Insperity Mobile

4.7 (28.1K)
48 MB
Age rating
Current version
Insperity, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Insperity Mobile

4.7 out of 5
28.1K Ratings
4 years ago, rrrrrog
Most convenient!!!
I have never had any issues with this app. I use it to track my PTO, see my paycheck details, but often use it when I can’t find my insurance card and always celebrate this convenient app for having it safely in one place!!! Insperity always seems to come through! I’ve been with Paychex in the past and it would take days for me to get something or to then right department. On all levels, Insperity’s attention to detail and customer service are a premium level. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 months ago, rootytootoot
First, making a quick punch was a great thing but then for months the finger touch button was in the wrong location. They finally fixed that so that was good. But, the IN button and the OUT button is so small and stacked - which means thee are times my finger accidentally hits the wrong button then my manager has to correct it for me, which is annoying for us both. I don’t know when I haven’t punched properly either because it doesn’t show the time I punched in and out after I’ve done so.(like it does when you don’t use the quick punch.) I would stop using the quick punch for these reasons but I also cannot figure out how to find the other screen to punch in now. It’s all so frustrating! Why can’t there be an easier way to navigate for punching in and out ?!??
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4 years ago, Cleverman17
This app doesn’t work properly
It displays my personnel information in Eurodollars not US dollars. I am unable to fix it. I called Insperity HQ and asked for help. They suggest I cancel and reload the app. I did that. Still comes up with Eurodollars for my paycheck numbers. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Rjpeaches
Constant Login Issues, Will Change your Password
This app likes to have excessive point verification and insists on changing your password and login information without your permission on its own whenever it decides it wants to. Expect to have a very glitchy experience with the app and to have a difficult experience when trying to login to get your personal information. Nobody will answer the hotline number that they give you to call on weekends after they change your password on their own. The security on this app is heavier than the pentagons and unnecessarily so in a way that will bother you to the point of screaming into your phone.
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11 months ago, Moises Elizalde
This app makes me want to punch in… ITS FACE!!!
Very often when i clock in, it clocks me out a minute later… but i think its because when i select Punch Out in the PM it reverts to Punch In. The issue is that it wont keep your selection unless you play with it for a minute to make sure it keeps your Punch Out selection, otherwise your going to Punch In in the PM which will clock you out in the AM, thats a stupid feature… If yall fix this, i will change my rating to 4 stars. Also please allow to make time correction on the app, and please allow requests to delete Punch Ins/Outs.
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2 years ago, Roadtoad 1
Uber stress
Why cannot I make simple edits. Terrible I want to cry every day I have to get a edit fro some one. When I log in it will log me out with out me knowing. I get a 30: min lunch no warning when I go over by one min. When I change jobs I cannot find the customer but I have a job number software won’t find it even though it is right there I have to manually search. stupid software won’t won’t show this weeks punches so I find a previous punch. Ya’ll need to just quite this nonsense. I think your software should be banned, it violates basic human rights.
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5 years ago, 1 Berzerker
No good
Good luck trying to access your information. Tried to log in after some time since I’m not on it every week. Says information is wrong although I never changed a thing since signing up. Tried to use the forgot password link and after entering all my information and answering security questions, get an error message about their page. They may be good at processing your payroll but if you can’t access your own information like they promise, what good is it. I also have a 401k with them and can’t access that either. Really don’t like them.
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5 months ago, Patches0425
This app is the worst app ever created!!!
I hate the Insperity app and full site version. I literally have nothing good to say about it. As a manager I should be able to take a vacation without having to do clock ring errors & payroll bc your stupid program does not have a feature that allows an ASM access. I should be able to move my salary hours around during the week, it should not be M-F only!! The app constantly, constantly has issues forcing my employees to not be able to clock in, double clocks them in or out. WORST APP EVER!!!
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5 years ago, Netflix bugs!!!
Worst app for login
This is the by war the worst app I have used when it comes to logging in and getting your information. It doesn’t recognize my own password!!!!!! I cannot believe App Store allows for fraud like this to exist, the app that doesn’t even allow its customers to login!!!!
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6 years ago, ratdosjr
Insperity App
I like the app is great to use when you do not a laptop and you need to look at pay info. The app also show 401k information. I enjoy the app it is way to log on the Premier website with a computer.I love the easy access.
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6 years ago, HikingCellist
Nice Enhancements
Very convenient for looking up payroll deposits, 401k performance, and vacation accrual. Also provides remaining balance on FSA, access to benefits information, and Insurance Cards. All available faster and easier than using multiple other websites and apps.
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2 years ago, RockyBeck
This app works when it wants too. It is a hassle every morning to clock in. I have to wake up 15-30 minutes early just to like warm it up. It is ridiculous.
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6 months ago, themisterpeacedude
Horrible App
As an employee of a company that chooses to use this app, I absolutely hate it. It’s the most non-user friendly piece of garbage that I’ve ever used. While needing to enter my work-email, the field was grayed out, un-selectable to add the email, instead, it had my personal email in the box. When I went to apply for Health benefits/insurance, the last box “Enroll Now” was also grayed out. This has been immensely frustrating, and a huge waste of time.
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3 years ago, Huseyin Altas
I was not expecting there was Insperity mobile app. I installed and seems everything great. It should be improved with more functionalities that we are able to use in the website.
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1 year ago, Insperity-client
I love this app
The UI gives me everything I need without having to go to the the full site (though that’s an option too). I can see my paycheck, 401(k) balance, UHC Med insurance card, clock in and out, etc. etc.
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1 year ago, Kylar182
Way Better
So much better than our previous app that came with our old Payroll Provider. A lot more options and no errors / crashing.
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4 months ago, KW Spielmann
Needed to reinstall
When overseas the app doesn’t work. This has happened multiple times. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug. However, when I got back home this time it still told me “Service unavailable“. Reinstalling the app, solved the problem,
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6 years ago, Grimstead
Easy access to all the info you need!
I love this app! I use it to view my paycheck stubs and PTO time. It's also great to check 401k balances. I love the upgrade that now shows annual rate of return on the 401k as well as a pie chart for the breakdown of each check.
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2 years ago, kenp66
Great, logical and easy to use!
Love this app. I have used others before that were so difficult to use, but this app hits it out of the park for simplicity of use. Great job developers!!
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4 years ago, 01emankcin10
Login Does Not Work
I can’t log in. The portal doesn’t work. I’m copying my passwords from my password manager while logged in from a browser but the app says they’re invalid or tried to make me change my password saying it’s expired only to have it say I can’t use the imputed new password because it’s been used before (which is definitely not true as it said that after I used a randomly generated sequence of characters). Absolutely useless app
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2 years ago, xaxlxs
Easy to use
Easy way to view your check stub, submit time off requests and approve you time card!
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4 years ago, KimbertheBee
Decent but no Timestar access
I like the features the app has but I only downloaded it to be able to update my time sheet and I can’t. I don’t mean punch in/out but I mean select a contract, record hours, provide a comment, etc. I’m surprised it’s missing since you can’t do it from the mobile site either
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3 years ago, Techno Nomad Jedi
Deduction details on iPhone app
Please start writing into long hand definitions of the definitions rather than abbreviations . There’s plenty of space for a full description
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2 years ago, Ga Tech Girl
Intuitive and easy to use! Thank you for considering the end user experience.
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1 year ago, Pinkpanther621
Worst pay app ever
NOT user friendly. difficult to log in daily. Too many different options to see your punch in/ punch out times. Doesn’t really tell you anything unless you click on the link VIEW FULL SITE and log in again just a useless app and it shows all employees email address don’t waste your time on this app
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8 months ago, JEC1237
Very poor customer service
Very little help when I had a tax issue working in one state and living in another. I’m going to be paying a lot in back taxes because no one would take my issue seriously. Customer service is awful. Maybe this will invoke a response for someone to actually help me.
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2 years ago, Ikashank
Missing the best features
It’s missing some of the most important features in this app which basically renders the app useless. I’d like to be able to: Manage my hours Employee approve the paycheck
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3 years ago, spflker
Quick n Easy
Fast and straightforward forward
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1 year ago, nicklee1996
401K rate of return removed
Within in the last couple of updates, the rate of return box in the 401k section was removed. Will this feature ever be brought back?
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2 years ago, ariel.marte
The apps is ok
I would like to see my pay check the physical form as a display on the app
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11 months ago, Lt. Leordi GaForge.
When I change my password, as this system periodically mandates, it shouldn’t brick the fingerprint login function. But here we are, with it not letting me login with my touchID, even though I’ve changed my password and followed all the instructions.
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2 weeks ago, Dolche1
Log in
The time clock in system that has to go through the main page to clock in and out is time consuming it should be directly without having to log on to the full page from the app.
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5 years ago, New kid on tge block
Insperity Premier
Easy to use. Both as an employer and employee. I can even pull up my medical card 😃
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1 month ago, Jo -G
Mobile App needs improving
Cannot do much on the mobile app other than look at paycheck. No option to print or email them. No section to see my signed documents/policies.
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3 years ago, MikeInSATX
Very disappointed
As an employee, I can’t update my time card on this app. As a supervisor, I can’t approve employee time cards. There are lots of other things missing from this app that leave you wanting more as both a supervisor and an employee
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2 years ago, BSchilir
Great app
Intuitive and easy to use, as an app like this should be.
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2 weeks ago, Hahahahahahahagahahahah
Honest review
The offline mode is a complete problem it does not take punches accurately also the app will change or not take punches then we are left to sit with mana meant to deal with them. There needs to be serious r and d to the app to make it better quality
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2 years ago, RWE44
Quick and easy
Great job
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8 months ago, Khaleel Shingaly
Easy to track your earnings
The app is great and easy to use.
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3 years ago, Addicted to Groupon
Not useful for employees
When trying to input daily time into timesheet the option is unavailable. It seems to populate eight hours a day not allowing you to adjust the time as you’ve worked. Site looks great but it’s not functional.
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4 months ago, Simply illiterate
Never works properly
Always at login it will act as you have a incorrect password. Never lets you login and is just always bugging out. Just giving honest reviews.
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3 years ago, nobody1837483!
Serves the purpose.
I have no complaints about the app.
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3 years ago, CasDotK
So far so well!
For some reason my earned PTO isn’t accurate. However the app is great besides that accrual detail.
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2 years ago, FlashNam
It would be great if they had video tutorials about how to fix/ report a missing a punch in or out.
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2 years ago, simplemelissa
Antiquated Tech
The technology is old, clunky and in no way modern. There are zero integrations. Customer support takes 2 week to respond and longer to process (if at all). Plus their medical plans are based in Texas and comply with right wing law. This is not a competitive platform.
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8 months ago, unstoppabull1
Works but barely
Hate having to type my password every time I open the app. My work just switched to using this from quickbooks workday. Workday lets you edit clock in and clock out times if you forgot to.
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6 years ago, Vmedsun328
Director, Plan Administration
Love that I can see my check, benefits, approve time sheets, PTO and my FSA balance and more. I use this app very often.
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1 year ago, Katniss is sexy
Didn’t like switching
A lot of lagging issues, the company insperity is also just pretty lazy when it came to onboarding and actually communicating with their new employees. You’ll always clock in late cause the app will never be working on time :)))
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3 years ago, Latin Franklin
I love this app because it is simple, convenient and productive.
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2 years ago, 2016rater
Very Handy
Great app. Helps do all necessary activities in one place.
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