IamResponding (IaR)

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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for IamResponding (IaR)

4.07 out of 5
193 Ratings
2 years ago, Mayfire91
A true app for whackers
Very functional app. Helpful in terms of information, area, response etc. There does seem to be some problems with location of addresses as it automatically maps an address and half the time it is incorrect. Would like the option to manually enter the address if it doesn’t show the true location on the map and would also like the ability to enter manually the intersections of multiple streets as well as place pins on a map so other individuals responding know the exact location with real time updates as well as being able to track other users locations actively on shift. I would also like it to incorporate voice messages or direct communication to other users by instant message, video, or voice communications. Perhaps an ability to take pictures of the area so other responders know the location and/or dangers of the area. Just some logistical thoughts.
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5 years ago, fire64guy
Great App.
This is a great and works as it should the only problem I have is, there is no option to alert in silent of vibrate mode. I just recently switched from a galaxy note to the iPhone and I had that option under the google version but there is none for the apple version. I keep my phone on silent at night so having that option would be great. Hints the reason for the 4 star. If that option becomes available I will change my rating. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, FireFite19
Active911 Gives IaR a Run Because of Little Things
At least two things comes to mind that Active911 is doing better, and depending on the technology individuals use, it will determine if your agency wants IaR. First is Apple Watch use. I’ve seen time and time again requests for Apple Watch use, but yet IaR seems to ignore it. Second is the ability to program certain things on the end-user level, such as the user choices to where a person is responding (has to be done via the web, not the app) or individual information (once again - web, not app). These are simple things Active does that for some reason IaR can’t or won’t, and until these things are fixed, I’ll continue with a poor rating. I make the decision on systems at my agency, and I’ve given IaR a lot of years to make simple solutions. September is the deadline and we will then see from there. I hope someone pays attention, but I’m not holding my breath.
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3 years ago, Clayton W. Gregory
Great App’
Great app overall, as an Administrator of it, it works perfect for us, unless someone is not working on our 911 Centers in, which we can make a quick call and get that fixed real quick. One thing I want to see improved is the Apple Watch Uses. Possibly making it where you can press where you are responding to from the watch!
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3 years ago, Fancy Internet phone havers
Depending on where you live and cell signal you can’t use the app
If the signal is spotty and you can only send text messages without pictures then this app may not work for you. I had 4 bars of LTE on AT&T/T-Mobile towers and I got an error when I opened it up saying, "We could not get connection to the server. please verify your network connection." Hopefully the backup sms messaging tied to the app in my case works. We’ll see tomorrow during the weekly test. If I have to rely on app based messaging and alerts through the app alone to be notified though this won’t work for me and I’ll be back to carrying a pager until I can figure something else out.
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6 years ago, acarrick32
Love the app
This app is great! My PCF station in California uses this app all the time and it works great! It’s perfect for newer guys so they know if there is an operator available to drive or if they should just respond straight to the incident. One thing I was wondering if you guys would be able to add to the app would be a way to click on a previous incident and be able to pull up who responded to it? Thanks, Keep it up!
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2 years ago, Bbmflaw
What if
Can you open the option for the type of calls received to the user and not just admin. I would like the option to choose EMS or Fire depending on my availability to respond to these calls. It would also be beneficial to hear the radio traffic for the calls as well. Our Dept. switched to this app from another and those options were available on that app.
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5 years ago, sreu743
Great App but a few things!
If custom or purchased ringtones were able to be used with call/message notifications that would be awesome! Also..with ios12 shortcuts the capability to have the app open automatically when a call notification comes in along with a gps app opening to the call location.
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5 years ago, Loserkidloser
Great app
As I said, the app is great and very handy as my pager doesn’t work in areas such as my work place, I can still stay up to date. One feature I would like to see is the option to have an audible alarm even with the phone (I have an iPhone) is in silent/vibrate mode. Also an Apple Watch app would be handy for responding on the go.
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4 years ago, newsphotog85
Missing Critical Account Features
It still amazes me you can update setting in your account from the app. This is the number one headache for members in our department. No one remembers how to log into the web site after the set up the app. A majority of our members have never used the web site. As a result our IAR admins are forced to do minor account update like changing phone numbers because IAR refuses to include this in the app.
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4 years ago, Oldkemist
This app is just begging for CarPlay integration. If I am in the car when a call comes in, being able to respond safely thru CarPlay would certainly make sense.
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3 years ago, Sillium6
No no no.
Great idea! Terrible execution. Endless updates make the app unusable, an endless maze of new content. It does everything but the cooking, and in turn does nothing well. I got an idea. Make a version that just tells us who is responding. And make another version called “”I’m responding and I want to know every possible bit of information about everything while the issue resolves itself. “” You are rapidly alienating your customer base and hopefully a competitor will emerge that can do alerting for cheaper.
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3 years ago, Spoon689
Great App!
I have used this app for 2 years now in 2 different departments and it’s been a great tool in the toolbox for info and knowing who’s going each station without tying up the radio. Just a quick question? Any thoughts on an CarPlay App? Would be nice to have a map and details on the dash. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Jeffycc
Great... but what about enhancements and updates
I’ve been a user for a couple of years now. I’ve seen small updates and enhancements but nothing recently. Maybe in the past year. It would be nice to see a forum and/or blog regarding where the company is going. The product is very stale right now. I think some cool features that would benefit a lot of users: *Incident images. *integration with Facebook / Twitter /social media sites. I.e. an incident is posted on those sites for the public to view. *virtual pager *Live scanner audio I also want to point out they do have poor communications when updates are released. Let’s hope IAR responds to this and maybe take some of my suggestions. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Live webcams
Love it, but wish there was more tones
I would enjoy new notification tones. I tried recording my custom tone multiple times but when i record it and set it, next time it tones out a call, it's silent and my custom tone doesn't work. (IOS iPhone 6s)
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5 years ago, DrHVACR
Great app
Well worth the subscription cost. We have had issues receiving dispatches for 30+ years. I am finally able to ensure my Fire Fighters receive dispatches. Mapping features are great as well.
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10 months ago, Madcodger
Recent updates are horrible
This app has never been great (way too much unnecessary and useless stuff crammed into it, and bad mapping), but the recent updates took it from serviceable to almost useless. I can’t even update my availability now, which is important for a volunteer. Seriously hope our county considers switching to something else.
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4 years ago, 914firefighter
Love it!
My fire department uses this and is an outstanding resource to have. Would sure be a lot different without it! Highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Andy2600
Like it.
I have been using the app for years. Works good and I am happy with the service. Customer service is good also.
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3 years ago, Kane Walters
Need help or advice
Is there a way to make it silent because it went off when I was at school and at work and it’s pretty embarrassing when it happens, if anyone has an answer that would be greatly appreciated.
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6 years ago, Stubbie08
A Must Need for Call/Vol
For when I'm out of town and can't hear dispatch tone our department out, wondering who's going to what station, this app is a savior 5/5
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5 months ago, Ads in Apps Stink
iPad app refuses to run on Mac because they prevent it
The iPad app should run on the mac, instead iamresponding says "this is a jailbroken device" and refuses to run on my Mac laptop. Mac laptops have no problem at all running many iPad apps - i use them all of the time. Iamresponding's business decision to intentionally prevent this is extremely disappointing.
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5 years ago, jehgdjeoelt
Apple Watch
Love the app been using it for a few years for a volunteer fire company... but does it work on a Apple Watch?? Not really sure!
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3 years ago, Colin2602
Last update
Since the last update it is no longer clearing the I am Responding list. Members responding will be on the list for 2 days at a time. Hope this gets fixed!
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9 months ago, jasonpg
Fix it already
The new app isn’t great. The lost functionality of scheduling others (which was supposedly fixed in the latest release) still isn’t working.
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3 years ago, a1manRiot
I like it but
Would like to see support for Apple Watch.
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10 months ago, Rex2978
Not loving the update
The new font is difficult to read. I would prefer the app give you options for fonts, background color, and font size.
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4 years ago, tson967
Apple Watch
Need to make compatible with Apple Watch , other than that great working app
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10 months ago, HwPII
Not user friendly
After using app for 3 months. It’s not very user friendly. To many pages to jump between when you’re responding ( aka driving) 👎👎👎
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1 year ago, danikajasmine
I am a first responder and there are too many steps to put your responding status at 3 times the price of active 911. Why is the price so expensive? Our company is unhappy with it because of the difficulties responding to an incident on a fast paced environment.
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6 months ago, Ryan722223
Terrible user interface
Confusing interface. Way too complicated. The app needs a total overhaul, you could accomplish the same thing this app does with a much much simpler interface.
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4 years ago, fireman1674
Apple Watch
Wish is would have an app for apple watches
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3 years ago, 64479544
Could use a upgrade
Good app... would be nice if it worked on apple carplay
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3 years ago, Tbaker782
Apple Watch
Can you work on a Apple Watch app?? Please!
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2 years ago, chris1769
Add the scanner app integration for iPhone! Also come up with some new tones!!!
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7 years ago, 19072025394918396629
Overall excellent, but two suggestions/requests
In general I am very happy with this app, it's a great resource for volunteer EMS. I just have two suggestions/requests to make it better. The first is adding the Squad 51 tones from "Emergency!" Not a big deal, but would be a cool and nice touch for those of us who love the show. My more serious request is to have an off-duty button. I've tried do not disturb and everything else, but always get pages even when I'm away from my area (sometimes in the middle of the night, which is unfortunate to say the least). Along with that feature, if you could add the option of vibrations along with tones, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks, and hope my suggestions are useful.
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3 years ago, FF Irizarry
Don’t purchase
Thank God our department got rid of this app!!!! And no I am not a troll I am a fire fighter for eight years now. You want a good app that actually works go to E-Dispatcher
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3 years ago, fireboss867
Will not open
App will not open on iOS, keeps closing. Please fix or provide advice.
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8 years ago, Lesinmorrisnj
My Squad is a Volunteer BLS organization located in North Jersey, we are dispatched by our own Police. We've been using this app for over 3 years now. We are rarely at our building since we are a rural squad, so we respond from our homes. We rely on the IAR app all the time. One of its features is the ability to locate the call on a map. It works over 50% of the time, but in all honestly we have occasional problems. Now most of our members know our town well enough as to not require it as a guide. Also, in all fairness part of the problem is our dispatch and how it is configured or not configured on the PD's CAD system. The same (-) issue is related to each dispatcher, as to how much or HOW LITTLE information about the call is entered. Another excellent feature is it's ability to show us who is responding, either to the ambulance or to the scene. The support for this app is phenomenal. I'm not BS'ing you. I rarely give a review on any of the apps I use on my iPhone but, anyone who's read this far should have an idea of how well it works. I also should add that we use another program called "e- dispatch", this program allows us to hear what was sent out over our pagers, by playing it back on our phones. Member over 40 years on squad, 20 in ALS also.
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10 years ago, Matt0991
Great app
This is a great app, the auto refresh update was nice. It would be great for volunteer depts if you could set your ETA when you put yourself in route. If I'm at home when we get paged out it takes me 5 min to get there but if I'm somewhere else it could be more or less time. Would just be nice to be able to set your ETA so when other members look they have a good idea of how far out everyone is instead of having to set a default time
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10 years ago, Nhvfd2701
This app helps
We began using this app when it first became available. It has been a great bonus to our department. We now know who is responding and have a good idea on when our firefighters will be arriving at the station. The mapping part helps officers on the apparatus to find their destination easier and is very efficient. Our county is thinking of stopping funding for this service but our department will continue funding so that our people have the information and knowledge to make correct judgment and respond correctly. We highly recommend this app for all our firefighter brothers and sisters.
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9 years ago, LuAnnE612
IOS 8 Issue Still Not Addressed?
Several updates have come out without addressing a major concern for all of us IOS 8 users. The app does not give notifications as it did in prior IOS platforms. This is a major concern for those of us relying on this system when we are on duty. It's great you're dealing with other enhancements, such as maps, but shouldn't you have a team working on this notification issue that you have been aware of through NUMEROUS prior reviews (which are not currently on this update's review screen ... but be patient, I'm sure they are lining up behind me!) This app, when it works properly, is a phenomenal tool. But because it no longer works as it should I can't rate it more than a 2. Please fix this issue!!
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10 years ago, Firestorm800
Asst chief
Awesome! One app does it all! We used to also use active 911 and Cadpage but those are now useless and unnecessary. The mapping right out of the box from IamResponding works so much better and the navigation to the scene is amazing. Plus you guys are the creators of the response feature (patent holders too I think) and offer so much more than any other system. We cannot wait to see what comes next! We just love the one app does it all feature! Drop the other apps and get the real thing. Nice job guys. A few quirks I'm sure you will work out soon so I won't complain at all
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8 years ago, Ffd820
Works well for a volunteer dept
I love this app. We have been using it for almost threes years now. I like how our fire fighters can respond on it to let you know how many guys are on the way. We are an all volunteer dept with 20 guys. We have a TV set up in the bay so when you get to the station you can look at it to see how many you will have show up. Also like the ability to mark all your hydrants and what size main they are on. All around good app for fire service
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9 years ago, Winterman2000
iOS 8 update needed
iOS 8 update needed and to clarify others issues in regards to incident notifications, you need to make sure you have the right carrier settings through the website. It will help you with getting notifications of incidents. The mapping issues have to do with the dispatch center putting in the correct townships/cities in the CAD screen. It has nothing to do with iamrespondings end of things.
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8 years ago, Joshj738483
Respond and Close Feature
All of the updates for IAR have been excellent with the exception of the most recent. The new "Respond and Close" feature that allows users to respond without even opening the App has become a major problem in our department. Members inadvertently hit the button in the middle of the night and signaling to our dispatch center that we have a complete crew. We have to call our dispatch center have them retone because the person hit it on accident and it ultimately delays our response time which is totally against IAR's business model which is to improve response times.
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10 years ago, B.Dishler
It's great once you get the call! You know who's going where and can get accountability set up before you even get on scene and you know who is coming, how many, who is driving, and the location right away!! But the only thing I wished they did is if the could update the alert tones and add a few things on there. But definitely worth it!!!
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10 years ago, KGTKyleG
Everything we were hoping for!!
Have yet to find a single feature we don't like! Love the ability to switch between agencies and the ability to select and call in without switching to your phone! Excited to see how the mapping system works as well. Excellent job, IaR!!
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8 years ago, SundayDriver
A helpful addition to my pager
Most of the time this app is great. I love the one-button response on my way to the station. Now that my county has computer-aided dispatch, the alert and mapping features are great. For some reason though, the pop-up alerts have been very spotty lately. I'll get one alert to come up for every 4-5 calls that come in. I don't know if it is a compatibility issue with 9.0 IOS? If the alerts were more reliable, this would be a 4-5 star app.
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9 years ago, Steverey8
Very little functionality
There are only a few things I want from this App, and only one thing works okay. Being able to see who is responding is the best part in my opinion, hence the purpose of the app. But some things just need to be fixed. The notification settings are set correctly, but yet, no notifications, for any call! The mapping software isn't that great either. Looked up an incident today, luckily, I wasn't relying solely on this app, as it pulled up the wrong location. I truly hope this app gets better. At least fix the notifications!
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