeting hours. It seems redundant to re-enter what’s already on my calendar.
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1 year ago, ungeziefer
Simple and perfect
Great design. Simple and easy to use. Does exactly what I need, no more and no less. Was on the verge of trying to design and build my own time tracking app before I found Hours. Have been using it for a few years now with no complaints. If I were to suggest a feature, it would be to notify you when the timer has been running for longer than a certain threshold. Right now if you accidentally leave a timer running, it will keep going forever until the next time you launch the app.
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6 years ago, Elvismeme
Good free app, but there are minor issues
This is a good app, especially since it’s free. I use it every day. However, there are some flaws. One of the features is that you can change the beginning and end time of the timer if you forgot to shut it off. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t always accept your input. Another feature is the ability to re-organize your tasks and projects in the list. However, moving those around will often cause the app to lock up or not respond to input. The only way out of it is to restart the app. Again, it’s a very useful app. But, there are some flaws. And, to be honest, they are minor. I hope things like this have been corrected in the pay version.
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3 years ago, Readefining
Hours All The Way
I’ve been using the Hours app for years - both as an independent contractor with multiple clients and projects, and as a regular person out in the world. I absolutely love it. It’s worth it to pay the $20 each year, as I can easily track everything I need to make my invoicing simple. It’s also nice to know how much time I’ve spent in practicing meditation, being by the ocean, and singing. It’s up to you what you track. I bet you’ll enjoy the lovely colors they have to choose from for each category!
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5 years ago, Shiroe11
Very happy
This app has saved me time and effort from my day-to-day routine at work. I used to write down all my tasks in a note book everyday and had to do all the math and my own rounding in order to keep track of what I was doing everyday. I got this app during my third week of work and I have not been disappointed since then. Super simple, easy to use and navigate. My only “complaints” are the lacking amount of colors to choose from for each project and that I there’s no “sort by” feature for the timer list. Other than those two things, I’m very happy with this app, even the free version is just fine for what I’m doing.
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5 years ago, Delilah88
The feedback worked and I’m back to using this app. Not overly impressed by the time it took to hear back nor the way they changed without telling us. BUT it’s a good app and I will continue to use it. Original: This app WAS easy and useful - I had even upgraded to a paid version for $5 or so. Then I got kicked off and can’t get logged back in because my version of the app no longer exists and only more expensive versions are now available. I lost over a year of data and can’t get anyone to contact me to help. Ironically - I would have been willing to pay for it - but not now that I can’t access my account.
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6 years ago, @RachaelSCowell
Decent app but...
It’s a trap. This app is great for always having something open to track time spent on different tasks. I use it for work since it’s important for us to know how much time is spent on a project but I get interrupted by phones, emails, quick team meetings, etc. and it saves time when I can just do a quick tap to change a timer and enter everything in Quickbooks at the end of the day. I would totally give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that I accidentally click on the giant “upgrade to pro” button at least 5 times a day, and today it was while I was going to switch to a different app so my thumb hit the home button before I could even see the purchase screen pop up and there goes $8 on features that I will literally never use. I know it’s my fault for having Touch ID enabled but of all of the other apps I use on a daily basis that have ads for in-app purchases, this is the only one I’ve ever actually made that mistake with and I’ve had it the shortest time (and only use it while I’m awake and clearheaded)!
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5 years ago, Elyannie
Its still my “go to” time tracker
I was having some issues previously with the app but it seems to have sorted itself out. I freelance and this app works great for keeping track of all my projects. The only problem I had previously was that it wanted me to “restore purchases” each time I signed in. Not sure if others were experiencing the same problem or if it was just me due to purchasing a new phone. Anyway, I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now and it’s been very reliable.
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5 years ago, M Swindler
Now a subscription???
I bought this app years ago because it was featured in the App Store. It was a disappointment then but after learning the non-intuitive interface it worked well enough I didn’t want to switch as I only use it twice a year to track freelance projects. Tonight I fired it up to - you guessed it - track some work and instead I got an on boarding screen for new users and no way to get in without creating an account. I’d at least like my old data, so I wasted time creating a login and signing up for a trial to get to it. What a horrible user experience for an app that ostensibly exists to aid productivity! As I said, the app was never more than OK, so I guess this was the excuse I needed to find something better. ☹️ Save your money, and more importantly your time.
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5 years ago, Doctor Omega
Once a good app, now trash
I’ve been using this app to track my time for more than a year, and suddenly it’s prompting me to sign in and pay. I have data in this app that I need for time entries and now I cannot retrieve any of it because you decided to start forcing people to pay. Next time, how about giving people notice when you’re going to start locking all of your features behind a mandatory paywall. I don’t think you realize the mistake you’ve made. You’re going to lose a lot of users over this, myself included. I’m uninstalling this app as soon as I finish this review. You guys really need to take a step back and evaluate just how much you care about this app as the developers. Erecting a huge paywall isn’t the way to keep customers.
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5 years ago, appleisourfeudallord
New release bricked my free, on-device time tracking
I purchased the app several years ago, always found the developer responsive, and have recommended it whole-heartedly to friends, family, and colleagues. I value my privacy, however, and the most recent upgrade is forcing me to create an account with them, presumably to store my data off-device, and pay them an annual subscription to do so. This is unacceptable. I would have preferred to have had warning of my licensed version reaching end-of-life, so I could have gracefully transitioned to another time tracking method. Now, I’ll have to approximate my time for the last week, and have been caught flat-footed without a new time tracking method. I will tell others to avoid this app now.
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6 years ago, MattyCabie
Good app concept, but no iPad support??
Why on earth is there no iPad support for this app? Many people would like to use it across platforms, other than just the Apple Watch, which is somewhat cumbersome to operate (especially older models). Given the fact you are now promoting a $7.99+/- monthly payment plan option, I think it reasonable to have iPad support. Frankly I’m also surprised that hasn’t happened over the years, as I’ve had the app for at least 2-3 years on my various iPhones. Please prioritize this, and maybe people like me will actually be willing to pay the monthly fee. (But please consider iCloud support as a more affordable option.)
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2 years ago, Jtm12357
Best app out there for keeping time but need usability improvements
Positives - clean UI, web access, Apple Watch app, sync across platforms (though not always accurate) Negatives - never been updated other than bug fixes etc. I’m highlighting no updates because the app desperately needs updates to allow search (essential if you have many matters/timesheets), and sorting (automated, as in most recent matter at the top, as well as manual, alphabetical for example). Searches and sorts should be available for archived matters as well.
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11 months ago, StJgal
Couldn’t work without it!
I’ve been using the Hours app every day for about 5 years. I have a business and work for 2 others as well. Sometimes I jump from one to another, but I’m able to keep my work life organized by quickly switching from one to the other. When it’s time to bill my clients, I always know my time has been recorded accurately. The convenient reporting feature online is valuable, too!
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6 years ago, Asatly
Great app. Subscription is too expensive.
This is an quick to use, easy , well designed app. It’s the best time tracking app that I’ve used so far. Just wish it also had a countdown timer built in , so when you start a timer on an activity you can set it for a predetermined amount of time with an alarm at the end. I use this app for personal/casual use and the $7.99/month subscription is way too much for personal use. Wish they had a $2.99/month subscription with the business features removed or a one time purchase option.
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2 years ago, Cory089
Updated - Good for original users.
I bought this app in 2014 when it was $6 for a full version, with no monthly subscription fees. It was fantastic. Several years ago, they went to a subscription model. Although original owners still got main uses, the updates ruined the app. I’ve come back to It recently, and it’s running great again. I don’t if they still require monthly subscriptions, and I probably wouldn’t pay for that (so I marked it 4 stars). But for keeping track of time, it’s the best I’ve used.
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2 years ago, .z.c.c
Awesome app! Love it!
This app lets you have multiple items to track your time by. I do a small payroll, and I can track my different payroll task to know how long each aspect takes me. Helps me fine tune my prices and check my time efficient. On the spot time tracking or add time you forgot to log. Editing and notes for your logged time. Along with reports for multiple years with filtering. For a free app this is perfect for a handful of task time tracking.
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4 years ago, C Killam
Hours provides me control over my work records
I rate Hours with five stars. The app has freed me up during the work day, when I work for up to 30 customers. I can even look back in history in case I should be audited. If I have any suggestions for the Dev, it would be for more colors and patterns for ‘timers’, which I tie to my customers. I have a library of many customers and the colors are not varied enough. Please give Hours a try! You will enjoy it’s simplicity and functionality.
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5 years ago, Jillalalala
New update is a disaster
I love this app. It's great for tracking time for both client billing and for personal/ efficiency purposes. (I originally downloaded it to go with the book 168 Hours.) The free version has been great up until now but that's no longer an option. Fine. I value this app and am willing to pay for it (at least at the new price point.) However, since I got the new version today, it has been crashing constantly and has missed some of my time (shows unassigned instead of the timer that I started). You can't roll out a version filled with bugs on the same day you ask us to start paying for it. Please fix it.
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6 years ago, mpw7488
Keeps resetting
This app seemed so good at first, perfect for what I needed. I was using it to Lee track of my separate editing sessions for a client. I did set up the first, and it worked perfectly. The second session, I added a new task and, again, it worked perfectly. When I went into the app on the third day, my two previous timers had reset to 0:00. Luckily, I remembered the times, so I manually put them back and continued into my 3rd session. Today, I opened the app to start my fourth session. All 3 timers have been reset again. Now, it’s causing me more anxiety over whether or not I’m going to remember my actual times if they get deleted, and that affects how I get paid.
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7 years ago, U238.029
Best time keeping app I’ve used
Love pretty much everything about this app. Great to have a web interface too if I want to dive into the data more. Couple suggestions: allow input for a dollar amount/hr worked and display that in the report next to the total time worked on the individual project. If there’s a way to do this that I’ve missed please let me know! I’m still having to do the math to convert the time to dollars for my invoices. Lastly, would be nice to be able to select reports for only one client at a time during a time period.
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1 year ago, DrZooCat
Love the app!
So helpful in those end of the month/year reports to identify where I’m spending my time. It’s also been a nice feedback mechanism for those months where I’m not sure why I feel so burnt out and crispy-fried - I can look at how much I worked, and what I spent my time on. It’s been great for identifying the things that make me feel that way. It’s also crazy easy to use. Just open the app and change what you’re working on.
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5 years ago, LifeInLoFi
Update puts a lot behind a subcription
This used to be a five-star app for me but as a legacy user, it's now extremely disappointing. The latest update removes the ability to have more than three timers without paying. I'm not sure what features the Pro version now has but I imagine they are a lot of the same features I have now without having to pay for a subscription. I don't mind paying for new features that I need but having to pay again for features I've already paid for once really hacks me off. If you're new to this app, it's a good time tracker. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. I think, though, that the latest update is a mistep in how to treat your existing user base.
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6 years ago, guyonamachine4200
Super simple
Finally!!!, I am in construction and need to keep minute by minute account of the different machines I operate, or the labor I perform. My company expects us to just write everything down as it happens, which is a huge inconvenience. With this app we just preload the machines on site , and the labor , then just hit a clock ( in app) the application does the rest, keeps track of the accumulated time. Go back at the end of the week and it’s all right there. I highly recommend this application
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6 years ago, Katsolo2000
Fix the Subscription Renewal/Restore Purchase Issue
I like this app a lot. It’s simplified a very tedious process. That said, every single month lately, the subscription expires and it wants me to log in using my AppleID password to restore purchase. Here’s the thing, that’s okay, except that 1) this is the only app I have that requires this on a regular basis, 2) that’s not my day to day password and not so easy to enter on the fly when I’m trying to do something, and 3) why? I see Apple processed my payment, why can’t you? It is so frustrating. Fix it, please.
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5 years ago, ccvudjbk
Only paid for memberships work on the app
I have the try it for free membership and wanted to edit a timer. Found out I couldn’t edit a timer without having a subscription so I wanted to delete the timer. Found out there is no delete timer so I archived it. I went to restore it since the membership doesn’t allow me to get anymore timers and read up on trying to restore timers from the archive only to run into the problem where I can’t restore timers because I need to have the membership to even get a new timer. Honestly that’s bull and makes no sense. Can’t add a new timer or even retrieve one that’s already been made. It’ll continue to have 1 star until that update is made
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2 years ago, time-tracker-user
Best time management tool
I’ve been using the hours app for over four years. This is by far the most straight forward and intuitive app I’ve used after trying over five different ones. I love the reports and that I can set different tasks. This has help me monitor and estimate time spent on different projects. I also use the results to negotiate responsibilities with May managers and they are all pretty impressed.
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5 years ago, HourCat
Best for me
I’ve gone through many time keeping apps and always come back to this one. Even though I ended up paying a subscription I believe it is worth it. Very simple to use frankly it is the only one that I was able to find a start stop toggle for switching between jobs. I have three businesses and often switch between them during the day. This is the only app that can do that with just one touch.
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4 years ago, iteachyoucomputers
Outstanding Customer Support
I emailed support with a question and received my answer quickly. The support person who helped me told me she noticed that I had 2 subscriptions, one on the web and one on the iOS app each with a different Apple ID. She worked with me for over a week to help me figure out which subscription to keep and which to delete. She even set up a zoom to work with me. Shout out to Ellen for superior customer support!!!
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5 years ago, Blewbyeu605
Great for me
Being a consulting engineer i have from 1 to 10 projects in the air all of the time. I spent a few hours making mistakes which were my fault but having used this software for over two years, i just love it. I don't have to generate my daily activities at the end of the day, notes are always there and i don't miss billing hours. Again, this app is a great way for me to keep real track of my time and in the correct catagory.
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2 years ago, SueA.Lee
Great time keeper…minus a couple details
I use this app on a daily basis. I love that it syncs between devices. I love being able to sort clients by color. And I love being able to see daily/weekly/monthly/yearly hours with ease. However…I really REALLY wish there was a way to search for a project or client name. And I really REALLY wish there was an easier way to export a simple list of hours. The current export options are very clunky and of no use to me. Over all, I recommend it.
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5 years ago, hehemer
This app works good for tracking your time and setting timers. I used it all last year and enjoyed it. Now I try to open the app and it says I have to make an account and pay either $30 or $80 just to use the app that I’ve already been using... The app is good but not good enough to make it worth those ridiculous prices. I would pay at most a one-time $5 for it. There is absolutely no free version which is ridiculous. Also making an account should be optional. The app is literally just a bunch of timers, if you’re not looking to export your data somewhere why on earth would you need an account or internet connection???? Total bs
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5 years ago, GTOrange
Not free
I really like the app. I get that this is a business. But it is misleading to say that this is free, now. Because when I go to edit a timer (I misspelled the name - I added it before I was done), it tells me I can’t edit it without a subscription! Again, I get that it takes time and money to create and maintain this app. I appreciate that and am willing to pay for that - an appropriate amount. A small, flat fee for basic options would be appropriate if making the basic options free is not an option. Or only three timers are free. But don’t prohibit users from editing the name and say that this is free. I am going to have to find another option, I’m afraid. I wish you the best of luck.
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