Invoice Simple: Receipt Maker

4.9 (122K)
85.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zenvoice Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Invoice Simple: Receipt Maker

4.88 out of 5
122K Ratings
5 years ago, dg1.Hellfire
Excellent and quick
We do about 10 sales a week outside of our normal online shopping portal. We used to have to generate an excel quote, convert to invoice, track emails, paper... makes my head hurt just writing it. I looked everywhere for an easy to use, streamlined process that didn't require a huge CRM package with bloated costs for things we did not need. Did we really want a $25/month subscription to use a product that needed a 3rd party product like Zapier to kind of integrate into our squarespace account? No. We wanted something SIMPLE. This was it. Simple Quote, Simple Invoice. I was skeptical at first mainly because it was so simple, asked a ton of user data storage questions to ease my fears which were answered by support as soon as I asked them. We easily blew past the 3 free invoice and had no problem signing up. My few issues: We already had a stripe account but there was not a way to use it so now we have 2. Would be great if there was a shipping cost field on estimates/invoices. Would also be great if there were separate ship to/bill to fields. Other than that, we are super super happy with ease of use, streamlined process and the fact we get notified of the quotes being viewed is a huge bonus. Have the app and mainly use the web but makes it very easy to go from request to quote to invoice all in one portal with no paper being wasted or cluttering my desk. Fantastic web-service.
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4 years ago, Write Contracting Group
I’m a licensed general contractor and I hate invoices I am ADHD and LAZ why. Had them both since I was born. I’ll reason I became a contractor is because I didn’t want to go to work LOL anyway, I’ve tried every which way to cough up an invoice since that is what I have to do to get paidUntil we find a simpler way. Simple voice is the best when it comes to using a free app with no charges no hidden fees and unbelievable nothing to it no directions needed invoice making. In fact I’ve never wrote a review on any thing I’ve ever bought even if I really loved it. I guess I’m writing this review because I’m thankful. In a world where everybody’s lying cheating and stealing from each other like it’s normal because no one gets in troubleNo one takes responsibility for their actions and everybody can hide slowly but surely behind the big black wall of privacy given to them by do you know who… I’m thankful that somebody made something for me I don’t know who you are but thank youEverybody sees this review that needs to make an invoice and use this one.
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2 years ago, Retired Camphosts
Sudden price changes??
Update! I just received an email stating that they had made a mistake in changing my subscription price. They stated that they had restored my mobile app subscription, although I have not tried to use it since I just received the correction email. I always want to be fair about anything I write about any company, so if they do reinstate what I thought I had been paying for all along as their mobile app for $5.99 per month, I will be very happy to update my review. I have used this app since May 2019 on my iPhone. Suddenly yesterday I was trying to send an invoice and received a screen telling me to upgrade in order to send my invoices. I have always paid the mobile app price of $5.99 per month as clearly stated in the app’s pricing structure for the mobile app. Now I’m being told via email that I have to log into the web to use the features that I have been paying to use on the mobile app for almost 3 years. I wasn’t even aware there was a web version until yesterday, so why am I being asked to pay for more to use the mobile app then their own app’s pricing states? They said in the email that I will have to pay $9.99 to use the mobile app, yet my auto pay has been $5.99 for almost 3 years and it worked flawlessly. This is why companies end up failing in the long term, they seem to get greedy, and try to charge more than their own companies prices stated are, and or constantly raise their prices.
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2 years ago, ck1kgp
Good App
Would give 5 stars but needs a few things fixed before it’s a 5. It is a great app so don’t let my 4 star review mislead anyone. I’ve used a few other overpriced apps and had other issues like the app sending me a receipt for a sent invoice and the recipient not receiving it. Talk about a nightmare at the end of the year. So, the first thing that needs fixed, is after you send an invoice the app sends the invoice and then takes you right back to the invoice you just sent instead of taking you back to the Home Screen. You have to back arrow twice to start a new invoice or estimate. Would be nice if it took you to Home Screen to start a new invoice, if the one you just sent needs corrected then go and review and edit the invoice as needed. The second thing that needs fixed is when you write a note on a saved item, the next time you use that same item it has the same note stored and you have to erase it. I do a lot repetitive billing but have to change the description of work performed on the invoice from job to job. Would be nice if it cleared out or gave the option to save the note if needed it to be on every item billed for.
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2 years ago, telegirl07
Only one issue…
I have been using this app for a few years now, however I noticed last year when I ran a yearly report, the report groups invoices by the date the invoice is generated, not by the day I report payment. So when it came time for taxes, I had to go through all of my invoices manually, to see what year the invoices were actually paid. This makes the report useless to me, which was one of the key reasons I started using this app in the first place. I reached out to the designers of the app and asked if they could change this feature, but they said they couldn’t at the time but they would keep this in mind for the future. I would imagine the audience using this app are self employed and have to keep track of payment for tax purposes. Please note that the report is not generating appropriately by year and this will throw off what you were actually paid in the year and what is reported by your payors’ 1099s. Payors report what was paid out in the year and this report is not reflecting that. On the plus side, the response team by the designer was very fast, and there is something to be said about that!
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6 years ago, Pepper223
Excellent App!
I just came across this app for the first time, and already love it. It creates beautifully detailed and organized invoices I can send to my design clients. Along with the detailed invoices, listing merchandise I’ve purchased for my clients, I can also attach photos of their decor, furniture, and copies of any store receipts, and etc. and all of it is attached to the same invoice as a single document. This will save me SO much time! Plus, I can do it all from my phone, without having to sit down at my computer, which is SO nice. Once I entered the detailed info, I was able to email/text the invoice to my design clients for them to immediately view. The app then lets you know once your clients have viewed the invoice, which is also a nice feature. The developer even sent me an email after I first used it to see what else I would recommend adding to make the App more user friendly. I’ve never had a developer reach out before. Thought it was pretty cool. Thank you for developing this app! So lucky to have found it!
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6 years ago, CarolineMake-UpArtist
Stopped working
I used to have the free version and then paid for it. I have used it a couple of years ago and loved it. It used to give me easy to do, clean invoices. Now, I have a logo that I don’t want (a pair of lips) on the right hand side of my logo that I cannot get rid of. I go to settings and press delete and save, but then it’s back again. I spent an hour trying to delete and save and it will not go away. I tried adding a new image in the end to get rid of the lips, it won’t save the new image, it just keeps the stupid one of lips. I can’t send that in to a company - so now I have paid for something that makes my invoices look ridiculous. Update this bug please - or refund me. Updating this now. If anyone else has this issue, I went to the website and the only way I could get rid of the image was to put something over the top of it. So of you don’t want an image, screen shot a white page and I sent this so it looks like nothing is there! So silly.
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3 years ago, marcus pandolfo
Bait and switch
The app and features are great. And I’d have no issue paying for it accept 1 major thing, when you download the app there is no sign up. Just start putting in customers info and creating invoices on jobs. Sounds great right? Except at some point you will open the app and not have access to any of the invoices you’ve created unless you sign up right then and there. So let’s say you create an invoice for a job. Your customer pays a deposit and there is a balance due. You finish the job and go to get paid. But guess what information you don’t have access to when you open this invoice app? Nothing. You will not have access to the customers information, balance due, job details, nothing. You also will not be able to change the balance due to $0 or provide your customer with an invoice that now says paid. I’d rather know that I need to pay a monthly fee up front and it wouldn’t be a problem but the app makes it seem free. And I found out that I needed to sign up and pay while trying to get paid on a job and provide an invoice that says paid. It was not good timing to cut off access to my invoices that were in progress. I’m more then upset.
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7 years ago, eddies list
Easy and orginized
This is the first app I've ever bought. That's how awesome it is. Typically I don't buy apps since they are difficult or I can't see myself getting my money's worth out of it. That all changed with this app. Being a consultant and small business owner I do a lot of invoicing and billing to clients. They are typically very confused and can't understand the costs. However, with this, it is easy to read, well laid out, and sooo easy to prepare. The ability to text it or email is a life saver for those who have smartphones now. All I can say is if you write invoices periodically, you need to get this! Only down side is you can't shuffle or move the new items around once you've typed them in. They need to be in order as you type them. If there is ever an update I would love to see that feature just in case I got something out of order so I don't have to erase things. Other than that, it is perfect and a must have!!
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3 months ago, Dean VCP
Very disappointed
I’ve had this app for 2 years now and have been paying for their premium subscription. Since I signed up they raised their monthly pricing and recently came out with some new features and templates. I am currently paying the same price that I started with however they do not provide me with the new features or templates. They want me to pay the new price so I can get all the new features. This is a complete fraud. They told me I was grandfathered in with my original price however I don’t get any new features or updates. You would think being a long term and loyal customer the company would prioritize your service and help you out. I’ve reached out and spoke with customer care and the manager as well and they couldn’t even provide me with a straight answer. I signed up initially for the premium account and since they’re upgraded they do not consider my account premium because of their price change. Even though my account has all the original features that the new premium account has besides the templates and a few other things. I am very disappointed with this app.
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5 years ago, I will knock u out
Invoice Simple
I love this app. It does exactly what I need it to do and it’s relatively cheap. It’s super simple to use and has many great and useful features. One of the biggest downsides is that it’s relatively expensive to use their “online payment” options. It charges 2.9% plus .30 cents for each transaction. Therefore if you are using the app for a construction business where thousands of dollars are moved around that adds up to a pretty hefty fee. I would be fine paying even $20 a month of the client’s online payment option was free. What I would like to see changed, is that once an estimate been turned into an invoice for the signature line to change to invoice. As of right now it transfers the “note” from an estimate to invoice so you have to correct that manually. Also would be nice if estimates once turned into invoice would disappear from the estimates tab-which indicates active projects.
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6 years ago, Ivy Patch Produce
Perfect Simple Invoice App
I recently sold my tiny organic produce store and have just started a market garden. I plan to sell a few things to the store this season, only basil and sugar snap peas next week. Next year I should be really starting to crank out the veggies. Rather than fiddling with paper receipts, I decided to download an invoice app. This app is so elegant, you would think that someone read my mind and added everything necessary and no fiddly useless stuff. I love that I can create an estimate that later can be updated to an invoice. It saves a library of items, so I don’t have to re-enter each product with each new invoice. Client information is saved so that it can automatically be entered into the document. There is a place to put your logo and there are a number of different layout options from simple to professional. It allows you to send the invoice directly from the app. Perfect!
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7 years ago, Me1185
Great App for Invoicing
Initially downloaded this app just to play around and see how easy or difficult to use it would be, what features I would be able to use if any, and how professional it would look as a small business owner. I mist say I ended up purchasing this app. Its very easy to use, gives you a very professional look, and has some pretty neat features. I can upload my business logo to add to the top of the invoice, add individual items into the app itself so I can easily have description and priced stored for quicker invoices, Record payments and multiple ones at that. In my sweets business I always require a deposit 3 weeks in advance and balance due 1 week before pick up/delivery and being able to record multiple payments are a great way to keep track of everything. The customers find it very easy to read and understand the invoice. LOVE LOVE LOVE this app.
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7 years ago, misjustine
Fantastic App
I have downloaded and paid for so many apps trying to find something that made my life as a contractor a little easier and cut down my time working at home after I get off. I would put in a full day of labor and then come home to 4-5 hours a writing BIDS on my PC. So far this app allows me to do my BIDs anywhere my phone can go, so everywhere at anytime. And it has really sped up the entire process as a whole for me. I LOVE that you can make your own price list! That is something very unique and something I couldn’t find in other apps. It’s simple to use, which is awesome because I’m horrible at tech stuff. Type up the BID, take photos, write notes, multiple options of how to send that BID, price list, Invoices, payments. Really a great job on this app. And the customer service is quick and very friendly. Thank you!! Two Thumbs Up!
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1 year ago, Sakccotx
It’s super easy
It’s amazingly easy to use and makes my invoices easy and simple. Like how you can add pictures to the estimates/invoices. However it would wonderful if customers could click on the pay invoice and be able to make a payment without paying full amount. Particularly when customers are putting a deposit on a project then final payment after completion. Currently have to request separate transaction on PayPal then go back to invoices apply that payment so balance due is correct then send over email reflecting it. This would be easier for customers as well. Also a way to track any refunds or money given back to customer would be nice. With the option of putting notes in the invoice to notate any updates or changes.
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4 years ago, consumer number 1
Good and easy
I have used many apps so far for the price range this one is the better of is class. I would make a few changes if I where then. 1. Have it so you can separate material and labor cost, and it adds up the items separate and together, also in the monthly total do it there as well. 2. Also I'm not sure if the new version does but have it work with tax software and book keeping software 3. I would love to see more formats for invoice layout. 4. Maybe a way to look up a item or customer or invoice through a search bar. I know you guys will put these changes in to the app cause you have made many changes already, plus want to see your 5 star rating stay 5. Thanks for your hard work keep on making your app better. P.s. you should buy this app is pretty good for handyman services.
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5 years ago, Spudd's
Loving this app but I do have a few requests
I’ll start off by said that I love this app. I love the professional invoices I’m able to make. But I do have a few requests. I would love to see in the EDIT ITEM area another spot I can include my material for the job. Having to include my material in my price has been raising a lot of questions from my customers. They are wanting to see the material and my labor separate. I also wish they had a quick search in estimates / invoice / and in paid / a lot less scrolling to search for a previous estimate and invoices would be nice. I would also like to see who I’ve sent invoices and estimates to. I did realize I would get a confirmation when I open the app if my customers received the estimates or invoices. I would just like documentation for my records down the road.
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4 years ago, Brandon_heat95
Buyer Beware
I’ve been using the invoice maker for the past year and a half. Up until now, everything has been fine. All of a sudden, they’ve decided to start making changes to the format and layouts. Now, even with an item or 2 on the invoice, it takes 2 pages to print. Also, the layout showing number of customers and invoices has been changed. Now I don’t know how many sales I’ve made each month until they’re paid in full. No way to keep up with monthly sales that way. Very bad customer service not willing to work with me. I used to be able to change the layout of the invoice; no more. You’re stuck with the one they make for you. If you put 3 or more line items, you’re printing into a 2nd page. This leaves you no room for notes or creating places for customers to sign. Fix these issues and I’ll be back.
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4 years ago, Marines 92
Good Stuff
Just a quick review of Invoice Simple. When I started my business a few months ago I did a search to look for a “Simple” product to invoice and track customer equipment. I found Invoice Simple. I down loaded it figuring if I didn’t like the format or the ease of operation, I would delete it and try another. After a half hour or so of playing around with different settings and sample estimates and invoices I decided to give it a try. Fast forward a few months. My business is growing and Invoice Simple is just that, simple. The format lends itself a perfect amount of area to document everything I do and the ability to send the invoices directly to the customer is a perfect fit for me. I recommend this product if your starting out or want something easy to use, Good Stuff
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5 years ago, pittcrew1
Really easy app to use
I really like this invoicing system. Ive used it for 3 years now. I do have some concerns about the operation and navigation on the app though. I would really like a search bar to be added to the invoices, estimates, and paid categories. If you need to search for a past invoice, you’ll have to scroll though all the invoices you’ve done throughout the year. The same is true with you contacts... if you do business with the same customer its a beating to find their info on the app because you have to scroll through all your contacts instead of being able to go to a search bar and just search them. It sure would be easier if they could fix the problem. That’s the only reason why I’m giving this app 4 stars instead of 5.
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5 years ago, Christina Benn
Great app and site!
I love Invoice Simple! It keeps track of invoices and invoice numbers for me. It saves previous information and it makes it so easy when you have to send an invoice to the same business. I get notified when the email is opened. My favorite feature is being able to mark an invoice as paid and it goes into its own folder. So now you have two folders one unpaid and one paid. So incredibly easy! You can also upload your business logo so that your invoices are received with your logo in the top corner. There are other features that I don’t use yet but I’m sure I will once I have the need. The small monthly fee is definitely worth it if you send out a lot of invoices and you need help keeping track of all the information.
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2 years ago, ElCafeDiablo
Easy to use
This app is definitely one of the best invoice makers I have used. I have been in construction for 4 years and have tried many. I always seem to come back to this one. However, there are a couple things that could make it a four star app. First off, add a spell check or a way to catch misspelled words. I always proofread my estimates and invoices, but have missed some words. Secondly, I don’t know how or why, but the app has deleted multiple estimate and invoices on more than one occasion. Luckily I screen shot every estimate I send, so I was able to redo them over, which was a complete waste of time. So fixing this would be great. Lastly, make it so clients can electronically sign estimates and send them back. I have used other apps that allow this and it makes things so much easier. Overall, this app is easy to use and easy for clients to view.
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1 year ago, BabinandSons
Would like to see 1 change!
Really love this app, been using it for almost a year now, we have the paid subscription services. I’m currently on the hunt for a new app for one reason and one reason alone. If you guys would be able to fix this one problem of mine, I would be able to stay and really greatly appreciate it. Our estimates require us to take multiple photos. And when I say multiple, I mean anywhere between 15 to 45 photos per estimate. Uploading those photos singly at a time can be time-consuming and frustrating. I would love to see this app give the opportunity for multiple photos to be uploaded a single time. Otherwise, 5/5 stars
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4 years ago, ClubAriel
Was loving this App until the Upgrade
I hate to whine, but I’m really disappointed with your new upgrade. I was enjoying the app enough to purchase it and continue using it, but ever since the upgrade I can no longer record partial payments, payment type or write notes. Now you can only mark an invoice as paid with no option to put in the correct date. I also don’t really love the new look of the invoices. There used to be a choice between 2 styles, but now you just get the standard layout and my logo has shrunk and any photos I upload look strange as they are left aligned rather than centered as they were previously. Please let me know if I am missing something. As far as I can tell those payment recording options have just simply vanished. Wish I hadn’t installed the upgrade.
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2 years ago, AnnieBlanco
Easy & fast invoices that look professional
I love this app & use it everyday. I can be at home or in my car, equally easy, right up my alley since I’m not tech oriented. My wife insisted I use it & I delegated it to someone else. When she found out I was paying someone to do my invoices she sat me down & showed me how easy it was, she was right. Why write out a bid on paper when I can go straight to invoice simple. My only issue is she used her email to sign up & we can’t figure out how to change the account email over to my email. We’ve looked under every tab & there’s no where to change account email. Besides that super easy. I know I should learn QuickBooks but not there yet, baby steps!
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5 years ago, Annie Rivera
Excellent for business owners
Been using this invoice app for years. As a painting business we can’t always rely on the paper estimates/invoice as minds are always changing and it would be wasteful and confusing to try to keep track of all the papers. This makes it easy to write up your estimate, email or text (which is a great way to keep a paper trail), and change to an invoice by clicking a button. It lets you know when they’ve received, and read, your estimate/invoice. There’s an option to receive payments through the app but we personally did not want to pay the percentage or wait the three day wait period but still a great option nonetheless. We love this app and it has helped tremendously with our business!
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4 years ago, Twalker101010
Business owner
2nd Update: Still LOVING this app 3 years later! Now they have added so I can easily send invoices to my customers and allowing the customer to pay directly thru their email. This app is wonderful. It's easy to use and convenient. I can make invoices/estimates on sight at a job and email them quickly to my customers. It allows to mark them paid as well and send my customer a receipt. I can keep track of all invoices that have or have not been paid right on my phone. No need to go back to the office to finish paper work! I was extremely surprised that the creator of this app contacted me as well, they asked what if any improvements could be done to make my life easier. Definitely a 5-star/A+ app !
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2 years ago, Kory713
Extremely helpful for any one self employed or with a small business
I started my small business two years ago, I have used this app since day 1. I have loved it so much. It makes my billing so much faster, as well as it looks very professional. The best feature is how it saves your clients, previous years invoices, and gives you full access to leave notes on your invoice. This app has made my journey into being a business owner very easy. I have clients that are very slow at paying, and very forgetful. This app makes it very easy for me to access any records I might need on the spot. Recommend for any small business owner or anyone self employed. 10/10.
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12 months ago, PrimitiveMG
I have been using this app since 2020 and it has done me nothing but good. It has been nice to watch it grow as the years move on. It helps me stay organized amidst all the chaos of owning and operating a Construction company. This app also allows you to receive and track deposits and payments made online. User friendly for both customer and company alike. The only downfall is the transaction and transfer fees they have with PayPal. In a small mom & pop shop, no big deal, but when receiving 100k from a customer via online payment and paying 6% to get it in the bank isn’t logical. Other than that, highly recommend! 10/10.
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7 years ago, Fmfracer44
Awesome app for what it is, very good for business
I'm very skeptical to buy apps. Most of them not worth my money. I found this app to help me do invoicing at any given time without having to scribble through them. I run an agricultural seasonal business and my time is very limited due to it being a seasonal job. My invoicing piles up and next thing you know I'm behind a few weeks and after finding this app I can simply make invoices before I go to sleep or when I wake up at the comfort of my bed before leaving for the day. And I simply wifi to my printer and print any invoice. Very very helpful. I would like to see a few more font styles and customization of lettering but other than that can not complain !
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5 years ago, josemg888
Search button
Minor glitches where I can only do invoices with one phone. I tried having my partner help me do invoices by signing in to the account: basically nothing shows up that he’s done on my screen when its time to print them out. Another thing that needs to be fixed is when I change client it erases the client that I am trying to replace it to. Lastly it needs a search button. To search the names of the invoices that have been paid or to search the invoices that haven’t been paid. This is the 2nd year I’ve used this. Investing 7$ a month for over 2 years, I would expect it to run smoothly. I’m at the point where I’m going to pay extra for QBO if this doesn’t get fixed.
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2 years ago, pointing specialist
Easy And professional!
I used to write up my own custom proposals which made the process pretty long I was looking for something a little more simpler but not cutting too much from the custom professional look. No nothing is as good as a custom “made to customer “type proposal But this is the next best thing. I love the simplicity and the multiple options to customize I also love the fact that it allows me to know when the customer has open and read my proposal or estimate or invoice. I have used different apps in the past but this one is the best so far I don’t plan on looking elsewhere I found the one that works for me thanks guys
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2 years ago, Cannot Recover Account
Can’t find my account!! Ugh!!
This app I started to use about 2 yrs ago during Covid to start my own independent contractor business. Worked out great. Only issue I had was not able to save multiple companies. I did work for different fields and used different company names, logos, what have you. I worked around that but I My real issue is after 2 yrs of invoices and estimates and all the saved data I had put into it. All of a Sudden I cannot get into my account. It’s says my email is not recognized and cannot log me in. I tried to get help from support but to no avail. I had old invoices showing I used there product. Gave them all my info even the CC they were charging me on and still said they have no record of my account. 2 yrs of work, invoices, estimates , customers, all down the drain. Have to start over and definitely not going to use invoice simple.
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7 years ago, Xtreme_Washing
Great Invoicing App
If you're sitting on the fence wondering if you should purchase this app or not to be quite honest with you for the price $2.99 a month I don't think you can go wrong. You have the ability to create estimates, create invoices, and the ability to send everything via email. Love the fact you get notified when they see your invoice. I do however wish the extraction of files gave us more information I do wish we had the ability to create a mailing list and I do wish we could send the invoice to the customer and they would have the ability or option to pay now BUT for the price of what the app offers I Havassy feel it's an excellent deal.
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7 years ago, Jerry the Painter
Great App
I’ve used the same estimate/invoice app for several years in spite of the fact that it constantly crashed and was unreliable for several other reasons. Finally, the app stopped working altogether because of the release of iOS 11. Out of necessity I went shopping for a new app and came across Invoice Simple. I loved it immediately for its ability to add custom details about each line item of a project I was bidding. I was thrilled that it had such a streamlined and professional look. This app has taken the professional presentation of my business to the next level. I highly recommend it to any business person who needs an easy AND professional estimating/invoicing app.
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2 years ago, 6psinapod
So simple. We love this app!
When we found this app our lives instantly changed. We saved some much time trying to keep up with all of our bids, jobs that had been paid, jobs that were due for payment. Invoice simple did it all for us. It even separated each of clients and how much revenue was made off of each of them. It shows us end of the month earnings as well as yearly sales, which has been a blessing this tax season. I couldn't be happier. The monthly subscription fee pays for itself just because of all the time I save. I recommend it to all my friends that are small business owners.
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1 year ago, nonchalant352
Simple to use everything is included
I just started my business and just getting off the ground. I had to do and use so many different things to get an invoice together and then just type it in an email. This makes things so professional and everything is all in one spot. It takes out all the guesswork. and then being live for the customer so that either one of you can adjust or edit anything and it’s live on the other end is amazing. Every payment that comes in address on the invoice live so I don’t have to think twice. Really appreciate this program.
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3 years ago, Baby Logan
Truly a Game Changer!
I can’t even begin to describe how much I L❤️V E this app! It has made my life so much easier! I’m a VERY busy wife and mom (of 3!) I’m a newly self-employed and business took off immediately! I quickly realized just how hard it was to keep track of billing, who’s paid and which accounts are past due. I was losing money and losing my mind- and let’s face it... I also appeared unprofessional. I Searched the App Store and downloaded Invoices. I was astonished at how easy it was to learn! Within minutes I was sending my first invoice! You literally fill in the blanks and when you send (either text or email!)the recipient receives a very professionally structured invoice. It’s easy to read and can be as detailed as you need! You’re able to mark invoices paid, view all paid and all outstanding! After the free-trial.... I immediately paid for the subscription! The monthly rate of under $15 is totally worth my peace of mind! This app has truly made my job exponentially better! Thank you!! 🤩
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5 years ago, working for the weekends
Happy with invoice but...
Really like the look of the invoices. We like that you set an item up once then use it when you need it. Only problem i have is we put in an invoice time period on the first line but because it’s an item it has 0.00 on the right column. Should able to set up text as an item without the dollar amount showing up. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to put this request but... you are asking for feedback. Over all we love this app but the other issue I have is I want to change my payment to a different card and that seems nearly impossible. Thanks
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5 years ago, Fatass nerd
So far so good
I've been using Invoice2go for a few years, and I liked it. The past 6 months they have increased the rate twice on me because I've reached a 'client limit' of 40. $99 is too much. So I found this one, for 1/4 the cost, and it's actually a better program. A lot of features are similar to Invoice2go but this app gives you the ability to add images to your invoices which is awesome. The only downside is no option for the customer to pay with CC, but that's not a huge deal me. Would be nice though. EDIT: now I’ve been using it for almost 2 years. I like it. I don’t like that if you make a change on an invoice, or accidentally delete one (easy to do swipe left) you can’t recover it or see the original bill before you made the change
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2 years ago, Lolo675
Was worth it
Originally, I LOVED this app/company and what they offered. The price was fair and reasonable, we could access everything from multiple devices. Someone could make the estimate in the office, get it approved, then while on the job, we could pull out the phone and send the invoice. It was great! However, after todays update, I can no longer send any estimates or invoices. I am being told that now, we have to have TWO separate subscriptions, one for mobile and one for web browser. We’ve used it this way for 1.5 years and its been great having the flexibility? Unfortunately that change is enough for us to cancel and either go back to paper estimates/invoices or look for an alternative company. Very unfortunate as this has been a fantastic app.
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1 month ago, Wodd made Flesh
Expensive GO WITH SQUARE!!!
I will be honest I absolutely love this invoice app we have had it for years now! Ever since we first started our business! However, they upped the price and I do not agree with that, especially since we should be grandfathered in. I really hate the fact that they can just upped the price on you anytime. Soooo, that was was my first review a couple years ago. I LOVE the app! But why do you continue to double it??? we do not use any of the extras. We only make an invoice. We do not get paid through you guys or anything like that and this is absolutely ridiculous! There’s no reason why we should continue to pay for this if you’re going to keep opening the price without any reasoning. We go through Square and are perfectly able to do an estimate through them free of charge.
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5 years ago, VV&T
Great App
Been using App over two + years and love it😉! Easy to use, great price and most of all very professional outlay to my customers. I can simply add customers from my existing contacts to my customer list. Easy editing during new invoice creation that is quick and simplified. I can preset my parts pricing and labor rates easily. Love the ability to email or text the invoice instantly and get a response letting me know that my invoice was read by my customers which gives me certainty that it reached them. To top it all off, it give my customers a pay now option inside the invoice. Tested others but like Invoice Simple the most. GREAT APP!!!!!!👍🏽
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5 years ago, Lin~Go
I just discovered the app for my iPhone. I’ve been using the desktop for months and like it. Only thing, is that I wish there was a format to download all my clients and their information into excel so I can keep it organized on my computer. Other than that, this is very user friendly and all around great app. The photo option in mobile app is a huge plus. Desktop version (I have an older laptop, windows 7) doesn’t have that option. Again, great app! Let me know if there’s a way I can download my client list and totals from invoices into excel or other program for keeping organized.
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4 years ago, #1Luna
Love this app
Been using this app almost a year now. It’s easy self explanatory and professional looking once you print out invoice or view it as a sent invoice. I use mine for appliance repairs, remodeling jobs and I’ve even used it to sell shirts. It makes calculations for you. I highly recommend this app. Side note I wish there were a better way to record payment from the invoice page. For instance if we could slide the invoice number being paid to the right and it gave us the option to delete, record or edit invoice. Just a suggestion. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Bigkev198606473
Good product
Does what it needs to do. Great app for estimates, and invoicing. Like the fact it keeps everything separate; you have different tabs for estimate, open and closed invoices, and paid invoices. Syncs to multiple devices so if your mobile and do something on your phone it will sync to your tablet and computer. One negative is that sometimes that sync feature is a little buggy. Sometimes if I delete or edit an invoice on my phone it doesn’t sync to my other devices or put it in there with all zero dollars on everything. But overall great application for what you spend.
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5 years ago, Gavin Nailon
Great help for the small business
The app works really well for small business. I’m able to invoice on the fly. The mobility is a life saver. I can do the job and invoice it right then and there. Taking before and after pictures is great for proof of work being done and to show the customer the difference. A few minor changes would make it even more convenient. Attaching multiple pictures would be better. Also adding a hidden tab for expenses so I could keep track of expenses for each job would be an idea to think about. Overall I am pleased with the app. Great job
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6 years ago, emer zachary
Best app ever!
Having my own business and hand writing bids and invoices for a few years, this by far is the best app for anyone that owns a business or does side work, I paid 60$ for the unlimited everything and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I can add as many pictures to my bids or invoices and can send everything to customers emails right from my phone just seconds after looking at a job or completing a job. Highly recommend this to everyone!! Already got my family using it and will continue to spread the word about it to others I see in need of something simpler in their lives.
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4 years ago, Lisa6231958
Really easy and looks amazing!
This app is so simple to use, I was able to easily incorporate my logo. I was using Microsoft word, I have had my business now for a little under a year and had never sent invoices before, I didn’t know which template to choose in word, it looked weird, didn’t always translate well through email. This saves all my Invoices, and keeps everything organized, has the option of adding tax, does the math for you with unpaid balances. It’s really awesome. Anyway, this is super easy and I will be using it daily!
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2 years ago, JERaygoza
Easy to manage
I’ve been using this app for the past couple of years. Easy to manage. Keeps track of everything. Only annoying part is that it’s always asking me to rate the app (which I already had in the past) I have 2 accounts with them and when I switch between them the thumbs up and thumbs down pops up. It’s easier if i click the thumbs down because it dismisses the pop up and when I click thumbs up it takes me to the App Store so I can rate the app and leave a review which is annoying. Other than that I truly enjoy the app. It’s easy to use.
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