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Microsoft Corporation
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Intune Company Portal

4.62 out of 5
510.8K Ratings
3 weeks ago, jh4104
I have been using this app for approx 6 yrs or some form of it with my company. As Richard Weiss has noted it gives the company limited access. If you want the connivence of being able to access your companies information at your finger tips then this is what you need. If you call out sick would you rather put you out of office message in a few minutes with your phone or would you rather having to log into your company laptop to put it on? I called out one day and was so sick I didn’t want to get out of bed go to my home office to set everything up so I didn’t and upset a few customers and upper management. It isn’t worth the aggravation. So this is great you don’t want to be bother with work emails on your phone you can set it up that way, but personally this is great and I am glad that my company has made it possible.
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5 years ago, Richard Wessels
The app works exactly as intended.
I am not sure what people expect. However, this app is part of a larger platform called Intune. This is an Enterprise Mobility Management platform that a company would use to manage access to and security around their own data and applications. This is not an invasion of your privacy, it is the company taking appropriate action to secure their data while extending the privilege of accessing that data on a personally owned device. Now, as someone who manages this platform, I can tell you that if your device is registered as a personally owned device, the data that your company can see about your device is VERY limited. In fact it is limited to information about the apps and data that they manage. Your personal information is not collected or accessible to your company or to Microsoft. Location information is only available in a very limited fashion and only for the system to use. It is not visible to your company at all. I do wish people would learn what an app is used for before they download it and review it.
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1 year ago, Grace W., P&C Business Partner
Thank you IT Team!
I was surprised to find that I have access to the Company portal on my phone today. In a planning conversation with leaders today, we discussed how having access to the Company portal and Connect would be so very helpful when using the audiobook feature of Precious. Well today I found out, we now have a Company Portal app which allows for access through the Company gateway to our other app and our Precipio learning management system. Thank you IT team for moving this forward as a productivity tool. Much appreciated!
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3 years ago, SC133
Might be great for the company
So this app is probably good for the company…it horrible for the end user. It limits so much of what I need a phone for in the first place. The company phone will now sit on my dashboard and I hope it melts there. I will violate company policy and just use a personal phone to conduct business. Writing emails is now too painful and time consuming. Kicking me to office 365 on mobile device is telling me you don’t want me doing more than reading emails. Every app is linked to the company so the ones I need from 3rd parties don’t work correctly any more…the 3rd parties are trusted vendors. Although it says stuff is private why does it keep asking for location data every time I open the app even with it turned off. I don’t believe the privacy disclosure is true, or it would stop
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3 years ago, Steve CNJ
This Apple ID has not been used yet in the iTunes Store
I could not find a solution anywhere on line that fit my situation. Turns out I had to log out of APP STORE as it had a former Apple ID cached. Enter new ID, fill in all the Apple ID profile stuff including payment. Make sure you press Continue all the way to the end where everything is confirmed. Otherwise you get stuck in an infinite loop with the above message in the subject, with no option to ‘Review’ which is in itself misleading. Warm regards, and cheers to my help desk person for finding this.
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10 months ago, iiWerk
This install affecting the quality of service I provide to my customers
The install was unscheduled, came out of no where, and now my customers are suffering and I cannot complete simple tasks such as answering an email because IT decided to install this in the middle of my work day. Because I actually do work for a living and live and die by a customer schedule, I was not able to complete the tasks required to install this when Hubbell IT decided I should. This was due to the fact that I was on the phone with customers, meeting about customers and trying to solve a real problem all day. Now my email and teams won’t work properly on my phone. Simply scheduling this install and providing some helpful guidance would have avoided this all. Thanks.
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6 years ago, oclocl
Profile installation failed
That should be the name of this application. I run an IT dept with over 100 iOS devices and this error came up on way too many. Microsoft tech support is clueless and no help. I’ve tried all their solutions like use LTE, reset the device, make sure users are in correct groups, etc. The only way to get email up and running is to DFU the iOS device. That’s absolutely ridiculous. This app is terrible and I pity people like me who have to use it and wonder each time if it’s going to work or not. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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5 years ago, Mlwdragons
Evil company enforced spyware. Once you configure your email and calendars using it, if you can, I would urge you then delete the app. Unfortunately you may not be able to do that if access to your email requires that it remain installed. For some access to email may only require the initial configuration and be safely deleted after the initial configuration. Do not trust Microsoft or your employer. They may claim they can’t “see” your web browsing, contacts, texts etc. using this app but that is a lie. If they can configure the security on your phone, they can then access anything they want on your device. I would give it zero stars given it’s insidious nature but you can’t submit a review without given at least one star. Needless to say this creates a statistical bias in any app rating. Way to go Microsoft!
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5 years ago,
Simply stellar!!
This app exceeded my wildest expectations for a company portal app. The layout is clear and pleasant. Information is readily accessible: I can see all of my devices under corporate policies, and the ‘more’ tab at the bottom lets me know exactly what my employer can and can’t see (surprisingly, they can’t see much at all). The app has a very fluid experience and I’ve experienced no issues during the several months I’ve had it installed. I even updated to iPadOS 13.1 today and there was full support the day of release! Flawless app!
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2 years ago, Tr3x14
App Freezes on Launch
As soon as the app launches, and before I can click the Login Button, the interface elements disappear and I am left with a spinning progress bar that never stops ( waited45 mins at least once). I have restarted my phone, deleted the app, force quit the app. Nothing has changed. I am trying to enroll a new phone (iPhone 13) after upgrading from an iPhone 8 that was previously on my company network. Looking for any help to get this resolved.
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5 years ago, Amai muso
Think long and hard
This is an intrusive app that will strip you of your privacy. There is no way this app is compliant with gdpr and some state employee privacy law. When you install this your IT Department will gain complete access to your personal device. They can see your location, know your device password, can add and delete apps, look through your contacts. I suspect they can also read your email messages. MS privacy notice is very deceptive and does not list all the things this app is capable of. I just know what I’ve been through and how my previous employer controlled me. I deleted this app as soon as I left my last employer. I know ask employers if they issue their own devices. I am unwilling to sacrifice my privacy for illegal employee monitoring.
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3 years ago, Angelos John
Fantastic video!!
The step-by-step video with the screenshots was an absolute pleasure to work with. The only problem I had was the missing profile section at at 4: and 44 seconds. When I restarted the entire process it was properly presented and I was able to complete the installation. Thank you for taking the time to put this video together as I’m sure it will help many people with this migration to M mobile. Thank you again. Angelos
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4 years ago, stuffedpretzel
Feature request
I need to have this obviously to have access to app’s for work... but what would be great is if you built in a feature that would allow us to temporarily disable the device management so that when I am not on the clock I can have control of MY device without having to remove and install. I understand this would disable access to the apps controlled but it would also allow me to turn off auto-lock so that my phone will stay open while using maps, music etc instead of auto locking
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3 years ago, achurnWork
Glad I kept my old phone
After reading all of the reviews about this app having total control over your phone. I decided to use my old iPhone 8 that was just collecting dust to install this app on. It doesn’t have any service on it but they got my number if they want to call me and I will just connect to the WiFi when I need send an email then shut it off to go back off the grid. The app itself seems to be working just fine no complaints so far. Now if you don’t mind back to being off the company grid 😂
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4 years ago, Dr. Richard S.
I’m sure it’s valuable to my employer but...
I don’t use this application at all. My employer requires us to download it. The only reason I’m aware of it at all is that it insists I update it every two weeks like clockwork. I’m really surprised that most of these updates can’t be done as database updates and not modifying the app; who would think a program that updates other apps would be so buggy? Of course, if the update info said something rather than nothing each time, I might understand. My internet bandwidth is so poor that I hate spending it on non-update updates.
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2 years ago, Markymark124
Download Control
Application doesn’t have an option to cancel/restart downloads. This can be a problem if the app gets stuck in a download or there’s an error. More than once I’ve had issues where the application is stuck attempting to download one of the onboarded apps for greater than 24 hours. An option to restart or completely cancel would remedy that situation. Or an auto refresh built into the app to check and see if it’s properly downloading, and recommend a close and restart.
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2 months ago, iPhone won’t register
Cannot register my device
I’ve reset my device several times even the eSIM. I’ve had it removed from Intune. I’ve reset all of my passwords. Removed it from security on Office 365 and re added it. Revoked and re-required MFA. Still my company issued and managed iPhone won’t correctly register and I can’t use Teams, Outlook or One Notr
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3 years ago, Squarefoot2003
Say hello to big brother & bye to your contacts...
This app is junk. It allows corporations to monitor employees physical locations 24/7 and scrub all email. In the process of allowing you corporation total access to all of your whereabouts it will not allow you to port your contacts from your work PC to your personal devices. That’s right, all of your client info everything, you will have to renter everything into your personal devises all over again. I am actively working to organize an a large group of my colleagues to petition the manage of my firm to remove this software and restore the system we had. Do not install this software unless you absolutely have to. HORRIBLE!
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6 years ago, Joe Pfeiffer
Slow. I’d delete this if my company didn’t force me to use it
The main part of this app - the screen where your company lets you download the apps they provide you - is nothing more than a webpage. Why build this app just to load a webpage? It takes nearly a full minute to load the app and start an action like downloading - even on a fast connection. Compared to a native App Store like Apple and Google provide that is quick and responsive. A lot of the images are non retina so they look grainy. Apps that you delete still say they are downloaded. If my company did force me to use this app I would gladly delete it from my phone.
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2 years ago, Lucky79706
Restricts ALL Screen Shots
Company forced all employees to install this crap or we would lose access to our work email and would be unable to use or join calls via Teams. We’ve been working from home 1.5 years now so everyone relies on their personal phones to do their job nowadays. Company does not offer any compensation for those who use their personal devices to stay connected for work and provides no work phones. The app instructions claim the app will prevent screen shots from within work apps but it definitely blocks ALL screen shots, regardless of what app you’re in.
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5 years ago, Not on the road again
Works like a virus or ransom wear!
I had to install it on iPhone and iPad due to company IT security requirements. As soon as I installed it started to delete all my contacts leaving only contacts that were on Outlook. It also deleted my Bluetooth connections. Fortunately I was able to go to iCloud and find the restore contacts function. However I now have to find a fix so this app does not delete them again. IT department is clueless on a solution. SO if you install it perhaps turn off sync of contacts with iCloud until you see how it behaves? Or at least do a back up of as much as you can before install the Intune app? Good luck.
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4 weeks ago, CarlNJ
Allowing the iPad or iPhone app to work would be a start…
At this point, it’s starting to look as if you really don’t care what your customers prefer. It’s not like any of us are going out of our way to buy a surface product anyway, so is there a technical reason not to release? Maybe you have some other passive aggressive reason not to support users that want to use your products, just not on your platform. Other than that, keep up the great work, I guess? I wouldn’t really know as I can’t log into most of your apps until you decide to support them.
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9 months ago, 🖕🏼xyz
Intrusive and untrustworthy
Any application that allows an outside source access to an individuals private data should be outlawed. Furthermore, any organization that seems it necessary to spy on their employees and violate their privacy…. Needs to rethink its methodology. An authentication app is one thing- having the capacity to wipe someone’s phone, and monitor their use of a personal device is another entirely. No- I Dont not believe the precursor “this app doesn’t do that”… I’ve been lied to enough in my life to immediately be know this isn’t true. I find this entire idea offensive, and reprehensible.
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2 years ago, git27?dwo$9
It’s worse than malware
I have had nothing but trouble ever since our IT department forced us to install this on our mobile devices. The latest casualty is the Teams app which decided it would no longer work following a power-cycle because “it could not be protected because a connection to intune service did not complete” and nobody in IT seems to have any idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Avoid this if you can - as far as I can tell, the only thing it’s good at is rendering previously-working apps/devices useless!
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1 year ago, carbonbasedwaste
Forces passcode on iWatch
The app itself seems fine. It was easy to install and does what it is supposed to. However, it forces me to assign a six digit passcode to my watch. I don’t have this app or the associated outlook account on the Watch so I’m not sure why this is. It effectively makes my expensive Apple Watch useless. I may as well go buy a $10 Casio. I don’t need my work email bad enough to justify the total loss of practical functionality of my watch.
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4 years ago, A nickname tha is not taken
Needs improvement
I had to change my phone with Apple for warranty. Even I created an encrypted backup on my PC, this app does not seem to backup the data and certificates required to restore on the new iPhone. This has caused a lot of waste time and IT tickets with my company and me. With the COVID-19 situation working from home it does not help.
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3 years ago, rg;lagnae
Not able to enroll my device
Edit: even with today's release I cannot enroll my device!!! Please rectify this immediately. It takes you in an endless circle. You try to sign into your company teams account, it directs you to download this app, upon downloading this app and signing in it it AGAIN directs you to download this app (now you get taken to the app store page for this app and can see it's already downloaded so it just gives you the option to open the app). Rinse and repeat. Can't get any company resources on my phone
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2 years ago, xaidwithanx
Data Security and phone slows down
It’s stupid that my company is expecting us to download these Authenticator and apps and management profile on our phones and viewing our phone and personal data all while making our phones runs slow. It should be illegal.
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3 weeks ago, X factor won't load
Wish could allow two companies to manage device to get email from both
Need a way to allow two institutions to manage my personal device to be able to get outlook email from both on one device
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6 years ago, reallyannoyed2018
My phone is my personal assistant. She is not yours to manage. I don’t keep my phone locked for convenience purposes. Your app is now making my life stupid difficult. The same as it would be trying to manage yet another device. Now I have to enter an encrypted password to check my social media. 😕
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2 years ago, dhrubinmd
Another Microsoft set of apps that work poorly on an Apple
To think that corporations enjoy putting their employees through the abuse of loading these apps when Microsoft has about the worst track record of security. As the reason for selecting Microsoft for the secure functionality is like having the proverbial bull in the china shop. The programs don’t load, they require inordinate time to try to fix their problems, only to have them be non-functional for their primary purpose. A star is too high a rating for this set of software.
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3 years ago, Ricardo Montubante
Beyond frustrating and useless
This app is beyond frustrating. You cannot get beyond to the intune/ azure settings to update multiple devices. I get an email on a holiday weekend- “you must update devices or they will be locked out!” Spend 2 hours updating 3 devices, off the clock, of course. Stupid system set up by drones that don’t realize a work week or what an inconvenience it is to spend hours on devices to update, worrying about staying “in compliance” when they are supposed to be “off the clock”. Use some common sense, people.
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6 years ago, AcidBase96
Failed to launch app when deployed over VPP via AC2
I have 3000 iOS device that I am going to let it enrol into InTune MDM. As I do not have DEP yet from Apple, I am supervising the devices manually using Apple Configurator and push the Company Portal app via VPP with Apple Configurator so that my devices can then launch the company portal app and enrol the devices into InTune MDM. However, after I push my app via Apple Configurator 2 via VPP, when I launch the app, it crashes immediately on my devices running iOS 11.4 and 11.3.1. Signing in to App Store with my own Apple ID and downloading the app via the app store works but VPP distribution fails.
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2 years ago, traveller009
corporate surveillance
not cool. I‘m a human not a corporate robot. app can’t tell you exactly what employer will see. it only says vague things like „may“, „possibly“, „could“, etc. also uses technical terms noone really knows what that is, like „managed“ app?? also you don’t see when and how often the shared data is accessed by your employer and there are no clear guidelines/restrictions for the employer on how to use the data. The app claims that it won’t access search history and user content, but the apple privacy declaration mentiones precisely that!
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5 years ago, mike_10009
Unnecessary Intrusion
I hate having this app on my phone, especially since this is my personal phone and it can now easily be seen and controlled by both my employer and Microsoft. Another reason why I loathe Microsoft and every piece of terrible software they spew forth into the world. If they can’t have dominance of an industry (mainly because their own products are complete and utter trash), then they’ll do whatever they can to take control and, consequently, make everyone’s experience crap. Horrible company. Horrible products. If I could give them negative stars, I would.
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2 years ago, Drakenova
Takes over your phone
Requires you to reset your password with no notification. I was driving and the 3 month password reset hit with no advance notification. It prevented me from accessing anything on my phone until I reset the password. Because I was driving and had no directions I must have fat-fingered the new password. Advance in time 2 days later after my company had to reset this app. All pictures and memories from the last 15 years are gone
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2 years ago, was difficult
Comp portal rating
I get the phone and I have to set everything up lol every app used individual is now a lot of passwords I only had two the whole time I was using the target This is very hard struggling through information you have never used and trying to get it right and promptly to get back to normal work I have to read introduction come up with way more passwords all why doing this on a phone that you are trying to read do you remember the process of instruction and finding the new acceptable passwords and remembering them as you are remembering your steps to figure out how to get new phone set up and available I don’t want anyone to think I feel someone is responsible or to blame just wanting to express the hurdles to jump at. Some time and same phone to be focusing on Thank you Ronald Rose
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3 years ago, LJ!!
1. If you don’t install Microsoft apps you continually get notifications until you install their apps. There’s no way to opt out of this from the user standpoint. This notification is really distracting and unnecessary. 2. In addition to nagging the user to install their Microsoft apps. This also bloats the number of install counts within the App Store even though the user doesn’t want the app. 3. They do include a privacy policy which is good but they’re still Data and some of it you can opt out of
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4 years ago, abchak
Repeatedly asking me to install 4 apps I don’t need
Just installed yesterday and it’s already given me a set of 4 pop ups at least 5 times, asking me to install OneDrive, OneNote, Excel, and Word. I don’t need these apps taking up space on my personal phone. I guess I’m just going to have to uninstall this, Outlook, and Teams, and miss important messages, meetings, and not even be able to see my calendar when I’m away from my computer. Ridiculous. Stop the pop ups! If I wanted those apps I would have installed them the first time you asked.
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4 years ago, jen12357
Stay Connected At All Times
Especially during times of Covid, I love that this application is an in-house portal to access all the apps and everything you need to be able to do your work on your device rather than having to fire up your computer!
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3 years ago, LordKaliban
Delete old profiles???!
How can I delete old profiles. There is no intuitive way to do that! I have deleted the app, installed it again and the old profiles show up again. Please update the app to allow deleting of profiles.
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1 year ago, amypierce13
Cannot access!!!
I have been trying to get this app to work for a week… it doesn’t work on either my iPhone 13 Pro Max, or my 9th generation iPad. On my phone I can’t even sign in on the first prompt (when I open the app a spinning ball appears and never goes away) and my iPad is unable to download the profile. There doesn’t seem to be any issues with my setting’s configuration… This app is absolute trash, and judging by the other reviews, I’m not alone in that feeling.
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2 years ago, Bold_price
In app functionality (Microsoft limitation?)
I do not understand the limitations of in-app capability on iOS. With that said, I as a user have an expectation, that while operating ip13, the application will be functional without multiple logins in different browser sessions launched by this application. Perhaps working with apple team on App Store version.
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11 months ago, imatthewtanner
Top Tier for IT, End Users review privacy!
From the Company Administration point of view Intune is the preferred method of Microsoft related Application Management. As for the End User I’d highly recommend to review your privacy policies, terms and conditions, and etc. As they most likely vary depending on your Company.
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4 years ago, Wants-to-be-productive
Clunky - Loss in productivity
This app seems to have lost its way. So many other applications using the iOS have great features. You move to this, and you lose the productivity of common gestures of iOS. One thing that complete baffles me: If I book a flight and have the calendar entry sent as an attachment from my travel sight, I cannot click on the calendar and have it update on my Outlook calendar. As people try to book meetings, that time slot shows open! How can a road warrior gain productivity with that miss!?
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5 months ago, Andrew "speedy" Aspinall
Company Portal app
The app is very easy to use and navigate through. I am using it for valet living and it’s been a great help. I would recommend it to anyone who is using this platform and anyone else who wants to use this software for their company platform will definitely benefit from it!
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1 year ago, tcbinaflash901
Latest upgrade doesn’t allow my device to connect to server
My device stopped connecting to my server yesterday afternoon (1/22). It appears that a new version of the app may have been released recently. I have unregistered and re-registered my device multiple times via Comp Portal this morning, but it still does not connect to my server. There was no communication about any upgrades/changes to the app. It just stopped working. Total pain.
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2 months ago, Jimmy.hyde3
Come on Vision Pro compatibility
I really like your application, but it really needs to support Vision Pro so that I can actually use work productivity tools on my Apple Vision Pro. It’s great you have native apps from Microsoft that were deployed right on time but not having this multi factor authentication limits my ability to be productive and utilize the full suite of Microsoft services.
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8 months ago, MizCamacho
Annoying notification banner after app was deleted
I have deleted this app, and all day long it is trying to reinstall. I am constantly getting notification banners asking me to install this app!!!! How do I make this stop! It prevents me from making prompt calls on my personal cell phone because I have three apps doing this. I have to sit there and click cancel several times before it stops asking me to reinstall the dang app.
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12 months ago, gopheritall
How to screw up your iPad
My organization rolled this out recently. After several attempts to fix the problems, I am still seeing my email accounts disappear, requiring reinstall multiple times daily. In addition, Outlook has severely corrupted my personal contact list with thousands of uneditable duplicates. My iPad used to be a productivity boost for me. No more. Think really hard about whether or not you want this installed on your personal device.
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