iCareFone:Phone Transfer&Clean

3.9 (625)
87.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for iCareFone:Phone Transfer&Clean

3.88 out of 5
625 Ratings
6 years ago, kaellin
So far so good
I got this to stop adds in my (game) when the game loads no stupid pop up apps 10/10 so far hopefully this will work and not (sorry you time trial has ran out please upgrade to pro version) if I see that 1 star😡
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6 years ago, Cavs1983
I give this app only 2 stars because it disconnects when the phone is at rest. I downloaded this app to give me great service but they have to fix the disconnection problem then I will rate it higher. This app needs to stay on 24/7 when you first activate it. If you delete it then it goes off. But I cannot have an app that is a VPN and an ad Blocker turning off when I need it to do its job on a permanent basis. If this problem is not fixed then I will have to delete it and find another better app for my needs. That is why this app currently has only a 2.9 rating out of a 5.00 from other users.
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2 years ago, AlexPouch
Working great so far!
Been using this for a couple hours transferring files (videos) from pc to iPhone (directly to the camera roll) and it’s working flawlessly! I highly recommend! Use this with iCareFone on the pc and buy a license key to unlock the softwares full potential like I did and it’s the best iPhone Management software on the planet! 5 STARS I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! A++++++++
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1 year ago, Created Nickname #2
Unable to transfer photos
One star: Not able to transfer from pc to iOS; the app menu does not give an option to import from pc to iOS - not even after subscription. Deleting this app. UPDATED: OK; two stars now. So the app, as you get it from the store, does not indicate that you also need to also install a copy on your pc - that's where you will manage the transfers; however, you still need to have a copy on your iOS phone. To install on your pc: you won't find this app in the MS Store; search online to find the download. The developer could have made installation and use much easier. You won't be allowed full use of the app, even though you bought it, until the 'trial use' period is past. Registration (and all the goodies) requires a registration number which is not sent immediately.
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7 months ago, $jdd
Really Useful
I use my PC to send large videos to my phone and vise versa and it works really well and sends the videos in perfect quality! Really recommend using it if you need to transfer high quality videos this is the app to do it!
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2 months ago, Hooked on PhotoRoom
Fails to import any video
I just purchased a lifetime license. I have the app on my PC and my iPhone however, anytime I attempt to import a video from my PC to my iPhone. It continues to fail each time. I know my connection is good because I can import photos from my PC to my iPhone without issue, this needs to be fixed within the next 48 hours or I’m submitting a refund request
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6 years ago, ZAYN ALA
This company is based out of China and has a sketchy past. Don’t believe me. See other people’s reviews online. While the app does work. It comes at a price, your info is filtered through their dns servers that you don’t even know about. You will eventually see other people trying to access your Apple account. Make sure you turn on your two step verification. Still don’t believe me. GOOGLE tenorshare Co., Ltd.
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12 months ago, عبداللهہ القميل قداً :$
Photo app
Since it transfer all my photo with exactly the same date for each photo, I give it 5stars! 😍👍🏼
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2 years ago, 褶玟ㄣ敦墩
This Tool actually is Not That Bad.
I use this tool to manage my data a lot. The ui, the function, I think these two is way more better than iTunes.
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2 years ago, Cayla Luo
Great app!
iCareFone is the best tool to manage my files. I can transfer, organize, backup and restore files on all versions of the platform!
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2 years ago, Joyoxo
Photo Transfer
I use it to transfer my photos to computer quickly. Simple but effective.
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2 months ago, yasenia*cescoti^1987
The ability to quickly compress large videos is useful.
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2 months ago, Marvele Horowitz12kasm
My storage space thanks you!
No wast time to find and deleting similar photos and videos.
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4 years ago, Heirs20!?
I have to pay for what I had in the beginning
I had this app since I bought my second phone. Then there was still a pro. But with this app I didn’t have to pay for the basic in app ad blocking and the safari ad blocking. Now that it updated when I click “ad blocking” it takes me to the pro app that I have to pay for, but didn’t have to before
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2 months ago, opalee^kumar 2009
I like it!
Data transfer between my devices smoothly.
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2 months ago, Thaddius Tavinorjugegbfr
The ability to manage my photos and videos has transformed how I organize my phone.
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4 years ago, _WolfSpirit
Avoid like the plague
This app was great at first. It had great Adblock features. Then out of nowhere it changes to some photo app? That’s sketchy to say the least. Also you can’t just completely change the entire purpose of the app like that. That’s low down garbage. Luckily I found a better app so deleting this piece of garbage. Junk apps like this is why I don’t like to update apps.
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4 years ago, NACGZ?
Used to like it
I had this app because of the Adblock, now that feature was removed and the whole app changed just to have that photos feature I never used or cared about, guess I’ll just delete it
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2 months ago, Kaushal Sharmadxzokssa
It saves my time!
I appreciate how seamless the data transfer is between my devices.
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5 years ago, FFBond
IPad limitations
It seems I am unable to upgrade your software for the app on my iPad or my iPhone I’m just wondering if this is something you will change in the future, I do enjoy the app
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7 years ago, Jadey08jaderz
Seriously working great
So far it's been working freaking amazing. Hopefully it'll continue to work great.
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2 months ago, jarexy@philippe^1990
I can easily clear out redundant photos and videos.
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2 years ago, Linkysoft
Manage my photos
I use it to manage my photos and it is very useful I must say.
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1 month ago, Akeeva Tuttle100bmtn
Truly impressed!
Truly impressed! A must-have for me to organize photos!
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2 months ago, Zyndall Fothergillbtphfjfv
No more privacy concerns.
I can remove GPS locations from my photos.
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6 years ago, king7mony
‏❤️🌹😍 wonderful ‏gorgeous ‏fabulous ‏superb ‏👍🏻 splendid ‏marvelous ‏terrific ‏magnificent ‏rattling ‏heavenly ‏glorious ‏fine ‏exquisite ‏entrancing ‏brave ‏smashing ‏smash ‏brag ‏tremendous ‏admirable ‏super ‏noteworthy ‏outstanding ‏marvellous ‏precious ‏remarkable ‏prestigious ‏ripening ‏ripping ‏spanking ‏sparkling ‏stunning ‏stupendous ‏topping ‏swell ‏ducky ‏bonny ‏conspicuous ‏wonder ‏wondrous ‏uncommon ‏singular ‏signal ‏miraculous ‏sensational ‏extraordinary ‏exceptional ‏emphatic ‏irresistible ‏dazzling ‏recherche ‏elegant ‏lovely. ‏palmy ‏picturesque ‏showy ‏sightly ‏effective ‏grand ‏mighty ‏portentous ‏solid ‏some ‏felicitous .
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2 months ago, BitBe7nderuciq
The privacy space good.
I feel more secure knowing my data is protected.
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2 months ago, Chrisna Eamerdkwdrpcc
The large video compression is useful for maintaining my device's performance.
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4 weeks ago, keiva_richel_1985
Useful! Fast photo transfer between pc and phone.
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4 weeks ago, Kathee Hearseyspckgswt
Privacy space is also enhanced!
Privacy space is also enhanced! Add a protective layer to photos.
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1 month ago, tysheem~trudgeon*2008ukzs
Simple to use
Simple to use, yet powerful in cleaning photos.
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4 years ago, Mossyhairundys
Works as intended
Since I’m only using it for the photo feature, I’m pretty happy with it
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3 weeks ago, ギャリソンC12hfym
Easy to use.
Easy to use. Streamlined process, crystal clear results.
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5 years ago, Motowngirl2
VPN Blocks Apple Mail App
Effective recent iOS updates, Apple’s mail app doesn’t work when this app’s VPN is turned on. Mail does not send or download. I liked your app, but it’s VPN feature is useless now. Please update your app!
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2 months ago, in_kOakwa_ykcf
Deleting GPS locations from photos is good for protecting my privacy online.
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2 months ago, moshe-sindell 1980
Truly impressed!
The cleaning feature works wonders!
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2 months ago, Funeri_fafic95
very good.
I can't recommend this app enough!
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2 months ago, Xavius Brookinghydsgver
It's lifesaver!
Intelligent recognition of similar images is incredibly handy.
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6 years ago, ThisVNPSucks😭😭
1 Star
I got this app because I didn’t want ads because I play basketball stars. So I’m playing the game and my game is all delayed. And next thing you know after to games an ad poops up and I check to see if my VNP is still on and it was so I deleted the app and now I’m making this.😔😔
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2 months ago, Dae Hunter
Can’t access photos on iPad, unable to delete library because of it
Spent the price of the app on PC and it’ll successfully transfer photos but not delete them, which is half of the struggle. Need help.
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4 weeks ago, stefany^rahlof@1982
Less AD.
Less AD. Top choice for cleaning photos.
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6 years ago, Gavitro21
Security and Reliability
This App is very good and I’m impressed with the services it provides. I’d recommend this app to anyone.
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7 years ago, HairyßallSak
Such amazing app but I can't watch Crunchyroll without ads popping up
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2 years ago, Peter sens
This app is very helpful. It’s one of the best file managers I’ve seen.
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5 years ago, LuluZiggy
This app really is amazing I’m just a regular teen who wants no adds in there game sand it actually works !!!!! 👍
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4 years ago, wontletn
I used to love it until they changed it, but now...
They changed it to require my giving them access to my photos, when all I ever used it for was the ad blocker - which worked pretty well.
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6 years ago, ExplosiveNut
This is apps developer has a sketchy past because stealing people’s data and selling it to others by using the app, while it is turned on they have access to your devices data, so I recommend not downloading this
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2 years ago, Georgia826
Easy to manage my photos and videos ☺️☺️☺️
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1 month ago, ocopeSupo-gsyg
Satisfied~Great for cleaning up my photo library.
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2 months ago, tykisha-kenchington~1997
I love this app for its privacy features!
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