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Codefied Inc.
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User Reviews for Housecall Pro

4.54 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
7 months ago, jimmer 101
Long time subscriber
Our HVAC company in OC, CA has used Housecall Pro since nearly their inception. Very happy with its performance and ease of use. Took awhile to implement, and wish they had a hardcopy training manual to go with their program. Over the years there have been several things that I’ve asked for and, believe it or not, many got implemented. One of them was being able to be working on the weekly schedule on my phone and click “today” and it would go directly to the current day. This was important to me because I would be working on the schedule and then would have to get back and going my day. This is just an example of how it’s improved over the years. We love how it syncs up to Quickbooks Online. We also operate with Mac computers and software and it works well. Just make sure you use chrome on your browser when using it for best Performance. They have honored our agreement on keeping the original price and that it would not change over the years. It’s better than a lifetime gym membership because we actually use it every day of the week. It’s affordable when compared to the other high priced software programs that primarily cater to large companies. House Call Pro has found their niche in smaller family run business businesses. We highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Jutmastaflex
Best Service Management Platform
I love it.. i do everything on it.. scheduling, payments (pushes to quickbooks).. the only problem I’ve had is it sometimes didn’t push the payment or invoice to quickbooks but it was my fault for putting certain characters in the line items like / () ; as soon as I learned that, I haven’t had any problems... and their support staff is really great I do absolutely everything on my phone.. I had to log onto the computer a few times to set up certain things... It’s also really great for getting reviews.. you link it to your google business page and Facebook and after the job is invoiced/ paid, they automatically send another email or text if it doesn’t have Their email asking how the service was with a star rating they can just click right there on the 5 stars and be done, or they have the option to write something in it’s super dumb easy quick for the customer to give a review... one other thing you can set up; after the job is done, you can choose how long weeks months days whatever for a postcard to be sent out with whatever you want to say on it. You set it up once and never think about it again.. the whole thing is pretty sweet.
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5 years ago, Fireflyee
Still needs improvements
We are integrated so we can’t change now - HOWEVER half of what I was sold is true. You DO NOT have an account manager. That’s a flat out LIE. The merchant fees are INSANE - upwards of about 7% is taken from every sale - which is ABSURD; and they will you it’s 3.99% and plus this and plus that- it’s 7% bottom line!!! Oh and don’t think your bank will match what you think you’re earning it doesn’t add up - plus it takes days and days to get your money funded- or pay more for instant deposit which has never worked and still fees galore. You have to input EVERY SINGLE service. There’s no offer to set up reoccurring - needs fixing ASAP! Also they will tell you it imports to Quickbooks/ it doesn’t “yet”. I assure you, you’ll get the run around. Here’s my positives- the scheduling is relatively easy, clients like the ability to be invoiced ( some you have to hunt down for days, months) and you can gps to a location easily. I hope sales and actual product development meet in the middle and SOON. For $150 month plus 7% it’s a really expensive calendar!
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5 years ago, $$moneymaker
Good App but.....
I really like the App and it does make things a lot easier for the most part. Some issues I have are a complete lack of phone support, they use a chat feature to communicate about issues and problems and it is extremely slow. I spent the better part of an hour trying to resolve an issue about Quickbooks integration and Sales tax error codes and still did not get my issue resolved and still haven’t and I have over a hundred errors that I try to resolve and once I do that, 60 more pop up because the sales tax issue isn’t resolved. I don’t have time to read all the articles they send me or watch all of the videos. Poor poor customer support. I wish they had a feature for route optimization. As it is I enter the customer into HCP and then I have to copy and paste the address into a different app so I can route my employees efficiently. There are so many things I like, entering preset job costs is easy and makes everything quicker. I love the ability to have the customer pay right on the app and the money is deposited the second day. My employees love the tip feature that pops up with every sale. I give it only 4 stars only because of the customer support. I believe and hope that soon they will have route optimization. Other than customer support it’s a great app.
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5 years ago, LoGi0116
Almost there!
I’ve been using HCP for almost 3 years now and with every update some bugs get fixed and some things get added but one thing that has yet to get fixed or worked out is the 3 different views from either; cell phone, desktop and iPad/tablet. I own a stone restoration company so I don’t have a fancy office with secretary’s doing everything so it’s hard enough running a add in doing all the jobs, doing the estimates and all the other back of the house stuff! Convenience is what HCP pitched...”run your company and employees from your mobile device” - that right there had me sold! It wasn’t until my phone died and I grabbed my iPad that I realized there are 3 different views depending what device your on. It’s really frustrating that in order to get all that HCP has to offer you should view it from a desktop because not all of us service business have the luxury to sit and work from a desktop. Overall it’s a good program with kinks that need to be worked out and it would be great if they maybe added a better customer support because calling customer support and leaving a message in hopes someone calls you back, not everything is easy to text/email sometimes it’s just better to speak with someone.
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4 years ago, Wain Security
Used car sales or time share?
I am not sure how to even start this. I tried to setup a trial while we search for an alternative to razorsync. We tried this software a long while ago and wanted to give it another shot. Getting the trial reset has been an exercise in frustration. They call me and ask who they are speaking to and what I am trying to do. I didn’t ask them to call so they pulled my info from my profile. No problem but then you know who you are speaking to. You called me. Then after I explain what I am trying to do they proceed to inform me that someone else needs to call me to explain the sales process. Why would you call me to tell me that someone else has to call me? I feel like I am dealing with a car dealer. Please give me an offer so i can walk back to my manager and pretend to negotiate on your behalf. The best part of all of this is while I am on hold waiting to find out when someone can call me back they are playing a commercial from their COO explains how important it is that your customers like the sales and service of your company because they may not remember much but they will remember how they feel. Here you go COO. I feel like I could not trust your company to provide me and my clients with a great platform because The trial process has been so difficult.
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4 years ago, JS512Atx
Housecalls Pro App, Software and Support.
Being a new business owner on the complete opposite spectrum of the type of plumbing x xx ok’ing from 15 years or commercial new construction plumbing being on a job site and now to the service side of residential my years of experience in learning how to do good quality plumbing work for a reputable company helped a ton with being able to picture what is going on and now being the one who is behind the scenes getting us work and learning how to run a legitimate business, pay taxes, insurance, customers, using a computer that I actually have to put the input into but I will say that hcp has been extremely helpful and I’m still just learning but it’s extremely helpful and easy to understand for me which saves me time and I am just really pleased. I can’t wait until I have the time to learn more about all of the options the app offers and love the ones I have been using so far and have had excellent customer service as well! Thanks hcp! 10 stars!
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9 months ago, Myles9131
The app is great for what it offers. They have a lot of tools for keeping your business up to date and organized. However, only use this service if your are actually going to put it to use. If you don’t they will still charge you. I find it ridiculous how out of all the the companies that are successful in using and paying for this app/service, they will still prey on the little guys! I signed up to this service just to see what it was like. I am employed and do work on the side. I just wanted to see the program. I ended up not being busy enough to need their services. After the 3rd month of not using the service AT ALL, i got charged. I called to get a refund for the 3rd month. They give me some lame excuse that after 24 hours of being charged, they cannot issue refund! Seriously guys!!? A person going through a hardship calls to get a refund on a service not being used and you treat me like i don’t matter! That is outrageous. I just got my weekend with my kids ruined. That amount of money, however samll that may seem to you, really means something to somebody else. Sorry for the rant, you guys offer a great service but i am very displeased with this situation. Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, kratos5801987
Horrible Service.
I would not recommend this at all. The customer is ridiculous. Stripe is who they use for credit card processing and it’s just a pain. Wait 10 days for the first payment? No problem. Tell me you’re not gonna give me my money cause they need every single detail about my service? Big problem I guess. I painted for a guy. He paid me and they said they would not process the funds unless I provided them with insurance, contractors license and more. I asked them. Do I need to be a contractor to use this service as I am a self proprietor. I was using it for small jobs in OK where you don’t need a contractors license for paint or drywall. If all this was required I should have been fully informed before they started taking my monthly payments. I used them for a few months and the first credit card transaction I make it was nothing but a hassle. NOW HERES THE BEST PART!!!!! Now they have refunded the money to the customer so I have to go bother the customer again and tell him what happened so I can get another payment out of him while I wait 3 days for the money to go back on his card so I can just use square and get it with no hassle. I’m so mad right now I could probably light my breath on fire. Inform your customer if it really is a REQUIREMENT.
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5 years ago, Matthew A Hester
So far, so bad.
I’ve been using Joist for over a year now. I want something that does customer management and scheduling, not just estimates and invoices. I heard about Housecall and Markate. I used the free trial on both. I liked the look and feel of Housecall more. It seems more modern, whereas Markate has this Windows 3.1 vibe. However, Markate has been much more functional. It took me hours just to get through the initial setup of Housecall, with it having trouble loading my profile photo and business logo. I’m on LTE and using the latest $1200 iPhone. I tried reinstalling Housecall and had the same issue. Finally I got through the initial setup only to find that the app has other issues. I try to add a customer from my address book and can only do so if I scroll down the list, the search by name option will find a customer but then won’t let me select and add them. Then I somehow added one customer twice (why would it allow exact duplicate entries?), and now I can find no way to delete the duplicate. I assume other defects will show themselves soon. Maybe I’ll go back to Markate or a combination of Joist and iPhone calendar. Housecall costs twice as much per month as Markate. And Joist is free.
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4 years ago, 1 pat fan
Not seeing any of my February billing in my app
I had been very happy with the service for a yr until my billing and invoices stop showing up all together for February. I’ve been bounced around tech support over and over for two weeks with no resolution. It’s sad because again I’d been happy up until this point. Another thing that was very alarming is that all my 500 + invoices I’d done in the app over a yr need to be manually corrected because I didn’t schedule the client first in the app. You’d think someone maybe my sales rep would have called or emailed me to indicate that needs to be done so that their system runs correctly maybe at 20 or 40 invoices deep. You would also think that you could just write an invoice with out scheduling someone as I’m an emergency service tech and take calls on the fly. Again this goes back to customer service. I think I’m going to ditch this and go somewhere else. Hate to do it!
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4 years ago, Vector climate control
I love it! I’m a small one men operation at the moment with some occasional subs but nevertheless it’s very useful. Once you set up your line items and parts list prices, filling out invoices and generating quotes are a breeze. It looks very professional in the customers eyes and it definitely puts you above other companies who aren’t using any type of dispatching software. With Housecall pro I noticed customers are less hesitant to dispute pricing, collecting payment is a breeze and it’s less headache for the technician. Data tracking so far has been great, keeping track of pending invoices, who has paid and who hasn’t is easy to track. The truth is any good dispatching software can help the owner, field and office personal. I’m yet to try them all and I’m yet to master Housecall pro, however onto my third month with Housecall pro I can confidently say “ I don’t need to try any other dispatching software, Housecall pro works for me”.
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3 years ago, Onaferryboat
It could be great
Update:: left a review a year ago and just now got a reply. The issue I commented on resolved but there are so many other things annoying about this app. Most recently when opened it doesn’t show current work and the app has to be opened and closed. Their solution was to change to list view which will sometimes work but not always. Also the changes to the calendar aren’t helpful and I’ve let them know. This app has so much potential. Recently it has started to show our customers name with some random address that is in another state. Thankfully I know the address but if a new hire was trying to get here it would be pointless to go through the app. Also it’s annoying that when you go into pictures you can’t just go back to the thumbnails but it takes you out to the main screen. It would be nice when you try and look at notes it didn’t do it like you were always trying to edit it. It’s nice we can put so much information in and it’s nice for scheduling.
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6 years ago, Captainhairdoo
Love HCP!
Before starting my own garage door service company, I wanted to find an app that would handle everything so I didn’t have to use 20 different apps to run my business. I looked at about 75% of the products out there and was losing hope. Then, I got a tip from a friend about HouseCall Pro. Their starter version was free to use, so there was no downside to giving it a try. It’s been everything I’d hoped for and more. After about 3 months of using the free version, I’ve upgraded graded twice. Customer info, price list, employee tracking, invoicing with QuickBooks and CC processing. Sure, there have been a few bumps along the way, but small issues that have been fix quickly (usually thuan easy chat feature) by their support team. Absolutely a great app for the home service professional. I get kudos from a majority of my customers for the info text the system sends to keep them involved and up to date.
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1 year ago, Maddymaddy111
This company is a literal scam. First off, they sell you the world during the demo it seemed amazing until we started using it. We were promised an on boarding specialist to help us get started, which does not exist. The demo guy “Juan” lied about multiple things the software does so that we’d sign up. Juan told us we could call him personally if we need any help, we were having many problems and tried calling him and the phone number goes nowhere!!! Gone! Once we signed up, you cannot cancel. There is NO customer service besides the messaging. They continue to tell us someone will call to help and no one ever does over 2 weeks!! we told them we want to cancel and of course they told us someone will call us in three days to cancel.. no we want to cancel now! Of course they never call. And now the message button has been disabled on our account so we can’t even message them! STAY AWAY from house call pro!!! There are so many other options out there please don’t get this!! Cannot believe these people scan businesses like this!! Sure the software is good, but good luck when it’s time to cancel..
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1 year ago, mango reach
Great app. Would only request them make one change so far.
The app works great. I’ve used multiple dispatch apps there’s been several that have been worse than this one and one that I would say is better, but definitely not worth the insanely increased cost for it. For small to medium size businesses this is by far the best choice. The updates are frequent, which I appreciate. There are numerous options for how your app is set up and what controls in permissions are given to technicians. The only thing I would like to request to be changed would be that when you create multiple options on an estimate that when you save on say option two or three, but it doesn’t revert you back to option one test results in many of our technicians accidentally overriding their option one thinking they’re editing a different option.
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3 years ago, DStout1987
LOVE. THIS APP!!! 10/10 recommend for new businesses!!!
I started up a house cleaning business this year and was looking for a good app to help me manage jobs, invoices, time spent on job and more. I downloaded quite a few apps and tested out their functionality and if they would work for what I need. Most of them had parts I liked and some I didn’t, none of the apps were exactly what I was looking for so I kept searching. I downloaded Housecall and started playing around with it, thought “this looks like it might be a good one!”. After having used this for scheduling, invoicing, tracking time, and many other tasks THIS APP IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! It does it all and the interface is super easy to use! I can jump back and forth from jobs to invoices and much much more. Scheduling sends a text to the customer about current or future jobs and it’s super professional! Invoices let’s you add lines, upload photos and keeps track of whether it’s been paid or not. I don’t think I’ll have to use any other app because this one seriously fits my business like a glove! Thank you for creating such a useful and powerful business tool! 10/10 recommend for house cleaners or new businesses looking for a multipurpose app that does it all and so much more! Dale S. - Owner of S&H Clean-Scape LLC. in Bozeman, MT.
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2 years ago, Mr ibo
Started off great and then…
I have been using HouseCall Pro for about a year and have had mixed feelings about it since I started using it. It has a very cumbersome way of keeping track of estimates verses invoices that looks simple at first but is very convoluted. I am pretty tech savvy so I can only imagine what contractors who are not have to deal with in this app. Also, if you don’t have an internet connection, forget about accessing any of your information that may be on the app. But the straw that broke the camels back was in their card processing. They push this very hard, even giving me a call a few times to see why I hadn’t been using that part of my service. I didn’t want to pay their card processing fee so I had customers pay via check. No problem. Well, I had a customer try to make a payment and they blamed it on my customer who had already contacted his bank and the card company who told him it must be the merchants processing (HouseCall Pro). I sent the customer an invoice through my Quickbooks account with no issue. I have since cancelled my membership with HCP.
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4 years ago, AKAREDBULL
Account Manager
I am a three tech HVAC company in Houston. I started my company a few years ago. I thought I was managing my daily operation the correct way. I started a trial with HouseCall Pro and after some training from my sales rep and using their training videos I learned how beneficial and simple it is to use HouseCall Pro for my daily operations. The trail opened my imagination to what HouseCall Pro will do for my company. I use HouseCall Pro to communicate paperless with my techs and my customers on a more professional and personal level. The training videos and support groups HouseCall Pro are among the best in any industry I’ve ever had to get support from. I like the all in one about HouseCall Pro and how easy it is to add services to my customers invoice, estimates, send the customers on my way notification, customers can pay online, service plans, proposals, good better, best plans and so much more. I am very excited about adding HouseCall Pro to my small business because I don’t have to deal with all the paperwork out in the field anymore. HouseCall Pro has become the number one tool of my daily operation for myself, my techs, and my customers in just a few short weeks. I am looking forward in taking my business to a new and higher level with HouseCall Pro. Thank you Shani.. Joe Fuentez Account Manager
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1 year ago, Handy Hubby Apex
Listening to user feedback
Updated/new review. I previously reviewed this app in a past version and was very critical because I had to pay extra for every little thing other than the very basics. I’m a one-man show so I don’t need all the team oriented stuff, but I order to get the time tracking I would have had to pay $150 more per month… (other things were also add-on costs too). Since then, over time things have changed and housecallpro has started providing stuff to folks on the basic plan (that only includes one user) and it’s become the only tool I need to run my handyman business. Customer service has gotten much more customer service’y and eliminated the “revenue driven” customer response strategy and I’ve felt much more valued as a small customer.
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4 years ago, marvin-San
Service incomplete
We started doing business with house call pro in July and the services that they offer sounded excellent and met the needs of our business. However there were various glitches every now and then where we were not able to see the jobs that we had that day or in the days surrounding. Also we had a few complaints from our customers where we would send the on my way notification text and the client never received it and there was no record on the app that noted when the driver press that button even though it appeared on his phone. We had to accommodate the clients afterwords and ended up losing money in completing these services free of charge. Save your company some money and don’t go with HCP, it seriously seems as if their app system is not the best it could be at the moment. They are also no contract however they charge us in the beginning of the month and only a few days after we canceled and they did not give us the rest of the money back. We paid $150 for an entire month and only received a few days.
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5 months ago, sarahlynn16890
No communication helping or resolving issues
There has been an issue for over a month now with integrating HCP with my local service ad. The thing worked great at first and then all of a sudden I received zero leads and my booking icon no longer appears to customers. I’ve contacted them multiple times and trying to get their tech support to help has been an act of congress. They want you to keep your chat open on the app for assistance and tell you someone will reach out in 1-3 business days. No email or phone call only chat through the app with no notification. It makes zero sense. They have yet to resolve the issue. When you call they tell you it must be escalated to tech support that will reach out via chat. Then the tech support will close out if you don’t respond in 2 minutes when they take 10 minutes to respond. The last response I had was that it needed to be escalated to a tier 2 tech team. WHAT. Yes on top of that I’m still paying for absolutely nothing. Waiting on a phone call back from them just to cancel.
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3 years ago, gdh240
Awesome software, Awesome ROI
There are several reasons why this is a five-star program. The job / customer management tools are superb, and we’ve saved plenty of time in communicating with employees, sending estimates, scheduling jobs, and invoicing. The customer service is wonderful. The productivity increase we’ve seen since adopting this software has paid for our subscription a hundred times over. However, the software is still new-ish, and I feel like there are features that could be added to make it a true CRM, mostly a way to properly funnel sales operations and better keep track of customer communication notes. Also, the mobile optimized app does seem to be a little spartan for admins. Fortunately, it’s such a breeze to use existing features, this drawback is a minimal issue.
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4 years ago, 1977scottrv
Lack of support and CC company is even worse
There is no phone support and i see why now. If you ran a joke of a business like housecall pro I wouldn’t want to take any phone calls either. They can not tell you where your money goes, they raise monthly rates without notifying you, what ever you do never run payments through this app or even think about doing a refund to a customer, It takes weeks to have them tell you a very vague answer that doesn’t answer why it happened. After Living hell they came back and said they managed to get $5 off for one month for our troubles. WOW. I can not stress this enough to you. Save your self drama, hell and huge amount of stress do not get this app. Housecall pro is a joke. It maybe a little easier to use but it is not worth the monthly subscription. I would only recommend this app to your worst enemy’s. For a small business that depends on money transactions to be fast like the app says it has taken them almost a week for any instant transfer. You are better off doing paper invoices or chiseling them in stone.
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6 months ago, H2O Cleaning solutions Inc
Cool app but missing features.
House call pro is a cool app everything you need in one app but there are some key things they are missing, 1st they do not have a reminder text feature a day before we come out to do a job. (thats a key help for small businesses that do not have a office lady) they only have it for email reminders nowadays people uses more text constantly. we are constantly asking for a simple reminder text feature and they come out with different types of features that really a few businesses really need. 2nd you can add package options for customers when giving a quote thats really cool but they need to remove the subtotal price after you are giving them all the options the app will add all of option prices together at the bottom which is not good when it adds everything customers are sticker shocked it only should be added when a customer picks a option package. That can’t not be removed. 3rd when you are sending a invoice or a quote and the customers views it, it does not notify us or send us a confirmation text the customer has viewed the invoice or quote , again they only have the feature if you have the customers email. Housecall pro really need to update their thinking we live in a world that 80% of the people uses text to communicate.
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6 years ago, The Shine Brite Co.
If there was only 6 stars!
I’ve been using mobile electronic invoicing since 2010. For years I looked for that leader in that industry and now I found them. I can’t say enough great things about this app and program. If I was allowed to give it 6 stars I wouldn’t think twice. The HCP team is dedicated to making this program a revolutionary game changer for small business. It has features that could only been imagined just few years ago. The customer service, all I can say is wow. These guys are serious about not only making their business successful but the customers too. And the community they have created is amazing, a group of driven entrepreneurs pushing forward to change business as we know it. Great job HouseCall Pro, now together let’s go change the business world!!!
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12 months ago, Andy-_wilson
Great app but still buggy
It’s worthless if you don’t have data or Wi-Fi so forget it if you are on the road and don’t have service. The app won’t work and you no access to any of the data or customer base profiles. The app becomes unreliable, unusable and pointless if you don’t have data service. If you add a customer/schedule a new call it will not show up in the system unless you restart the app. You can’t record or access data let alone process credit cards like other apps like square allow you to do if you don’t have connectivity. It’s very unreliable and I have to really work with it sometimes to make it work. Just sad that I’ve been using this app for over 2 years and I haven’t noticed a single change for the better. I appreciate what your trying to do but you miss the mark in providing a reliable product. It just isn’t there.
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3 years ago, Romex
This could be good, right now way too much money for what it is!
Very cumbersome, after you sign up you will never talk to a live person again. It cost way too much for what it is at this time. They want you to join their FB group for info, but if you ask a question they don’t like, it doesn’t get posted. They put their name all over invoices and proposals and anything else you send by email or text. You ask them To pay your for that advertisement and they won’t pay. It works ok if you’re fine with a work around for everything you want to do. The calendar doesn’t have a “today” button and the month isn’t listed at the top so you don’t know what month you are looking for. Grow some balls and listen to your customers. Oh yeah, there was a problem with not saving/creating a new customer so you couldn’t schedule a new customer for a job. Please. I’m sick of them thinking they are big time when their not.
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2 years ago, Whoisdavidk
This is only for very small businesses 5 employees max
This app was only useful when our business was very small. Less than 5 employees. DO NOT USE IT IF YOUR BUSINESS HAVE NORE THAN 5 EMPLOYEES! They don’t have basic abilities of invoicing, basic reports, basic tracking metrics. Non of those. Very surprising. Customer service is by far the worst there is out there. Chat representatives are talking to multiple people at once and it takes 30 minutes of wait between each message. Literally 2 hours for 4 messages. This is not a one time thing. This is the same experience with every chat for 18 months now. Representatives over the phone doesn’t have the ability to help with anything. I’ve heard “someone will give you a call back within 1-3 business days” maybe 200 times since starting to use this platform. No one ever called me back for any issues. Seriously be very careful of that. They now had an issue with their invoices not generating the sales tax calculation. We see it on our end but the customer sees the invoice not including the sales tax. Once the client pays it shows on our end that it was paid in full even though it’s not and it’s not coming up on the report. Do not trust the reports you see. Be very careful to only use this software if you are very close to everything that’s happening and you’re very involved in every step of your business so that you can catch these things. Good luck
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1 year ago, fun game 6969
This app help me look professional. I’m not very good at paperwork or on the computer. This app saved my life. It does way more than I need or use but I’ll grow into it. I tried it just for invoices and then realized it does estimate and scheduling too. What a great app a must in my book. It literally does everything for you text emails. Let’s customers know you are in route. Billing and reporting so you can see how your doing as a business. I love it the only thing I don’t like is the time it takes to get your money sometimes. If someone pays me on a holiday weekend Saturday. I won’t get paid till Wednesday or Thursday. Has to do with my bank too so by the time I get it it’s almost a week later. What are you going to do? It’s a awesome app. Highly recommend it.
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3 months ago, Skehlator
The one and only scheduling application you should use, from a small business to a large corporation this app is designed to suit all trade scheduling needs, I’m super thankful to have HouseCall Pro in my life it takes a lot of headache out of the way from writing an estimate to being able to turn it into a quote instantly is amazing, as well as the amount of time is cut out out just because of the user friendly interface don’t miss out, make your life easier by investing in HouseCall Pro! My time I spend on house call is a fraction to what I spent on paper invoicing and separately writing an estimate the transferring to a quote, as a business owner as well it’s hard for me to read some of the employees penmanship and having Housecall cuts that out
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4 years ago, BigWayne3
Nickel and Dime you to death
I was I love with house call pro but then I started getting random charges to my account. It would be $2 here $4 there, I thought nothing about it at first. The I tried to call their customer service only to find out the do not have a customer service number for you to call. But if they want you to sign up with them they are worse than the time share people begging you to buy a time share. My biggest problems with HCP is there is no real upfront pricing. They tell you one thing and the every estimate to write up is $2 weather you book a job or not. Every invoice you write up is $2. On top of the $50 a month online booking fee. You are basically telling HCP my account is open take what you like whenever you like. HCP is not doing any real work, you input all of your own information and send all of your own emails estimates and text. However you will pay for doing your own work. I haven’t been with them a full year and I am fedup. Hopefully you guys who work hard for your money will not let these guys take it away from you. Now I know they will respond and want to work things out. But I’m done! I asked a rep for the customer service number and I explained him I do not have the patience to text customer service I wanted to actually speak to someone. He denied me if that and wanted to continue in a way I did not feel comfortable or served. So I am leaving it all right here. No response needed!
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1 year ago, Aydan Schultze
Absolutely best software
I’ve had this software before when I worked for someone else and everything made sense. It was super user-friendly. I was able to deliver services easy and I was never late to any appointment. The schedule makes so much sense easy to use so then when I started my own business, I just knew that one day I had to get it and when I did I doubled my earnings not only that but because they offer online booking through them most of my customers book online now and it’s awesome because all I have to do is schedule them they put in all the information they choose what they want. It’s perfect, I absolutely love housecall Pro, and I recommend it to everyone I can.
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11 months ago, Kayboogie1985
Good app just need a little more
I love this app but it just need a little more. If I go to the line that says discount on the estimate section at the bottom and choose either fixed amount or percentage you will noticed that the tax changes. The only thing I want to do is take off the discount from the labor which isn't taxed. Maybe an option in the discount option that gives you the choice to tax or not will be helpful. I found a way around it by just placing the fixed amount that I want to take off and add it under the service section at the top but the problem is we can't add negative numbers from iphone. I'm a service tech that uses my iPhone so having the ability to add negative number to show deduction would be helpful also. Other than that so far so good.
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4 years ago, Yet another Plumber
Needs small changes
The app does what it’s supposed to do but needs some polishing. For example: it needs to be able to upload the pictures in the background AND needs a progress bar while doing that (instead of the endless circling thing). Also the tips page should be shown to the customer AFTER the credit card transaction is done because it creates an awkward situation about the tipping or the intention to tip (where in the world do you tip before you pay?). The little camera symbol with a plus sign are way to small and positioned way to the upper right corner. It should be big and immediately below the text that tells us to tap “+” to insert picture. I have a coworker that never uploaded any pictures because he just gave up trying to tap over the text, in the center of the screen. If you guys correct all that you will be getting a 5 stars review from me.
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4 years ago, TYPHOON
Better than nothing
Medium size plumbing company with five employees using this system barely works Housecall Pro I believe is for something like a washing company or a chimney sweeping company or a gutter cleaning window cleaning type company simple it works very well for that but for a service and repair company like a plumber or HVAC or electrician this system will just frustrate you it’s a plug and play one-size-fits-all system. Be aware don’t even get me started on how horrible this system integrate with QuickBooks it simply does not recognize desktop version whatsoever you have to be online QuickBooks and that is a total nightmare if you want any accuracy whatsoever with your bookkeeping. This is a good program to get a brand new companies feet wet but you will soon learn it is hugely lacking in feature in function. But if you have nothing meaning you’re still operating with pieces of paper and Posty notes and all kinds of crap like that this will be better than that.
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2 years ago, arielbaleli
Good software need some adjustment’s
So the house call pro software is amazing there is so much good stuff in it, really amazing. Nevertheless I am doing this for 19 years now and I know what will make my life easy as business owner. For example I would add colors to schedule option to mark when it’s project give it color, when it’s lead? Give it color, when it’s callback give it color. This is only one thing when I look now I have to go to list to see the small icons, if they will make it more visual it will be super amazing, I am happy to give 19 years of experience feedback and after running dispatch rooms with 100’s of people visuality is faster better and more easier. There is some more things but this is my main issue. Overall they it’s amazing product!! Love it love it
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5 years ago, Kaitie Bug 13
The mobile app
It is a great tool but very limited as to what your capable of doing vs using the computer. I need something I can use when I leave the office but it makes it impossible to get anything actually done. It’s a great reference tool if I only need customer information but I am not able to contact through the app it wants to use my cell phone number instead of the company number. Once the updates have happened I’m sure it will be an amazing tool but right now it’s just difficult for an office admin to use when not at the office. My techs however love using the app. They only need to use it for seeing their schedule and following through with the invoices. They are able to take photos of job sites and attach them directly to the invoices which is really nice. Like I said this can be a great tool once it is outfitted to work as well as the computer.
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2 years ago, Curbmarket
Apps that has all the bells and whistles!
I have been using all kinds of apps to run my low voltage service business. Some has good features and some lacks or outdated. This apps has everything that a company can ask for . It integrates with a bunch of 3rd party like Thumbtack and other software that most people are already using. I like the button for “ On my way! “ and it generates a message to the customer. I love the clock in and clock out, just to have an idea how much time you spent on a job. HomeServe is great, another job lead generation that does not cost you . I got my first lead the day after I signed up, it paid for my whole month’s subscription. Keep up the good work people.
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6 years ago, Jwalker635
Great potential but one very annoying feature
I’m was looking forward to using HCP for my business. There is a ton of value to be gained but it is lacking one feature that is mind boggling. There is no simple way to collect deposits for jobs. The only way is to segment the job and send multiple invoices, but each time you do this it creates an event on the calendar. I will have about 100 Jobs per month that all require deposit. This process floods my calendar with “jobs” that are not real jobs. This drives me crazy and is making me reconsider using HCP. There is another app called Jobber allows you to add a required deposit directly from the first invoice without all the unnecessary steps and confusing calendar. I like HCP user interface more than Jobber, but this one thing drives me crazy and makes me want to switch. Developers, please fix this as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, Just another stat
I like it, but...
There was a feature before the “new calendar” that allowed you to see up top exactly who was scheduled for a job. We typically have more than one service tech on a job and it’s listed towards the bottom of the scheduled shift now. Makes it harder to quickly see someone’s schedule without turning off team calendar. It would be awesome if we could get it to show all techs at the top of each shift again!!! We would also greatly benefit from having the option to upload more than just pictures from our phones. On the computer I can add all sorts of different documents, but from a phone all we can upload are pictures. Makes it frustrating when trying to upload PDFs and videos from our clients. Other than that, we really like this app and its features.
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5 years ago, juan pedro gonzalez
Take the good with the bad
The app makes sales and accessing customer information much easier. Especially past work orders, notes on the site/customer. From the sales perspective it makes adding/removing work to jobs simple. As well as finding things through the price list feature for future work orders. Attaching photos and making notes helps clarify and avoid confusion. However..... The gps through the app is frequently problematic. It doesn’t recognize private drives, and immediately differs to alleyways or other roads rather than the street the home is on or accessible from just based on proximity. Has told me to “park and walk to my destination” through woods and farmland more than several times. Has sent me to the wrong home also setting me back a great deal of time.
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1 week ago, Fuzzywafflepandaspwn:$
Stay away!
Housecall Pro has been nothing but disappointments. I switched over from Wix to Housecall Pro because of their online booking integration to my new website. I did an online demo and the sales rep answered all of my questions and confirmed that features I needed were available. I have now been with them for eight months and wish I had gone with jobber or any other CRM. My business primarily uses a monthly subscription model and Housecall Pro requires LOTS of data entry for their service plan scheduling. You cannot create and tie a recurring job to a monthly subscription without having to go back and assign each monthly appointment to the corresponding service visit. In addition, I do not understand how a field service management app like this does not have custom employee availability such as jobber or Wix or literally any other CRM. From what I gathered from the limited support staff, all jobs that are booked online automatically get dispatched to me and I have to go in and manually assign them to my employees. This is an unbelievable amount of additional work where other companies have automatic booking for specific employees if there are availability allows it. The list goes on and on of services that the Housecall Pro sales rep reassured me that were available which turned out not to be the case. I am extremely dissatisfied.
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5 years ago, windowwizzard74012
We’ve been using the program for quite some time now, over 2 years I think. My customers love the features that affect them the most ie the notifications but especially the on my way button, I enjoy the ease of building a quote while I’m standing with my customer and often make the sale just because I’m able to give the quote on the spot those are smaller jobs that don’t take a lot to consider when quoting them, the desk top version allows me to really dive deep into a quote and present the customer a complete quote with confidence. There are aspects that I wish were in the program, a integrated follow up is the most important to me. Over all I do love the program and the people behind it are awesome.
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5 years ago, YR&LP
Please stop calling and emailing!!
Honestly looks like a great and useful app. I downloaded it out of curiosity but am not planning on using it right now. I figured it would be useful for the future once I take over our family business. BUT the insistent calling and emailing from these people is unnecessary and is really turning me off from this app. The app itself is pretty self explanatory and if I needed more information, I know where to look. I’ve mentioned that I’m not particularly interested in all the demos and information right now as I’m not planning to use it just yet. But the calls and emails have not stopped. Today I was practically forced into a live demo meeting. The app looks great, but I could probably do all the same things on my smartphone and not have to receive so many calls and emails about it. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably rate 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Capt.Charisma
Web version has many more options than app
The app makes it convenient to use the software but you can’t see who made changes, like you can on the web. Can’t add job segments on the app, adjust the employee start and finish time if they failed to click it, or see if the customer opened an invoice that was sent. Basically, makes the app a handy & useful tool while in the field but you still need to spend an hour or two in front of the computer each day. In a perfect world, the app would support the same functions and abilities that the web based version can. Running reports from the dashboard would probably be impossible and not practical for the apps intended purpose. However, if the app could do the other “estimate” and “invoice” options as in the web based software that would make this a five star review.
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2 months ago, T219C
No refunds after 24 hours
I want everyone to understand that when you use this application, they are going to offer you free trials. Make sure that you understand that when they take your money after the free trial. You cannot get it back unless you requested in 24 hours. Or they will not give you your funds back. And for a small businesses that are very much so struggling and trying to find different avenues to grow our businesses. There are applications in companies that are always trying to take the things that you need to survive mainly your money. I I never got the chance to use the application because I lost contracts. My account was overdrafted. Bye House call pro. When I ask for my money back, they said it was too late. So are you small businesses surviving trying to make ends meet. I recommend you look at the fine print. Some things aren’t worth it. And then this case it wasn’t.
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3 years ago, reuvengibber
Needs work
Been using Housecall pro for well over a year now. The app on the iPad is horrendous. Doesn’t scale to the screen and has the same limited options the phone app has. Not every tech has the ability to carry a laptop. Cannot Create proposals in the app you need to be at a computer. I like to create a proposal in the customers home while trying to make a sale. Recurring service agreements are not great. And want to resolve any issues you might have?? No worries a robot can help you. I’m currently spending about $2500 a year on this and for that price you should call me every once in a while to check up let alone refuse to get on the phone with me to help me with an issue. Unless you want to upgrade your account no one will ever talk to you. Currently in talks with Service Line to figure out how complicated switching over would be. Unless HCP Wants to address their issues. Or at least make an effort to.
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2 weeks ago, LdrTrainer
Past work orders are not searchable. The screen does not scroll so you can see what you are typing.
1. Work order history is not searchable from within the app. 2. When taking notes for clock in clock out on work orders, the screen does not scroll so you cannot see what you are typing. 3. Notes taken within the work order will delete completely if you scroll to far while typing and then you have to start typing all over again. 4. If location tracking and notifications are turned off for the app on iOS, the app will not allow you to use it without having a prompt repeatedly block the screen to turn them on in settings in order to use. 5. Contacting customer support as a user of the app is disregarded since the “employer” is the paying customer holding the account even though the problems are not based on my employers subscription.
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1 year ago, Disgruntled business owner 2
I love the software, the company is horrible and here’s why:
The on boarded me they were really cool upfront with their first hour of training. Once I signed up, they disappeared on me… that’s fine I was able to navigate to the software it’s very user-friendly especially with a little practice. Now this is the bad part: they said I could start taking I took three deposits from my beds that I won. Three days later they refunded the deposits what you made me look like a fly by night company and scared my customers. SHAME ON HOUSECALL PRO. Their job is supposed to help me grow my business in Fact, they’re killing my business. Nobody knows how to contact any higher up there. The CEO is protected there’s no contact there’s no email and there’s no integrity.
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