Inovalon WFM

4.7 (20.4K)
9.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
ShiftHound, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Inovalon WFM

4.67 out of 5
20.4K Ratings
5 years ago, hawk53lady
My work schedule
This is the best system and communication for employee and employer, what so kool about Shifthound I can make my own schedule my employer always approve the days I requested lol yeah for me, omg you can pick extra day by just clicking on the day you want I schedule my vacation. I can do this on my smart phone any computer I am really looking forward for my employer let us clock in on our smart phone with shifthound app. I am 60 years old and shifthound is so so fabulous lol love the logo the “dogs” thank you. Mommy CL
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3 years ago, not much
Need to fix a prevalent bug
I would have given them one star if not that it was functioning well until they upgraded and seemed to create a bug that has not been addressed. When I updated to the newer version (AbilityWFM) as opposed to the older version (Shifthound) that’s when the trouble started. It won’t load and tried all the possible fixes and still don’t work. I am keeping my older phone where I have the older version of the app to use on my sked needs (and I’m not updating it) because the new new version on the new phone does not work. Tried everything from turning off the phone, deleting then downloading the app and it still won’t work. I just hope they don’t force update or that will be one of the reasons I’ll quit my nursing job at this hospital!!
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5 years ago, Pancakelover16
Change or delete
The ap is great when administers use it. The only problem I see at this moment is if you request the wrong day and need to change a vacation or personal day or delete the request altogether. There needs to be a way to change or delete the date.
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4 years ago, Add new levels
It’s a good app in the sense that it provides the information it needs to and is easy to navigate and use ... BUT ... it is always laggy. It sometimes never loads a page you click, or takes forever, and now there is a new problem that has caused me to write this review: the app doesn’t load at all! I try to open it but it is forever stuck on the loading page. The only thing that works is to delete the app, reinstall it, log in again, and then it works for only one use! Then it gets stuck on loading once you try to open it again.
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4 years ago, lyloRN
I like the app overall. It is nice to be able to see my schedule, who I am working with, and it syncs with my calendar on my phone. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because there is a notification when the schedule is changed but it doesn’t tell you what has changed. It may not even affect you. It would be nice if it told you what the change was and who made the change so you know if it involves you and whom you need to discuss it with if there is an issue.
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3 years ago, Dottedpink
Reliability is a joke
This app freezes up and doesn’t load the pages well.. I unfortunately have to use this app with my job scheduling and it’s a complete headache. Sometimes it will load and sometimes not. I have to depend on this app to show me what department of a hospital I am working in as we sometimes get floated to a different wing... nothing like walking in and having to go to a house supervisor asking “where am I at today?” Since I cannot see it for myself... undependable and unreliable wouldn’t have this otherwise besides for my job
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2 years ago, veronica m sanchez
Charge Rn
I hate that I can’t see the month schedule for my whole unit. We have to see when we need to cancel or call in. We need to see who has overtime and so. So I have to carry a paper copy at all time. I also would like to get a notification when anyone schedule changes. Since we go by the paper one. Sometimes we changes that no one informed of. I could suggest that maybe you make a virtual schedule on a computer so we can always see the schedule. I think you need a real nurse to give you ideas.
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3 years ago, eriinw
Ability Workforce App
This app is so helpful! I can see my shifts online. I can also offer or pick up additional shifts right from my phone. Great innovative app for working individuals like myself :).
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4 years ago, UniqueliiMade
The only reason I’m giving this app a one star it’s because as of late for the last three weeks I have been unable to use the app I open it and it just keeps loading and loading and loading and this is very frustrating as I use this for work to find out who I have come again please fix please run an update to fix this problem because it’s the app not the phone other than that when it did work it was the best tool to use for my job will update when app is fixed.
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4 years ago, Madaffodil
Not working
This app has not been working for more than a week. I just keep saying loading. The only way to see my shifts is if I dump the app and reinstall. Then it only works once. When I leave the app and go back in, it just keeps saying loading again and I have to delete and reinstall the app once again. They are not quick to fix the issues either. 😡👎🏼
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4 years ago, abyers18
Love it but it has kinks
I love being able to see open shifts and my schedule. However I have found myself needing to force close it and uninstall/reinstall after opening it a few times or else it’ll just stay on a loading screen until I completely close it or reinstall.
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4 years ago, saint-nic
Not working
My company requires this application to provide us with our work schedule. I recently updated my iPhone EXR with the latest update and since then the app stopped working. Every time I open the app it gets stuck in loading window. I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it for me to be able to access my schedule. Anytime I try to access the schedule after that it does not work. Please fix bugs.
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4 years ago, S.Wineman
Alright app, wouldn’t say awful but wouldn’t say great. Nice having it on the phone. Freezes all the time, often won’t load at all, and there aren’t many features. NO WAY AT ALL to contact support. People who use it and are the ones doing the schedule can’t even answer questions. Why does it say cleared on some of my shifts? It’ll say cleared for some, then it will say approved on others. This is referring to both past shifts and approved scheduled shifts. I cannot seem to get an answer. It makes no sense. It’s nice switching with the app, that’s convenient. Putting days in on the app is ridiculous. The website is fairly easy, but I feel like the training is poor. Overall, better systems are available.
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4 years ago, RNtravel517
Will not open since iOS 14 update
I recently updated my iPhone and since then the app no longer opens to my schedule. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times and it will let me log in once and then every time I try to open it after that it continues to show the three dots like it’s trying to open but never goes anywhere from there. It’s super frustrating as I need the schedule to pick up and access my Float pool shifts 😳
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4 years ago, 2342527
Crashes often on iPhone 11 Pro
The app hangs up often and certain interactions will cause the app to freeze 100% of the time including but not limited to opening “my calendar” then using the hamburger menu to access “department schedule”, or when using the hamburger menu drop down options. The app crashes with high frequency as well whenever jumping through different menus.
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4 years ago, jgyp22
App function poor
There are too many delays with the App. There are many times, about 50% of the time, when it doesn’t load in a timely manner or doesn’t load at all.
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3 years ago, Connor557
App doesn’t work anymore
For the past couple of days the app will not load no matter what I do. It stays loading for a couple of minutes and then says it’s timed out. It’s definitely a problem on your end because I have tried on multiple different networks, restarted my phone and have redownloaded the app twice. Guessing it’s a server issue Please fix so I can update my review
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4 years ago, Brittnayyyvvv
Great, still needs work though
Works great when it works! I love the fact that it syncs to the calendar. I love the idea of requesting shifts. I do not like the fact that it lags sometimes or you constantly have to close the app for get it to work. Fix that and it gets 5 stars
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4 years ago, bynum36
App not working
My app has been loading for days I take i off then install it again it works for a few mins then it’s back to loading again
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4 years ago, BATMAN Shinobi
What’s goin on????
App has worked great over the past 2-4 yrs. Inbthe past 2-3 weeks the app has been stalling and I have to delete and reload the app on to my iPhone X & now my 12 Pro Max. So what’s goin on?
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4 years ago, Ugo Anyanwu
Very Easy to Navigate !
I just started using this app a couple of days ago, and I feel like I have been using it for years ! That’s how easy it is !!
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4 years ago, Ben and jenn
It’s a good app
It’s a great app keep the work force up to date . But it can be better. It should be counter intuitive. You should have the ability to put pictures in the profiles. Ability to switch schedules in a fly
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4 years ago, corlisha
No service most of the time and it freezes
The server almost never working
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5 years ago, kmlayman
App doesn’t load frequently
The app often times out before loading the schedule, and the home screen often doesn’t fully load. Would love the app if it worked all the time!
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3 years ago, cmckenrick
Worse app on iPhone
It does not keep you logged in, and can never get back on without requests of new passwords
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5 years ago, untimley
Terrible and slow lack of options
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4 years ago, Murse14
You have to fix this issue
Having the same problem as many recent reviewer. App gets stuck on the loading screen and the only way to fix it is to reinstall that app. And then the app only works once. Only writing this review in hopes that developer reads it and fixes the problem.
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3 years ago, Chalkchick13
User unfriendly
This app takes forever to load. You can’t look up another person’s schedule to easily see if you can trade shifts or even to easily figure out who you could trade shifts with. Amion was much more intuitive and visually appealing. The only benefit this has is that you can offer up and swap shifts on your own. I truly hate this app
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3 years ago, Buppalepcien
So much better…
Simple and straightforward compared to other apps, particularly with the informational texts.
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3 years ago, Kittykat_4411
Department schedule tab gone??
What happened to the department schedule tab? It’s completely gone. It was useful to see who you were going to work with and who was on shift from other departments. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Crispy2byte
Needs improvement
Takes a long time to load schedules and often crashes. This app needs improvement for easier use
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4 years ago, reimegreview
Crashes too often
The app crashes more often than not where I end up having to reload the app several times for it to work. And when I finally get it to work it will only last a little while and will start crashing again.
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2 years ago, ProCreator91
Unable to view schedule
Companies need to start using a reliable way for employees to view their schedule, because this is far from it. If companies use this, then it's not a company worth working for since you won't be able to see when you're scheduled to work.
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2 years ago, reikilila
Glitches in system
The App does not portray the correct shifts when compare to the supervisors schedule and I was taken off the schedule on the shift hound app but not on the supervisor schedule and missed a day of work because of this please fix the glitches in your app
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3 years ago, sodummy
Full time
It would be nice if staffing used this system for full timers when they are floating instead of us having to find out when we get to work.
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5 years ago, Juliana7488
Very convenient
This app is very convenient for our work schedules however it can run slow - most of the time. It needs more frequent updates. We use this at work and it takes time to load up.
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2 years ago, lisaopinion
Great app
I love this app it works great for scheduling and I haven’t had any issues or problems at all
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3 years ago, Vivian A. RN
Nice Software!
This system is superb!! It has a lot of flexibility, easy to use and the superview is next to none!
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3 years ago, Chyna Ross
Excellent service
Always great to have to know how your scheduling is available
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4 years ago, Ang Oso
Crashes often
The app crashes frequently. It would be nice if you could see shift times in the calendar view.
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5 years ago, ALMARUTH
The best thing there is , in doing your schedule , I really appreciate that our hospital is allowing for us to use this application! Thank you
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4 years ago, Esquito
A work tool!
This app is my best friend to keep track of my work days since they are different every week.
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4 years ago, jzalez098
Problems loading app
Some bug problems with the app. Last week it was working fine this week the app isn’t losing even after repeatedly exiting and accessing app
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2 years ago, lil people2
It is very difficult to punch in and Out of SmartForce. It says my device is not compatible.
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2 years ago, ability website
No help on this Ability Website
I can’t keep my password on the website I have to continue putting putting it in every time I use the web side and I texted you to help me reset it I don’t know what steps I have to do and there was no help. That’s not good customer service.
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5 years ago, Cpolsen
Like shift hound and gives you the opportunity to pick up shifts when available and keeping staffing ratios in compliance Thanks shift town
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4 years ago, Landii87
For the past few weeks I’ve been having issues with the app. It constantly says loading but never pulls up my schedule. I’ve had to reinstall various times and it’s still doing the same thing.
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4 years ago, Nipt49
One big downfall
As a nurse who rotates shifts, i wish there was a quicker way to view if I was working day or night shift from the “My Calendar” page instead of having to click on each individual day.
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5 years ago, IDOKOz
Good but....
As much as this app is exceptional, what makes it so has been taken away. Now it’s not that much different from a schedule board! The “DEPARTMENTAL SCHEDULE” option is what is great about it and needs to be restored
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4 years ago, manasach
Won’t load
Constantly have to delete the app and reinstall it in order for me to login end it only works once then I have to reinstall it and install it back in in order for me to check. What’s going on? Is it going to be fix?
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