Inc. Magazine App

4.7 (1.6K)
24.3 MB
Age rating
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Mansueto Ventures LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for Inc. Magazine App

4.66 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Chilepp
Love Inc.!
I’ve been reading Inc. for many years and it has always helped me tremendously with my business. Six months ago I read an article that inspired me to start another business and I’m now in the throes of developing the concept. I get so many ideas and inspirations from Inc. and the companies they feature that I feel like a race horse at the starting gate waiting for it to open and it’s taking too long!! Wish me luck with my new endeavor... my plan is to make it to the Inc. 5000 in the next few years!
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6 years ago, sharpening
Offline...for how long?
I’ve tried more than once - I download a magazine, or several of them, for offline viewing. Great - it says they are downloaded. A few days later I go into the app when I’m away from WiFi to read some of what I downloaded...and they are not downloaded any more. All the downloads are gone! I can read them...if I want to use my cellular thanks! When I open an issue, it seems like it downloads the whole thing before I can even read one page. If I exit the app and go back in, in one test, looking at the same issue at the same page I just opened used 17mb. Like I said no thanks! On top of that it seems like it uses data no matter what I do, whether I use the app or not. I’ve only looked at 1 issue of the magazine a couple times - everything else has been on WiFi, and it’s used 0.5GB cellular. Really? Not happy!
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6 years ago, PeterS2012
Like the new look
I’m a subscriber the new update made made reading the magazine a whole lot better on my phone. I also like that I can save articles to read on the subway without a connection. Good stuff. Keep it coming Inc!
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4 years ago, Mason Dupre
give clean & full article titles, huge UI/UX miss
The entire function of the app is. to. READ. and users can’t READ the titles of the articles not allowing for seamless use as they are paying for you to curate READING materials. You have to click each frame just to know completely what the story is about. Paired with not being able to sync my address in New Orleans that’s directly on one our the most famous streets in the city... I can’t get the paper bound publication. The entire reason I subscribed. Keep the $20. home screen edit, delete.
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5 years ago, BOTMADE
Best app on my phone
Spend some time on this app and it will change your life !!
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3 years ago, 2021HN
Very bad experience
It’s really a crappy service! Probably the worst I’ve ever experienced! I have purchased an Unlimited subscription. I can’t download any magazine in the App. I have paid for something that I can not access in anyway. I have tried to solve it sending emails through the ways indicated in all platforms and did not get any useful information. All very frustrating for a magazine I’ve used to respect…
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3 years ago, Indy Chris Miller
Dislike the Data Collection
I’m a subscriber but every time I’ve tried the app it’s never seem less enough to justify the amount of data they collect (and subsequently retain/sell to other 3rd parties). They are forward in their privacy policy agreement that they sell your information.
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7 years ago, cacaiston
Terrible service
I have been trying to download the monthly magazines for the last six months and I have not been able to accomplish it. I have sent emails to customer support and they just do not respond. Also, they do not answer their phone. I have deleted the App and install it again and still does not work. Frustrating to say the least.
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6 years ago, Satisfied Customer from CA.
Paid for an annual subscription and can’t access the content.
I am hopeful that tech support will be able to help me access the content that I paid to access 3 months ago, but so far it doesn’t look promising. The free content seems great, but lack of access to the paid content and slow tech support is causing me to submit a low customer experience rating.
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4 years ago, Squatsfordays
Thought it was a glitch
I thought the fact that each article only shows the first 3 words of the title was a glitch but then I saw the picture of the app in the App Store and it’s not. There is absolutely no way to know what the articles are about without clicking into it. It’s just “Mark Cuban...” “Rebecca Minkoff...”. Deleting and going back to web.
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7 years ago, Ft2016!
Awful, terrible app and uncaring, negligent support
It's so bad that double adjectives are required to describe the way things work for Inc on IOS. Been a subscriber for over 10 years and I have a paid subscription for 5 more years. If the only practical way to read the magazine in 2017 is on it's paper version that tells you a lot about Inc.
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5 years ago, MartinH.666
What is this?
Layout straight from the 90s, can’t even see the title of the article I’m supposed to read. INConsistency in font and capitalization. Not what I would expect from a publisher of that size and magnitude. It doesn’t matter if articles are of solid quality if I don’t get to them.
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6 years ago, benajfox
INC - My Vitual Mentor
Every month....does not fail to teach me and my company one thing or the other. Prof. INC.....Thank you, my mentor 👍🏽
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3 years ago, vp7900
Titles of the articles don’t give enough helpful information.
Not enough information to see if I want to read the article.
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4 years ago, Venkat9090
One of the slowest app
Not sure why the podcast takes 45 sec to start after playing. And most wired thing is the podcast turn-offs once the phone goes into sleep, this is most basic thing in developing an audio app.
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2 years ago, gman173
So I subscribed but then when I try to read the article on Google, they try to get me to re-subscribe and then when I’m reading on the app when I click on the magazine, it tries to again get more money out of you.
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7 years ago, NOVA2010
Try to open the new inc app and all I get is your stupid RETRY button!!!!!!! This app doesn’t even deserve a zero rating! What were they thinking at INC!? To even think of giving this app a one star rating is laughable!!!!! Since all I can get is your stupid RETRY button, perhaps you idiots should RETRY and build an app that WORKS!!!!!
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4 years ago, meggievoggie
Mobile browser interface far better than app
The layout of the app is less appealing than on my Chrome browser. Your app needs an upgrade.
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7 years ago, 4nguy
App does not rotate on iPad
Hey Inc iOS team, your app does not rotate from portrait to landscape when it's installed on iPad. Seems like a simple fix. Would be great if you can make that happen. Specially since when you go to your website on iOS device it asks you to install the app. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Like Favourites
No response from customer care
Paid twice for subscriptions. Sent request to customer service s week ago. Still no response. ( it’s not in junk Mail)
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6 years ago, Suni time
Inc. Magazine
Inc. is always on the positive side of the issues in their articles.
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8 years ago, 2creatives
Others here have said it all. Don't waste your money on a subscription. Can't log in, can't get past issues, saw it once and it's only oddly curated pieces of the magazine not the entire contents - LIKE BEFORE. INC. went from one of the best digitals ever to literally, below the worst. What were they thinking when they allowed this to replace the original? Would give it NO STARS if possible. First time ever, I'm letting subscription lapse. Such a shame.
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7 years ago, Positive Impact Leadership
A Frustrated User
Extremely frustrating. Have not been able to log into for 3 months. Note repeatedly says there is a problem with the server. Meanwhile I am getting notices of my subscription renewing in September.
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6 years ago, Pangolin74
When I push the on PDF the screen comes black a nothing happen :(
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7 years ago, MsMagpie
Articles will not load.
For several weeks none of the featured content loads. Have reinstalled and still nothing. Disappointing but since it is a free app expectations are low.
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4 years ago, james Cxxxx
Not receiving current issues...
Through apple app subscription not receiving the current magazine issues in spite of multiple requests to fix.
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1 year ago, Melodie5413
Subscription is NOT Expired
It won’t let me login. It keeps saying my subscription has expired but it hasn’t and it auto renews every year. Please fix your app!
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7 years ago, Dayton F.
Very slow
Disappointed in how slowly the articles load. Save the space and use the mobile site.
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5 years ago, 4doorthor
INC on iPad
After years of reading the publication via my pad, as much as I like the pad format, INC has never measured up. The e-zine isn’t lousy, but it is close.
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7 years ago, Primalanimal
Should be renamed INC doesn't load
I would say articles only load 20% of the time so don't really get read very many of their must read articles.
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4 years ago, notAfanoftheapp
Unreadable titles and articles
You're better off reading on their website. This app is not user friendly whatsoever.
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6 years ago, Drossi21
Still No Zoom!?
All of us makes mistakes, but to not correct them after so many bad reviews and feedback given, it’s simply foolish.
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5 years ago, Brassai22
Issues don’t show up
Horrible. The developer should be embarrassed for such a buggy and unprofessional job. Issues don’t show up.
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2 years ago, eugene's mother
Your application is inoperable online.
Your application is inoperable online for me. I am now attempting to apply for a refund. This is also hard. Too bad! I love INC.!
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4 years ago, Noo-shin
Recent issues missing
This is a clunky app. The new issue shows up but then disappears
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3 years ago, JFCotman
Good but could be simpler
The tablet/smartphone pdf version is best
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7 years ago, John DB 18
Doesn't work
Was able to download first issue but can't download the newest on.
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7 years ago, jv4121
Worst app ever
This is the worst magazine app ever. Have been trying to get it so I can read the magazine on my iPad for 3 months. Does not work!
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5 years ago, mkityhf
Brutal nav
Love inc and content. App interface an UI is brutal
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7 years ago, finncomics
can't log in
and hence this app is useless.
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12 years ago, time reader
Ok for first version, but...
It's great to have the magazine digitally. Given a choice between the two, I would take the digital version over paper, but I'm a strong adopter in this respect and can overlook some shortcomings. I now give away my paper copy as soon as I get it. However, the digital version needs to be improved greatly. The developer should borrow some design features from the NYTimes iPad app, such as: - the ability to select words and sections to copy, paste, highlight, and define - the ability to select different text sizes - the ability to save read articles in a separate tab or section The digital version is only a series of pictures of pages from the print version. This isn't the right design philosophy. The advantage of being digital is the ability to interact with the text and change the text size and copy and highlight it. This is an adequate first version but design expectations in the user audience have already evolved beyond this initial release. Lastly, integrate the app with Evernote. Evernote already offers best in class search and organization capabilities, such as the ability to group content in folders and tag articles. This would be a tremendous boon to all of the digital readers.
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10 years ago, LLATHOME
Wonderful magazine - I just can't read it on the iPad
For a magazine that features what is right in business its a shocking disappointment that they can't seem to produce a working iOS 8 update. It shows I have an active subscription and wants me to pay to download the current issue. Tried to bypass it today and it downloaded an issue for February 2012. Very sad and a waste of subscription money.
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8 years ago, pukwanna
Totally Useless
I've been a huge fan of Inc. Magazine since I was in high school, and they are letting me down big time with this app update. The old app worked great on my old iPad, and now it doesn't work at all on my old iPad or my new iPad Air 2. It won't let me even login and can't connect with the server. I paid to have access to the digital version with my print version, and now I feel like I'm paying for nothing. I've done work with apps and websites, and releasing such a poorly tested app is ridiculous. If you can't fix this app, push out the old version of the app or at least give your members rebates. Charging and not delivering is illegal.
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12 years ago, reva144
New Clipping Feature is Incredible
Finally, a digital magazine has got it right. I can finally clip an article, a picture, or a quote and save or share it. There aren't options to save it, but I email the clip to my evernote account and keep it all in one place. Pay attention Wired, Fast Company, et al, someone finally figured it out! If I had a blog, I would write a post about this! Thank you Inc.
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11 years ago, Jmpk77
Love the magazine but not the app
Great magazine. I was so thrilled there was an app to download ago I could access it easier. (I have the original iPad) Too bad it's so glitchy I can't read more than a few pages without it closing on me. There are all these cool features where you can snip and save articles, and blow up the pages to see them better... Except attempting to use any of them closes the app usually. And don't even get me started on that Cigna add you can't get out of. That's where I am currently stuck and I guess I'm going to have to uninstall then reinstall (for the second time and I'm not yet halfway through with the magazine).
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12 years ago, Kitesurfiver
Great Job
the Inc. app has some great features that other magazine apps do not, like being retina-ready for your new iPad. Please believe me when I say that you are only using only the very first version of the Inc. Magazine iPad app, and there are many great things they have planned for this app over the next few months. paper version is nice to have but do not hesitate keep your Inc Magazine on the iPad for ever.
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11 years ago, iParks
My favorite iPad Magazine
Although some of the adds are annoying, Inc. is my favorite magazine on my iPad. It is one of the few that allows me to easily take “clippings” and post them to Twitter, Camera Roll, etc. I really like the way it allows me to share! I read about 10 magazines on iPad but only get really excited when the new Inc is available to download.
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8 years ago, Ray Ray 5745
They ruined a perfectly good app
What happened? I'm getting ready to leave the country for three weeks and went out to make sure I had all the latest Inc's to read. Not only are all my old issues gone, but the app is almost unusable. Takes all the pleasure of flipping through a magazine away. Can't navigate in any reasonable way. This is not a case of not being willing to adapt to something new, this is just bad design. At least give us the option of using the old app style and introduce the new version as an alternative to see if people really want it.
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12 years ago, rainyeswindno
Great content and interface
I have a dozen magazine apps and Inc is hands down my favorite. Best content - relevant, positive and it's about real business in a useful way. It will give you the boost you need when you're working hard. Unlike other apps, it's implemented very well for reading on an iPad.
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9 years ago, TN JJ
Horrible for offline
The content is great however the ability to easily download for offline reading - like for long overseas flights - is horrible. It basically requires you to flip through each page while online, allow it to fully load before switching offline. I subscribe to several magazines on my ipad and this is the only one that makes it so difficult. It's almost not worth the effort.
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