IPFS Connect

4.1 (494)
28.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Imperial PFS
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for IPFS Connect

4.09 out of 5
494 Ratings
6 years ago, IPFS user
Business Owner
The app works great and now with touch security. However I have more than one account with IPFS (separate business) currently I have to have two logins which means I can’t use the finger login ! Also I get reminder emails for payment that doesn’t reference which account ! The programmers should get busy and write up dates for the aforementioned circumstances !
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3 years ago, MGM MOTORS LLC
Terrible app
This app is poorly designed and poorly managed. There is no auto pay option, and they never send the push notifications designed to remind you when to log in and pay. I get notice of intent to cancel each month because the ignorance behind the design of this app. Pretty sure they are just trying their hardest to hijack late fees from everyone of their customers. Logging in is also a real pain, sometimes this app is set on repeat and never allows you to get in, you simply just have to come back another day and try or call in and wait n hold while paying extra fees for them to collect over the phone. The developers and maintainers of this app have forgotten about it, just like they have about the customers they service. I suggest finding another company to use immediately before frustration mounts.
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3 years ago, BigDaddy Branscum
App did not recognize me
I tried paying the account in a timely manner on my 6 th payment. It would not let me do anything I spent an hour redoing everything to get it to accept my payment after I have already seen a letter of intent to cancel . Which is such a harsh few days of being late because of their technology. Then it charges me late fees during the worst time of our human lives . They are just blood suckers . If it happens again I will find someone else to help me out that really appreciates the American people for using their companies . The world has now changed and people like them are going to be left behind . They deserve it though . It will never be as it was . Hope they change if not they will be a broke and past lender .
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5 years ago, Raquelr52
Hate it!
Wish this company had never taken over the previous one I had. I don’t like they’re payment options. I am very disappointed that I have to pay a convenience fee for making my payment online regardless if it’s by credit card or check. When I called to complain I got nowhere and the agent didn’t even know for sure if setting up autopay will be the way to avoid any fees, the only thing she knew for sure is to mail it in by snail mail and you have to make sure it doesn’t get lost or get their late or your paying penalties! I will be speaking to my agent and see about looking for a different carrier. What’s the point of having the app if I have to pay fees to make a payment? Ridiculous!
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4 weeks ago, EVon K
Don’t bother!! Stopped working!!
Aug 23, 2023 Update: rebooted phone (iPhone 8s IOS version 16.6) and waited 4 minutes of spinning out!! Pages loaded slowly. Got the payment done Upgraded review to 2 ⭐️ Zero stars if I could!! Not cool as a fortune is charged per payment when not using this app??? The only way to pay and it just spins out- Spins out! Extremely frustrating!!’ Starts spinning without password added and have to hit cancel and then manually add password. Just spins out won’t work and only reasonable way to pay. Ridiculous. Chat with support on ipfs website link = 404 error???
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4 years ago, Tobes57
2 accounts
I have the same comment which was written 1 year ago and I note the app has not been updated. I have 2 accounts for 2 separate businesses and 2 logins. When can we see an update that will ease my payment process?
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4 years ago, tddybearr
Love it but
Love the app but won’t let me delete a bank account that we haven’t had in years and it always defaults to that account. So I have to really pay attention when paying the bill and the support team isn’t helping. I’ve tried serval times to get help and they aren’t. And when the finally suggested something, that didn’t work, now it’s radio silence from them
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3 years ago, Thomas Linder
Enjoy the simplicity
I enjoy the simplicity of this app. It gets right to the point, allows for payments, view of previous payments and an overview of your financing and future payments. That’s all I need. Thank you for the app
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4 years ago, Mor Talla Samb
I love the app so much because you can see all your account details, but the only problems is the extra fees you want to charge for online payments. And why you don’t add an option for monthly automatic payments? I think you should add it and that will be much better. So I’m for that to give you 100% 5 gold stars ⭐️
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4 years ago, Big-DC
Business as usual
I really like the convenience of this app to be able to view my account, see balances and pay premiums with the click of a button. Great app.
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3 years ago, AntiTheist22
Disgusting Employess and Company
You would think with all that is going on right now, especially with transportation companies, they would offer some kind of help. NOPE!!! They’re too self absorbed to care about anyone else. They belong in the gutter with all the companies they are destroying right now. They definitely don’t have ANYONE working there with a conscience. They tell themselves it’s just a job while they destroy the livelihood of their clients. Absolutely horrific!
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1 year ago, Davidrr02
So easy to navigate this application. Makes it easy once you’re registered. I wish all the apps were this easy.
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3 months ago, Rdyup
Autopay Would Be Nice
It would be nice for there to be an auto payment section to upload a card and have it pay on time every month. But I guess you like sending out delinquent notices via emails and paper mail. It’s unfortunate we live in an electronic world & I have to make individual payments for something so important. Crazy.
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5 years ago, CrazySuzi
Saved me!
Out of state , no laptop, no cell service. Payment pending. Loaded the new app found WiFi’s and paid my bill in seconds ! Saved! 5 stars and more!
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3 years ago, Shop a holic 65
Works great!!!
Fixed my prior issue by going on the desktop version and resetting password there.
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5 years ago, jabbran
App problem
Hi I just switched my phone to apple latest version. I downloaded the app but it’s not opening up. I was wondering if someone can help with that. Thank you
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10 months ago, ARod20224
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t
I’ve used the app to check on account status but lately it unreliable, I was able to log in. My client’s accounts would show. I call for support but didn’t they weren’t much help.
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6 years ago, Pageantmom22
Love this app!
I love this app! It makes paying my bill easy and stress free! No more writing checks or buying stamps! At the tap of a button my bill is paid.
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4 years ago, FooManPOO
Needs scheduled payments
I am a very busy business owner and rely heavily on scheduling payments to automatically happen so I dont forget or am late. Would be a 5 star rating if scheduled payments was implemented.
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1 month ago, Claudia7023
I love it but lately website has been slow
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3 years ago, NatiRiaz
IPFS is the best!
The customer service representatives are helpful and friendly. I really enjoy doing business with this company. I am a very satisfied customer.
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5 years ago, vijibug
Very nice app
This makes paying so easy. So convenient how it keeps track of everything and gives me an overview of statements. Perfect app.
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5 months ago, AIualc
The IPFS app is not working
It takes forever to load, I text forever to login, and when I login, it’s just a blank page. What’s going on with this app. How am I supposed to pay for my insurance? If this app is not working. I deleted it I have my Wi-Fi. I don’t know what else to do. It’s very inconvenient.
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4 years ago, Soupbone21948990
Don Nelson
Wish it had a feature to chose a FUTURE date for payment. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy and fast.
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10 months ago, estreetassembly
Works well
Had the app for 5ish years, works just as it should.
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5 years ago, Logger#1
Business owner
I would like to be able to have an alert feature for when payments are due like in 2 days instead of 20
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10 months ago, Yousuf Mahmood
Worst app ever!
Tried to pay my bills, the app doesn’t even work! Same thing in the website too. It doesn’t load or says “script error”. And you charging $29 for technology fee! Where is that money going if your app doesn’t even work smh
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3 years ago, TexasTreeMan
This app makes paying so quick and easy.
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6 years ago, Timbtobnetworking
Product review
Great service, easy to access, easy to use
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1 month ago, Duval finest 904
App super slooooooooow
It gets the job done but the all looks and feels like some 12 year olds computer science project. Loads forever features and minimal. I know you guys can do better maybe a find a techy high schooler. It’s like windows 98 all over again.
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4 years ago, Phit4life
Quick and easy
I love this app it has me ontime all the time
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2 years ago, kazbekness
Enough with the fee!!!!!
Even finance charges not enough, they are still charging $5 transaction fee. Why do we have to pay $60 a year in fees when they already make money from us. Very sad!!!
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4 years ago, charly roofing.
My payment it’s today November 27/19. They send me an Tex said late payment.
I do not recommend this company to anyone they just had to pay them today, they already put me that I have a late payment, I have to change for another company very bad experience.
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5 years ago, Rivrok
Excellent App !!!
One of the best I’ve encountered. Haven’t come across any deficiencies requiring correction ! Good job
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4 years ago, behddh
Terrible service
I can’t submit payments over the app as it says “Please wait” for hours. They are also very difficult to speak with over the phone as their automated number does not work. I am very dissatisfied with their service.
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5 years ago, business1636
Needs auto pay feature
Would be a lot more helpful with auto pay feature.
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8 months ago, Jcp Garcia
Super slow
I always have problems to get into the app to make payments it’s ridiculous.
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2 days ago, Waiting_all_day
Takes forever to load and logon.
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3 years ago, SniffysBadger
Hard to use. Doesn’t work well
At least once a year I cannot get this app to work. It is very difficult to use
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1 year ago, Azpappppiii
Easy to use
Easy to use app I love it
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5 years ago, Rod loves dogs
Bob Hoogendam with IPFS set me up. I love how my customers can make mobile payments! Rod
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6 years ago, Arrgghhhhhh fraking nickname
This used to work, now after I log in it says I have no active policy and no agent, except I very much do and it’s the same one that showed up here the last time I logged in.
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6 months ago, JRee13
Doesn’t even work
App has never once worked for me. Logs me in but never loads your dashboard to make a payment. What’s the point?
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4 years ago, Alcibiades 8-03-2015
Very good- easy to use.
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3 years ago, M ****
Terrible Customer Service
Obviously this company doesn’t need your business. Rude employees that are very unhelpful. I hope I never have to deal with this company again !
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3 months ago, bigg_tone
App is trash
Takes for ever to load.. can’t make any payments here or online.. it’s ridiculous
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3 years ago, facial recognituon
Facial recognition failing
Just received a call to make payment. Always have paid through app. Facial recognition not working.
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3 years ago, Redwolf1174
App is unusable.
Went to use the app and I can’t sign in with Face ID or password. It just keeps cycling through that page. I really need this app.
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6 years ago, Usgt
Deserves a zero
Tried several days to pay thru app, failed every time till it worked the day after cutoff. It's a scam🤔
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3 years ago, finddominic
Hate it and the company. Rude support, and online is a pain and doesn’t work on mobile device. iPhone 11
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