Hushed: US Second Phone Number

4.6 (15.1K)
106.7 MB
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Current version
AffinityClick Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hushed: US Second Phone Number

4.57 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
2 years ago, eucalyptus31
Great 2nd Line👍🎖🏆
Works well. Still learning the app but basics shows it it great. Is there a dark more setting? This is a 2022 update to my original review. This app works great. Can’t say enough about the trouble free service. Thank you! What could make it better is to allow the app to either mirror the phone display settings or facilitate a Dark Mode. When using at night, I get blinded momentarily when I check messages as I come into the app from a dark screen to the blazing white background. A utility that allows HUSHED to go dark would be fantastic! Also, the settings is a bit confusing as there are two sections that hold different aspects of that utility. Contracting all settings into one folder or place would be helpful. As I use this as a undisclosed 2nd line, having an ability to blank the screen from prying eyes by exiting the app when the phone is turned face down would be another wish-list item. Thank you Hushed for a good experience.
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6 years ago, akducjdusb
Mixed Feelings
I have used this app for about two years and used to really love it - it is the perfect way to organize communication with my students’ parents in a way that’s from my phone but also a helps me keep that communication a little more private and organized. The texts and contacts work well, and you can even attach pictures. Sometimes calls seem to go straight to voicemail, but outgoing calls are easy to place. I unfortunately had a really bad experience where, for a month, I was logged out of my app (even though it was during a year I’d paid for already). 3 emails to customer service were ignored for weeks, and during that time I missed calls and texts for work. When I tried to submit a help request through the App Store, it said that my account had been blocked. After one more email, a really helpful tech person finally responded and was able to help me log back in. All my contacts were still there, luckily! The tech person was able to extend my number to make up for the inconvenience and check on the security based on where the app was used - that was an awesome response! I’m really grateful that I eventually received help and can use the app again! In general, it has worked well for the past two years. I hope this past month (and the long delay in getting help) were just an exception - I hope to keep using this app in the future!
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2 years ago, Dr.Stupid
Missing Texts
Update: It took a few days, but Hushed was able to figure out what was going on and fixed the issue. Eventually I was receiving no texts at all, then I could receive texts from my wife but no one else. I’m now receiving all texts, which is a relief. It’s still a disappointment, because I have no way to know how many texts I missed. We used Hushed thinking it would give us more reliability than our cell network. That being said, I’m upping the rating to 3 stars, because the costumer service is quite good in that they were in contact with me about this the entire time. They’re courteous and attentive. This could have been some kind of fluke that happened during the porting process. I’m not sure. Previous Review: This number is for work, but I’m missing texts. I can’t send texts either. I send them, but no one receives them. The only texts I receive are spam texts. To make matters worse, the texting was working I still wasn’t receiving group texts. I don’t care if the group text shows up as a group text, but I should at least get the text message. There’s no telling how many people have tried to reach me. What an awful mistake this was?!
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3 years ago, unitthe
Great purchase, well worth the money. Very reliable. Very user-friendly
I want to head and purchased a yearly subscription. It is cheaper than any other second phone line application out there. You can’t be $30 a year. The main feature I like about this app is the fact that it has call forwarding. And a call that goes to my normal phone number reroute to this phone number. I’ve also been giving people this phone number to call me on so I can keep my personal phone for my family and emergencies. You also have the ability to change your number if you need to. I’m very happy with my purchase. I’ve been researching a good call forwarding application all day and have decided on this one. I made a perfect choice, don’t hesitate just go ahead and buy this and try it. Thanks to the team who made this application, it is extremely useful and well-made. Thank you.
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5 years ago, hippiemii
Mixed emotions
The idea behind this app is great. It reminds me of my google voice number. Just a few differences. This one I have to pay for (but it is affordable) whereas google voice is free. All my messages and calls go through on google voice as far as I know and I’ve been using it for about 6 years. For some reason I have had several calls drop and text messages that never get delivered on this Hushed app. This is disappointing as I am using it for my personal business and have no idea how many prospective clients are attempting to call or text me and not getting through. I don’t want to lose clientele because I never heard from them and they think I just never got back with them. I plan to give the app another month and see if all my messages and calls are going through both ways. If so then I will keep it and I love the app but if I keep having undelivered messages and dropped calls then I will just add a second phone line to my plan and cancel the app. Not worth the money if I am losing clients due to the ineffectiveness of the app or if I’m making a user error.
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1 year ago, Thuglyfeouthere
awesome app!! Still works wonderfully for me. - Also I want to know what
was said in response to my review hahaha I made a review saying so far it’s been great but it appears to have disappeared when I attempted to give the app a 5 star rating again. I made a super brief review saying I recently started using it and so far it is great. I got a notification saying the developers responded to my review so I was like - sweet! That’s what’s up! What could they have said!? I gotta know! Hahaha but I couldn’t find it anywhere… But now after trying to locate it a little too proactively I can’t even find my original 5-star review that the developers responded to… Is there any way I could still see what the developers said. I’m still very curious. Either way - awesome app!! Still works wonderfully for me.
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1 year ago, hate hb& yr mom
Working for a start up looking to hire 400 people in Ohio. I have to make a lot of calls, and found that I receive better responses when using a local number. That’s why I used Hushed. At about two days after about 30-40 phone calls hand dialed I received a TOS violation notice. I contacted the help desk and explained to them what I was doing and everything was fine. A couple more days go by I had made no calls because I was working on something else. When I returned to making the hiring calls, and texts after a morning of probably a dozen text messages and maybe two dozen calls, I was no longer able to login. Did they inform me of the TOS violation? No, they just completely deleted my account all together keeping my $25 mind you. I could have responses to texts sent to help people who need work get work. These guys are idiots. Most people use these types of things to send prank phone calls to their ex wives I’m trying to use it for legitimate purposes paid my money and they screw me and about 40 people trying to find a job in Cleveland.
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6 years ago, Honey_bun3
Be careful they over charge
So when I signed up they were offering a free trial period for new users. I’m new so I’m like great. The service was actually good. No complaints at all in that area (which is why I gave 2 stars)however once I checked my bank statement I was not only charged when I was suppose to have a free trial period but the plan I picked was there unlimited plan for $4.99 they charged me way more then that. When I messaged customer support they told me I didn’t pick the free trial which I know I did but whatever when I asked about the over charge they disregarded that by saying if their is a problem with your service then we can help you out if not you can unsubscribe from our services. So I unsubscribe from their services and I filed a fraud affidavit at my bank. The customer service department is horrible you don’t deal with the same person you filed a ticket with. I got multiple reps who really didn’t care that this company just ripped me off. It’s other apps out there that will not rip you off but offer the same services and you speak to a live person.
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6 years ago, britty ♥
Used for 2+ years
I used this for two plus years, it was really great for separating work (I run my own strictly-platonic cuddle business), giving number to tinder dates when I was still unsure about them, and also for when I meet new people and I don’t want them to have my long time cell#. I also use it when I travelled, it helped having a local number for Uber when I was abroad. Recently, my account was blocked and customer service has not responded with a reason why. I really did enjoy this app, it made me feel safer in my dating life as well as made traveling really convenient as well. Before being blocked, I recently began to receive calls from Spanish speaking telemarketers although I never used this number when signing up for sites. I’m giving 3 stars because it really is a great service, but removing 2 because the inconvenience of losing important numbers there. It’s my fault for not saving the numbers, I just really didn’t see my account being blocked coming. I wish there was a way to retrieve my call/text logs at the very least. Edit: THEY SAY TO SPEAK WITH SUPPORT SND THEN SUPPORT DOESNT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL. BACK TO ONE STAR.
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10 months ago, BilltheOrca
Trouble free, until it’s not
Great service right up until there is a problem. Then all you hear from them is: “that is our policy,” or “we have no control over that.” I have been checking two to three times a day for 65 days now waiting for a Washington State number to become available… “That’s out of our control, suggest you just keep checking.” For how long? A decade??? 50 years?? Sheesh! Developer whined about this review, which was my response to their “keep checking” after 45 days of no Washington numbers. SURPRISE, multiple Washington numbers just popped up. If they had taken action in the first place, I would have not been forced to leave a bad review. One year later: I am so done with this company. After a recent update the app just erased all of it’s data off my phone. If you need a second phone number that is off the radar, just go with another service provider. Be sure that you select a provider with a different frequency/type of service. i.e., GRS vice CDME.
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5 years ago, John63Galt
Excellent Excellent Second Phone App
This has been one of my best purchases. The number works so well that I use it as my preferred business line. Integration with iPhone is seamless; I’m able to take/make calls and texts through my phone and Bluetooth devices without a lot of extra button pushing overhead. Only 2 things preventing 5 stars... 1. Very infrequently, I’m logged out of my account and miss calls and texts. Not sure why this happens. Suspect it is due to updates but hasn’t happened during the last 2 updates. 2. Some apps, accounts, etc do not accept this as a ‘legitimate’ phone number. When I first got this app I didn’t have this problem. Maybe I just got lucky and chose a number that was previously tied to a land line or ‘real’ cell. In any case, it is stupid for people to delegitimize Hushed numbers —- Hello’s 2019 already! This make so much more sense than carrying multiple cellphones!!
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2 months ago, Vern&Son
They cancelled our service for non-use after 6 mo.
We bought an unlimited plan through BGR which we used seldomly. It was nice to know that Hushed was “there when you need it.” We received word from Hushed that our paid-for unlimited plan was cancelled since we had not used the service in 6 months. Naturally, if we had been informed of the six-month usage requirement we would have used the product more frequently. But we received no warning, only a cancellation notice. When we contacted Hushed Customer Service to complain about being cut off for lack of use we suggested to Hushed that our paying up front for a seldomly used product should be beneficial to the company’s bottom line. We were told by Hushed to go purchase another unlimited plan. We sincerely hope that your experience with Hushed is better than ours. We certainly learned from ours. When we need it we’ll move to a similar service that rhymes with “learner” and we’ll be far more careful learning the ins and outs of plans touted as “unlimited” in the future.
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1 year ago, MHughes123
Still needs work
Apparently, the only way they have worked out for me to be able to receive phone calls to this number on my iPhone is to eliminate using Bluetooth on the iPhone. Of course, this is quite a negative issue. Outgoing calls are working fine. I do appreciate support working with me though I wish I could talk to a person. The other issue I have is I cannot assign my name or any kind of identity to my outgoing calls. Therefore every call is shown to be a Spam Risk call. This is unfortunate for those of us who don’t have a SECRET purpose but who simply want an extra line for good reasons. And sometimes there is a little latency in the call connecting (especially incoming). There may be some usefulness to this, but the negatives make that difficult to determine. I am hopeful they will continue to work to make this more like a true additional line. But, for now, still needs work.
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I wrote a 1 star review for this company due to the support service not having a 1-800 number or a chat line for issue. They only have email contact and my issues was that I forgot my login information. After numerous emails and a bad review on here within minutes I received an email with the information I needed and this allowed me to get back to selling cars. Name of the person was Hanna so thank you. Also make sure you keep a record of your bill and if there is an issue just send them a screenshot so they know your the account holder and they will fix it. Thank you. Also their privacy policy is much better then others. Some of the other voip numbers track everything. I believe hushed so far as one of the best policy for privacy
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2 years ago, nomorehushed
Use to be good now it’s horrible!
Don’t know what happened as I’ve used this app for several years and thought it was great for my needs under the lifetime plan. Suddenly one day I open the app and find myself logged out and unable to login. I am unable to get an email with a password reset link despite trying many times to request one via the app and web browser with the “forgot my password” option. I’ve messaged customer support and was asked to provide proof of purchase??? I don’t keep receipts for things I bought years ago. It seems like they no longer honor the old lifetime plans that were purchased several years ago all of the sudden. I wished they would of sent a message to users if they decided they no longer want to provide us lifetime members this service anymore. This way I would of switched my service in a timely manner before getting kicked off. Now I’m having trouble logging into things for things I used my hushed number as a dedicated second line for.
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12 months ago, MaxProv8621
It’s a scam run in the name of adhering to their terms of service
These guys are total scamsters. Their Customer Support is probably the WORST thing you'd ever experience. If anyone still wants to try Hushed - this will be their typical fun ride: 1. Sign up for a subscription 2. Send a few messages or make a few calls to your friends or colleagues - say just 10-odd messages. 3. Within a few hours you'll have your account de-activated. 4. When you reach out to their Customer Support, the front desk will forward your ticket to a so-called 'expert' who will say you violated their so-called terms of service and instruct you on how to cancel your subscription with the caveat that you will not receive a prorated refund for the remaining days of your subscription. Their customer support 'experts' won't even answer your questions, suggest ways to re-activate your account or even explain what exactly resulted in violation of terms of service - instead, they'll just tell you repeatedly to cancel the subscription to stop the recurring and non-refundable charges. And as you would notice on this review board, the customer support would shamelessly copy-paste the same 'we are sorry' message to all genuinely disgruntled subscribers. Our business is considering filing a lawsuit against these scamsters with the hope that more individuals and businesses won't experience the same pain and that Hushed will either cease to exist to stop scamming people.
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5 years ago, jeb_Blue
Tech support best in biz
Hushed is 5 stars with me and has been 5 stars for the year or more ice used it. A month ago I noticed when using my iPad I coukd not bring up my photo gallery to send a picture. I made a support request and it took a month to fix this. That's excellent, not a bad thing. Reproducing the issue was tough. The issue has to be upgraded to the developer level. Never did support Hushed insinuate the issue was my fault or I was imagining it. Rhianna and Chris made sure to ask questions and keep me informed. Two days ago the solution came in the form of a an update, I tested it and Voilaâ! Works perfectly. Hushed devoted a lot of time and resources to solve this. Then there was another short delay waiting for Apple to greenlight the uodate, Such tenacity truly impresses me. I am moving Hushed from Excellent to Perfect.
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5 years ago, SleepingHusky
Very Handy App with Good Support
Have been using Hushed for a few months now, primarily for privacy purposes. I use my Hushed number when asked by someone or organizations that I’m not sure I want to have my real number knowing that if I start to receive too many unwanted calls or texts I can just delete my number and start over with a new number. I recently contacted Hushed’s email support with a fairly complicated question about using Hushed when traveling overseas and using a VPN. I was quite pleased with the quality and speed of the response particularly in light of it being a holiday weekend. That said, when one has an urgent problem even the best email support can be frustratingly slow. A chat support option would be helpful.
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2 years ago, ulot79
Fraud as far as am concerned.. STAY AWAY
I Paid for a one year subscription, my account was deactivated in less than a week… asked for a reason why and they said i violated some of their policy without been specific, I barely made any calls and sent only few sms. I asked for a refund because i have only enjoyed 4 out of 365 days of service, so far i’v been ignored. With regards their service it was very poor for me, calls barely connected with less than 20% success rate, only sms worked ok…revenue is not earned until service is provided; a one year Subcription fee should be recorded as unearned revenue on the liability side of a balance sheet…Hushed attempt not to issue a refund without providing service is fraud as far as am concerned… you can’t withhold customer funds at your sole discretion if you are no longer able to provide service. … they can do this to anyone… apart from the fact that the call service is also very poor. I will advise customers to stay away…
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1 year ago, jinxtv
I should have listened to bad reviews
I read the bad reviews of this app but thought “oh, that won’t happen to me!” Wrong. It started out with me texting people and not realizing they weren’t receiving my texts. I could receive texts, though. Then I found I couldn’t dial out. The same thing happened to me a couple times, but I did get customer service to eventually fix it. Now, after not using the app for a few months, I had a couple phone calls, sent out about a half a dozen (identical) text messages and received some text messages and the same thing happened to me again. I really didn’t think 6 messages would trigger their “this is a spammer” filter, and I’m not spamming people. This time, when contacting CS about it I got the “ We reserve the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable access to our services at any time without notice “ message along with “ The account mentioned has been suspended indefinitely to prevent further risks towards burdening our network, service, and its users.” I was not using the service in a burdensome way, unless just using it at all is “burdensome”. I paid for a year of service and got less than half that. It’s very disappointing. I don’t want everyone I talk to having my main number, but Hushed seems like a very poor solution for that. Don’t make my mistake, find a different app or service.
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5 years ago, Maxfun lol
Great Customer Care!
I’m very pleased to use this useful app. Though it could not be used for what’s app or Viber, it operates well in regular SMS/calls. And the best part is their prompt and very helpful customer service. They fix any issues you raise promptly and graciously! Thankful for this app! Keep up the good work! Updated: Less 1 star because even you got three more days left, the “extend your number” is already blocking the view of your SMS remaining balance. So you got no idea how many SMS left in your account. I hope they put that notification blocking my view only a day before expiration. In addition, sometimes you get unwanted, random calls to your entirely new number which you have only used for someone who never calls. And those random calls are being deducted from your balance too.
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6 years ago, FLmuscle8
Great product great customer service
Anytime submitting an issue to Hush customer service the turnaround time has been Within 15 to 30 minutes tops and their response also includes a Solution to the current issue that was reported. The only thing I would ask to be changed is text message alerts with self-destruct timers. 1- timer cannot be based on the sender a) it but must be based on the receiver opening the message then the timer should initiate. b). The current process initiates based on when sender sets the timeframe 1) the sender must then call the end-user and let them know there’s a self-destruct time frame read it before it’s gone. 2) otherwise the receiver would have no knowledge of the actual message being sent because it probably has disappeared if not read it within the time frame configured by sender. Ie: sender sets the time for 1 minute to self-destruct and the receiver, received the notice 2 minutes later thus there will not be a message any longer within the receivers inbox but a badge indicator will still be shown. (what badge indicator goes to message is completely unknown)
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5 years ago, Randym91
Love the idea, if only it worked right.
I’ve been a paid customer for a couple of years now. I have several side hustles and I like to keep them separated and organized by making a different phone number for each different hustle. I needed something that can send and receive picture messages as well. Bushes in theory does that, it just doesn’t do it well. Often I send a message just to find out later it never went through. And yes, this happens A LOT! Sometimes a customer will send me several photos but only 1 will come through. Or other times they’ll send me one but it’ll load for hours until I can actually view the photo. I’ve stuck with it for so long because their customer service department does seem to try hard to get things fixed and I was hoping they would get the kinks worked out eventually but my patience has run out. Love the idea, the execution is very lacking though.
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6 months ago, CEN02-43
Excellent app!
Once everything was set up, everything has worked perfectly. I bought a yearlong subscription for three numbers (family, friends, and dating), and each number works well. My only complaint was that during the purchasing, after I bought the numbers, I had to contact customer service to get them to activate the numbers. It wasn’t an instantaneous process like I thought it would be. The customer service person was incredibly helpful and got my numbers set up quickly however. My only suggestion would be to state that it won’t be an instantaneous process, at least not always. Otherwise it’s a great app!
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1 year ago, Lovequis
Kindly check
I felt bad though , but from the start I live in Dallas and work in Tyler . I have this app to text my intimate friend without my bf content . But suddenly I got kicked all of a sudden from my hushed in middle of vital communicate with my friend , my $4.99 wasn’t charged to my account though and honestly there were no charges to my account clear on that but they should work on getting innocent people kicked out of their paid account , when they tried to reopen a new one they won’t give you a 3 days trial anymore so you would be charged directly so watch out there , they maybe more extra charges . Hush should work on their staff and engineers . Cheers
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4 years ago, mcw0933
Exactly what you want it to be
This app is awesome, very worth the subscription. I am newly back on the dating scene and wanting to keep a little bit of distance meeting new people. I used the free trial and got hooked more or less immediately - text notifications are fast, inbound and outbound call quality are great. My only minor complaint is that messages received after you hit the cap of 20 (sent AND received) in the trial are lost, for good. Was hoping they’d be held and then released once I subscribed. It would be super awesome to have a grace period to subscribe within before they’re deleted for good. Since subscribing though everything comes through great! Really love it!
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6 years ago, Champ-izzy
Got this app not long ago with unlimited talk/text has to be about a week or 2 now. Tried changing/updating a contact picture to something new..but for some reason wont let me. Every time I change it, after clicking save the spring load appears making it seem it’s working but reverts back to the old pic. Also had a call drop in the middle of a conversation. Was no biggie was able to explain to the person on the other phone through text. But just a heads up. Also I’ve thought about deleting & reinstalling the app but don’t want to lose the phone number I have or contacts, that would just be more frustrating. Other than that good job! Seems to work just as I was hoping.
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10 months ago, David1834
Horrible Customer Service
I downloaded this app and paid for a year subscription to use as a business phone number. After one week, I was contacted by a customer who said they tried to call but kept receiving a busy signal. I sent a message to support and over 24 hours later received a message saying I violated their terms of service and my account was indefinitely suspended. The only thing this phone number was used for was legitimate business calls. I reviewed the terms of service, and nothing was listed that I violated. I sent them a message explaining this, but never received a response back. Do not use this app. They did not even notify me to let me know. The account was suspended or number was no longer active. It took me to contact them to find this out. There are many others that are much better.
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10 months ago, FluffyPorcupine
DO NOT USE if selling things
I have an out of state number for my cell that much of my network uses. I live in a different state and wanted a number that folks could call if they were interested in buying items I have for sale. Call does not ring through to my phone and will not even ring through the app with the app open. AVOID. This app cannot be trusted if others are trying to reach you. I found out through a local friend and business owner that buyers were calling the number listed and it was just busy. Who knows how many potential buyers had this same thing happen. I am BEYOND IRRITATED. This app had ONE JOB. It fails. Edit: developer response mentioned an "account problem" Nope. Paid in full by month via iOS app store. 4.99/month for a phone app that has one job and failed. DO NOT rely on this app for critical communications.
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4 years ago, phone stopped
Epic flop
Hushed was good. I spent probably 500 bucks a year on 7 different phone numbers. Every one of them failed. Quit working for 2.5 weeks. You submit ticket and you don’t get support. You get a chat bot canned answer. They do not have phone support. No email support. No support at all If their head wasn’t up their rear they would have started taking phone support while they went through an outage. But they could care less. It’s a really bummer. I cancelled 7 phone lines with them tonight after waiting 2.5 weeks with zero service and zero support. And on top of all that they kept charging me! Crazy. Epic flop. Well it’s been 1.5 months now and the numbers still don’t work. Call routing doesn’t work which is supposed to be their work around. I have had a call work a couple times but the quality is so bad you can’t use it. Emailed customer support like 15 times. They just don’t care.
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6 years ago, Queen of Everything 2018!!!
Best phone app yet!!!
I have been using hushed for a few years now I love it .... gets rid of telemarketers and annoying calls you just block that number and That’s it their gone! You also have the option to go back and unblock if you change your mind! Having a voicemail too makes it that much greater for missed calls I really enjoy not having to give my personal number to businesses but using hushed instead if I don’t want the calls I just close the app when I’m ready for those calls I open and they never get my identifying or personal info thank you to the hushed team !!!! 😍😍😍👍🏼
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5 years ago, MandiKay
They will delete your account even after paying for lifetime number. Out of the blue they have deleted my account with them stating I violated something in section 10 of the agreement. I have hardly used the number, had it as a back up so I didn’t have to give my personal phone number out. I keep asking why this happened and it’s the same copy and paste answer. This app should be removed from the App Store and Groupon offers as well. Rhianna (Hushed Support) Feb 11, 15:35 EST Hello, After further investigation, this account has been found to be in violation of the Hushed Terms of Service that was agreed to upon sign up of the service. We reserve the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable access to our services at any time without notice as per Section 10 of the policy linked above. The account mentioned has been suspended indefinitely to prevent further risks towards burdening our network, service, and its users. Transactions completed on this account are not subject to refunds at this time. If you feel that there has been a mistake made towards this decision, we ask that you provide further evidence demonstrating that there has not been a misuse of the service. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Thank you,
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6 years ago, hihihilaryyy
Love it but needs improvements
I love hushed best app ever if you need a second phone number without needing to buy another phone. But it would be nice if they could add FaceTime or video call so it’s easier for us to have a conference call with business associate abroad, and it would be nice if we could view videos sent to us too whenever someone sends a video it never opens so it would be nice to view videos too. It would be nice if we could still receive messages despite our credits finishing. I’ve had an issue where I didn’t top up on my credits and I didn’t receive any texts despite being told by many that they tried to contact me. These improvement would be highly appreciated.
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4 years ago, disappointed user 146579
Terrible app, privacy issues, locks your paying account out arbitrarily
I had to send a text to a group of contacts but since hushed doesn’t have a group text feature I was forced send the same message individually. They said it’s burdening their network and spam so they locked me out. I also suspect they read and record all your text messages and that’s how they categorized it as spam so don’t send any private info through their network. Also don’t pay for one year subscription because they will lock you out arbitrarily without even telling you why and they will not refund you. They will just attribute it to their terms and conditions which basically allows them to do anything they want. I tried this app and definitely will not recommend to anyone that wants privacy, consistency, and actually getting what you pay for.
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2 weeks ago, Satisfied User19
So far so good
Great value at $5 a month. Initially I used it when I started online dating, to keep my personal number private from all the scammers. When I stopped online dating, I kept it for ordering online, short-term business use, or for anyone/anything that I didn’t feel comfortable giving my primary number to. I’ve not had issues of not receiving texts or calls, and it’s been almost 2 years since I started using it. Just make sure you use a reliable payment method so you don’t lapse and have to get a new phone number from them.
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5 years ago, DriedSquid007
Support Is Severely Lacking
I have use this app now for just over one year. After reporting one support problem it took over a week to get the support issue elevated to get a relevant response. But in the middle of that another problem arose. Instead of answering that problem they merged the two support reports into one which was only the second problem and waited three days to give me a response to that one which was just another question indicating they did not read my support question. After one week I am trying to get them to separate that to support questions and give me an answer on each one. If you get this application just assume it’s going to take a week or two to get any relevant responses to your questions.
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6 years ago, Nj21692
Stellar Pricing, Amazing Service
I’ve downloaded probably every single phone app on the App Store, and Hushed blows them all away not only in terms of pricing, but service as well. I had a service issue resolved within less than 5 minutes submitted via the in-app ticket submission service. No need for a call, no waiting forever, just done. I submitted the request at 9:00 PM ET too. Really just awesome service and the app itself works perfectly too. The package for 3 unlimited phone lines is a superb value. Nothing comes close to it— believe me I looked everywhere else first and because of that know definitively that Hushed is the best.
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1 year ago, Foodscaping
Great tool
I’ve only had one issue and that’s replying to one of those funky business 5 digit code/numbers that my banks and AT&T use. I thought it might be a big, but I found it is an acknowledged limitation of apps in this category. And the message was a marketing thing I had some interest in and used hide my email and my hushed number to protect my anonymity. So shushed has been most helpful now that every website out there wants an email address and often a phone number before even getting to see their products!
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10 months ago, Jaxster2601
Very basic, multiple glitches…
Overall it’s a decent app, it does what it says it’s going to do. My issues with it is that it doesn’t have multi texting, so you can only text one person at a time, you can’t do group texts. Second issue that is that it’s glitchy with connecting to Bluetooth, if you have a headset and someone calls you, they can hear you but you can’t hear them. You basically have to hang up on them and call them back. My third issue is that it’s very difficult to cancel subscription, they make it impossible that you have to go into your Google or your iTunes account, they don’t allow you to cancel just directly from the app… That shouldn’t be a bother except it took me quite a while to hunt down how to cancel the subscription.
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10 months ago, katt33chill0ut
Recurring Scam
UPDATE: Yesterday August 20th, I created a new account to test out if you guys are for real or scammers. 1 minute after creating the account, my account was blocked because it couldn’t make calls. I sent in an email and they told me my account has being in violation and my account suspended indefinitely. It is confirmed, you guys are scammers ======================= Hushed has scammed me in a big and recurring manner. I made a purchase for 1 number, it couldn’t make calls nor receive sms so I thought the problem was the originator of the calls or sms because I blindly trusted hushed. I kept buying new numbers to try out, bought about 7 number in total which I didn’t get to use any of them, so I decided to reach out to the support only for them to tell me I breached their terms and conditions so my account has been revoked. If my account has been revoked, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why didn’t you block/deleted my account from your service? Why did you keep taking my money? I have regretted wasting so much time and money on them and when ever you try to reach out to them for explanation, they send you them same pre-written text. Goodbye
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2 years ago, NeonRanger
Solid Offering - Questionable Privacy
Hushed is definitely a contender for the best 2nd number or “Burner” application. The app itself has a nice UI/UX and is updated frequently. I’ve never used support but they seem quick to respond to other folks. The pricing is fair and cheaper than most. I haven’t seen them ever raise the rates. My only gripe and concern is the app’s privacy report. Not stellar. People use this app to maintain privacy, and it seems hypocritical that it keeps so many tabs on you to what I (assume) is to make additional revenue selling to advertisers. Lame business model if this is the case. TL;DR: 4/5. Would be perfect if privacy report was better.
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1 year ago, S.J.Daniels
Useless. 8 hours to log in and NO Numbers!
I signed up and prepaid because their software says they have New Hampshire numbers… they don’t! You won’t find out until you try to get one. Then you get another copy paste response that numbers constantly change so just keep trying. But, attempt a new signup and it says “Several numbers found for New Hampshire!” LIES! Again, after payment… no New Hampshire numbers. I have all the screen recordings to prove it. I felt I needed them because calling tech support… “call failed” call customer service about the charges… “call failed”. Multiple attempts and nothing. If I didn’t need a New Hampshire number I can get free service from several other sources, I don’t know why companies like this are allowed on this platform.
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3 months ago, Frankii66
Recently, an increasing number of people have been looking for ways to use a virtual number for WhatsApp. Since the messaging app is among the most popular ones in the world, boasting a global audience of over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is widely used for private communication and customer-brand interactions alike. Both use cases can reap significant benefits from using a virtual number instead of a real one. From the article, you’ll learn how a virtual number for WhatsApp works, what are its benefits, how to create one, and what platforms can help with that.
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2 years ago, tj.arizona
Can’t verify phone number
I ran into a problem when signing up for text notifications with Sam’s Club. When I respond to their text I get an error message saying I cannot text using an international phone number. I don’t know how Sam’s Club is considered an international phone number. I bought this service so that I could use it with companies instead of giving out my regular phone number. In addition to that the number I am using was previously used by Christine. She is very popular amongst headhunters and I get several calls and texts daily trying to recruit her services. In addition to that I can find no way to contact tech-support. The quality of the audio leaves a bit to be desired as well. Other than that, the service works as advertised.
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7 years ago, clshamp
This App WAS good until the last update.
I have using this app for over a year and it was pretty reliable for me until the last major update. After the update I lost a few contacts, couldn’t save new contacts, and in the text message the name of the contact does not show on the telephone number. This makes it hard to know who you are texting or responding too when you receive a message. I emailed support several time about this issue on to get generic responses stating “we are working on it” or the support ticket gets closed out as if it was completed. Smdh Until the update this app was solid but needed a few updates but it has gotten worse in my opinion. I am considering moving to another app but some many have my hushed number it will take a while to convert numbers.
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6 years ago, Leenell
More than an App - A Great Product!!!
I’ve had a Hushed number for over a year and love the features. It’s a great way to add a line to you mobile phone without a high monthly cost. The quality of the calls are SUPERB!!! I have never had a disconnected/dropped call or the sound of being under water that you sometimes get from other 2nd line providers. Text messages use the same technology that your service provider does so you can register your Hushed number as a verification number that needs round trip SMS (forgot the official name of it but banks use it). I’m so confident and pleased with Hushed that I purchased an additional line for business use. Both of my numbers are lifetime numbers which means as long as I use them once every 180 days I won’t lose them. Some of their vendors have discounts on lifetime numbers like Groupon. Hushed was one of my best purchases from the App Store. I highly recommend using HUSHED!
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6 years ago, Josh776
Big Sucker
The app itself isn’t bad but the people behind it are not honest. At least twice I bought a phone number through the credit I purchased then I receive notice that due to issues with the phone company my number would have been suppressed but I would receive a some sort of credit to repurchase another number. This happened at least twice and during the process I always got less than what I originally purchased. Furthermore, there is the annoyance I can no longer provide a phone number to anyone because it can be taken away anytime. I had an exchange of emails regarding the issue and I did not find the staff friendly, cooperative or customer service oriented in any regard. On the contrary they were very defensive. A fraud and totally unreliable. NOT RECOMMENDED. LOOK ELSEWHERE.
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5 years ago, Disc0 bliss
Disdain for paying customer
I had a problem renewing one of my lines because the payment method I had been using failed to work and I couldn’t fix it in time before the line expired. I restored the hushed line within an hour or two of expiration after I reestablished payment. I had paid for this line for years and so had a lot of minutes and texts banked on it. I made a request to customer service to restore my minutes, and explained what had happened. They agreed to reestablish my account but they didn’t restore all of my minutes/texts - essentially they restored 66%. When I tried to bring the discrepancy to their attention, they never acknowledged it. They simply obfuscated and ignored. I sent countless messages over WEEKS trying to reason with a company that was clearly not interested in reason or respect. It’s not the way to treat a paying customer of years. Just beware: if you ever have a problem, you will be belittled, ignored, and receive a lot of automated pre-scripted responses that do NOT resolve anything... I will not reward this type of shameful conduct with any more of my money. I regret supporting them from the start.
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6 years ago, jillyga
yes, I know writing a title in all caps is obnoxious but I think this needs to be seen. Quite simply, Hished offers a certain amount of minutes but they actually charge you by the call, not by the minute. So when I got somebody’s voicemail and hung up immediately – which was a 3 second call - I was charged a full minute. when I brought this to their attention I was told that this is how it’s done, which is not only poor customer service but completely untrue – I worked in TelCo for many years and I know that billing is done in 6 second increments. They attempted to rectify this by adding 75 minutes and specified that this was a one time thing. That’s not even close to good enough with regard to the number of additional minutes or the fact that their offering is deceptive.
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5 months ago, jushyeins
Scammers Scammers Scammer
Hush is a scam they run a scam ring and this app need to be investigated and shut down, they take your money and don’t refund you back, and they provide you with just 1 week service for a full month charged then you can’t receive text, can’t send text and calls when you complain they close your account without a refund, sometimes when you try to buy a number they charge you directly to your itune and they never assist a number to you without a refund they are a scam ring and they have been doing this for long, they need to be investigated and shut down out of business because they are thieves and scammers operating under a legitimate license. SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS BEWARE. FBI you need to look into them.
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