iFax App Send Fax from iPhone

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User Reviews for iFax App Send Fax from iPhone

4.47 out of 5
25.2K Ratings
4 years ago, AlexG, IV
Inconsistent fax history between computer/phone app
I am unable to view an accurate fax history in terms of saved, sent, received, delivered faxes on the phone app. On the computer, the app is up to date but, on my phone, the last 4-6 faxes that I sent are nonexistent. Only certain faxes from months ago are visible on my iPhone iFax app but are visible on my laptop computer app. I tried signing out of the app and signing back into it on my phone but it did not help. I do not understand why the app doesn’t sync across devices. Lastly, the phone app claims that my iFax account is linked across 4 devices but does not list those devices. And, one more thing, it is rather difficult to download a received fax. I have to text it to myself and then move the PDF out of my iMessages to my desktop. There appears to be no mechanism for simply downloading the pdf to one’s computer.
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11 months ago, Trina_Trine
I downloaded this app with the understanding that I would have a 7-day free trial and could cancel at any time, as advertised. Within the first day, when trying to send an important fax to a physician regarding test results of my elderly father’s significant illness, the “free trial” did not allow for more than one fax a month, and that one fax would not allow more than 30 pages. I had five documents totaling 19 pages, so I combined the pdf files into one pdf document of 19 pages. However, there continued to be some problem with the fax not going through, or asking me to enter a credit card number even though I opted for the 7-day free trial through Apple Subscriptions. So, I canceled the subscription THE SAME DAY, within 20 minutes of downloading; and used a good old fashioned fax. However, although Apple Subscriptions acknowledged I cancelled the subscription, today I was charged for the month. I canceled within the 7-day trial (actually I cancelled within minutes of downloading), and I was still charged; AND never even was able to fax with the free trial. This app is very misleading and very unethical; but that’s the way these scam apps work, I guess. I won’t make that same mistake again. I am giving you an authentic review and warning: keep searching for a different app; and, one that will actually honor its advertisement of a free 7-day trial with the ability to actually cancel at any time (even during that 7-day trial).
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5 years ago, BandB4evr
Do not recommend you click in to this application
The trial period was full of “technical problems” from the beginning. Assigning wrong fax number and a fax that was supposed to be sent to me went somewhere else. This is a huge privacy concern to me. Unfortunately they have charged my card 2 times even though I have canceled an erroneous click during the trial period. During this trial period, I sent many communications to the customer support person, explaining this several times during the entire process. They ignored the parts of my communication about this. They then only focused on the technical aspect without addressing the subscription issues. They finally assigned a different number through the technical team, but never was the over $100 charge removed. I have now requested they have the sales person provide all my communications to the manager, and am waiting for the response. They now say I have to go to Apple. This seems to be getting worse. I will wait for response and update this depending what happens. I have given them every chance to make this right. The sales person actually said they only get paid a commission for what they do. Basically that would mean to me they ignored my requests because they did not want to lose commission. I believe this is not a good message for the company to send to customers.
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3 months ago, Seeking entry
Customer service is stellar
I got this app because I had some items I needed to fax and wasn’t at home, where I could easily fax using my printer. It said it came with a 7 day trial but once I downloaded it and created my account, it was only a 3 day trial. I faxed the items with no problem and then cancelled my account because I don’t need it. I just needed something for a one time emergency. 3 days after cancelling, my card was charged. I contacted support, requesting a refund, which consisted of sending an email and within minutes, received a response from Bruce, in support. He explained that I would need to contact Apple for the refund and included a link, with instructions. I followed his instructions and got my refund. The app worked for what I needed but the support I received was excellent! Customer service has become almost non- existent in this world today but not with this company. Theirs is fantastic! Shout out to Bruce! You’re awesome!
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6 years ago, Nanner123
Okay I have used this app several time to send faxes to a court house. They went through perfectly, were fast and easy to send. The DOWNFALL is the price! The first time I used it, it asked if I wanted to sign up for a subscription which I chose not to as I won’t be using it enough to pay for that. I bought credits to send the faxes so imagine my SURPRISE when the next month I saw a subscription charge to my Apple account. I was quite shocked as I had clicked NO to sign up. Thankfully Apple helped me out with that fraudulent charge. I really think they charge to much to send faxes. Especially, when to send a two page fax it cost 12 credits to send. Way to much! I wish they would lower their prices maybe more people would use this app to send faxes rather than going to a office store but it is usually only a dollar to send a fax from there.
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7 years ago, Bibliomancer
Expensive, but inoffensive
So, I picked this one because I needed to send a fax and didn’t want to end up hooked on a subscription, so I sought out a decently reviewed app that let me just buy credits and call it a day. That was this, and to that end, it did exactly what I wanted. However...I ended up spending a bit more than I expected. It is inobvious exactly what “1 credit” pays for (quick answer: rather less than one page), so I underbought. Then, in the app, the $2.99 option (which is present here on the store, and is what I would recommend if you’re in my position) is not available, so I ended up spending $9.99 to send a fax. I don’t feel great about that, but I’m not super irked either. I have enough extra credits to send another fax or two in a pinch, and I’ll probably use them someday. I’m ultimately ok with it because actually *using* the app was great. Clean, intuitive interface, worked quickly and without hassle. If this was 1996 and I actually needed a fax machine, I’d probably even be willing to pay for their subscription.
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4 years ago, RiggoGali
Best Fax App I’ve Ever Seen!!!
So I needed to fax some paperwork for my EDD due to circumstances and never in my life has there been an easier app to use ! Saved me trips from going to an office store or finding someone that can help me ! Everything is pretty much self explanatory ! I recommend anyone get this app, I faxed my paperwork and they got to me right away! I have this app a 5 star but if I could I would give them a 10 because they’re just amazing ! I e seen a lot of people complaining about getting over charged but I haven’t had any billing problems so far , it’s been such a great experience and I appreciate what you guys are doing with this app and how far you guys have taken it !!! Once again thank you for making life so much easier !
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2 years ago, Sheena Diane
Amazing, fast and easy
After going all over town to try and fax some important time sensitive documents and finding everywhere charged $1 per page. I had to fax 28 pages to one and another 15 pages to another so I was not about to drop that much money on faxing. So thankfully I found iFax! Another reason I adore my iPhone. This app saved the day. I did find it was a little more expensive then some of the others apps but because I only needed it for the day I signed up for the free trial. Definitely worth it if you need to fax something quickly from your phone. Made it so easy and I highly recommend this app. I tried another one and my fax never sent so this one is hands down the best!!!
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4 years ago, rosandyreel
Can’t Even Fax After Paying - Took My Money
I previously had an option to pay a certain amount for a certain amount of fax credits. I paid $9.99 for far more credits than I needed to send a 6-page fax. This went fine. The fax was sent. Fast-forward to today, and I need to send a two-page fax. My credits are gone. And the app forces me to buy a subscription for $24/month to send the two-page fax. I try to send the fax, but the app says my email hasn’t been verified. How is that possible when I sent a fax without a problem and using the same email not two months ago? So essentially they take my money and I can’t even do what I paid (now twice) to do? This is the worst ever. And I’m so tired of this Millennial/Gen Z- era nonsense of emailing “support,” having your request going into some vortex, and never hearing back from anybody. Can we go back to the days when people answered a phone and to getting real customer service?
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2 years ago, Keenearthangel
Keeps trying to charge for fee
I cancelled my account on Feb 3, 2022 and the ifax people are still trying to charge me for services. I have followed the directions to cancel the account yet the continously try to charge me the monthly fee. Fortunately the card they are using had to be replaced. I would be very cautious of this company if I were you. I have tried emailing them and no response and yet they continue to try to charge my account. Every month I get an email saying my ifax account is suspended due to non payment. Fine I don't want the service but why keep trying to charge since the account is cancelled and why doesnt ifax answer my emails asking them to stop trying to charge me. Just poor customer service. I only used them one time in the 7 day period. Then cancelled them on 3feb2022....yet they keep trying to charge me for monthly service fee not trust worthy at all
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4 years ago, SlimVixen
Horrible Customer Service
The trial week worked perfectly. Then, after my subscriptions were charged for both a fax number and the unlimited fax service, my assigned fax number updated to a suspended status. I contacted customer service several times, received completely basic responses from them to relog the app and check my subscription status. Of course, I'd done both before contacting them. That was the last response I received, even after asking them more than once if there was anything they could do on their end to resolve the issue. So now I'm out the very hefty annual fee for a personal fax number and the monthly fee for a subscription I have no way of being able to use. I know there's a lot going on in our world right now. I do understand that. But a simple response stating "We'll look into it" is better than silence. Please refund my subscription fees. I've already deleted the app.
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7 years ago, Hzotskgz
Image sent too poor to read
I recently got iFax because I had to send a form to my doctor and another one to my sons to be filled out and returned to school. I filled out both phones on my phone using Adobe and then save them to send to doctors office . The first fax was a little challenging to send because the fax number you are sending to is not entered on the screen with the rest of the cover page information. But that’s easy enough to learn so I guess it wasn’t too hard, but it went downhill from there. Both doctors offices complained that the was fax cover page was too faint to read. Likewise neither office could read information entered on the health forms themselves. I ended up driving to one office to deliver the formwhere I was able to see what they received and that it was also very grainy making even words like Name and Address too challenging to read. Overall I would call iFax a dud.
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2 years ago, review enter a nickname
I would give zero stars if I could. I have found no other way to be able to get ahold of these people. You need to have a subscription to email them for support which is crazy. I had very time sensitive documents to fax so I signed up for the free 7day. The app wasn’t working for me at all. I tried everything I could , even go through different WiFi but the fax never went through. I canceled the same day but I was still charged the full amount. I went through my bank to get my money back but the app lied and said that I was benefiting from the app and not eligible for a refund which is not true at all. I have now gotten emails saying to update my payment for my recurring subscription which again I cancelled on day 1. I just want my subscription cancelled and my money back for an app that never worked for me!
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4 years ago, 银笺染处淡云生
Double charged after cancellation
Tried their service back in Jun 27, 2020, on my laptop (a MacBook), but within hours decided to cancel because of some technical issues (I keep getting login errors for some reason). So I wrote to their customer service asking for a cancellation. Someone named Jovi replied to me and sent me a link that didn't work on my computer (the URL contains 'windows' in it, so I suspect it only works for Windows users, but I don't have a Windows computer so couldn't try). I asked again, and Jovi thought I'm using the iOS app and told me to ask Apple instead. After that, any email requests of mine went directly into a blackhole and no one ever replied to me. Finally I was able to manually overcome a bunch of technical difficulties to finish the cancellation process (their Cancel button was grayed out so you couldn't directly click on it). I had to do that, because otherwise they will charge me annually. And then, when I looked at my credit card bill, I got DOUBLE CHARGED, one for $99, and another one for $199. I had to dispute the transactions with my credit card company to get it back. Search online and you’ll see that it’s not just me who get charged after asking for cancellation. They do this all the time. Be very cautious!
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5 years ago, melissa Toast
The customer service is abysmal.
After canceling my subscription through the App, I was unsure if it had processed as I got no verification. I contacted support multiple times requesting confirmation that my subscription had been cancelled and received the same response each time: an email telling me how to cancel my subscription. Each time, I selected the link provided at the bottom of the email “Yes, Please Cancel” And responded that I had already gone through the process through the app and simply wanted receipt of cancellation to insure my account would not be charged. After never receiving confirmation, I gave up and removed my payment information from my Apple ID. I have now received several emails from iFax in the past few days saying my services have been suspended for non payment and to update my payment details to resume service. Unbelievable.
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5 years ago, Sagittari17
Faxing perfection
I was trying to find a cheap and inexpensive way of send my personal information to my case worker. I asked my self “what if I was able to scan a filled out piece of paper with my information on it will it be able to send in fax paper form”. I was hesitant, I called my local staples and asked for their price per page; they told me $1.49 plus I had 10 pages so you do the math!!!! Then I called my local library they told me the same darn thing. So, I hesitantly search on my Apple Store and typed “Snap to fax” and this application appeared.... Thank you So Much!!!!!!! -Download you should try it, you won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, agohasalittlepeter
Used to be great. Not anymore
Like everything else this is now an app that hides charges, updates weekly always with half tested new features. Then even if you’ve been using it for years and you have credits tricks you into a free trial. Typical of all the greedy developers that have capitalized on embedded advertising and in app purchases. On top of that it never syncs with Dropbox. I’m looking at the file I need to attach in Dropbox on my phone. This app can’t find it. It used to work great every time. Since they went to the in app purchases stuff it’s never been the same. A constant annoyance every time I fax. Since it’s so rare I was putting up with it but today was the last straw. I’m deleting it on my iPad and iPhone and praying I can cancel whatever popped up when I launched to start my demo subscription.
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4 years ago, Faxing Person
Confirmation pages!
The best part of this app are the accurate delivery status updates and fax confirmation pages. I used this to send faxes to a party I do not trust at all. It was helpful to have confirmation pages in case the other party claimed not to get the fax! Rest assured if you need it sent that it will be. Only thing I would change is to allow a longer message to be typed on the cover page or at least an alert/warning that your message may be cut off if the message is too long for the cover page.
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4 years ago, OLIVIAFAWN
If you want to be frustrated af and waste your time and money then this app is for you! I’ve paid for the PRO Plan for 2+ years. I went to send a 4 page fax 2 days ago, and it won’t let me it says I’ve exceeded my yearly limit I wrote customer service and they responded 48 hours later that i should check the number I sent the fax too..? It’s the only number that I’ve ever used to send and receive faxes from. The phone number has NOTHING to do with not allowing me to send a 4 page fax. The pro plan I pay for has 1000 page send and receive and it’s only Jan 15th I have only send 2 faxes of 3 pages total. And I still can not fax I’ve been waiting again for a response to the ridiculous lousy email they sent. Try have the worst customer service of any app you will ever use.
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4 years ago, tbIguy
For the 4th time, we have attempted to use. Each time the app “warned” subscription was expiring; although we paid the annual subscription fee, it kept wanting to charge the monthly fee. Apple was wonderful and credited back the annual fee each time... When it did work, it worked smoothly. We were able to choose a number, personalize the fax cover sheet, and send a fax; however, EACH time (today again), it says max-usage and subscription expiring. Selecting the Pro-plan. Note: we have only sent 4 faxes in several months. We are once again - no more grace - going to cancel & request refund for non-operation. Each time we receive a friendly, proactive, and professional response; but, it must be an auto-reply, for the correction never occurs. Sad to say, consistency is more important than niceties...
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5 years ago, MM5543
I purchased a free trial for this app and decided it wasn’t what I needed so canceled my subscription. The app charged me $100 anyway in spite of canceling the subscription within the allotted timeframe!! I even received a confirmation email that my cancellation was successful. Since there is no customer support number to call, I used the customer support email to explain the situation and request a refund. No response from them at all! Buyer Beware: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE 7 DAY “FREE” TRIAL!!! You will be charged even if you decide within the timeframe to cancel and no one from customer support will respond. I see multiple complaints now from other reviewers about similar experiences and I also see the response from the app to email customer support....BULLSH*T!! You can email them til the cows come home and no one will get back to you.
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4 years ago, x USAF ACE x
Could be better
I gave this app a three because I'm charged .99 cents for anything less than 5 pages instead of the cost of each page separately. Additionally, when I sent my first, two page fax, I was charged that .99 cents. Ok, fine. Which tells me I should have three pages left that I can send before paying for another 5 pages. WRONG. It didn't save a purchase history of remaining pages, the app simply charged me another .99 cents for two more pages, totaling at 1.98 for 4/10 pages. So app makers, either charge per page, or make a balance of remaining pages before purchasing more pages. Also, now I’m locked into a monthly subscription? How do I get out of it??
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4 years ago, JFisher3
Constant Problems & AWFUL customer service
I wish I could give no stars and I understand how important reviews are so I do not make this claim lightly. I have had many problems with iFax, I purchased unlimited so I wouldn’t have to deal with credits as I fax often enough to warrant it and every three faxes or less it will tell me I do not have enough credits! Which when it shows the infinity symbol is extremely frustrating. The first time customer service told me to shut it down and restart and try again. Then they’ve asked me to show proof of purchase on credits when I have sent proof of UNLIMITED... I have missed deadlines now because they do not respond to emails efficiently at all. Currently Ive sent 5 and received to response. I am so upset that I have wasted my time and MONEY!
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2 weeks ago, Re794
Free trial is bogus!
I downloaded this app yesterday and signed up for the 7 day trial but cancelled the actual subscription to avoid an auto payment in the event I didn’t like the app. The app services isn’t scheduled to be cancelled until the 16th of this month. However, when I tried to use it to send a few documents, it prompted me with the option to buy a weekly subscription in order to send the documents. That to me is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of the free trial! Why offer that, if you still have to actually pay in order to use the services. I’ve used other fax app trials in the past and never experienced anything like this. I reached out to support but at this point I don’t even want the app on my phone anymore. I rather download another one.
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3 years ago, Strawbvny
IFax is horrible
They stole my money. I was unsuspecting, I did not know that my sister downloaded this app on my phone so she can send a fax, even though there are much cheaper ways of going about this, and agreed to a trial period. She told me the early morning of that she signed up for a trial subscription and to cancel right then. I immediately grabbed my phone and I cancelled the subscription at 3 am for fear of being robbed 200 dollars during Christmas time. I am a single mom, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to lose that kind of money. But as soon as midnight hit that night, they charged my card 200 dollars for a year subscription. I have tried to message them repeatedly to get a full refund, but so far no luck…. And now I am broke during the Hollidays. Do not get this app.
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3 years ago, Bigbrad75
Don’t forget to cancel that free trial lol
I just needed it to send one fax, which it did indeed do, and did it well. To do so I signed up for the free trial, which I had every intention of canceling. Unfortunately I forgot and woke up this morning with my bank account $30 lighter... for one fax! But that’s my own fault. As far as rating the app, it does exactly what it is supposed to do, and does it well and with great ease. All in all I can’t think of anything negative to say about it, other then a lil too pricey, but that’s up to each individual to decide for themselves.
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1 year ago, Rman1
Not that good
Pros: Installed quickly and allowed me to send a file saved in OneDrive via Fax from my IPad Pro in under 5 minutes end to end. Cons: - Did not work with keyboard entry from Magic Keyboard (seems like a few apps including HBO max have issues with Magic Keyboard entry, but that’s very few and far between). - When it prompted me to verify my cell phone number, it kept saying invalid token on that step. - The document I selected was a portrait mode PDF. However, when it rendered the fax to me in the preview, it was showing as a landscape document, with the content distorted (wide and short), rather than having the option to rotate the content to fit the fax paper size. - Charge is a little outrageous. I could probably buy a physical fax machine for not too much more money. Maybe charge should be per fax sent since it was a one time thing for me. - I am using stage manager for iPad. The app is not optimized for Stage Manager and would not render in full screen or resize in multiple window sizes like other apps do. I canceled the trial after the first fax was sent. It is not that great.
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2 years ago, ChrisWN
Beware of potential scam
I don’t usually need to send faxes but just had something come up where I needed to send 3 faxes, so I tried this “free” app. I sent one fax of 4 pages, received calls from recipient that one page was missing and one only came through 1/2 way (with the most important part, my signature missing), so I deleted it to try something else. Next month there’s a $170 charge on my credit card bill, which is strange because I make sure to keep any cc info out of my Apple account after signing up for a “free” trial of Apple Music. Apple must have taken one of my cards info from my Apple wallet and charged me for a subscription for this, which I never would have signed up for because I’ve only had to fax one thing in past year.
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4 years ago, SusanJ0323
Terrible Customer Support
I bought a subscription to send and receive faxes for my psychotherapy practice. I successfully received and sent a few faxes. Then, I was unable to send a fax, getting a message that my email needed to be verified and telling me I would receive an email. I have contacted customer support at least eight times. Once, I was told the issue was resolved. I’m out almost $170 with no and a fax number on my business cards that may need to be changed and updated with all of my contacts. Not happy at all!!!
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7 years ago, Southern-Yankee
Fast, accurate and easy!
I had tried a few other fax apps, but for whatever reason, they left me wanting something else. Then I tried iFax...It simply worked! The interface was super slick and inviting. Navigation was intuitive. I opted to purchase the unlocked version, then purchased some credits for future faxing. Now, nearly 6 months later, this is my app of choice when I need to fax documents of any kind. Since iFax is on my phone, I can truly fax from anywhere! There may be other faxing apps that work similarly, but this one will be hard to beat!
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4 years ago, Kudratx
Frustrated wannabe user
Can’t sign in so can’t get to customer service for help. Trying to sign in keeps telling me I need to verify through my email which I never received. It’s not in my inbox and not in my junk mail. Wasted a lot of time trying to find verification email or customer service. Still no email. I subscribed even though I don’t really need the service except for about 3 pages I needed to fax today. Didn’t think it was working and then over an hour later, got a notification from iFax saying my fax was sent. Was it? Sooo confused and frustrated. Will change my star rating if I can ever get into the app to verify it works. Anyone have any advice?
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2 months ago, the yellow pineapple
Sneaky extra subscription
I canceled my subscription before the 7 day free trial was over, and then was charged over $25 on renewal date. Beware that this app creates at least two subscriptions, and you have to cancel both of them. I don’t think both subscriptions were visible during the 7-day free trial, so I’m not sure what happened, but it’s pretty shady in my opinion. I was able to get a refund and confirmation that I had canceled all subscriptions. Then a couple days later, I got another notification that another $25+ was charged AGAIN. Currently have nother refund request pending and finally deleted the app. I had wanted to keep it downloaded to see my fax history. The app itself functioned well.
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3 years ago, panfan2011
Double billed me for 3 months— apple won’t end it. No customer service dept
The writing is invisible to give a review when using their store. It didn’t even send my review so I had to go into the iPhone app to write this review. Very suspicious especially since I received more robocalls after getting this app. This is a bad company. They have double billed me for 3 months. I reported it to the company and no reply. I am being double billed for an annual subscription and monthly subscription. It took me 3 times on the apple app to try to cancel the subscription. Just don’t use them ever as there are cheaper products and better products out there. Still waiting for my refund 3 months later and refund.
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4 years ago, WontLetYouCommentDue2Pathetic
Terrible customer service
Customer service does not properly resolve the problem. Everything is by Email on there time. My issue was not resolved and now I go to my account and they took $10 a month after I tried to get the problem fixed and no longer have the app. On top of that when I go to download the app it is wont let me. I now have to go online and REMOVE MY CARD FROM THIS TACKY COMPANY THAT DOESNT REALLY HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. After going online I update my card info since they take your money on their time long after you stop taking them serious, they locked my account for security reasons. This company is really trying to stick me into paying for a plan that I no longer want and CANT ACCESS. I hate ifax
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6 years ago, Donna92058
So easy to use
This app has been a real timesaver for me. It’s so easy to use! I no longer have to run to Staples if I need something faxed. I buy credits directly from my phone which is cheaper & it’s so easy to snap a picture of what you want to fax, or fax from your documents. The faxes are converted to high quality pictures & go through quickly. It’ll save a copy for you & even notify you when your fax has been received on the other end. I’ve tried several & this is the best!
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5 years ago, Mandrake Madness
The interface is easy to use. The faxes are sent quickly and the user receives a confirmation letter and copy of the fax via email. What more can you ask? Well, there is one thing: I’d like to be able to modify a text file in the provided editor after I save it. 😕 I've learned to use a separate text editor and then copy to the provided text editor — or just send the original as a separate attachment. I'm sure this glitch will eventually be worked out.
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5 years ago, anne11111
I tried the free trial fo literally 10 minutes. Tried to cancel it and of course it would freeze every time. So i went to the App Store and canceled. It showed it was canceled. Later I get charged for it because apparently i signed up through the app and also the website for the same service? That makes no sense. How can I subscribe to same service twice? And when i tried rectifying this they refused to give me my money back. Obviously if I did this it was an honest mistake brought on by a confusing app. It’s not like I’ve been using the fax. There was never a way for me to find out i was still subscribed because the free trial was for 7 days, day 8 i was charged. App store showed subscription was canceled a week ago.
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6 years ago, M.al-Qaysi
I’ve been searching for a mobile fax for a long time. Many did not offer a cover page or charged too much, or did not keep a history of your documents. This one does it all and some. I love it. Furthermore they offer you discounts on your credit and a free seven days trial which you can cancel or continue. I am definitely going to continue. I use fax on the go among many office digital technologies and I like technology to work for me.
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1 year ago, Jennifern88
What a scam!
Don’t get this product on spec. You may not be able to get rid of it. On 1/13 I looked at both Ifax apps, used one, was dissatisfied with the results, and have been trying ever since to cancel my subscriptions with them, and this was before the deadline of 1/20. I even cancelled my debit card with my bank and asked them to stop payment. They told me I had to try to work it out with the vendor first, so I tried twice to request a refund for both products. They didn’t ask what the problem was; the only choice that was remotely close stated that “I didn’t want to renew”. I DIDN’T WANT TO SIGN UP IN THE FIRST PLACE! I don’t want their apps; I had deleted them immediately. But I can’t seem to find anyone there to help me. Meanwhile, they’ve charged me over $200 for something I never wanted nor asked for. All I can do is post this review, and hope that a) someone at Ifax may actually see this and help me, or b) that I can stop a user from making the same mistake I did in trying this product. Don’t.
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4 years ago, JJMCST
Horrible, don’t waste your time and money
I picked this app because I needed to send a document quickly via facsimile (fax). Not only did the fax not go through after multiple attempts, but they now force a subscription to even use the app, completely discarding previously purchase credits from an earlier version. Additionally, after the faxes not going through, I have been trying to cancel my subscription for an hour, only getting an email that claims I will be contacted sometime in the next 12 HOURS! Who thought that this was good quality customer service, because they need fired immediately. I’m resorting to notifying my bank to cancel any payments that are labeled as this company.
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6 years ago, MommmyofZs
No Free trial
After fooling around with this app for an hour I realize that there is no way to send a free fax. I downloaded the app because it said that there was a free 7 day trial. However, when I try to send my fax it shows 0 credits for me and asks me to sign up for a subscription. The free 7day trial is supposed to already set you for for a subscription. One that you must cancel before your trial period is over. If I sign up for one now, I will get charged and I forfeit my trial. At least that’s what the fine print says. So I’m deleting the app. I’ll go with another that will allow me to pay for what I need. BTW, in anticipation of this review getting a cookie cutter response to reach out to support. I did. About an hour ago.
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4 years ago, Sugarbear 21
Disappointed 😔
I have been a longtime user of iFax and would always sing iFax praises to others on being easy to use, cheap and able to send quality faxes right from my phone. Now, today I go into it and up pops a free 7 day trial and then subscription prices. I went back to the app store to try to get some sort of hint as to why I could not buy credits as usual. I am so disappointed to learn that iFax now appears to be subscription only. I don’t own a business, so therefore I do not have a need for an all the time subscription service and simply used it when needed to take care of personal business by buying credits. You’ve lost a faithful customer by making this change!
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5 years ago, Mex-Texan
Self Employed Truck Driver
I needed to send a fax to the Internal Revenue Service while the person that was on the other line waited for it. I was able to talk to the agent and send the complementary fax while he patiently waited on the other end of the line. I’m very grateful that this app was created to do the job so well. I highly recommend it! Plus, it a mobile fax. The cost is very affordable after the trial period. Can’t get any better than that. Celia Schwarz, South Carolina
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9 months ago, EParker23
It work
I don’t have a business and I would not be us this fax app that much to make payments maybe if you have it for 50 cents a fax I would keep the app on my phone and maybe use fax as a way of sending things. I only use this app because some places don’t take email. It was great and easy to use. Didn’t get to see if I could receive a fax
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6 years ago, Edcvn65
Decent app but dodgy charging
The app works fine. It’s their billing that I’m having issues with. First, when I bought the subscription for unlimited faxes and for having a fax number, the subscription didn’t show up on my app until I contacted customer service. Later on, when I sent faxes, they start charging me more money for sending faxes even though I already paid for unlimited faxes and they refuse to refund me the money. UPDATE: In response to the developers, I did contact iFax customer service and they said that they couldn’t do anything and that Apple had to fix the issue, which they did. This wasn’t the first time I had billing issues with iFax.
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3 years ago, JaminStar
This company will not cancle your subscription!
I tried their free trial and decided that I did not need the subscription so I tried to cancle however the company will not stop biling me. Over numerous emails with customer service asking for them to cancel my subscription they will not cancel and stop billing me. They continuously direct me to a website with instructions to cancel however when I go to that website there is no options to cancel. Multiple phone calls tk customer service have been the same result. My next step is to talk with my bank to see if they can stop the subscription charge…
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4 years ago, FunkoBros
Hands down, the best faxing app for iPhone!
After trying out numerous faxing apps from the App Store, iFax is the hands down BEST one available. Their low cost monthly fee establishes your own personal fax number allowing you to now receive faxes as well! Perfect for any small business or individual who may have a need for faxing on a regular basis. Also, iFax is the most reliable and easy to use faxing app I’ve found!
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2 years ago, DontPlayWithMyMoney
DO NOT USE!!! Class Action Lawsuit needed...
This company has proven to be untrustworthy and negligent. I strongly suggest not purchasing from them or doing any business with them. I paid through my Microsoft account. Still, the company never responded to any of my emails and never provided a refund for me not being able to use the service that I paid over $100 for. I was still being prompted to choose a plan and pay after already having done so. Therefore, I was never able to use the service. Class Action anyone??? Overpromised, never delivered, never fixed, and never refunded money owed back.
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7 years ago, lizadiane99
Great concept, but...
I think $10 for 200 credits is a tad bit ridiculous. It should be charged per fax, not by how many credits you have. I needed 52 credits to fax 8 pages, but they had very few options. I could buy 15 credits for 99 cents which obviously isn't enough... Or you could buy 200 credits for $9.99 which is obviously WAY too much... I'm never gonna use 148 credits. This was a one time thing and now I'm out ten bucks for something I could have done for much cheaper at a FedEx store...... I really wish I could get the rest of my money back as I'm broke to begin with.
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5 years ago, Penelope/is/paid
Waste of my time
They sucker you in with a fake “free” trial and then when you try to fax something they want to charge you 10$ for what was “allegedly” supposed to be a “free unlimited faxes.” Says something about fair use. I thought maybe I had too many pages but I’ve read a review or 2 that said they had 4 - 6 pages and it still said the same thing. I could of just got my lazy tail up and went to Fedex for cheaper, or just waited until I went to work and faxed it. If you just need to send a fax or 2 from your phone for free! It’s not going to happen and there a quite a few apps on here that are way cheaper than this fake bull!
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