Intelligent Hub

4.5 (56.4K)
154.9 MB
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Current version
AirWatch, LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Intelligent Hub

4.46 out of 5
56.4K Ratings
1 month ago, Christopher22182
Get ready for your new headache!
This is your companion App that loads and manages the company Apps. That’s a big if they had setup the app correctly first. Highly recommend having a separate smart phone to use this software on. Memory hungry and drains your battery under normal use like fast. Above all make sure you have all the updates you can get for your device. Prone to locking you out of your device for work when you do not have the latest updates!
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2 years ago, kats248
I use this app for Starbucks and I hate it. It’s helpful to get my hours yet it is really poorly done. It is always going down. It is hard to navigate, poorly designed, and it’s overall just frustrating. Loading my hours takes forever and I have multiple times where when I changed my availability it didn’t load later. Leaving me scrambling with my manager to figure out my hours for the upcoming weeks. It really has some serious work to be done to it. Also the fact that the “mother app” has to stay on my phone to function the rest of it is pretty unsettling. There is no use to it other then stealing data I’m sure. I just wish Starbucks would change applications because this is not worth the money.
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4 days ago, Big Boi. Lol
Unable to be removed from old DEP for new job
I am a physician starting at a new hospital. I recently worked at a prior institution that used Intelligence Hub and when I left I deleted the application and its data. When redownloading the app for use at my new job it force logs me into my old hospital’s server. When they try to remove me from their Device Enrollment Profile (DEP) they cannot find me in their system. I tried deleting the application AND fully factory resetting my phone and the problem persists. I have no certificates under my Settings>Device Management tab to remove. Both my new and old hospital IT departments are unable to change the app settings. I cannot find any contact information for VMWare customer support. Please help me
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2 months ago, Isney537
I’ve been using HUB app for a while now, and overall, I’m quite impressed. The interface is intuitive, making navigation a breeze. The features are robust, covering everything I need and more. However, there are occasional bugs that need fixing, which can be a bit frustrating. But with regular updates, I’m hopeful they’ll iron out these kinks soon. Overall, HUB app is definitely worth a download.
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11 months ago, Price SM
Good but could be more 😊
I like the hub but could we add flight ware so us flight attendants could see where we are in the sky and approaching the gates. It’s safety for announcements and good guest service when they ask:). Thanks for considering
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2 years ago, K'Shanti
Invasive as Chrome
My review disappeared, so… I was forced to implement this app on my phone, against my better judgment. It is invasive and has disabled the “Never“ setting for Auto Lock. Why does an app need to tell me how to use my phone? And exactly how much of my information is the app really collecting? As soon as I leave this job, I’m scrubbing this app. UPDATE: Okay. I quit, waited until I recieved my final paycheck then deleted the Hub and all related apps. It just tried to reinstall them. I had to go into Device Management and remove it, disabling all permissions. Creepy and invasive. I pray my new job doesn’t use this.
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6 months ago, Dbavatar
App no longer works on my new iPhone 15
After setting up a new phone from my old phone, the app hangs at open forever and does not let me re-enroll my device. Deleting the Hub app and re-installing doesn’t seem to matter. Logs seem to indicate that it’s trying to connect back to my company before opening even though it shouldn’t know about it yet, and there are no company profiles installed on my new device. Furthermore, I believe this app is violating some Apple API’s to store state on the device where it shouldn’t be, and app deletion doesn’t do cleanup, leading to the above scenario.
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11 months ago, Catlynn Web Weaver
I have the app on my iPhone it kept telling me I needed to update my iPhone to the recent updates my phone did update itself and now has the most recent update on it. HUB apparently did not recognize I have an entirely updated iPhone. I now cannot do the things I used to be able to use my phone for my job HUB has stopped me from doing so. I cannot log in on my phone as well as other things I used to do. I’ve had thi app for a year due to my job never had problems until now. I do not even want to give you a star but I have to so you will get this.
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2 years ago, 57rup
Terrible Productivity App
This program does exactly what it’s designed to do (deploy apps in a large business environment) and does it pretty well. Unfortunately, it does not support Office 365 (at least, that’s what my IT people tell me), so that is a huge knock. My prior review (below) was actually of the developer’s email app Boxer, which is a horrible mess and I’ve updated this accordingly. Original Review for Boxer: This program is a terrible replacement for the standard iOS Mail app. It does two minor things better (showing attachments at the top of emails and extracting dial-in information) and everything else is either neutral or SUBSTANTIALLY worse. If you are an IT professional and plan to deploy this app, be prepared for everyone in your workspace to hate it and hate you for forcing it on them.
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1 year ago, cyberswimmer
Unmatched Productivity with Zero Trust
While hub is implementation-dependent, clearly VMware on VMware knows what it’s doing because I can get to ANY app I need on ANY of my enrolled devices and it’s a pleasure to see security verifications that don’t slow me down. It’s a fantastic app and implemented fantastically inside VMware. I’m sure your IT organization can make YOU more productive with VMware Workspace One!
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9 months ago, Autocode
Blatant privacy violations
I see a lot of obviously fake reviews here to inflate the ratings. This app is a blatant violation of privacy. Despite saying they only collect basic data like emails, they enforce the passing of permissions to unknown admin servers that can allow stealing of sensitive data or even deleting your phones data completely. When trying to setup this app you are forced to accept: “The administrator may collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrictions, install, manage, and list apps, and remotely erase data on your iPhone.”
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2 years ago, waynets8521
Always provides accurate location of my phone. Also ensures my phone remains compliant and updated with the latest updates recommended service. Thank you for always watching out for me keeping me on track!!!
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1 year ago, Sassytim
One stop shop for all my work apps!
Total game changer!!! This platform makes my work life so much better. If you have this on your devices and you do not see your work apps like Workday, benefits, etc. TALK TO YOUR “IT”! Tell them to enable Workspace ONE access. Single sign on to all your work apps is amazing.
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3 years ago, Sergey P. Belous
Awesome catalog and a lot more
So this app has changed drastically over the last several years, for the better. It allows me to access my work apps like Concur and Jira and my benefit pages. Also, I can look up my colleagues via the People tab. Overall, very helpful app.
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11 months ago, llv074
A little finicky but still pretty good
It won’t let me pick a star but overall I do enjoy being able to use my personal device over the Samsung issued to me by my employer. I am familiar with my device so it makes it easier for me to use at work! Some of the apps can definitely use improvement like when I perform a function it makes me close out of the app and log back in before doing the next function.
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3 years ago, MrSmith98
Piece of crap
My employer is utilizing Hub for all off-site work related access. While I understand the reasons for & agree with why. Nearly every single time I need to access apps within Hub, I am met with an inability for the app to finish connecting (ie. the page keeps repetitively trying to load). It’s absolutely insane that I have to call our IT department whenever I want/need to get access from home. The worse app I’ve ever used (surpassed only by the other apps within Hub that are also work related).
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1 year ago, FreightTech
Sync not happening on its own
Hub does not seem to sync automatically. If it goes too long without syncing, all my corporate data is wiped from my phone and it takes me half a day to get it set back up again. It would be nice if it would give me a warning consistently. It has given me warnings before, but seems to miss them occasionally. I’m sure it does what my IT prefers, but as a user, it is difficult.
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2 years ago, robruelas1999
Hub is great
Hub is absolutely phenomenal. It has made it so much easier for me to do my job by accessing apps and VDI quickly and securely. It also keeps me updated on urgent company notices and communications. I use the People search app multiple times a day. It is absolutely invaluable.
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12 months ago, Good App 346
Good App
This app is useful and allows me to work more efficiently. I enjoy that it allows me to to carry only one phone, instead of two. It keeps all my work stuff in one place and separates it from my personal information too!
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10 months ago, D5sF3e
Makes it easier for me to do my job
This makes it easier for me to do my job. I don’t have to struggle with finding links re-entering passwords over and over again it just simplifies things for me.
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2 years ago, JDogg261
One stop shop
Using Intelligent Hub has really been great for me, as I don’t have to go to 5 different apps to get things done. You can tell they really put a lot of time and effort into Hub. I was hesitant at first, but I’m glad I opted in on my personally owned device!
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2 years ago, Yhftenji
How awful. Just bad bad bad. Can’t think of a worse way to turn your mobile device (that is about convenience) in to something so ridiculously inconvenient. What is so wrong with existing apps for mail and the security of Face ID and all the other security features that companies have to stick this rubbish out there. I don’t believe for a second all the 5 star reviews - they recently rolled this out at my company and it’s universally hated.
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1 year ago, 18475829191737482919
Please update
I have had this app for months and without fail it asks me to review every single time I open it!! It will not let me submit a rating of any kind because of some bug that has been left unchecked. I want to check my schedule in peace!! Please take the money from your collaboration with Starbucks and hire some people who know how to occasionally scan their coding for bugs. sincerely every person that uses this app.
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2 years ago, MLON10
Fails to recognize itself
No Matter what you do and anytime you install it fails to recognize itself when installed the hand shake fails. Will not let you open some app and ask you to install intelligence Hub. Even after install the app keeps ask to install it. It seem the app doesn’t know you have it installed already. The enrollment shows iphone is secured but the mobile apps keeps asking to secure device
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1 year ago, enelsen
Just a little bit of polishing needed
Updates notices and directions are hard to follow. They also don’t go away after updating! More feedback: after tapping “INSTALL” on a new app, the word changes to “INSTALLING” but does not change to “OPEN” after finishing. Then, after confirming the app is installed and available on my home page, I notice that if I go back to the HUB “Apps” page, it again gives me the option to “INSTALL”.
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9 months ago, Daisanone
iOS 17.0.2 issues (all good now)
iPhone 15pro with iOS 17.0.2 does not work EDIT: It seems to be working now, was able to enroll. Could have been the issue with my company and not the app itself.
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9 months ago, Goodlok
Productivity boost but also eats into personal time.
This is an excellent tool to make our job easier and unblocking fellow employees but flip side being it eats into personal time as this follows you(your phone) everywhere.
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10 months ago, Confused-star
Confusing - no clear status indication - way too many dead ends
This entire app needs way too many references to help docs. You never know what is wrong . Why when you get an error message “failed to .. “ … there is no clear explanation ? What is wrong with the step ? What do I need to fix ? Maybe it gives someone in IT a good feeling of control , but as a user - I would never pick this one up.
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3 years ago, SundarSS
Hassle to configure
I had to install the Agent on my new iPhone 11 and it just doesn’t load. I have tried deleting the app, shutting the phone down and downloading multiple times. The worst part was I thought I was almost done configuring after installing the profile successfully yet the Hub dialog says you are about to leave midway and may need to start from scratch…no proper technical diagnosis or help either!!!!!
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2 years ago, photogeis
Email sync often takes several times to work
Often when setting up a device email doesn’t load and has sync issues. Have to uninstall and reinstall the profile to get corporate exchange email connected, which lets be honest is the main user need no matter what else is capable.
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2 years ago, Alyssa💁
Doesn’t even work on my phone anymore.
This app was nice while I was able to use it. Now that I have gotten a new phone it doesn’t work anymore. I can’t even get onto the log in screen. It just stays white and will load for hours. Plus support is no help either.
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3 years ago, lynnvghyg
I now have a new Walmart phone to do my work with and I tried taking this off of my phone and I can’t get it off my phone and it’s eating my battery. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get this off my phone?It will not uninstall it will not move to trash
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1 year ago, Thats all folks!!
Intelligent Hub
Amazing to have all your work apps at your fingertips in one single sign-on hub! A must have for organizations who want ease for employees doing business and working from anywhere.
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3 years ago, plumbooster
MUST READ ! Loading screen fix
Put your iPhone airplane mode . And it will get past the loading screen!!!Turn off airplane .than enter your server .
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2 years ago, LucasLBMBr
User friendly and convenient!
Super user friendly and saves me much time! Every app in one place with easy access! A must for business :)
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1 year ago, SSV in April
Very consistent
The app is consistently working and hasn’t crashed or had any issues so far after a month!
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2 years ago, unhappy user66
Deletes my contacts
Not a big fan as this program seems to delete contacts randomly.
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9 months ago, 93949494
App won’t load in iPhone 15.
When trying to install the app on my new phone. It goes immediately to the login page and bypasses the website access login. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app at least 50 times over the course of three days and I am still receiving the same error. My company's DTS claims it’s an issue with the app.
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2 years ago, even_turn
Well done
My employer uses hub to push apps to my phone, it works 100% seamlessly. Having used systems that were flaky, it’s nice to have something that’s solid and functional.
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12 months ago, Joknowin
Connects me to what I need most.
My most used feature is actually the people explorer. So many people in my organization, it helps to know if I’m talking to a newbie or a Boss!! Hahaha!
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1 year ago, Corporate Proxy Human
I’m forced to use this. I have absolutely no way of knowing if it is good or not. I only have this as a frame of reference. It definitely exists though so 5 stars for that.
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2 years ago, AlyciaAshford
Can’t even get it to load
Literally need this specific app to find my work schedule. Got a new phone in which this app cant be transfered. Suddenly I can’t even load the app past the first loading screen. I’ve tried redownloading, googling, crying, but it just refuses to work. So I can’t even look at my work schedule unless I’m at work which is kind of ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Oneminded
Great and seamless, only complaint why doesn’t the same work on desktop
Great for mobile, where’s desktop seamlessness also?
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1 year ago, ChefBoern
Makes work life easier
Having a centralized app for controlling what apps are on my phone makes things a lot easier when registering a new work or shared device.
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1 year ago, SparkyLivesOnInOurWorld
Unable to upload
I’m unable to capture a screenshot of an error, I was able to view the problem by using the screen record function on my iPhone, however, I’m not able to upload the video as the app only limits it to pictures.
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2 years ago, Kjogo
Life saver! Easy to use!
Easy access, and seems to offer everything we need to manage our environment.
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2 years ago, Prycabg
Absolutely love it!
This is by far the easiest and cleanest way to access work related apps/data/content from any device (personal or corporate)!
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1 year ago, Amb.conn
Have to use it for Starbucks but the second I got a new phone the app won’t open what so ever. I have tried contacting everyone I possibly can and no one knows how to fix it. Tried contacting the developer and they are extremely difficult to get in touch with and have no idea how to contact their customer service. Absolutely infuriating.
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2 years ago, woah wiles econ
Won’t load anything!
I recently upgraded to the iphone 13, and since then i have not been able to get through the loading screens on this app It won’t even give me the option to log in. which makes it extremely difficult to see my work schedule for upcoming days/weeks. Please fix it!
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1 year ago, JustMeInSachse
A Lot of Permissions and Confusing Install
Ridiculous app to see Starbucks scheduled hours. Too many permissions and it wants to manage my iPad too?! The directions to install are as vague as the permission requests. I especially dislike when a Quick Start Guide says select “TRUST” and the dialog box says that will allow the app to make changes to my device.
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