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User Reviews for Instacart Shopper: Earn money

4.79 out of 5
982.4K Ratings
2 years ago, SerendipitousWafflez
Great side hustle, and a worthwhile time investment.
I’ve been shopping for a month now and have done about 25 batches, a lot of doubles in there- and I am pleased with the process! Thank you for providing jobs! The guaranteed pay and gas coverage is something to really be appreciated, and makes a huge difference in my opinion. It gives shoppers some peace of mind in knowing they won’t be under-compensated when it comes to a large batch with a lot of replacements, extra time, and/or a far off delivery. I’m willing to take that extra time & care to satisfy a customer’s order knowing that the company takes all of this into account. My only suggestion is to keep improving the app! It is tiresome to have to go through several pages of ‘suggested replacements’ etc when you have already spoken with the customer and they want a refund for an item. I understand not wanting to incentivize shoppers to just refund everything- but an experienced shopper wants the option to either manually select a replacement item or refund the item on the FIRT PAGE. The several pages of suggestions take an unnecessarily long time to click through especially for people with a low phone battery or with an older phone with slightly longer load times. Overall I’m very satisfied with the user experience, and will continue to use the app myself and recommend it to others. Thank you. :)
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1 year ago, pizzapops23
Rating system
Instacart is a great way to make independent money. I do it as a main source of income I have 3 kids and it works just fine for my life. I do have a problem with “support”. I was just threatened for expressing concerns so I decided to express here. A problem I have is the rating system. We have no control over disputes if not attached to a particular item. For some background I’m a diamond cart 5 star shopper and I give everyone the same level of respect. I’ve watched the lessons and have improved myself to this level of shopper and take what I do seriously. You can put your all into someone’s order and 1 item can be the difference between a 5 and 1 star. People are emotional and irrational especially while spending their hard earned money. We as shoppers get the bad end of that which is unfair. We go out of the way to communicate and suggest replacements which requires the actual customer service and that’s where problems are, people don’t respond or irresponsibly ask for a refund they didn’t want (this happens a lot to me). We need a voice as shoppers when it comes to defending ourselves and earning potential. We can’t dispute actual ratings. I think that would be extremely helpful to be able to at least look back and see why and learn from a mistake if one was rightly made. I give you a 1 star in hopes to gather the attention to fix this issue.
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4 years ago, Insanezane24
On Demand is Great!!
I Absolutely love the switch to On-Demand Sunday’s I have church and family time and we go to church at 8:00am and church is an hour long so if i wanted to have a slight chance of getting hours I would have to leave church 10 min early and go outside and some how I would still end up on a waiting list so not to mention how embarrassing it was walking out early because I don’t bring my phone in with me. So I personally love the change to on demand wake up get ready open the app and immediately head to work and than when I’m done, I’m done no consequences I just go home. So thank you Instacart I fully support your decision and if anyone wants to throw a fit it’s very obvious that they can thank all the inconsistent people signing up for hours and than either bailing an hour or 2 befor there shift or bailing and not even saying anything. That may not be a big deal to anyone else but that’s money Instacart is loosing because I guarantee it’s a minimum of a half an hour by the time someone accepts the hours and gets out the door and in a position to accept an order and that’s 30 minutes of unsatisfied customers trying to make an order or what should have been delivered at 4:30 to make dinner at 5:00 is now not showing up u til 5:00 messing up there schedule possibly convincing them that they shouldn’t use Instacart. But anyways.. Good job Team Instacart is all I have to say I really like what you all have done!
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2 years ago, jessisblessed1
I had the worst experience with the update
This update has cuased nothing but stress and trouble and confusion the app doesn’t let you proceed with the order lots of app glitches and not getting enough work now the app has updated cutinf our income of the batch i half it’s enough to make gas for the day only and maybe a gallon of milk if needed at home it’s a disappointment now that Instcart has changed owners the milage is not worth it they pay really bad for milage for example if the batch has 50 items they will pay 7 dollars to shop and deliver not including tip and customer won’t tip due to Instacrt taking the ten dollars from us when they say it’s a ten dollar delivery fee yes of don’t believe u will see that it’s bad and very insulting to us shoppers who have been with them for so long and the new people have no idea they think that the new shoppers think it’s a good pay and shopping gig for extra income kinda like making them dum it’s very sad how we don’t get prioritized as there shoppers and to top it off they put customer first in issues that have proof of customer being wrong yes no matter what we don’t get listen to and our ratings are very sensitive we get rating for a can being dented and hurts our rating for months to come and don’t get paid well off that if work believe u will see once u Inter the instacrt platform and see it for your self
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4 years ago, Trouble, with a capital T
Items that are not available
When I am shopping for someone and the item isn’t there I’ve checked the shelves and check the shelves and I say I can’t find it, and the screen comes up for me to check again because somebody got it 4 hours before I was there kind of makes me think you’re telling me I’m stupid and look again. I don’t like it when that happens. Often there’s an item called for and I look and I look, and when I bend over and look down under, there it is the last one way back in the corner and I get that item. I didn’t bend over and look because you told me somebody found one for hours ago, I bend over and look because I am a very persistent Shopper. And if I find that item later, in the store on an end cap I go back and I put down that I found it and get it for them. It just makes me angry when a machine tells me I’m stupid like a little child to go look again. If you look at the length of some of my shops you’ll know that I don’t just zip through and not find stuff. I have a lots of shops that are well under the time in which I should have shopped them, and gotten everything on their list. Then there are ones where there are refunded items because they weren’t available and in those cases usually my time is quite long. I’ve had shops were I spent 15 minutes trying to find somebody to help me, just show me where this was supposed to be before I give up on an item. Thank you for your time and listening to my RANT!
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2 years ago, Toni186
Fairness for all
Love doing Instacart although I get very frustrated at times. Mostly when a place shows up as a house and I take the order as I did yesterday and it turns out to be a third floor apt. It states on the address it is an apt and I’ve complaint before and it not done any good. If it says Apt #1234 in the address then you already know it’s and apt. Customer service comes up with different excuses why they showed it at a house. This was 4 big boxes for fruit and veggies from Costco. I had the make four trips up three flights of stairs with boxes I could hardly carry. I’m 70 years old and pretty strong but there is a limit to what a person can do at this age. Pay younger shoppers more. Anyone who is carrying these cases of water up steps should make more. It’s not easy for them either. Or at least show it correctly on the app. I deliver a lot, I’m pretty good at it and get lots of compliments. I’m not lazy and I feel I do a good job. I made $7 for two batches with a $5 and an $6 tip so $18 for a ton of items from Costco. Wasn’t worth it for so little. And I’m not sure how you figure out pay for gas. Had a batch last week for 20 miles got gas money had another for 21 miles got no gas money and one for 7 that I got gas money. Doesn’t make sense. Gas in Arizona is still at 4.19 a gallon. Just seems Instacart needs some people who can be fair to the shoppers sense we’re the ones doing the work. Thanks for listening.
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3 years ago, Lovelife5050
Stressful, Unfair, Unjust
I have been a full service shopper since May of 2020 and have completed well over 200 batches. For my “Thank you bonus” I was given the base payment of $50 for all my hard work when the company said the bonus is based on the number of batches that have been completed. 200 being the highest amount of batches completed and the minimum amount needed for the maximum bonus amount one can get and 10 batches completed by December 9th for the minimum bonus amount of $50. Customer support is useless for this issue I was told that they can’t help me because they don’t have any information on how the bonuses are given out and that they couldn’t help me. Also when going shopping in stores the other people shopping are just so rude and it’s just so stressful to get through the day but I do my job to help out others during these unpredictable times. Sometimes the customers will lie and say that they haven’t received their items when they have and it ends up bringing down your rating so I have had to start taking pictures of each bag with the items in it to insure that everything is accounted for. And if your rating drops to far it affects you from accessing certain batches which is wrong when the customers are lying but of course the company will believe the customer before you hence the reason I take the pictures.
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5 months ago, Berebabee
Love making customers happy!
I love when I get big batches. I strive to make my customers are fully aware of an item is out of stock and send them pictures and prices of similar substitutions. They always thank me for my professionalism and leave a great rating and review which makes my day in return. So it’s a win win. I get discounts on my oil changes. I wish we could receive holiday incentives. Or promo batches be $30 for 5 batches instead of $21 for 7 batches. Also they shouldn’t be quick to remove Costco without explaining what the problem was and should at least give you a warning instead of completely removing Costco batches forever for something you didn’t even do. Apparently the cashiers at a particular Costco scanned the first customers Costco card for all three orders after I showed her the other cards for the remaining 2 orders and I was removed from receiving Costco order without being told why. Then I heard from other fellow shoppers it’s because Instacart believes the shoppers were using they’re personal Costco cards. Which at the time I never had one. I hope they can change that and allow me to shop at Costco again. I was never told why I was removed and have inquired multiple times when I can shop there again, they said never. I’m a good shopper 5.0 diamond cart. I don’t understand why I can’t get another chance.
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4 years ago, Jai.Lanae
Love Instacart
I recently moved to another state and was very heartbreaking it was taking me a while to get back into law enforcement! I was really down and I tried doing Uber and Grubhub; to help with contributing financially to help my husband and provide for three children. During this pandemic, I wasn’t making anything at all to help at home except to provide gas. I had to sign up for blocks and with children there was no telling when I could work! I would just put I was available And was lucky if they sent me any orders over a 3 hour period of sitting around! It sucked. I signed up for instacart, hoping things would pick up. I was approved so quickly and within days I was able to head out and work. After I finished an order there were so many more waiting and when I say I am so happy with what you guys are providing for people in need, on both ends, its unbelievable! I make enough to supplement my husbands income, pay bills and even help my family with what Corona is doing in our nation! I wasn’t paid to leave this review, I just really wanted to thank instacart for what you have provided that allows me to help my family! I can work when I want, can log off when I don’t and don’t have to worry about consequences! With my babies out of school and daycares closed, I control my own schedule and don’t have to fret about needing baby sitters!!!! I love it!
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4 years ago, Tee Tee 0227
Off to a horrible start
I just applied last week. Everything went smoothly until I picked my interview date. The app showed that I was locked in for 2pm on 10/12 and that I should be on the lookout for an email with the interview location. I became concerned on Tuesday morning when I still hadn’t received an email with the interview location. I opened the app and all it shows is the interview confirmed screen. I figured the managers were busy and didn’t get the email out. Today after getting an email telling me to upload my driver’s license and a selfie, I went into the app. Of course, all I can access is the confirmation screen or the “support” files. I browsed around looking for a way to speak with a person. I eventually reached a person. I would have been better off using Google for help. The rep claimed info was missing from my that is required or the app won’t allow you to proceed. I told her what was happening. She suggested that I cancel and reschedule. I told her I thought that was a bad idea because I’m only allowed to reschedule once and if the app glitches again, it makes me look like a slacker. She basically told me that’s my only option. I canceled and rescheduled. Based on other reviews about the crappy app and “support”, I’m not even a little bit optimistic that the app is going to act right.
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2 years ago, McKayla Ruesch
Hate the new updates
The new updates are so frustrating! Not only are there even more bugs than there were before which is so frustrating when I’m on a time constraint while shopping. But the update requiring I message the customer whenever I swap an item is so annoying because I always talk with the customer first anyway so now it’s just embarrassing and makes me and instacart look dumb because I have to send the message twice for them to approve the swap even though they already approved it. Then I just have to apologize saying that instacart makes me message them again, which waists the customers time and my time while I’m trying to quickly shop and get everything right. Also if there’s any way they could make this app not take all my phone battery life?! I will go in to a store with 100% battery and by the end of the order my phone will be below 20%. So many times I’ve had to stop in the middle of my order to go charge my phone because it completely died. And don’t even get me started on instacart never paying me for my friend referral bonus. Now that it’s been more than three months… In summary, doing the shopping is fine but the app has so many bugs and stupid requirements that any good shopper should have already done, it gets really frustrating when I’ve been in a busy grocery store for an hour and have to apologize to the customer and wait around for the app to work so I can complete the order.
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3 years ago, Anderson, SC
All around problems
I have been with instacart nearly 2 years and I am a 5 star shopper. The past few months there has been a steady decrease in batches and an increase in updates. With every update there are additional issues. I am currently not able to see batches for hours at a time. I thought it was my phone so I went and purchased a new phone with its own telephone number that I use solely for instacart. The first few days were great then bam no batches again. I have spent countless hours with support to no avail. When I see batches I see those under $13 and loads of mileage. I have never had any issues with distance as long as the pay was worth the drive. I see batches for 50 to 70 items paying less than $10 for an in store batch. This is well below the surrounding areas as I shop there as well. I drove Monday to a neighboring city which is busier by far than where I Am at just to find the app telling me to go back to where I drove from. I sat in front of a store yesterday while that app continues to tell me to go there and still nothing comes up. I make $150 or more a day and now I am lucky to make $60. I see loads of shoppers shopping when I am sitting there as I know most that shop this area. As shoppers we all talk to each other. There is no reason why I don’t see batches before others like I use to a few months ago. So please for all that is good fix these issues. This is sad, discouraging and poorly dealt with.
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1 month ago, single in 2021
Customer Ratings
I really enjoy using the app especially since I have platinum status with high priority to batches. However, I’ve noticed that customers ratings are not fair when they do not communicate with me during the shopping experience. They also rate a low score if there is an substitution requested and when I replace the item with the closest in price and compatibility they are able to score me low based on it when they did not communicate a refund or a different item while I am shopping. I always greet and offer customers to communicate with me in their InstaCart experience however, 90% won’t, but are allowed to score me low or say that I did something wrong when I have reached out to them for their input on replacements. In short, in the last several weeks my score has tanked lower than it has in the last four years of being affiliated with InstaCart and it has been very mentally anguishing because my income has declined and I wonder if that my access to batches has also been compromised. Overall, I love InstaCart and my independence of working on my own, making my own schedule, and making my customers happy in their overall experience. I just wish that the rating system was more fair to shoppers that show exemplary work ethic, accurateness, and professionalism. Thanks InstaCart 🤗
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1 year ago, fffffffffffffffahxjsjshxh
Awesome app!
This is one of the greatest apps I have ever downloaded one of the best ways I earn money and good money at that I left or other delivery platforms just stick with this one. love the way I could earn my own money and also love when I could work when ever I want and still make great money 100 I left everything else just for this one here . I waited about 3-5 months to get accepted lol but it was definitely worth the wait I swear .. I was working with Instacart for almost 6-8 months and never made good money with it I wasted more gas driving to delivery the batches then wat I actually made in cash smh I was so happy when I got notified that I was in the process of being hired with shipt truly was a blessing on my behalf THANK YOU INSTACART . I will never leave this Delivery App ever co only thing I want is when I do need cash on the spot is an Instant Cash out on our Pay  even tho I like adding all the money up for the weekend but sometimes l'm broke and don't have enough money for gas to keep on working or even have enough cash to get some food for my self . It's definitely would be great to Update and Add Instant Cash out on what ever delivered batch u want to cash out . Definitely would love to see that on a update soon . But other than that everything is Perfect and Going Great for me . Once again thanks INSTACART
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2 years ago, The Duckulator
Instacart is frustrating
I have been an active shopper for Instacart for over a year now. I recently had my account deactivated because I needed to provide my new driver’s license (which I totally understood). I recently changed my email address and I needed to update my new email information so I can receive further information on how to update my drivers information. I spoke with the a representative on the phone and he provided me with an email address where I was suppose to send information to so I would be updated. Once that was done I immediately got back a bounce back email which said that the email address was no longer working. I then called again and this representative sent me a link that allowed me to change my number and update my drivers information. I was told I would receive a text message with an update. It’s been 2 weeks since then and I still haven’t heard anything. I recently attempted to just make a new account and because my number is attached to the current account I am not able to make a new one. I reached out to the live chat representative and just like the other calls I was again told this was out of their authorization (which I understand as well) but this process to just update my email and drivers Information has been a complete nightmare!
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2 years ago, J7805
No batches
You’ve hired too many shoppers and those who have been shopping 2+ years are struggling. Maybe dish out orders differently instead of giving the new shoppers all of the orders or bundling them into groups of 2 or 3. Sometimes the delivery isn’t even near each other. (An easy way for you guys not to pay us the whopping $7). You allow the customers to abuse the app and our services. I’ve had multiple people claim they never got items when I clearly sent a photo with everything. You side with the customer and let the rating effect us. I’ve been online all week for 12 hours a day and I’ve ran 8 orders. I used to do 8 a day. Don’t worry, I see plenty of new shoppers getting plenty of orders though. Way to ruin it for the shoppers who make this happen longer than those who are here for a side gig. I suggest listening to your hard workers and changing things instead of hiring more to weed out the others. It’s a low blow especially when we pay YOUR bills and fill your belly’s. I work 40+ hours a week and can’t even buy groceries let alone gas daily with a pay out of $7. Don’t forget that cute $0.40 gas bonus that you’ll be stopping at the end of next month. If you’d like to discuss more or even how you take our tips, feel free to reach out. I’ve worked for this company for 3 years and it’s going down hill. I’ve joined a group of shoppers and thankfully I’m not alone in this but it’s really sad how you don’t value us. Ps, the customer is NOT always right.
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3 years ago, peter_goens
Every shopper is expendable
I’ve been working as a full service shopper nearly a year and a half. It’s consistently becoming harder to make decent money working for Instacart. They have a ratings system that is borderline predatory. You are unable to see any feedback or comments under five stars. As a shopper you’re left with no explanation for four stars or lower and there’s nothing to do but “grind” and complete 100 low paying batches until the rating goes away. Believe it or not a 4.8 rating instead of a 5.0 can and will cost you hundreds of dollars. My biggest complaint however, is even though I live in a high demand area (800 feet away from Publix); I typically only see batches that are 25-55 miles away from me. The thing is, once I take a batch in a area far away from me and upon completing it, I’ll start seeing batches at the store next to wear I live. Henceforth another long drive. Sometimes I feel like Instacart just wants me commuting lengthy miles to access batches. I know the market is overly saturated with shoppers, but there are things Instacart does that could be easily corrected. Each thing I complained about can be fixed. But the system is rigged against the in-store shopper; and it’s so Instacart can maximize their profit margin on each individual batch. It’s all very disheartening and frustrating.
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1 year ago, Desmo213
Man what can I say, it’s impressive how much the world evolves with new ways of working. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that if you are blessed enough to have a car or any type of transportation, you can always make money. This app gives people no excuses on why you don’t have a job or can’t find a job. These delivery apps changes the narrative of life. I can say I was that person that would refuse to put all those miles on my car to deliver food but I gave in and tried it out. And I’m only two days into doing instacart and it’s a rush I tell you that. But what you get out of it is the freedom, no boss, manager or annoying co workers that sit and complain about everything and still continues to comes to work 😒. Doing instacart makes you want to hustle and get up early before the stores open to catch the early bird batches. For anybody telling you it’s not money to be made doing instacart there’re lying, don’t listen to the negativity. Go find out yourself. I made nearly $400 in two days and I haven’t even got my card in the mail yet. “Let that sink in”. Imagine how much I'm gonna be making when I get access to more batches once I get my card. So don’t wait for that card get out there and just go, the app will guide you every step of the way. Work fast-Grind hard-Safe shopping ✌🏾
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1 year ago, warriorDrew72
User friendly & clean looking app!
From the first batch I completed, I have been hooked on earning through Instacart, it’s so easy to open the app up at any time of the day and see at least 1 or a few batches available. Highly recommended for anyone looking to earn extra $$ and be rewarded with promotions & incentives along the way. I do however have a few cons about the app as well, such as not having any sort of “filter” to weed out areas or stores you don’t care to see or drive to at certain times. I know extra opportunity is great but I’ll most likely never drive 30miles away to take on a high dollar (or Delivery Now) batch to drive another 17miles from the store with little to no tip included. One other feature I’d like to see in the future would be to split up 3 Shops or 2 Shops if you so choose. Certain Instacart shoppers don’t mind taking on larger batches but sometimes it just makes more sense to do only one of the Shoppers orders whom is close by.. instead of having to drive a long distance for the other Shopper on the “2 Shop” that could’ve been left to someone else going that way anyway? Just an idea. The ability to have the power to toggle an order or filter your preferences would be absolutely amazing! Thanks for reading : ) see you out there!
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2 years ago, irritated shopper2022
Usage issues
1-The new auto messages to customers with every replacement is extreme overkill since when you hit can’t find item, you’re already directed to send a picture of what is available, then they message you yes or no or request a different replacement. So this message asking if the replacement should be optional but instead you have to hit the x about 6-10 times to not send the message. 2-When batches are to be shipped at multiple stores, we should be able to see the items and number of items from both stores but cannot, therefore I don’t know what I’m getting myself into or how many miles I’ll have to travel from that second store to the customer. 3-There recently been bugs with the customers who have multiple addresses on file. I have been sent to the wrong address several times and when using the app as a customer it’s happened as well, selected the address I wanted delivery to but once the order was placed, it listed a different address I also have on file in the app. 4-When an order is updated and items are added the only way it updates is to leave the batch, go back to the shop tab then back to the batch, otherwise you get the notification but it does not auto add to your shopping list and there is about a 2-5 minute delay from the notification until it will show up even when you leave the batch and go back to it.
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6 months ago, mzzthompzon
Really like the company
Been doing it since 2019, when you had to sign up for a shift!!!!! The response time of the reps has been good for me thus far, however I am giving it a 3 star because they customer is allowed to change the tip after delivery. Once a tip is inputted they should not be allowed to take it down, only up….Sometimes shoppers takes batches because of the tips!!!! I don’t find that to be fair with all the work and driving the shoppers are required to do. They are allowed to rate you in any manner, lie and say they are missing items when they was never charged. Some customers are just rude to shoppers at times!!!! Also the way that the Cart status work is unreal. As a shopper I work hard, put endless miles on my car, oil changes etc. which is all my choice of course, however with all this hard work why do the cart status reset every quarter. I find that to be unfair. I don’t see why if you make it to the next status that you can’t keep it unless your ratings dropped drastically…. I have been doing this for a long time and never made diamond and today I was told that even if I did, it will still reset once a new quarter starts, that discouraging….If one makes diamond cart they should be able to keep it….Work hard for all this, to do what, start over every couple months…what’s the point of having this FEATURE? But other than this the app is good
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3 years ago, catahoulamomma
A couple months ago this would be a 5 star review
So every morning when I wake up I check instacart, but as of recently whenever I check the app there is something new updated & it’s honestly just making life harder. The most recent being I can’t see how many shops are available until I “go online” which is so stupid. Then if I don’t want to see anymore I’d slide the “go offline”. I think they’re trying to make it like door dash but it’s just pointless. If I wanted to see orders obviously I’d click the app, & if I didn’t want to see anymore... I’d obviously leave the app. Why make these stupid buttons. They also changed where the location of the towns are to above the address instead of after the street name like a normal address. Also unnecessary & annoying. There were plenty more, but besides these stupid updates I LOVE this app. It’s super easy to navigate (unlock door dash) & really fun & the people who place the orders are always really nice. I also wish there was an option to set my location because recently I’ve been seeing several towns I’ve never even heard of. Which makes me think they’re 30+ miles away (who the heck is going to drive that far for one order). I just want to see the ones in my general area. Again though, the most frustrating thing for me as been these stupid little changes. It’s so unnecessary & really just making it more annoying to use the app.
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2 years ago, tamiami2121
Reason for a 4 star not a 5 star
Yesterday I delivered to 525 Falconer st. Jamestown NY. I arrived first at the college. I called the customer because there were no instructions other than the address. The customer didn’t answer. I typed the address and again and it took me somewhere else. It was another 525 Falconer St. W. I tried to call the customer and again they did not answer. So I delivered the groceries and the owner of the house came out and said that he didn’t order anything. But because I had already taken my picture and submitted it I could not contact customer care. I went back to the college with the groceries and the administrative office and myself tried to contact the customer for an hour. With no success. Eventually a roommate ended up coming to unload the car with me and we left it at the administrative offices. The customer was notified that that is where their groceries were. I could not call customer care because there is no phone number anymore. I ended up using the virtual customer care. Who did not understand that I was going to leave the groceries at the administrative office. The next morning when I got up there was a message that a customer did not get their delivery. There should be a customer care phone number that we can call at all times
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10 months ago, Illest Kitty
Batch pay lowered 3 weeks ago
About 3weeks ago Instacart decided they weren't going to pay minimum $7 for the batches anymore in Las Vegas. They expect us to go on the strip for $6.45. There are already customers who don't tip and you want to us to go for $5.62? When you call them, nobody knows what you're talking about an assumes this is always been the case. This has not been the case. I've been shopping for Instacart since the pandemic, and there was never a batch that was less than seven dollars and that's without the tip. Not sure what's going on but I do see that those patches are waiting and no one wants to pick them up. At least it would be almost $10 if they tipped two dollars with the batches or seven. You're not taking into account gas or anything. My little car uses supreme, which is almost $5/gallon. At this rate, it's not even worth a gallon of gas. I hope they get this figured out soon. Otherwise, they will lose shoppers I'm sure as I've not been doing any shopping as a five-star shopper. Originally, I thought it was a glitch. However, since I have not done any deliveries, but constantly checked in, they have not changed anything. So it seems like this is the new norm, but those will be those trips that nobody will pick up unless you add that 🔥 next to it letting us know you're going to cover it. Otherwise it's a no. Very unreasonable. Bring $7 batch pay back‼️ I have never seen a batch that shows $5.41 until recently. Just wow!
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2 years ago, JohnTimothyG
Customer service/new issues
Instacart started out as a great way to make money, for the people who are good with customer service and take pride in their jobs proceed with caution. The Instacart customer service is by no means helpful, they do not know the app or the process of their own business. Customers are allowed to say they did not receive items so that they get refunded and don’t have to pay, when the employee gets negative marks and receives less batches because of it. So you can complete your job treat the customer with respect and still get negative reviews which in turn gives you less batches. Then customer support tries to put bandaids on the issue but still allows the customer to order on the app and get more items for free while the employee suffers. The shopper support department doesn’t even track or keep records on conversations they have with employees so you can talk to one person and go back and have to start the whole conversation over about the same issue. Over the past year instacart hired too many employees, and gives the best batches to new employees to get them hooked thinking they can make a certain amount but when new shoppers are added the more senior employees who have 5 stars or high ratings will get the worst batches. Instacart needs to do better at retention and treating their good employees with more respect and better work, why have a rating system if the people with the best ratings get mediocre to bad batches?
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3 years ago, Dylan S K ❤️
Great new career for those that want a new field and a very modern growing field.
This is such a fun job. I didn’t think I’d like it but wow was I wrong. It’s been great to give back and do shopping for people that cannot or just the everyday busy single or busy parent. And also all the pet mammas and daddies. So blessed to have a friend tell me about this. And it’s a great job for a retired shopaholic but avid foodie lol. App is pretty easy to use! More training would be nice, but not necessary. Great training video for the alcohol delivery! over all I understand it and appreciate cares help today with a cancel order. Also aisle numbers for Hyvee needs to be added. I loved at Lunds it told me exactly what isles. The app makes this a great new career for anyone tech savvy or knows how to use instacart as a consumer. Would love to grow with instacart and find out more development or customer care personal positions!! :) I have 5 years in hospitality management and this new developing industry I love! thank you so much this really help me get out of a toxic abusive controlling relationship and become as Kelly clarkson would say MISS INDEPENDENT ! Love having safe access to all my earnings. blessing and everyone stay safe and continue this amazing career that’s more than a delivery. It’s an experience blessing and convince for all involved.
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5 years ago, alejandrra
Ehh... (read the whole review)
I’ve been doing Instacart for about a month or 2 and I have definitely made a good amount of money but they really need to work on and change a few things. One- The incident reports are a joke. I don’t understand why you have to cancel your hours before the 6 hour mark or you end up getting an reliability incident which stays on your account for 30 DAYS!!!! Seriously?! that makes no sense you are penalized the whole month for ONE shift you missed. You can literally have reasons behind a reliability incident and it will not matter. Two- the amount of money that you make sometimes does not match all of the work you would have to do just to complete the batch (driving, carrying cases of beverages, delivering, etc), Three- it would be nice to see the customers instructions before accepting the batch (I had an order on a military base that costed me a lot of time just from trying to enter through the main base), Four- when you are doing on demand shops it’s like they don’t factor in the driving time (you could be 20 mins away from an on demand batch and by the time you get to the store and shop you’re literally pressed for time because of how long it took to drive. I could seriously go on and on but I have no problem going to Shipt. I heard they’re 10x better than Instacart.
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9 months ago, NotSoCriticalCritic
Honest review
I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and I like it. Here is my two biggest concerns/problems with this app… When a batch first pops up or when you click on it, I strongly feel that a few things should be on there. First and foremost I do not need a name, but an address of where you want the items going before you except the batch would be helpful. There are places that I would not step foot into in my county and I don’t think it’s fair for me to have to except the badge to see where it is and then know that I will not be going into that area. That affects my cancellation rate which I’ve had to do a few times. my other concern is that I have met a few InstaCart shoppers that are a bit older. And in our conversations, I have to agree with them that there should be something that, also before you accept the batch, that you click on and let you know if this is going to be an apartment and involves stairs. Now I’m not talking about a few stairs from the driveway to the front step. I’m talking about staircases that you have to climb with groceries. Like I said, so far, I like everything that’s going on. It’s quick and easy and I can appreciate that. But those two things being visible before you, except a batch would be very helpful. I hope that that is looked into and changed sometime soon.
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3 years ago, AlexNunez1934
Need better customer service
It is so sad, that I been working for a while with this company and very rare I have issues with a customer, unfortunately I did have one customer that trying to affect my reputation as a shopper trying to lie about some missing items or replaced without her authorization, which she should know that I have the proof on my phone and every conversation that we had during the shopping time, I can show to the customer service how professional I am with my job, unfortunately instacard customer service it’s so poor, unprofessional, useless and don’t even take the time to investigate the case and resolve the problem, looks like they don’t care or simply don’t want to help at all, why are they working in that position if they don’t want to do their job?? I keep calling, chatting with one and another one and they Disconect the chat and I tried many times to get someone else by chat and phone calls and no one is willing to help, I been trying to clarify the situation and show them my proofs because I take serious my job and I think it is so RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL AND DISAPPOINTMENT for them to disconnect the chat, hopefully in the future someone can supervise them and get people that are willing to do the job in a professional manner!!!
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10 months ago, Lynn_09233
“Start Shopping” button.
I am a fairly new instacart shopper, and I genuinely enjoy the app. I think Instacart is a great side hustle to make a little money here and there. However, I had to cancel twice. The first time was an emergency cancel where I learned after speaking with customer service that after your first 10 cancels, it can start to impact your cancellation rate, and therefore affects the amount of batches that are available to you. The second time I had to cancel was an accident. I accidentally hit “start shopping” instead of “navigate.” I had to call customer service and unfortunately cancel the order because I would not have enough time to drive to the store, shop for the order and deliver it to the person in time. Doing so impacted my cancellation rate. I was wondering if there was a way to make it harder to accidentally click on “start shopping?” I was thinking that maybe you guys can make “start shopping” a slide-to-confirm in the same way that “delivered to customer” is a slide- to-confirm. Maybe in the settings, you can make this a preference for people who might have the same problem. Those were just suggestions but I feel as though this would make it harder to make mistakes and have to cancel orders.
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4 years ago, Rocket Jess
I have been an instacart shopper for several months and I loved it! It was easy for me to shop and navigate the app. Yes, there are issues with bots and seeing bigger batches pop up and disappear right away, but I was still able to get several big batches on my own if I drove to different areas. My customers were always very appreciative of the fact that they can add items they may have forgot to order which is a PLUS!! I would have given 5 stars but I was deactivated on May 21 because my 12 year old God daughter took a picture of herself when I was taking her to grab lunch between batches. Which in Instacart defense, was the correct thing to do. HOWEVER, after explaining what happened and even taking a picture of her with her food I have yet to here back from Trust & Security. I have been getting the run around from everyone. The email they sent notifying me of the deactivation does not accept replies. The help@instacart email is no longer valid and directs me to contact support via the app, the app directs me to reply to the email or call, when I call the number is invalid!! It’s absolutely ridiculous!! I was a 5 star shopper!! And to be treated like I no longer matter because they have more shopper is unfair. Hopefully I can get this resolved soon! Whatever you do! Don’t let a kid play with your phone if you’re working forInstacart. 😔
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1 year ago, King3azy87
I enjoyed doing this in the beginning, now I kinda feel like blah. I recently went from a 5.0 rating to a 4.7 rating because one customer gave me 3 stars and another 2 stars. One said their item was damaged, yet when I got it it was in perfect condition and was the last 4 they had available that the customer had requested another customer complained because the item wasn’t available. You go below 4.7 rating and your chances of getting batches are limited. I can’t control on how the stores pack the groceries and for the missing item I can’t control what items are and aren’t in stock. You click “can’t find item” it shows their backup you get the backup and they still aren’t satisfied so I’m confused. Some people will actually sit there and have it as “request refund if out of stock” which is a very good thing. Not all item’s will be in stock when shipments are behind and the holidays just passed. I understand you want a happy customer, but alot of time’s based off my experience I have messaged customer and alot of them either respond after the fact that the shopping is already done and your on your way to deliver or you get no response from them at all. Alot fo the batches are on a time limit as well, which makes it difficult to sit around and waiting for a response especially when your shopping for 2-3 people on one batch.
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2 years ago, abl0714
I miss the old instacart from 2020
Don’t get me wrong, Instacart has been a blessing and a curse… it allows me to work on a flexible schedule being a single mom and is always a new adventure. Lately, since the update, work has been so difficult to find. I drive around all day for hours wasting gas trying to get an order. I’ve heard rumors that the new shoppers are getting a lot of the orders rather than us veterans. It makes me really sad that the instacart Team treats their workers this way and and perceive them as disposable. We put our lives on the line driving around all day which could result in an accident. We also don’t have any insurance besides taking a picture of the groceries after delivery. Many customers are committing fraud against Instacart and the shoppers are getting deactivated. I pray that they never do this to me… I’ve looked into other gigs to supplement my income. How foolish of me to depend on Instacart. When it’s good it’s good but lately it’s just been mostly bad and demoralizing. I really hope they can fix the app and get it back to the way it used to be a couple months ago. The old saying, if it’s not broke don’t fix it certainly applies to the situation. Instacart, please start listening to everyone and their complaints. Don’t you care about the welfare of your shoppers and want quality service for everyone? Also, the multi store batch option is really going to be a hot mess in the summer, no pun intended!!!🤣
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3 years ago, Toriikat
Pilot version in Sacramento Area
Reviewing again in hopes that the app update gets changed back after shoppers have voiced their concerns. I personally love instacart I’ve been doing it for a few years and it has its ups and downs. This new update has really made me have to look elsewhere for money. I understand this new version was meant to give new shoppers a chance at batches. But I think you’ll lose all your veteran shoppers in the making. It goes beyond just glitches in the app itself. The option to pick the batch you wanted is what made instacart the best gig app out right now. Being able to see your options and choose the batch best suited for you made a good experience for the shopper but also the customer because you aren’t reluctantly picking a batch you don’t want. I feel with the newest update, I’m offered so many low paying batches or batches that are just way too far away. I was so much happier offering my service to customers when I chose the batch I want do and that was best suited to my situation at the moment. Now customers often can skate by on these low pay large item # batches because people have no other choice. It’s sad that this is how some people make a livable wage and they’re forced to accept crumbs for a service. This is a luxury for most customers so to see shoppers not being able to pay their bills because of this update saddens me. Hoping that it’ll change back to the list option soon.
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3 years ago, adri0614
App is great, but definitely needs changes
I’ve been using instacart for two months now and really love the flexibility, helping people, etc. however there are improvements that could be made, such as the app putting emphasis on the customer to have their phone by them when us shopper are on their order, we need to be able to have direct communication with them for replacements, shortages, etc. Second, I really wish they would make a feature for customers to pick a shopper they’ve previously had, to do their future orders for them. I’ve had customers who tell me they wish I could shop for them every time, or they’re customers that I really like (they respond quick, nice, polite) and the customers likes me for that same reason, so making a tool for them to have previous shoppers keep getting their orders would make the customer a lot happier as well as the shopper. Plus the familiarity of knowing what the customer likes and where they live would be nice too. Third, I wish Instacart wouldn’t allow customers to request us to go up to their apartment, or have to go Inside their house to drop off groceries. They need to come get the groceries themselves. There’s a loophole when they can add a note on their batch details.
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2 years ago, Spiritualgangsta713
Reviews on the app.
We should be given higher tips and batch earnings because we are not paid enough. We need instacart uniforms like green instacart hats and greent or white instacart shirts as well as 2 instacart cooler bags. I think this will help us by a long shot improve our work for the customers and the company. A mug and free refills from gas stations would be great and higher pay for batches since we spend a lot of money on gas and gas prices are really high. Also if the customer enters a specific amount of groceries in the app, they can’t add any more after we accept it. If they don’t answer their messages within 5 minutes then their item is refunded if we can not find a replacement available. I think they expect a lot so we should too. We are taking time out of our day to give them great customer service. Also with the pandemic going on. I think we should leave at door only for our own safety and our families safety and theirs! This will improve the company by a lot. Also I think Instacart parking in the front of the stores would be amazing like our designated spots. Thank you for listening to my review. I love this app and would love to stay working for it but I think we would all be happier if we had our requirements met. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Dthorne87
No more hrs just on demand
I currently work for instacart and have been for almost a yr and I truly love what I’m doing for the community that I’ve made this my full time job. But just recently changes were made and I don’t feel they were changes for the good. I know one email can’t change much but hopefully as a community we can. My concern is the new on demand change for the Richmond va area. We use to have options when it came to working (hours or on demand) now we only have on demand and since this change has taken place I haven’t had much work come my way. I went from making $400 to barely $150 in a week. My area is strong for orders so that’s not a problem. I now have to watch my phone non stop and fight over orders because everyone is trying to work vs. having hours and letting the orders come as they may. I think this new change isn’t for the good for some people. I believe letting the community have options is better for some. I was able to select hrs when available and work OR work on demand before my shift or on my own time. I think we should be able to have some kind of option instead of none and that’s what we have now. No options. Please review this change and please bring back hours and give us back the option of working what’s best for us and not just having to work one thing. On demand isn’t for everyone nor is having hours but it works for everyone.
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6 months ago, Mel the friendly shopper
Instacart needs to be fixed.
I’ve been working for instacart as a side hustle since 2020 and there’s been very few times when it has actually been redeeming and worth the gas and time spent. It’s been even dangerous in some situations where you’re near completely defenseless because of the amount of groceries you’re carrying. When a customer reports their order “not delivered” you are always at fault regardless of proof that you’ve dropped off said groceries and multiple favorable reviews. The shopper is penalized no matter what and that is unfair. The base pay for each order is not worth the time or gas spent. They regularly will try to get you to do multiple orders at the same store for minimal pay to go multiple places. If there’s problems with the app, goodluck. It will take at least 15 minutes to get into contact with anyone who can help and by that time your item time is skyrocketing. Most earnings are tip based. I would never recommend this app to anyone looking for a side hustle. The one redeeming thing is you get to meet some really kind people on occasion which is why I still try. I know people need groceries and can’t always get them so I’m happy to help, I just wish the app was more friendly to its users and didn’t penalize them for * stores not having items requested, * people fraudulently stating you didn’t deliver their items and * app crashing/freezing causing time per item to skyrocket.
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4 years ago, Sergio Cuervo
This App it’s great. But the bots are killing the pleasure to be a shopper.
I was doing Instacart during 3-4 years but Since Instacart activated everyone due Covid-19 and the batches show up to everyone at the same time. (It doesn’t matter the rating thing). The people who make bots are taking the bread from my kids mouth. Deactivate accounts it doesn’t work. (They ask for a 100$ fee to create a new one). Even some old shoppers have more than one account (you’ve to filter the people using the SSN, Address, etc). and don’t let create accounts with fakes SSN like lyft (many people create accounts on lyft using passport numbers). Many people don’t care if the IRS call them to clarify that situation. You’ve to return to the pickup hours (only one session per account). Delete the fake accounts. Put more controls to avoid more fake accounts. And assign batch directly to the shoppers. (Reduce the time to accept the batch and penalties by don’t take it, first a suspension and then deactivate). if the people and the bots makers. Knows they can create fake accounts and use the batches without any undefined penalty, they keep doing that. You’ve to do something with the bots and fake accounts. The reputation it’s on the game. You’ll get full of people that doesn’t matter the quality. Only do more and more batches.
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2 years ago, Ewerton Garcia
Instacart doesn’t care about their Shoppers
I have joined Instacart after being laid of my job. I have started doing batches just middle Jan of 2022. It seemed like a nice way for us to make some extra money to help pay for bills at the end of the month. You gotta work hard so you can take a good paycheck at the end of the week. The unfair situation I have addressed a few times is when customer that shop on this app add a considering amount of the tip so it could attract shoppers to shop for them, delivery their groceries at their home and after the delivery they go ahead and remove the tip entirely giving no reason. For batches where all items were delivered and no replacements were made. This behavior happen because Instacart let their customers remove the tip entirely within 24 hours of your delivery. Many customers put high delivery and ended up removing it just after the completion of the batch. I contacted Instacart help support about this and it is very hard to get some support from them. They only assist you after you chat with an auto robot chat system. I wish we would have a direct line as shoppers so we can be assisted and known we have been heard. After a long wait I was told that all they can do is ban the customer for me so I won’t shop for him anymore. But he will be able to continue on the Instacart platform as they didn’t even send him an warning about his behavior. It is not fair and I wish we could have our back taken good care from Instacart.
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4 years ago, css1716
If you don’t need money Instacart is for you!!
I’ve been doing Instacart for almost a year. At first it was good. They have taken away the quality bonus. They have reduced they per batch pay. At this point half the orders are $7.00 for a full shop. That included driving(10-20miles) to the store shopping takes about 30-60 minutes. Then driving to the customer (varies but at least 10 minutes). You have to deal with traffic and the supermarket. This is work that you will have to depend on tips. In my opinion this is not a job you should have to depend on tips. Don’t forget all the wear and tear on you car, gas, TAXES. The customer will not know that you are only getting $7.00 Instacart does not tell the customer how much you will be getting only the total. Then if you sign up for hours they will send you on even further drives. You can turn down some of the bad batches but you are forced to take one or they will give the shopper an incident report. Today I had an order with 36 miles of driving just to get to the house and the customer was not home. I contacted support and after waiting for a 1/2 hour the customer arrived while I was on the phone with support and they had. Canceled the order and then had to reopen the order. I needed to be transferred to a manager to do this. They tell me to hold and then support just hangs up on me. Also at this point the have disconnected the 1-800 number for support. I could not even call them back. Talk about frustrating.
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10 months ago, 88Jucc
Upset shopper
I’ve really tried to leave it alone, but I can’t help it I truly love being a shopper for Instacart, but my account was deactivated, because when it came time for me to take my selfie to identify me is stated that it could not recognize who I was so it locked me out of my account, and when I try to get the help I was asked to send over proper documents to identify who I was and I did, but no one ever got back to me about receiving my information which I know I sent and now my account is deactivated and you all will not look into my account. I just keep getting no response I was told that my account can never be activated again and I feel that is unfair because I presented the information that was asked. And on top of all of this, it also took you all forever to reply back and when you all replied back I was told that because I didn’t send in the verification that was requested. My account was deactivated, and I know for a fact I sent the verification over because at the time this was the only job that I had and plus I liked doing it I was very happy. When I got to be able to do this delivery job because a lot of. Delivery jobs had denied me, or it just wasn’t. Hiring in the area that I lived in.
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4 years ago, user261937
A Couple bugs
I don’t usually write reviews but I feel the need to write one for this application. First and foremost I think the concept is great and it is a great way to make some extra money. Having said that and being an Instacart Shopper, I find it very frustrating that the app randomly decides to glitch while I am in the middle of an order. I check my connection and it says no problems, I put the WiFi on if needed, and it still gives me a hard time, resulting in me wasting 15-20 minutes in the market just standing there because I cannot contact the customer or even see the list of groceries, much less scan the items. And I know it isn’t only me because I see other shoppers around me waiting around starring at the phones with empty carts, looking just as frustrated as I am. Also, I cannot always see what my earnings for the last weeks are of current week. I didn’t even know this feature was a thing until a week after actively using the app and it appeared for about 3 days, then disappeared. Now I cannot check past orders and see how much I made or if a customer adjusted a tip which is very frustrating. Once these are fixed I will change my rating but these are major flaws which gives the user A LOT of extra trouble during an order. Thankfully customers have been patient with me, but this could affect my earnings due to wasted time that isn’t my fault. Please fix, thank you.
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1 year ago, Vsoutherland
I have been working for Instacart. Almost 3 years now and love the freedom to work on my own schedule. I love grocery shopping. I find it fun and relaxing. I have noticed that I rarely see any decent orders lately. I do feel like the algorithm of distributing orders needs a little work. I have not seen an order ever $25 in weeks. It is nice to get a $30, $40 or $50 order at least once a day. Especially if I work like six hours in a straight. Lately I can work six hours and just be get like $12 $15 $7 orders the entire day. I do remember at one time long ago I would receive $75, $50, $30, $120. Orders all day long. I’m a little sad that never happens anymore. But I am also very grateful and just hope that the algorithm will pick me to get better orders. Thank you Instacart for helping me earn an income while having care for my elderly mother and engage in my daughter’s school activities. Because of Instacart, I have never missed a school play luncheon or whatever activities they have going on at my daughter’s school. 😊 My goal each day is to make at least $30 an hour. I can usually hit that goal and it’s really disappointing if I don’t. Keep improving your app and I will be waiting for those amazing large orders again someday soon ❤️
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1 year ago, NLo2020
Short lived experienced based off wrongful judgement from Instacart!
I really enjoyed working for Instacart until one day a customer asked me to add 2- 24 packs of water bottles. Water bottles are considered extra pay bc they are heavy items. After adding them to the order as the customer requested I checked out and delivered with no issues thankfully. That is until, I called Instacart to double check that I was given ( what was justly earned by me ) extra pay for the water bottles bc I honestly didn’t see it and just for simply asking they fired me stating that I was trying to get more money than I already got paid for!???😵🤯😶. Wow! I just called to double check and I even said ok then. Then the rude bipolar rep on the phone twisted it a few seconds later and said we’ll just give it to you and I was like huh 🤔 ok🤷🏻‍♀️. Didn’t understand why deny it and then say ok we’re giving it to you. Until I got a notification that I was supposedly trying to ask for more than I was already paid when All I wanted was to double check that what I got paid was the indeed the correct amount for carrying heavy items!😑Now looking back on it the rep just got upset that I called to ask!!! Y’all should be firing them for being dishonest and twisting what happened!!! So in Conclusion my experience as an Instacart personal shopper is that they are UNFAIR , JUDGEMENTAL and dishonest!
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2 years ago, kingIF
fix ya'll app
I've been instacarting for the past year or so, and usually it's a neat way to make some money on the side. However, this thing where a batch'll have 50-70 items, and is only paying $10-$13, it's so backwards. I understand ya'll probably trying to save money, and the customer is trying to see how much they can get for how little, but come on; who wants to spend ample time shopping or drive a large amount of miles, just to HOPE for a tip from said customers. If it's not massive amount of items in the order, that could take upwards of 1 to 2 hours to shop for, it's something else.. And then they deactivated my account cause they just out of nowhere say that I stole $145 from a steak that I (did not) purchased.. Come on, if I send you guys pictures of all my reciepts, and pictures of the orders that I dropped off, why is it so easy to just cut someone off like that? Like, if I didn't do this almost everyday, I would've never know that such actions were being made against me. Ya'll really need to make the app more favorable to the shoppers. They fill out customer requests at will and risk their vehicles to put food on somebody's table.. Ya'll've GOT to do better. I'm stilllll waiting on a response on this matter as well.
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3 years ago, alexis20205
Easy money but still have issues
This is a great way to make money, but everything has it’s pros and cons. The app crashes and glitches sometimes, you’ll have to wait for it to start back working. There are customers that will leave false reviews and report missing items (even when you delivered their order). Customers will also leave a bad rating because of things you have no control over. (Store not having the items in stock, no replacements available etc.) Instacart allow the customers false reviews affect your rating. As a shopper, you can report the reviews as fraud but it still is not going to help get your rating back. You will have to complete more orders to get a 5 star rating back. I am mentioning your ratings a lot because that will determine your batches. The higher the rating, the more access you will have to good paying batches. If you have 4.87 you still will see batches but not as quickly as everyone else with a 5 star rating. You will get lower paying batches basically. Instacart is a great way to make money but I honestly feel like they need to work on the app more. I still have glitches every other order and the customers are still reporting false narratives that I can’t control.
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5 years ago, Shaylene C.Y
Instacart shopping for over a Year!
Instacart has changed a lot sense I first started out with them. First you only can see the store your going to now you see on a map and the house/houses if multiple orders/Deliveries at once. You now get paid for mileage, you can now “Cash-out” same day instead of waiting 3 days after Sunday to get paid. But you still have to Waite for your tips. You can also see the city layouts “zones”, and now you can be on a Waite-list to be notified when hours are available. You’ll need UNLIMITED Data in Oder to shop! At first it was hard I didn’t know how to do everything but after a couple times you get the hang of things. You’ll know where items are but not at first. The app works great for the most part, you have to keep updating it but it will notify you about that. The pay is good! Especially holidays, NY/NYE was amazing! $400+ in 3 days of just working 4/6 hours all days, Insane. Make sure your car is always cleared out, and it’s ok to have a small car I have a fiat! That’s small! And have a non gas Hog car, that will save you a lot! When you have to drive a distance to drop off. This can become your part time job if your consistent on choosing your hours. Which is also great, it’s flexible, but only if hours are available.
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2 years ago, x233713
It not so much the app
I’ve been w/them since the beginning one of the first shoppers in FlA, when they were testing the market. The app is always being updated esp. the map part ( so many times I ended up in a deserted parking lot), the issue is the actual company Instacart AKA MapleBear does not care about its drivers. That’s it period. They know someone else will do it so they do the bare minimum. Here is an example I was at a shop where I was being followed because they thought I was shop lifting. I go up to the register and the guy literally said I don’t look like the other shoppers. I present my card they say I stole it, and I have to prove that I’m an actual shopper. Keep in mind I had been there three times already that same day. I leave…finally get ahold of someone in shopper support (which is a joke you can’t actually speak to someone live unless they call you) I explain the situation. They cancel the batch and penalise me by raising my cancellation points. Now keep in mind that I have 2 other deliveries I have to do on the other side of town. It ended up costing me 8.00 in fuel. Guess how much they cared when I complained. So they can update the app all they want but that’s not the issue. Do this as a side gig but just remember that’s all you are to then and then to you.
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4 years ago, sky011099
Instacart needs to make MANY changes.
Let me start off by saying I enjoy working for Instacart. I've been doing it for six months and I really love doing it. I make good money for the type of work it is and I love the flexibility. However, there are a few major issues that need to change. For instance, the rating system is terrible. A customer can give a shopper a low rating for whatever reason, in fact they dont even HAVE to GIVE a reason, and once your ratings go down you lose first access to the high-paying batches. Also, the chat agents that are supposed to help us are terrible! 9 times out of 10 the agent doesn't give clear responses, sometimes they never answer at all, and they all give different answers! When Instacart works it's wonderful, but when it doesn't work it's absolutely terrible. Never in the middle. Also, people have been downloading software onto their phones to automatically grab the high-paying batches without letting other shoppers have a chance. Instacart claims they have tried fixing this issue and sometimes I notice the "bots" are gone but they always come back. There's a simple way to fix this, make a captcha feature for accepting a batch or some other type of 2-step anti-robot system. The people using this software are literally taking food out of people's mouths and taking money from their pockets. Things need to change!!!
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