Instawork for Business

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1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Instawork for Business

4.46 out of 5
97 Ratings
3 years ago, Flynn boy
It’s great minus a few features
This app COULD be awesome, but it would be great and so helpful to have a few extra features: - ability to interview higher value workers - an intuitive invoicing system - the ability to troubleshoot problems (I.e. the invoicing) - ability to request bi-lingual workers - ability to create a category if the job doesn’t neatly fit into the pre loaded categories It’s so close.... but those features would make me use it all the time.
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5 years ago, Big City Queen
They do not verify that workers are qualified or ethical
The instawork staff (not workers) are HORRIBLE AND INCOMPETENT! It’s like dealing with the worst used car salesman who is on dope you’ve ever seen. They don’t value the workers, even if the businesses always rate you highly. They are shady about pay and won’t pay you if a business cancels the gig with less than 24 hr notice, which can cause you to miss other jobs. They rarely respond to inquiries and treat you like cattle if they do. I hope they go out of business because it seems like they are already on their way. Poor quality oversight and they don’t prequalify any workers so you are always taking a gamble when hiring thru them. They charge an average of $7-8 per hour per worker on top of booking fee and worker pay rate. Very risky to your business reputation and brand.
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1 year ago, jvbunag_king
Very easy to use on-demand staffing + consistency
Instawork is so easy to use whether website or thru the app. You can basically request workers with a touch of a button. You just have to cycle a few workers but then you get to add good ones to the roster and have them commit to long term or temp to perm. My HR team uses Instawork as another tool to recruit since costs are up we can’t afford to just hire anybody without trying them out first. Kudos to this wonderful app! Life changing
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2 years ago, R2d3henry
Love the program but a couple of things to add
Awesome program. Getting some great people to help us in our business. One thing that would be great to add to software- private notes in the roster. Certain people in our roster have certain strengths and can work at multiple locations etc. having an area next to each persons name in the roster for my viewing only would be great.
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4 years ago, Mikkuti
So this is what the future of staffing is
Instawork has totally revolutionized how we run our distribution facility. I no longer have to juggle multiple agencies to get the volume of workers I need to get orders out on time. I dragged my feet getting started and now I can’t ever imagine going back to the archaic way I used to find workers. I didn’t get it at first but the roster and shift leads help a TON!
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1 year ago, Leilani Young
Wonderful company
This app makes it so easy for me to schedule my temp staff. Everything I could need is here, I love that it generates unique clock in and clock out codes for the temps. I always have my schedule at my fingertips making my life much easier. Highly recommend using their services.
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1 year ago, EmmaG1994
As a busy business owner, I was on the lookout for a way to make my life easier when it came to my staffing. That’s when I stumbled upon Instawork. It’s easy to use and you’re able to learn all about the workers before they even show up. Can’t recommend enough
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1 year ago, BusinessRA
Great and Easy to Use
It is great to be able to book and view professionals directly on my phone. While running around I can’t always get to a computer so being able to access all of my employees is a huge factor!
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6 years ago, lclbrklyn212
This “business” is the biggest scam out there. I had to refund several clients because of the servers and bartenders short comings. The bartenders do not know how to bartend and the servers 9 times out of ten are awful. These people don’t check references, don’t do background checks and are awful business people. Besides the actual cost of the staff this business has put me out over 3k now on top of the inflated staffing costs. They will hate you with the low prices but then it’s anything but that hourly price to hire the staff. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO HIRE STAFF AND I LEARNED THE HARD WAY THIS IS NOT THE WAY!
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2 years ago, Sharataka
Makes it so easy to manage shifts
I’m barely ever at my desk so that changes the team has made to make it easier to check people in and adjust times through the mobile app have been a lifesaver!
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1 year ago, Olivia5502
Great tool!
Instawork has been a game changer for my business. The folks that come in are excited to work and willing to learn. The app makes it easy to have all the shift details right in the palm of my hand at any time.
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1 year ago, LynchMob31
Very easy to use
This app is very convenient and user friendly. Getting staffing help from a few clicks on demand is extremely helpful, especially with the need for labor to flex up and down fast.
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1 year ago, CG1818
Very easy to use!!
I really appreciate the fact that with just a few button pushes, I can get all the staff I need for my upcoming events and see their picture and work reference.
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6 years ago, Filip Todd
It does not show the candidate profile
This app was doing great until they didn't screw it up! Now you can't see the profile of your candidates from your phone. It gets stuck and you're waiting and answer You gotta first check it from your PC answer on the chat system and then use the app only to see your candidates. I hope they will fix it soon.
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2 weeks ago, Instawork app
Instawork app is best money making on iPhone 14
The Instawork will create more rewards, levels , gig approval, price per hour and color levels that will put the most money in your pocket
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1 year ago, John Torres
Best way to manage live shifts
I save so much time using this app to manage my company’s shifts, help with clock in, and even track where my Pros are. Great complement to an already awesome product!
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2 years ago, Meg04061991
Great Way to Book Shifts on the Go
Love the ease of booking shifts on the go when I am away from my computer. It’s helpful to clock in/out pros and view shifts from my phone as well .
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4 years ago, kknator
Saved my business
Prior to using Instawork, hiring was such a time consuming aspect of my company. Now, we can get workers with the click of a button. Instawork truly saved my business.
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3 months ago, Azcac
Unethical Company
If you have a business and need temporary staffing, avoid this company like the plague. They will set you up with an employee, but it’s rolling the dice whether the employee will show up or not. If you cancel, there is a ridiculous fee. However, if the employee doesn’t show up, the company doesn’t care and will do nothing to remedy their error. DO NOT USE THEM.
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1 year ago, JennyLo88
Easy to use
App is user friendly and love having the ability to see live shifts and tracking/contacting Pros.
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1 year ago, Dan - Ace Hardware
Great business app
I’ve used different gig labor platforms for our warehouses, and instaworks is definitely the most user friendly.
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1 year ago, El Duro de Palermo Soho
Convenient and excellent results
This app makes booking shifts a snap, and the shifts fill up super fast. A lifesaver when you need extra workers.
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1 year ago, IW User
Works like a charm
The IW for Business app is super easy to use on the go, especially for checking pros in and out to ensure their hours are correct.
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1 year ago, Palmtrees country club
One stop shop
Very user-friendly app that allows for efficient staff management.
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1 year ago, wlfpck757
Best of both worlds!
This is the perfect combination of function and flexibility. This is the best platform for not only building a flexibly workforce, but managing that workforce on the go!
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2 years ago, Karlat321
Love the ease of the platform!
Very easy to track the pros and make adjustments in real time!
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4 years ago, brad__123
Convenient way to get temp labor
Able to provide up to hundreds of temp staff per day
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12 months ago, cherrylitaaa101
Wonderful app
This app is extremely useful for on demand staffing! 5 stars!
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7 years ago, chefderek111222
Good app
Hired a line cook really quickly would recommend
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4 years ago, Srchdxb
Great app
Does what it’s supposed to! Easy to use
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3 years ago, cperez0260
All I get are inexperienced workers
You would assume they would send workers with experience, but that not the case. I’ve hand to refund many clients because they send me workers who have never cleaned a home to do house cleaning.
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5 years ago, Tosh N
This app is the worst and could be a scum
You will never find candidates with this app. Every time I add available time for interview, all disappears. So no candidates can apply for interview always. Also, I get A LOTS of emails from instawork saying “xxx just applied for job xxx” but when i go to app, i see ZERO candidate. NOTHING reflects on app. I have been spending so much money for months but no surprise i found NO ONE still. Instawork is total SCUM.
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1 year ago, JesusKnows!
A Game-Changer in Staffing
The Instawork for Business app is a revolutionary solution that has transformed the way I find professionals with diverse backgrounds and sets of skills. It has undoubtedly become an invaluable asset for me and my team members. One of the standout features of Instawork for Business is its extensive pool of talented professionals. The app provides access to a wide range of skilled individuals across various industries, allowing me to find the perfect fit for any position within my organization. Whether I need a temporary worker, an expert in a specific field, or even someone for a last-minute job, Instawork consistently delivers exceptional talent. The app's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make navigating through its features a breeze. The streamlined process of posting job listings and reviewing applicants has significantly reduced the time and effort required for staffing. Instawork has truly simplified the entire hiring process, saving me valuable resources that can be allocated towards other critical business tasks. Furthermore, Instawork's rating and review system add an extra layer of assurance. The ability to view the ratings and feedback provided by other employers ensures that I can make informed decisions about potential hires. This transparency has helped me build a reliable network of trusted professionals and establish lasting working relationships. Instawork's real-time communication feature is another game-changer. It allows me to interact directly with applicants, facilitating a seamless exchange of information and enabling me to quickly assess their suitability for a specific role. The app's messaging functionality has greatly improved the hiring process, ensuring that both parties are on the same page before committing to any work arrangement. Moreover, Instawork's emphasis on quality control sets it apart from other staffing solutions. The app rigorously screens and vets professionals, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are available for hire. This commitment to excellence has consistently provided me with reliable and skilled individuals who have positively impacted my team's productivity and overall success. In conclusion, the Instawork for Business app is a game-changer in the world of staffing. Its comprehensive pool of diverse professionals, user-friendly interface, transparent rating system, real-time communication, and commitment to quality make it the best app ever for connecting businesses with top-notch talent. Instawork has undoubtedly revolutionized the way I find and hire professionals, and I can't imagine running my business without it.
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5 years ago, rrrtbf
App doesn’t work right
Still too many bugs. Can’t access applicants. Very frustrating!
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7 years ago, Mazzy123456789
Shuts down when trying to edit calendars, and freezes when using talk to text.
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2 years ago, nsjshshshjs
Cannot change pay for employees
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4 years ago, 115 main niner
Awesome App
Great service!
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12 months ago, Mommo Clark
Love it
Best App ever!
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4 years ago, Richard in Mill Valley
Great app. Terrific Co.
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7 years ago, sfgirlxoxo
Hired my best line cook through Instawork
So happy they made an app for this. I hired the best line cook I've ever had within 6 days of posting the job. The app lets you browse through qualified candidates and request interviews. I love that I'm able to schedule interviews directly on the app to keep everything in one spot. (I've screwed up in the past scheduling overlapping interviews/ forgetting about them entirely. There's a new messaging feature that I'm obsessed with. I can easily message applicants to ask any preliminary questions (shift availability, etc) to spare us both from wasting any time. I've also used messenger to let applicants know if I'm running late, clarify parking, etc. Just as easy as texting but without having to give out my number. I recently spoke with someone over there and he told me that they're launching Instawork "gigs" soon to hire on-demand workers to fill understaffed shifts. Definitely keeping my eye out for that!
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7 years ago, Ajones2009
Easiest way to hire fast!
I've been using Instawork website to hire restaurant staff for years and it's great, but the new mobile app is even easier and is 100x better than anything else out there. Scheduling interviews is super easy and with the new messaging feature I'm able to reach out to candidates in minutes. I'll never use another hiring site again!
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7 years ago, lil blud
Hiring is so easy!
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