IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions

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Insurance Auto Auctions
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User Reviews for IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions

4.05 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
1 year ago, rumbleing
App freezes
When I’m watching an auction, the app will freeze at the most crucial times. I never get to see the winning bid on the vehicles during a freeze. You never know when it’ll happen and for how long. I’ve missed several cars in a row while waiting on the one I really want to see. Fortunately I haven’t bid on anything, yet. But when the day comes to bid, I’m not sure what I’ll do if the app freezes at the wrong time. Even there website freezes on me during an auction. I’d take off work to bid on site, but it’s online only.
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10 months ago, adr0990
Got worse with update!
I’ve been using this app since 2018 and I never had issues with the website nor the app as other users have stated, guess I was lucky. The issue now is that it seems that they did some update or change or watever and now the search function on the website is a pain to use compared to before, the filters most of the times do not work and throw in cars from any year and model. In fact I believe that way of searching always existed in their website but they had another one called smart search or something were it was way more user friendly, but they took it down and the one left it’s really bad and most of the times messes up the filters and the searches. In regards to the app is worst, now it’s more website-like and in my case doesn’t save the cars I mark to “watch” in the website, instead it shows me around 500 cars from all over the United States and from all brands, marked as if I’m watching all of them. The strange thing is that I can see the correct ones in the website. I wish they bring the old website and app or incorporate the previous search engine!
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5 years ago, Samj614
Outdated and Inconvenient app
I buy cars from several auctions every week, & I can say this is absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used. IAA should take a look at Copart’s app & see how convenient and easy to use theirs is. On IAA’s app, if I want to search for a clean title car in a certain location, I can’t even do that; I have to select search by “loss type” or “original”, which really doesn’t filter all cars that would be clean titles; or I have to go back to the filter page and select a new filter. This is one of many fails that the app has. IAA needs to revamp their it & make it user friendly; the user should be able to quickly navigate for what they’re looking for & be able to easily select multiple filters at once with out having to go back. Also when live bid is going on, you can’t be on the list and select a car to view its info at the same time. That’s B.S. Really IAA should take a look at their competitor’s (Copart) app & learn from them or risk being bought out by them.
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3 years ago, Blrbrest
Auction from Phone APP problem
So when I open any car lot in the app and when I click join the auction it always asks me what LANE do I want to join, and the problem is that I have to cancel, scroll down find the run number and the LANE , and then scroll back up , join the action and select the lane.I think you either have to link join action to the lane where this particular car is running on or move the run number and lane up on the top of the menu, so I could see it right away and select the Lane I need, this way I don’t have to scroll down all the way to see what is the lane for this lot. PLEASE ADD ACTUAL MILAGE OPTION to the filters, so I would be able to see only actual miles cars... Also If you could change actual price brackets to similar like you have for miles, so I can pick whatever ACV I want, not the brackets that you have.
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12 months ago, mrs.abera
The app is great. The company is horrible.
The app is easy to navigate, fun to use when the live bidding is in progress and very precise in the way they describe the vehicles. The company however is messed up. They literally sneak add $500 in fees to every car you buy. Or more. It said that the price is what is listed and with aplicable fees. However it doesn’t state how much the fees are until you purchase the vehicle. Then you are stuck with a car that was $450 that now turn into a $1000 car. Which Is not what you intended to pay. That is not ok. They need to be transparent with all fees so we can make the best decision for ourselves and our financial situation. So I would give 5 stars for the app but I would give 1 star for the company. So I met myself in the middle with 3stars.
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12 months ago, russbobalu
IAA thoughts
I’ve been dealing with this company for 20+ years. It gets worse each and every year. The service gets worse and worse while their fees get higher and higher. Now they’ve just started charging buyers $20 for each vehicle to pay them with a check, cash or money order. That’s right, they charge you to pay for the vehicle if if you don’t pay electronically. Whoever sits around thinking of ways to make the company more money is one greedy person. Sadly, the only competitor to IAA is Copart and they aren’t much better. They never have enough help to load cars after buyer so expect to wait several hours to pick up your car and also expect to be treated rudely at the Kansas City branch. If you want added stress and aggravation in your life go ahead and deal with IAA 😂
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7 months ago, CJplaysCOD
Could be better
There’s flaws here and there that make the app seem a little outdated, I personally prefer to search on my computer however it is VERY convenient to be able to watch and bid on the go especially when I have a car I need to bid on while i’m at work! I enjoy the buying process and delivery options as well over Coparts as the prices and fees are a little cheaper here on IAA. Roll out a couple updates to fix the bugs and add an option to stay LOGGED IN! PLEASE!
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2 years ago, united143
Good tech to go
Needs little update specifically when taking pics should be more clear and run and drive vehicle should be mention as it is or it’s not after getting a vehicle it’s a surprise to find either one transmission or engine bad but if all the info updated correctly and pics of damage clearly can be seen will helpful
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2 years ago, Fedupp!!
Filters etc
I have to set my filters every time, can you provide a button to choose it as default settings or temporary. Also, the pictures are mostly horrible, with sun rays blurring the picture, or simply not covering much details, 360 view does not show better view, sometimes air bag is popped but shown as intact, etc etc and don’t want to forget to write that moving and building new office did not build a better attitude and tone of your staff working at office, please add some customer respect to it, honestly, staff does not have to provide a junk and salvaged service !
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6 years ago, DimovGroup
Lacking behind on technology
I buy around 30 cars per month from copart or IAAI. I can say that you guys are falling behind on technology and usability big time. Your app is outdated and has a lot of flaws. It’s a heavy app and not user-friendly. This is causing more people to go on Copart and user their excellent functioning app, hence you are losing business. You need to realize that the world is changing, and if you’re not big on technology you’re out! Smartphone app functionality is a must if you want to stay in the game! If you do not address this issue, you’ll lose business and will be forced to be bought by Copart. They are already getting more volume than you. C’mon guys!
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2 months ago, thewayiaaam
Awful customer
Awful customer support center. Nobody wants to take a look into my problem. Impossible to find a competent agent to help me. I bought a car and was supposed to pay them with a wire transfer but a banker messed up with my payment and didn’t include some specific information so my money got stuck. It’s been already one month since I got this problem but I haven’t got any help yet. We sent numerous messages to the support center and we got 3 responses with the same message: “your case has been closed” but the problem hasn’t been solved yet. They don’t care about their customers.
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5 years ago, Severniy voyevod
Just cant get it right...
For as long as i can remember, the app had problems, from freezing while loading, to not being able to see the cars on your watchlist that you lost pre-bid on, to having some kind of network error or crashing all the time. This latest update is no different. The search results will load about half way, then spring back to previous results, the app will freeze and crash. The developers need to get someone competent enough to figure it out, and get it working right, until then, this app is a waste of time. Youre best off using the safari site.
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1 month ago, Suaronedarwin
No words to describe how poorly written is this app
Which word can describe an app that cant count how many vehicles you have saved in your watch list? Wether is 2 or 67, it shows you have more than one 1+. Wow! Good luck searching for a specific car, as “MERCEDES, Mercedes Benz and Mercedes-Benz are 3 different brands, and then, models are created depending on the direction the wind blows that day. Pictures have only one standard, hide any damage not obviously visible so users cant notice. Everything just topped by a $79 internet bid fee and another $79 service fee per vehice. A $1,000 vehicle pays 53% in fees.
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7 months ago, coovidzz
Please fix you app so we can pay with out crashing , but it works fine through the web browser
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2 years ago, _alpha999_
I’ve been using this app for years. However there are so many bugs it’s ridiculous. I can’t log in through the app on my account. I’m just using safari to bid or to look for a vehicle. I update the app every time a new one comes out and still bad. I just tried to log in through the app and again “Unable to process the request” and it’s been like that for years. And I did change phones, deleted the app, downloaded it again. Same error, still unable to log in. Still garbage! I’m sorry.
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3 years ago, Kaa0001
Please fix this stupid issue!
When I place my bid and auction starts I can’t see my car in my list anymore! This drives me crazy, I have to check my email to find the lot number and search the car again! So the app doesn’t let you know that you have been outbid, no notifications at all. When you have 5-6 cars it takes a lot of time. Also it works really slow. Overall it’s a good app, but Copart’s app is much more convenient!
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1 week ago, Merlin Nongni
Good App overall
I don’t have nothing wrong to say about this app so far. Just used to Buy Now button to purchase a vehicle and it got delivered within 5 days looking better than the pictures uploaded. Really have nothing to complain about at this point.
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2 months ago, Aureliatony
Bidding on live, takes scrolling and biding button a second to confuse the phone and charge you for a car that you do not want to bid on. I lost 1700$ on a truck that wasn’t worth 800$ bucks on. And if you try and explain that to them they will act like they are you friends and be very understanding and simply wait until your in default of the car. That way they don’t take a loss in the car due to there app frailty. So they would rather comite fraud with your money instead.
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4 years ago, kens view
Rebuild this App
This isn’t a easy app to use. There should be a app where you bid in seconds Also change the game big by removing brokers. To allow bidding with a fee after sale has ended. No brokers allowed. I bid every week. And end up with two or three cars a month. Some times there’s a special car I’m interested in bidding on. But can’t. As a brokers in control. Also to change this new app where you can search for all states where no licenses are required. A great thing.
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5 years ago, randycaddy
Super slow and terrible
This app runs like it was designed years ago, I have an iPhone X with the latest update and the most recent version of IAAI app and other than this IAAI app it runs amazing. Every time I click on something it take 40 seconds to a minute to load. Sometimes it will even force close because it cannot load. EVERYTHING LAGS. For people spending thousands of dollars buying vehicles it sure doesn’t help them updating the app and making it user friendly.
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3 years ago, DeepDishDan
Trash filtering system
The filters do not filter anything out in this app. I try looking for wagons and it spits disgusting SUVs and CUVs and sedans at me. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND MY DREAM LONGBOI WHEN YOU’RE THROWING HYUNDAI SONATAS AT ME??? I also cannot chose several make vehicles in one search, it’s one or all. Please take note of Coparts filtering system and make it like that. They do miss wagons as well sometimes (alltracks specifically) but they do get the majority. You guys get them all but mix them in with every other body style and it’s ticking me off - don’t even use the app anymore😤
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3 years ago, Nexxus12
Sorting Vehicles by authorization
Ok guys. Copart does it and so should you. Why can’t I sort cars that apply to me such as public only or cars that my license allows me to bid on? On the auction list I must scroll down and check when salvage and scrap is over then come to find out only 10 cars out of 200 apply to me or that I’m applicable to bid on? Give us the option to SORT by who can bid. Thank you.
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5 years ago, libbby213
It’s it awful, but lots of room for improvement
My main gripe is that it is SLOW. Any time you click anything, you’re going to be waiting. It just makes the whole experience very clunky. I’ll stick to the regular browser website until they get the app more fine tuned. I would love to be able to use the app so hopefully they work on it!!
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6 years ago, Ruskiy gladiator
Something with upgrade
I agree with other writers on the upgrade.. something is for sure not right with this thing. I can't get it to log me in on my tablet ( might be my tablet tho) I have no problem logging in on any other devices. Also after the upgrade I can't see the price a vehicle is going for on my phone. Only on desk top computer I can see the price when I go to my watch list. Very annoying when you can't see the currant bid on the mobile app
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4 years ago, Super9109
IAAI CEO wake up !!! You’re costing us buyers $$$$
I’ve literally went to auctions inspected vehicles and when I try to bid online on auction day. It’s always some sort issue with the system and that’s not even that bad part. THEY DON’T EVEN STOP THE AUCTION until it’s half way and they realize the issue. A car I could have purchased for $3500 is sold for $2500 because your company doesn’t want to invest on its applications and bidding software. COPART IS AHEAD OF YOU GUYS BY a 100 miles. It’s shame to be stuck in the past. Wake up CEO of IAAI
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3 years ago, mohand ppl cars
Run and drive but actually just start
Imy worst experience with Iaa was buying a car from Detroit Michigan without checking out the car!! I followed the description saying it was run and drive and it’s a hybrid car so when I got the car it’s just starting and they didn’t notice anything abt that when I called them they just blow me up saying send an email to the manager who never ever respond for my email
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6 years ago, Nicktyshch
Search list Repeats Same cars
When searching in "Buy it Now" option, Search list Repeats It self multiple times.....Also when it loads More Cars the app is Stuck on Loading Screen........ TheApp is Great+++ Waiting for Update Thanks.
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4 years ago, Best flashlight application
It was good before this
Always slow connection warning. Sometimes cut you off in the mist when you’re bidding live. And keep buffing only back few seconds or minutes later by then the car you’re bidding on is sold. Even pre-bid for upcoming days auctions the app will just go off. Fix it. Love the multi screen live auction. Awesome.
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3 months ago, Trash405
I don’t know why I can’t buy a license.
I currently made my account and I didn't buy a license first I just wanted to see then I wanted to buy and when I wanted to update the license he didn't let me say that the server had failed it wasn't working, I think they should fix the server to update the license
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6 years ago, kyle.9
Enable Highlighting More Than ONE option.
It needs ONE THING the ability of choosing MORE THAN ONE choice, so if I’m looking for a clean title car have to choose only “original TX title” and there’s 49 other states to highlight too on my search but I CAN NOT, another example I am looking for a v8 and v6’s but due to this out dated version we have to choose only one type of engine, ENABLE HIGHLIGHTING MORE THAN ONE OPTION
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1 year ago, Lover and Fighter
Incredibly Buggy. Needs Improvement
The overall layout of the app looks great, and when it functions, I think it’s a good app. Having said that, I am continually met with “Unable To Process Your Request” on about 95% of the vehicles I click, and that’s not an exaggerated number. I want to like the app, but it definitely needs improvement.
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5 years ago, ahmadfattah
App problems
This app has a lot of problems your app is not compatible with iPhone X it is very slow on loading cars when you want to join eight auction it is very slow and it keeps axing you out this app is very outdated and needs to be fully redone copart has a much better app and they leave me no choice but to purchase from them because of the technology friendly easy access applications they have online apps
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3 years ago, GB Nickname
App Functionality
The previous version was more user friendly than the current update. I would have never approve such releases to the wide public. It shows the type of IT service you guys are getting, because this app should be in “UAT” User Acceptance Testing. I know you guys can revert to the previous version because is totally unacceptable for any IT/Business. I really hope someone reads this and do the needed... thanks
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12 months ago, jeffsauto
App always freezes on live auction when my watches vehicles come up for sale. App seems like some days it’s very slow and glitchy. I don’t mind the platform, just hope they eventually get all the bugs worked out.
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1 year ago, Abu rathath
Not user friendly unfortunately
It should by default direct you to the lane you have the car displayed at. Besides that if you are in a lane for bidding, even if you go to a different still hear the background sounds from the previous lane.
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3 years ago, Aliw00d
This is the worst app I have ever used I don’t how this company even gets a 3.9. Whoever is rating this is a complete donkey. The amount of money this company makes you would think they would spend on good app system and hire a prestine website company. The app and website are horrible in every way and need to be completely re done. I am a customer for a long time that spends a lot of money so please take this serious. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Francisc j
They do fraud
They do fraud. I buy a vehicle for $12,000 I fly to pick it up. They told me I can’t not drive from there property I had to get a tow truck. I pay it after I noticed the vehicle was inoperable it was damage from all the frame, the chasis. It was run and drive but I was inoperable. They didn’t put pictures of the damages. They only put a few pictures and there was no damages. I fell this was unfair to me. Because I fly and made a lot expensives I sped a lot money.
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2 months ago, tayolet
Worst auction app in the whole wide world
I have never seen any auction app as worst as this. I usually do my pre-bid on browser but I tried using it few days ago and I entered a different amount for a pre-bid and it recorded another figure with a higher max bid which I never did. I suggest IAAI needs to totally redesign this app. Left to me this app doesn’t even deserve any star, I just gave this star for passion sake.
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1 week ago, Price disclosure
Auto Info
Overall the app is good for what we need it to do, but like to see what vehicles sold for once the auction ended, that would be very helpful for buyers.
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3 years ago, i give up on iaa
I quit buying
There are so many things wrong with your entire platform! I can’t even find words strong enough to describe my hatred for IaaI! I just got on here for the first time in over 2 years and it looks like you went further backwards than I thought possible! Maybe Russia could help design a usable website and app!! I wish I could take stars away from your rating because you deserve 0
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4 years ago, bank guy 313
Auction is a scam
I had bought a car from them through the app before i bid on car the details on app says the car i wanted to buy had an intact air bags but after i bid and won the car at the time of pick up i realized that the airbags were deployed false information provided to scam and when i tried to talk to the front desk the would not help me fix the problem don't buy from iaa bunch of scammers.
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2 years ago, Honalulu forever
Block my account
They block my account for a mistake happened die to internet connection
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5 years ago, abmartinez102
Not that simple to navigate
The vehicle searcher is much easier to navigate on coparts app. Every time you click on a filter with iaai it applies it immediately instead of allowing you to click several filters and THEN hitting apply filters. It’s way too time consuming waiting for the page to load since every time you click a filter it automatically applies it
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5 years ago, Trono503
It’s not the best app out here to buy cars and bid but, has caught my eye for a few years now and needless to say I think the app is great, it functions right, and that’s why I’m giving it 4 stars, maybe an update gets that other star. Thanks though.
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3 years ago, carsjuanjose
Good app
Runs good for me maybe just the video of the cars running takes a while but other than that it does what it’s supposed to
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2 years ago, AARONZZZZZZZ
Do I care?
Like the app, but why do you feel the need to show me hundreds upon hundreds of cars that have already been sold in a previous auction? It’s hard to even find one to bid on, let alone browse. I don’t care about what other people bought, and I don’t want to see it.
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2 years ago, tandhy
The filters are not working properly
Before the new version came, the older version was working pretty well in terms of the filtering the result. With the new version, even though i selected available to public, run and drive, clear title, the results seem to ignore these filters
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3 years ago, tezzzongoo
Iaai is falling apart
The app needs a lot of work I lost a bid and they put the suv on me anyway and wanted me to pay for it I told them no and that I lost that bid And a few weeks they stuck me with a fee of 1000 bucks and now I can’t bid or buy from them anymore until I pay the 1000, they will never get 1000 from me. I’m with Copart now and they are the best all way round I love the app and all they have to offer
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6 years ago, User18374040
It does the job.
If u need to bid and purchase, this is good enough. There is room for improvement at retrieving records and cars that have been sold appear as auction in progress. Also, sorting out purchase history... it has bugs. With this size data base it might be too much to ask... so hang tight.
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12 months ago, Frequent offer up user
They need to sort out their app
App has been working fine for as long as I’ve had it. But recently they’ve had a message saying watched vehicles are sorted on 2 pages. But this only works half the time. I’m sure they’re losing sales and I can’t see any of my vehicles that are coming up. Hopefully they sort it soon
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