Igoe Mobile

2.9 (116)
26.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Igoe Administrative Services
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Igoe Mobile

2.87 out of 5
116 Ratings
1 year ago, aaron.simmons
One in-app messaging is obnoxious
I appreciate being able to receive communication in the app, but it is always showing I have a new message, an “opportunity” to find providers in my area. There is no way to delete this message, and it’s a service I’m not interested in using. Please allow me to either unsubscribe from “opportunities” or at least to delete them so I don’t have a constant “1 new message” on my Home Screen. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Bpnine
Very poor security for your PII data
The apps functionality is fair for what it had to do but their security stance on passwords and overall safety is poorly done. They require very long and varied passwords and regularly require you reregister and change them... this was great security for government employees in the 90s but even the govt has caught on. Requiring unmemorable passwords and forcing regular changes simply means everyone has to write down the password somewhere, if it’s in a word doc on their desktop or a post it note you’ve forced them to compromise their password to 3rd parties. If you try to use an encrypted password vault which generated long and strong passwords and keeps them safe you will find the app and their website prevent you from pasting the password in from the clipboard, this means you have to write it down so you can manually type it in. They lock you account and require human 9-5 weekdays only phone support if you get the password wrong twice. The automated phone support system doesn’t work at all, it appears to get its data from a stale copy of the database. So if you’re a corporate HR department you can expect miles and miles of support calls from your employees as Igoe does everything it can to collect your fees and provide minimal support to your employees.
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2 years ago, PortlandGrad
Deposit Verification Process is a Joke
There are so many issues related to direct deposit validation. First, there is no mention of micro deposits to validate your bank account info. I had to see the micro deposits in my bank account and call Igoe to ask if they were related to linking my account. Lucky for me this is the only account I’ve linked recently. The service rep informed me that they were indeed related to Igoe and that I needed to validate within the Igoe app. The issue is that I never received a notification via email or in app to notify me of this validation step. I have to proactively look at my bank account, see the deposits, call my bank, reach out to Igoe before learning of this step. When I went to input the numbers, the app does not specify between where you enter the deposit vs withdraw amounts. This whole process is very broken. Also fix the text input field for submitting feedback within your app. It doesn't follow the device rules like auto-correct or capitalization. So far this app is very lacking compared to the competition. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice who my employer uses for FSA reimbursement.
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7 months ago, CA Sushi
Sushi Roll
This is worst FSA/HSA app company has been pushing to download and use. There are 3 things this app is forcing you to do: 1. Must always turn on your phone location. You change phone setting location on while using the app, it will bug you change back to “Always” and I don’t understand why it always wants to keep tracking your location 2. Must add your personal banking account to your fund in this app. The company would suppose to add fund and contribute your assigned money to it directly, not from your personal bank, I don’t get it 3. Asking you to select healthcare provider and giving an option to find care giver. No thanks I will look into my healthcare provider directly. Why do they want to know so much information about your health? And what type of medicine you want to store in the app cabinet? Other apps I used to have in the past were they only manage your FSA/HSA balance, contribution, and tax information.
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7 years ago, EdelPirate
IGOE is incompetent and this app is broken.
This app is fundamentally broken. It doesn't talk to Igoe's main database. You must create a separate account for the mobile app, but here's the catch: the app doesn't tell you that. You enter your main Igoe credentials, which never get you in. You do this until you either give up or call Igoe. I called Igoe, and their rep, Alwyn, was ultra-blasé about the unmentioned requirement to create a second account: "oh, yeah, you can't use the same account. No big deal. Just create a new one." Seriously? I'm just supposed to have intuited this somehow? Alwyn certainly thought so. When I asked why I needed to create a new account, he said, in a slightly patronizing tone, "oh, you see, the app has a different IP address than our web site." This is as incoherent as calling the Internet "a series of tubes." No wonder people hate this app: it secretly requires you to create a completely separate account and Igoe seems to be utterly clueless that users are ever told about new-account requirement. I figured they had just implemented this app and it was going through some teething problems. Nope: it's been around since 2013, according to a second rep I spoke with. These people are incompetent. I wouldn't deal with them if I didn't absolutely have to.
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2 years ago, n8236
Wex to Igoe
I want to go back to Wex. This app doesn’t feel polished.
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11 months ago, JayBee818
This might be one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. The input screens regularly lock, disallowing any typing or check box selection, but giving an error when you try to move forward. I received an email telling me to do one thing, only to discover that no such option even exists within the app. Overall, this is an extremely poorly designed and executed app, and the only reason I even engage with this company is because I have to. What a disappointment.
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4 years ago, PeterKopik
straight forward
It’s easy to navigate and it’s easy to submit claims and receipts once u understand it’s logic. However, I wish it would go berserk with warnings when you are about forget money in last years account. Oh, it IGOE sends an email, bravo! how about push notification? it’s revolutionary new in 2020!!!
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1 month ago, Akakakakakakaka
So janky
If I had been able to preview this app before opting into my employer plan, I would have just skipped it. The system of security questions seems woefully antiquated — but what do you expect of a site that says copyright 2018 in 2024? Now that they have my personal information, I have a bad feeling that it’s going to show up on a list of compromised accounts.
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2 years ago, audiobookk
Lack of functionality
I find this app to be unreasonable and have severe lack of functionality. When calling support and asking how to find x or y or a on the app, the answer seems to always be “oh you have to use the computer for that “. I don’t want to use anything but the app. So please increase functionality on the app.
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1 year ago, Scottwth
When I have a notifications bell, I need it to read zero when I have clicked on every message. The notification bell should not say I have anything to look at just because I haven’t done something you would like me to do but I’m not going to do it.
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3 weeks ago, PALipod
No need to explain all the issues I’m having since the developers don’t follow up these reviews. Can’t wait for my company to switch providers again.
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9 months ago, Ndkeifer1107
Scanning Receipts does not work
I keep on receiving an error message when trying to upload pictures of receipts as required. Which is the only reason to have this app.
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5 years ago, Spoon1422
This app won’t even launch
After selecting my login information it will usually take me to a screen to enter my password. Not anymore. After I select my login information it just closes itself. It’s super frustrating.
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4 months ago, sigried
Poor app
I wish there’s a option to chat with representative. Calling is only an option and most of the time the call center can not resolve the issue.
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2 years ago, Angelgenie
Horrible company
App is awful, can’t do anything. Then when you call it’s like they are all on another planet. Highly recommend not to work with them
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1 year ago, Buzzed Ninja
Feels like 1995
Someone from the previous century designed and programmed this app. Every design choice from the enormous loading icon to the navigation is not user friendly. Wowww
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5 years ago, ricky-allen
Just crashes
Support kept having me change user name & pw. Just crashes after opening. They will get back to me. Well that was over s month ago. Useless customer service support & useless app. Time waster.
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6 years ago, @dlTunes
Can’t log in
Tried using my log in credentials but they don’t work. Read another review saying we have to create a new account for the mobile app?! That’s just stupid. Will be deleting this app.
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3 weeks ago, 320 unhappy
No access to payment method
Unable to “edit” payment method as the customer service reps dont take payment on phone. Im technically savvy, yet the system doesnt have the appropriate steps to add payment method
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5 years ago, FTL83
Key function button layout is bad
The app pushes control keys into the top of my phone making it impossible to navigate more than one place.
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2 years ago, Shopaholic188
Terrible app
Can’t even upload receipts because of constant error messages!
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2 years ago, cppal95
This app is useless. Most of the time I can’t even log in. Or it just closes randomly.
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2 years ago, aaaassassassaaaaaaaa
Can’t do anything
Can’t summit bank info for direct deposit and can’t file a claim with the app.
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7 months ago, craigjames2104
Garbage app
Enough said! Very clunky and could not figure out how to add a dependent to get a card for them.
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4 years ago, sdktdboooo
App doesn’t work
This app changes all claims to medical even when you select dependent care. Terrible.
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2 years ago, SuefromPSU
Zero Support
Zero support for this app. Good luck getting your money.
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5 years ago, Cheehaa
Just changed to IGOE
App crashes at login. Great first impression.
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10 years ago, RMD212
Doesn't work - waste of time
After registering my account and trying to login, it displays different image and image hint names which are apparently for other user accounts.
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8 years ago, Pleiadesman7
Works now
New version is functional. Go for it!
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7 years ago, Msharvey
Great tool
Great tool!! Helps keep track of balance and transactions.
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8 years ago, bobbyfrank12
Can't login
I can login just fine online. When I put the same exact user name and password in, I get a login failure message. Useless
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10 years ago, shawnactw
Can't Login
Same issue as what others have written. Login won't work and image hint is for someone else.
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8 years ago, JohnPeckSF1
Doesn't work
No matter what I try, can't get the app to work.
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8 years ago, Corey0288
Does not work
App does not allow login.
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5 years ago, BalaBharathi
Never works
I use iPhone XS and it crashes after I enter my username and click on Sign in.
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10 years ago, kanincali
Can't use...
After entering my username a personalized unique key appears but I've never set one up and there isn't an option to set one up...tired a few times but it looks like it's pulling someone else's key.
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