2.9 (59)
15.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shenzhen Intellirocks Tech Co. Ltd.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for iHomentLight

2.92 out of 5
59 Ratings
6 years ago, Caasimaple
Alright... but lacking.
Look. I know it’s been said before, but I will say it again: it’s missing some key things. I like the customization possibilities of something like this. But this is far too limited. Where is the rainbow mode? Why can I only set 4 colors? What about having multiple colors go around in lines, like a game of pong. Heck, I’m pretty sure it does some of these before it even connects for the first time, but once there... too bad. I was really hoping for more. It’s nice, but... much room for improvement. They advertise a rainbow. I want my rainbow.
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6 years ago, Jackie_Treehorn
Downloaded this app two minutes ago and apparently “the current app is an older version and does not support new devices.” Awesome. I also agree with other reviews. Very lacking, almost no options, especially compared to what our devices are theoretically capable of. 16 million colors? You give us six or something? Design the app so that it makes use of the devices capabilities, and so that we can create our own scenes and patterns, not just a few Marvin wang thought of. The timing of the pulses, changes, strobes, etc should be customizable. In short, I give this two stars. Yes, it’s an app. That’s one star. It changes my lights color, that’s the other. Beyond that, I think you can do better Marvin Wang. Also hire someone for whom English is a primary language when you go to write an app in English. Literally you could offer me $2.59 and I’d look at the app for six minutes and correct some basic English mistakes. Problem solved.
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6 years ago, Helsfasa
I use this app for my minger lights I got. The ui is clean but lacks some basics. I like the music modes and static color but the “scenes” are terrible. They have a couple weird scenes like romantic and date that are fairly pointless but don’t have basic modes you can find on most manual controllers like color fade and pulse. This strip is modular too so they could have a ton of customization options with it being controlled through an app instead of a physical controller. If they can add these basics I would bump up the rating.
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6 years ago, Shawdybadclapas
Very Good but I want more!
I think that this app has a very very very solid foundation, but I really hope more music modes are added plus new functionality for the awesome DIY mode. Also, if there is some way to get the music information locally on the phone rather than use the microphone for a cleaner music mode, that would be awesome as well. If nothing else, users really need to be able to select the threshold for microphone sensitivity
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6 years ago, Tt101-cc
Needs work but could be amazing
I bought these for the inside of my van. It definitely needs a sensitivity option because the lights pretty much just stay on the entire time. With low or high flashes. When you turn the music down it then gets the pauses in between of darkness. I also was looking forward for the rolling function but it’s not in this version of the app which is a disappointment
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6 years ago, Acetylene Torch
It will eavesdrop on your conversations
This app is super sketchy because it will ask to listen to your voice when you install, but it doesn’t give a reason why and there are no voice commands. Apple should be investigating it. Unfortunately this app is the only way to control the ambient light kit, but be forewarned that the light kit doesn’t work as advertised and if you’ve made this far then do yourself a favor and return this thing while you can. This ambient light kit is total garbage. This app is total garbage. It doesn’t work. You’ve been warned.
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6 years ago, nickfhs
Update killed brightness
One of the latest updates makes the lights not as bright. What’s up with that? I never would’ve updated if I knew it was going to make the lights darker... wish I knew that before updating. Other than that, the app works well with the light strip
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6 years ago, Dylan Alvey
Almost perfect
U.I is neat and well put together, very simple and easy to understand. The music reaction actually works better than I thought so I’m very happy about that! However I have other LEDs that can rotate through the spectrum of colors but I can’t do that with these lights. Hope they update it so that you can, it would make my room look awesome!
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6 years ago, Nope nope nope nope nope
They are working on it.
Needs something that rotates between the light spectrum and it would be amazing, right now it's missing anything like that, since blinking doesn't work. Edit: They actually reached out about improving, so I hope to see what they come up with!
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6 years ago, ttlordy92
these lights are fun but they need a rainbow mode function like on the advertising pictures where it’s a solid rainbow and/or a fading rainbow like on the cheaper LED strips. was pretty disappointed that that wasn’t on option like they make it out to be but they’re cool lights 🤷🏻‍♂️
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6 years ago, bearloverpr
Good and simple.
Is a simple but functional app with cool customization. The only problem is that does not connect after the latest iOS update. Waiting for bug fix.
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6 years ago, Phoenix1887
Good but please update
Good app but can you please update it with more features? Th light needs more color modes (like slow continuous fade between colors) moods, music color changing modes (like continuous feed between colors) etc thanks
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6 years ago, broncow22
Not working
These lights were working fine for several months until the latest update. Now my iphone 7plus will no longer connect to lights. Just kerps asking to to reconnect. I have deleted app and reinstalled but it still will not connect. The lights great but since update they cease to function except manually. To bad!!!
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6 years ago, william quinn
It worked fine until the update. And now it won’t even connect with my device. I’ve tried restarting my phone, I have even re-downloaded the app but to no avail. Help?
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6 years ago, Luca978653421
Does not conect
After the New IPhone update the lights don’t connect with the lights at all. These were my favorite lights but i spent extra money on the phone compatibility lights and at the moment i wish i saved my money cause i have to turn them on manually.
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6 years ago, woah!!
Please create an option for a single color to pulse in music mode. I don’t want all of the colors all of the time. Sometimes you want it to match the color of a room or theme.
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6 years ago, John Deere s690 combines
Needs updated
I want it to be able to do a wave of color, I thought it could when I bought it.
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4 years ago, 11232453
I want to be able to save colors and other things
Save colors, have it fluctuate between colors I pick etc
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2 years ago, ss7263857
Within App says it needs to be updated but there’s no update to do
Can’t even use it or the device I bought … except for on off.
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6 years ago, pony1223
Good app
Good app but needs slow continuous change of colors, and features such as that.
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6 years ago, Miriamhhhhhhhg
Old version
Old version. Download the Govee home app
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6 years ago, nguyenlam101
doesn’t work after a week
I don't know why but this app doesn't work anymore, I tried to reinstall but still the same thing. Really bad and the price for the stub doesn't cheap either.
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6 years ago, BradTmcc
Great but needs more
Great lights. Works perfect. Just needs more. More colors and actions.
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6 years ago, kameha waves
App not work with minger
Just purchased 3 sets of minger dreamcolor led and I can’t get the app to find none of the led strips I’m on a iPhone se and I’ve also tried with a iPhone 8 and neither can find the lights via blue tooth Is there another app I can try with these lights
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6 years ago, Gamer1876
Not connecting anymore after the new update !!!!
It was working great before and now it wouldn’t connect at all after the new update. I am going to return the lights!!!
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6 years ago, Fabian Mendoza
Brightness is too low
Recently updated to the newest version once I did I noticed the brightness was dramatically LOW!! So I figured I had to adjust it but that didn’t work.Light strips were strong enough to light up half my room from the back of my tv. PLEASE UPDATE THIS ASAP!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, SillyLilly;)
Lit Lights
Super awesome app that puts the control in your hands.
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6 years ago, amazonprime22
Bluetooth wont work
My lights connected to the app for a few weeks but it no longer connects
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6 years ago, pointer165
Not right away for some strange reason but once up, its a FUN LITTLE LITE FOR A ROOM
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6 years ago, ThisIsAVeryLongNickname
It doesn’t connect to app
I received my Minger lights in the mail today and they don’t even connect to the led strip. Waste of money.
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6 years ago, Squareking
Recent update reduced brightness 🔅
Disappointing update to what is a usually stable and enjoyable setup.
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6 years ago, Generatisimo
Doesn't connect to app
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3 years ago, iamaverycoolpersonlol
when the app doesn’t even work💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
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5 years ago, LvRemix
To the person above me!
Poop on you sucka foo!
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6 years ago, Buddy Lingus
I was a bit skeptical when I ordered the Minger LED strips from Amazon... most of the time apps for inexpensive products like this are a bit of a afterthought, but this is quite nice. 4 different kinds of sound response, sun rise/set modes, general on/off timer, 10 customizable preset slots. Nice clean UI too! One notably absent option is the ability to set specific portions of the strip to a static color. It would be nice be able to set a different color on a segment after routing it around a corner, or behind some furniture. You are also limited to 4 colors per preset, though there are 5 different types of animated effects, speed control, and a few styles... and you can change the brightness after setting the effect. More flexibility would be nice here, but these “DIY” modes do continue to run after the app is closed, so I understand this limitation.
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