Houzz Pro: Business Management

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Houzz Inc.
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User Reviews for Houzz Pro: Business Management

4.64 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Readal
It’s been great so far. Not a big learning curve.
I few small things could change although not enough to complain about. All in all it doesn’t take forever to learn does everything I need it too so far. If it works don’t complain. Lol. The biggest thing which is to be expected in any of them is changing things on my end to work with their estimate app although the changes were for the better in the end. The gandt chart could be better although I’m sure it will get there in the future and it works for now. The wife and I love it so far.
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8 months ago, K.E. Gr8t
Don’t do it.
This company obviously doesn’t know the phases of construction. I opened every box my client ordered from Houzz when delivered. Kingston Brass packed the handles in bubble wrap to protect it. Well looking through the wrap it appeared to matched the nickel faucet. I got this at the first rough stage bc I need to know where to place and run the plumbing so I had to check the specs right? When you install the facet it on the finish rough which took up to 4 months to get to when doing a complete bathroom from scratch it doesn’t just happen in 30 day unless you have a tradesman for everything but I’m a solo proprietor and contractor for my company so it takes a bit longer. Go to put on handles that where wrapped individually and they are antic brass which doesn’t come close to matching. They try to tell my costume who ordered these through me to save her money on her budget and now want her to pay $90 for handles for a $405 faucet that was never packed properly and so I had to contact them to fight this issue for my customers when I don’t have the time and the fact the trapper me in a contract for a year by hiding a PDF form contract in an email that I missed and I still have to pay for a service that I don’t want anymore. They might get my money but they won’t get anymore of my customers and tried charging me twice in one month for $140 and make it impossible to right their wrong so don’t waste your time bc they will make it hard to do your job.
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10 months ago, mf302
Horrible waste of money
I went to sign up for the free version of Houzz and was contacted by their sales department who explained the market is completely underserved in my area for builders for the paid version (keeping in mind that my region was more expensive for Houzz than other nearby cities). After a week into my 30 day money back guarantee without a single lead I told them I wanted to cancel. They called and said it just takes time to “ramp up”. Another 2 weeks went by with nothing coming through the system. I again told them I wanted to cancel and their sales folks convinced me I’d be overwhelmed with leads shortly…. We’re now past the 30 day mark (3 months or so in) and I’ve only received 4 leads through the system, of which only one has actually responded to my contacting the lead (and even that one didn’t lead to anything). Houzz has said they provided add on “boosts” to my account to help out and that still hasn’t done anything. I’m a newer builder with a very limited marketing budget and the $9000 it’s going to cost me this year for Houzz will come with $0 ROI. Stay far away and don’t believe their sales team.
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1 year ago, Larry d 13
Very shady company
Some of it was my fault. I didn’t ask enough questions and of course didn’t read the fine print. When originally called by this company we were discussing a monthly subscription and the price was too high and I wasn’t interested. They took a second and “talked to a manager” and came back with a more reasonable monthly price. What they really did is gave me a price for an annual membership. I own a fence company and haven’t received a single lead the entire time I’ve been with them. Tried to cancel after 3 months and no leads and they informed me I had signed an annual membership. So I’m stuck for the whole year. They’ve since tried to call me and expand my lead service by shrinking my coverage and giving me “extra” flow in one area. But I don’t understand how paying $550 a month doesn’t pay for at least one lead a month. So I don’t trust them. Most likely they’ll try to reset my membership. I don’t trust this company. They’re scam artists. Don’t use them if you’re in construction. One star wish I could make it a negative. I’ll always tell everyone I know never to use this company.
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2 years ago, Michael5510
(BEWARE)Misleading Sales Pitch
I had realistic hopes that Houzz would provide my business with a solid platform. I was promised a website, and quality customer leads. Once I signed up I felt as if I was thrown to the wolves. My sales rep had disappeared like he never existed. I’ve used various lead servers in the past. I’ve never experienced such lack of customer service. I’ve gone through several account managers, none had anything helpful to say. One person in particular Savannah was extremely rude, I’m amazed she still has a job with such an unprofessional attitude. I pay THOUSANDS of dollars for top notch services, thus far everything has been below par. I’m so disappointed, I would never recommend Houzz to anyone! Don’t fall for the great sales pitch, you will have nothing but unfulfilled promises. I’ve even tried to cancel and they’ve told me I have no opinions. I’ve attempted to speak with someone in charge, told I would be contacted it’s been two weeks now, and nothing has happened. BEWARE
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9 months ago, Kl15_
I signed up for the 7 day trial and saw that it wasn’t a right fit for my business. Went to cancel it and it didn’t allow me to. Called afterwards and confirmed with their support team that my account was able to get canceled and that I should get charged the $199 Houzz Pro subscription charge. It’s been a MONTH and they are STILL TRYING TO CHARGE ME. I’ve called multiple times and have gotten no where. I’ve been told that my subscription has been cancelled and that I shouldn’t get charged yet every other day a charge tries to go through. It is frustrating and annoying that after a month I keep getting told my case is being handled and that I’ve been placed under appointments with the subscription department yet I’ve gotten zero calls or email confirming said appointments. I just want this resolve and want to stop getting charged. Please, do yourself a favor and look somewhere else to handle your business.
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1 year ago, JVB construction
Scam company
I didn't ask enough questions and of course didn't read the fine print. When originally called by this company we were discussing a monthly subscription and the price was too high and I wasn't interested. They took a second and "talked to a manager" they give me a good monthly discount but What they really did is gave me a price for an annual membership. I own a contractor company and haven't received a single lead the entire time I've been with them. Tried to cancel after 25 days they informed me I had signed an annual membership. So I'm stuck for the whole year, so I decided block my credit card and don’t pay anything to them, now they are trying to sent me to collection, but I don’t care. I won’t keep keep paying $550 a month. So I don't trust them. They're scam artists. Don't use them if you're in construction. One star wish I could make it a negative. I'II always tell everyone I know never to use this company.
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1 year ago, Amanda137Lee
This is a complete scam just stay away
I originally signed up for this to try to 3D design for my clients. I just started my business so I have no clientele. Tried it out and it didn’t work for me, it scanned the room and put all the walls in. Though it didn’t let me actually design anything or put products in. My boyfriends mom fell really ill at the time I was suppose to cancel the membership so it slipped my mind. Three days after I forgot to cancel I messaged them asking if I could cancel since it doesnt work for me and I currently do not have the funds to pay for this since I just started my business. They denied me and sent me a copy of the “agreement” that I would now be charged every month for a year until January 2024. So now I have to look for another job to pay for this system that doesn’t work for me and not focus on growing my business so I can afford my rent. Absolutely heartbroken.
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3 weeks ago, blossomirror
Avoid this app
I highly recommend against this app. Sure, there are a lot of “free trials” out there that make you put in a credit card number, and then you forget to cancel in time, and then they charge you. Be warned, this app will charge you $199 per month, and if you cancel even a minute after your renewal, they will stick to their terms and screw you out of your money even though you don’t want to use their service. I was unfortunately on vacation in Mexico at the time my trial was expiring so I missed it when it came through. I cancelled probably 7 or 8 hours after the renewal deadline when I finally saw it. Like I said, I would avoid this app like the plague. Also, besides the money scam, this app is so-so in terms of features. They are trying to create a “do everything” app, and the end result comes out weak.
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1 year ago, Argentry
Terrible Service
We signed up for the service in January of 2022 and notified HouzzPro in February 2022 (in writing via email) that we were not happy with the service and did not want to continue service. At that time we were told that we still had to pay for the entirety of 2022. Though we disagreed, we accepted it as it was part of the terms of service. However, we were assured that we would not be renewed in December of 2022. On HouzzPro’s side of things, the system was never updated and we were charged for services, that we did not agree to, in January and February of 2023. I reported the error and it was corrected in March of 2023 but Houzz has refused to issue us a refund for the charges that should never have happened. I've reached out to my contact at Houzz to get this resolved on a number of occasions and I am now being ignored.
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1 month ago, OCD Construction
Spam calls everyday - unprofessional and rude
So I downloaded this app to try out what it had to offer. Houzz sales agents immediatelystarted calling me multiple times a day, every day. When I politely asked the lady that called to take me off their calling list, she copped a serious attitude. I politely told her that I am extremely busy running a business and I would call them if I needed to speak to a representative, and her attitude got worse and she proceeded to say “well it doesn’t sound like you’re interested in our software then, I’ll work on getting your account deleted right now.” As soon as she was done saying that in a very rude tone of voice, she hung up on me before I could get another word in. Jaw droppingly unprofessional, and they seem to have no desire to retain possible customers. Steer clear from this business!
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2 years ago, Gal amar
Don’t trust Houzz
I tried to open an account with Houzz and in the beginning the guy there was nice but he didn’t understand what I need , the most important for him was to take my cc and charge me without to explain what I need to do or how it’s work. I tried to schedule an appointment with the stuff but now one calling back. After a month that no one call me or no one want to help, I tried to delete my account and I got surprise how hard it’s. They don’t let you do it by yourself and you have to call them for that (first time that I feel like scam). I was waited on the line over 3 hours, on the same time 2 people hang up on me the phone (one of them because he didn’t understand my English). After 3 hours I got the person to help me to do it but still he said that they can’t do it and I need to wait another 48 hours before they can do something, I don’t know what and they didn’t explain me but they also didn’t want to send me a confirmed about my request. If you just start your business Houzz it’s not a place for you, they just charge you and no one really will call you back. Save your money and time and just use different platforms for your business! Houzz is the worst!
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4 months ago, Matrix..
New to platform, a good resource
I just started service on the Houzz, but I’m pleased with the professionalism and the overall usability of the platform. It feels higher end Thumbtack will use the site to grow my structural engineering, construction and consulting business! Also it’s been great to get referrals from current clients and to be able to go this route. My plan is to remove Thumbtack eventually and stay on this platform.
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1 month ago, Lucastone2
Scam alert!
Fraudulent company! Don’t sign on to their lead service. Beware of the contract auto renewal. Not an effective marketing tool, I receive leads that are 300 miles away from me and many in a different state. If you complain they will manufacture fake leads to appease you. Obvious fake leads, same email and message but different names and of course not a real person at the end of it. I’m being forced to spend over $10k for two years of this garbage. I contacted them prior to my auto renewal to cancel the service but because I didn’t jump thru all the specific hoops they require in the terms and conditions it didn’t cancel. Now they are basically laughing and saying I’m locked in a contract and there’s nothing they can do. STAY AWAY.
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2 years ago, divab757
Horrible App
I’ve just recently started using this app and I must say I am over it!! It glitches so many times and constantly shows I have unread messages when I actually don’t. I can’t fully utilize the functions of this app as it freezes up on me so often. I am not able to do much work on this app so it serves no purpose for me when I’m not able to get to my computer. My clients have to wait longer for a response from me bc of that reason. I also don’t like that I can’t get assistance during the weekend when most of my projects take place. I have to put them off until Monday. Houzz please offer weekend assistance ASAP!!!
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1 year ago, Nros555
Worst app. I started a free trial and before it ended I tried to cancel it because I didn’t like the app. However there was this whole loop around where I have to book an appointment to cancel my subscription??????? Huh?? I should have full control over when I want to delete my account. But that’s not the case here…they make you wait to cancel and if the free trial ends during the time your waiting to speak with them about deleting YOUR account they will try and charge you like they have tried with my card. Don’t get this app if you’re not 100% sure this is what you want because they basically are trying to get your money one way or another.
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2 years ago, BlackNLovely
Glitch after glitch
I’ve been using this software for 6 months now, and it has been a nightmare with EVERY project I work on! The mobile version and desktop version are out of sync, which is a pain to view detailed work. Many times my clients cannot load the shared link I send out to them. Also there has been multiple occasions where my 3D floor plans won’t save after spending countless hours on the project and clicking save! I’ve reached out to support multiple times and they’ve NEVER been able to resolve my issues. For this service to be $99 a month, it is totally NOT worth it. Will be switching to SketchUp or another software soon!
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1 month ago, Tuku1007
Please don’t sign up for Houzz. They have been the only reason why our business is having problems. We paid almost 400$ a month to get leads in the area and not one single lead was given. We wanted to cancel and they told us they will give us one month free. We stayed and that free month they charged us 3x for the 400$. We have sent emails of about 20 times. They don’t respond. You won’t get a lead and you also won’t get answers. Simply your money stolen. One of those sketchy companies. Yet they will call you repeatedly before you start trying to make it sound like sunshine and rainbows. Please save your money. Don’t get scammed like us.
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1 year ago, Jordan….L
Do not sign up! Scam company!
Like the many one star complaints on here I too was sweet talked and conned into signing up with this company. I was told I’d be receiving unlimited quality and vetted leads by houzz. I have been locked into their 12mo. Term and have recieved 0 leads the entire time! Complete scam! I can’t believe these thieves are allowed to get away with this! They have refused to cancel my membership even after receiving no actual product from them. After explaining my frustration with them they proceeded to tell me they only do advertising and don’t actually sell leads. That’s not what I signed up for! Stay far far…..far far far away from this company!!!
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3 years ago, pershkings
This app gives you false hope
I had high hopes for this app. Seemed like a one stop shop for a contractor. After talking to their sales team they promised I would have a website, leads coming in daily, and a few team members to help me with managing my business through the app. After two months i cancelled the membership because all the app had to show for was 6 leads in two months which I received no replies from ANY of them. They are most likely using fake messages. No website after two months of having the subscription. So Now after being down 400$ I canceled because this app has nothing to show for. Very disappointing.
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12 months ago, docterc
Amazing app!
Downloaded this app and no exaggeration less than 48 hours later I was contacted by a customer for work! Then to top it off her next door neighbor asked me if I would be interested in doing some repairs to her soffit! It’s been less than 4 days now since I downloaded this app and I’ve made over $500 and the work hasn’t even taken me a combined 2 hours. This app is the truth!
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2 years ago, Amanda Hanson MI
Great for entrepreneurs!
I just started using this app today and I LOVE IT. Intuitive navigation and easy access to all of the toolsets. I am using it to create my first project and it brings everything together so seamless! I’ve spent a lot of time and money and effort on several other project management tools but this one is just so simple to use and it’s really fun to use!
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1 year ago, LABeachGuy
Not a fit for us. No ability to import a plan.
This is a great out of the box solution for an independent designer or contractor. For larger scale projects/companies, it just doesn’t have the features yet. We’re looking for something that will allow us to upload and manage floor plans across multiple commercial office locations and there’s a gap in the market *hint hint.* We don’t really need CAD, but we need to be able to quickly import an existing plan WITHOUT tracing it or shooting it with a camera on location….
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9 months ago, hankjhf
******SCAM ALERT**********
This app is a scam costing you thousands per month with the promise of 5,000 customers. This app is a scam and all the people working for it are misleading small business owners. They are using small businesses owners fear of not having work agains them to make a living. I really wish a society we banded together to stop such evil and futile business from being available to pray on the innocent of this country! I’ve contacted support several time just to have them tell me it’s my fault. I’ve don’t over 200 custom homes and they are telling me my pictures weren’t good enough blah blah blah they really just scam you out of your money!
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5 months ago, JaySotoMedia
Completely Misled - Bad Business Practices
Requested the subscription be cancelled multiple times. We will not continue to pay for a service which we were misled into purchasing. Your sales team lied and purposely misled us in telling us that the service was a lead generating platform with a flat monthly rate. We have not gained one client from your platform nor have ever used any of your said software tools. You can never speak to anyone other that the initial sales pitch and hounding to sign up. Then there’s no customer support just repeated requests to email certain inboxes. Still fighting to stop charges.
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11 months ago, Jerboss
Terrible customer service
This company has possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I was told I had a 15 day trial period and after the first couple days I realized this software wasn’t going to be good for my business. I have been calling and messaging them on their app and emailing them for the past couple weeks and when I get ahold of anybody they tell me that someone else will get back with me and then nobody ever gets back with me. I’ve even had appointments scheduled twice to cancel and on each appointment I was told that somebody else had to deal with this and this other person would contact me! And they never do! I would highly recommend nobody to invest in such a waste of time. They have wasted so much of my time going back and forth with people who can’t even help me and all I want to do is cancel! Why is this so hard? I would never deal with people like that! Save your time!!!!
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3 weeks ago, Atlcatlady
I demand a refund for close to $600 that this company has stolen from me. I never signed up for annual membership and they have charged my credit card close to $600 after I signed up for the trail and CANCELED. They will not allow you to remove your card! Beware of this company! Customer service is all AI and meant to waste your time and delay any resolution. I refuse to stop posting until I get my money back that they have stolen. Absolute scammers!! I now have to cancel my card to stop them from charging me without my authorization! This company is fake and a fraud and no one responds! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR INFORMATION!!!
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2 years ago, So sweet!!!
Love the program
We have been a Houzz Pro member for several years now, love everything about the program. Houzz is always making new and advanced changes that benefit our business model. Good job.
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2 years ago, 305.290.2323
This company is a scam ! They took my money and never set up my profile. When I told them I was no longer interested, Monica who was helping me with everything, kept hanging up the phone in my face. Someone then text me and told me my payment did not Go through for me to set up another payment after they took $298 from my debit card. These people are good at what they do they will take your money and you will not have any trace of them taking the money from your bank. Therefore you cannot even try to dispute the scam. It’s untraceable! BEWARE
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9 months ago, Bobtheshed
I paid
I paid untill the ran my account dry terrible leads for faucet repairs when I ask for remodel work. Found out the leads were from Angie’s list and they set me up for failure with the only way to contact a help inquire button and then wait for there call. They never answered when I called and in the last month after saying I can’t pay again I’m out of money they finally text and wanted a new contract post dated yes but still bad leads and no help been cut off and happy hope they don’t come after me for money they don’t want to earn.
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2 months ago, TopFlight b
Terrible software
I have been using this app for about a year now. I wanted to give it a fair chance. They have recently changed a setting for their payment processing and I had to eat a large payment transaction they refused to refund. This 3D feature is very bad. Their take offs are terrible and hard to use. You can’t make a custom price book. They are ok priced. They don’t let you share only certain things with your subs. Overall not a very good software and I will be looking for another option.
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9 months ago, bigrigbrad
Charged me without telling me
I was looking at different construction management software. I down loaded this app and filled out my info to see how it looked compared to others I have used. With in a couple days a rep called me trying to get me to buy it. I listed to the reps pitch but it didnt seem like anything I currently wanted. The rep was very pushy and would relentlessly call me. Finally I go her to sooo. Checked my subscriptions 2 months later and see in subscribed over 60 per month they have been charging me. I’m not sue how!
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4 years ago, LaiSivc
Best App for Businesses
This app is life changing. Thank you Houzz for creating a place for businesses to run and manage everything, from start to finish. I love the branded documents and easy work flow. Houzz is so unique and they did it again with another great launch. I use this daily!
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3 years ago, centr lvr
Houzz pro App!
Loving all the features and simplicity! I needed quick ways to respond to leads, message clients (in a professional way, not just text), and look up details for jobs super quickly. This is a great solution!!
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3 years ago, houzzishorrible
Horrible service, DO NOT Use this company for anything marketing wise for your business, I spoke with a salesman named Joey who was a sleezy salesman that promises you all these clients, business, etc. at the expense of a 1 year contract that is “easy to get out off” but actually not so easy, NOT A SINGLE tangible job in 4 months of being with Houzz. And once you commit there’s not backing out no matter how much they promised didn’t flourish. In other words do not sign anything with this business.
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Terrible contact promises of nothing
Don’t sign up for their contract they said it’s easy to cancel but it is not all they do is give you a number then the person on the line sends you to another number and another and so on don’t waste your time on here I’ve called multiple people on houzz and they told that I called the wrong number and their gonna send me another one the cancellation process is terrible do not recommend
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4 years ago, 143mick
Helps me stay on top of my business on the go!
Everything I need is at my fingertips! Connecting with leads. Updating and billing clients too! Plus lots of updates and improvements make it even easier all the time!
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3 years ago, JosueHC2020
Super disappointed
I’m so disappointed with this service I’m paying almost $300 a MONTH! For nothing I’ve contacted my page manager, I’ve called and sent several emails and no response that can actually help, they offer more service for “free” but all I want is to cancel it and stop waisting my money. FIY you can lower the rate you choose. I haven’t had any leads and I regret so much that I didn’t read the reviews from here first they are all true! Please don’t waste your time and money in this scammers.
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3 years ago, EYCONTRACTORS
0 stars rating
Houzz is the biggest regret I have on my mind every single day I wake up, I’ve asked many times to cancel my signature with. But I’ve got into a 12 month agreement, I’ve been paying for this and I haven’t make any penny from houzz leads. I will never recommend houzz to anybody I know, contractor or costumers. I feel like I’ve been raped every single month. If there is any possibility to cancel all my agreement with this company I’d like to know.
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3 years ago, Denisepy
Houzz is our main platform and we have been working with them for more than a year now without any regrets. Keep up the great job!!
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2 months ago, patporada
Horrible experience
The app itself might be pretty cool but what a horrible experience I had. I subscribed to use the free trial. I was not able to cancel it because after following their instructions form cancel link the app was not showing up under subscription on my iPhone. I got in touch with them and let them know about it yet they would keep charging my card. Massive frauds. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
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2 years ago, .*[robinzombie]*.
Can’t cancel my account.
I tried the free 2 week trial of pro and within 24 hours canceled my subscription before I was charged. I still got charged 65$ and can’t delete my own account. I have requested a cancellation and a refund and still no response saying my account was canceled, or a word about refund. I should be able to cancel my own subscription. Cancel my account please and email me back.
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2 months ago, A Civil Savage
Lacks Functionality
Unless you have LiDar; this app doesn’t help with scanning 3D stairs. Also; if you have rough framing only; manual entries are needed to pick points then adjustments with said points are needed for an almost accurate set of dimensions. More tools needed for the 3D scanning feature to make it robust.
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1 year ago, Marcosfma95
You’ll be locked on a 12 month term
They make you sign stuff over the phone. Then they lock you on a 12 month term. Be careful, if you start a free trial don’t let anyone convince you over the phone to try a different subscription. They will lock you on a 12 month term and then say you signed it. I’m very disappointed, I don’t even use their software and still pay for it.
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1 year ago, Tggbggghhjjgfddycucucuucuycuc
This is awful
I did not order this. I cannot log into the app as the technical support person told me to do to cancel my payments. Fortunately I paid through PayPal and got my money back. Unfortunately, they have said that they will be starting a collections account. They are impossible to get a hold of by email as I would like to have everything traceable.
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3 years ago, mendozaulisses
Great Service
I am very happy with my leads, the easy to use interface and the quick response time of the team thats been appointed to help me.
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1 year ago, Curlyque94
My husband’s company started this a few months ago. It didn’t work for them but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that when they tried to cancel their subscription a Houzz employee said “you signed a contract with us for 12 months” and then threatened that they will send my husband to collections. 1. We didn’t sign anything stating that. 2. We spoke to multiple other employees who stated we could cancel at anytime. At the end of the day, he spoke to the bank and blocked them pulling out money for the subscription. They then called and said they are processing our cancellation. A false threat for a FALSE claim.
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4 years ago, JayWilliams1
Transformed my business
Houzz does what is says it will do. It is a great all in one tool for your business. Powerful marketing and easy to use business management software.
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3 months ago, Snooki3000
New Update Re-Order Issue
When trying to re-order items in an Estimate, items randomly jump to other areas
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1 year ago, service service service
Houzz has been a great service provider for leads. They have a great network of people working for them and they always provide me with quality clients.
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