Image Recognition And Searcher

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4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Image Recognition And Searcher

4.48 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
2 years ago, GamingIOS
Good but only 1 search then not free
I wanted to find the original photo I have. I tried to describe the photo on Google but I couldn’t find a similar photo, so I decided to use an app that can search it for you and I used this app, and it actually worked really well, the last photo I had was like different I wanted to find the original of it and I actually got it from this app. Yes it was only for 1 search and then after that you have to pay, but it was definitely worth it because I was trying to find that original photo for hours.
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2 years ago, Ole Skool 69
Well to soon BUT I love the idea
I haven’t really gave it a workout yet but it’s a great idea I’m trying to figure out the difference between it and google lenses it think off the bat it seemed a little pushy to go to premium and that effect’s the way people think or feel heck I drop that bing once and Firefox forever by the being so aggressive to get information. I might be some kinda nut but pickup on things like that and OneDrive is another that skating on thin ice but this app is cool hate to ramble but I know you don’t need the business but at least me I really don’t know when you guys come up with something new it’s just when I stumble across it. I know it’s scary basing things between google and average people using myself as a example but seems to work. See y’all next time as always keep up the good work. Ole Skool
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4 years ago, kayfra08
Needs major bug fixes but the idea is amazing
Ok, I’m just going to say it, this app is great! I searched an image of a plant I found in my backyard, and it told me exactly what it was ( assuming it was accurate) Then, when I went to search for another item, it wouldn’t even let me! Whenever I clicked the “import from camera” button, it would pop up saying I needed a subscription, which is crazy, because in the subscription details, it does not mention anything about unlimited photos. Another thing, it made me write this review. After attempting one or two photos, it asked me, “do you like this app? “ There was no X, and the “no” button was grayed out, so you couldn’t even click that. Once you clicked yes, it asked you if you would like to write a review, and this time, THERE WAS LITERALLY NO “NO” OPTION! In conclusion, it is a great app, and the idea is awesome, but they seriously need to fix some things.
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2 years ago, Dash darling
Found A Hard to Find Wallpaper Background
At my new job .. small office ..small computer loaded with this great background wall paper .. I also have to jump to front desk to help clients. I would always go back to my little computer to make wallpaper still accessible .. unfortunately I couldn’t adjust screen enough to like it and check keep as my permanent wall paper. A few days ago some genuine turned off my computer .. it rebooted if course my background was gone! Fortunately I had taken a pic of it!! I decided to check App Store to see if they’re was an app to help me find it. !! Lo and behold I found this one. as soon a plugged in the pic I found it! Great App!
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3 years ago, KlovesV
I used this app to price, date, and identity antique and collectible items that I want to list for sale online. My review is geared toward that. This app is not bad but it’s not really great either. Basically, it’s giving you a starting place quite a bit more ahead than if you began an item search on your own. You still have to wade through the net to price and date your items. Good luck on identifying maker’s marks and things like that. You’re gonna need it with this app! Having said that, there’s not really a bang on app for the kind of thing I use this one for and it’s worth it if you, like me, have many items to list. It saves just enough time!
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4 years ago, Wea$el7474
Remains to be seen
Good app I guess! Didn’t really get a chance to find out because before I even got the chance to take a pic it MADE ME give a review! And I’m not using the words “Made Me” lightly, it literally asked me if I like the app, and if I would like to write a review? The only problem was, it wasn’t a multiple choice question. The only answer I had to choose from was “Yes” So the ONLY reason why I’m even giving this review, and rating is due to a Close friend, Who highly recommended it! Otherwise I’d give it a big fat GOOSE EGG! Sorry just keeping it Real!
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4 years ago, Chicosangel
Not free
This app does not even deserve 1 star. I downloaded it then got a picture of a symbol from my photo gallery that I am trying to find out what type of symbol it is. After it searched the symbol it came back showing me steaks. Yes, steaks as in food. This was a symbol I was wanting to know what type. It was not food, not a steak, and looked nothing like any type if food. I started laughing. Thinking I did something wrong so I went to try it again. Only this time it came up for me to get the pro version and pay. The only way I could search anymore was to get a subscription. So, you can search one time but then if you want to search anymore then you have to pay to do it. My first was not even in the ball part. Worst app ever.
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5 years ago, Dubnasty Notes
Great searching ability.
I love this program because I have a crazy Ex girlfriend that was sending me photo’s claiming she was 3 months pregnant after I broke up with her because of her Narcissistic ways. She kept sending me photos of the so called “Ultra sound” pictures - come to find out she found photos on google or something and made a few changes. She thinks I’m a dummy but I used this program to prove how sick in the head she is. I guess I have a popular fetus because my baby’s all over google pictures.
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2 years ago, Damnyu
If you want to subscribe to see if it works, maybe…
Wouldn’t load the picture it took, tried again and asked it to rate before trying anything. Loaded a picture from my phone and it went to subscribe and wouldn’t do anything else. If it works then me and I’m sure many others will never know with poor business practices like this and I bet they sell whatever of your information they can get as well. I can understand a limited try but none? Not even going to give them more information since they won’t even give us a sample with no strings attached. But hey you’re money and personal information is yours to do whatever you wish.
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1 year ago, Shopify Life!
Don’t Bother!
It will give you 1 (one) image lookup that was not even remotely close to my image in the results. Then you will not be permitted to try a second image unless you sign up for the so called “3 day free trial” that bills you $49 if you keep the sign up active beyond 3days. BEWARE: Apps are now saying it is free for 3 days cancel anytime however once you sign up for the free trial, even when you cancel the subscription in minutes, they have this scam now that charges you the $49 and says even though you cancelled, your subscription is good until the given time your $49 they steal from you permits. It has happened to me from a popular video making app and many more!!!!
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1 year ago, JB2015.v2
Found it!
Not sure I’m using it right but here goes. Saw a woman on tv with a super cute heart sweater. Downloaded this app, snapped and photo and tried to find it. It opened a Google camera thing which I wasn’t expecting. Not sure if this was because app couldn’t find it or it always takes you to the 3 options to find the image. So I’m not sure if it’s the app that sound it or the magic of Google. I’ll definitely keep using this to see how it works for my searches.
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3 years ago, coralbeach
Fast results
Was able to select an image from my camera roll, crop to resize it, and paste it into search. Results were quick, and it identified the type of expression on my subject. However, it brought up only “visually similar” photos of my subject, and relying on the word, “happy”. I thought this was a reverse search app, that could find if the image’s persona was on other social networks
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3 years ago, Patty / SLC
Unsure still
IUploaded the app because I saw an insect that bothered me and did not know where it came from. So I figured out how to take an image off my phone and it did recognize and tell me what it was. I felt better and was really happy about the app until I tried it one more time just to be sure because my photos aren’t real clear and it would not let me do a second picture or a Search with multiple pictures so I could be sure that it would pick the same thing. So now I don’t believe I’ll use it because I have to pay to find out if it really does what I intended it to do.
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4 years ago, KelBel369
Image search
Great! Can find exactly what I’m looking 4 & anything looking 4 similar items. Things u don’t even think about, like my engine light went on then a icon came up, had no idea what it was, took a picture of it & this app told me what it was, what it did, how much it would cost, & much more. I can say after many years of using the App Store this is the #1 production app I’ve came across thus far
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2 years ago, UCSCLizzie
Useful without knowing it
I was looking up what type of tile my bathroom was decorated with, what time period it came from, but ALSO I had wanted to repair it l, seeing as in the photo you could see damage done by previous tenant. It looked up how to replace it and while I was looking for more or less the style in which it was fashioned in and it’s historical origin, this was helpful too!
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3 years ago, helloyouall!
Waste of time
I recommend not downloading this app. Not because it's not good, but because I didn't even get to see IF it was good. Clicked to paste an image, app crashed. Reopen, click again, now it says I MUST subscribe to use. All the options require a subscription. If your gonna advertise a FREE app, actually make a free app. If you can afford to make a free version and paid version, do us all a favor and don't make it at all. Review gets 1 star (0 if I could) only because poor developer actions. Either make it free to use or don't allow free downloads. Until then, trash. 🗑🗑🗑
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5 years ago, [ AEIOU]
High quality app used
This app possesses the capability of viewing, and locating images with ease while allowing other visible search engines to be acknowledged as an alternative without any sudden difficulty, this app is phenomenal for its use in service and I hope it doesn’t get removed from the App Store, because it would have been a mistake for them especially as a corporation
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1 year ago, Vance1969
Nailed what was a unknown tool to several
First attempt. Identified a screen repair roller. Found this in my shop where I had a long nail gone assistant. Pulled his tool out of the drawer and had no clue what it was. Got it the first time. And now it makes sense that it’s form and function correlate. I pondered it for two weeks. A screen tool repair roller it was
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2 years ago, Ranmaonehalf
Good thus far …
This app seems to be finding pics and similar other pics for comparison. We’ll have to work more with it. It certainly would be better for marketing if the prompts for feedback would come after a bit of time to use the app not immediately after download…
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3 years ago, PlumIslandMatty
Seeking The Identity of Unknown Stuff!! Read this.
Reverse Search is phenomenal at accurate detection even with many blurry images. I dig looking up random older items with partial lettering only discernible. This difficult task also turned up solid information. I think this is a magical app. Thank you.
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2 years ago, puttinupwiththepauls22
Tried Google goggles and Google lens And got “sorry try again” eventually gave up on it. Heard about this app, tried it off a single pick of a cocktail ring…..boom!! Up pops images of my ring with many similar in just over one second. Totally user friendly. Thank you sooooo much!!
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2 years ago, SteveTarr
Simple and fast
This app is very quick and easy to use. The depth of content is up to the Google standard, and appears to be very accurate. Of course, it adds opportunities to links that may be useful to your research, such as purchasing or definitions, and or history.
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2 years ago, LeeAngelO77
Quick, Easy, Informative
I have just started using this app, so far, I love it. Several options to choose from. Also the search an image is very quick and had several different options once image was located. I will use this a lot. LB
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2 years ago, BLToaster
Very handy app
I like how it pulls up a variety of information just in case the first option is wrong you have many other avenues you can follow to find exactly what you are looking for. Or what ever it is your trying to learn or find more imformation on. Thanks google!
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5 years ago, Mikie0914
Easy to use and fast!
I am not an internet wizard, but this app is so quick and easy, it feels like I am a wizardess! I am working on installing a table band saw and was questioning the type of bit to use to drill the wood work bench I am putting it on. One quick snap, opened it on Google and - abracadabra, there was the information I needed! And, I’m pretty proud of myself, I picked out the correct bit to use!
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3 years ago, f104ayoki
Great Tool
This is a really handy tool to have on your phone. I’m in the antique business and sometimes need help identifying items from days gone by. This app helps and no need to post item pictures to discussion boards and then wait on someone to answer.
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2 years ago, #idkyet
Not sure
So I just downloaded this app and literally before I can even see if I like it , I’m being hit with pop up after pop up about if I like the app rate it ect.. That is so annoying. Can I get a chance to use it before being bombarded with “Do I like it” “Rate it”. So with being forced into this screen to leave a review I’m giving my honest opinion as of Now. Idk if I like it yet…..
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3 years ago, GailFD
Ease of use
I had photographed a picture from the television tonight and wanted to identify it and found this app. It identified it right away And directed me to a website where I found out what the picture was immediately! Wow, I never imagined being able to do this in my life. It was fun!
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3 years ago, Momof4paws
Awesome app
I spent a ton of time trying to identify a weird spider. I tried so many ways to describe on Google but it never came up in the search. Installed this app, one click to upload the photo and in about two seconds it found the correct spider on Google.
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3 years ago, Shereearm
Fostoria Low Ball Cocktail Glass
I bought some glasses at a thrift shop but they only had five. I have searched for months trying to find a matching 6th glass. I could not believe it when it gave me the perfect match. Now I know the name of the glass, who made it, and where to buy it. AWESOME is all I can say about this app !!
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3 years ago, Terminator51720
Best of all
The very first time I use this app it not only identified the product but gave examples of exactly the same things that I took a photograph up in this case it was a picture of a black igneous rock However I took another image of a part component of a bong and it could not identify it
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2 years ago, TxCz
Easy to Use
This app is extremely easy to use. Simply take a picture, open the app, click on one button, select the picture from the phone photo gallery and get an instant result. Results appear to be accurate.
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3 years ago, Ib2Bz4u
Much easier then trying to guess what you have! Doesn’t always take you to exactly what you have but it does take you to very similar items great tool for someone that deals in vintage items or things that are not very common
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1 year ago, barefootassassin18
Functional and practical
The app is very easy to navigate and is very esay to understand. Everything is self-explanitory, and all functions are merely a touch or two away, making every function incredibly intuitive. Great job!!
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2 years ago, Adkins302
Incredible app!! It’s an extremely easy app to use and it is fast and it can definitely find any art that you happen to be looking for. Also if you can’t read the signature on the painting this app does it for you.
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4 years ago, Vintage lace lady
Quick and lots of choices
Just started using app. I’ve been searching where to find a spefic fishbowl and it found it from a gallery photo asap! However, next time I tried it asked for rating and than would not do anything unless I subscribe! Cancelling now!
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5 years ago, Ogtigerman
Dang this is great
Such a simple tool to find what you want fast and compare prices with other companies online. Just snap a picture and your web search becomes that much easier and faster. Thanks for making such an easy to use app. You nailed it!
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4 years ago, UserComptroller
Exceptional! But...
This app is a clear example of how all apps should work. It is fast, it does what the description says it would and you get the results you were looking for. The only problem I have is that after using it the first time the app is now locked with the screen that is asking me tu subscribe to the premium version. The "restore" option on the upper left corner doesn't work, the "X" on the upper right corner doesn't close that screen either. I'm removing this app from my phone right away.
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2 years ago, Joyous-ce
I only use this once
I only use this app once and it was successful. I was very happy to know what the object was. I believe it’s too early to rate this app, however if you need a rating after just one try it would be five stars.
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4 years ago, 6pd6
One picture searched. Now I am being asked to pay!
So many beautiful wallpapers come out on my computer screen and yet they are not identified. I was hoping this will finally tell me where they are in the world, so I can visit them! BUT after 1 picture upload, I was prompted to write a review, after uploading a 5-star review, I was being made to pay up for subscription. What?!!! Not even a flat fee but a weekly or monthly renewing one! Five is now one star, and only because I can’t put in zero! Goodbye!
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5 years ago, LisaAndHerDog
Be aware.
This is another app that makes it sound like you’re getting something for free (or ads. I’ll take ads even.) I downloaded it and searched ONE photo then couldn’t proceed unless I sign up for a free 3 day trial that turns into a subscription. Yeah you can cancel blah blah blah after going through an 8 step process trying to find where. I’m sick and tired of apps not being honest about what you’re getting and putting stuff in the fine print.
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3 years ago, enrico.24&59
Best pic app
Easy enough and that makes it so nice that we uses them all day long. I don’t miss out anymore on an outfit or a bag I see on a person crossing the street or the name of watcha macallit. Saved images to gallery upload which is fantonamle. Five stars
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2 years ago, YoBoobear
Picture search
I was searching for a package of Zig-zag that had the number 66 above the word France. I wanted to know the year they were made. Didn’t find a match but found the largest number of images to search.
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5 years ago, p03073158961
Stop asking!
Very annoyed at constantly being asked to write a review, every click, every image, every search, I’m interrupted by the “write a review” pop up! So here it is.... STOP asking every 10 seconds for a review!! I’ll review it when I want - I paid for the app, now let me use it and stop interrupting me!! As an image search tool, seems to work okay..... when I can actually get through the “write a review” pop ups and see the search results!
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3 years ago, Faye2425
What an experience. Terrific !
I’m hooked. Can’t put my phone down. Now I’m redecorating my nice bedroom into a beautiful bedroom. Finding things that my furniture would marry is fascinating. I’m able to use pictures to find complementary pieces. I’m now a furniture wedding planner. LOL
Show more
3 years ago, DrewAnG1270
Review after 1 Minute
I really can’t give a review after 1 minute...and this is the 2nd time I was promoted. The 1st time I answered a quick question and 30 seconds later another review. It asked if you liked the app and the only option was YES and it made you write a review. Let’s see if I can use this app once I hit the SEND. You’ve been warned!
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2 years ago, Ironhorse2180
Great feature
This app allows you to take a photo of something you have no idea what it is & it gives you very similar items, if not the item itself
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5 years ago, Adair Worlie
I couldn’t get past the ad for the upgrade after one search.
It appears google searches are free. If you want tandem or bing, you need the not-so-cheap subscription. Apps that appear free then assault you with upgrade ads of some sort? I delete them. Be up front in your app description. Then give me a choice and let me answer once every 20 uses or something. I couldn’t get past the ad after one search. There are better apps that don’t annoy me it get in my way. You’re gone-
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2 years ago, George the techie
Image described on the spot
The app allowed me to paste the image and immediately found the item and what it was used for presenting businesses that sell the item. It also offered variables of the object in question.
Show more
3 years ago, cocoloma
Good concept
I’ll give it a positive review based on the concept but after reading other reviews I would say that you guys should probably take a look at things and reevaluate your process of attaining reviews
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