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Seller Notary LLC
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Instant Notary App

4.88 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
3 years ago, LauraBelle1234
Super easy
I needed something notarized asap, so I decided to give this app a try. It took probably 15 minutes total. Here’s how it works: You have to create an account, upload your document into the app, scan your license, fill out your document, then you just click a button to call the notary. It took maybe a minute to get connected. It’s a video style chat within the app. She had me show the front & back of my license again, then asked a few questions. I then clicked a button to virtually sign my document. About 2 minutes later, my document was ready within the app. At that time I was prompted to pay the $10. I did that & my document was released to be downloaded/printed/emailed. It’s like $7 to get something notarized around her in person, so it’s definitely worth the extra $3 to be able to do it from my couch. Will definitely use again.
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1 month ago, algehcjffbkitfvbhh
Very quick easy to use
Highly recommend. Easy, fast and inexpensive. It asks you to upload the filled out document you are wanting to notarize (leave your signature blank, as you sign it later). Then you upload a photo of your ID (drivers license). You then basically do a video call w the notary who asks you a few questions, asks you to show them your ID, then you click on the signature box to sign the document ‘in front of’ the notary. The call takes less than 2 minutes. A few minutes later you will receive a message on the app that the document was signed by the notary. You may have to close the app and reopen it for it to say it’s ready for payment/delivery. You then pay using a credit card or PayPal. It then emails your document to you. Very easy to use.
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1 year ago, goodreview22
One request
This app saves me so much time. I use it constantly. Just one request. When waiting for notary to initiate their end of the call and even while on the line with them. You have to keep touching the screen to keep it from turning screen off then have to unlock phone if you have Lock Screen. If other video streaming and game apps can take priority over screen turning off. Cant this one too? That would get rid of the only little thing wrong with the app. We’ll maybe saving credit card info too or allowing Apple Pay. Hate having to renter card info.
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3 years ago, Y7VKH5
Very good service
I decided to try this app after attempting to use its major competitor, Notarize, and having problems adding a second signer to a document via the Notarize app. I ended up wasting a whole evening with the Notarize app. This app isn’t quite as polished, but it is at least fully functional. I had to wait about 5 minutes to connect with a live notary with this app as opposed to less than a minute with Notarize. Once connected, the process was easy and straightforward. Considering that this app charges less than half of Notarize for a single document, it’s a much better value, too. My only UI critique would be to include better feedback while waiting to connect to a live notary so the user maintains confidence that it will actually connect and not give up.
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4 years ago, SamRockets
Extreemly disapointing
I tried using this service for a simple matter but they wasted my time and did not notarize the document after 3 days. Trying to reach them multiple times by phone I was directed back to chat and by chat I was cut off twice as soon as I asked a question. Finally when I was able to reach them they told me their system has AI (Artificial intelligence) that detected the passport Scan ... the one I held up to the camera multiple times to get the image in ... was a copy on paper .... which I assure you was not with 3 people in the room that witnessed the actual passport being held to the camera but the so called “AI” or artificial dumbness thought it was a paper copy. Anyway I do not recommend it because of the user experience with the software and the terrible support aside from the notary being in a big hurry that shed did not request the actual passport to be held to camera. So the notary did not check everything before leaving us and wasted our time!!!!!
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3 years ago, Missteeblue
Fast service, quick to start process but slow to complete document. Took over two hours - and quite expensive for only one document with one page. The stated quote was different than my invoice. Granted I had two spots to be notarized it was all still only on one page. I get the price of the two stamps but not the cost of double the pages. If you’re in a hurry this may not be the best option and certainly not the most cost effective. I do recommend for the convenience but thumbs down for the hidden fees.
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2 years ago, WendySnap
I chose this app because reviews of other apps complained of glitches. This was easy to set up and the notary appeared immediately. It took minutes to complete. My only complaint is the app said the document was still processing for about an hour before I could pay and download, so I worried something went wrong and I would have to start over. But it finally worked and I was able to easily email the doc from the app to the person who needed it. No struggling with formatting. I received confirmation from the person that the document was acceptable. I am so grateful for this easy process!! Thank you!
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4 years ago, 72687SB
So, I needed a few business documents notarized I needed notarized during the Covid-19 pandemic. No place was physically open for me to go to and every other service was expensive . Not only did I get the documents taken care of, the price was only $10!!!! 2 hours later, I needed another one taken care of and this was around 7pm, done.....less than 5 minutes. Forget the rest of the services, THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED TO USE!!!!!
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2 years ago, IGx89
NOT $10
It worked OK, with three major issues. 1: it costs $20, not $10 like this App Store listing says right at the top in their second photo. And they don’t tell you that until the very end, after the notary session. 2: create account doesn’t work, doesn’t have a submit button. Had to create an account from the website. 3: after session the app said “processing document” and never finished (it’s still processing 15min later). I had to go to the website (which doesn’t have a login button on the home page…) to find and download my document.
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9 months ago, Hairstylist Pamela
Great Application
It was almost impossible for me to get to a notary between work and school. I desperately needed to get some documents notarized so that I can fix my credit I started scrolling the applications, and I came upon this application that was easy to set up and easy to manage, I’ve been telling everybody about this application as it’s convenient and not costly at all. Great idea creating this app guys.
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7 months ago, Tahotties
Fantastically easy and professional
I am truly thankful for how easy and professional this service is. I originally had a appointment at the UPS store, but the manager decided to leave before I got there, which was very unprofessional. I found this service online, and I easily was able to get my document notarized. I’m very thankful for the service and the professional of their representatives.
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6 months ago, Viktor R.
Easy Notary Process. Recommend
The notary process took me from the time of getting a new account to actually getting my documents signed a massive 15 minutes. That's it. What a great app. Highly recommend the service. Super easy to sign and super easy to upload documents. Very secure and bulletproof. If you can get your stuff signed online, definitely do it.
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5 years ago, Tseiver2
Super easy & quick!
Perfect solution for a rainy Sunday morning when it would otherwise be almost impossible to find someone. Craig connected to me, verified by ID (after the site already verified my identity previously), and within 5 mins it was done! I wasn't to sure at first, but I feel like this is a safe site after multiple verifications. I will definitely use this again!
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4 months ago, PinkPre
Amazing App
I live in a very remote area of Texas without internet and rely on satellite service. Being able to easily connect by iPhone to have a document notarized is absolutely amazing! The process was easy, fast, and fairly priced. It saved me a long drive into the nearest town with a notary. I wholeheartedly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, meldannewt
Had issues first but someone answered the phone !
Needed docs notarized and was having technical difficulties at first. Called the number and a gentleman answered fixed the problem and my document was done within 20 minutes. This was a lifesaver since many states have stay at home orders due to covid19
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4 years ago, Ashley120114
Very professional!
The process was very simple and doable! My editor was very enthusiastic and even congratulated me on my marriage which was very sweet. He made the process go by very quick and I wasn’t waiting long at all, less than 10 minutes!! I have to say I was very suspicious at first but I am beyond happy that I chose this app to get my papers notarized!! Thank you!
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4 years ago, myfrogger
Fast, simple, easy!
Never again will I physically go somewhere to get a document notarized! I created an account, uploaded my document, uploaded my ID and answered a few verification questions about my identity, and then was connected with a face to face notary who notarized my document. It all took place in just minutes at 10:30pm! All For just $10! 😁🥳🤩😎🙏
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2 weeks ago, Zach12846
Fast, easy, lot cheaper
Down side you have to do one document at a time unlike others where you can do multiple documents at a time this one does just one but hey it’s cheaper than the rest and quick too very impressive
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2 years ago, AnthonyJTT
Super convenient!!
I was asked to download this app to continue on the processing of my papers. After downloading, I uploaded all the necessary documents needed to verify my identity. Everything was done via a call to your smartphone. Easy peasy!! Never have to leave your couch! Love this service!
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7 months ago, Jeanine69
Got charged twice
Everything was fine, the process was fast i had no problem until it was time to pay. The first time i added my card info it said payment failed so i tried again. I got the same message the second time i tried adding my card and when i checked my account i got charged twice
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3 years ago, MJW559
Fast and efficient
Needed a notary and they were able to help me without waiting on a long hold or setting up an appointment hours later. The notary was professional and got me through the process without any problems.
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4 years ago, beau c.
Quick and painless.
Chirag helped me very quickly and even called me when I was having some issues getting connected. This is a cheaper, easier to use alternative to the more expensive popular option. You’ve earned my repeat business.
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2 years ago, mmharto
Great Experience
This was my first notary experience and it was amazing. They took to the time to make sure everything was correct and even took some extra steps to ensure I would have no issues returning the document. Thank You!
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4 years ago, raevictoria
Awesome customer service
I unfortunately wasn’t able to use the documents I got notarized because I have to wet sign them. That’s the only reason for 4 stars out of 5. The customer service was great and the app was easy to use. Everyone was very helpful. I will definitely use this again should I need something that can be e-signed and notarized.
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7 months ago, penbp
THE BEST!! Not even exaggerating.
I have been trying to get a document notarized. I’m so happy I found you guys. Best prices! And it was extremely extremely easy to do. So much faster than I thought! Literally 5 minutes it took. Thank you thank you!
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2 years ago, ProfPlum1983
Mind Blown
I usually don’t leave app reviews, but I am very impressed with this app and the service. Took less then 5 mins to upload and fill out my form and less then 5 mins to have it notarized and sent back to me completed.
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3 years ago, Hidden-Note
Needed a document notarized. The process was simple. Depending on time of day you may have to wait a bit to be connected with a notary but once connected the notary was nice, quick and efficient. Will definitely use again.
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4 days ago, Alexis O
Professional service
Notary was very professional and everything was easy to understand and fill out. Will definitely use this service again.
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1 year ago, Adrian Castillo95
Very appreciative
I really appreciate the fact that the founder of this app took time to assist me after I had been rejected due to my disability. I am thankful that the error was fixed and that I was able to get my documents notarized in the end.
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3 years ago, TRUEREDWOLF
Quick and easy
The process was quick and easy, just be sure to have your license/ID as well as a second form of identification such as passport, lease, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, etc. As I stated before, quick and easy, and my notary was friendly and professional.
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4 months ago, DRM098
Not instant - App don’t work - worst customer service
On short - This is not instant notary if you are not able to access the notary after you have paid for it. It’s been two days and still cannot access the notary. Customer service is poor and no help at all. Not able to speak to a live human being. The chat bot on the app take 2 days for someone to respond. They billed my credit card twice and refused to respond to my email.
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2 months ago, Jessie Mae 79
2nd time use
This is my second time using this service. The only thing I have an issue with is the wait time, but other than that is it awesome. The two people I have used were very nice and friendly! Thank you so much for all your help ladies!
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3 years ago, Zaktriesmorenicknames
Fast and easy
The notary was knowledgeable about the form I was signing (PS 1583) and helped me troubleshoot a problem with documentation. Very nice experience! Be ready to wait a few minutes for the notary to join you, was about 5-8 minutes.
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5 months ago, terremom
Great service!
Very quick response. Profesional. This was for personal use not A business. Recommend highly to others. Will definitely use again if need arises!
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9 months ago, E.oberst
So wonderful
This app is a lifesaver, and my agent was phenomenal. I was waiting for a while got kicked out and then the agent that did connect with me was very patient and understanding and quick will definitely use again.
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3 years ago, mrs.mcneal1123
Was a pleasure to talk too!!
Our notary was extremely nice humble kind he definitely had a glow about him I would recommend this service and this company to all of my friends and family!! Thank you so much for your diligence and quick work God bless
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3 months ago, Justice Name Change
Extremely Useful
Such a convenient app to come across. Notary places close sometimes and this will easy, fast and able to complete in the comfort of your own home.
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2 years ago, ssanm
Super app
This is a great app great support. I highly recommend it the entire process takes less then 15 minutes. If you are looking for a great app to get your documents certified look no further.
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4 years ago, babamamali
Easy and fast
At the beginning, I uploaded a wrong file and the agent is so professional and give me the right guidance to upload the right format. Once I uploaded the right file, the process was so quick and smooth. Thank you!!
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8 months ago, It's Cold On Hoth
Great App Experience
The app was easy to download and the information auto filled itself from my previous application. The gentleman who answered my call was very helpful in finalizing the document.
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12 months ago, ler2021
Efficient and convenient service
Very efficient and convenient service. It’s also free. Would love more practical apps like this, especially if you’re working and living remotely!
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3 years ago, Maynm002
So convenient
Defiantly a little more expensive than if you went to a UPS store, but on a Sunday when you need a notary or you can’t/don’t want to leave your house this app is perfect.
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11 months ago, Iphone5 user L
Easy and quick
Other than getting my camera and microphone to work, the process was fast and easy! Super convenient!
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12 months ago, Bingesttayo
Great and effortless service
I am very pleased with the process and customer service. Easy to use interface and professional customer service 10/10.
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4 years ago, Jusmills
Great Service - Quick and Easy
Definitely a must have if you need quick and easy notarization! Would recommend to anyone looking for this. Takes the hassle out of finding a notary.
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5 years ago, HersheyWife
Love this will use more
This app is quick and efficient it took less than 5 minutes to notarize a paper for school this app is amazing I will recommend this app to everyone I know who needs papers notarized quickly
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3 months ago, Marie1234321
Very quick and efficient, highly recommend
Saved me a lot of time and it was extremely easy.
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7 months ago, Bigj2991
What a great experience
What a fast notary experience. I will be using this app for now on. The lady that notarized my documents was very polite. The best part about this experience is that I do it from home. Thank you
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5 years ago, Baby Chew
Efficient App
This is an amazing way to notarize documents when there are notary tin your area. Customer service was excellent and professional. I highly recommend this app. Criag P. should be commended for his customer service skill and efficiency. Thank you for your help. Rachel
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3 years ago, Chinotto305
Auto complete address not working. birthday date selector is invisible
The app is impossible to use. Auto complete address not working. birthday date selector is invisible
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