Hygrometer -Check the humidity

4.7 (5.3K)
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1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hygrometer -Check the humidity

4.66 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
4 years ago, ido jester
Not just Temp
I’m the type that always finds the temperature to be less of a factor to my general comfort than the humidity. This holds true for warm and cooler weather. This App provides me with a super quick, easy to see and understand barometer to my happiness. Use it all the time... especially when I feel it so beautiful outside.. to know the underlying reason! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Kar926
Hygrometer misleading
This app should be measuring dew point instead of humidity. Humidity at say, 90% would mean that its raining. It’s the water in the air. Raining doesnt have anything to do with mugginess, what people often mistake for feeling “humid”. Your hygrometer says “comfort” at the 50% mark. That would mean if it’s 50% raining outside, we are not comfortable? What is 50% rain? If it’s like today, 51degrees out (pretty chilly!), and it’s raining, it’s certainly not muggy. Yet your hygrometer says it’s “wet”. Waaay past comfortable. It makes no sense and it gives the impression that it is unbearably muggy, when in fact it’s only raining. If people want to know how muggy it is, they need to check the dew point, not the humidity. And this needs to be made known more and the meteorologists aren’t helping matters by constantly telling us about the “humidity”. “Estimating mugginess using relative humidity can be misleading since a high relative humidity doesn't necessarily mean high mugginess. For example, on a 40°F day if the dew point is 36°F the relative humidity would be 90%. This is a high RH (relative humidity) but it wouldn't feel muggy because the air temperature is cool.” Dew point (°F) Degree of Mugginess < 50 Not muggy 50-59 Slightly muggy 60-69 Moderately muggy 70-79 Very muggy 79+ Unbearably muggy - National Weather Service
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3 years ago, Brutusfly
Add a complication? Please!
A simple, inexpensive Apple Watch complication that shows the relative humidity would make this exactly what I’m looking for. I would happily pay several dollars as a one time price for this, or a very low subscription price. I’m unable to find it elsewhere. Other apps are loaded with redundant features at subscription prices ($8 a year) that far exceeded the value of the simple humidity info I want and Apple provides via Siri and in the weather app.
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8 years ago, Goon master flex
Simple to use
Very easy to use, click and in seconds the humidity is presented in easy to read numbers. Ads are small and don't intrude. No problems in the several months I've used the app. Would be nicer if reading was displayed on the icon, but for free you really can't ask for more. Use it every day.
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8 years ago, NY SWANK
Simple and excellent !!
I have injuries that flare up bad with humidity, I also hate muggy weather :) ... this app is a simple and super fast way to monitor humidity, ux is a nice big speedometer style , like a dashboard widget; internet fool proof. It's free and the ads are not intrusive. Thanks 2 the devs great job... I hate rain and humidity :) , high recommend on this go to app!!! 5 *****
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7 years ago, Completis
Great ap
Very simple way to keep an eye on relative humidity which most weather apps don't bother with. When delivering wood products to new construction sites there is often wet conditions in the interior of the home. I recommend this ap to clients to monitor the RH so they know when to open the windows and let the moisture leave the house faster and less expensively than dehumidifiers and AC units.
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9 months ago, jay2ham
Just humidity (& sells your data)
Humidity only tells part of the story as to how it feels outside. This is a poor indicator as to how it “feels” outside as you need more than just the humidity to know what it really feels like outside. Not to mention, for some reason this app also collects and sells your personal information. Run, run far away. There are so many other apps that don’t harvest & sell personal identifying information and give you so much more weather data in return.
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3 years ago, Creek watcher
Useful and simple
This app is simple, to the point and easy to read. All the qualities an app needs to be good. Tap the app and get the humidity within seconds. I compared the humidity on this app to those on some weather channels and it’s right on the money!
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2 years ago, dtaylz
Helpful for my health needs.
I have asthma and copd. Checking this app helps me in planning my day. I like it because it presents the info I want so I don’t have to search for similar data in other weather apps.
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3 years ago, RickJoliet
I really like this app I live near Chicago and we have a Lotta humid days in the summertime and I like check the humidity during the evening or at night because it goes up so high it was 94% last night this is a great app to have!
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2 months ago, Hot sticky Florida
Florida humidity
It’s good to have this device, especially living in Florida for when One wants to travel outside the be prepared for high humidity or low humidity. It’s good to have this to available.
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1 year ago, ARCBarnes
Great App
I don’t use it to its full capacity but appreciate getting to catalog my plants and updates with comments and photos are very easy to use. One point of feedback would be more diversity listings for genus subtypes. Overall very satisfied with the app.
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6 years ago, Mark Crim
Timely information
I live in the Dallas area. Before I go on my evening power walk, I checked this app to see what the humidity is in my neighborhood. I know where my comfort zone‘s are and this helps me determine that. I love it’s simplicity.
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3 days ago, skygod2000
Not correct
I saw this app had such great reviews so I downloaded it. Maybe it's just in my area, but it was off by 25% of the actual humidity. I'm wondering if all the people who love this app double check to make sure it's correct. I removed it off my phone as I found it completely useless for what I needed it for.
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7 years ago, Nowadaze
Humid? Check this app
Works great! Used my body for 75 years to determine moisture/air ratios... but this cool (heh) app lot more fun. Also don't hafta go home, to wall mounted weather station and read. (Love these connected times!) Good job coders! Well done!
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5 years ago, Tommy19904
Pretty darn accurate
I was skeptical about a hygrometer app, since I didn’t know if my iPhone had the capability. Well the first reading I took was 52%, so I checked it against my Kestral 3000 (portable hand-held weather instrument). Spot on!
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1 year ago, Florida*Joy
Very helpful
Simple! Humidity reading in an instant! I am a full time RV-er and need to keep a check on humidity in the states I am in for health reasons. This app is perfect! No frills! I recommend this app!
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5 years ago, wiliap
Don’t Rely on this App for Accuracy
Not an accurate measure of the humidity. I have had this installed for a long time and it is never accurate. I live across the street from a National Weather Service weather measuring station and this app is always way off from that station and every other hygrometer including the one in my house that matches with the station across he street.
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7 years ago, JackHelean
Only location tracking options are 'Always' and 'Never'
Too bad. I was stoked to use this but I don't need to know the humidity levels badly enough to let this app drain my battery. Nearly every other weather app has the 'only while using' option. Get with the program.
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12 months ago, aka4Joan
Not useful stats
I was looking for more relevant data and just assumed an app for humidity would include the relative humidity and the dew point as those are much more helpful stats re: what it feels like and how it effects people. This is just straight humidity, which doesn’t inform much without the other factors.
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4 years ago, Randybill
Gives the information as advertised. Wish the Watch interface worked worked better.
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1 year ago, El paso crone
This is the third app I’ve tried to find out what the humidity is in my town. It would be nice to have one that I could take with me. But when I walk outside and in less than five minutes, I’m so wet my clothes are dripping and my thermal pro is saying that is 24% humidity indoors and nearly 40% outdoor humidity and YOUR APP is telling me that it’s 16%! I don’t think so.!
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1 year ago, Travelur
Great app
Convenient and user friendly.. Is there away to remove ads ? Thank you
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1 year ago, Sudsman 73
Great app
Love being able to check the humidity, so fast and accurate too!
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3 years ago, Woody wood butcher
Guitar room
Using the app to check humidity in a small room with my guitars and mandolins to keep humidity at proper level. Works well
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4 years ago, Kelseyisafish
i started to doubt the accuracy of this app because the humidity it shows is often very close to the outside humidity, despite that i have both a dehumidifier and AC on in my room. I also keep a small temp/humidity indicator thing on my windowsill and it suggests differently. Great concept, but doesn’t seem to work as it should.
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4 years ago, Thivolet
Having fun
My wife and I giggle about our discussion of weather and it’s effect on us. Now we are watching the meter and discussing moisture conditions. It cracks us up
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6 years ago, Paptreek
Completely Inaccurate
This app kept telling me the humidity in my city was above 90%. I live in Northern California, and we haven’t seen much moisture in my city in quite a while. I bought a real humidity meter, and it shows 40% - 60%, depending on the time of day. This app is way off. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking to accurately measure the humidity in your area.
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7 years ago, jswirly
Not much more you could ask for
Simple fast easy to use. Well designed app for what it does.
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5 years ago, Dulok24
Accurate Reading
It provides fast and accurate reading.
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7 years ago, Ponlyvato
It's great!
Here in the desert of Arizona it's to know how little humidity we have. Also during the monsoon season it's nice to check out the humidity rise...
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8 years ago, Verosapphire
Simple and accurate
Had the app for years. Accurate and easy to use
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2 months ago, Lori Lupo
It used to work. It was updated. Surprise, they wanted money. I paid. I watched commercial after commercial no retro app comes up. The whatever it is (they cal it a meter image) stays frozen. It is totally worthless. Go online you’ll get the data faster and better that way.
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2 years ago, Real Conversation
Inaccurate readings
I am not certain of how this app got so many high ratings. I used it and it said my indoor humidity was 86%. My Ecobee smart thermostat system had the humidity at only 57%. My handheld hygrometer had it at 59%. I am not certain what factors the app uses to draw conclusions but that disparity is not acceptable.
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4 years ago, Dazzle248
This does exactly what I hoped it would. The reason for 4 stars is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to upgrade and get rid of the ads. Otherwise, it’s great!
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2 years ago, ❤️🐾😽
Pretty accurate
I feel that humidity is as important as the temperature as far as how comfortable it is outside. This app really helps me decide what to wear in the morning.
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5 years ago, 4831coupe
Was getting ready to paint my car and I had to wait till the Humidity went down
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6 years ago, 6597dr
Great App
This is a great app. Very easy to use. Shows humidity in just a few seconds. Highly recommend it
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6 years ago, Brianmacian
Not reliable
I compared the humidity for my current location with this app versus the Weather Channel and my local news/sports/weather station and it was off by 15%.
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3 years ago, Glockenwesson
So far the app. Is accurate. Will work well with house plants in the wintertime. Thanks
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2 years ago, Sequiter1
Completely wrong
I’ve had this app for a few days, and every day its humidity reading is off by at least 40%. It’s currently very cold outside and around 20-25% humidity. The app thinks it’s 80% humid. It’s been this wrong every day, and I do have it tracking my location too.
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8 years ago, Samurai guru
Good stuff. Usually gives results in a few seconds
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5 years ago, Musashi Miyamoto
Perfectly simple
Works, easy to read.
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7 years ago, artjac
Straight forward
Simple and accurate!
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4 years ago, chuck n eve
Fabulous app
I was suffering of itching especially at night we determined that our room temperature was high in humidity using this app
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7 years ago, Starfish Mom
Love it!
Have COPD so it's great for me to know the humidity. Easy to use. Love it!! Use it several times daily. Self-adjusts to wherever you are at any time.
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4 years ago, limbo49
Check humidity whenever
Works great to check local humidity.
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2 years ago, DC3032
Nice App, but wish it used Dew Point
Dew point is what determines comfort (ie how much moisture there is in the air regardless of temperature); where as relative humidity % can be misleading bc it’s a function of temperature.
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7 years ago, Santa Peter
Early warming system
I am so happy with this simple but inclusive program. I always know what to wear for the day.
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4 years ago, mfergie6
Not a Hygrometer!
This isn’t actually a hygrometer because it doesn’t ‘meter’ anything, it just gives you the humidity info based on your location. It’s also wildly inaccurate. I put in the closest location and it gave me a 57% reading when the actual humidity here is 33%!
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