Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker

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User Reviews for Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker

4.84 out of 5
47.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Nickname666735
Using strip on Invoice2go
DONT WORK WITH INVOICE2GO THEY DONT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS Hi my name is Roee and I have a small business. Working with Invoice2go for 2012. It was great easy and I recommend to my friends too. Last month I had this customer making a mistake paying the all invoice amount that it’s very easy to do the way the building the page. Like a trap if you don’t pay attention you pay the hole some, like this they charge you for the credit card commission and when the customer Realized what he did and I had to refund his money and guess what I sign small print that says it’s my problem You see what great customer service they have. First there is no way to find their phone number only email and same with Invoice2go if you don’t do unlimited planThey will not give you a phone number to talk to somebody only emails. As I pointed before great customer service they don’t care about the customer only about money. After I told them I’m going to disconnect then they called me to tell me the apologized there is nothing we can do for you but we do everything we can. I’m out about $2000 and they offer me $100 the maximum they can. Like I picked to work with strip. DONT WORK WITH INVOICE2GO THEY DONT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS
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7 months ago, Chiko8905
Great app!
I love Invoice2go I been with them since 2021. The price has gone significantly higher than it was before would be my only complaint. This is because after finding quick books intuit and what they have to offer as far as user friendly business tools and the ability to have pretty much everything taken care of including tracking of miles, expenses, personal expenses, and other things that are relevant to the business for just $10 more than the professional subscription on the on Invoice2go. With that being said I hope I’n the nead future Invoice2go will have these features for its users cause they are highly needed and are great resources to have. I stick with Invoice2go despite the high price for little amount of invoicing and fewer tools because although quickbooks has all those one thing you can not do is edit/customize your invoice to be your own. It just provides a generic boring invoice layout that doesn’t allow for a company to be original in the paperwork side of things. With Invoice2go you can make your invoice to your liking and have it looking really nice and professional and I love that. I also hope to see more features like this to choose from with this app. Overall it’s a great app and the payment system and bank account is great for the business. Thank you Invoice2go! Keep up the good work!
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9 months ago, Krazywhite
Change of Stripe for cc processing looses functionality
With the loss of Stripe, you can no longer issue credit card, refunds or partial refund without emailing invoice to go to do that. I tried two months ago and it never was done. This is gonna be a big time loss of time and will take more time to keep track of what is being done especially if you have to refund a partial payment. My customers are already frustrated that I was not able to refund a payment in any kind of timely manner since I was going back-and-forth with email trying to get that done. I have also noticed with the new processing it takes an extra day and if it’s over a weekend a couple extra days for the money to go into your account I did set up ACH and linked it to my checking account for auto transfer and nothing was set up correctly and it completely shut off the credit card function. I already had set up working now for me to get a payment. Now it will take a full week for me to get that payment into my checking account without having to use their debit card which I have not received yet since I just set that up. Just spent two hours texting back-and-forth with the help Desk to be told that I still need to send them an email for the refund to be done in the first place. On top of trying to figure out why my auto transfer into my checking did not take place when I was working last week. To be told that it was shut off. which was never done on my side.
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6 years ago, brodifus
Getting worse
I hate that I only have the energy to write a review when this software is having issues but here it is. I started my construction business in 2011 and have used this app since day one. It’s been great for me and I’ve turned many other contractors on to it. The interface used to be simple and easy to use. I understand that companies must evolve and grow with demand but it would have been better to leave well enough alone. There is nothing more frustrating than spending an hour on an invoice or estimate only to have it randomly deleted or zeroed out after saving. Server/cloud issues are becoming more normal than not. I’m furious and don’t know how to move forward now that I’m invested into it. This has been going on for months and a couple updates. I’ve remained patient as these issues are expected with iOS updates and whatnot. A day or two is acceptable but not this amount of time. Update. Developer responds- we don’t know of this. Yet I’ve emailed for the last couple months and the response I get is “sorry. This is a known issue. We are working to fix”. Your public p.r response does not match private response. Sorry but This is only a slap in the face to an already poor situation.
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4 years ago, TWood20
Functional but not necessarily practical
The app is simple enough to setup and use. It does the job that a one person shop needs it to do. However I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t turn off credit/debit and digital payments without buying the annual membership. This seems backwards, as in the membership should provide that option not just allow you to turn it off. The problem with the feature being turned on by default is that customers try and pay digitally only for me to have to refund the payment and ask them for a check. I also have my own way of accepting credit card payments that doesn’t force me to pay annually for something I only need less than a handful of times in a year. From my perspective this creates a situation that not only makes you buy an annual subscription to turn off a feature that isn’t necessary for small shops but allowing credit card payments causes the business to charge credit card fees. The option to pay via card or digitally should be opt in not opt out. The developer should change this and consider a more compelling reason to hold people over a barrel in order to get them to subscribe. At the very least consider a per use fee when someone wants to pay digitally and the business wants to accept the digital payment. Currently searching for another app alternative.
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5 years ago, BizOwner999999
Horrific Customer Service.
Have been using app for years. Paid a premium to get a great invoicing program for my small construction business for many years now. Have recommended in past for several friends because it’s ease of use . Over the years they have added self-serving features to make them more money like taking credit card payments and offering YOUR clients financing that does not benefit you and make you look like you gouging YOUR own client. Although these features can be turned off, They mysteriously get turned back on during updates. Happened to me and a client mistakenly paid a 3k invoice by credit card and now I’m stuck waiting 5-10 days to get paid. 3% credit card fees plus transaction charge, plus 5-10 days waiting period to get my money all from an app I PAY to use $100 a year ! If you like to see your money you work hard to earn. Don’t bother with them. Wolf in sheep clothing. Tried to call to see if they could fix issue. Good luck finding a number to call. Lots of help topics that steer you as far way from even finding where to contact them. May be easier to fly to Palo Alto to personally knock some sense into them.
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8 months ago, lauren_r_
Save yourself a LOT of headache and DON’T use this company
*Edited to add* per their ‘developer response’ we reached out to their support email and we’re told “Unfortunately, we are unable to provide further information in regards to this decision.” Literally use any other invoice platform. Their customer service is trash and they won’t even provide a reason why after they delete ALL of your invoices and information. We’ve been using Invoice2Go for about 6 months and randomly received an email asking for a LOT of information (all of our business documents, bank statements, pictures of our IDs and passports, even selfies - honestly I thought it was a crazy spam email at first) with a very short timeline to send or ‘your account will be disabled until the documents are submitted’. Well, when I contacted them I was told our account had been canceled and ‘we wish you luck in finding a service that meets your needs’. They have multiple complaints with the Better Business Bureau for this same thing. It seems they send an email asking for crazy amounts of information with a 3-7 day time limit and then they shut down your account with no way to access any of your info. We have multiple invoices that haven’t been paid and we’re now having to go through all of our records to re-send invoices through quickbooks. Just save yourself the trouble and go with quickbooks to begin with!
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4 years ago, Motogeek309
They are alienating customers
Invoice2go was a great program many years ago. then they did the big update, causing many headaches. Then the keep doing “updates” that change functionality but not for the better. If they just left it alone, it would have been good. And they also keep jacking the price up. It is now costing more than ever, with less and less usable features. Edit 4-30: I read your response and at this point it does no good. You guys are quick to answer negative reviews but not quick to solve problems. Talking to support does no good. I have emailed support 3-4 times about issues that effect the usability and functionality of your product. These problems were non-existent before the update. The response I have gotten from support basically tells me that they dont see it as a problem. In the end, I will be phasing out my business on this program and going to use a different program. Invoice2go was a great app. That all changed with every update where it gradually got worse and worse. Literally every update makes this app more of a headache for me to use. It was so easy to use before the “updates”. Why complicate simplicity?? Edit 9-3: I have been a user of I2go for a few years now and they keep jacking the price up. It’s now gotten to the point where they know I need the service and keep charging us more and more money. It’s time to cut the cord with these guys and use somebody else.
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4 years ago, Amyroselt
Need assistant! Money has been taken
I have had invoice to go for years. Last year the payment option was switched to on without my knowledge and taking card payments. I had no idea and when I discovered this a company was taking my money without my consent. I never got my money back...I should have deleted the app then but with all my info saved I stayed. This week...the payment option was turned on again without my knowledge and clients were paying Apple Pay...and I DONT HAVE APPLEPAY! I don’t even know how this is possible but hundreds is now not in my bank and somewhere else. You can’t even call anyone for customer service and then you email and they say it’s not there problem. I emailed...I’m waiting but now I am very very upset and other people should know about this, and they should also know this is beyond UNEXCEPTABLE! I own 2 businesses and this is not how you run one. If you want to have this star taken down you can call me directly like a normal company and fix this issue for me!
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2 years ago, elynch2k3
Talk about bad
I have never wrote a response before. Never felt the need, but this is different. I love the app however after using it for 2 months and submitting needed on boarding documents; they disabled my account. But wait there is more….I spent the following 2 weeks via chat to get someone to resend the “Notice of Account” email that they say was send at deactivation which I never received. I sent copies of my email list after searching to show I NEVER received the notice. Each “we are escalating your ticket” response garners very little follow up. I’m being nice because i chatted every day for 2 weeks and with the comment I received only one person to actually follow up. I’m sure it’s an easy fix, however trying to get answers is almost impossible. Follow up is very important to my business and I am sure yours, so I suggest going somewhere else. Sorry. Important Update: 9/6/22 Do not and I repeat, Do not fall for the Developers Comment. He wrote contact “support.” THAT IS WHAT I’VE DONE! Almost EVERYDAY FOR 2 WEEKS. And still no answer with almost every ending chat with support is “we will escalate the ticket and someone will get back to you.” If I could post a meme of a cricket I would. Now I am concerned about who I sent my ID, SS#, bank statement and picture to. So if you did not understand me the first time, listen to me again. Don’t use this app…RUN!!!
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2 years ago, purekarma
Very Unprofessional, & Greedy
I have used this app for my business since the beginning. It has always been great. All of a sudden they got greedy and implemented their own form of payment system and have discontinued using Stripe. Normally I would have no problem with this as they are like any other business, in the business to make money. However their new payment system will not let me connect my bank account for deposits via Plaid even though my bank is supported. Now my clients cant pay their invoices I email to them, and I would have to contact them of physically be there to run their cards via a another company like Square, or GoPayment. This make this app completely useless to me and I am shocked that Invoice2Go could care less about this. I have contacted them multiple times with the generic email run around response. I cannot shut down my business because of their shortcomings or lack of custom support/care. This is a complete failure on their part and IMO is absolutely irresponsible and unprofessional. I switched my business over to Quickbooks and canceled my subscription. Also I still have not gotten a response to my last “open ticket” email with them, which tells me that Invoice2Go does not care at all. Stay away from this app and company.
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5 years ago, Jaber -M
Use to be good
I am one of the original customer off invoice 2 go, I paid for the app and bought it after a few years the company decided to charge for the service yearly instead of selling the app, so they decided to not update the app for the original owners to make them pay for the service wile we but it! At the same time there was enough bug to slow down the service and having so many issues to make everybody gave up on their purchase. So I went ahead and use their service since then but still I am dealing with missing estimates that I’m working on for an hours or missing invoice that I just created half an hour ag so I went ahead and use their service since then but still I am dealing with missing estimates that I’m working on for an hours or missing invoice that I just created less then half an hour and it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m just tired of it and I’m not a complaint guy or a negative person probably this is the second review on living in the past 15 years that it is negative! Good luck
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8 months ago, jherrera17**
Do not get invoice2go!
I have been a customer with them for the past 6 years. They recently closed my account because i did not want to share personal information with them. Now they are refusing to reopen my account so that i can get all my clients information and important stuff i had saved. They have never requested any of my personal information for the past 6 years so why would they now? NOTE:This is personal information that i would only provide to the US Government if requested! Not just any random app. Not to mention that i just renewed my subscription for $399 for 1 year a couple months ago and they are refusing to give me a refund for the remaining time i have left. Please save you a headache and stress and try a different app! I also dislike their customer service! They dont have anyone that you can actually speak with over the phone, just email and sms with a stupid Bot! It is very disappointing!
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6 years ago, The Hondaman
Lots of money for so many issues
We’ve been using Invoice2Go for many years. And with the more recent updates it’s become more and more annoying. I have had invoices I’ve started or even completed with totals either fully or partially disappear, which is wonderful when the boss is asking why I haven’t done the billing when in fact I did! If my cell signal is slightly weak, and try to create an invoice it can’t seem to number the next bill sequentially. Leaving me to look up the last bill and enter a invoice number manually. And if I create the following invoice even with good internet connection, the app creates the new following invoice with the same number as the one I had to manually enter!! And with more recent updates, no matter how many times I turn off the optional payment methods ( credit cards or PayPal ) they get magically turned back on!!! I have customers then saying they would like to pay with credit, and I tell them we don’t accept it. They show me that their bill says we do! Jesus you can’t even know how much heart ache this software is causing me! Do yourself a huge favor and look elsewhere for invoicing software.
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9 months ago, Achilles The Invincible
Great to horrible to good and now bad
Been with Invoice2go for several years, it used be great then they updated and it was horrible. As time went they put out bug fixes and it turned out to be good. Now they updated again, search function is junk, think they took a huge step back. Sometimes I search for an item, using the exact words, and it doesn’t pull up, junk. Search function is still garbage, the only way to make it work is to type in the word in the search bar but DO NOT hit the search button. Also, constant with the login issues, sometimes just can’t login and there’s a message saying contact us, go to their website and OH, we’re having difficulties again. Shouldn’t be a hassle to send an invoice or estimate especially when customer is waiting on one and you have to tell them. Sorry, my program is down AGAIN 🤦‍♂️
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4 years ago, brindicci
Nickel and Dime you ....DONT Buy !!!!
I’ve never written a review in my life believe it or not but I felt compelled.....I have had it with this application. I have been using for several years and anytime I reach a threshold it wants to charge me more . I’m at a 100 customers and pay $30 a month . The only reason I stay at $30 is because I’m changing customers names or deleting on a regular basis so I’m having to write up on an excel my customers info so as to save and I send myself a copy of estimate or invoice . I just noticed you also have a limit not only on customers but on the amount of invoices and estimates you can create . It’s simply ridiculous. I downloaded Keap ! Far more intuitive and I’ve transferred my info into Keap which allows for 500 customers and far more robust . If you’re going to pay for an invoice app don’t use this one . I gave it 2 starts Because it does the job and simple to use but the fees and up charges are downright robbery, also doesn’t even let you access if you don’t upgrade once you reach any limit so you’re forced to purchase just to get the data you already have entered. Highway Robbery !!!!!
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3 months ago, Xx Supermad xX
Bad Client Servise
I hate giving bad reviews, so I don’t feel good about sharing this type of information. I started using Invoice2go a few years ago. They were very good and ran payments through Stripe. They have since severed that relationship and brought on in-house solution. I rarely need Clint service. However, when I do it is very important. I pay for the highest subscription level, which includes phone support. When I call in the phone direct me to email. It takes days to get a form pre-typed response. In the specific scenario I am speaking of I needed to issue a refund. Customer experience is based on the ability of a small business to solve problems fast. I attempted to refund the client several times with no success. Invoice2go response was to make me jump through at least 10 different hoops to get them to review the issue. In the end I just refunded the customer in cash and ate the card fee. I cannot recommend them they are not the same company. I signed up with years ago and are also expensive compared to their peers and slow. It also takes 4+ days to transfer funds to my business checking account.
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6 years ago, LA Casinero
Great app and keeps getting better
I work in film production and this app has become an essential part of my business. From keeping track of clients and payments to customizing billable items and discounts. With the recent addition of separating parts and labor, it’ll be a great tool for helping clients understand that these are two SEPARATE things. With that being said, even more customization would be very helpful as not all business models are the same and clients would be more comfortable seeing terms they are familiar with. Also, as a freelancer, the ability to attach pdf forms would be incredibly helpful as I nearly always am required to provide employment documents (W9s, etc) with each new client. Having the ability to bundle that with my invoice would help to streamline the whole process and make getting paid happen that much quicker.
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2 years ago, BreakRuke5
Tough Luck Approach to Customer Service and Devolving Usability Outweigh Remarkable Potential
I once really loved this app as it makes the process easy for the client. I was even comfortable paying high membership rates on top of the percentage fee and I was happy to stick around and things changes without warning and got progressively more glitchy. I am a seasonal business and a big part of the draw for the app was that it will charge monthly at a higher rate, which I'm happy to pay if I don't have to pay year-round for something I only use for a couple months. After my busy season when I went to the free membership the option to look at my reports from the navigation menu disappeared. After I spent quite a while looking for where the reports may have gone, I went to the customer service for a chat. No effort was made to address my concern besides saying I had to upgrade whenever I wanted to see the reports for $40. It's an insult to withhold reports from months in which they made a good amount of money from me. I've double-checked, and the membership plans descriptions do not mention anything about reports, so it's also deceitful and maybe even illegal. I will pay the $40 to get my reports for taxes and I’ll never use it again. It's quite sad to have lose a platform that I loved and had great potential, and frustrating because it took a lot of effort and time to base my income activities around this company which in turn, seems to not care what I think.
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5 years ago, bbbgufdgbv
Bogus App charges a ridiculous surplus to get paid.
Used once-terrible scam of a company. One, it’s not free. They automatically sign you up for a “free 14 day trial.” I don’t submit invoices more than 30 times a year-so having to o pay $2.99 a month is stupid...I didn’t realize this until I sent out my first pdf invoice with the app. At the bottom left of the invoice there is a hyperlink for the client to pay- I figured this link would go nowhere since I didn’t set up any kind of direct deposit as I had just installed the app. I figured the client would just send a paper check out like usual...not the case. They clicked the link immediately after I submitted the invoice-and guess where the payment went? A sketchy credit bureau called stripe. (The kind of place terrible temp jobs send your paycheck and you get enormous fees for simply wanting YOUR MONEY) The Client clicked the link, made the payment, (through no fault of they’re own) and now I’m stuck with a near 10% surcharge to get money I earned, not stole like these scumbags. Do yourself a favor, just create invoices the old fashioned way and submit a normal pdf. Screw this company, seriously.
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2 years ago, teaylor photo
Small business owners beware.
I have been paying for an unlimited subscription for 7 years. It’s very expensive. I really enjoyed this app for a long time. In the past couple of years the app will turn on the payment button after an update and my clients will pay the invoice through Invoice2Go by mistake. However if you haven’t set up any way to access the money, Invoice2Go gives NO advice on how to deal with this. There is no phone number. I am at the mercy of their email team to figure out how to receive my funds. WE SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS FROM CLIENTS IF WE HAVE NO WAY TO ACCESS THE MONEY THEY HAVE SENT. I should not have to sign up for something AFTER the fact to receive my money. I have no way of knowing if stripe, PayPal, or Invoice2Go banking, took my money. I have searched every FAQ page for this problem and I see nothing, yet in the reviews I see plenty of people having the same problem. This feels like a huge money trap. As a one woman business owner who has been loyal to this company, I am very disappointed. I do not deserve to have my hard earned money held for ransom.
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7 years ago, Spent 4 ever on the last review so I hope this name isn't in use! Lol
Probably good again?? FINALLY
Trying to be fair here. This app WAS amazing! They totally and completely ruined the app with perhaps the poorest update in the history of software. I stuck with them for close to a month hoping they would make it useable again. The whole time my business suffered from my perfect invoicing app being totally reformatted, and EVERY feature I needed to make things so smooth were removed. Then came the server issues that made it 100% useless. I stopped using the app out of necessity, opting for a different invoicing app (while still having a full year subscription). I now only have the app for this years accounting purposes. Since then they have worked hard to fix what they messed up. It now appears to be a very good app again. I’ve given them a few stars back on their ratings, but I’ll never use them again. They’ve already burned that bridge. I would bet that new folks will love what they’ve done, and that it would be a great invoicing app option.
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3 years ago, alex s 92
The software isn’t very user friendly. If you create and estimate be sure to click save every time you enter a line item because if you back out to do something else or get interrupted this software will not auto save for you, you will have to restart the entire estimate and re-enter all the information tediously. Expect to have issues on different printers you use to print out your estimates or invoices I had problems with the print not being legible I contacted customer service and they basically told me I’m on my own and there was nothing they could do. Expect to pay very high prices for this obsolete software as well. They force you into upgrading your subscription by limiting your client entry meaning you can only enter in a certain amount of clients basically they only give for example 50 clients and 400 estimates which makes absolutely no sense. I do not recommend this invoice maker what so ever. You guys are terrible business people and I genuinely hope you do not succeed I’m highly dissatisfied with your software, your customer service, and your ethics of business.
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3 years ago, Aichlmayr
Great app, have a few suggestions
Love this app and have been using it between multiple businesses for a few years now. It would be great to see an option for a deleted invoices so you can track invoice numbers even when theyre deleted. That way theres no question where an invoice ended up. If possible, it would be nice to see the cost of an item posted to the invoice as well. Theres an option to add this but I havent seen a option to translate this to the pdf. We use this option when we rent gear to folks. Also, if there was a calendar option to track what items you have are out at which times that would be great. I understand this turns your app to cover a broader band on clients but its a great option instead of having to use a different calendar to track items that are on the invoicing software.
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2 years ago, 32984789325u02058
If your business depends on this software don’t buy please
Save yourself. Besides numerous glitches blamed on iOS updates which don’t allow you to send via email quotes or invoices, today we had a submissions for large projects that I wasn’t not able to complete because Invoice2go had a log-in issue at their severs. Unfortunately the software logged you out and than you can even log in to edit any of your work. I tried emailing them but I got a response that someone will reach out to me in a day. I found numbers online to call but they are no longer working. I finally got on the chat which had 1200 users in front of me. Today we will likely loose the opportunity to bid on large jobs because Invoice2go doesn’t have a back up for cases like this and leave you completely out of their software. Worst case I can’t even log in to look for contact info for our clients. Save yourself the headache and frustration and try something else. I’m stuck because moving all our data to another software is a hassle. Save yourself!
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6 years ago, Karebear321
Update ruined everything
I used to love this app-it made my life so easy and quick. I could create and email an invoice within 2 minutes and it was such a breeze. The simplicity was why I chose this app. Now, it is so complicated for many reasons. For example, it has automatically changed my design, and now has both my logo and company name both appearing-so that it looks funny with my logo blocking part of my company name-so I go ahead and remove the company name in settings, and it shows me that the company name has been removed. Therefore, I go ahead and send an iNvoice to a client and notice after it’s sent when I hit preview that it didn’t indeed remove the company name, and no matter how many times I try to remove it in settings, it doesn’t disappear from my invoices. This app no longer works like it used to. On top of that, it’s showing me random invoices that have either already been paid or have been deleted-and they are still Showing up in my unpaid section like doubles. Why did you have to ruin such a good thing? I will most likely take my business elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Nurse Gio
This company is a SCAM. DO NOT USE THEM. Square or PayPal is the way to go. I used PayPal for years and decided to try something new.. at first their site appears to be easy to use and their invoices have several different option’s which I thought were fun and different. However once you take payment from a client it all changes. They HOLD YOUR MONEY. There is nowhere to see where your money is. Then they email you not a call.. an email to request you upload SEVERAL DOCUMENTS in order for your money to be released! They allow you to take payments.. but then say they won’t release your money until you upload utility bills, A SELFIE! drivers lic, bank statements, irs info etc etc..they say it’s the law that you upload these items….sending in a selfie is not the law!!! IT IS A SCAM!! I made the mistake of taking 3 payments .. 12 days has gone by and NO ONE can tell me where the money is. I uploaded a selfie and everything they asked for which is ridiculous and still haven’t seen my money. I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT IS 100% a scam.
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7 years ago, Southerninspector
Run Away From This App as fast as you can before this happens to you
New version lost several previous years of Invoices and changed information on most Invoices for this year including amounts owed, Invoices not sent to clients when in fact they had, zeroing out balances on Invoices still owed, ect. ect. I may lose alot of money because of this Upgrade that I had no choice but to install because the app would not let me into me account because it was "no longer compatible". Beware and protect yourself by using another app! Response from developer: "Hi Southerninspector. We're really sorry about your experience, certainly not the experience we strive to deliver. One of our support specialists will reach out to you to help. Thanks for your patience." Reach out to help?! When?! I still have not heard from anyone and this horrible app is still changing or not holding corrections I'm making to Invoices that it previously changed information on. This is making it almost impossible to run my business. Its frightening to think of how much money I may be loosing as a result of this HORRIBLE APP both in Invoice errors and employee hours to try to sort all this out only for this app to continue to fail!!!!
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1 year ago, too-true
Your money? Lol, not anymore
As if paying taxes on your hard earned income wasn’t enough, using this app you will be giving even more of your money away. You will pay a monthly fee of either 9.99, which only allows you to send only 5 invoices of which you will also be paying credit card and transfer fees if you don’t open a debit account with Invoice2go, or you pay 35$/mo to avoid the fees and get a lot of unnecessary features. I’ve been trying to link my PayPal account since day 1 but the verification process always freezes when I attempt to verify my account. Being that one of my clients has 3 different gov’t properties that require individual invoices for each location, one day of work takes up the majority of my invoices and I’m losing a percentage of each just to have the payments make it to my pocket and no means of billing anymore customers without shelling out more subscription fees just to pay more transfer fees. For greed alone, I’m placing this company in the same respect level I placed Bud Light
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2 years ago, Qwvwvwvq
Getting worse day by day.
Wow this app is getting worse and worse with the less features. Used to be able to take a credit card on spot for a COD company, no longer able to do that and must send out a invoice to get paid. No more instant websites either. They took that away from us, all while still paying a premium price for half the stuff and inconvenience to use. Used to be a small business user friendly app. No longer that way. Find another app. This company is all about the money with the premium monthly or yearly charge and not the clients. Their customer service is also horrible and give a run around when issue arises. I haven’t been able to a solid answers for questions I have. Just a return message stating something not even related to my question. And you don’t even have time to respond before they close the ticket. So you have to start the process all over again and wait days for them to reply back without them knowing you wrote to them before.
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4 years ago, jenzugz
A few kinks
So I got this app as I was in a pinch to do a quick invoice on the go and since the initial buy was only 2.99 I figured perfect and if I like it I can upgrade. However, it is not as simple and it does not update or keep your information if switching from percentage to flat rate in taxes as well as not allowing just a 0x without making strange adjustments. It does have some great features to add to the invoice, but it does not allow you to add more then a line for job information, nor does it allow an itemized section. It is not as easy as I initially wanted but all of the information on the particular job I started with was already input so it was just easier to keep for this job. Unless updates are made to make it save the information you ask it to, and not constantly have to reset and save. As well as you can only use your signature one time unless you upgrade to more then the 2.99 a month, you cannot add your signature with a new date unless you pay more and this has caused problems as the date does not change and if there is a way to change it without paying more as the bubble popes up saying you must upgrade to the higher level if you want to use a different signature, then it doesn’t make it easy to figure it out. I’m paying 2.99 a month for a difficult app, so as soon as this job is over, I will be discontinuing use.
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3 months ago, TOOSHORT25
I have had this app for awhile now and I gotta say I love most everything about it. It’s excellent and keeps all invoicing as simple as possible. I would recommend getting top plan though. It’s this reason I didn’t give it five stars I currently have the advanced plan the one under the top plan. If you don’t have the top plan and run a business like I do, every time you send any invoice of substantial amount they charge you a fee, and my client bc I have card fees turned on for my customers if they use a card. It could be me or them however you want it. But charging me also bc they said I don’t have top plan. Yeah it don’t make sense, so if you don’t have top plan and don’t pay for it they will just take fees from what your being paid anyway. So remember that. If you don’t top plan they will just fine you anyway.
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2 years ago, DylanShane24
Nightmare of an App
This app has been absolutely horrible. Starting up my business I linked all my accounts and began billing via card payments after being verified. Days passed with nothing being processed to my account. I had a client payment sit for a week after waiting days to be able to charge them upon applying to process card payments before still not receiving payment. The app just continued to say the payment was being processed and would show in 4-5 business days. Contacted support which did not have any way by phone, was told to respond to email where they had emailed asking for now a second form of verification for card payments even though I had already been allowed access to process cards. Upon then providing the info asked for, my account was then deleted and I lost all access to it. I contacted support and I was told they discontinued serving me for reasons not disclosed to me and basically said oh well now losing me thousands of dollars in invoice payments.
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1 year ago, Morgan Dolan
Good, but could be better
I bought the lite version. It has really been great since I started purchasing their service in 2016. Im not a huge company so I don’t have a ton of clients. Tonight, I purchased a new subscription because I saw mine ended in 6 days. My new subscription starts NOW though instead of in 6 days, which is really poor customer care IMO. I also tried to add a new client and I was maxed out. I deleted old clients that I haven’t used in 5 years, but that didn’t help. I believe the “lite” version allows 15 clients. You should absolutely be allowed to remove old clients especially after buying a new subscription. The app is forcing me to upgrade to over $100/year now to add one more client. It’s just ridiculous. Clients should reset in a year. Old clients should be able to be deleted after a year is up. Fix this and I’ll stay. It’s a great service otherwise
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6 years ago, Jekjr57
Great App
I have my books in this APP back to 2012. It was an incredible app. Then was totally wrecked in the middle of the Summer of 2017 by an update. This was devastating to a Lawn Service. After that mess they have worked tirelessly to make it work right again and to their credit they have it functioning flawlessly again. However. Going on 2 years later they still have not fixed it where you can tell how much you paid a vendor you buy from. Personally I feel it is a shame and a disgrace that this feature can not be added back into this system. As many years worth of material as I have in the app I cannot afford to drop it but really feel slighted by this feature being taken out and not put back in.
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4 years ago, GlobalTech Inc.
I signed up and made an account because I need to be able to send invoices to customers. I made my account, and when you log on, it asks for a subscription of $9.99 per month. You aren’t able to view anything on the app or even close the pop up until you subscribe. I subscribed and put in my credit card information, verified my email address, finished up everything with the account creation, yet the subscription message STILL does not go away. I’ve closed out if the app completely and tried to reopen it, but the subscription pop up comes up and still does not allow me to do ANYTHING on the app other than “Subscribe”. When I push subscribe, it tells me I’ve already subscribed. When I hit “ok” then a message comes up saying “An error has occurred” and I get stuck on the subscription pop up. I deleted the app and reinstalled it in hopes it would fix the issue, but I still am unable to use the app at all. Please make this subscription pop up able to be closed by the user.
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2 years ago, Flavioatlanta
Don't get this app , used to be awesome before now is the worse
I have been using this app since 2012 , this app used to be very easy to work with , but every since all this new versions came out , nothing but problems, simple tasks that could be done before now takes forever to create an estimate, before i had my disclaimer(terms & condition) attached to all my estimates , every since this updates i can no longer send them because now the amount of characters is limited to 4000 , i have asked several times for this one issue to be fixed but apparently they don't care of what business people r complain to them about Today i am very disappointed dissatisfied long term client of this app I would give 0 if i could , for this very expensive app now with lots of limitations, that didn't exist before when i first started using 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Beware anyone , look somewhere else I am looking for another app in this similar style to replace this one 😡😡😡🤢🤢🤢
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2 months ago, Jack Rob0219
I set up an account with invoice2go from a recommendation. I paid the 400$ for the year subscription, switched all my customers from the old invoice program to the invoice2go. I used it for a week, sent all the necessary information and got paid around 450$ from my clients. Today my account was apparently cancelled. I have to now resend my invoices to all my customers for the past week and a half. I tried contacting support and to my surprise they were vague and unhelpful. (I couldn’t call them because they wouldn’t let me back into my account even though I pay for the premium subscription) They won’t even disclose the information to why i was Banned from their service. So at the end of the day, I have to spend countless hours putting all my clients information in, find a new invoice program and track down all the money i’m owed from my customers. DO NOT USE THIS APP, THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER AND MAKE YOU LOSE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ! Loved the app till I didn’t
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4 months ago, DBS heating and cooling 1800Dbs 2025
No customer service for money to go
I lost my money to go debit card. They canceled it then I asked them if I can get a new one. They told me to call another number which led right back to the same people. I’ve been emailing them back-and-forth. I still haven’t got a new card I’ve been with Invoice2go from the beginning and I feel like their financial product just is not ready for prime time. It takes too many days for the payment to make it to your account, the transactions are not clear and they have no custom support. They have a AI chat but that’s Garbage. I emailed them they couldn’t find my account I sent all of my paperwork. I still haven’t gotten an answer back. I love Invoice2go but I feel that they’re trying to force their credit card processing partner on us and they are not up to the Job Stripe delivers your money. Instantly these guys have you waiting and waiting and waiting. Please do something as I love Invoice2go but money to go has got to go.
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2 years ago, sammiraem
Haven't gotten paid in several days after working hard
I haven't been paid in almost 2 weeks when the payment is supposed to be instant. I sent an invoice to my client and worked a very hard job for days, and wasn't able to pay my workers or put gas in my tank and haven't been able to drive my car. I worked very hard and the payment processed on my client's end in her bank and my bank account is verified on the app, and in addition, I talked to my bank and they said they not only didn't receive any payment, but they also would instantly add the payment deposit to my card balance and it DOES NOT take days to process. I need to get paid because this was a very big job and I haven't got any help or anyone to process my payment. I would've had my client PayPal me or just Venmo me if I knew this was going to happen. If anyone knows how I can get the money faster, let me know because it affected my life greatly and am suffering because of it.
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4 months ago, thetuppins
Used to be a decent app, now JUST A SCAM
This used to be a cheap tool for processing basic invoices for small business. Over the past few years it’s become mired in excessive and well-hidden fees, rendered completely useless by bugs, fills your inbox and push notifications with junk mail, and to top it all off THE SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLATION BUTTON DOES NOT EXIST. Yes, I followed their “guide” that necessitates you try to cancel via three different methods to figure out which one you originally signed up with. I eventually had to send a screenshot of the broken account management page to their chat service, after dealing with their inept AI chat tool for far too long to get to a real person. They then confirmed they saw the same thing on their end. It’s absurd to have a yearly billing service with no cancellation option and very purposeful method of wasting your time if you do try to cancel through their “help” lines. These are very poor business practices, please don’t support this company.
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4 years ago, farmflutefan
Mark invoice paid
I don’t know what’s happened, but I can no longer mark an invoice paid on my iPhone. I have to go to my iPad to do so. I can select the invoice I want to mark paid, but the button to mark paid doesn’t display. It also cuts off the top of the information on the first invoice displayed in the list. Secondly, on my iPad when I get ready to email the invoice, I don’t get the option to verify that it’s sending from my Gmail account. If it goes from the iCloud account, the email never arrives at the destination. So, I have to switch to my iPhone to send the invoice. Otherwise, I’ve been satisfied with how Invoice2go works for me. It’s fairly quick and easy. My needs are simple, and this works nicely for me. If you would fix those three (make it so it reliably sends from an iCloud account is a third) things above, I could change my review to more stars.
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7 years ago, Miridius
Well done app.
I really like it, except you cannot make custom terms. You can only set payment terms by date. I typically use 50% down and the remaining balance after delivery. I have to list this in the comments and I set my payment terms for the end of the month. Also, you can record expenses, but I would like to be able to apply expenses to a specific invoice to show not only the cost of what is being sold, but other details such as food or fuel used on delivery and any other items needed for emergency repairs for small projects that are just listed as one item on the invoice. The client will see that one item, but I will see all expenses consumed for that one item. I do custom furniture so a lot goes into one item listed on the order and prices change a lot on material and supplies.
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3 years ago, jh53087
I’ve paid for the service twice and it keeps telling me that my free trial is over
I paid for a month the first time and it told me that my free trial was up and all of my invoices and client info was lost. I then bought a year of service because I really did like the app. After 30 days the notice for my free trial period ending came up and it won’t recognize that I have paid for a year and will only let me look at subscriptions. What a rip, I was at a job trying to do an estimate when this happened and had no way to generate or submit my estimate. The money for this subscription has been taken out of my bank account and everything and still cannot use the app.
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3 years ago, MCMB1976
Great app for making invoicing easier
I am a carpenter and don’t love the paperwork side of being in business for myself so anything to make that easier is appreciated. I have used this app for two years and never had any regrets about the app. I do warn you about not using the credit card payment feature, which is processed through Stripe. I had a large payment get accepted by Stripe, that Stripe then refused to pay out on. It took two months and threats of legal action by both myself and my client who made the payment before Stripe would refund my client their money. I refuse to ever do business with Stripe again, but I continue to use the app because it’s worth it.
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6 years ago, Acecakes617
Not worth it
This developer is notorious for not standing by its product after trusting customers have wasted countless hours and energy relying on it for organization of business finances. Case in point: Receipts2Go. Not only can I no longer use the app to upload new record keeping information, but I also can’t even access the information I uploaded over years and years because the developer decided to no longer keep the app current with every iOS upgrade. So before investing and relying on this app, be prepared to have all of your records disappear and get a lame, insensitive excuse from the developer in response. ****Update Post Developer Response***** I contacted the Developer per the response below, to no avail. To anyone who is reading this, don’t let the Developer’s response fool you. The Receipts2Go app was discontinued WITHOUT WARNING, so there’s no way to have my records and receipts transferred to Invoice2go. What a waste. A prime example of unfair business trade practices.
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4 years ago, atlblacksmith
Good when it works, expensive, can’t view past invoices unless account is renewed!
Half of last year I couldn’t email estimates and invoices to clients. Neither from phone or laptop. I actually had to print estimates out and snail mail them. Unacceptable from an app! When I started using Invoice2go in 2012 I believe, it was $15 for the app. Now it’s $10 a month to start up again. They consider an estimate to a new person as a client. Essentially, if you give 20 estimates and get no bids approved, they think you have 20 clients and have to pay extra to keep the service. Being the new year now and tax season rolling into view, I can’t look at my paid invoices from last year until I pay out. I can understand not being able to add new invoices or estimates. But I already paid for last years and you’ve taken that away.
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5 years ago, sebastian.medina1
Used to be good
The best thing about this app was that it helped me streamline the process of creating and sending invoices to my tenants. However, that is no longer the case... For some reason the app no longer connects directly to my email app and I find myself tweaking every email and adjusting text justification, looking up the tenants email, typing the email subject (before it was autogenerated using the invoice number), etc etc... Not the kind of task I want to be doing when I am paying for an a service app that is supposed to simplify things by auto filling the tenants' information from each "client" profile I already spent time setting up... It's really frustrating, please fix it!
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5 months ago, alventurapets
Looking for something else
I’ve been using this for over a year now and up until recently had no complaint. I am constantly on the road traveling for work and getting new clients along the way so I need a way I could send off a quick invoice while on my trip and not have it take too long. They closed my account in December. Said I needed to fill out forms and never got them in. She said they called everyone the last few days just to make sure. I got one email, which I missed and no phone calls. Ever since I started everything back up it’s been one problem after another. I’ve had to change my passwords at least 5 times in the last week because it keeps telling me my password is wrong. Today it happens twice in the span of 2 hours. I will be looking for an alternative aoluntion
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4 years ago, TBM419
Rip Off
There was nothing that mentioned this was a subscription when I purchased. Or that it was a 1 year subscription purchase. It was $99 so I tried it. I just got a notification that my subscription is expiring and this came as a shock. They want $34 a month for this glitchy app. They take a lot of money for processing the transaction and they take money to transfer the funds. What a rip off. I am not paying $400 a year plus the steep fees they charge. My transactions are mostly over $1k and they always charge 3% plus transfer fee. For a $2900 invoice payment, I received $2813. Most invoices are over $5k and to take 3% off these would be robbery. So I turn off the credit card option. Then they bombarded you with emails that you need to link your bank again just to trick you into turning on the credit card payment. With over $200,000 transactions in a year, they took a lot of money and they still want a subscription fee?!!! congratulations that you guys made an app but there’s no way I’m letting you take any more of my hard earned cash for nothing. There are so many features this app is missing. Also estimates and invoices vanish for no reason. It very glitchy so it’s really not worth $400 a year plus 3% off all your transactions. I’m using a different app or just go back to my old invoicing system on excel.
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