IP Camera Viewer - IPCams

4 (813)
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Current version
Nogosoft LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for IP Camera Viewer - IPCams

4.04 out of 5
813 Ratings
8 months ago, cwatzon
Great app with lots of room for improvement
As far as the current feature set goes, the app works mostly flawlessly. The stream quality is better than I’ve been able to get through HomeAssistant, HomeBridge, or any other IP cam software I’ve used. There are some missing features that I feel are pretty important for an NVR program to have though. First is motion zones. I have a camera pointed at my front deck and the street, and even with only person detection turned on I get way too many events. It’s hard to filter through them and they eat up a crazy amount of space. Second is HomeKit integration. It would be nice if the hub could act as a HomeKit hub, so the cameras are viewable to other members of my household that don’t have the app downloaded. Honestly that’s pretty much it. If I ever see those features introduced this app would be an easy 5 star recommendation.
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2 years ago, DesignEQ
This app has tremendous potential. I bought it to display my Wyze and Amcrest cameras together (RTSP & ONVIF). In general, it works. I bought the lifetime product. But there is an inexcusable issue with this product in that the developer provides absolutely NO support. With a complex program such as this, which handles various types of cameras and protocols, it is unpardonable to provide zero support. This guy is selling this app on the side, while he has another full-time job. That means you are on your own. I am not going to rely on an unsupported product to handle my home security. Who would do that? It’s one thing if this app worked perfectly without problems, but I run into many issues with connections that can’t be resolved without help and yet this guy is only concerned with collecting your money through the Apple store. He needs to either fish or cut bait. Selling a complex product like this without support is almost theft and you don’t find out there is no support until you need it. He doesn’t have the courage to tell you in the app description that he won’t support his own product. A potentially great product rendered almost useless because the developer wants to have his cake and eat it too. Deplorable!
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3 years ago, Rubernck21
Great app, complex setup due to weird settings
Got this app and I’m relatively good at setting stuff up. This threw me for a loop. Tried many different versions of the settings and was able to see the website for my camera. I had to go thru GitHub to be able to contact the developer, but he responded very quickly. Have a couple of suggestions for a fix and it worked great. I don’t think this was any fault of the app, just weird settings, but he said he will address the issue in further updates. Overall, a great app that I can sync across my Apple devices. A++
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2 years ago, Hank77758
Been happily using for 6 weeks
I have six Hikvision cameras, ranging from eight years old to one year old. I have no problems with hikvision’s app, but corporate policy precludes me installing anything from that company.” On my corporate device. This app lets me view multiple cameras, including audio. I can’t adjust the ptz on my ptz cam, nor can I review footage. This is unfortunate but I never expected the ipcams app to cover that functionality anyway. As a viewing app it’s been reliable and problem free, and worth the cost for the full version.
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2 weeks ago, Duke Hollister
No motion triggered recording for $29?!!!
I paid for the annual subscription specifically to enable event based auto recording. Because that’s what a security camera IS. But no dice, if you want that basic functionality (that was included in the Chinese spyware app for free btw) you must upgrade to the next level. Same with remote access! Even with a $30 price per year, you can’t see your cam from anywhere but the network it’s inside of. I mean, it’s an I.P. Cam. The ‘I’ stands for ‘internet’! Alfred gives you this for free! So… not happy with the cost to benefit ratio. Otherwise, cool app. Especially for multicam setups. Dashboards etc.
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3 years ago, Me22222b
Works great, but why so expensive to purchase?
I love this app. It has never crashed on me, i can zoom in on the video. Easy to use. It allows me to setup cameras for free. I would like to purchase the app to see one more camera, but i have to pay a monthly fee or $35! This seems quite steep for an app that has no server interaction or cloud storage. I would quite happily pay $10 and own it for one more camera. I think they are losing money overall because of this.
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4 years ago, liutang
Gets the job done
A lot of the reviews are wrong stating there is no RTSP. I in fact have 4 RTSP streams going. With that said, sometimes the streams fail to load on my iPhone X. Not sure if it’s due to my WiFi setup or the app. I have a separate IP cam app on my MBP and the streams load fine there. This app works in a pinch and it’s perfect for what it is. Nothing less, nothing more.
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3 years ago, scbauer
Great Addition to my Unifi Protect System
I’ve got a security camera system from Ubiquiti, with a dozen cameras, and the Unifi Protect app is great, but it does not allow users to create nice tiled, multi-camera views (their web UI does, but that doesn’t work on mobile). The system does, however, support RTSP streams, so this app is perfect. I simply added 4 cameras using their RTSP stream, created a dashboard and entered full-screen mode. BAM! Multi-camera view. Great job, does exactly what I wanted (but couldn’t do with my Unifi app).
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3 years ago, AlbertTyroneJohnson
Simple and efficient.
Tried a lot of rstp apps. Most were pretty bad. This one works for a variety of rstp cameras (Unifi, Samsung, Hikvision). The dashboard is clean and simple. The 3D Touch shortcuts are great. Was surprised by how good this app is. Only suggestion to developer is to make the number of cameras on the dashboard customizable. I usually only need 3. Also have more than one dashboard would be nice. Also, would totally pay a couple bucks for this. Great job.
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1 year ago, Komseh
Great experience with one flaw
This app fills a need and a lot of thought has gone into it. It’s a mostly polished experience from my point of view. The only issue I’m having is that I’ve paid for a pro subscription but my apple TVs are still restricted to two cameras. I’m not sure if this is intended, but the apple tv UI indicates a pro license should lift that restriction. Update: restarting the app got it working.
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1 year ago, Jen Jen l 22
Normally good
I’ve had this app for years and I’ve loved it. I’ve had problems off and on but for the most part I like it. I’ve not been able to view my cameras in over a week now because the app crashes every time I try to get on it. Despite the updates they have done recently. Not even going to try and contact them because you will never get a response. In the process of finding a new app because I can not go weeks without being able to view my cameras.
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12 months ago, ChandavidH
Great app, one suggestion
Been using this the past few weeks to monitor RSTP streams. Good experience so far, better features compared to other similar apps. Only one thing preventing a five-star rating: an auto-reload function for streams/dashboards. Streams will sometimes freeze and stay that way until manually reloading the dashboard. Would be a perfect app otherwise.
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2 years ago, HyperFlexx
Too much data collecting
Sorry, but this is for a private use. I will not be tracked across the Internet nor will I have my data collected and given to third-party companies who are out of my nation. I don’t know who these people sick they are, but this should be illegal on every level. It’s one thing to collect data for your company analytics, is a whole Nother to collect data and just hand it over at the request of “authority”.Sorry, but I’m not buying it nor will I continue to 3 day trial. I will also advise anyone I know who may use this app to not use it due to the data collection
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1 year ago, bmwfreq64
Great cameras!!!
I’ve had and gone through many different cameras and systems. But..I’d have to say that this is the best camera out of all of the cameras and systems I’ve tried. The camera connects quickly, and they’re always available when needed. That’s why I’m giving this camera and system a FIVE STAR rating. Keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, Esemwy
Setup on iPad, watch on Apple TV
I use the app primarily on Apple TV, but setting up on the iPad is much quicker. Everything was straightforward once I found the camera information for my Reolink cameras. It’s a great way to monitor the outdoors when you’re trying to preempt your dog from barking at expected visitors (at least until he learns to watch the TV).
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3 years ago, Saltcity001
Not bad.... but.....
It seems buggy. It has frozen on me a couple times when I tap around too fast. Streams sometimes show other camera especially when changing from portrait to landscape. It feels like it is way too easy to tap a camera to open the full view when I might’ve just touched the screen on accident. Now it does do what I want and it does work. And when it works as intended it is great and it is fast. Would just like to see the app more stable. Would definitely upgrade if it gets to that point because it loads the eufy and Wyze cams quick. Reolink is meh but that isn’t really the app, that’s kinda normal. I’m sure other cameras would load quick too. TL;DR Am I happy? Mostly. Is it unusable? No. Is it well polished? No. Is it fast to load? Yes. Would I upgrade? Yes: if stabilized.
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3 years ago, Eliana2010
This is now my go to surveillance cam on iOS. It is getting better with every update. I love that it uses a modern user interface unlike basically all other cam apps. It is also way faster loading the initial frames of the video streams than any other app. I currently have 9 Hikvision cameras working with this.
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2 months ago, JBob381
It works
I just got the free version, but it brings up the cameras, and I was able to put in two web cameras, it doesn’t give the controls that our camera will normally have, but I guess for a free viewer at least it works. It does ask you to pay from time to time.
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3 years ago, BrianWithAHat
Responsive developer
My webcam didn’t work via ONVIF with PTZ at first. I reached out to the developer who helped me collect logs and pushed a new version out that fixed my issue. This is also one of the few IOS webcam apps that doesn’t collect personal info or track you. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, EK2514
Worked with Phylink Cameras
I have two Phylink cameras, but their app is no longer supported. With this app, I could use the HLS setting to stream from the camera. The RTSP setting worked on my old iPhone, but not my iPhone 12, which is why I went to HLS. For Phylink cameras, the URL to use is under the Stream Settings and the URL ends with .m3u8 for HLS.
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6 years ago, GregM.
Simple and Elegant!
I have a few IP cameras around that I’m using with a Raspberry Pi to for motion detection. This app gives quick and easy access to all my cameras. I particularly like the Dashboard view which is a quick overview all at once. This app does just what it says and just what it needs to do! Thanks for creating such a simple and useful tool :)
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1 year ago, eZoOYKRhhOgA
Better stability now
After recent updates, it appears to be more stable now, even with a camera that has shown its own stability issues in the past. FYI, I solved the camera’s own stability issues by hard wiring it to the Ethernet port of a wifi extender.
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8 months ago, BoxedNinja
Great app. Did everything I needed for free and easily deleted my data when no longer needed.
Worked great on my iPhone and Apple TV. Honestly, just too robust for my needs. Would definitely use and pay the premium if I actively monitored a larger system.
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3 years ago, BenMcMahon
Works Great for MJPEG
Added 3 Hikvision MJPEG streams. Works great, really appreciate the reload button for when the stream fails to load (happens a lot with Hikvision cams for some reason). Dashboard is excellent. Would knock off a 1/2 star for the app reloading the stream when changing to and from full screen, but I still like it so I decided to round up 😬👍
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1 year ago, Mavericklhs
IPCams Pro
I have been using IPCams pro on my iMac for a very long time with great success. However, the pro version on my iPhone doesn’t allow the pan tilt zoom feature. This is in spite of the fact that it is supposedly included as with my computer. I have gone through every single setting and can find no way to activate it. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, UnTrucPasUtilise
Casually loses configs
The iCloud sync implementation is terrible. Many times I open the app and it’s empty, it requires a few restarts to work again. Also recently had to switch iCloud accounts, a few days later it just decided to delete everything, I assume that’s when it synced with iCloud. Just not the right way. Otherwise works fairly ok.
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2 months ago, N/A Bank
IP POE camera_easy setup
I was looking for a free app to validate that my IP camera can connect, operate, and do its tasks. This app nailed it, found my camera over my network in seconds. I did not co figure anything. Don’t know tech, want a turn key app. You can find it right here.
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6 months ago, bigpappageorgio
Tried for a week and loved it. Paid $30 for the pro version. 2 weeks in, today I opened the app on my Apple TV. All 12 cameras are gone. It’s giving me an error connecting to my iCloud. Why the F does that have anything to do with my cameras? Who knows. Says part of the iCloud request failed. Restarted Apple TV twice. Still nothing. Tried adding cameras back manually, half won’t connect. Should have saved my money and passed on this trash app.
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2 years ago, GrumpOman
This is one of the best ip camera viewing apps I have used, and I tried a lot of them. The only problem for me is I wish when the app is opened the cameras would show the active view, in stead you must touch each camera to get the active view.
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7 months ago, PanPingLi
Major bug
Why the new ipcams desktop shortcut keeps failing. After setting it up, it will reset to its initial state in a few hours, and you can't view the camera through shortcuts
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3 days ago, Mnichols70
PTZ Controls
Overall excellent product but would really like to Pan and Zoom and have preset camera positions.
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5 months ago, buckeyes1026
Purchase was not applied to my account
I purchased the app after trying it and shows i was charged but the app never updated and still asking for payment of the features i want to use. There is no support contact other than faq which doesn’t help when you have issues. Rating one star until the company can provide actual user support and not scam people out of money.
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4 months ago, Trapper2000
Subscription Cost = Ouch!
This is a great app that is being wildly overvalued by its developer. To unlock more than two cameras, they require a $30/year payment and the highest subscription level is $60. Do a search for alternative IP cam software for Apple TV and you’ll quickly find half a dozen other apps, doing exactly the same thing, for less than a $10 one-time fee. Sorry they priced themselves out of the market!
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2 years ago, Sylvester4
Easy setup
Just set up 5 cameras in less time than the OEM App took. Looks to me like the update made a day ago was useful. This App is faster and displays better resolution than the old App it replaces that (vanished) from A Store.
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6 years ago, TrueGeek
Works well
I needed a simple app to view an MJPEG stream and this does it. Easy to setup and it launches quickly to check on the feed. The only thing I wish it had was a full screen button.
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10 months ago, f u royale
Crappy app
Intermittently disconnecting. It’s not what I can use for security. Need reliability which this app does not have. I’m going back to two delegate apps for my two separate cameras
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9 months ago, MR64
.1 release not fixing the iCloud bug
I still have 1 of my cameras not streaming and a iCloud error message saying that part of the sync failed. Whereas in my iPad which I have carefully kept on the 2 versions ago software, everything works…
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4 years ago, Aleczdr
Amazing camera viewer
This is an amazing app. It is very easy to use. There are no ads, and the best part is its free! The developer even takes and implements feature requests!
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1 year ago, Bou dro
Great set up and the easy process for the system self learning .
Very modern system and easy access .
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4 years ago, JAThames1
I cannot get my cameras to pull up. I have tried everything. They are sercomm iCamera2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.
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11 months ago, Hogbackhoe
Issues no support got charge twice
Good be really nice. But no support at all. Ran into a few issues can’t resolve try to delete the ap then reloaded it directed me to pay for pro. I did it thinking that’s what it needed to reinstall the app correctly and then got charged twice and originally I supposed to get the lifetime. No support no help.
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7 months ago, A_B_17
Awesome IP camera viewing app.
Works fantastic. Loads my 4 cams quick. Interface is good. Developer updates frequently.
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5 years ago, Nelu Borcean
Simple to use
Perfect for viewing camera streams, I am using it with my Lorex system. It’s quite bare-bones but that is almost a feature in of itself. Works with RTSP now.
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8 months ago, yappersan
Trial version
I have a trial version and it supports Amcrest cameras flawlessly but won’t work with Iegeek cameras which is listed as one of the supported brands. Will be deleting this once the trial ends if unable to connect. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PROVIDE CONTACT INFO FOR SUPPORT? I canceled the trial version but still got charged a monthly subscription!
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2 years ago, Dhjdhj
Works but the worst UI I have ever encountered
Downloaded the trial to check it out….added a couple of cameras….seemed to work great so I bought the family plan. Tried to delete the test cameras and the dialog hung the entire program. Had to restart and try several times before it worked… Editing is terribly clumsy. It found all my cameras but wouldn’t let me add them all at the same time. Various other annoyances….it does the job but really painful to get it configured.
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2 years ago, nomadamon
Very Impressed!
App was very intuitive and easy to setup. Can see all my home cameras laying in my bed at night on my iPad. Awesome.
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2 years ago, Naughty Garfield
Please improve Wyze without RTSP
This app is good, but also expensive. However while other app support Wyze fully, this app require to upload custom firmware which opens back door issues and hacking. Why can’t use support Wyze natively and force cameras to use RTSP.
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3 weeks ago, Jake678
Descent App
Fairly functional and intuitive. Needs ability to swap screens between cameras.
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2 years ago, Asdfxfdsa87
It’s broke
I used to be able to program my phone and my Apple TVs would pick it up. Not anymore. Already paid up too..
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1 year ago, TuTone Tim
They removed my camera
I guess the free version allowed too many cameras. One of mine was simply deleted and of course I can’t add it back because that’s now too many. So it works, but the developers are getting greedy. Watch your features.
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