Insightly CRM

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Insightly CRM

4.36 out of 5
270 Ratings
7 years ago, sw100
Great mobile app- almost better than the pc/web version
1st...i started using insightly a while ago, but the strayed to another CRM- Plan Plus Online. Within a very short period of time I was missing the intuitive, flexible, and well engineered Insightly and switched back. The web version is very good (assuming that you pay some money- not very expensive for what you get, though), but I found the mobile version to be most useful. I down loaded the mobile app to Ipad and iphone. Using phone to enter data is a little clunky, not because of insightly, but because entering data on iphone is clunky...period. Using the Ipad is very easy. Quite honestly, I use the mobile version on the Ipad even more that online version. The only thing I would request is to allow for Native ABC prioritizing for tasks. Right now while insightly does group by priorities (low, normal, high) there is no Native way to order within priority group. However I got around, but putting "A1", "B1", "C1" etc. in front of each task. The tasks are then grouped by priority and also ordered within priority groups. Adds a little more work , but works pretty well. All in al I give Insightly mobile app a thumps up!
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3 years ago, mrbrindi
Watch out for their auto renewal policy!!!!
I was a subscriber for 3 years and no longer had a need for their service. Overall the user interface is decent and it was easy to upload or download data from their CRM. My biggest gripe with them is the way they handle their auto renewals payments. To make it easy to handle the annual renewal I provided my credit card info. Big mistake! Prior to the membership expiring, I knew I wasn’t going to renew my membership so I did not update my credit card info that expired several months before the actual renewal was due. On the day the subscription expired, I noticed a charge for the entire annual renewal fee. So even if you have expired credit card info in their system, they will somehow find your updated credit card info and charge your card. If this is how they run their business, I’m glad I stopped using them. Like many tech companies they don’t want to invest in a customer phone line so I had to resolve my issue via email which they agreed to reimburse me but in a very, “we’re doing you a favor” tone. If this is part of their term and conditions, then run the other way. By the way, if they charge your card, there are no refunds either even on a pro rated basis for the annual membership. DON’T USE THEM UNTIL YOU READ THE FINE PRINT ON THEIR CANCELLATION POLICY.
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5 years ago, tommunds
Im back!
I’m pretty busy and I am a one-man band and it took me more than six months to set up Insightly with Contacts and learning how to use the program. I began in 2014 and only because of duplicity and placing my information into locations I decided to stop using Insightly. Here I am in 2020, and since 2014 I have thought about what I wanted in a CRM that’s better than unsightly is and even tried several of them and none of them measured up and that was back in 2014. As you may or may not know a lot of work has been done since 2014 and I was really surprised at how much work they were actually done to make the program even better. I can’t really afford the current rate to utilize the program (since they dropped the 15/mo option) but I am hoping my increased effectiveness will be more than worth it and will be a more than fair sacrifice! I am very pleased that I am back and plan to use the program fully. Thank you INSIGHTLY!
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4 years ago, HeadSpaceCarving
No point to the mobile/iPad app *UPDATE*
Pretty good to follow activities and to get client info while on the road. I spoke too soon. It isn’t the web platform but it does a decent job of serving up the information we need. ______________ The web interface is robust. The app really isn’t. I can’t see the point in using a stripped down version of the great web platform when it works so well in Chrome on my iPad. We’re fans of Insightly but the apps are bad, unnecessarily limited, and shadow of what the platform really provides. Oh well.
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3 years ago, space-dawg
Confusing and limited
I’ve been using Insightly for +3 years now and am seriously shopping for a good project manager which I need more than a CRM. Insightly seems to be a CRM first and the project mgt is an after thought. I also find Insightly very buggy. I have odd issues were all the data appears to be entered correctly but not showing up in queries correctly. So I’m working diligently to drop Insightly partially because of this apps poor functionality on the project mgt side. All projects I’ve ever worked on show up and not just current ones. To me it is far from intuitive and I can’t filter project types. I find it very frustrating and confusing to use and doesn’t work at all when not online like Omni focus or other app I’ve used to. Looking seriously at Mondays and Trello.
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6 years ago, terrible CRM be warned
The absolute worst CRM I’ve ever worked with
I could go on and on about this CRM, but I’ll be brief to warn those looking for CRM that will help track your tasks and sales cycle. This doesn’t only include the mobile app but Insightly itself. Mobile: Unfortunately, in the real world when you talk to a customer you complete that task, but usually that requires another action-you’re out of luck with Insightly. When you complete a task there is no option for follow up, should be automatic, it’s gone. Know I’m required to complete three additional steps to schedule another follow up-ridiculous! Again, I could go on and on about the very poor design of this app. Website: I will just tell you this be prepared to spend countless hours trying to work with Insightly and design the CRM to fit your needs. This CRM is NOT user friendly AT ALL!!! Again, I’ve been working with a wide variety of CRM’s for over 20 years and this, is without question, the worst I’ve ever worked with. I can assure you I did not select this software and I do not work for another CRM developer. You are warned-be prepared to loose several hours of potential sales trying to be the developer of this software. Horrible!
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6 years ago, nwinslow
They keep improving
I’ve been using this crm for a while now and although I mostly use the desktop version, iPad and phone apps are on point. I had issues with tasks and projects not deleting/syncing correctly on iPad and mobile versions. I’d see an old project that I know was deleted but for some reason was still appearing. When clicked, it would say “this project is no longer available”. I found simply refreshing fixed this. The gmail integration is especially useful.
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6 years ago, Cloud wizard
Could be a 4-star if not for one annoying bug
I choose Insightly after comparing several other CRM tools for my own advisory service. I like it so far. But its mobile tool has this one annoying bug that entering Chinese on iPhone with Ping Ying has the characters strangely multiplied automatically and almost impossible to enter Chinese names or texts on Insightly. Given I use mobile 99% of time and work with contacts if both English names and Chinese names, this is really frustrating. This bug is in the previous version and the new version. Hope Insightly fixes it soon. Then I will rate it as a 4-Star.
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6 years ago, Football drew
Great app for medical sales rep
Love the app! I enter tasks and set dates for reminders, etc to keep me organized. Within the organizations you can add notes, tasks, events etc, and even link to other organizations or contacts. I wish I could organize my contacts/organizations by geographic regions on this app, but other than that this app works great!
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2 years ago, yaldjkfjdofi
Horrible Customer Service
I have been attempting to get our information deleted so we can start from scratch. We had a paid account and dropped the CRM at one point. We are wanting to make it our CRM and upgrade out plan but it is impossible to get someone on the phone or a response to a support ticket. I have tried everything and no one ever gets back with me or responds to my support ticket. Now I just get an email that says my support ticket is closed because I don’t have a paid account but it won’t let me upgrade my account or delete my information myself.
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2 years ago, Wholesale Aesthetics, LLC
App crashes constantly
Insightly is a good CRM. Several months again the iPhone app started crashing. I did all the trouble shooting I could. Clean install update app and phone software, but every time I alter the date or make a simple adjustment to a task, the app crashes. The development team can’t reproduce it, so the issue has been on the back burner for months without any resolution. Hoping for aun update to fix this… someday…
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7 years ago, Bliss199
Finally found THE ONE
I’m new but have been completely impressed with Insightly after trying out at least 10 similar programs. We’re still working on our customizations but at this point, I would say —- this is the one you want!
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6 years ago, okaygrace
Mobile App rules (way more than the desktop version)
I really like how easy it is to navigate all the functions of Insightly on the app - VERY intuitive and less cumbersome than the desktop version, especially the search bar it takes me right to the different categories.
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7 years ago, cortneywing1
Good Product -Too Expensive
The current monthly fees are a little excessive for my use. I am not a corporation and need to use it only for basic things. I love the accessibility and function. Wish they still had the basic option but they took it away.
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4 years ago, Alexis Schreier
iOS app has seen improvement!
I love insightly. The web app helps me get a lot done. The iOS app is good to it has seen some great new features added recently like organizing tasks by date and compact mode like the web version! Great job. There are still some annoying bugs though. I can’t access the settings, every time I click on the settings while app freezes. Please keep up the good work! I am hopeful that the insightly team will make the iOS app better!
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7 years ago, Bigtuna36
Great Mobile Alternative to Desktop
As an outside sales rep having a mobile CRM application that seamlessly syncs with desktop is extremely pertinent. Does it do everything I want? Almost. ...and it gets better with every update! Thanks Insightly!
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4 years ago, WSHTG
Needs feature
It needs to have an offline feature so we can edit and then update. I’m out of cell service with customers and I can’t update information.
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7 years ago, ABJ2010
Find an alternative
Almost decent app, poor software. Insightly gives 1/5 the space of other CRM offerings at the same or lower price point. The app frequently crashes and does not regularly sync with the cloud version. Overall experience with customer service has also been frustrating. Going with less annoying CRM or batchbooks next project.
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7 years ago, ATL resident
So far, so very good!
Very pleased with the intuitive nature of the app and the ease with which features, notes and tasks can be accessed as well as added. So for two months this app has been golden...well done!
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6 years ago, si88is
In the end I found out that what I really needed was project management software rather than a CRM. My experience with Insightly has been quite positive as much as I have used it.
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6 years ago, bcmn1
Helpful app
The Insightly app is super helpful for managing contacts on the fly. Overall, nice integration. Limitations between the app and the desktop version around power filtering is the only thing I’d change Otherwise terrific
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6 years ago, KevWil6409
Love this app
I am in BD and I use this every day. It does a great job of keeping all of the information regarding a potential opportunity and takes it home all the way to a project. Great job mobile team!
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1 year ago, NKStrong
Why is this even available in the app store?
There is no support for this desktop app on Mac. It functions nothing like on the web. I'm not even sure why they made this available as a download for Macs if they weren't going to build it properly or offer support for it. Do yourself a favor and use Monday. Better platform and actual Mac support.
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7 years ago, Efficient Tint
Great CRM
I have a small company that I operate with my wife. This CRM is very easy to use and super robust. Can do amazing stuff. I recommend it to anyone needing to organize their customers in a while new way. Thank you Insightly.
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7 years ago, Montuak
Can't wait for the next update
Just started to use Insightly. It's been great and the mobile app has been tremendous!! Can't wait for the next update
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4 years ago, johnmac0576
Newest update is a fail
I used to like this app to keep an eye on workflows when out of the office. I could see recent activity on the home screen and my task list showed related organizations. The recent update destroyed every useful thing making the app completely unusable for even the simplest tasks. Whoever thought this was an improvement should be fired.
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6 years ago, TheFabJen
Card scanning not working
The iOS version doesn’t let you scan business cards through the app. All other functions are good, it’s just frustrating that I can’t use this feature.
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7 years ago, Jwork3000
Just a great mobile app
My team has been using Insightly for a while and the mobile app been a huge asset for us!! Great work!
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5 years ago, amatthews75
Easy to use and very efficient!
I especially love the business card scanner that will import leads for you!
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7 years ago, Etom14
Great app!
Easy to use interface. Like the ability to add other calendars and import my phone contacts to Insightly.
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7 years ago, Wil dav
Works well and helps me get things done
I definitely benefit from using those app work my business.
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5 years ago, Chiquitalina
I Love Insightly App
This App has definitely been a great tool for me when I’ve on the go!!! Full Access to All my case accounts!
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6 years ago, Raazmataz
Read my email? No thank you
According to the initial permission asked for at the outset before you’re even allowed into the app you have to agree to allow people you have no clue who they are and what their motives might be full, unfettered access to your email-you have got to be joking-thanks and not a chance
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6 years ago, Panda1007
Not working
This app used to work fine for me, but now all I can use it for is to look up contact info. Any changes, notes etc results in a “save failed” which defeats the whole purpose of having the app for me
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5 years ago, JPS Interop Int
Great on the go CRM
Insightly is a great tool on my daily sales activities. I had managed sales departments with other solutions and frankly Insightly is the same as many other famous CRMs.
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7 years ago, JJrockafeller
A must for any business
Insightly is a great, simple and affordable CRM app for any business. Keep tabs on everything.
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3 years ago, bbkomdn
Bug in calendar integration
There seems to be a bug in two way calendar sync .
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6 years ago, Giangelo123
Great Change!!
I hated Insightly’s app before. After the update with the face lift and a few bugs, the app is PERFECT! Best CRM app I’ve used so far.
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4 years ago, Hat that Apple is finally allowing this software.
Record Keeping!!!
Keeping me organized everyday.
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4 years ago, ACTO#1
Don’t waste your time or money!
We have used Insightly for almost two years. Let’s just say there support is non-existent. It doesn’t work ever remotely. Have lost data while inputting countless times. If you are serious about using and integrating a CRM. Go somewhere else!
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7 years ago, Dan22224444
Amazing easy-to-use App!
Perfect compliment to the web application. Love using this app on the road.
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4 years ago, the next orchid
Super app on the go
So easy to keep up with client activity on road.
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3 years ago, lead status bug
Lead status bug
It’s a good app but has a bug where if I’m on mobile it won’t let me change the status of a lead.
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6 years ago, Jimg12
Not Ready for Market
I have been using Insightly for roughly 2 years now and looking to make a change. Serious issues that doesn’t get resolved. Upgraded our software package to use Dashboards only to find out its not ready on the Mobile App. Today’s world of Smartphones and your Mobil app doesn’t work? Large email groups don’t work as described. Mobile App duplicates all you contacts then deletes all of them. Contacts jump into organizations they don’t belong to.
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2 years ago, super invester
Helps me be much more organized
So far best CRM I ever used
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6 years ago, pjl 72
Great app.
Really like the features like call logging.
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5 years ago, kdrsales
Excellent product
One of the best I have seen!
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4 years ago, mohitk
Amazing update! And DASHBOARDS!!!
The app is blazing fast with this new update and great to see my dashboards.. loving it.
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7 years ago, Jdcaro55
App closes automatically
Do not download this app! When I try to edit an Opportunity, the app just shuts down. Tried reinstalling several times and nothing works!
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7 years ago, CoreyBoForey7
Best CRM
By far the best and most insightful CRM my team and I have used!!
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