Instant Cash Register

2.4 (9)
57.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Instant Cash Register

2.44 out of 5
9 Ratings
5 months ago, ALilEnchanted
Could be a great app with some changes
It only allows 30 products which is definitely not going to work for me. I loved that I could add pics of my products but I have way more than 30 . It also rounds up or down to the nearest dollar on inventory which is not efficient for keeping up with accurate net profit, especially for a very small retail business. And there is no place to list a vendor for my items. I really didn’t get any further than adding the 30 items allowed and trying a couple of test sale transactions before my little trial experience of this came to a quick end. Is the $9.99 upgrade a one time payment or is it monthly? Does it allow unlimited inventory items? Does it allow accurate cost of items or does it still round to the dollar?
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8 years ago, 54$Athena
Lacking in basics
This app limits itself for use by even the most basic retail store by not having a miscellaneous category or at least allowing price change within a category. For example, if you sell earrings and one comes up not in your inventory in this app you cannot enter and sell it as miscellaneous to close the sale and get the customer out the door.
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2 years ago, isjsjdjdjdjdjdjdjjdjdjdjdj
It does everything I need but I’m having a little bit of time confused of the barcode scanner. How does it work?
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4 months ago, Mhjihythsreliynbcxqh
I do not like that you have to sigh in because this is for 4+
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6 years ago, KillMagnetic
Needs a layaway option!!
I’ve been struggling to find an app to run my small and very new business. I can’t afford the high dollar point of sale systems and have been on the hunt for an app just like this at a price I can afford. this app is great! Has all the basics plus a lot more. affordable and easy to use. Only thing I wish that the developer would add is a layaway feature for customers, if you add layaway I’m giving 5 stars for sure
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6 years ago, RandiDawn
Just what I needed
This is just the app I needed in order to help me keep track of sales and inventory of my crafts. Doing it the old way wasn’t working for me anymore. And my day job I’m an accountant and keeping track of inventory and sales is very important to me. This allows me to print reports that will help me figuring out cells your end.
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5 years ago, EMiller11
Perfect for our greenhouse
If I could just figure out or if they could change it to have an open price options for things you want to just type in the price this app would be perfect!
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5 years ago, xtex.brown
Love potential, but what gives with cost/price?
When adding items, the entry is straight forward. But then it only displays the pricing and costing to the nearest dollar which is WRONG for say a concession stand. Then when I go to edit the item, it only saved the price that it rounded up or down to. Horrible. Clearly a bug that needs fixing so cannot use until addressed. Season starts this weekend so alas I fear we won’t be using this app.
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5 years ago, fkwsc
Very nice app and very helpful.
Very nice and easy to setup. User friendly, the only thing I wish it got is a closing DETAILED recap at the end of the business day that regular “salesperson” can do. Also, I wish I can log remotely on another devise to check on by business. All in all is a great app. I love it.
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10 years ago, M. Canon
M. Canon
Downloaded the app. During checkout if there is more than two items being checked out and you try to delete an item off check out the whole app crashes. Would like to put 5 stars but the app crashes
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5 years ago, Bang Patrick
Powerfull app but...
I was so happy with this app, almost perfect for me, specially because i can create giftcard and discounts, unfortunately it wont allows me to connect with thermal printer, even after i spend $219 for star micronics LAN printer, thought will work since it connect to my budget canon printer through wifi signal, but who will print receipt in ink jet printer ?????
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4 years ago, Stjbdl
Need receipt by text
It only gives the option to send receipts via text or paper. Some customers don’t want to give email addresses, and paper is a wait. A text option should be added.
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5 years ago, Dustiblonde1
Love the app...but....
Love the layout, easy to setup. I bought the pro addition on two iPads but I don’t have a way to set it up to print through my Epson receipt printer or through the cash drawer :( it would be amazing if I could. Otherwise this would be a five star app!
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5 years ago, gjcgjvhdtydycghvg
Wouldn’t allow me to add any items!
I deleted all the items already on the app plus I deleted the categories.... when I tried to add new I got a pop up window that stated this app only allows 26 items upgrade to business etc... well there weren’t any items because I deleted all of them... it’s too bad I was hoping for something handy...
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9 years ago, katievaughn
Awesome App
This one of the best cash register apps that I have found. I like how user friendly it is. It's very easy to make changes when ever needed.
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6 years ago, MoMoBlessed
This app has really helped me with inventory and has improved my customer service a lot.
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8 years ago, Elncat
Unable to change quantity
I'm unable to change quantity of items purchased. Not going to work
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9 years ago, Jesus is watching
Make the barcode an OPTION.
This app was awesome until this last update. 90% of the items I sell are handmade. Which means no barcode. Can't use anymore until this is fixed.
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3 years ago, rriivvaass
Add open price to register
Everything about the app is great for a small convenience storefront
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6 years ago, Textfree 12345
Great app but.....
Great app but how do I put my email, whenever I want to send a receipt it says “set up email account”but how do I do it? Please help.
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3 years ago, kflow82
Not a functional program
Downloaded this to use in my classroom, for our store, but it only rounds to the nearest dollar, which is not helpful when trying to help students understand change.
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4 years ago, mimi121310
I changed the password and put in a new one and is said it was wrong . So I texted the customer service. They were so nice. Exquisite customer service.
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7 years ago, Lukas_p27
Only 15 items? I deleted one and wasn't able to add?!?! Not happy
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5 years ago, coraline 303
Needs improvement
It works but it won’t let me add any more devices
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7 years ago, Cori 101
Love this app!!
Works perfect, makes my life so simple!!
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9 years ago, PhoenixRavenwolf
When I try to delete the sample products it crashes! Fix the crashes and I will change my review!
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4 years ago, LdyRoman
Good some way
The only thing I Dont like its i can put cents
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4 years ago, kayy🤪❤️
I thought this was a game
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9 years ago, Fototico
Great little app but lacks key features
This is almost the little app that could. Unfortunately it can't compete with the big boys... yet. I say yet because I see a lot of potential. The app is very basic but it works. It has some bugs but at the same time it lacks some features. A huge plus is that you don't have to pay a lousy monthly subscriptions. It seems to keep inventory very well and it's easy to use. I love the ability to scan barcodes with the camera. Unfortunately, there are some features that are missing and some bugs to be fixed. Such as the ability to print inventory reports and not just order reports. Having the ability to print reports that show all the items (not money figures) sold in a day, week, month, or a rage of days would be great. It would also be nice to be able to enter vendors' information and print out purchase orders for inventory by vendor. That way reordering sold items would be easier. The vender would be entered when you create a new item. An inventory and sale history report for individual items would be nice, that way you could look up a particular item and see how many you have sold and how much money that particular money has generated. The app gives you the sales figures ($) for the day, month, and hear. Unfortunately it lacks a week report or the ability to enter a day range. A lot of booking books record figures on a weekly basis. It lacks the ability to take more than one type of payment. For example, you make a sale for 2,000 dollars but the customer wants to pay 1500 cash and the rest with a credit card. The app won't let you do that. I also found a bug. I simulated a sale for about 2500 dollars. I pressed on "pay cash" and entered 2000 dollars, obviously less than the amount due. The app saved the sale and cleared everything. Even though I was 500 dollars short. That should not have happened. Perhaps it should warm you that the amounts entered is less than the amount due and ask you if you want to submit the rest by other means, such as check, credit card, and so on. If a credit card is used, it should ask you if you want to pay the remaining balance with cash or check and so on. The "other" payment has Discovery, MasterCard, AM, and Debit, but it lacks Visa. I It would also be nice to add gift certificates. I suppose the "prepaid" are gift certificates. I also don't see a way to ad a tip to a sales after it has been completed. Also, what is the "server" button for? I looked in "help" to see if it would tell me about what is it and how to use it, but there is nothing about it in help. Even though the inventory buttons are nice and big, I would prefer for them to be half their size to make it easier to fit another row. Perhaps that could be a personal choice that could be changed in the settings. Also, I haven't been able to figure out how to do a refund. Seriously, how do you do a refund? Prowls you can go to reports and delete an order entered, but there should be a record of refunds. If you delete the order, then any record of it cease to exist. Not good! It would be nice to have the ability to back up the Dropbox, Box, iCloud, or any of the other cloud services. Synchronization among decides, including a computer, would be a huge plus. This last would allow a computer program to be developed with the capacity to generate better reports and other features, as well as data back up thorough WiFi. Not that the app should reply on a computer to generate basic reports. The description of the this and the pro version lack an explanation about the difference between the two. And I see no difference in the screen shots. So why pay more? As much as I like this little app and I see so much potential for it. With so many basic features missing, I have to look for another app. I hope that the developer fixes some of these issues and that one day he doesn't start charging a monthly fee as well. Not everyone needs all the features offered by paid services. A large business with large sales volumes yes, but a small business doesn't need so many types of reports and options. Just a basic stand alone apps that gives you the ability to use it as a cash register and to keep track of inventory (with reports as well) is all we need.
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10 years ago, Quang Tri Nguyen
it’s great !
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6 years ago, Micanon70
Excelente Aplicación
Muy buena aplicación, rápida de manejar, muy fiable en las estadísticas, el stock de los productos y muy fácil de manejar todo me lo hace muy fácil. Tengo una pregunta para el desarrollador. El único error que he encontrado es el profic no saca bien las cuantas de algunos productos que tuvieron rebajas de precio en el momento de la venta y me han sumado cantidades no reales. Por favor si me pueden solucionar esto. muchas gracias.
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