Instawork: Work when you want

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User Reviews for Instawork: Work when you want

4.72 out of 5
63.1K Ratings
1 year ago, widbirrndienwkjdjfjffn
Job Job you can ever do
I really do enjoy working with Instawork. i'm unsure why so many people wrote bad reviews and the people who have wrote that they have not got paid I always get paid. with any job that you work it's never perfect but I will say that instawork and their customer care they really really work with us and they do their very best to continue to keep us happy and paid and making good money l've had personal issues where I've had to miss my shift unexpectedly which would be considered a no-show or I've had to cancel last minute and l've never had an issue submit to them a note or whatever that they need and again no issue I would highly highly recommend instawork to anyone as I have already but I will continue to do so. What other job can you pick your hours, what other job can you make endless amounts of money, and what other job offers all of the amazing incentives that instawork offers especially now with the holidays approaching. as I already stated I truly in my heart believe that instawork works there very hardest to make us as much money as possible and to keep us all happy and I think they do a very very very good job at that therefore I would give them nothing under a five star rating and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you instawork for everything that you've done and the opportunities, the endless amounts of opportunities that you have given me I love instawork and I will continue to pick up shifts probably for a long time!
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6 months ago, Danidigz
Love this app
I have had a really hard time finding work, even with other gig apps the work is hit or miss and you can’t make the type of money you can pay your rent with. With Instawork I have been able to secure decent work at decent pay with great people. This app has work for every person no matter what you are qualified to do, they have something for everyone. Not only do they have a huge variety of work options they also have a huge quantity of shifts available. You can work as much or as little as you want. It’s worth taking the time to do all the things you need to do to get qualified and verified. After you are verified, you pick the type of work you want to do and then watch the jobs come thru. Make sure you set your filter every time you search to your desired area and how far you are willing to travel. That is the only thing that is a drawback but totally worth it. I have nothing bad I can say about this app besides that. They have given me opportunities that no one else has which has allowed me to become independent and feel good again knowing I can support myself. The people I have worked with and for have been so nice and helpful. My experiences have all been positive. The app walks you through every process, anyone can follow it. If you want to work Instawork is all you need!!
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9 months ago, PERSEVERANCE IS 🔑!!
First of all I would like to thank the creators that came up with the idea to create an app that’s so unique and user friendly THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the depth of my soul!!! This is where the funds comes in now (lol),!! If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money on top of INCENTIVES $$$$$ just by meeting basic common sense work rules requirement that should be naturally instilled in you already especially if you’ve had a job before in general or if you’re currently working a regular 9-5. You are being rewarded for coming into work on TIME AND following the company’s procedures in any situation you’re in, doing what is asked of you, keeping it professional, NOT calling out ESPECIALLY when it’s not done correctly because then the company is left short handed due to your abandonment when they could’ve filled that high end paying position to someone that really needed it. that’s with any company you have work for or still working for, it can hurt your ratings and effect your high end paying positions (Remember Communication is the 🔑🔑🔑 I promise!!) but Honestly that sounds like a daily work schedule anyways right??? but without the incentives or recognition that Im sure you deserve!! ******NO I WASN'T PAYED TO SAY THIS AND HONESTLY I DONT EVER WRITE REVIEWS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE NO ONE READS THEM***
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2 weeks ago, zepleon
Not happy with sign up experience
this has been an incredibly frustrating and disappointing experience. The sign-up process was excessively detailed and time-consuming, requiring me to provide a vast amount of personal information before I could even see what jobs were available. This alone was off-putting, as I prefer to evaluate job opportunities before committing to such an invasive registration process. After finally completing the cumbersome sign-up, I was extremely disheartened to find that the platform offered hardly any job opportunities. The few listings that were available were all very short-term, some lasting only a few hours, which is not ideal for anyone looking for more stable or longer-term gig work. This limited availability made the entire process feel like a huge waste of time and effort. Furthermore, the platform's design and user interface are poor and unfriendly. Navigation is confusing, and the overall experience feels clunky and inefficient. Important information is not easily accessible, and the layout does not facilitate a smooth user experience. Overall, Instawork failed to meet my expectations on multiple levels. The lengthy and invasive sign-up process, combined with the lack of viable job opportunities and a poorly designed platform, made this service more trouble than it's worth. I am closing my account and cannot recommend Instawork to anyone seeking reliable and substantial gig work.
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1 year ago, ToddG
Instawork Rocks!
As an employee at Instawork, I am proud to write a positive review about our organization and the valuable services we offer to job seekers. Working here has been an enlightening experience, and I'm genuinely impressed by how we prioritize efficiency and empathy in assisting individuals during their job search journeys. Instawork”s mobile app has been a game-changer, providing a user-friendly platform that streamlines the entire process of seeking new employment opportunities. The intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate through various features, making it convenient for them to complete tasks efficiently. One of the standout features of the app is its comprehensive job search functionality. It aggregates job listings from various sources, presenting users with a wide range of opportunities tailored to their skills and preferences. Job seekers can find suitable positions quickly, increasing their chances of landing a job that aligns with their qualifications. Overall, Instawork”a app has revolutionized the way job seekers access support and find employment. Its seamless user experience and extensive job search makes it an invaluable resource for those in need. I am proud to be a part of an organization that genuinely cares about helping individuals regain stability and move forward in their professional lives.
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2 years ago, PiFFery Jenkins
If you like to hustle & earn extra income this is the app for you. I’ve personally been working non stop through this app. Since January 24th 2022. That was my first gig. For the next 8 months I was working in a different place almost every single day, I would be going to a new location to utilize my skill set. Now every gig is different and nothing is perfect but all in all this app via the gig economy marketplace has enabled me to fully focus on an upcoming career change. My point is instawork is legit & if you are passionate, professional & humble about your work. This app will take you to the next level. I am now writing a review because I am taking a bit of a break from the non stop gig economy. If you’re a good worker, Instawork will notice & will reward you with more incentivized gigs. It’s hard work & paying attention to detail goes a long way. Cooking, serving, bartending, warehouse, dishwashing, even driving. Setting up for events, most likely a wedding or corporate display. The platinum bonus is nice & the developers seem to care about the user experience. As the app is constantly being updated. While keeping a good head on your shoulders this app will help you down the road. Just remain professional & consistent. This will not go unnoticed. Thank you for reading this review. This comes from my Heart. -Jim
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3 years ago, JHam3292
Very Cool!!!
The Instawork app is simply user-friendly in just about all aspects that there really could be in regards to finding satisfaction in a product/service, far beyond what you would ever initially anticipate an app to be, simply configuring itself from what you never knew you were ever missing out on in life before so suddenly making impact on being exactly what your life was in true need of, andddd ESPECIALLYYYY SOO in being an app that’s conveniently providing assistance, pioneering more-easible accessibility to resources within the market that specifically pertains crucial to continuing structural rebuild and continuing growth within our economy! The masters at Instawork have made it so simple for their consumers that in the matter of time it took me to roll out of bed and finish a quick small to medium-size bowl of cereal, not only was I still on usual pace with my regular daily routine but, I next made my way into my morning shower with my personal Instawork profile filled out, all on-boarding documents authorized, and even found myself off to have “completed” a handful of applications “ already. I don’t see how finding work could really get any much more easier and convenient than this, and do feel like this is a company/app that will own that stance well into the foreseeable future!
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9 months ago, Narcol95
It’s fanTastic!
I've been using Instawork for a while now, and it has completely transformed the way I find temporary work opportunities. Here are a few reasons why I love this app: 1. **Easy-to-Use Interface**: The app's user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to browse and apply for jobs. You can quickly set up your profile and start searching for gigs in your area. 2. **Wide Range of Job Listings**: Instawork offers a diverse range of job listings, from hospitality and events to warehouse and general labor. There's something for everyone. 3. **Flexible Scheduling**: The flexibility it offers is a game-changer. You can choose when and where you want to work, making it perfect for students, freelancers, or anyone with a busy schedule. 4. **Transparent Payment**: The app provides clear information about pay rates and when you'll get paid. No surprises, and that's much appreciated. 5. **Great Support**: The customer support team is responsive and helpful. They've resolved any issues I've encountered promptly. Overall, Instawork has simplified my job search and provided me with numerous work opportunities. If you're looking for flexible work, I highly recommend giving it a try!
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2 years ago, Robmix26
Great app, but poor punishments
I love this app and it has helped me a ton and I recommend it to EVERYONE. However their punishments are way too harsh If you cancel a shift 23 hours in advance instead of 24 you are automatically disqualified from any metal and it's the dumbest thing ever. I was eligible for gold which would have given me the privilege not only for early access to jobs, but also instant pay that gives me money in my account right when I clock out. However, I cancelled my gig to work 23 hours in advance because I knew for a fact the shift would be covered immediately. They always get booked within 10 minutes of being posted because people love those opportunities, so I knew they wouldn't be mad if I cancelled. Instead I just checked and I don't qualify for not only gold, but not even bronze. That's also one of the worst things about the ranking, if I have worked the whole month flawlessly the new ranking doesn't even kick in until the first of the next month, so I think the punishments are quite excessive and they ruin the experience knowing I have to go the next month not only without instant pay which I was looking forward to, and early access for more jobs. I'd understand if the punishment was 4 hours in advance, but 24 is REDICULOUS knowing the job will find a replacement almost immediately and no one is inconvenienced other than the employees
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3 years ago, tcbP0894
Problematic Software.
This app will get you some great gigs, don’t get me wrong. But they clearly could use some temp workers of their own to deal with all of the technical problems they have. First of all, if anything goes unexpected with your shift don’t expect to be paid for your work. I wasn’t able to clock out for my first shift and still haven’t been paid even though I’ve filed a complaint-this is over a month ago now. Every person I’ve met from Instawork who’s worked at least a few gigs have had this issue. Pretty problematic when you’re expecting hundreds of dollars but those just never appear. Today though, was the trigger for this review. I booked a shift last night and drove over an hour to get here. Over twenty minutes before my shift, while I was 3 minutes away from the l’ovation, they texted me saying I wouldn’t make it so they removed me. So now I’ve invested my time and money but I get removed with no prior notice and no compensation. Of course their app has no means to to address problems such as these (they have preset catatonies of problems that you can choose from, oh and there’s no phone number to call. So yeah def download if you feel like planning on work and pay just to have it, virtually randomly, erased. I know other workers who’ve had shifts they booked disappear with not even a message at the time of occurrence. Clearly they either need to get some better software, or more human help to address the problems that are created with what they have.
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2 years ago, Joe-6266
Decent platform with software issues and unsupportive of workers
The most frustrating thing about this app is the lack of opportunity and income security. Theres often no shifts available and if you want to get even just 16 hours a week you have to book shifts weeks in advance. There is not a way to find coverage through the platform, you have to message individuals on there. You have can not cancel with the intent of working if no one else takes it and you are penalized for canceling shifts well in advance and those shifts are often booked by others within a day. These penalties result in further difficulty securing hours. There are also connectivity issues that can prevent you from clocking in and out of shifts. I have to re-confirm every shift because 90 minutes before I get a text message that says I am not tracking to the location and will be pulled off the shift in 30 minutes when I have a 40 minute commute. I've also seen someone be pulled off a shift for not confirming while working a shift and we were left understaffed because if it, even though he still arrived because he didn't know it was canceled, they were unable to get him put back on the shift after attempting to get in contact with Instawork Support and he had to go home. There isn't alternative option out there, not that I've seen. I've tried a few apps and this one is better but it has a lot of flaws.
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1 week ago, Truth Hurts Do It
Slow To NO Response
The app is ok once the company FINALLY updates your information. They say up to 72 hours but I’ve had “applications” that haven’t been processed in MONTHS!!! Right now as we speak I’m waiting for them to approve ONE picture so I can have access to the shifts I HAVE ALREADY WORKED AND BEEN APPROVED FOR IN THE PAST. I found steady employment so I stopped using Instawork WHICH AFFECTED MY ACCOUNT NEGATIVELY (pretty dumb considering most of us use this app to fill in gaps of employment) you would think an option to verify permanent positions would be offered to avoid the aforementioned from happening BUT that’s just too close to having common sense. Customer service is NON EXISTENT which means that if you have a problem IT WILL NEVER GET RESOLVED. This platform is asking for more and more out of its users…”give us leads” “give us your time” “give us your very best!” Yet this company offers mediocrity and subpar performance in return. Laughable if you ask me! The users of this app are awesome people who are dedicated to the tasks at hand. We are frikin committed! Is it too much to ask for a company to do what it says it will do at the CAPACITY IT PROMISES TO DO IT IN?!! Like, can you walk and chew gum at the same time?!!! So you should be able to provide an EXCELLENT service and EARN the money that you stuff your pockets with 🙄 no ethics, no integrity, plenty of greed and unkept promises though!
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1 year ago, cindypeach
Terrible App!
First i’m going to start off with how i’ve been on this app for some time now, everything has changed before my eyes! they don’t send shifts at all it’s more of a bidding app and first come first serve, now they have introduced coach calls with people on the same level as you, who have the power to seriously do damage to your profile as one did! i was approved for 15 shifts before speaking to a coach, 7 shifts were taken from me (that we never spoke about because they were approved) now why does instawork give so much power to lames who abuse authority is beyond me! Sooner than later someone will sue! i’ll even figure out how! It’s ridiculous it’s like giving a pedestrian power to change street lights when they are impatient! instawork was once a good app but it seems every two months they smack a new policy in your face and want you to follow it or you won’t get any shifts! because of this i am no longer on the app! i refuse to work with anyone who thinks constantly changing things last min isn’t problematic. no wonder the downloads are going down! i should’nt have to tell a regular person not qualified to even run a dollar store my work experience for them to decide! thankfully there are other apps with less problems like gigsmart, adia and qwick! the way instawork’s rubbing things they probably won’t be around much longer! you wanna fix the problem instawork stop allowing these fake coaches to mess with peoples profile!
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5 months ago, Mamabear Amy
The support needs to be improved
I have worked for instawork for many years and do enjoy the flexibility to pick and choose my schedule. I haven’t had many issues when picking up a gig, working and getting paid. I did reach out to support on December 2nd requesting to be paid my earned sick pay. It is now almost 2 months and I am still desperately waiting for this to be taken care of. I have send a few additional inquiries since requesting them to take care of my initial request. A couple of support opperators have closed out my duplicate requests stating my initial request is being worked on however this is not true and my request is still waiting to be addressed with no answer. I know that I am not the only one who has experienced issues when it comes to trying to have support resolve an issue. I have had a few minor concerns in the past and they seem to not read or understand you initial request and just send back some pre scripted responses that really don’t have much to do with resolving your issue. Aside from the lack of support I would have given the app 5 stars. I’m hoping that my inquiry is resolved asap as this is causing a huge financial burden. I am optimistic that they can work to improve the support and would gladly give them 5 stars once I see this.
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1 year ago, BellaGrace57
I have tried different apps in order to be able to work when I need incone between jobs, when I’ve been out of work and MOST apps do not deliver..straight up, they do not and many of other app reviews reflect this. Instawork on the other hand is user friendly, posts open shifts and you can go through pick your shifts and go to work. It is truly user friendly. If you have questions they are answered quickly and this is a REAL BENEFIT. You do have to upload a resume or your past work history in order to qualify for different shifts. The Instawork app I have found to be incredibly user friendly. I’ve worked at IKEA, Restaurant Depot, a few catering gigs with “upper end” establishments which I’ve enjoyed The more you work, show you’re dependable and reliable MORE shifts open up to you. In fact, as you receive “badges”, higher levels, your hourly pay raises as does your ability to see open shifts before others do. It’s a great way to make money when you are at a crossroads in life, lost a job, coming back to work after being off, etc. You are also able to chose to only do I9 work, or you can add on your verified information and do W2 work along with the option of looking for a job with a company who is using Instawork to find a good fit employee. Instawork is worth a try if you want user friendly, control of your life along with working with some great people…
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7 months ago, 6 Plus Stars
I’d give 6 stars if I could
I have been on Instawork over a year now and it’s been life changing for the better! I started out doing Instawork as a side gig but I quickly learned I loved the diversity in working at various locations and networking with so many people in the hospitality industry! Long story short, I work full time on this platform full time now and I find that the income is absolutely sustainable and I can also continue to grow as a professional considering I work many different positions in many different locations and networking along the way which anyone in hospitality knows is a huge asset! I have recommended this platform to so many people that I know and I am happy to leave this review. Making your own schedule and being your own boss is an experience I am grateful for, and anyone who encompasses the true heart of hospitality as well as exhibits a work ethic embellished with values such as truth, honesty, and integrity will be wildly successful. You’ll never look back to the 9-5 job, day after day, year after year, doing the same thing. My advice to you is if you are committed, give Instawork a try; you’ll have nothing to lose and so much to gain!!
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1 year ago, ace rami44
Be careful of shift leaders and customer support
I am currently dealing with a issue regarding a recent shift. They adjusted my pay stating I was not a location when I actually was. Luckily I was prepared for this and took pictures of the location, contacted support, the site shift leader with the number provided, as well as messaged the group chat just to cover myself incase something came up later. And just like predicted something did happen!!!! Customer seems to want to sweep it under the rug and not pay me which I don’t understand why because I’ve giving them proof and even asked them to contact SAS which is the company I was going to help support through Instawork. I’m guessing they never did because they’re trying to avoid my me and keep closing the conversation stating I never worked even after send photos of me at location, me contacting support and shift leader as well as purchasing something at the location with time and date. Very irresponsible and I hope one has to deal with this. I feel like they do not care because all I can really do is write a bad review so please be careful.
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1 year ago, jivgfvh
Euler are
So I accidentally change my star without changing my review and I see they replied. Instawork is annoying and useless at times. For starters, communication is terrible. always takes days for them to response and just for them to respond with a copy and paste. Second, I want to state that I booked a shift and canceled it within the 15 minutes. Apparently I didn’t cancel it because when I checked again it was still there. I contacted instawork and explained everything to them. I explained that I booked the shift and checked the location and then canceled because it was too far. Any shift we book we have a 15 minute penalty free time to cancel. I use that time to check the location and if I can’t get there I cancel. Even after explaining it to them, they couldn’t do nothing for me. They explained it was a late cancel. I want to state, I canceled those shifts more than 48 hours before the start time. We shouldn’t even get penalized for canceling a shift before 24 hours. Then the agent tells me she asked someone and they aren’t able to fix my late cancellation even though they understand. So you’re telling me you guys can’t change things in your own app? I only came back for instant pay and I worked hard for it and right at the end of the month, this mistake took that from me. I’m so tired of their rules. When I first joined back in 2021 it was so much easier and nice to use.
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7 months ago, Zha1926639026355389176372
Instawork only gets a 2 stars for the thought of the app and how it works.
Other than that it is very hard, frustrating, and discouraging for us new workers that we dont get gigs in our actual area. Ones that we would be able to travel to and take and it’s actually worth our time for the money. I live in Brooklyn New York with no car as ive stated to support multiple times and all I receive is shifts upstate, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania which is obviously way too far to the point when i see if I can even book the shift the app says I can’t because its too far. Aside from never receiving shifts in my area I can actually take due to my “access level” apparently according to support is the problem and it’s nothing they can do….. Thats my main issue no accountability and no efforts to actually help who is trying to work. It is im possible there are no jobs for people just starting but on requested and favorited workers can work. Its needs to only be a certain amount depending on available slots so top pros and new comer have the same fair opportunity. If you are only giving your old workers appropriate shifts you might as well stop in take to your app overall if the area is full. Its not right and its unfair that we cant work and yall take no accountability or atleast try to help us get shifts so we can start work.
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7 months ago, Lomasloka
I waited for nothing
I waited a week before the first gig I scheduled. I went to the gig it’s was a huge mess trying find parking and the gentleman that was in charge wasn’t even there and sent me to an empty field I figure out where to park while keeping in contact with the manager I get in the gate I go to the booth they said I need to go around to the other so there are two I get there no one who actually worked for the place was there just people hired through this app so everyone was doing what ever then they started making food and serving drinks and then our manager ( a completely different guy ) came in after an hour realized there was to many people there and asked if we wanted to go home and since everyone was there before me I offered because he said I would still get paid for hours he even went in the app to adjust the time for me and I didn’t even know that was a thing so I waited to get paid only to be denied and was told because I was late I deleted the app and filed a complaint with bbb on their partner I was really hoping this app was legit but I spent all morning from 9am to 10 just trying to park I left at noon and was told I only worked 30 minutes but I showed them the call logs and text and because I went live when I left the Time on the video but it didn’t matter they said they couldn’t do anything
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8 months ago, Bebebuddybo
Allows businesses to steal from you
The app is horrible to use when you need customer service. Also it has failed to track my location at clock IN time (so you lose money because you’re unable to clock in and when you request an adjustment with the business they will reject it because Instawork tells them that you were not tracked in the building yet) but conveniently works so well when you’re clocking out that if you’re 10 feet outside the door it tells you that you’re too far away to clock out. They also allow the business to pre schedule a break which deducts (in my case 30 minutes of pay) from my check for a break that I was never offered or took. If they want to do that the business should have to keep track of who took how long of a break and enter that manually later. They are breaking federal law by doing this. It could be an enormous lawsuit and everyone involved would be able to get all their back pay and penalties (typically around $1000 per person per incident) I ask customer service to help and they just tell me to request an hours adjustment. But the businesses just reject it so what’s the point? Breaks should be confirmed in the app as they are happening. Location tracking needs to be improved this is also a lawsuit waiting to happen because people’s pay is incorrect.
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1 year ago, Lushn_queen
Great platform
I’m so thankful for this platform and how it has given me the flexibility to stay self sufficient during hard times. I initially enjoyed this app until I realized that the shift leaders are sometimes not trust worthy and it’s really easy for them to set you up placing their good friends to come befriend you for information or just to see where your integrity lies…I’ve been strategically placed in areas where there were nothing but imposters and informants calling themselves analyzing me. I was disrespected so bad on one of the shifts and when I attempted to tell management that I was leaving they beat me to it claiming that I wasn’t feeling well!! To discredit my complaint, It’s very cut throat. You have to minimize yourself in front of people with low emotional intelligence in order to be liked or favored not to mention sending me home for being dressed properly while others are wearing thin see through clothing and nothing is told to them. The “captains” are catty and sometimes raggedy with their approach but not all are like this so it’s cool, I was speaking to a captain today and he blatantly turned his head and ignored me as if I’m so unimportant… Chile the mess is real but I won’t let that get in the way of meeting new people and making some money.
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11 months ago, gmoneyfinessen
⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm delighted to share my positive experience with Instawork Gigs! This platform has been a game-changer for me in finding hourly gigs at local businesses. The ease of use and seamless navigation made the job search process stress-free. I particularly appreciate that Instawork is continuously expanding its reach to include more major cities, giving users like me access to a broader range of opportunities. The recent addition of hiring for essential services, such as warehouse workers, janitorial staff, and retail merchandisers, is a commendable step towards supporting the community during challenging times. The latest version of the app brought with it some bug fixes, making it more reliable and efficient. I'm impressed with their dedication to routine maintenance, ensuring a smooth user experience. If you're looking for flexible work options or seeking essential services jobs, I highly recommend giving Instawork Gigs a try. It's been a valuable resource for me, and I look forward to exploring more opportunities as they expand to even more cities. Thank you, Instawork, for helping me find the gigs I need while contributing to essential services hiring. Keep up the excellent work! Happy gig hunting, Garrett Hunter
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11 months ago, SherriRVA
I have had several bad encounters with Instawork but today takes the cake! I was transferred a shift from another Instaworker at 2:00 EST. The shift was accepted and there were absolutely no prompts, messages or anything that we as Instaworkers know to look out for. About a hour later my account was suspended and my ability to book shifts were gone. I then at that point received a text saying that I was removed from the shift because I did not confirm it. This is a lie!! I was never prompted to confirm, for one. Secondly, I tried to appeal this obvious glitch in their system and my appeal was denied! All by trying to help someone else out! Why would I accept the transfer if I was not going to confirm or work the shift and also I am in good with this site. The company who Instawork was sending me to. So good in fact that I was favorited and offered a permanent position several times. This is truly ridiculous. Of course their customer service reps have not responded because the help is non existent! Meanwhile I'm losing out on money and they could care less. I am also involved with several communities of Instaworkera who go through similar situations. This platform use to be good but has rapidly declined! I am so upset if you can't tell by the tone of this review. These are people's livelihoods they are playing with and seem to take for a joke
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2 years ago, crasssssy
A Dream come true
I started instawork with an invite through a friend. I was very skeptical in joining, however, my friend insisted that it was a great opportunity to join. I went ahead and did my first gig and I have never stopped. I feel free from a 9-5 job. I have an opportunity to engage in other commitments in my life like school and family. It is so much fun and very adventurous while making money. I also love the fact that they have batches like Gold, Top pro etc which encourages and rewards you for an outstanding performance. This is my job and everyday I am loving it. I am no longer stressed out or burned out like a 9-5. Thé pay too is amazing. If you don’t take a step into witnessing the dream/ opportunity you are definitely missing out! Do you wanna pay your bills on time? Do you want to make some extra cash? Do you want real flexibility? Do you want to be rewarded for your performance/ reliability? Do you want to spend more time with family? Are you a student trying to pay tuition with work or need extra time to study? Join instawork and you won’t regret it :) I did and I am glad I did!
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8 months ago, Nazjahna
Highly recommend app
The app is great. 2 years ago I quit my job when Covid first happened & after, needed to make money. This app completely changed the way I look at things.. I love the freedoms I have to make my own schedule. I love the fact that you can get rewarded to have instapay for some jobs based on you dedication. I recommend being punctual, reading reviews on gigs and descriptions before booking gig. Show up as instructed and be respectful to the company. Who knows; it can lead to a solid job or just the company can request you to comeback for more gigs. You can even work in different states. I met a lot of cool people and added them to my network. The only thing I would improve is for more gig opportunities to be posted ALL YEAR. There’s certain seasons when the app is very slow and has nothing to offer which is a bummer I wish the app was busy all year round. But overall, this is a great app that I recommend. You can literally make up to $200 on a shift or even more if you see the opportunity to do so.
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2 years ago, sezonetwothree
Take a close look at all of those golden 5 star reviews! Pay close attention and you will find the pattern. This app is useless and the developers have no idea what they are doing. There is a good chance I am going to hire an attorney because being in California they violate at least 2 labor codes. Once you sign up you don’t see all of the available shifts they promise. I have not been able to get one shift and I am a highly experienced professional and fulfilled all of their requirements including obtaining references! These people are not supposed to demand background investigations until after a job offer. They also are not supposed to collect W2 information. They are so confused about operating as a recruiting agency or an independent contractor. Every day I get 20 to 30 notifications about an available job, I immediately click the notification and the job is already taken. They have obviously over saturated their base and do not have nearly enough work for all the people they “hired”. For the longest time When I did see shifts, they were over 150 miles from my home! They actually thought I would drive that distance for $15 bucks an hour! This app is not what it seems or what it promises. They are a complete mess and they have no clue. Expect to hear from an employment attorney very soon!
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2 years ago, abyssofstuff
Straight up thieves
My boyfriend has problems with Insta work from the very beginning. First it was with the uniforms and verification. The app glitched and didn’t show him on of the categories he needed to start a shift. It took two weeks and many workers for someone to finally be of use and help. Once he got his first shift, he did exactly as the app told him and began to work. The shift was fine, but he had to fight to get the tips he was rightfully owed. When he received his first payment from that shift, Instawork took the money he was owed saying that the company reported he didn’t show. My boyfriend had a mountain of evidence that he did work, from pictures of the event, the shift leads name, names of other people from insta work at the event, captain codes (what you need to literally start the event), but was tossed from worker to worker, having to re explain his case repeatedly. Some of the people just left the chat without even responding! Finally, someone submitted a claim but the company denied it saying he didn’t work. How! When he has so much evidence of him being there?? Customer support is the absolute worst. Corporate doesn’t care at all and they are so unprofessional. They just blatantly stole his money. My boyfriend even reached out to the company and they are ignoring his calls!! Instawork had been a complete waste of time and a let down.
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6 years ago, Shellycat916
A lot of bugs need to be fixed on this app
Ok first of all. I’m reading complaints from people and they are still putting 5 stars. I wish people would rate accordingly so they can fix the things that are wrong with the app. Second of all there are waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many people on the platform and not enough jobs. When a gig comes up it’s gone with in seconds and to make it worse the app has difficulty showing the available gig when it pops up. I’m not sure why that is. When I click on earnings or any other tab the information pops up right away. But when I try to see open gigs it can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes to open and by then the gig has been taken. The way they rank people and give certain people priority is really unfair. Also note you are an independent contractor which means they can work you your entire shift without giving you a break or meal break. A lot of the companies take advantage of that they also lie in the add and say free parking and meals provided a lot of that is untrue setting you up for failure. They also have it so other Instawork peers can rate you which I also think is unfair because people can lie to get you off the platform so they can have more work. Almost everything about this app is messed up. They really need to fix it. Hopefully another company comes out with a better version of this app.
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10 months ago, Christopher D Green Jr
Help me understand
From here on out when I first see it I’m going to let it be known I don’t understand why people like me get done this way I’m not who I used to be I no about my pass I had no control of it now I grew out of it so much Ben going on but i pray that whatever I talk to did not misunderstood me but by law no one have the right to judge me if u don’t no the full story in the next day or to I will stop asking for work n just start up my own business and then have someone to help me with all of the jobs I applied to did the same thing in the pass year. Now I allow this app to talk to my boss from my other jobs will the truth be told idk but I don’t want to no about because I can say anything who believe me but I experience what happened to me now if a lie was told and then what problems so no conflict to happen I won’t let it be done I take that stand for my right so I won’t have to experience nothing like that no more i for ever going to tell the truth because people will lie to keep their jobs I got terminated for doing the right thing BUT IT A SOMETHING ON THE WALL THAT SAYS SEE SOMETHING REPORTED IT to much information but if no one can’t accept me for who I am I don’t need no job but I do have a plan to stop all this. GOD DID IT IM NOT TAKING NO CREDIT
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1 year ago, Business3651st
This app is needing sooo much work!! I arrived to a site yesterday that needed an escort from the company to enter the building. I called the on-site contact over 25 times just to finally get cursed out by some lady saying I have the wrong number! Support provided me with another dead end number and instructed me to stay on site and continue reaching out for an hour to receive min pay. After an hour and 20+ more unanswered calls I was instructed to not leave until told to do so, 2 hours later no further communication fro IW, so I left a message stating it’s freezing outside, now dark and I felt unsafe. I continued to message for a resolution and was told they were trying to contact the partner as well. Well 6 hrs later my account was suspended for a no show. Despite location tracking on, communication and screenshots they are saying the decision is up to the partner and they have 72 hrs to respond! If Instawork can’t reach them how could I? I was just cheated out of my 4 hr min the prior week due to them on call assigning me to a shift that required a COVID questionnaire 24 hrs in advance but was booked with less than 24hr start time! There has to be something that can be done about these unethical decisions! They respond and close your ticket without investigation or resolution.
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3 years ago, tr1ck3
The instawork office doesn’t know what their doing
The app itself is great but as far as the support team is non existent it’s takes 3-5 days for them to get back to you and sometimes they dint even get back to you plus if you work over the hours yiu were scheduled for which happens all the time the app will clock you out and then they tell you yiu can adjust the hours but you can’t. If you work a 12-14 hour shift your screwed for getting paid in the same week. I worked a 14.5 hour shift got paid for 6 hours of it and then trying to get in touch with someone to get paid for the the other hours is ridiculous no one responds back. My manager adjusted the hours on her end the next day and 6 days later it’s still not fixed on the app where I can get paid for it… the support team needs to get their stuff together.. we work diligently just to not get paid on time. We have bills due that we can’t put off because instawork won’t pay us when we are supposed to be paid… it’s nothing but a headache. Who wants to work a 14 hour shift then have to spend days trying to get ahold of someone to have our hours fixed…yay your def gonna get paid it’s just how long it will take to get paid people have bills that are due we can’t say “ instawork owes me I’m waiting on them to get paid “
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1 year ago, Rodn33y
The real reasons
This app is great has a very great idea on a new way of working. I believe this app is awesome and very up with the times in the sense of getting instant jobs you can’t work for within a certain time all you have to do is meet requirements. The only thing I do not like is the lack of jobs, different types of jobs, more opportunities and easier access to old accounts. I used Instawork before loved it but not enough to keep it, they send you jobs no where near you most of the time and don’t have any other jobs to offer. This app fell all the way down since I last used it and if they want to retain a lot of people then actually find ways to keep them in the app more. Have more jobs people can apply to and have the coach when calling be more in-depth with the user if the app. With more questions you guys ask you can figure out much more about the app users than having people (who I personally know) work for janitor or cashier and they are over qualified or not qualified at all because they never done a cashier job….. does not matter who you are and what qualifications you have. If they never did that job do not have people working those jobs, you will not only lose the app user but also your clients because you are not meeting their needs.
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3 years ago, jujuontheturkey
I think if Instawork wants to continue growing they need to hurry up and set up an office in the US. The support system is terrible. They don’t even have a phone number… You have to create a chat and send a message if you have a problem or need help. It says they reply in a day but it takes them days and days to reply to one question even if you had multiple issues. They’re the same with the businesses too. The support is useless. Since they take days to respond if you had a pay issue or work issue it won’t get fixed in time for maybe your check or your next gig. They need to set up a customer support number because the whole chat thing is ridiculous especially since they don’t respond and are very useless. I looked up the headquarters and I’m pretty sure it’s just a bunch of randoms in India who barely even know how to solve your problems with the app. It’s very annoying and frustrating I sent them two emails. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve sent a chat looking for help cause I’m missing a payment and STILL no reply. If you want a real gig app download people ready. They actually have an office you can call with Americans you can talk to, that know what’s going on and can offer real help for your problems. This app is a joke.
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7 months ago, Monchi303
They don’t care
I’ve been deactivated from Instawork for over a year now. I’ve tried and tried time and time again to tell them the business told me not to come in and I sent in the screenshots of the text I received. I already knew I was cutting it close as I had a few last minute cancellations. And a missed shift or two mixed in there. I figured the third strike I was out, so I made sure I was on top of my game. I had nothing but 5 star feedback from EVERY single one of the employers I worked for, I was one of the first to start picking shifts back up when the pandemic was lifted. Yet they don’t care to take one of their top valued gig workers and give him another chance. I’ve literally begged for my job back and they shut it down every single time. Some of us learn from mistakes. And I did everything in my power to show you guys the third strike wasn’t me, it was the employer. Yet you don’t want to believe the screenshots of the texts from management I had or even care to ask them if they sent me those messages. You were the easiest and best platform to work for, now you’re just a crap company who doesn’t realize who they lost. Oh well, at least I found my full time job thru the app, and will be making close to 100k this next year! ✌️
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8 months ago, shanuabm
FANTASTIC just wish for closer opportunities
First of all I would like to thank the creators that came up with the idea to create an app that's so unique and user friendly THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the depth of my soul!!! This is where the funds comes in now (lol),!! If you're looking for a way to earn extra money on top of INCENTIVES $$$$$ just by meeting basic common sense work rules requirement that should be naturally instilled in you already especially if you've had a job before in general or if you're currently working a regular 9-5. You are being rewarded for coming into work on TIME AND following the company's procedures in any situation you're in, doing what is asked of you, keeping it professional, NOT calling out ESPECIALLY when it's not done correctly because then the company is left short handed due to your abandonment when they could've filled that high end paying position to someone that really needed it. that's with any company you have work for or still working for, it can hurt your ratings and effect your high end paying positions Remember Communication is the P P% I promise!!)
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2 years ago, leonardoa73
Good app not enough gigs
The app looks really nice and has a nice description of all jobs. I live in Miami and almost all the gigs that are available to me are at least an hour away and the pay isn’t enough for me to drive an hour plus to and back. The idea is very cool and for the people that are able to get gigs I can see why they would love it. I would say there aren’t enough gigs in my area and if there are I’ve clicked notification as soon as it pops up on my screen to book and even me going my fastest to confirm everything by the time I’m done it says the shift is already booked and that it’s not available anymore. I’ve the app the a couple months now I believe, and I have yet to be able to book one shift. I don’t hate the app I think it’s great there’s just a lack of availability in my area and when there is it’s near impossible to get one booked because they’re filled up in a matter of seconds. I don’t discourage anyone from downloading it this is just my experience.
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5 years ago, SushiKat77
❗️❗️❗️❗️ NO DALLAS MARKET ❗️❗️❗️❗️
I wish I had checked out the most recent reviews about this app before I signed up. They haven’t even tapped into the Dallas Texas Market. I have no idea why they haven’t don’t that yet. Honestly, it’s not a smart business move. Dallas is a huge market. Even if they plan on it. They are not transparent upfront about the cities they do have markets in. Thus increasing their chances of obtaining personal information from you upfront without giving you all the facts to make an informed decision. It’s really inconvenient to find out after the fact and then request to have my account deleted. I don’t want to wait around for you guys to get it together and have my information sitting there without useful purpose to me as the consumer. Kinda shady if you ask me. Don’t apologize either to the people you’re doing this to, tell us how you’re going to fix it and by exactly when. I would suggest adding a feature where you ask for location permissions to determine if there is even a market for people who are trying to sign up and then, provide an option to send an email to sign up once a market is available in their area. This is a no brainer. Oh wait - you wouldn’t have all their other personal information and registered accounts otherwise right? Riiiight.
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3 years ago, Arisa8282
Still haven’t gotten help
I’m new to Instawork. It seemed like I could make a little extra money on the side. All the gigs that are showing up for me are w-2. Great! Less taxes for me to pay in April! I have to upload paperwork? Sure! I don’t mind! Only it’s not letting me. I can’t upload any documents on my profile where it says w-2. I can only start on the actual gig prerequisites. Ok…I can only put the phone number for who will verify my info. It accepts that then nothing. I get a turning wheel as if it’s loading. It doesn’t matter how long I leave it for, it still won’t go to a different page. I can’t even go back at this point. It’s like the whole app is frozen. I’ve forced restarted the app and tried again. Same result. I’ve restarted my phone again, just in case. I got a message on that page saying “error loading page. The requested url was not found on this server”. Hmmm….I put in my request for help with pictures. It’s been 2 days and my request wasn’t even seen let alone answered. I can’t get any gigs until the w-2 is setup. Can’t get the w-2 setup until someone from support helps me. I’ll give it a week. If after that, I can’t get that fixed, I’m uninstalling. Right now, the app is just dead space on my phone.
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3 years ago, Mellobear24
Life Saver!
I absolutely love this app! I do not remember how I came across it but thank goodness I did. I recently lost one of my jobs and man did I get scared, I got bills to pay and what not. I am still a part time public school teacher during the week however I get paid once a month. So I was feeling hopeless until I came across this app and it is honestly a life saver. There are always plenty of jobs and yes as you start off the pay rate is mildly decent on some but you just got to keep going til they see you’re serious about the work. It’s worth in my opinion. The employees for all these jobs are very nice, professional and are always on the lookout to help you out if needed. Also with some jobs you get paid instantly which is awesome and others you just wait a few days which isn’t bad either. Another plus is that Instawork always has opportunities for you to make a small bonus which is pretty cool. 10/10.
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4 months ago, Saharn27
Needs improvement
I like the name of the app/ company. It’s straightforward and I know where to go, but there’s a lot of lack of communication in the app when it comes to understanding the process. First off, I noticed they use the term Merchandiser like one would for retail associate. That was confusing because merchandiser is usually a manager’s/ corporate role. Also, I just found out today while browsing their FAQ’s that a denied coach call can kick you out from applying to a job for 6 months, but they never mentioned that when I was setting up my profile. It’s clear the company has a ways to go to understanding the bigger picture behind their app. Just another app that wants to be the next Uber and treat the workers like customers instead of actual integrous employees. There’s no tutorial upon opening the app, no way to contact support directly - they tell you to go the FAQ’s instead, and everything is a cross-your-fingers-and-learn-as-you-go approach. Just makes me more depressed how progress in our society doesn’t actually mean progress of mindset. Just progress in time spent on task.
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2 years ago, bethmofficial
So, let me start by saying that this app has a lot of great upsides. It provides you with work where you can not only make your own schedule but also have the opportunity to work so many different places while also making decent to really good pay. At the same time, Instawork has a lot of issues and bugs that really need work. The app changes “paid back up” to a regular worker the day of constantly with certain shifts. Almost every gig I work I get a notification that my locations settings were disabled, when they were clearly working. The most frustrating part is waiting for an hour or more to get clocked in and then the business says they don’t need you. Typically you would get paid 4 hours if the business cancelled less than 24 hours before the shift. In my experience and for many others I know, Instawork has fought us on giving us the 4 hour pay regardless if we commuted all the way there and got sent home. This is a great app with lots more potential, but these issues that are causing very unfair situations need to be worked on.
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3 months ago, Crash fix for 4.2.6
Needs improvement
The address and search radius of shifts was removed from the filter jobs section, I like to move around the country regularly and like to look for work ahead of my arrival. Also the filters should stay even after app closures and notifications should only be based on filters set. For example if I am only willing to travel up to 20 miles stop sending notifications for jobs over 100 miles away. Also if someone was asked not to return to a particular business or got a low rating the the employee should be notified of the specific reason (not generic or vague preferably had typed with a minimum word count) as to why so they have an opportunity to correct the issue. I have a high rating and have been favorited by multiple companies, if I ever made a mistake I would appreciate the feedback and opportunity to correct it as I’m sure many others would. Also before a person is marked “DNR” there should be an account review or something first, maybe there’s a way to remedy the issue without someone losing their income.
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2 months ago, Cb9876!
Good but needs improvement
Instawork is great for picking up side jobs. I do Like it except… •There are many jobs for working banquets and events and Instawork does not require the companies to tip workers for banquet serving and event serving.. it is a lot and very hard work and they require the customers to tip for their events. The employees that work for the company get the tips, even though Insta workers put in in many cases most of the work. And some of the companies still only pay 17 something an hour for events while they are keeping all the tips. It would be really nice if Instawork would require tipping for events that have tips. Also, all food service should pay minimum $20 an hour. • Second thing is some places pay very cheap as well as you have to pay for parking, which is $16 for instance at a certain university.. they should cover the parking for employees • and there needs to be better customer service and a way to talk to management and get proper help with questions. Some of this Customer Service representatives are more of a problem than it’s worth.
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5 months ago, cyared24
Waste of time and effort
Don’t waste memory on your phone downloading this if you don’t live in major metropolitan areas like NYC, etc. It takes so long to get approved for positions that by the time you have they’ve already been scooped up by older accounts. Not to mention you can only book one shift at a time when you start and every one I’ve booked has been canceled last minute with no time to replace. Worst of all they don’t really give you a reason and if you were counting on the money you’re just out of work. Also companies will often post shifts within an hour or less of the start time? What kind of notice is that. It’s become clear that most of the companies in my area have specific workers that they want to get the shift because they will post and cancel and repost if you grab the shift before the person they want. This is highly unethical and counterintuitive to the whole gig type platform. I would recommend Shifts/People Ready over this app 100%. Way more fair. Bottom line they have over hired and don’t have enough shifts for their “hired workers” and don’t enforce any kind of ethical and fair business practices with the businesses they work with.
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2 years ago, Faith is Hangry
Can’t get a human/ keep your head down
It’s taking them longer and longer to process pay. The actual employers are finding loopholes to the rules. Many employers do not put the actual job description. When you get there surprise! Your taking out garbage or moving loads of furniture. Not getting tipped for bartender work. It goes on and on. This app is not for the weak. If you are ok with loads of work and crumbs for pay. Congratulations! Many of the employers are working employees and not giving breaks during 8, 10, and 12 hour work shifts. You really can not give a complaint to Instawork about the situation. 1)There is no human to answer or talk to. 2)every issue has a cookie cutter response. 3)If an incident arises and you can not report they will suspend days. It already takes more than a week to get paid. It’s a never ending cycle. Of course they don’t care about the workers. Instawork doesn’t check in on the employers, they take their word for it. As long as they have a contract right? Just remember it’s temporary.
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7 months ago, Megaboth
disrespect and lack of understanding not worth stressing over some individuals opinions
I would not recommend this application. Coaches are very unprofessional there’s no communication between employee service support and if they do they never answer or don’t solve issues you come across. Missing hours and pay issues no one helps you solve them. Some discriminate on certain employees and carry unprofessional behavior the representation of the application should be based on solemnity team work and commitment in guidance of each task given for each shift I came across a lot of discrimination between groups of employees and The captains don’t at all have constructive rationality mostly all shifts is a one day job so some go by preference in ethnicity vs getting tasks done. My expectations were different, a welcoming experience to a team of we are all on the same page was far from ideal…. Well with this feedback I say instawork is not a good source to making a passive income part time or full time, I’m still missing hours and a full day of work till this day they don’t respond. I showed proof of having the benefit of their doubts by screenshooting my issue worse they ignore facts by not responding.
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2 years ago, bummedAZ
A great concept!
When I first downloaded the app I was excited throughout the process, and I kept thinking what a great idea to help people work! Well as I was on my way to my first shift I got a notification that i was paid 50$… nothing other then that till I was about to pull into the job and poof nothing the scheduled job was gone. Ok I thought cause they did pay me 50$ to drive out there so that was super cool of them. Then I found out my account was suspended due to my background check… I’ve made mistakes in my life nothing that isn’t forgivable! Nothing violent, no child charges nothing that would make me a threat to the community. They still won’t tell me anything except to wait and hope for another background check…. Ummmm well it’s gonna stay the same! If I didn’t have some sort of issue I probably wouldn’t be going through a online temp service. Anyways it seems to be a really good platform for people to work, i just ask Instawork to understand people have made mistakes in there past and give them a chance to do right….
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1 year ago, jccbayarea
Welcome Video in the way
Looking forward to booking gigs on this app when the events season picks up, which is starting to happen. Unfortunately, just now when I went to book an available shift, I was forced to watch a “welcome” video first, which was really slow, didn’t have any new important info, and which I could not dismiss or fast forward. By the time it was over the shift was no longer available, as they are in high demand right now. I don’t know why that was necessary, especially when I’ve already done multiple pieces of onboarding - including several self-paced trainings and tests, & one live phone interview -and I am already approved for 17 positions. That was annoying. I’m sure I’ll be able to get some shifts soon since I’m seeing more notifications than when I onboarded over a month ago, but it’s frustrating that yet another hurdle was put in place to do so. If they wanted to “welcome” me, even though I’ve been on the app for months, perhaps that could have been *after* I was allowed to confirm the shift.
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4 years ago, Britt6ny90
You know I’m SHOCKED at all the poor ratings Instawork has gotten! I have experienced the complete opposite with this app! Let me tell you, it is AMAZING! Once I started my first gig, I just kept continuing accepting gigs. Of coarse you start from the bottom and work your way up the pay rate. That’s just how life is! You might get paid $17-$25 for the first couple gigs, then you’ll start to see the $25-$49 per hour gigs once they seen you worked for it. That’s in any job! And if your not serious of coarse they will not take you serious! Everyone has to be accountable for there actions here! It seems like everyone that’s writing a review about the deactivation is just blaming the app! Look we are all adults here! Be accountable and your deactivate wouldn’t even happen geesh! Anyways I love this app, yes there are a few things they can change about it but doesn’t everyone start from somewhere? ALL AROUND GREAT APP! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, GREAT EMPLOYERS, & GREAT JOB! SPECIALLY GREAT PAY! Your buggin if you think differently!
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