How to Tie a Tie Fashion Style

3.9 (43)
43.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Damir Nigomedyanov
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for How to Tie a Tie Fashion Style

3.86 out of 5
43 Ratings
7 years ago, Lrn2smile
Really good but kinda makes you buy the app
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7 years ago, 406in907
Usable variety, good instruction options
No great novel to tell, it works well! The options are realistic choices for most of society, and the options for tying (inverted, etc.) are useful.
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6 years ago, s9745a
Pay for even the basics
You have to pay for the in app purchase even to get something as basic as the half Windsor. And the ads are both obnoxious and poorly implemented. I get that they have to make money, but this is not a great way to do it.
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2 years ago, Mr.turnyoazzout
Great app
Needs a major overhaul it’s time to update the app it’s been looking like this for yrs
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6 years ago, RGIrv3
Still has ads even after upgrade.
Still has ads even after upgrade.
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10 years ago, LIwriterman
One of the first apps I ever downloaded. While I do find it very useful, I do have a MAJOR SUGGESTION! While the drawings are useful from a technical perspective, this app is all about fashion and looking good. And a drawing cannot convey what something will look like in person better than an actual photograph. So while it makes total sense for clarity's sake to have the step by step instructions shown as drawings, there should be actual PHOTOGRAPHS OF WHAT ALL THE FINAL TIED KNOTS LOOK LIKE. This both in the selection gallery and after the final step. There are already photos of models in the selection pages, but not for each knot. Before deciding if I want to go to the effort of learning to tie a new knot (and some are darn tricky), it would be very helpful to first see how it looks in reality---NOT IN JUST A DRAWING. Then after I've tied the knot it would be useful to see that actual photo again so I can compare in the mirror to what I actually tied. Make that change and I'll give this app a rating of 6 stars.
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7 years ago, Talalq
It’s not free
You have to purchase the app to get all features .. if it was not free at the beginning it would’ve been more convenient.
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3 years ago, magatrump2 4
The app is awful. It doesn’t work on my iPad (iOS 15). You have to pay for it.
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6 years ago, BenJammin54
Used to be good
It used to be a good reference. But then they “updated” the app and moved half the knots behind a IAP paywall. A greedy, sleazeball move. Just charge for the app and stop pretending it’s free anymore.
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6 years ago, Char Snow
Not a free app
I don’t like apps that say they are free only to offer you nothing until you pay. What a scam.
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12 years ago, Cpanderou
Updates deserving of additional costs!
Like many reviewers have previously stated, it's unfortunate that this app is no longer truly free. However, the additions brought about by each update have warranted the additional costs. It's now a superior product more than worth the minimal investment! Typically, any app that was downloaded for free, then proceeds to charge for what appears to have been previously free is removed immediately from my iDevices. This is not the case with this app. Yes, Windsor and some other knots were once free and now require the user to pay for instructions. However, how the new instructions are delivered completely warrants this fee. The animations & instructions are overhauled and far superior. The app developers, in this case, deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. Bottom line is, this is one of the very few "free" apps that you will not feel bad about paying for! By far the most intuitive and simplest of the tie apps I've tried.
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13 years ago, Lani Neptune
Update is BS the paid app was originally free and now you have to pay 3 dollars
Do not pay $3 dollars for something that was free. I will be removing this app and most of my friends that also downloaded this app before they charged for it have removed this app and all apps made by this company. So I bought this app about 5 months ago at it was free and had everything that they are now charging for. When I first got this app it was free with the last update they removed everything added ads and basically took the app back. This recent update is a smack in the face. Hey we are going to update this app for the better, no really we are going to remove everything from the app and charge you for what was free before/ Don't download anything from them they are just going to cut the app in half and charge you for what you already had. Don't download the free app don't pay for the paid app. because all they are going to do is "update" it and remove half of what you paid for or downloaded and charge you more for it. Piece of crap not worth any amount of money or time.
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12 years ago, OCD Cragdweller
Paid to Unlock
Update: The developer has submitted an update to resolve the problem I previously noted. In the meantime, you can restore your purchase each time you open the app. The app contains detailed instructions for each knot. Moreover, there is a "nifty" mirror feature. With this feature enabled you can superimpose the instructions onto your image (think FaceTime). This guides you step through step as you actually tie the knot. Old Review: I have the same problem. After purchasing the full version and reviewing two knots it reverted back and locked the knots I had looked at. Please address this problem and I will update my review.
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9 years ago, palin112
Used to be a good app.
This app used to be a fairly decent guide to tying a tie. Granted you can still see how to tie a few knots. However, they have taken what used to be freely available and made then an in-app purchase! They do not advertise this on their updates, one that is simply called 'bug fixes' or 'UI Improvements', turns out to have taken your favorite knot and made it a paid feature! Not too mention the adds! They pop-up all the time! Loved the Windsor knot, was free when I first downloaded the app. They took that one and made it paid. Moved to the Half-Windsor, took that one too. Now I can't get through a single knot without an ad showing up! Trying canceling that while your hands are tied up with your tie. For shame guys!
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12 years ago, ScFo56
Substance good, but asked me to pay twice for upgrade, after I already paid for upgrade
It is easy to follow. I can tie every knot I have tried, including Windsor. I never knew how, and never asked anyone for fear of appearing foolish. (I am 56.) The step by step "animated" instructions are very good. It actually makes wearing a tie much more fun, to be able to choose different knots, depending on the collar I am wearing. It's worth the three dollars now that the "pay me twice" glitch has been fixed. Had there been no glitch (when I was in a hurry, and didn't have much patience) I would give it 5 stars.
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12 years ago, mxcadaverous
Meh, it's unecessary
The app is okay... The instructions are fairly clear (though I've seen clearer on some websites) Some of the knots are too fancy for my taste. I prefer to stick to the four basic knots: Windsor, Half Windsor, Four in Hand and Pratt. That's all you really need. Also, a couple of the essential knots that every tie wearer should be able to do are not available unless you buy the full version. That just seems unfair. I downloaded the app to see how good it was ( though I can tie a tue fully well without it) and I am unimpressed. You're better off just finding instructions online. By the way, this review is from a 15 year old girl who was an avid tie wearer since she was 12.
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13 years ago, 9235S
A good choice
Includes more steps than many other competitors, making it easier to learn. Can't think of what else to add, except maybe a voice to guide you through, or a "slideshow" feature to go through the steps. One very annoying aspect is that the step arrows at the bottom are right above the iAd buttons - GUARANTEED to get a LOT of unintended clicks. If I was the one paying for those clicks, I would NOT be happy! At $2.99, the full app is a bit overpriced,IMO, so I'll put up with the annoyance.
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12 years ago, Kamen Tater
Useful, but needs help
I am happy to have the app. My concern with it is that the pictures of the knots you are trying to help the user tie are pictured so amorphously that one cannot tell what the knot will look like when completed. Aside from the cartoons, which show you the individual steps well, the actual pictures show poorly tied ties that are too loose to tel the difference between them. The tied ties are so loose that they don't have the dimples that a well-dressed man would want to see. I wanted help with the wider triangle knots that many are wearing today. One cannot distinguish between the final look of the wide knots and the narrow ones.
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12 years ago, Thekrayzeemoney
Why do I need to pay Now?
I have had this app for a few years now and I used to love it until I recently went to use a Windsor knot and now in order for me to get it I have to buy the $4.99 version. I could understand if it was something they added that was new but now they want me to pay for something that was on the free version in the first place. If you give me back my original content and add something new that was not originally free then I will gladly purchase the $4.99 version. It's a five star app. But until they add back the content that I had before that I now have to pay for it's a one star app. Way to be greedy and screw over someone who has had your app for a few years.
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13 years ago, GW3232
Good but could be better
This is good but could be much better. It's a great idea that the images are not real as that makes it much easier to see what's is going on but the images are mostly fuzzy on the iPad they need to be more clearer. Closer to a "retina display" quality for the iPad . Love all the different knots and directions are great and easy! Just update quality for iPad and this is easily 5 Star!!!!
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9 years ago, patrickriley2010
Thanks App Dad!
My dad suffered from the issue of only being able to tie his own tie and not others, he just could never figure it out. Anyways everyone complaining the app costs money, let me ask a question...are you using this app to learn to tie a tie for a job that asks you to work for free? These guys put in work to build this app and we're kind enough to gift us a variety of knots for free! The app wasn't made with magic!
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12 years ago, KathyVisher
Wonderful! Easy!
Wow, this is great! I love how you move from stage to stage, and the drawings are perfect. I learned tie knots from the absolutely magical book, "The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie." I would love to have had this app back then! Get this for sure if you ever wear ties. There are many knots, some suitable for thin material, others for thick, some for worn ties, etc. The type of shirt collar matters, too. So all I'm saying is that to look nice, it's useful to know how to tie several different knots. This app does it!
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12 years ago, Marky_mark896
Glad I updated this on my iPhone and not my iPad!
Previous version (still running on my iPad) give step-by-step directions for the Windsor knot which is what I use and forget how to tie every once in a while. The new update takes it away and wants us to pay $5 for it. It says that nowhere in the updates info. Bad business plan! Should have made a pay-for app with more features and left the old app alone. Will not be updating my app on the iPad. Way to alienate your customer base! Last ArtelPlus app I ever download. Zero stars if it were available! PS: iPad 1 doesn't even have a camera to use the updated mirror thingy you want us to pay for!
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12 years ago, BringYerWellies
Have the Free version and very happy
I grew up only knowing of one way to tie my tie. Wow no wonder I always looked like a dork when I wore one. Just used this app to help on with a job interview and on a date. Each time I got several comments about how nice my tie looked. Same old ties I've had for years but they looked better because I was not using the same technique as every other putz. Oh and FYI - I used the Oriental for my date.
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7 years ago, Swim2Run
Perfect for Kicking up Any Outfit
Honestly, haven't we had enough of the boring, old Windsor knot? Or the tired displays of pocket squares? This app is great for adding a little pizzazz to your dressing ensemble. Sure to please and reasonably easy to assemble, any poor sap can easily take his wardrobe game to the next level. I upgraded, which is worth it in my opinion. But even the free version will do more good than harm. Enjoy fellow GQ aspirations.
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12 years ago, KJYW1196
Pushy adds
Actually the app is not bad. What is extremely annoying is the scheme to push the user to buy the full app. On some of the most common knots, Full Windsor for example, one gets instead of instruction on how to tie (the purpose of the app) a knot, one gets a page that extols the "for purchase" version. What is perhaps more annoying is the repetitive request for rating on the app store or like in Facebook. Even after repeatedly responding "rate it next time", the dialog box requesting rating would pop up. On the other hand, it did get metro rate the app. I'm just not sure my rating was for what they were pushing.
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11 years ago, Kristi jr.
Good for scarves, too!
I'm left-handed, so I was naturally skeptical. And I'm naturally blond, so I assumed I was going to screw it up. Surprise!! I had no problem tying any of these knots. I started with the easy ones, executing slowly and patiently in a quiet room by myself. The big knots look lovely with a collared silk blouse; I prefer to keep the knot loosened, 3-4 inches from the top button. Now that I love you, can you please develop a knitting app? And thank you!!!
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10 years ago, Rendrag34fl
Agreed about photos
Overall I love it. I've grown up tying ties. It's showed me I was taught backwards ( lol-thanks dad ). Just a few tweaks: I liked the review requesting photos, that would be great. Also, an option to view each step in mirrored view with instructions maybe and advance able to next step instead of going back to go forward to next step. Maybe a simple rating system (3 "ties" being most liked ties??)
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13 years ago, Dylan Anglada
Restore 4.2.1 compatibility, please!
Can you please restore compatibility with iOS 4.2.1? I understand that you are trying to further the app and take advantage of new capabilities with newer versions of the OS, but could you release a legacy version? I'm not even saying that it needs to be frequently updated, or updated at all. I just wish that I could still have this awesome app on my old but loved iPod Touch 2nd gen!
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12 years ago, Fore54ss
Fun app. Learned about tie history.
Used it infrequently as a free app for a couple of years. Just playing around and learning ways (I never use) to tie a tie. Paid for the upgrade and learned that the "Windsor knot" I've been tying for 20 years is actually a "Persian"! (First loop starts on opposite side!) 3 bucks if you are at all interested in learning something useful (if you ever wear ties), is not bad. 99 cents would be better though.
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12 years ago, carddante
Recent Update REMOVED Functionality
I really enjoyed using this app over the last couple of years. The big, easy to see drawings & long list of knots made it easy to try out new things. But the most recent update actually REMOVED several of my favorite knots including the Windsor, Manhattan & Bow Tie. The app now prompts me to pay $4.99 if I want to get these knots back. No thanks. There are a lot of other similar apps in the store that aren't trying to nickel & dime customers with ads and in-app purchases in order to regain full functionality. App buyers- I recommend you look elsewhere.
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12 years ago, Dan 34145
Limited Knots
The app shows less than half of the knots listed, unless you upgrade to the full version for $2.99. The first knot listed,the classical Windsor, does not have directions in the free version. Probably well worth the price for those who do not know how to tie knots, whereas, I was just looking at it out of curiosity and probably couldn't learn a new knot after doing a Windsor for 50 years.
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10 years ago, Ryandun101
Bummed out
I have used this app for a very long time and with the latest update I find it crashes when using the back button to return to the main menu. When it works it's an absolutely awesome app ... A must have for any gent who wishes to learn to tie a tie in various ways and not the old Windsor only or four in hand. I hope the issue with crashing is solved soon so I can enjoy this app once again. Normally a five star app but because of crash issues ... 2-3stars .... Please fix soon.
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14 years ago, A real man like me yeah
Fix the typo plz
It is great all except on the widsor tie on step 6 out of 10, it says ower instead of over; simple mistake it looks almost exactally the same. It just bothers me every tinme I go on the app. This app is (other than the typo) is excellent helped me tie ties something I have never got the hang of. I use to have to go on you tube®. So if you could please fix the typo"Thank You!"
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13 years ago, Tally Gurl
Highly Functional
This is a great app that gives simple instructions on how to tie a tie. Step-by-step details are easy to understand and operate. The only real problem is that advancing through steps in the application is difficult to do with only one hand, such as when tying a tie with the other. Overall, great for a free app, thanks!
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11 years ago, Rweber91
Great.... But want money back.
I downloaded this app because it showed the steps much better than other apps on the market. They had a deal where you can unlock full features for $1.99 so I purchased that. Three or more days later, it STILL hasn't downloaded my purchase, it crashes every time I try to get in to restore my purchase, and wants me to log in! Don't waste your time with the in app purchases.
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11 years ago, erwins311
Good app, poor changes
The app was wonderful when it was first released, but with one major update they removed some of the original knots tied and the only way to get them back is with an in app cost. Very upsetting to those of us who have been with the app since the beginning. The app works well for all intensive uses, but if they continue changing things and downgrading what we can use for "free" I will find a different app.
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12 years ago, Zlee1
Update Thanks for fixing the "Update" bug. I already paid for this! I upgraded and now I have to pay to unlock again. Never saw that with any app before. There must be something in the rules that forbid such fraud. I hope it is just a "glitch" and that my unlocked status is restored. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, DON'T PAY AGAIN. If you do, the crook wins.
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12 years ago, geekonomist42
Aren't updates supposed to ADD features?
Every update had been at the user's expense. First, ads were added very obtrusively, right by the arrow buttons so that they would be easy to accidentally hit and make money for the app maker. Second, tie knots were taken away and put behind an in-app purchase. Fine, I get that you didn't think ahead and forgot to hold some back for a paid version. So I paid to get all the ties unlocked. NOW, however, everything I'd purchased is now locked again after the latest update. I don't want any stupid ascot ties or handkerchief folds. I just want the tie knots I paid for already. Instead of putting so much time into fancy packaging on the App Store, bragging about 10,000,000 users (which seems like an outrageous lie), maybe stop screwing over existing customers so we will recommend your app to others?
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12 years ago, SrDragonWolf
Great for advanced neck ties
This is great for advance next time. If you have ever wondered how the folks in the military, keep their dress uniforms and neck ties looking so nice this is the app for you. These are not easy knots, but once you perfect them they look perfect. I recommend using a high-quality solid hundred percent silk tie it gives you the best strength and reliability to make the knots.
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8 years ago, Guerillaw
Ads stain great app
While you certainly could Google all of this information for "free" the point is the app organizes it for you and keeps it at hand which is well worth paying for. Even in a $.99 app though ads are questionable, so they're quite difficult to swallow and a five dollar app. I think the app is useful but the ads are a little greedy.
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8 years ago, Will1098
Great App
This app is so helpful especially when hurrying to get somewhere, but don't have time to think and screw up your simple single Windsor. Plus! Because this app takes all the complication out of complicated ways to tie your tie, you will look like the single most sophisticated individual in the room!
Show more
12 years ago, Kidvelociraptor
Great App (Except for BS)
If this app hadn't snuck in an update that actually *deleted* one of the knots, I'd give it 5/5 stars, easy. But that kinda BS doesn't really fly (if it does; invest in umbrellas). As a girl, I was very proud of myself for tying my 1st tie; with help from the app, of course. I asked my husband if that means I'm a man now; he informed me that my mustache was in the mail. Hooray!
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9 years ago, DMM1968
A must have!
This app is awesome and gives you real options for how you wear your neckwear. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Support is awesome as well. I had to restore purchases to a new phone and could not figure it out. They emailed me back right away with the help I needed. Would recommend to all!
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12 years ago, atx58gurl
I got this app for my son; definitely never thought I would need it. But wouldn't you know, I'm a female, but I got a job where I have to wear a suit and tie everyday. Now I kind of like the finished, professional look wearing a tie gives me, and a neatly tied one finishes the look! Thanks for an awesome, easy to use app!
Show more
12 years ago, QCGuy78
My first successfully tied tie...
Even 5 years in the Marines, I never learned how. First try with the Oriental and I successfully tied my first tie! It's perfect for me, since I'm left handed, too. I set it in front of me whilst standing in front of a mirror. Maybe if they gave the option to flip the image. It might help folks even more.
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13 years ago, Alex Rick
A Dapper App Indeed!
As a gentleman of leisure, I find it imperative to always look my best and I have found no better way to accomplish this goal than by always wearing a tie. Whether you're decided to spruce up for a dip in the spa with the Atlantic or go a more casual route with the Pratt for your morning jog, app has a knot for every occasion!
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11 years ago, Bazeman
excellent app
I don't tend to wear ties much anymore, however, I do think it's a great classic look. I only knew 1 knot, but this is a fantastic app to try different looks, as we all know that different ties with different shirts should look different. This app makes it sooooooo easy to tie a new knot..the mirror is fantastic. Great job guys.
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8 years ago, Ad haterer
Full of ads
This app used to be good now it is just full of ads. Want to learn how to tie a simple tie? How about an ad for a game instead?! Ads on the top, on the bottom, full screen, all over the place! It's like a teenager got ahold of it and checked all the boxes for ad revenue. To the developers; If you want people to use your in app purchases all you need to do is have good content and lock away the BETTER content. Don't make an app that needs an in app purchase to stop annoying your customers. That's just dumb.
Show more
14 years ago, kellybhim
Awesome and Helpful
Me and my family had to go to a wedding this summer thing is my dad and my brother didn't know how to tie a tie so when I got this app I showed it to my brother and dad it was wonderful because it has different styles and easy directions! I LOVE IT!!! Now even I can tie a tie! :)
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