IPVanish: Fast & Secure VPN

4.5 (94K)
63.7 MB
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Current version
IPVanish, Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for IPVanish: Fast & Secure VPN

4.55 out of 5
94K Ratings
6 years ago, pedroandujal
I’m impressed with the service it provides
All I’m going to say is that IPVanish does what it supposed to do and very good at it. The same people who provides the internet connection are good at keeping the connection clean and alive but hackers are the worst enemies of us the internet customers. IPVanish is there to help. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their privacy intact. The App is easy to install and set up. The account is transferred from phone, tablet and desktop with such ease access and setup it was really comforting to do. Don’t know much about the business and the background of the app but from the website was berry simple to access, setup and activate. My trial is finishing sometime in the future and it looks like I’m keeping it for the next year. To anyone who may be apprehensive just get a few months of service for a try out, if you’re not satisfied cancel or let it expire and forget about it. You probably end up keeping it if you’re busy with work and money through your devices. Hope this help someone someday.
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8 months ago, jungleraver13
Seems not to work as well as it used to
Of late, I sometimes cannot do anything financially over the VPN. That is one of those times, I feel, are when you really should be using one. One of the other issues I’ve noticed it that if I need to enter a verification number, even if the point I picked is in the same state. It will only work if I shut off the VPN completely. I’ve been using this service on my iPad Pro and both my iPhone 13 Pro and now my iPhone 14 Pro. The issue is the same across the board. On my androids and Windows devices, so far have not noticed these issues. Today, I could not get on any website at all. Persisted even after reboot. Had to leave my phone off for like an hour, shut off. Seems to be working again. When I had attempted to get into the settings, was showing updating configuration, but was stuck. Only when I closed and reopened did it kind of work as it should, but no internet. When I’d clicked on setting or locations, would get stuck again with the same message. What’s going on, having now service on a phone that is not even 30 days old yet and a phone that is a couple years old? I hope it is a bug that can be fixed. Mixed feeling because, as Ive said, has worked until very recently.
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4 years ago, Wells Fargo Cusomer
IPVanish Slowed down my data
I hardly used this app. When I did, it did work., but the longer I had it on my phone the less it worked. For instance, when I first downloaded it I would get my normal WiFi speeds (109 mbps download and 127 mbps upload). Then slowly and slowly it went down to between 7-9 mbps ddownlaod and around 5-7 upload speed. So I use it much less. Then I updated my phone OS to iOS 13.1.2 an as I did that, my cellular data basically stopped. I couldn’t even stream ANY music and when FB did open, no pictures would load. FB is boring w/o pictures. Most other apps wouldn’t even open because they said I didn’t have an internet connection. Then when I’m home I couldn’t even connect to my WiFi. The WiFi symbol wouldn’t even appear on my phone. I spend at least 6 hours on the phone with AT&T and in person at their store. I backup my phone and do a factory reset to no avail! Since, it’s not my service provider I call Apple. About 45 minutes later Apple asks me if I have VPN software. I say I have IPVanish but haven’t used it for at least one month. They ask me to delete it. I ask, “Why? I haven’t even used the app since I updated my iOS.” I delete it, reluctantly. Then like magic my data starts working. I can even connect to WiFi. Great! I paid for a year of IPVanish and I can’t use it. Sh*t, I can’t even have it on my phone. This app is garbage. I wouldn’t recommend it at all!
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6 years ago, Ageratos
Unparalleled performance
I have tried VPN services in the past and found them all very lacking and a complete disappointment. So I was slack jaw stunned when I first experienced IPVanish’s gift to the world. After over 20 years in the IT field, never before have I experienced this level of quality, safety, and speed all with a staggering level of simplicity. I’ll be a happily paid subscription probably for as long as the level of privacy and security offered remains uncompromised and improvements continue regularly. Also, I encourage everyone to be relentless, yet gentle, and browbeat everyone you care about until they concede and give the free trial a chance to convert them as well. In today’s world, using a service like this is basic common sense. While the comfort of having fewer worries about identify theft and invasions of your privacy make this service truly a blessing.
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6 years ago, scottwool
I’ve only used ipvanish as my vpn service!
NOW MIGHT JUST BE ME BUT...... I had to buy a year since that’s the only package they sell though there’s a quartly and monthly price but you can only buy a year at once! As far as it goes I make it work for me can someone tell me if different vpn service maintain the vpn running or will it shut off after so long and why? I just feel like I wanna be protected at all times so what causes them to shut down basically once a day mine will just stop running and not restart itself when it’s set to connect to best possible it won’t reconnect to the next new best available? I mean why doesn’t it auto connect to a server that’s working??? Think they have a reason to make you buy a year at a time and it not remaining effective all the time? No free trial no week or month trial I did get 25% so 4.50 a month for a year! Now wanna know what vpn is there that will stay on all the time Idk want to have to go check and make sure I’m protect couple times a day so I’m unprotected! That is their purpose correct or am I mistaken? I am new!
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6 years ago, StillyT
Happy until account was disabled for no reason!
Product seems decent and the interface is easy to use. Apparently there is an issue with the account set up though if you sign up through the app. I signed up and created an account through the app, paid my $75 for the year and it worked great for about a week. Now, the app has stopped connecting and when I log in to my account on the computer it says I need to update billing information however it doesn't allow me to change my billing info since I paid through iTunes. I've been emailing customer service back and forth but the lack of understanding of the issue and the time between emails is very frustrating. Update: After 4 days of emailing tech support back and forth and posting this review; they got my account reactivated! Bumped the rating up to 4 stars because the product itself is pretty great and it is easy to use. Only issue I have is the time it took to reactivate my account.
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6 years ago, chris1285967263
Might be worth it if it was reliable UPDATED
I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled IPVanish on both my iPhone and Mac desktop at least a dozen times in less than a year. It only connects on WiFi half the time and that’s when I need it most. It no longer will let me sign in on my iPhone with my thumb print for some reason. In fact the option isn’t even available anymore. I have done all of the updates as soon as they come out. Unfortunately I paid for the year upfront. It is extremely frustrating. Update: Now I have been going back and forth with a half dozen different support personnel and got absolutely no where. They each often ask for the same or similar info as the last or suggest things that I have stated that I have already tried. What a waste of money. Also, my credit card info was hacked while on WiFi last week just after my IPvanish stopped working. Good thing I paid for a year up front. No one has acknowledged my request for a refund since they have not been able to help me. If you can’t fix it, be honest and admit that rather than wasting my time and money.
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1 year ago, weirdakris1
Excellent Service / Excellent VPN
I will say that this is the first VPN that is not outsourced. You can speak with support 24/7. This is rare, that’s why I wanted to bring this into my review. Right off the bat I was impressed with the customer service. I can’t say that I have had a VPN where the customer service truly gets involved, not outsourced, and cares. Bravo Support Team 👏👏👏. The VPN itself is extremely easy to use, and connects quickly to either your choice of server and type, or “fastest server” VPN connection that IP Vanish chooses for you. I have only had it for a day, and it seems like this is the VPN I am looking for thus far. Again, I’m highly impressed with the customer service. Well Done. I’ll have more feedback on the program itself once I have used it for a few weeks. Thank you IPVANISH support. 👏👏👏
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5 years ago, Sidewyndr
Best VPN
This is the only VPN that works flawlessly with my particular situation. I tried two others. One bragged multiple USA servers but some web sites opened in Spanish. It was impossible to select the server as the VPN apparently did so. Some sites were very slow to open and some not at all. The second one I tried would not work with my setup. I have Directv Now and was unable to access local programming. Worse, the tech support completely ignored my explanation and kept telling me to try different servers which had nothing to do connecting with local programing. I even had to purchase another wireless router as my original router was now damaged. IPVanish has been working perfectly. They have many servers in the USA and in the world. Connection is easy and speeds have been extremely good so far. I highly recommend this VPN.
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5 years ago, Londobondo
I used the free trial and was convinced.
I have probably tried all of the free VPN’s available, and I discovered very quickly why they were free. The free versions are a joke. The real goal is to solicit you to buy the full version as I’m sure most of you have experienced. If I have to pay for something then I always check the reviews and look for deals. IPVANISH had a deal going on and the reviews were good. I used the free trial, and I was convinced that it really worked so I bought my subscription. It was easily installed. You don’t have to be a software engineer to set it up. It does everything for you. I can see a big difference in the performance of my firestick because of IPVANISH. It was so worth it. If you’re a skeptic like me then try it for free first and then decide. Good luck!
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2 years ago, Ponn-K
It works…I hope…BUT!
I have been a customer for years ( I bought a multi year subscription). With every update iteration, this VPN provider seems to destroy the quality of its product. This latest version (July / early August of 2022) is a prime example. What a shame. The current version eliminates (effectively) auto login using Wireguard by eliminating on demand with VPN and instead requiring the use of a “whitelist”. Stupid just stupid. If that is not the case, then they have certainly made it seem that way and just added to the problem of comfortably and efficiently using their product. What was the point if this seemingly useless IPhone update? This company is it’s own worst enemy. After texting with tech support, they suggested that I delete and reinstall the App. Done. I have not tested it completely but the issue I described seems to be fixed. This was an easy and common fix. They should mention it if you are installing on top of an old version.
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5 years ago, georgiegirl*
Doesn’t Work as Stated in App
UPDATE: Horrible app. Constantly disconnects. On Demand is a joke. Worst app I’ve ever tried much less PAID fir. SCAM!!!!! The VPN disconnects constantly throughout the day. Even if VPN is shown as active while on another app, when I go to your app, it is disconnected and showing my true location. I try to reconnect and it does not work. I have to restart my phone to reconnect SEVERAL times a day! It disconnects when I have been at home on the same WiFi. Yes, I have tried your On Demand feature but it does not work either. Several apps will not function and state, ... your device is using a VPN. You must turn off the VPN in order to access this application. That doesn’t sound very “private” to me. Too many bad reviews with all the same problems I am experiencing. I’m not going to go through your stock answer of contacting your help center and receiving no solution to an app that does not function as stated. I tried your app for one month and will be canceling before my month is over. I am so glad I did not sign up for a year!
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4 years ago, Mauri0909
False advertising
Something clearly is wrong here. I purchased this app a couple of days ago through the App Store. With the understanding that one had 7 business days to cancel for a full refund. Well after 2 days, I was not impressed with the product and decided to cancel. When I opened my payment history, I noticed the app was not on a 7 day trial and the charges had already gone through. I contacted the help desk of the developer and was assured I was never billed since I did not stay for the 7 days. I double checked and confirmed indeed I was billed for it. Was then directed to contact Apple directly for my refund. I contacted Apple through the support website. After carefully detailing my grievances, Apple says I am not eligible for a refund. And seem to say “Next”. But they do direct me to another site for more support which in turn directs me back to the original site I had complained on. Gave me the ‘run around’. Well, it’s a shame if big corporations are going to do this and you have no right of appeal or anything.
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2 months ago, Karla S.
Don’t waste your money!
I purchased this app for a trip out of the country. I was out of town for one week. The service seemed to work as promised. I didn’t need to use it again for a while. I then tried using it 10 months later, and it would no longer connect. I hoped it was a glitch. I again tried to use it on another trip out of the country & it still wouldn’t work. I spent over 3 days with someone in customer support and they continued to blame it on the hotel instead of fixing the issue. I requested a refund & cancellation of my subscription. They had no problem canceling my subscription but forget getting a refund for the year & a half that it didn’t work. You have 30 days to cancel & it’s only guaranteed for 30 days. No wonder…it only works for that long. Highly disappointed in the service and policy! I would highly discourage anyone from purchasing this VPN. Find one that will guarantee it works the ENTIRE time you have it!
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3 years ago, Larjmac
I can not connect to half the websites I need to use. Put in domain and still can not connect very frustrating when I have to start up another tablet or iPad that it will work on! Do not understand why it will allow one one yet not another! Update: Not sure as to why, but I have no issues with one IPad, but my other stops me from loading some sites. I have reload app on that IPad and same issue, yet my other one has not had one issue. As for working it does great on hiding my address on all my Kindles-4, my 2 laptops and one IPad. Works as it should and recommend IPVANISHVPN for hiding what you need it for. Works great. Found my issue, corrected it and now no issues. Do recommend
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1 year ago, Mipps71
Updated issue
After this last update it said i had to be allowed to be tracked . I rejected to condition and it would not connect. Bring tracked defeats the purpose of a vpn. If this is not the case than the last update needs updated to fix this because it is a condition to use this and i do not like that. It is not connected almost every time I go look at it . It has to reconnect. About once a week I have to renter all log in . Your tracking says it goes over seas to 3rd party tracking and collection would be on what some concider not appropriate. If it violates hippa or the constitution then you are failing and a private vpn but a shadow public vpn or like how communist view privacy and that violates the USA constitution and the reason for a vpn. This all will be exposed soon for that in the company’s that track and violate even our own government will be expunged of such constitutional violators and violations. I hold off on my rating at this time. Thanks
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2 years ago, D Dawn D
Still coded junk on Apple products
WARNING and BEWARE ALL I purchased a long while back n canceled after a good year of constantly getting logged out, having to always log in and not protecting as/what they advertise! So after months to hopefully allow them time to get there act together before giving them another try … they r even worse and it literally took less than 24 hours to lock down my phone and mac. Thank goodness I deleted it from my phone within a few hours, but not not so lucky with my Mac. After completely uninstalling IPVanish from my Mac, i was still unable to get onto the internet, even though i had internet; and unable to locate the the vile bug that locked me completely off my Mac unless i was on safe mode! Well you nasty VPN ipvanish, i found you and completely removed you and your crap from all my electronics!!! Stay away from them and there major subpar junk claiming to be a vpn!
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5 years ago, SandboxJunkie
Fantastic VPN
I’ve been a ipvanish customer for almost two years now. I use it on my phone, home pc, and 4 fire sticks. It always works, and it’s very easy to use. Back when I needed a good vpn I tested a bunch. I tried the free ones and any trials of the paid ones I could find. In the end ipVanish seemed at the time to be the best option. It’s worth it’s price per year for sure. You can run I believe up to five instances of ipVanish at the same time which is great for me and all the home devices I use it on. One of the best options out there for sure. It is without a doubt one of the fastest vpn services available. If you don’t mind paying for your vpn then you can do no better than ipVanish.
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1 year ago, Jiman01
Works well with one exception
I’ve been using this VPN for over a year now, renewed my subscription, and it works well on my home Wifi network, as well as, my mobile devices. Speed doesn’t seem to be affected much vs. no VPN. One suggestion to IPVanish would be some kind of pop-up or txt notification when VPN drops. Unless you’re the type to consistently look at your connection status, there are times when you get kicked from IPVanish and don’t know it. You can’t assume it’s transparently running in the background all the time without frequently checking your connection status. For example, after a recent update (I’m assuming it was an update), I had to restart and re-signin. Some kind of notification would have been nice.
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10 months ago, josea7
Cheap service but a lot of issues for continuous use
The service on my tv box stops working any time that I disconnect or connect the device. Sometimes it seems connected but no IP is displayed so really time in the counting is moving but there is no real service until I disconnect and connect again. Service freezes several times , so I have to sign out and re sign in. Really a bothering process since I am paying for a service that should be fast and continuos… After a response as of today 5/1/23 in which is said that my device is not updated, and that’s why is acting weird I gave to tell you that I have another 2023 device and it is happening the same , so your answer is not correct. So sorry maybe another tricky gadget that I don’t know. By now I consider your service poor same as your technical customer service. Thank you
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5 years ago, RE0128
Purchase Issues gave me a bad impression
I downloaded the app via the iTunes Store and purchased the 3 month package. I could not login with the login that I created so I thought maybe I had the wrong password. When I contacted VPN Vanish they said that the purchase did not reflect in their end. They said I had to cancel my purchase directly with iTunes and purchase directly from their site. The next day I contacted them again to see if they could reset my password and my purchase was still not showing up on their end. At this point it was over 28 hrs since my purchase. Again, they told me to cancel with iTunes and purchase through their sign in site. This raised suspicion and I cancelled with iTunes, got a refund and subscription cancelled. I’ve never heard of an app purchase not working because the purchase is not showing up on the vendor/app. Today’s technology is so advanced that purchases happen instantaneously and if not then maybe i don’t need your app!
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5 years ago, Beastly Da Beast
Updated to iOS12 and now the app won’t connect
I’ve been using IpVanish for 3 years, which has been a near flawless experience until now. I always hold out on updating my iOS for a couple of months until I’m certain the kinks for many of the apps have been ironed out. Turns out the moment I finally updated to iOS12 on my iPad Pro, IpVanish was one of the apps to stop working properly. When I hit the green button to connect, it doesn’t indicate that it is connecting like it’s suppose to. It’ll randomly decide to connect after pressing the button several times. Then, once it finally does connect, the VPN connection is unreliable and disconnects at random. It’s just odd really. Hopefully there is a fix because IpVanish is no longer the only elite VPN provider out there in the wild, and after staying dedicated for 3 years I have no problem taking my money elsewhere. Please fix.
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6 years ago, Leahy02116
Broken On Demand
*Edit: latest update seems to have restored the on demand functionality to its previous state—no longer need to open the app & manually reconnect. Going to see how it performs over the next couple of days. Not sure what you guys did to “fix” the on demand functionality, but it doesn’t work well at all now; I’m constantly having to manually open the app and reconnect since your latest updates whereas before the VPN would always connect as expected & without issue. What was wrong with the old setup of configuring which specific Wi-Fi networks you wanted to enable on demand functionality for? The new way of marking networks as “safe” is not user-friendly at all and—more importantly—it just doesn’t work. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it & KISS, c’mon guys.
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3 months ago, Hydrojimm
Good value. Geo. Server Diversity
Functions as described & advertised. App Ui is extremely simple to navigate and allows for easy customization of VPN settings. More server locations than one may truly ever need across a vast geographical landscape. Excellent speed. I have been using IP Vanish for 3 months and have not ever lost my connection. Explanation for 3 Stars: I rarely hand out 5 Star reviews. A product, service or company has to exceed my expectations, impress and “wow me” to receive 5 Stars. So 4 Stars is what I rate when my expectations are met and I am completely satisfied. That is where IP Vanish would certainly be, save for one issue. NO 3RD PARTY PRIVACY AUDIT. When IP Vanish undergoes a 3rd party privacy audit and releases the details of that audit, then and only then will I consider raising the rating to 4 Stars, pending the result of the audit.. IP vanish may in fact be one of the rare cases where I would provide a 5 Star rating, again, pending the result of the 3rd party privacy audit. What do say IP Vanish? Are you ready to undergo a 3rd party privacy audit? .. If not then please explain why that might be. NOTE: Ignoring and or avoiding my questions might mot be the best course of action here.
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5 years ago, Major Lakes
I'm not happy with IPVanishVPN
I am not enjoying the service at all! I paid for a year and I find it very difficult to connect it on mobile network and again It's takes up to 20 minutes before I can log on the app, Invalid password was the error message i usually got whenever i tried to log on to the app and asked to reset my password I entered the correct password so my question is why IPVanishVPN takes so long time to work on mobile network? And why it say's invalid password when i entered the right password on the app and it's take 20 minutes to log on to the app? I am not happy with this cuz i can't make use of the app when I want to use it
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1 year ago, CCTWB
Actual location still being tracked
This will not prevent certain meta data from being used by the network. For example, if your using a cell network it might put a protection around the data but your location is still available. Using the Weather Channel app, it populates the location where I am. Maybe the weather channel data is being masked? Supposedly this VPN is irks with cellular or desk top network access point connection. From home, if I use my desk top and connect to a server in Dallas, my location should show Dallas. I haven’t checked that out yet. But when I use cellular, for sure, my location is tracked. What am I missing? I’ve had the service for about 5 years now. I forgot I had it and began using it. Yes, I paid my monthly payment automatically. I just didn’t pay attention. Can someone from support reply??
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5 years ago, WhiteHouseSW
Excellent VPN! The best I’ve come across!
I have been using IPVanish for almost 2 years and, after a brief learning period, I’m very pleased with their service. Very stable with quite a large variety of sites/servers to connect with. I vary sites at irregular periods just to satisfy myself that I’m getting my money’s worth. The throughput is better than other comparable VPN apps I have tried. I have even tested it for leaks (there are several apps available for testing VPN security & performance) and haven’t discovered any so far. I am satisfied with IPVanish and I have tried more than a dozen others, from free to more expensive and am very pleased with my decision to use IPVanish. I believe you will be as well.
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6 years ago, Rb1255
iOS app unable to connect
Edit: after posting my original review below, I was contacted by support to help resolve my connection issues. Doug was very helpful and had me up and running in no time after determining the issue was related to another apps data management profile. I would highly recommend using IPVanishVPN. My connection is amazing and the speeds are beyond my expectations. My deepest thanks to Doug and team for all the support! I am now a very satisfied subscriber! Original: Unable to connect to any servers through the iOS app on iPhone. I would continue my subscription but the constant connection problems and lack of support are not worth the money.
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5 years ago, Silver Witch 69
We love the IP Vanish .... we have been with this company for several months & have been very happy with their service... they contacted us to let us know that a hacker was trying to break into my phone sending 7 viruses. We explained that I have a crazy stalker that was tapped into my phone last year by two of them now another one total 3.... they are still trying to break into my tele but they have had no luck due to my IP Vanish!!!! We will never ever be without this company!!! Best thing we ever did getting IP Vanish & I highly recommend them since a really good hacker actually two of them have been still attempting to break into my phone & social media
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2 years ago, NJacuguy
Worst VPN I’ve tried (out of 10+)
I’ve tried at least 10 VPNs over the years, and this is by far the worst. 1) blocked private trackers that NO other VPN has blocked 2) was overall slow and sometimes so slow that simple emails and pages would not load until I disconnected3) blocked by probably more sites/apps than any other VPN 4) really sketchy, when I emailed them to exercise my 30 day money back they sent an email back offering discounts on subscriptions and ended by saying “please provide your consent by replying to this email”, undoubtedly trying to trick you. I then specifically said that I want to cancel and get my money back and they then asked to confirm my real name and address, have never been asked that before especially for a VPN service which you use to protect your privacy. Horrible, detestable service.
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5 years ago, japanamayshun
I purchased this service a year ago through a PC web browser and installed the app using my account credentials. To keep this Short, THERE IS NO WAY TO DISABLE THE AUTO-RENEW Subscription in the iTunes app. *YOU WOULD HAVE TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION USING A WEB BROWSER* *A Refund is Only Given *IF you are a New Customer Before 7 Days after the Purchase. ***IF YOU DONT CANCEL THE ACCOUNT BEFORE THE SNEAKY “AUTO-RENEW” Hits, This Scam of a Company Will Charge your Credit Card —NO REFUND IS GIVEN even IF you Request to Cancel the Account Before the 7Days After the Auto-Renew hits. (This valuable info is not stated in their Terms of Service) So, it’s Really Confusing and Misleading. I am currently filling a charge dispute on my Credit Card to get this issue resolved...will also be changing my credit card account number for good measure (for I believe my CC has been compromised and IPVANISH Will still Continue to charge me a year from now)
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4 years ago, Mas9311
Ease of use
I have enjoyed IPVanish’s encrypted VPN for >3 years now. I recommend it to all of my friends. ISPs can’t track you, anon to malicious peers, so stream what you want without any repercussions. Big brother aside, naturally. Only problem is when the app drops a server connection. Every ~45 minutes, my data is halted (on IPVanish’s side, not carrier), and I have to “restart” my connection. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “Restart Connection” button available (especially when On Demand is enabled), so I have to do it manually: Disconnect, confirm disable On Demand, disconnect, wait for ip field to populate, connect, in-app settings ⚙️, and enable On Demand, apply and reconnect. Can we please get an option to restart connection? I can wait for it to update pinging, but it’s a little bit of a hassle. That would make my life so much easier! Please and thank you for hearing me out.
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5 years ago, OGMeditate
Absolutely the best bar none.!!!
This application VPN is absolutely the best man on it is the fastest out of all the VPNs Nord VPN has no contest compared to this VPN known as IP vanish is absolutely the best on the market and it’s been around the longest as far as I can remember It’s been around for a long time. I wouldn’t know what to do without IP vanish especially because I am in IPTV subscriber and due to the monopoly with the cable companies Comcast AT&T all the monopoly I will not pay $200 for a months worth of tv that I don’t watch. So with IP vanish I don’t have to worry about anything so if you’re out there and you have IPTV this is a must for you all the other VPNs are just too slow to function well with IPTV.
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6 years ago, Vita B
Great Product but Support slow response
IPVanish is a quality product. A bit pricey but well worth it. Got hacked bad and the only device not lost in my home of 8 devices that didn’t get hacked by mim was my kids iPad with IPVanish I loaded the day before. That’s worth everything. IPVanish took a few weeks to get back to me but when they did absolute resolve followed. All of my inquiries were at the website support ticket level. When I emailed the support team directly I got 12 hr response. So 4.5 stars for a solid product. Nothing’s perfect. Safety against hackers and evil tracking kids thru google is priceless.
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5 months ago, Big rock hard d
Verification?Inactive Account?
I’m tired of making a new account through support. Why do I have to do that makes no sense? It was still a active account and I updated my payment method and still couldn’t use the service!! So now I’m waiting ages for a verification link!! But they don’t have to wait for me paying for the service. Edit/Update: no your support is useless I was told it was a inactive account and was told to make a new one. Made a new one paid for service. Waited a day for a verification link didn’t receive one. Contacted support they manually verified it and I could login in but couldn’t use account management. This isn’t the first time I had to do this. Tired of doing it and talking to support to use the service. Will be using a new service. Thanks for stupid advice though but done talking to support.
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2 years ago, gnar_Mouse
A non-secure security app
I had this app four years ago- and it worked well, but I canceled because I didn’t need it. To cancel, you need to speak with someone on the team- which I did. Imagine my surprise when I checked my PayPal (which I rarely use) statement and see iP vanish charging me over the past two years. Seems like it would be a basic security measure to have reactivations or credit card subscriptions alert the user with an email link to verify identity. Nope, just let hackers use our dead accounts that we requested be terminated and offer “just the latest month refund back” because they only offer 30 days. Edit to respond to org: No one should have been able to restart my account without a verification link via email. Basic security used by every other developer.
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7 months ago, xHyDroNation
False Advertising
I am at a point where I’m astonished by how many “good reviews” this app has. I’m led to believe they are all fake as well. I got the app looking for a secure and reliable vpn. I was excited to see the “free trial” advertising they were using to lure customers like me in. However, after choosing a plan and clicking the big green “start free trial” button, I was surprised to see I was charged despite the “free” advertising. After immediately contacting their “billing support” services, I was responded with repetitive copy and pasted responses from a “live agent” telling me to contact apple support for a refund. They were telling me they don’t have access to my account even though in order to choose a trial, you need to create an account with an email. If you want to use a fraudulent service then this is your place.
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5 years ago, Kpearson63
Not Happy
From the start I had problems getting into my account. I contacted customer service with my issue and it was never resolved but rather just ignored. I blew it off thinking I wasted $80. Lesson learned. But, a year later an automatic renewal popped up. I contacted customer support once again to cancel my subscription. Was told I need to do so through my ITunes account. I contacted Apple/ITunes and was told my purchase does not meet criteria for refund! Hmmmmm if I don't want the product and I'm trying to cancel within the 7 day window why doesn't it meet criteria when I try to get a refund? So confusing. So now I'm out $160. I'm not happy. I have a reminder set for next year to be sure this does not get renewed. And further more, why didn't IPVanish just help me in the first place? Will not be renewing my subscription again you can be sure of that!
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6 months ago, wtftftftf
I signed up for the 7 day trial when I signed up there was nothing that said you have to cancel a day before to avoid being charged so I canceled on the 16th which would have been my 7th day they charged me 95$ on the 15th the day before the trial was over! I have lost everything on Nov 20,2022 in an apt fire I almost lost my life so these people taking my money like this is unacceptable and deceitful I need ever vent I have to feed and support my family and they took a lot of money had it been a few dollars I wouldn’t have been so upset but this is a lot of money and when I called and explained they said sorry nothing we will do here I hope no one uses this VPN there are much better and cheaper that won’t take your hard earned money!!! If I could give no stars I would!!!
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3 years ago, Ingrain green app to use
IP vanish is the best software security app I am a used on my devices the service that I got today from a chat person that help me with my account and changing my user name and password and reconnect with them they are helpful and it is safe and secure The software does really work it stops hackers doesn’t add tracks and saves anyone knowing where you’re at and what you’re doing on your browsing it vanishes it it changes your IP every time and deletes it from record so no one knows what you’re doing online best to IP vanish and the support group👍🙏🏻😇😀
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4 days ago, Joseph 713
Bad service don’t purchase
Avoid This VPN Service - Waste of Money and Time I signed up for this VPN service with high hopes, but I've been thoroughly disappointed. Firstly, their servers are painfully slow, making browsing and streaming an absolute nightmare. I experienced constant lag and buffering, even when trying to load simple web pages. Secondly, their customer support is virtually non-existent. I tried reaching out multiple times for assistance with connectivity issues, but all I got was automated responses that did nothing to solve my problems. It's clear they don't prioritize customer satisfaction. Additionally, their logging policy is questionable at best. Despite claiming to uphold strict privacy standards, I have serious doubts about their commitment to user anonymity. I wouldn't trust them with my personal data. To top it off, their pricing is exorbitant considering the poor quality of service. There are plenty of other VPN providers out there offering better speeds, customer support, and privacy protections for a fraction of the cost. Save yourself the headache and look elsewhere for a reliable VPN service. This one is simply not worth the money or the hassle.
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5 years ago, G-Ghost
I signed up and cancel my membership within the hour. After installing it on both my FireStick & iPhone, it never worked. I tried contacting technical support, but couldn’t get anyone to respond. It was like having a stalker sitting around waiting for something to happen. Just when I thought that was the worst part of things. I disconnect and contacted the billing support. They answer right away. I stated that I might want a refund. Without asking any questions or even confirming anything with me, she cancel my account and stated that a refund will be sent back to me. Once she said that, she then told me that she has other customers to connect to and disconnected from me. This may have been the worst customer service ever. I’m not going to try them again. I hope NordVPN has a better support team.
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3 years ago, BBGun Bob
Very good VPN
I getting tired of IPVanish disconnecting from my phone . I’ll be choosing a new VPN soon. I’m not going to pay for something that doesn’t work properly,,, would you ? Example you buy a new car that only starts once in awhile or you get it started and it quits running. Do you keep that car and hope for the best or dump it and buy a different car ? You’ll buy a different car because the one you had had serious issues and the company who built it wouldn’t correct those issues. Thank You IPVanish VPN
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3 years ago, LedbetterK
Great VPN
I have never had any problems with this VPN since purchasing it 8 months ago. Works on all my devices. I had PC MATIC for years so all I had to do was load different security software (For Free). So now I’m good to go on all 9 of my devices and that includes Firesticks. You can add it directly into your router if you know how or just add to each device. Also if you know how to access your router, you can make changes and speed it up. You ISP will keep you throttled down on speed but you can make simple changes to By-Pass it. IP VANISH may cost more, but I did some research before selecting them.
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3 years ago, Jnelson1980ecn
User Beware!
I went to the IPVanish website and was directed to the Apple App Store to download the app, and was under the impression it was free (there is no price listed next to the app in the AppStore). Now I see on my bank statement that I have been charged $10 a month for the past 3 months! I contacted Support through IPVanish and they informed me that they could not issue any refunds if I went through the App Store to download the app (which is the only way you CAN download an app on an iPhone!). I checked my apple store receipts to show proof that I may have unknowingly purchased a subscription and there is NOTHING listed for the past 3 months, and no active subscriptions! So Apple support is unable to help me and process a refund, and IPVanish is refusing to help with a refund as well. So frustrating! This is false advertising and VERY misleading!
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2 years ago, BB_Reviewer
Easy cross platform. Expensive
After the initial promotion, the renewal rates are exorbitant. Tough to set cancellation at the end of term - they keep auto renewing. The product is good and one of the easiest to use, though every streaming service detects this VPN and it will not work with Disney+ etc. Good collection of servers across many countries. July Update: The new interface is ridiculous! Both on PC and iOS. Makes absolutely no sense. What could be done on Home Screen previously is now spread across multiple screens and difficult to find-like being able to select a particular server to connect to. My previous comment on “easy to use” is no longer valid. Dinged it one more star for that in this updated review.
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3 years ago, lc.62lori
I just love you and your app.
I had Kaspersky paid for two years and was always going on their site to ask them to turn on VPN and I would have a answer right away telling me to get the paid one. I got them because I had them about three years ago to protect my computer and they did great. They are not the only company who are taking people’s money and not providing them with premium protection. Keep up the good work and I have passed on the good news to many other people and they are just as happy.
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4 years ago, NotHappnin
Conflicts in Instructions & No outdoor use
I purchased this so that I could have a more secured connection when I am sitting or working outside. Previously, I highly suspected neighbor was pilfering my internet connection & found evidence. It’s 360 degrees secure now; I can’t use it outdoors at all which defeats the purpose of having it. No matter how many times I connect to different servers, my own service is off for my own use. Also, the menu listing beckoning sign ups for unwanted networks is conflicting: Clarity is needed as my own network is listed and when removed, only 1 entry seems to be available. Also, I’m finding it difficult to find / re-find the “perks.” Mind you, I paid for this service... I am not finding any advantage in having this service.
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5 years ago, m46750
I’ve been an IP Vanish customer for about two months now. There was only once or twice in that time that I had some trouble connecting. Usually it’s very smooth and reliable. The description is a little misleading. On the iOS app there are only two protocols available: IKEv2, and IPSec. The rest of the protocols are desktop versions. I also use it on a Windows 10 machine, and again, I’ve been pleased. There are some websites that recognize that you are using a vpn or something, because you have to go through the process of proving you are not a robot. I will be changing my subscription to annual at my next billing cycle.
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5 years ago, Jeauce
Fix it
Connecting hangs, doesn't connect. iPhone 4 iOS up to date, IPVanish up to date. Reinstalled already. 0 functionality ATM. I'm paying for this subscription, give me a working product or a refund. It's been like THREE MONTHS!!! Update: one year later, product still does not work with an updated iOS device. Completely new device. When on wireless data, it does connect but the connection is effing awful, no videos will begin to load before several minutes have passed. And when on WiFi, it plain doesn’t connect. The GUI doesn’t respond when I click connect, except to change from “choose server” to the name of a server. My up doesn’t change, and the line graph doesn’t appear, and connect stays green and still says connect. For all countries, servers, and protocols.
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