Hours Tracker: Time Tracking

4.8 (44.3K)
35.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cribasoft, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Hours Tracker: Time Tracking

4.77 out of 5
44.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Bob Walker
Awesome & Intuitive
I have multiple individual projects that I must keep track of, all for the same general client. This has solved so many problems for me I can’t even begin to tell you. I can clock in and clock out, add entries manually, change time window if I need to, and utilize tags to make sure that I’m keeping track of specific activity within each job. It allows me to look at weekly activity, monthly, etc. and also eliminates the need to keep manual timesheets on paper which I tend to lose and I’m not very good about remembering. It’s also designed for the way that work normally happens, which means that I get pulled in for five or 10 minutes to work on an email, or maybe a longer period of time for a bigger part of the assignment, and then switch gears to something else. I’m able to do this almost effortlessly and it keeps track of my time to the minute. So I’m not guessing whether I spent 5, 10, or 20 minutes on something. You DO have to be disciplined in order to use it effectively, but I’m getting better at it and I’m finding that it really is a wonderful way to keep track of billable time. I keep my iPhone in a stand with the app open and whenever I switch to a particular task I clock in, and then when I’m done I clock out. It keeps everything organized and I am super happy with it. I suppose the interface could be sexier, but it gets the job done and I can’t think of an application that would do it any better than this one.
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5 years ago, Danimal
When it works, it’s seamless and brilliant...until...?
What prompted me to write this review is missing three days worth of punches, and not having any sort of alternate follow up available to be able to figure out when and where I was. This is an app I’ve used for years and actually love it quite a bit. It does everything you need it to do very well, and seamlessly in most cases. I go between locations/buildings quite a bit throughout the day, so it knows where I am and how long I was there, helps keep me aware of how much time I’m spending in one place or another. I even use it for things that are not job related just to help me keep track of how long I spend at certain locations (gym) which is a great time planning tool. It’s very frustrating though when I go for days at a time having it work great, then for some inexplicable reason it decides not to track anything. The Geo fencing is good, but if it’s not, then you end up running the risk of not having punches tracked. For whatever reason this seems to coincide when I do manual entries, the Geo fencing doesn’t kick in afterwards. Much as I would like to say this is a set-and-forget kind of app, you do actually need to be on top of it to make sure it’s not missing things which to me sort of defeats the purpose. That way you can remember quickly what it was and manually add it.
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5 years ago, authordrsilva
Please, oh please
Update: One thing I do wish was possible is to edit tax rate on existing jobs. I have 2 pay periods worth of jobs and realized I miscalculated the tax rate (put 6% when it’s actually around 21%). But it seems the only way to fix this is to make new jobs for each of those days with the updated percentage. There’s an edit function, but it doesn’t include the tax percentage. Keep this updated! One of the most helpful apps I’ve ever had! 😃. Takes a little bit of set up to get tax rates, overtime and double time programmed, but after that it’s as easy as punching in your clock-in/clock-out, adding your breaks and other details if they are relevant, and then it gives you a pretty accurate approximation of your net income. Really nice to be able to see what I can expect on my next check without having to do all the math myself. Free version gives you 3 “jobs” (or if you’re an hourly employee, these would work like hours per day. The paid version, which is $10, gives you unlimited jobs/days, and it keeps them categorized by days, weeks, months, so you can get an overview of how many hours and how much you’ve made total in those categories. I’m finding it well worth the price.
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8 months ago, Txboi1982
Love This App But….
I’ve been using this app for years. It’s the best app I can find to estimate my paychecks. I am a unionized worker so the way I am paid is a little different. This app is a big help. A few requests I have for an update would be the addition of a pre tax 401k percentage deduction, a post tax Roth percentage deduction and the addition of a check specific shift differential option. I’m paid hourly and at times work a ton of overtime. My 401K and Roth deductions are percentage of my gross, not the same amount every check so they can’t be calculated accurately as a same amount deduction. Also, I get a shift differential bonus on my 2nd paycheck of every month but not the first and the amount changes every month so it can’t be calculated accurately. Having to enter hours for each day individually instead of having a way to copy and paste for the week or month is a P.I.T.A, but bearable. As I said, it’s great to get an estimate of round about what my check will be but can be off by 20 to several hundred dollars depending on how many hours overtime I work.
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4 years ago, arielledesires
Very helpful
I’ve been using this app for about 5 years. After high school I got my first job at a mom and pop shop and they didn’t necessarily have a good clock in system. ( I had to call the owners house phone and leave a voicemail of the time I began to work and finished for the night). I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing any money so I started to track my hours with this app and estimated what the tax rate was. Once I got it figured out it always helped me see what I should expect on my check and it was always a couple dollars short or over but it was mostly accurate. Now I use it to keep track of the amount of money I should be getting from multiple jobs. I’m not sure if there is an option to add tips to jobs, I haven’t been able to find anything on that but it would be a great addition to add to this app to make it better. It’s worth paying for when you need to track multiple jobs and add multiple entries without having to delete any.
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4 years ago, Paul Stablein
Update Review
I have been a premium user since 2016, and I can’t live without it now. Adding descriptions of work done via the phone microphone is very convenient. I have minor complaints about the update. As an attorney, I tend to work on many things throughout the day and get interrupted by phone calls and other things. So, I love the pause feature, and use it all day. I love the look of the update, my one minor complaint is switching the term “resume” to “unpause.” It just seems to be over thought and the word “resume” is more concise and accurate. Also, I would rather that users had a choice when pausing that the app would mark the time paused and resumed rather than the time elapsed. It makes it much easier, I believe, to reconstruct one’s day if you have to back and figure out when you did what while the clock was paused. Still a great tool for those of us who have to keep track of their time all day. Thanks.
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2 months ago, Hysterical_now
A perfect little app
I don't normally write reviews unless an app is especially well made, and HoursTracker is just that. I'm a freelance developer, and after being annoyed with the lack of features (or over abundance of undesired ones) in other time tracking apps, I tried HoursTracker for managing my billable hours with client work. A widget on my Home Screen makes it easy to simply clock in and out (and if you "Pause" instead of stop, it even tracks how much time you've been on a break), a small color-coded icon in the Dynamic Island lets me know the app is running correctly, and a running timer on the Lock Screen shows me how long I've been working for the day. These are simple but invaluable cues that take the work out tracking my time. But what's most impressed me is that, after adding my hourly rate to a given job, HoursTracker keeps track of what I'm making *per second* in real time. It groups entries into logical "Pay Periods" (with roughly estimated tax amounts too!), and allows seamless exporting of data via email or file. This makes it easy to check at a glance that I'm not missing anything when creating invoices. I'm still digging into the various feature available, but even in just using the app's basic functionality, I'm continuously impressed both by how simple and intuitive it is. Fantastic product I'm happy to pay a subscription for.
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4 years ago, St33333v3!!!!!!
Wow that’s all I can say
So I’ve been this app since late 2018. But mid 2019 I really needed to start tracking hours due to various pay discrepancies. I loved that you could track regular hours, 1.5x hours and 2x hours by pay period, so I started recommending to my co workers and a lot of them downloaded the app. There was an issue with one of the firmware updates were we could no longer see the hourly breakdown so I decided to contact the company about. They responded very quickly!!! They asked for details and screen shots, luckily I had taken some prior to the update. Then less then a week later they rolled out another firmware update and fixed the issue. Wow!!!!! They are awesome!!! I will definitely keep recommending this app. It great for tracking all hours and pay. But what we also like is that you can set up various jobs (pay rates) in case you work 2 or more jobs that you need to track. It’s helped me and my coworkers a lot!!
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5 years ago, SpookiLexi
Even the free version is simple and user-friendly enough that I ACTUALLY USE it (unlike some others I’ve tried). Data export is great, and makes my invoicing much easier. It works great on my iPhone & iPad, but since it was designed for the phone only, there is no way to sync the two devices. (I can backup the one with the most current data and overwrite the other by restoring from that backup, but the won’t sync.) That isn’t a big deal, it’s just easier for my old eyes to use the iPad generally, but easier to clock in using the phone when I’m away from the office or when I receive a work call. Only other complaint is that I’ve been considering subscribing, but the subscription pricing is difficult to determine (lots of options, not sure what they all are).
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7 years ago, Rikosuave_178596
Easy to use
This is my first time using an hour tracker app and I'm very picky on what I choose to use on just about anything, but I can say that this app is easy to comprehend, I like the fact that it includes your estimated tax rate percentage and any, if any deductions are made to your check. It shows you how much you have made daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly on the amount of entries you input which I consider to be very helpful, but I would love it if it would also break it up into how your (the user) pay periods work, this is the reason I gave it 4 stars. On the bottom section where the tab that says Jobs, if you could please update it to where when your pay period ends, the app provides a horizontal breaker line to separate all the entries from the past pay period, that way it's doesn't seem all crowded. Nonetheless this app deserves 4 stars and a half, but Apple Store does not allow me to put that in. Very great app to track your hours and pay.
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5 years ago, Xanthoman
Worth every tenth of a penny
This app paid for itself the first day. Even charging just $20/hour, with as many jobs as I work on those little ten minute pieces add up. I am very hesitant about overcharging for my time; as that’s dishonest. But one of my clients told me it’s also dishonest for me to undercharge by not having a strict accounting of the hours, so I got this application and it’s awesome. I can keep track of all my jobs (easily over twenty) and keep it down to an accuracy that allows me to be honest with myself and my clients. It’s has only made me money and allows me to put notations on my various type of jobs so I can later do analytics on my proficiency to better enhance my job bidding for future projects. Anyone who does consulting on an hour basis, or consulting on a per job basis will greatly benefit from this app. Also, it’s incredibly intuitive and robust. Love it.
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4 years ago, Edison517
Awesome for (project) time tracking
I sometimes work on several different projects at the same time and my employer has me keep track of how much time I spend every week on all of my jobs. This app is perfect; I’ve been using it for over 3 years now to keep track of my jobs and it’s been excellent. I simply copy old jobs and rename them to the new project name and I’m able to easily keep track down to the minute how long I’ve been working on them. I really like the cloud backup option as I’ve upgraded phones and all my data came through without issue. The graphs available on the web interface are really nice, just not a feature I need to use but nice if my employer ever asks how long I’ve spent on a specific job. Worth the upgrade to professional for me!
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2 years ago, Carmine_Dowd
Fantastic App! One small request.
I’ve been using this app for years now and it’s made it incredibly convenient in keeping my records straight. But there’s one small thing that would make it’s implementation to Shortcuts significantly smoother. In the past month I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is iOS Shortcuts, while simultaneously picking up multiple jobs I work throughout the week. I’ve made a shortcut that clocks me out of my recently active job, as well as automating some other functions for my commute. This shortcut works fine, until I switch to another job. I’ve learned that the “Recently Active” variable does not refer to the currently active job timer, but rather the most recent ended timer. That means I can’t make a simple shortcut that dynamically clocks me out of my current job. As the “Recently Active” variable may pull a different already clocked out job, and then try to clock out of it again. Here's my suggestion/request. Could an action be added that pulls any active job names and outputs them as a list to be used for other actions? Or if not an action, then maybe a variable in the action “Select Job” that pulls up any active jobs and let's you choose which job to select.
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4 years ago, RScottyjr
Great job!
I am a school bus driver. This app is just ideal. On any day I might take up any of five positions i.e. bus driver, van driver, standby, etc. All the positions pay differently. These jobs can be tuned to fit pay and other parameters. Once established, entries such as date, start time and end time can be entered. Adding entries or editing entries is intuitive and very easy. I recently received a paycheck I thought was a bit low. I was able to download the CSV file for that pay period (pay periods can also be established and turned (you can also establish and tune deductions)), making it easy to calculate what I should have received and where the error was. From there it was easy to print the file and show it to my manager. I think he was impressed. I’m impressed.
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9 months ago, christiansay
Phenomenal App.
I’ve been using this app for a while now, and its phenomenal. It’s got an intuitive interface that makes logging time entries quick and easy. I paid for the pro version and cloud backups and it’s definitely worth it. My biggest gripes are that the paid web application for viewing cloud backups is pretty basic, and the watch app does not work on a standalone basis, meaning it needs to be in range of your iPhone to start and stop entries. Otherwise, this app has become a pretty integral part of my workflow. Love the recent update to add Live Activities, it makes the app even more convenient to use. I am currently using it for tracking the types of work I am doing to make sure I stay on task and am allocating my time efficiently.
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3 years ago, Ckboston
Perfect for recording work hours
I have a 2nd job where I am an independent contractor and have to submit a weekly timesheet of the days, times and hours I work each week. This app is exactly what I was needing. I punch in on the app when I start working and I punch out when I am done and it creates an entry for that day showing clock in/out times, total hours for the day and it is shows hours for the pay period and how much money you have made so far (you can customize pay period dates, base pay, etc) This works great for me because I can only work a set amount of hours per week, so I can know exactly when to stop working, etc. I highly recommend this app. There is nothing I would change about it either.
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2 years ago, shawsome.brian
Fantastic App!
This app has saved me money by keeping my clients and bosses accountable. It geofences my building (so I get a notification by the time I'm in my car if I forget to punch out before I leave). It's very reliable at tracking (not just hours, but multiple pay rates, multiple options for overtime compenation, etc.), and hasn't crashed or locked up in the few years I've been using it. I use it 5-6 days a week without fail every week, and it hasn't failed me yet. For the next version though, I'd really like to see it be able to sync the data with the iPad version as well, either over icloud or just as they get near to each other via ad-hock network. Right now, I can't find a single reason to open the iPad version, since all the data is on my iphone only.
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6 days ago, Hownowbrowncow!!!
Has helped me many times
I can say about hour tracker is it keeps up with my time at work and has many times shown me the mistake that my company has made clerically by a supervisor not adding hours that should be there or taking hours that shouldn’t have been taken this breast of the hours that I worked and the ability to show that I have a break gives me the hours total that I will be paid for this app has given me my money that is owed to me many times over not only have I given this app to all my other co-workers I’ve also told them I swear by it because it is given me lots of information on what to expect of my paycheck and what I being paid, this is a fantastic app to have!!!!
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3 years ago, Doupa69
I like your app and I’ve been using it for years. I’m actually tested software for years and my review is to give you constructive feed back. I’ve experienced several times where I’ve entered in my comments and go to review and they are gone. Do you know how annoying this is? Changing the date and time is also super annoying and time consuming it would be nice if you back date the start or end date the other one changes automatically. It’s will when I missed a say and catch it, so I move the start date to a couple weeks ago then have to move the end date. Default to today is just silly. I would go help you if you need but I’ve used your app for almost three years and won’t stop even with your bugs. Thank you for what you do!
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7 months ago, Spencer Top
Excellent time tracker for gig worker / small business
HoursTracker hits the sweet spot for me. I had previously used TSheets, a good app but it is designed for a business with many employees and an HR department, that’s overkill for just 1 person. After Intuit bought the company they jacked the price and I went looking for a new solution. I didn’t want to pay $5 or more per month subscription fee for an app. Nor did I want a free or ad supported app. I wanted to pay a reasonable fee for an app. At $10 HoursTracker is very affordable. HoursTracker is easy to use, appears to have listened to user feedback cause I find the app provides solutions for “Oops, I didn’t mean to do that.” situations. So far, it just seems to work. I really appreciate the shortcut implementations.
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1 year ago, Orion840084
A great tool I use everyday week!
Look, at my job, the hours are usually kept track by humans. Humans that make mistakes like everyone else, this app has saved me from getting shorted on hours at work. I recommend it to all the newbies who come in, cause you never know if the supervisor your working with that week is gonna accidentally add 30 mins to your pay, or short you 4 hours. Seriously, this app lets me keep such a close watch on what I’m working, with widgets that let me keep a close record whenever I need to compare numbers with HR. Though the pay isn’t always accurate (due to variables beyond our control), it gives me a great ballpark estimate for me to work with. I’d give it 6 stars if I could!
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7 years ago, gogreen3iii
Awesome to predict your payday!
As an hourly employee some weeks you get more hours than others so its very hard to set-up, stick to, and manage any type of budget. Using this app to add your scheduled time and then make your adjustments to that time like working over, coming in early, etc.. makes budgeting your finances much easier because you can add your tax percentage and the calculations of your net pay are right on. So after working week 1 of your pay period, you can forecast for week 2 to determine what you need to do to make the money you need...(like pick up shifts/work over). Definitely worth the 5.99 for the Upgrade to the Personal addition as well as paying an extra 1.99 per month for extra perks for the cloudhosting.
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7 years ago, BassBar
Turns accountability into cash
I use this app daily since December 2015, because it is the best way I've found to record my tasks and time in my law practice. I set it up to record one task at a time, then open the notes when I clock out, where I dictate what I just did. It will total all of my discrete time entries into a daily entry with my notes summarized as a single entry. I airdrop it to my computer and copy and paste into my bills. It is so easy. My clients appreciate the detail and I appreciate the total accounting of time. I use tags and filtering to manage what I see and export. For example, in the "Hours" tab, after I export my time, I select all of my entries and tag them all "onbill". In the "Hours" tab, I use a filter that hides all entries that are tagged "onbill". Thereafter, they are excluded from view and export. All of the steps in this paragraph take a total of 3 seconds to perform. I have little use for the geo-logging feature, but they'd be excellent for anyone whose trade brings them to multiple clients in multiple locations. The developer is responsive and the updates are excellent. * * * * *
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5 years ago, a2rpriest
Very useful, wish it had a few things
I’ve been using HoursTracker for roughly 4 years now. And it’s rock solid, I’ve never feared it losing times I enter. The interface is great, easy to use, and I love the quick options to change the start and end times. I wish it had two things: 1. Archiving jobs: I work a lot of project based jobs. These stack up quickly in the app. The only options are export and delete. I wish I could archive so I can go back and reference them later. Especially if the app had stats. 2. Stats: there is basically no statistics in the app. You can tag punches with custom tags. But that is not very useful aside from sorting. I wish I could see a pie chart of time doing one type of task apposed to another. I wish I could see a graph of how my pay had moved up in a month. Bonus: Job Budgets: sometimes I work on things with a set budget, not paid per hour. It’s hard to know if I’m making a good rate/hour without going to the calculator and computing it myself. I wish I could enter a job budget and it would show my rate/hour live as the hours come in.
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4 years ago, BRAVISIMO
Been using this app for over 5yrs now. I completely love this app! My hat off to you Developer! I work in the motion picture industry so something I have multiple job in a week. So this helps me stay on track. Love that I can export my hours especially when I do all my logging at the end of the year. You know one thing that can be improved is having the app already learn my work routine. For example: I work on a show with set hours and set break. I also get paid to bring In my kit which I charge on a daily basis which can Be easily input by going to adjust tab, add tip and name it kit. It would be nice if the app already pre input it for me everyday as I clock in through the app. Maybe give us a few more options to add more names under the adjustment tab to identify what we are inputting. Other than that, this is a great app. I have donated in the past because of the updates. I think the updates make this app more and more valuable and very useful. Currently running the app on my iPhone 7+ with the latest iOS and have had NO issues so far. I hope this review is helpful to the reader.
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5 years ago, ImJohnsirz
Happily used this app for nearly 3 years...
As the title says, I’ve been using this app for making sure I get what I’m owed on my check. This app has helped me multiple times by showing how and when discrepancies happened and got them quick resolved with my job. Once I got the Apple Watch version, clicking in became even easier then ever before. On top of all the things I just mentioned, I now know how much I’m getting on my check way before even my job posts my payslips online. Once you add exactly how much you make an hour and taxes etc. it’s only off sometimes by a few bucks. I recommend this app to anyone who works an hourly job and wants to know how much they are being paid for their time.
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7 years ago, I76tjsmhs
Great app
My job requires me to work out of a company vehicle and go to multiple locations. Given those parameters, this app is great due to the location awareness and functionality of the app. I also like the export option to send all of my data to my email for reference later. This is a great app but gets four stars because at times it seems a little buggy with the export function as well as the location awareness. I sometimes do not receive the exported data to my email and I also do not get notifications when I feel like I should at specific locations. The only thing that I would change would be that I could put multiple pin points on a map for clock in and clock out notifications. Otherwise, great job developing this application! 🤘🏽
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7 months ago, Dagon rules
I have had the paid version of this for 5 or 6 years now. It is hands down the best app I have ever purchased. I use it in the most basic way. Make a new job - clock in clock out. have a very small painting business (me and sometimes one worker ) -there are a lot of the features I don’t use but I am glad they are there. I just use them to keep track of my time on each job. It’s second nature for me now. If I take a break or lunch I clock out and clock in when I start working again. I have a record of all my hours for each job with some notes so I can refer back when doing new bids for how many hours each particular job takes.
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1 year ago, C. Aiello
Awesome app
It looks and works great. I love that it supports Live Activities, Shortcuts and an Apple Watch app. The only thing that’s keeping me from giving it 5 stars and purchasing the upgrade is that there seems to be a bug that prompts me to grant permission to “Allow ‘Start or stop tracking time’ to access ‘HoursTracker’” every time I run the shortcut from my watch. This takes more time and adds more steps so I have to actually use the app to clock in/out to simplify the process. Not a huge deal, but it was something I was really looking forward to using when I saw it supports shortcut actions. If this bug is fixed, I will definitely purchase the upgrade and increase my rating to 5 stars. I’d also love to see an iPad version!
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7 years ago, CEGiven
Great for project and freelance work
I use it to track hours for multiple simultaneous projects for a full time employer. And also to track freelance and personal projects. Plus my wife uses it for commission work and mileage tracking for her business. When I think "I wish it could do X" almost every time I've looked in the settings or help, there was the feature I wanted. So it provides a great deal of flexibility, control, and power. The one thing it doesn't have is a pick-list of prices. Rates are per project, although you can override time entries. But I wish it had a list of product/rates: for example, a rate for initial consultation, versus a rate for a different rate for a "normal" job, versus a different rate for a difficult repair, versus a rate for delivery, etc. etc.
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2 years ago, Goodentity
Found a 1000$ error in a paycheck from 3 months ago!
So I’ve been using this app for 3 years now. It’s been collecting my work hours automatically in the background using the geofence option. I thought I was missing some money in my paycheck last week, so I used the app to check. I was wrong. After realizing that the biweekly hours were almost identical to the hours worked in each of my paychecks, I decided to quickly audit every check since February. To my surprise, my job forgot to pay me for 10 hours 3 months ago. I will be taking this information to my manager tomorrow so I get paid! The app just paid for itself for life.
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7 years ago, Jmb624
Couldn't be happier!
I work from home and calculating invoices at the end of the month can be daunting. I have used several services online that have been mediocre. I was so excited to find this app because it has everything Ive ever needed and more! They have made it so easy to record your hours, no matter if you invoice weekly, monthly or periodically. I appreciate how easy the developer made the app to edit every aspect of invoicing from the amount charged for each entry to calculating the hourly rate already for you to letting you send the completed invoice to your own email. Thank you for this great app. I've never written a review on here but I was so happy with this app that I wanted to make sure I did so.
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3 years ago, chekoly
Best time tracker app, BUT…
I’ll keep this short. I’ve gone through several other time tracker apps and I’ve got to say that the UI and simplicity of this app beats them by a mile. It’s been a great help towards my productivity and time management. The only thing I wish I could do is set what day the week starts. Currently it’s set to Sunday and so my weekly clockins are grouped together from Sunday through to Saturday, but I’d rather have it track from Monday through Sunday. I know you can select when the pay period ends, but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Please let me know if there’s a way to accomplish this, and if not, I recommend adding this feature.
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9 months ago, Wanting to give 5 stars
Now nothing is free…
I’ve been using this app to track hours for a very part-time job where I make less than $1,000 a year. I don’t need it for anything else and the simplest features were fine. After using this app for 7ish years for this job, today it tells me my 21 day trial is over and I have to pay for those really simple features that have been free. I’m gonna find something else, cause it’s not worth $10/month or more than 10% of what I’m making in this job. I guess this app would be good and worthwhile for someone who tracks a lot more hours maybe? For another job, my boss has me use Clockify though, and I like it quite a bit better. So if you’re gonna pay for something, maybe try that first. Their plans range from $4/month-$12 for the “enterprise” plan with a few options in between.
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4 years ago, good_venson
Excellent App!
This app makes keeping track of working hours a breeze. While the UI is very plain and my grandma probably could have built it, the features are very rich and diverse. One feature that I especially appreciate is the ability to clock in and out “as of” whatever time you want. There are so many times when I forget to clock in or out, and with the stop-watch method I was using there wasn’t really any way to fix it. With this app, that is no longer an issue. Another feature that really makes bookkeeping a breeze is the ability to send reports via email with an attached csv file in which the data is presented in a well structured manner.
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10 months ago, AnceTheFox
I love this app.
This app is amazing. I’ve used it consistently for tracking my hours with jobs for years. It’s saved me time and time again when there have been errors in payroll, when I’ve needed proof of work time, and even helped me track my sick pay/vacation time with just an edit of my hourly pay. I’m able to get an estimate of my biweekly paycheck, and keep track of the hours I’ve worked by just clicking a “Clock in Now” button. I no longer have to stress or manually write down my daily clock in hours on pen and paper. All my hours and shifts are neatly organized in HoursTracker, and it’s literally the best thing ever.
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5 years ago, Tips411
love, it but needs an iPad or hd version
love this app, i use it on my phone and my iPad, that being said i just wish there was an iPad version. I hate having to tilt my head to the side or place the iPad on vertically to see my hours and the hours of the ppl who I supervise. i upload everybodies to the cloud and then download it on my iPad so i can configure rearrange etc... when dealing with multiple jobs i find it easier tho anyoing to do them on my iPad... Land scape mode would save me from my frustration, although there are other apps that are configured for the iPad but i prefer this app’s simple and easy but robust layout. So i hope the developers will make an iPad friendly version until then i will continue to use this app and recommend it to my peers.
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11 months ago, armyy⁷
Awesome and Easy for Work!
I use this app to log when I clock in for work and out. I will never download another app, this app is great it has everything I need. It’s easy to use and has multiple options that are absolutely genius! I love how you can set your wage so you see by the hour how much you’ve made. If you see this you need to get this for work! It might be tricky at first but I got the hang of it super quick. And I’ve had no complaints or problems at all. I would recommend this to anyone who needs an app to keep track of work hours. Thanks for making such a great app! You’ve got a long life parter with this app ;)
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6 years ago, WiseBeauty82
Simply beautiful
I really like using this app and wish I’d found it sooner especially when I was self employed. It makes it easy to clock in and out and you could even automatically enter those times (including breaks) if you have predictable times for said entries. For the free version, you get 21 days worth of entries to input your data so exporting entries may become a biweekly occurrence. It also keeps track of your paid time if you work more than 1 job and you can view a daily or work period net and gross view of your expected paycheck. It definitely helps me plan ahead. I just wish there was a way to view OT separately from the standard work hours.
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7 years ago, Who is the Dude
Fantastic app
Work more than 3 jobs? Are you a contractor working multiple job sites? This app is the answer to the multiple job working masses. In today's modern US business world, the vast majority of US citizens must work multiple jobs to survive. The Bachelor s degree is the BFOQ that the high school diploma occupied after WW2. So many must work so hard for what little prospects are available. How do you estimate your income to create a budget when working 3 or more jobs? This app is the answer. Contractor? No problem. With job site function you can automatically clock in and out as you arrive on site. This app even helps you determine net income after taxes. Worth every penny it costs.
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3 years ago, nowaityeahhim
can no longer enter exact times
EDIT: Thank you to the developer for a reply on how to fix an issue i was having. I accidentally pressed the 5min increment toggle. I thought the app had been changed! The app works great. My only criticism is that the app either used to return to the last page i was on when i had last used it, or it defaulted the information page of your job if you only had one job. Bottom line is that the clock in button is no longer always visible. It was great to be able to open the app and immediately clock in. That said, this app os great! Thanks again!
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1 year ago, Chrisblake1
Location Tracking
We’re looking for an employee time tracking app to meet our business needs. In reading and testing this app I’ve noticed employees can export their hours and other details after the end of a custom work period. However, is it possible to include location details/stamp of where they clocked in/out of within that exportation? I like not personally being able to see where they are at all times for their privacy’s sake, but I would like to be able to see uneditable proof of where they clock in/out at and spent those hours in the final log report for obvious reasons. They will only be clocking in at one location. Thanks
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2 years ago, Darth Baizer
So far so good with a couple of suggestions
So far, the app has served its purpose. There are a couple of things that I will address. 1) I forgot to clock out for break / lunch one day. I tried to add the break in later but the app tried to start a new work time. I might have been going about this problem incorrectly. 2) I would like the ability to mark hours, jobs, entries as submitted for payment without having to delete the transaction, similar to reconciliation of a bank statement. This way I can look back at what work / jobs I have been working on and the hours that I’ve committed to the project and also know which hours have been billed for payment.
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7 years ago, Hayley.Bby
Worth the Upgrade
I absolutely love this app. I'm an interior designer that works for a firm but I also do freelance drafting work for other designers on the side. This helps me keep track of all my billable hours and I use the "comments" feature to log what projects I'm working. At the end of each month I send my hours to payroll or clients via email nicely formatted and succinct with comments detailing projects and hour totals. The app could look a little nicer but it's obvious the developers put their effort into functionality rather than an incredible looking UI and I'm totally fine with that. I highly recommend this app if you do any sort of contract/freelance work!
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6 years ago, Vbrn4367942807
Great for shift work
I love this app. I have been using it for about 4 months now. My hours fluctuate from week to week. My differential pay is different for certain days. This app predicts what my paycheck will be and it is always accurate (within +/- $100). It lets me see when I need to work more hours to clear a certain amount. I never write reviews. But I have been so pleased with this app. It’s definently a daily use on work days. My only suggestion to developers - under ADJUST - instead of only adding a monetary value, add a percentage? Like I get 10% differential pay for night shift. I get more of a percentage for weekends. Thank you for your time.
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1 year ago, Tol-C
Needs Better Reporting
As far as TRACKING my time at multiple jobs this is the easiest app to configure and use of those that I’ve seen. I’ve been using this for years. That said, I desperately want simple analytics on the data that I’ve entered. The data exports are almost useless, requiring an immeasurable amount of manual manipulation to separate dollar amounts from comments just to get something like a net hourly rate. The other apps (that I could barely figure out how to use for just the time tracking) all have amazing job to job and day to day comparison features, reporting, and visualizations. I hope the developers will take some time to work on their analytics.
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5 months ago, Sub runner
App works great as a time clock
Works great as a time clock on multiple jobs simultaneously. I would like to see options to add experiences to the total dollars to be paid. So I can clock in on a job and add the cost of parts and expenses to the hourly bill . I would also like to see a dollars or payment received that will subtract that amount after payment or partial payment amount is received. As is I need to use another program to document money going out and coming in. After the bill is settled and work continues I have to list it as a new job, even though it’s actually a continuation of the original job. These two options would allow me to open a job, work, buy parts and receive payments while documenting all the labor charges, expenses and payments in one continual job sheet I can print out. It would be nice to be able to back up the app to an apple airport and not only the cloud. Again, it’s an easy to use, well executed app and these couple of additional options would put it over the top.
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2 years ago, Sonrisante
Great time tracker for consultants
Easy UI, good method for handling breaks, etc. Exports to excel. I'm using it to track all my consulting activity. Easily tracks breaks, switching between jobs with a click of a button, etc. Just right! And the level of reported detail is selectable for including on invoices (higher level) or detailed time accounting (minute by minute). The only feature missing (which I’ve requested but they’ve said they aren’t interested in implementing) is showing a running total of hours billed for the current day across all jobs. As an independent consultant I work on many jobs throughout the day and I need to see how many hours have I worked overall. I can see that after I close out of all of them at the end of the day, but I need to see it throughout the day. In prior reviews I downgraded due to not having a way to ”hide” inactive jobs, but that feature has been there for quite a while by using tags. So I’m upgrading my rating to a 4.5-Star rating (which isn’t allowed, so its stuck with a 4.)
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5 years ago, SGrayce1564
The free app only allows so many entries so if you use it more than 21 times, you must pay to upgrade. I tried to do the in app upgrade and discovered that apple does not support family sharing with in app upgrades. This means, essentially, you’re screwed. I contacted the app’s customer service with this issue and was told incompatibility with apple sharing isn’t their problem. Thanks for your non-attentive, non-customer centered “customer service.” I was literally begging them to take my money and get the upgrade and they refused. Way to treat people like dirt! I’m fairly certain I’m not the only iPhone user who uses family sharing. If this company can’t figure out how to work on accommodating technology, they are in the wrong business. I chose a different paid hours tracker instead and it works perfectly with no issues and no rude and indifferent customer service.
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8 months ago, LDP2011
Not compatible with iPad
I’ve used this app for about seven years. It functions well and there are no better app options available. Despite having a reminder set to clock in/out, I forget to about 90% of the time. I tried using the geolocation feature a few years ago but it didn’t work for me, so I manually clock in and out by entering my time using the dials. I would give this app five stars if there were 1) a functional widget for both iPhone and iPad (functional meaning I can clock in/out without opening the app, but rather directly on the widget itself); and 2) an iPad compatible app. I use my iPad for work and I would remember to clock in/out if a widget were on my iPad’s main screen.
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