Huntsville Utilities

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Huntsville Utilities
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3 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Huntsville Utilities

1.81 out of 5
32 Ratings
3 years ago, jspr1234
Needs updating
Need to adapt facial recognition and fingerprint access so you don’t have to type in Username/password every time.
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3 years ago, quinnd91
The app nor the website gives you the ability to obtain your user Id without calling customer service. No option for the app to save your log in credentials or use a finger print to log in. The app was very neglectfully put together. The engineers that developed the app must be fresh out of the vo-tech program at the community college. Would give it negative stars if I had the option.
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3 years ago, N4HHE
Pretty Bad
This app acts like it was written in an app generator then nobody went back and actually tested functions. The usage plot can be coaxed into daily mode but then can’t set the time period, stuck on current week. Nothing seems to be tested on iPhone or iPad sized screen. Says one can view hourly consumption but plot doesn’t change. Get into tabulated data and there is no exit but to kill the app and restart. Spectacularly bad and embarrassing for Huntsville.
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4 years ago, SpockJenknsTOS
Worst app ever encountered
This app is completely unuseable. You cannot even get past the login screen. I am amazed that Apple let this garbage slip through the cracks. The fonts chosen for the text are so big, that they are obscured by the text entry boxes. The password box does not support cut/paste, so you can’t grab you password from a password manager & copy it in. Touching most of the login screen launches the main site in a browser. It is impossible to not fat finger your way to launching a browser window. This app is actually an insult to Huntsville Utilites customers. I feel like I should get a refund on my utility bill for any money spent on the development of this app. It is that bad.
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4 months ago, tstanley1
Needs an Upgrade but works
I have been using this app to pay my bills for years. It gets a 5/5 stars for that. I give it a 3/5 now because it’s starting to show its age. It is time to give a facelift and upgrade.
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1 year ago, Jt_1_2_3
All the bad reviews are correct.
I feel like this app is a joke or an exercise in human behavioral sciences just to see how long you will mess with it to try to get it to actually let you login and use it. Don’t waste your time. Hav utilities needs to scrap this tragedy and just NOT have one. It would be better PR. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, Trgrimes92
Surprisingly terrible.
You would think that a town full of rocket scientists, engineers, and Facebook would be able to make an decent app. I don’t even know what the point of it is. I can’t view my bill, usage, or anything. It also looks like it was made for an iPhone 3 and was scaled up disproportionately up to my iPhone X.
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2 years ago, Myluvsinbasketball
Agree with the person above 👆
5 iphone generations later and it's still like working a giga pet. I was just checking the reviews to try and authenticate it's legitimacy first as a reference before I hit pay it's so outdated. It's so outdated, I actually felt unsafe and hesitated to send my personal information first.
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6 years ago, KKChristmas
Great App
Use this every month to view and pay my bill.
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8 months ago, coydale
Very bad, worthless
PDF of usage only shows a hard to read raw data table, does not show gas and water usage, just says no data. Someone from the utilities management board should be asking the question How much was spent to develop this useless App?
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4 years ago, gkrcytdo
Worked fine for me
Worked fine for me
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3 years ago, wouldluvapizza
Copy paste doesn’t work
To change password you’re sent a convoluted impossibly long password. You cannot copy it from email and paste it in old password field. This app has not been updated in years.
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3 years ago, Bamavillian
App is useless
I put in the correct information and it says it’s not correct. I couldn’t even create an account. I put in the exact information that was on the bill. The developer of this app should be fired.
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1 year ago, ispqpmfnwo
First time reviewing just to say it’s garbage
It is garbage. Just the website smushed into an app format that doesn’t even work. Literally useless just use the website
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6 years ago, Graycious
Needs improving.
🤦🏽‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️💵 •❓Where is the information regarding payment history? •🏃🏾🚫Why do you use a ‘SpeedPay Western Union’ merchant system for credit card/debit card payments? and why do you say it is the fastest way for applying payments-it is Not a ‘Speedy’ source for payments. Use PayPal, hsv utilities should have a paypal account set up: cheaper and a lot EASIER for users. •💵Paying for convenience is ok but hsv utility should use that fee to give back to their customers. •⚠️Also, why does it say enter ur login and password when you send cc payers to speedpay site but (it isn’t ur login/password they want, evermore, they ask for ur customer# and a 4 digit pin#. What Pin#? A pin# was never given to me nor ever an option to sign up with one. They should use same darn login/password associated with hsv utilities. •⏰Overall, it is not user friendly. Can’t submit inquiries/questions unless u want to call and wait in hold for 45mins to 2hrs. Or email and wait until the next day, if your lucky. Or u can take a chance and hope they receive payment properly before a disconnect or late payments occur.. •📝Grammar: when directed to SpeedPay it states verbage r/g corrected invoices..yada..yada.. and ...ur account may become delinquent.When read and re-read this makes no real sense, please clarify. •📲🚫NOT all ur customers use Apple products. 1 Bright idea...💡Idea Maybe integrate an app for ALL handheld platforms.🤷🏼‍♀️ •Needs alittle twerking. 🆗
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1 year ago, TeachJesus
Still very bad app!
Password was automatically erased. I had to reset and now I can’t get back in the app to pay my bill!!!
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6 years ago, ThatJapPaM
It would not let me login even despite putting in the right password
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6 years ago, Kingnn
Poor interface
This app reminds me of 2013. The app is bland , does NOT support Touch ID or even PIN login. Poor programming in my opinion.
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9 years ago, TV-g
Bad (worthless) time waster
Best just to call them or go to their web site. The app can no longer load because there is no way to enter your account number now. The old app worked, this one revised for new iOS no longer allows entering account info. so it spins trying to load as long as you allow. All night if you let it. I guess Huntsville has no IT folks, because this has been a problem for months now, and HSV Utilities cannot fix it!
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8 years ago, Sarahthesuperstar
This app made paying my bill simple. I will use this method from now on. I'm not sure why it's been rated so poorly. The app was downloaded via iTunes and used on my iPhone 6.
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8 years ago, Hampton Cove
Simple app
Simple, easy. I'll be using this each month the pay my bill!
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9 years ago, Mia G S
I got a flyer with my bill that informed me of the app so I could pay my bill there. You would think if they were advertising it that it would work. All it does is say "Loading...." and never does. Worthless.
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9 years ago, Allykat1468
Doesn't work...
I'm with everyone else- it just says loading and never does... Was all excited to be able to pay my bill easily and completely disappointed.
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9 years ago, AwkwardNinjaTurtle666
That's it! Come on Huntsville we can do better than this! More engineers per capita and we can't even get this app to completely load. I wouldn't even have given a star but you had to in order to rate this app.
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9 years ago, Pedsmom
Print receipt
I wish you would have an option on your app to print a receipt . No place on the app to AirPrint
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9 years ago, TimoPat
Seems to be working on ios8 iPhone 6 now.
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9 years ago, OmegaStarMan
Not working on iOS 8
Like other reviewers noted, hangs on "loading" screen. Non-functional. IPhone 5 with iOS 8.
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9 years ago, Tinkerfell0876577
FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!
As all the other reviewers said, it just sits at the Loading screen and does nothing. Fix it please
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9 years ago, SWHSV
Doesn't do anything
Puts up a splash screen that says "Connecting..." But then nothing else happens.
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9 years ago, charlottegw
Doesn't Load
Completely nonfunctional app
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8 years ago, jim_bob_cac
Does not work
Does not work! Wish I could rate 0 stars!
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9 years ago, Skrapes1125
Just sits at "loading..."
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9 years ago, dsclinton
Swing and a miss
My 13 yo could have done this
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7 years ago, UnknownAnonymousUser
TouchID & ApplePay
App needs to fully support TouchID and ApplePay.
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3 years ago, muzzibaby
Used to work just ok, but now it won’t even open! Doesn’t have Face ID option nor does it store username or pw. Can’t do anything but pay using a checking acct, otherwise u still have to call customer service.
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