iFont: find, install any font

4.3 (2.2K)
77.3 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
17.0 or later
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User Reviews for iFont: find, install any font

4.29 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
1 year ago, 5555555555555555555555555555.
You should definitely read this before downloading!
All right so I downloaded this app because I wanted some cute fonts for my editing for videos this app is actually pretty good here's what I think more so in detail. if you want to use fonts you have to download fonts onto your device and then use iFont to make those files usable, there are some free fonts on there but they're not that good if you're looking for fonts to use I recommend you go on Safari or Google and you use "dafont" or "fontmeme"Cesar bowls some pretty good websites to download them from. nothing I think is not the best is the app is kind of glitchy sometimes so keep that in mind and also it's not the best at being compatible with other apps, there are not really that much apps that you can type in to you kind of just have to copy and paste it which you can also do from the websites sooooo. overall I don't think the app is terrible these are just some things to keep in mind and here are some cute fonts : "CUTE STITCH" "Hellokids" "Joyce" "BabyDoll" "Chicken Pie" (they are Cap and space sensitive)
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3 years ago, Wapo Laguti
Help! Wasn’t having freeze-up problems until the latest fix
Now I am, and it hasn’t opened with regularity in a few days. It just freezes at the 100% loading mark and goes no further. I was actually surprised to see the latest update from a week ago saying “hopefully fixes the freezing up problem”, since only now is this happening to mine! (TBH, I think it did happen years ago, too, but stopped doing it so long ago I barely remember it . . . until now). Hope you can fix it, again!? # Update, 28 October, 2021: the latest fix still had zero effect. I decided to delete and reinstall the app, and now it’s opening, albeit somewhat more slowly than in the past. However, when I say ‘the past’, I mean a long time ago. For the past year/year and a half, it’s opened more slowly than it had previously. But it opens, so I don’t really mind this. :)
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5 years ago, kaitnieks
I have three or more apps that are supposed to serve the whole “font managing” issue. This single app, however, combines all the useful features from them all, and puts them in one place! For free! You can’t beat that. Even with the ads (& very reasonable price to remove them) they aren’t intrusive popups; just simply a minimal bottom banner. Thank you to the developers for creating this and for distributing it so freely. You have made my font searching & installing process go so smooth/painless. P.S. I do have one issue; while on the browser tab, to search for fonts, sometimes it will just like, stay stuck on the screen, not allowing you to click anything on the website. (“Download font” button, or links in my case.) it will refresh and the app acts properly, just kind of gets stuck only inside that browser mode. However, with the way you’ve implemented such simplicity and ease of “outside” importing, from safari or whatever else, this really isn’t too big of an issue... 5 stars no doubt! ★★★★★
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3 weeks ago, dontcare4213
Hands down best Font App
This app really takes the cake for being free and the sort of features it has. You can literally download fonts straight from a website to the app from the app itself. You can export each font into your phone directly. This app has been great so far. I have been able too download and keep over 2,500 different fonts in my catalog without any issues. There is not the perfect app out there for font management if that’s what your looking for then you'll continue to be disappointed I see other complaining about issues that every other app has as well this app is literally that most efficient in downloading apps, Storing and filing them to exporting them into zip files directly on to the phone. Works great with my Cricut app thank you for making this app free when other apps be charging and ain’t half as good. Bless iFont family 🫶🏼
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2 years ago, MrsBailey101214
Almost Perfect
I love iFont. I’m obsessed with fonts and have hundreds of them installed on my phone, iPad, and MacBook thanks to iFont. It makes it super easy to get all of the fun and fancy fonts downloaded from CreativeFabrica, DaFont, or wherever onto my Apple device and ready to use in Cricut Design Space or wherever. I think iFont is almost perfect. I gave it 4 stars because I feel there are two things missing…… the ability to copy glyphs directly from the app and paste into Cricut Design Space so you don’t need to open a third app and profiles that sync to all devices. Every time I upgrade my phone I have to rebuild my font library. If those things were added to the app it would be 10+ stars!!!
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3 years ago, Coolest10293
Great app
I think this app is great! I haven’t been able to use the fonts that I installed, but that is because just about no app that I normally use supports these. I have looked through the reviews, and there are people saying that it doesn’t work, and that is just not true! They likely thought that any app ever would work with these fonts, but that’s not true! It specifically says not all apps are compatible. I love this app. Those people are just ignorant. I hope people keep using this app and I really hope those ignorant people don’t make others skeptical of this great app. I have one small gripe, though. It says that it requires iOS 15, but it still works on my phone. It would be nice if you could fix that so people who haven’t updated yet can still download it. Thank you!
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5 months ago, angeleyesalita
Losing installed fonts
Last April I had just at 2000 fonts (I love getting fonts) they were all there that morning and by 9:00 that night they were all gone it still shows on my phone but when I go to install they wouldn’t so I had to get all new fonts. So since last April I’ve been getting new fonts installed and I had 2170 two days ago they showed like I had to install them again so I went thru all the steps to install but they wouldn’t. So I have lost another 2170 of my fonts I installed that I use on my explorer 2 and joy which I don’t have on my design space anymore either because it won’t install them even though they are showing they are. But I can install other fonts that hasn’t been previously installed I just can’t reinstall the fonts that I do/did have on iFont. I can’t express just how mad I am I was literally in tears. I Can’t get ahold of anyone or even get response from anyone to help me with this. I am beyond frustrated.
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1 year ago, Danilyngo
surprisingly simple w/ an extensive collection﹠useful collaborations
most font apps have proven to be worthless., however, this app is super simple—I didn’t even realize the capabilities existed for a font app of this caliber to exist in operation, it’s just stunning, one of the most useful I’ve come across—particularly in comparison to other font installations apps i’ve used in the past, lots, and those had so many steps, time-consuming to even install one font, on the other hand, if this app is reflective of the font installation app business capacities then others need to step up also. For now, I’ll stick to the developers of this aol! They deserve loyalty for putting out a great, useful product. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Margo45
Worked Perfectly on First Try
I see there are no other reviews and so I was hesitant, but I wanted to add some fonts to my new iPad Pro and took a chance on this one because your Description was pretty straight forward. So glad I did because it was so easy to add a couple of fonts and it worked seamlessly! Make sure you know how to transfer files from a supported cloud service and understand how this works before using this app. I saw a lot of complaints about problems with other apps and some of them maybe didn't really understand what this type of app is actually used for. I'm an artist/designer and use a variety of fonts to create and augment my work. Very happy to pay to support this developer. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Rachey B.
Don’t waste your time with any other app!
If you are a graphic visual designer of any kind like me, then you need this app. I tried others before and they are clunky and unintuitive. Give this app a go and you’ll find that you can literally do everything you need to in app. Find your typeface and group the complete font family when you install it. Saves so much time when your obsessed with typography and need to keep things organized and efficient. *Pro tip: select all of your fonts you want to install by checking the bubble instead of hitting ‘Select All’. It will insure that you aren’t installing one font at a time when you need your Apple device to group your fonts together.
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6 months ago, almond joysssss
I can download any font!!
This is the only app that I can ever import my fonts on, and I just got the app like today, and now I spent hours on it downloading all the fonts I love!! I really like how you can import your own fonts too because if that option wasn’t there I would be sad. But thanks to this app, I can now download almost ANY FONT I WANT! Ignore the 1 star reviews, don’t listen to them! I love this app so much it’s the only one that can download legit font files on my I-Pad I already imported 63 fonts and downloaded them in one single day. You should download this app if you have an apple and are struggling to find ways to download fonts on your Mac, I-Pad, or I-Phone!
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4 years ago, thedigitaldorkette
Recent Update Causing other programs to crash when formatting fonts
This is a really great program. But I seem to have a lot of bad luck. Things happening to me and not to other people. It took me a while to figure out how to use the latest version to get my fonts to work for iOS 13. But just when I got the hang of that, another problem came up three days ago, after recent update (Feb 27?). I use Scrivener and anytime I click on the font formatting button inside Scrivener the program crashes. This doesn’t happen on my other iPad with Scrivener where I don’t have iFont installed. I think they’re related. I’m a freelancer who depends on both programs. Hoping you can work with Scrivener team to figure out what’s happening.
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2 years ago, Wright House Designs
Perfect when it works.
I have 4,580 fonts currently on my iPad and for some reason all of them uninstalled for no reason. So now I have to check each and every single one and reinstall them. Again. It be great if I could install more than 100 at a time and maybe not have to keep reinstalling this many fonts every time. If I try to check more than a certain magic number (which I haven’t found the sweet magic number yet) it freezes and crashes. Update! It's now December 2021. I just got a new 9th generation ipad with ios15 and I've spent hours upon hours trying to put my fonts on this only for it to crash and I lose everything. The profiles show up but the fonts say they're not installed! 15 hours I've been messing with this crap and I'm right back at the beginning for the second time! I'm so frustrated and I need this app to work!!!
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2 years ago, Reviewer Ebert
Seems to Work So Far
Just installed this and it seems to work (at least so far, time will tell). Was relatively easy to use to install a true type typeface family on my iPad that I purchased awhile ago for my desktop. The typeface seems to be working with comparable apps. Not all apps are compatible but that is not this apps fault. There was a bulk install option which allowed me to easily install the entire family in one step!
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3 years ago, Hhxfjmcdh
Best I’ve found
ifont has supplied me with a plethora of great fonts, which I am super picky about. It’s an app that’s definitely got a learning curve to it, but I always eventually figure out how to get it done. There are also some decent instructions I finally found, which was my fault because I have that “I don’t need no stinking’ directions” attitude. I finally took the time to actually check out the app and found some answers. See asking for directions doesn’t really bruise your ego too bad, and I’m chick with such a mind set. Sheesh. But ifonts the way to go. I’ve tried several other apps that just flat didn’t work.
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3 years ago, theshadowsfly
Really great app!
I’ve been using the paid version of this app for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say its really solid! Being able to easily add and install multiple fonts at one time is a huge time saver. I love the ability to create groups so I can go right to what I want (ie. Cursive / Serif / Sans Serif) My favorite feature though is the “compare” feature which allows you to type custom text and see what it looks like in any of the fonts you have selected. This is a huge time saver and really helps you hone in on the style/look you are after. **would love to have the ability to re-size the “compare” viewing area ie. Display fewer on-screen options at a larger size to better see details. It would also be helpful to be able to add fonts to “category” folders from the compare page (this would really help speed up organization / categorization). This was a solid purchase, def worth the price!
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2 years ago, 99Tricks
Tiny text!
Maybe this is because I’m using this on an iPad, but I can barely read any of the text, from the text preview on the left panel list to the tiny sample text in the boxes in compare mode. It’s all very very tiny. It really needs larger text in the font list on the left and a slider to manually adjust the size of the font in the compare boxes. On the iPad there’s plenty of room to adjust up, especially when only comparing a few fonts. I use a lot of script fonts and at what appears to be a 2 pt font they all look the same. I like the design of this app the best out of all the font apps, but the previews are the smallest!
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3 years ago, mac.pro.user
After wasting hours and $$s trying the various other purported “font installers”, I read a review online regarding iFont, so I thought I’d give the free version a try… Within seconds of opening this app, I was able to import a font which I had previously Airdropped to Files, in anticipation of installing it. All the others apps failed! I immediately upgraded to the premium version! This app combines all the capabilities I was hoping for into one app— browse, import, install, glyphs, … Thank you developers!
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4 years ago, frank14612
I can’t see any of the fonts I’ve chosen
I’m using iOS 14. I followed or tried to follow your instructions but they don’t match what’s on my iPhone SE 2020. Where and when can I see the fonts that I have installed and chosen to appear, and where will they appear? All I see is what looks like Microsoft Arial font. I don’t see any instances of the fonts that I chose in any app. Why did I buy this app if it doesn’t work? And why don’t the instructions agree with the settings menus? I am about to ask for my money back. OK, I just realized that this won’t do what I want. So I’d like you to refund my money including for the fonts that I have downloaded. I don’t know why you can’t explain in the Promo materials upfront that this only works for some specific apps and not for everything on the iPhone.
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6 years ago, CaramelQu33n
I downloaded this app on my iPhone 8+ because I am an avid Cricut user and I need to have all the same fonts on are on my MacBook accessible in my iPhone apps, such as Design Space. This app definitely allows that. When a problem arose with one of my fonts unable to install, I emailed customer service and they responded in about a day or two! That’s amazing customer service from an app developer. The app is also SUPER user friendly! I love this app so much and will definitely be bragging about it to all other iPhone and Cricut iPhone users 💜
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7 months ago, Bookworm0917
Simple, Easy, Essential, Accessible
I’m a graphic designer and illustrator and I font is absolutely essential for my work on my iPad. Being able to connect to DaFont and other sites, download, and export, all within one application for free is invaluable to all artists. Ads are present but unintrusive and absolutely deserved, I wish I could give all the devs a big hug for making this application. If you’re in need of downloading fonts without limits or annoying overpriced charges, iFont is the way to go!
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3 years ago, Flamey-McFlame-Star
Worked...til it didn’t
I downloaded this last night and was thrilled at the functions and easy accessibility and such. I downloaded it to help with uploading fonts for my Cricut. I already had about 1,000 fonts saved/installed on my iPad, through other apps, and this app is superior by FAR. Being able to acces DaFont and install, all right within the app!!! Amazing!!! I was BEYOND happy with this.... ...until... I tried to download/install a final 50-60 fonts I hadn’t yet fully installed on my iPad, thru the app. The app got a little glitchy and kept kicking me out. I figured that it was just taking some time due to the larger upload (even tho it was still small, I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt because of how amazing the app is)... however, now, when I click the app it loads to about 65-70% and then kicks me out completely. I can’t delete and renown load the app because of the fonts I uploaded thru the app. I’m not sure what to do....and I am very disheartened. ☹️
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3 years ago, onebrandy2many
Seriously... I have a small business making hats, shirts, vinyl graphics etc. This app has been so helpful with all the fonts I purchase. It gives me a preview of the font in my business name and color, or whatever text I choose!! That takes the guesswork out of choosing a font. It is hard enough with so many out there, being able to see your words in the previews is awesome. I did purchase the full version but it was very affordable. No regrets!!
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4 years ago, VKStarfox
Perfectly Made for iOS & IPadOS!
Does just what I need: installs new fonts to my iPhone and iPad with no trouble whatsoever. Instructions are a little unorthodox at the start, but once you get the hang of it the process becomes second nature. Installing fonts to your phone shouldn’t be this hard, but I’m at least grateful that this app makes it easier than ever. Do yourself a favor and purchase the premium. It’s cheap, unlocks every feature you’d need, and the developers deserve every penny for this gem!
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6 years ago, 2muchallready
Stellar Support
How often do you get multiple support responses on a weekend? This app is easy to use. I use my iPad to create materials for my classes, but have always had to open the documents on my Mac to make final adjustments with the fonts I need. No longer. The fonts are now on my iPad. One font I was trying to use was ancient (system 8 or 9). Although iFont doesn’t support files that old, they did research for me and sent me directions to update the font. I appreciate their effort and work ethic.
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4 years ago, pErson 
I'm shook!
Okay, so I just watched a five minute video and read pages of blog post to learn how to download fonts onto iPad, and they all wanted me to pay $1.99 for AnyFonts and download an unzipping app. So I was really intrigued when iFonts offered to do EVERYTHING for free. And let me tell you: this is not a joke! I only leave reviews when I feel like something needs to be said, and today that something is ”This app does exactly what it says, and exceptionally well at that, for absolutely nothing.”
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1 year ago, Chris Sheppadd
What an app! Everything I Need.
The first time I got this app was a few years ago, and I checked out their features. I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY love it!! When you don’t have the fonts on there, you can add in font websites, and if you can’t find them on there, you can just simply download the font you need on Safari, then open the files and voila! Already there. Whoever created this is truly a genius. Thank you iFont!!!
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4 months ago, stupidcrap76007
Great App!!
I love this app. I’ve uploaded every single font that I had, plus even more. I’ve had zero issues and paid the $4.99 for life. You can’t beat that, to be able to save all your fonts without having to worry that they’ll disappear or that it only holds 200 fonts. My Own Personal Small Negatives Below ⬇️ It does run a little slow opening if you have a lot of fonts already downloaded. But that’s still a small price to pay and it could be my Internet connection. The one other thing, which I hope they could update, is that I have a hard time finding any doubles without having to just go through them all, but other than that the app has been wonderful for me😉 That’s It. I give it a HUGE 👍
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4 years ago, jwb_
Does the job. UI needs work & no google drive
Had to go through quite some hoops to learn that Google Drive is not compatible due to issues with Google Drive - not iFont. Learned this via Procreate who has the same issue with their in app font manager. I connected to Dropbox instead and it works. UI feels a little unintuitive and janky - ie. scroll bar doesn’t allow me to scroll all my own fonts to install, some are hidden beyond the point of where I’m allowed to scroll.
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2 years ago, PlyGirl
Best one out there
I have tried most every app similar to this one for your fonts and this one is by far the best the only thing that I have ever wish they had was the capability to let you know when there are DUPLICATE fonts either being imported or as they’re imported or a way that you could even do a search it on your own of how to look for duplicates.
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4 years ago, T. Beetham
I looked through quite a few of the other Fonts apps on the App Store. As far as I can tell, none come even close to this one, because this one links to TONS of fonts from other websites that the others don’t have access to. I have downloaded lots of outside fonts through this app (free for basic use) and they work perfectly with Apple Keynote and Pages. So thankful for the developers of this app... I LOVE IT!
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3 years ago, zhi 0 er
Please fix
Ok, that’s wired… I’m in iOS 15, and I guess there’s still bugs for the software in this version. I was very happy to see there’s bulk install in there, and since I had the new phone, I decided to try install my fonts. First import got freeze and phone got warm up, after several time trying and waiting, I finally make them import in the software. Then it’s the most wired part, after I click install, usually is go to setting to configure the certificate and then all is done. But this time, I click install, go to the setting and see the certificate shows up, BEFORE I can click it to accept it, IT DISAPPEAR. ?????????? How can it showing like that? I tried 5 times, it just act like that. Please fix.
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5 years ago, MichaelMonroe100
Better than anything else
Well this app beat installing fonts by far, you guys nailed it. Easy to install fonts and manage them, just one thing, if there was a guide for the app, I think people can see the full power of the app, for instance there is and option to install all the fonts you want only with one profile. This helps speedup the process especially for people like me who USE FONTS, LIKE ALOT OF THEM. Anyway tnx for this amazing app.
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3 years ago, Yeseniav86
I’ve used different font apps previously and deleted them moments after downloading it, because I either disliked it or couldn’t navigate through it... I’m endlessly searching for fonts to use with my Cricut. I always find what I’m looking for with this app. It’s very easy to use and understand!!! After a few months I upgraded to premium and i think it’s beyond worth it... love it!!!$
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5 years ago, MsSniffles
Edit: It works 100% Now. {Can't install font on this new update.}
EDIT: I just upgraded and it works all well now. Thank you so much Devs for replying. Appreciate it so much.❤︎ I'm on iOS 11.2 and I just updated and now I can't install a new font coz, the instruction says 'tap on "allow" in the alert below'. which there wasn't any and I checked on the profiles there isn't any of the new font too. :((
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1 year ago, nicknames&passwordsOhMy!
Great Companion App for Cricut
I LOVE the app as a companion to my Cricut Maker 3. I’ve used these fonts to create many different cricut projects (for personal use). My favorite platform to choose fonts is the connection to Dafont. I create on my iPad and these fonts work great with Adobe apps like Photoshop, Illustrator. The way fonts work on the iPad is awkward but iFont makes the whole process much easier.
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2 years ago, {app_tester}
Too many search buttons
The app is great I can get some cool fonts but there are like 5 search buttons and it’s really frustrating 😡 I can never find the right one to download and speaking of downloading its way too complicated for me I have to ask someone to help and the barely understand it either! It is a great app but its just too complicated for me!
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2 years ago, garbag sote
Very disappointing
I purchased this app as a way to manage the many apps on my iPad. Soon after purchasing the app began freezing constantly and refusing to upload my fonts from my files. Now, the font preview isn’t even working either nor can I add new fonts as it is saying I have no space. My iPad still has plenty of space available so the space issue isn’t related to my device… it is strictly in the iFont app that I get this message. The app is completely pointless and disappointing.
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4 years ago, ajObBoJa
Easy to use but.. iOS 14 wiped me out
I love that the app is easy to use and makes downloading fonts less of a tedious task, but with the new iOS 14 upgrade, it completely wiped out all of my fonts from the cricut app because the iFont app used to download them isn’t complying/not yet compatible with their new rules.. do you know when you guys will upgrade the app to make it compatible with iOS 14?
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1 year ago, Rhomboidspace
Doesn’t install via iOS 13 method, so still insecure!
The app still uses the old method of installing fonts by adding profiles to your device. This has always been a risky method because you don’t know if you can trust the profiles to not mess around and steal your information. Apple added a better way in iOS 13 that can be done without installing profiles. Unfortunately this developer decided to not update the install method which can only lead to the conclusion that the safer method is less beneficial to the developer’s underlying purpose.
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4 years ago, Cricut Glyphs
Glyphs for Cricut
Screenshot the glyph you want Edit the glyph: Crop the glyph so that it only shows the image you want Choose Done to save the glyph Go to your Cricut App and choose the upload icon on the bottom Choose Select From Photo Library Choose the glyph Choose the Remove wand on the bottom left Tap the areas you want to remove (background). You will then see the image appear on top right corner. Choose Next on the top right corner Choose Next again Name the image and choose Save Choose the image/glyph you just saved. A green box will appear around it. Choose Insert on the bottom right. You will now see your image appear on the Cricut canvas.
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4 years ago, Callista Sparks
Doesn’t group fonts properly
I am trying to install a Google I downloaded through the app. When I group select all the sub fonts, it only installs one sometimes or sometimes it installs many but not all. I can’t install the entire library at once as a single profile. There’s no good way to troubleshoot as far as I can tell. Don’t know if this is an app problem or an iOS problem or a font problem. The search for a working font manager continues!
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3 months ago, fjpoblam
Exactly right. Easy to use. ✔︎
I’ve gathered TTFs for several fonts from various places and set them up as VPN profiles on my iOS/iPadOS devices (then used their WOOF2 files on my website). This is a very fast, easy, and handy way to get fonts on your mobile device! A world of great fonts awaits your reading pleasure.
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5 years ago, MACIntyre61
Just The App I’ve Been Looking For!
When IOS 13 came out with the new fonts feature, I’ve been looking for a font downloader that won’t break the bank. This is worth the $1.99 I paid for the ads free version. It gives a tutorial on how to use it, and it’s everything it says it is. Love you guys! Keep up the good work!
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5 months ago, LaybieBaybie
I was hoping that I would be able to use my custom font that I downloaded as a keyboard on my iPhone. Other than using the notepad, there isn’t any options to use it anywhere else on my phone or apps. I believe making it accessible to use as a keyboard would be even cooler!!
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2 years ago, Light Interactive Media
Whoa! When did iFont get so awesome?!
I haven’t opened the free version of iFont in a while and when I did today, it has improved so much I decided to upgrade to premium. I didn’t need premium because the free version works so well for me. Just wanted to reward them for such a great app.
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2 years ago, BonaireChick
This app is awesome!
I was so frustrated using the same fonts for years but with this easy app, you can install fonts to your iPad from the app itself, from the internet or from fonts your friends may send to you. Easy to use. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Blond boys mama
So easy to use with my phone for Cricut!
I love this app! Just purchased the full version so I don’t have to deal with ads, which weren’t that bad, but I use this app so much I wanted to support them. If you use the cricket or any other cutting device you have to get this!
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5 months ago, seven_peaks
Exactly what I needed!
This allowed me to install my company’s font onto my phone. This made it so that the Brother Pro Label Tool app could use that font now. So now when I’m sending labels to my Brother label maker I can use my company font. This is exactly what I needed, thank you for this :)
Show more
7 months ago, Nickname8375
Free and easy to use 👍
It literally walks you through installing the fonts. It has links to the settings and everything. It’s pretty seamless and it’s free. Way better than an app with limited choices as there are a million free fonts online to download.
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