IBM MaaS360

1.8 (415)
174.6 MB
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Current version
Fiberlink Communications Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for IBM MaaS360

1.82 out of 5
415 Ratings
5 years ago, Abe Rad
Slow to load and keyboard support and other features are missing
There are two very annoying bugs/omissions in this release. First is that it can take up to a minute to load the app at times. I can’t find a pattern and I am not sure this isn’t something to do with some backend server or not so this might not be the apps fault. Second issue is much less forgivable. The arrow keys are non-functional. This seems like a weird issue and very annoying. Third is the omission of any split screen support. By now, this feature is standard for any maintained iPad app. Please add this. The rest of the annoyances are limitations chosen by my organization... i.e. no copy and pasting of URL’s etc outside of the app. The internal browser is a far cry from safari and the file preview is fairly limited too but they get the job done... The app gives IT security teams a lot of control and this can yield a very locked-down security focused solution to accessing email but at a very high cost to productivity. Hopefully your IT teams spend a little time with a proper risk assessment and you may have a better experience.
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3 years ago, shelllllleeeeeyyyyy
Don’t love it
I have this app installed for work, but I actually never used the app. I was able to get my email account added to the native apple email app and it worked great. Until I got a new phone. Now it shows the account, it knows it exists, but the actual email never gets pushed through. So, I have to sign into this app in order to get which is a HUGE pain. I have to sign in with my corporate password, and a alphanumeric PIN for Maas itself (or Face ID) and then I can get to the email. But only momentarily because if you read one and go back to the inbox, you have to sign in all over again. And it will randomly say authentication success, only to moments say authentication failure. All I want is my email pushed to the apple app. But it won’t work and no one knows how to help me. Edited to add getting any kind of support for this app is IMPOSSIBLE because they make you jump through so many hoops in order to even hope to talk to someone 🙄 Create an account with a corporate email (which I have extremely limited access to given the problem I’m having) to even open up a ticket? Why is all that necessary??
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6 years ago, drewster1900
Fails to come close to duplicating native app functionality
To start, I assume most users are required to use the MaaS suite of apps because of their work in a corporate environment that requires its use. Okay, I get it and the desire for an added level of security - no quarrels with that idea, and even that it might lead to some limitations. But the problem here is that even the basic functionality of the apps fall well short of Apple's native apps (let alone third party versions). Email is clunky, with autocorrect that makes no sense and fails to learn, messy handling of attachments (when forwarding or adding to an email). The calendar has no time zone support and bungles appointments sent from another time zone. Contacts currently won't export to the native contacts apps, even when corporate policy allows, meaning incoming calls won't show the caller and outgoing calls have to be initiated from within the app.
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6 years ago, Kjb0409
Hinders productivity and repeatedly forces you to re-sign in
There are more negatives than I can list for this app, but let me hit the highlights: repeatedly asks you to sign in, even if you have TouchID set up. I’ve had it ask me 7 times in 10 minutes to enter my password (though I entered it right and got the Success! message every time) does not run in the background like a traditional email app, meaning if you close the app, it won’t send your email if it’s still in the outbox (nor will it give you a warning) you can’t set up push notifications, so you have to open the app to find out if you have new emails any files you save to your internal documents are not accessible by other apps, meaning you can only view documents and not edit them or upload to OneDrive, etc. (even your enterprise account!) events only show in the calendar in the app, they don’t show in your Apple calendar. So you have to flip back and forth if you want to truly see if you’re available and have no work *or* personal commitments. Overall, it absolutely does nothing to help productivity and actually hinders it when an email you thought went out didn’t actually send until two hours later when you next opened the app.
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7 years ago, Firedogg00
Notifications buggy and HMI needs work
If I’m in the app, I can see the email in my inbox seconds before the notification occurs. This is just plain silly, please fix and actually system test it on real hard hardware (not just phone sim!) Also it’s very easy to prematurely hit “send” on an email while trying to add or edit recipients... maybe add a send confirmation option? Finally, can’t add a room listed in Exchange to a calendar invite... that’s just basic and should be included.
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2 years ago, allmaroon
Having to use this app is one of the worst parts of my job. The aggressive sandboxing is annoying from a workflow standpoint (can’t copy any text/links from emails, forced to use their awful browser, etc) but I can at least understand that from a security standpoint. What I can’t forgive is the number of times each day the app decides to just go completely catatonic for no apparent reason. I will often get notifications of new emails (though even that will often break), only to find my inbox and outbox are suddenly refusing to update once I open the app, even after forcing a refresh. Then it will magically fix itself a bit later, only to get stuck again. It’s absolutely infuriating and a huge waste of time.
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5 years ago, NASA dude
Unusable crash-O-rama
Required for secure email by my work. There are times that it works fine for days though it is klunky. Then it will lock up and you are screwed. You can kill the app dozens of times and you will get a blue screen or a frozen screen. Sometimes it will come back to reality, usually not. You can powerdown or hard reset your phone, but it rarely helps. After a crash you have to re-enter your passcode. You have to complete the passcode entry in less than 2 seconds or it will lock up again. At least once per week I have to spend an hour or more trying to get it to start working again, usually to no avail. Usually it will just start working again 2 to 5 hours later. Absolutely maddening.
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7 years ago, Edc-2011
Almost perfect - one minor bug remains
I love MaaS360. It’s my go-to app are all kinds of work related communications, and provides a far superior level of security to the product was before. However, there is one minor bug which I would love if they could fix! When you select a large number of emails to delete or move, say if you select 25 emails, after the operation completes, the system shows you an email message 25 down from the top, instead of showing the next email message on the list. Looks like a minor bug guys, can you fix it? Thanks!
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6 years ago, erased94
Please fix this app to actually notify me of new email, all I get now is, maybe a red indicator with the amount of messages that are new stapled to the corner of the app icon. The MaaS360 app is not that reliable or accurate. Sometimes, I don't even know I have email unless I actually log into the app, seems pointless. I should get a notification when my phone is locked/unlocked, a chime, something. I have all the chimes, notifications enabled and yet the app doesn't reflect these changes either through visual notifications or audibly. I've had this app for 11 months surprised this hasn't been addressed, I can't be the only one. I've uninstalled, reinstalled etc.
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6 years ago, nycvictor
Good corporate container
I don’t think MaaS360 deserves the negative comments it’s getting. It’s not meant to be a typically email app and it is not designed as such. It’s a secure mobile device management (MDM) solution. Any issues you have are likely your organization’s choice to turn certain features off. Don’t blame the product because of your company’s policy. My company allows most of the functionality and the app seems to work well.
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5 years ago, Research girl 64
No privacy
I left my employer. The Mass 360 was installed on my personal phone to push emails from my work email address into my phone. 2 days after I left my employer, I noticed that I had lost control of my phone. My employer had taken control of my settings. They were able to remove all evidence of my work exchange acct and the Maas 360 app icon. I had no access to the email anyway so I have no idea what the purpose would be. What bothers me is that my privacy was breached. My previous employer had no right to take control of my personal phone. I tried calling IBM and was given the run around. Think twice about installing this.
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6 years ago, Praying For Updates
Clumsy and outdated. No facial recognition option for latest phones. Calendar view makes you tap or scroll each day looking for details. This make looking for an open time cumbersome and time consuming. There are lots of good calendar views out there that have mini Month views. Badge notifications are the only incoming email alert, I need a tone. Reminders and calendar have tone... The app doesn’t allow Siri to access contact information to place voice command texts, emails or calls. I’m sure it is very secure and allows employee to wipe the phones content but it is very limiting for the end user. iPhone X user.
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5 years ago, haakebecks
Overall works great but...
Past recent releases have an odd bug with the cursor and keyboard not working immediately. You will go to respond to a message or type a new one, click in the body of the message and everything is blank. You are forced to then click again in the body of the message and start over again. Happens every time and across multiple users and devices. Get this fixed and I go 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Redbeard RVT
Worst email app EVER!
For an app designed for use for businesses it amazes me of how unproductive this app makes me! It continues to tell me I have an email through a pop-up but when I check inside the app for the email it sometimes can take hours for that email actually shows because the app will not refresh. Secondly I continue to miss meetings set up because the calendar never updates for days. It is ridiculous that we have to even use this app! if I could I would give it no stars.
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6 years ago, tms610
Irritating Notifications
The use this app for work. I work remotely a lot and rely on this app to notify me over emails. Notifications are not very reliable. Sometime I get notifications, sometimes I don’t. More times than not I have to login to check my emails. Would be nice if notifications worked more consistently.
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1 year ago, ericacm
Functional, needs polish
My top three wants: 1. If you delete a message go to the NEXT message, not the previous one. I know you can switch the direction temporarily but that’s annoying and it’s not persistent. 2. Dark mode (follow the iOS dark mode, ie. automatically switch when evening comes). I hate reading mail at night with MAAS. It’s so bright it wakes up my wife. 3. Undo a la Gmail
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7 years ago, RaiderSmiley
Works great for me
Ever since I set this up on my iPhone 7+ about 3 months ago, I have received emails faster on my phone Than they appear on my work PC! I do not have any complaints about this app and it feels as it is working just as it should.
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5 years ago, frhhyrfbjj
Constantly Crashes
Since the latest iOS update, I find that while typing an email and when using the letter I, the app locks up then shuts down. Typically I have to sign back in when this happens. I’ve also noticed that the app notifications are laughable. Most of the time I never receive any notifications when I receive email. I’ve also read some of the reviews and noticed the developer never responds.
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6 years ago, Shane Brion
FaceID no longer works on iPhoneX. This makes using the app almost impossible because it requires your PIN every time you check your mail. I travel for work and need easy access to my work email. It’s not easy anymore. The worst part is that the FaceID gives you a check mark to confirm your identify then says it’s a failed attempt. Can you fix this? It’s only since the update. I’m rating 1 star star for now pending a fix.
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5 years ago, Josh_M5683
This app is so terrible
I’d give it less than 1 star if I could. Company forces all email and stuff through here for phones, so they can delete it when you leave which I get........but this app is the worst. It never works right and when I change my password at work every 90 days this app then won’t let me put in my new password and I have to delete it and reinstall it and then call IT help desk.....I hate this thing
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2 years ago, DJItsOver
Calendar Widget
The app does what it’s intended to do. I do have some suggestions. It does not accept passwords from IOS keychain efficiently. Can someone look into why? Also my team would appreciate if there was a calendar widget displaying calendar item times and subject line.
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4 years ago, szglyu
Need to support iOS 14
I updated to iOS 14 beta few months ago and I found MaaS360 and IBM App Store can’t be installed automatically after enrolled. Now iOS 14 is released, please update MaaS360 and support iOS 14 as my device at Devies@IBM still shows it running iOS 13 and updated on 6/22...
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7 years ago, Mtsandeeo
Updated today and it is not working.
My organization uses this and the sounds in notifications does not work.
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5 years ago, McMara
One of the worst application ever made
This is one of the worst application ever made in the history of smartphones. It does not even open consistently and hangs all the time for many seconds. Also, from time to time stops syncing with no error messages, so you have no idea if your work realm is up to date. In such case a complete removal and reinstallation is necessary. It does not show notifications.
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5 years ago, CE Houser2
The people responsible for this should be banned for life.
How did they think it would be okay to release an e-mail app that doesn’t notify you when you receive an e-mail? It will ping you for any/everything else. Not good when you’re on-call and you have to check your phone every 15 minutes... all night long. I would give this a negative rating if I could.
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6 years ago, DocTyrrell
Crashes CONSTANTLY. If you have two email accounts through work, as I do (one individual account and one joint account specific for my position), you can only access one with the app. I can not check the other one with the app, and therefore have to log on to an actual computer to check the joint email account. It’s incredibly frustrating.
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4 years ago, landsurfer22
Never loads, never works
Slow to load and crashes easily. Updates come once a month at best and the updates do not address common user issues. If your employer requires you to use this ap for work email then you are out of luck and you will struggle to stay on top of your inbox, and communicate with your colleagues.
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4 years ago, Mac_User_01
Poorly designed, limited functionality
This app is poorly designed and lacks very basic functionality (eg, automatic mail forwarding, attachment saving) that is found in nearly every other email app. The net result of these missing features as well as a plethora of overly-burdensome restrictions is that the MaaS360 app actively disincentivizes me from checking company email. I recommend avoiding this app at all costs.
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4 years ago, Help Needed notification ios
Notification missing
I can’t figure out how I can enable notification of my work emails when phone is locked. I have followed all support recommendations with no luck. Please let me know how I can be notified in phone background or in banner instead of icon.
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5 years ago, Rstocum
Not sure how to contact company about bug that need fixed
The voice dictating feature doesn’t work in email anymore. When you press the microphone icon on your iPhone device the app stops and makes you log back in. Can you fix this please?
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6 years ago, frecklepickle
Intermittent Notifications
The notifications feature works for a few weeks then just stops all together even when no setting have been changed. Made sure all the setting within the phone and app are set properly - still nothing. I even deleted the app & reinstalled it - still doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Pope Elvis
Deleted after major bug found
Clunky and hard to use app that my IT Dept said I had to use to get work mail on my phone. I discovered that every single backup I had made of my iPhone was corrupt and unusable, thanks to this app. The only way to get a working backup was to delete Maas360 from my phone. So I deleted it and will never use it again.
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6 years ago, huddydrvr
Horrible ap I’m stuck with
My employer, a US Govt agency, requires this app to access official email from my iOS devices. It’s terrible! Frequently freezes, has long delays on opening, and crashes. Badge Indicates new mail when there isn’t any. I could go on, but you get the picture. It’s definitely in the top 5 (bottom 5?) most irritating apps ever devised.
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3 years ago, Adrienne Francine
Notifications Stop Working
I have list the ability to receive email notifications on my phone from the app. It has worked for years then stopped this week.
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5 years ago, IzzyB852
Notification Refresh
The app is OK for what it is. My main issue is the lack of auto refresh on the app. If I have an email notification and I respond to it on Outlook, the app will still show the notification, instead of auto removing it the way most apps are these days.
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4 years ago, Danimal20478906
Rarely works properly
This app is terrible. It is hit or miss if I am able to login. Sometimes it takes several attempts with the correct password to get it to login. Sometimes it just won’t let me in. Company I work for decided to use it. If you have a choice find something that actually works.
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6 years ago, Angry w app
App awful
This app is one of the worst out there. The badges constantly show unread mail when there isn’t any. The badges are always wrong and it never seems to update unless I open the app. I wouldn’t use this app but it’s the only way I can get my work emails from my phone. It’s sad no one cares to ever fix the bugs associated with it.
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7 years ago, RHMT
Notifications don’t work!
One of the main benefits of exchange email is immediate notification of incoming messages. This app shows a badge alert, but will not play a sound or show the email preview on the lock screen. What’s the use then if I have to unlock my phone and look for the red number icon to see if I have an email???? PLEASE FIX NOTIFICATIONS
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7 years ago, baldovij
Lots of bugs
I always have a “1” notification for my inbox even though I have read all emails, calendar events, etc. It drives me batty that I can’t get it to go away unless I turn off notifications. I wish that it made a sound for incoming emails. The calendar noises work but not email. For the calendar, I don’t like that when you open a future event then close it, it takes you back to today and then you have to scroll through back to the later date you were looking at. I also wish the calendar had a year view option.
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7 years ago, calendar bugs
Calendar bugs
When you attempt to delete more than one appointment within the calendar the app crashes. Not to mention it doesn’t actually recognize the decline appointment.
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5 years ago, ScorpioFaisal
Hangs on second view
App slow to load the first time it takes 3-5 seconds to load. On moving the focus from the app either by going to home screen or any other app, upon returning to the app the app only shows a white screen and appears to hang. I have to kill the app and reopen it for it to work.
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7 years ago, Osiifkso
What happened with latest version!?
Lost email, calendar, and all settings. All I get now is a blank message screen. Screen says optimizing mail will only take a few minutes and will only happen once. Refuses to open to email...Used it daily without problem before this...
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5 years ago, NASA Steve
Worst iOS App I’ve ever experienced
Slow, buggy, and frequently unresponsive. More often than not, I get the “blue screen of death” at which point no amount of force quits or phone rebooting will help. This invariably happens when I need to call in to a meeting, all the information of which is locked in to this horrible app.
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7 years ago, Wangdang doodle
Unstable and not convenient
Every time there is an IOS update, the notifications are hit or miss. You always have to go in the app to ensure you do not miss important messages. It would be nice to rely on the app notifications. Also it would be nice to sync calendar in Mass360 with your phone Calendar
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7 years ago, naish p
Good but could be better
It works great but can you update for iPhone X? It’s so tiny and hard to navigate with the current version.
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5 years ago, kent1244
Fix the notification issues already
I don’t even know where to begin but this is one of the biggest complaint from me and all my users. Notification banner doesn’t work. You don’t know how many new emails you have till you open the app.
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5 years ago, Slade703
Works well despite its nonsensical name
I’ve been using this app for about a year and I like it. But, why can’t they think of a better name for the app? MaaS360? What?
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6 years ago, Aughrimfurey
Notifications are now gone with the latest update
The latest update (early Nov) created a bug where I no longer receive notifications. I have tried changing my notifications setting, toggling them on and off, and nothing. Please fix ASAP!
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7 years ago, Piequals3.1415
App no longer works
I have a 5c and now find that the app no longer opens. It tries, suggests it's optimizing mail, and then closes. I realize I have an older phone, but all other apps work fine even if I'm stuck using a previous version. I hope this gets fixed.
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7 years ago, MucusGuy
A hot mess
Buggy as can be Our medical center insisted we change over. We no long have email assess at all, the browser crashes several times a day and is unable to connect to sites essential for work. Security is compromised. Avoid if at all possible
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