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User Reviews for IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality

4.81 out of 5
36.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Many Disappointed Users
Bring web features to mobile app
The service is fantastic so this rating is for the company and the service it provides so that I can have peace of mind and know when it is safe to open my windows and let fresh air in. The mobile app is a bit cluttered and not intuitive. I also would like to see the mobile app have the same (or better) functionality than the mobile website. Specifically, on the mobile website I can see a map of my neighborhood and it is layered with dynamic points of interest, fires, wind patterns, and a heatmap. None of this is available on the mobile app, so to get this functionality I have to keep the mobile website open and come back to it, rendering the app a lot less useful. I would also make it easier to find the nearest air quality station by allowing the user to enter an address and have the search results show nearby air quality stations so that the user can select the station they prefer to monitor in the My Air section of the app. The AirVisual Earth feature is fantastic, very evocative: it is beautiful and compelling and disheartening at the same time to be able to see air quality around the world. Thank you AirVisual team for putting this tech and service out to the world for consumption, awareness, and perhaps even reflection.
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8 years ago, Grindelli
Did my research, get it
I have lived in China for 3 years and have a two-year old boy. Once he was born I became more interested in what all the AQI apps actually did and started researching them. AirVisual is by far the best one I have come across (having used 10+ different apps). Not only can you choose to use the US index (which I would highly recommend) you also can see which pollutants are contaminating the atmosphere at any given time. I also have a laser egg (also highly recommended) which is a portable particulate counter and the readings on my mobile device and the closest monitoring station on the app are always within +/-20 meaning they are not contradicting each other. On other apps there would often times be a 50 point+ difference between what my particulate counter read and the other random apps I was using. Also, do note that some apps do, like airvisual, have the different pollutants listed and their levels but airvisual is the only app I have found that combines that with the ability to choose the US AQI standard. My go-to app when it comes to air pollution.
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5 years ago, Kido@PDX
Your AQI in an app
This free app can help you with information and forecasting of the air quality in your area. Since the 1970’s I’ve been personally interested in my home environment mainly because 3 of my family members, my husband & 2 children have hay fever in the Spring. We installed an electronic air filter in our furnace and air conditioning system which seemed to help immensely. Fat forward another 30+ years when we discovered the AirVisual app & their small device that could monitor our indoor air quality. Yes, using an AirVisual device is an easy way to monitor and improve your own air quality in your home. I discovered that NOT opening the windows to bring in a little fresh air was bad for us. Our carbon dioxide CO2 levels were getting in a higher range and causing headaches and lethargic behaviors. Being retired and at home most of the time, this became even more important to monitor our indoor AQI. Thank you AirVisual for providing the tools and information for a healthier lifestyle. 🥰
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4 years ago, Veloscente
Current AQ features great, but forecast is a joke
The Good: Air Visual lets you set a local AQ station as default, and on launch, displays current AQI reading plus 48hrs of detailed history and a week of daily averages. At the bottom of the page, there is a map that lets you scan AQ readings at stations within a ~15mile radius. To get this AQ map, or any local AQ info, on Weather Underground website requires a half dozen clicks to toggle on PM2.5 filter, and WU does not offer any AQ history data, so this functionality makes AirVisual well worth the download. The Bad: I had high hopes the AIrVisual AQ forecast feature would help me plan outdoor activity by predicting windows of good air during California fire season. My hopes were unfounded: it is the worst “predictive” weather tool I have ever encountered! It would appear AirVisual’s forecast tool is based on the assumption that daytime pollution will simply dissipate overnight. With most of the West Coast on fire, the question is how much new smoke prevailing winds are bringing our way, and AirVisual’s forecast feature is clearly not built to gauge this, whether by visual smoke imaging or by other means.
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4 years ago, Ms. Whose-it-to-ya
Excellent for Air Quality Forecast and Safety
This app continues to be very helpful for knowing the current AIR QUALITY in your location. Easy to use and read, great color coordinated layout to compare different areas air quality. It was very helpful for my family and I both during the 2017 Thomas Fire in California and today (September 2020) during this extremely difficult fire season across the West Coast. The app is able to consistently be updated and can show you hourly, daily, and weekly forecast and more. You can add many locations on the same page to compare. If you scroll down, it also shows you the PM level of pollutant in your area (worth learning about) and has guideline suggestions for your safety depending on the pollutant level in your area. I’m checking daily for forecast updates. Much appreciated and highly recommended. Thankful for this updated information.
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12 months ago, Sheabay6
Would give negative stars if I could
I’be been a long time fan, and still am, of IQAir’s air purifiers. In fact, I own 4 of them. I was deeply disturbed when I waited exactly 48 hours into the East Palestine Ohio train derailment that happened a few months back. I thought to myself, what a great way to finally see if this app is reporting real accurate data. In an effort to give IQAir the benefit of the doubt, I waited the extra 48 hours in hopes the app would have either picked this tragic event up on national news or actually report real data. To my dismay, IQAir reported “GREEN LIGHT” next to which was a photo of a man on a bicycle stating great air quality to go for a bicycle ride. WOW. Really? The entire city has been EVACUATED and animals are being found DEAD on the ground but according to IQAir, the air quality is GREAT! What’s more disheartening is my review (same as this one) posted at the time was never approved and didn’t show up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one doesn’t show up either. Sorry, IQAir. I’d love nothing more than to report 5 stars for you but you can’t cheat people like this especially when this information is used for people’s health. Shame.
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4 years ago, iRe-view
Very Helpful
This app has actually been super helpful during this horrendous California wildfire season. We have found ourselves checking the app several times a day and the information/numbers seem generally pretty accurate compared with our firsthand experience of air quality/smoke conditions. The information is presented in a clear and helpful format and everything usually works well. Two of the most helpful features have been the air quality projections for the coming hours and days, and the live smoke and wind-currents radar map. While we know the projected air quality numbers are not always accurate due to constantly changing wind and weather conditions, they can be very helpful in giving you some idea of how things are likely to be trending. They also seem to update frequently with the changing conditions, making the short term predictions generally pretty accurate, even if the longer term ones are not. In the air quality map section, be sure to tap on the small dark rectangle that says “Air Visual Earth” which brings up another map of the world that you can pinch-and-zoom-in to see a real time smoke and wind radar map. This app is much better than the other highly rated air quality app I tried. All in all, this app is excellent and very helpful.
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5 years ago, ttu101
Potential Lifesaver
It is only just beginning to seep into the public domain how catastrophically harmful poor quality air can be. It can irritate you, hurt your head and your heart, kill you or cause dementia. Checking air quality before engaging in outdoor work is vital especially in summer months. This is a simple but well-designed app that will display pollution levels and warnings for whichever monitoring stations you select. It can also provide notifications of changes in air quality. I have not yet come across intrusive tracking, data collection or advertising; it's not necessary to create an account to use it. I check it before working outside just as I check the (standard) weather forecast. Perhaps if we use products like these we'll come to see how we are, without exaggeration, poisoning ourselves. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, c0rlette
Forecast data is completely unreliable
While current local condition air quality seemed accurate, the forecast data, even just a few hours ahead, was completely wrong. I live in Oregon and we had horrible air quality last summer, in the unhealthy range repeatedly, even crossing into hazardous at times. With many wildfires burning across our region, we are all jumpy in fear of a repeat. For some reason, despite consistently good air this year, the app predicts unhealthy air 4 hours in the future every single day. During the first week I cancelled a number of recreational and outdoor activity plans based on these predictions. I am especially peeved about one of these cancellations, something that I really wanted to do and lost some reservation money. I followed the site for another week—same thing every day. I know air patterns and fire conditions can change rapidly but AirVisual was never correct. The forecast ability was the main draw for me so I deleted AirVisual and swapped it out for an app with a very simple design, just current AQ numbers in bubbles on a map, easy to navigate around a region.
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4 years ago, badboy2k
IQAir - For people who take breathing seriously
This company makes top-quality products. Even as I unpacked my new HEPA air purifier I could see at once how carefully it had been designed and built. The excellent design and performance of the purifier encouraged me to order their air-quality sensor a few days later, so I could really know what is going into my family’s lungs. I am more than impressed with the IQ Air sensor/monitor as well. It is these sensors, when they are installed outdoors, that provide the world-wide data (minus China) for the IQ air app. I am considering purchasing a second unit to install outdoors, so I too can provide air-quality data to help us all. But there happens to be one about a block away from where I live, so I am already receiving extremely local data from a device that I trust. Easy to give 5 stars here.
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4 years ago, Fuuyki
A Friend Indeed
My family lives in Medical Lake, Washington. We are working very hard to be safe from COVID 19 because we have a very young child and a medically vulnerable adult among us. After the fires in the surrounding area, we became concerned about not only meetings with the public but simply walking out our door. We began monitoring the air quality through your wonderful App. It enabled us to act BEFORE the air quality changed from moderate to hazardous. We received an air quality alert through a different service at 5pm pacific time. Which was nearly around 10 hours after the air was already in health damaging levels. Today your App helped us feel the confidence we needed to open our doors and windows and take a breath of much needed FRESH air. THANK YOU for helping us to stay healthy.
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6 years ago, J McRae
Can be useful, but not always accurate
I use this app to help prepare for bad air conditions, since I live in the PNW and the wildfire smoke aggravates my asthma. The statistical information and maps are really interesting and informative and the app itself is easy to use, but now I'm concerned that the information I'm getting is not accurate. There is currently an air advisory due to smoke in my area. For some reason, this app is insisting that the AQI is "Good" despite the fact that I can actually see pollution in the air. I'm not sure if this is really the app's fault or the fault of wherever the information is being sourced from, but regardless, I don't think I can rely on the information I'm being given to help me make informed decisions about my health anymore. It's unfortunate since I was really excited to find an app like this in the first place. If you decide to download it anyway, please be cautious and don't use it as your only source of information.
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11 months ago, fogcityite
This app provides important information about air quality in an easy to understand format. As someone with an impaired immune system, I appreciate knowing what precautions to take re: air quality on a given day. Two things that would make this app even better: 1. Either screen info providers for reliability/accuracy, or rate the quality of each provider’s data. For example, of the 10 readings shown for Washington DC, the AQI shown ranges from 8-130, with the rest showing AQIs between 28-54. Many measurements appear to come from anonymous sources, making it difficult to evaluate the degree to which those data should be relied upon. 2. The maps are difficult to move, despite using two fingers as required. Improving the responsiveness of the maps would make the app easier to use.
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5 years ago, Tripledr
Great resource!
Discovered this app a couple of months ago and find it very useful in evaluating air quality, ventilating my house, and considering how to improve air filtration in my house. With continuing fires and air pollution in N California, I have developed bronchial irritation and increased congestion (which closely tracks air quality conditions reported by air visual). I attribute the good info to lots of reporting stations in my area. Of particular interest is knowing when to ventilate my house (during periods of good air reported by air visual). Also, the app is helping me evaluate the performance of my whole house air filter system; my house filter helps but need improvement. As a result of the app's functionality, I'm considering buying a larger version of IQAir's home air purifier as an adjunct to my whole house filtering. I give a 4 star rating because there is always room for improvement.
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4 years ago, LauraInCalifornia
Amazing year-round, but esp w Fires
Having the app and the indoor CO2 and a Q I am on it or has been life-changing. I never knew that I was getting so fatigued while working because the CO2 levels would get so high. I just thought I was getting tired. Now I track CO2 levels and circulate the air much more in my house and feel more focused and less fatigued. It’s also been great during fire season because, when hooked up to Wi-Fi, the monitor tells me the AQI outdoors for a sensor less than a mile away from me, and there are so many sensors throughout the city I can choose from. So I know if it’s safe to open my windows or not. The app gives me notifications for when my indoor air quality gets to pour and it’s really helped me feel fresher in my home. So grateful!
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4 years ago, Salsasinger
Pretty darn good
Ever since I had pneumonia, I check before I hang out outside and it’s helped a lot... this app has a location reader closer to where I live than any other app, sometimes I have found the air quality isn’t great even though it says it’s OK on the app (I have really sensitive lungs at the moment and environment really affects them) but generally it seems to be pretty accurate... and I like that there’s weather attached to it. I do wish there was a reading a little bit closer to where I am, but the main thing I wish they would change is the app image. Especially during the pandemic, I hate seeing an icon of someone with a mask on every time I go to check the air quality, just kind of depressing... it would be great if it were changed to a more positive image! We could all use more of that!
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4 years ago, TangoXray
Peace of Mind
The app is so helpful as a quick reference to the air quality outside. I don’t have to guess and I know the reading is legitimate and accurate. In London, pollution is a major concern and exacerbates respiratory issues especially for children. I use AirVisual as a guide to determine when I turn on the air purifier for my infant son. The monitoring station is close to where I live so I am getting information that is up-to-date and relevant to the particular area where I live. My next step is to purchase one of the AirVisual monitors so I may see the readings in my own home as well as contribute data to the community. The app is very informative, giving you the basic or in depth information whichever you may prefer. Keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, Galia Stauffer
Horribly inaccurate.
I live in South Korea and have for a total of 5 years, spread out over the last decade in a 3 year stay and now 2 years into a 5 year stay, in that time the air quality here has gotten much much worse. I was recently diagnosed with asthma (something that is apparently becoming more common for people in Seoul) and have to check the air quality regularly. If it's above 100 aqi I have to wear a special filter mask to leave the house. I got this app to make it easier to check the AQI regularly, one of the big draws for this app is it notifies me if the AQI goes above 100, or it's supposed to. Yesterday it never dropped below 100 and I never got a notification (thankfully I'd had the thought to check online before leaving the house) and upon checking the app it said an AQI of 63 when it was really 163. If you're relying on this app for all your AQI information and live in a city with poor air quality such as Seoul you may be putting your health at risk by relying on this app.
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1 year ago, enlong89
Saving Me
I learned about this app the other day when all the Canadian wildfire smoke was in our area and I didn’t realize how much of an issue it was going to cause me. I live in an area that normally has little to no pollution, so for me to experience such a change, where my asthma got so bad and I needed to bring the air purifier out, it was quite alarming. This app I learned about online after realizing I wasn’t sick, but rather having a reaction to all the pollution. It really helps me know when the air quality is down and when I need to be extra careful. It’s better than the Weather Channel that never mentioned there being an air quality alert on the worst day here.
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6 years ago, Flatkatcarsnicoenckfc
uncomfortable UI and sightly more cautious air rating
This app is useful because it has daily notifications and a widget. I use this app to check the air quality in Korea. But the number that this app reports is almost always higher than the Naver number, which is probably most correct in Korea. If it’s :( unhealthy on AirVisual, it’s just :/ not good on Naver. or if it’s :/ not good on AirVisual, it’s :| ok on Naver. It can be good to be cautious though! The worst part about this app is the UI. Swiping from the left never works to go back to the previous screen so I have to move my hand and push the back button in the top left corner. So annoying! There are a lot of menus on the bottom that I never click on like a map, a world ranking, and other not-that-useful stuff. Overall, it’s not that nice to look at and a bit frustrating to navigate. So I give 3 stars.
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5 years ago, MusicalFreedom
Terrible app with device
If you have an air iq, which I just bought. This app is pretty terrible. It has HUGE gaps in the reporting. For example I have my device on all day. And the graph for “daily” report only shows info for 10am-2pm then a huge gap of no data, and then more reporting from 5pm-11pm, then a huge gap again between 11pm-2am. It’s completely random each day with times it will decide not to record info. The decide itself shows what happened over the last 24 hours fine. But the app shows these huge gaps which makes it useless since you can’t look back at history on the device itself beyond a day. So this problem with the app makes in unusable and also severely damaged the usability of the device too since you can’t access historical data beyond a day. This makes testing in a bad air home almost impossible to see if you are making any progress or not. For a $300 device, the app should work flawlessly with it.
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4 years ago, linda4bz
When to mask and filter up
Air Visual app gives me AQI for my location and where I’m headed. When AQI too high I do not want to stress my car either. App gives continental view and wind directions showing what changes in wind direction. Then I can plan ahead. I wish smoke did not return or hurt others this week. Looking at Air Visual app I can adjust and make safest plan possible. Right now I can still go outside with mask and C filter. Take a short walk. Plant a few seeds in the garden. Also gives me a world perspective, where the fires are. Says a lot about climate change. In September the smoke in Brazil and near them, covered four times the land area of our west coast fires and Smokey air. Also that Canada Alaska and Europe had relief. China did not.
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6 years ago, Bets88
Nice features, OK accuracy, one of many
I’ve found a number of sources to test my air quality. AirNow doesn’t have as many local sensors, so it’s best for a general idea and for ozone levels, which some don’t display. My favorite for local particle readings now is PurpleAir, which has local sensors and you can add your own, similar to Weather Underground, and you can even integrate with their site. AirNow has the unique feature of displaying overall air quality from your device home page as if it’s the number of notifications you’ve missed. Took me a minute. Now I have my general idea of air quality at a glance. Good for those of us opening and closing windows, turning on and off air filters, or wearing masks to exercise outdoors. Thanks for a stable app. Build those sensor numbers.
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4 years ago, jdhvgakjsf
Clear and simple to use... I plan my bike rides by the map
This has been a great app to plan daily activities here in California with all of the recent fires and smoke. The large number of reporting stations reveal where the smoke clouds are drifting. I have actually been able to plan bike ride routes and outdoor activities to areas of better air quality. I also bought one of their personal air quality measurement units for my house. It is interesting to note that AQI does not always match what appears to the eye... sometimes the air appears clearer but is still unhealthful. The large number of reporting sites in their network provides a lot more information that is available on other websites.
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10 months ago, sillysmileysoup
Please turn off air quality alerts on map
This app is usually great. At a glance I can see how air quality is trending across my region, which is so helpful for smoke season in Washington State. However, they seem to have just added a feature where it shows “air quality alerts” for each place that has one on the map. Since that is literally every municipality in my state, I can no longer just open the app to the map and see what the levels are like, because the actual AQI bubbles are annoyingly blocked by the alerts unless I zoom in a lot. This so so unhelpful, I know that the AQI is bad already and I do not care if every city has issued an alert (which means nothing, it’s not like it changed the aqi). Please allow users to turn off the AQI alerts so they no longer visually block the data from the air quality sensors.
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4 years ago, Wildgreensoul
It Might Be a Good App if...
I used the app for a couple of days and was pleased with the ease-of-use and the number of places I could monitor at a glance. More importantly, the app utilized different monitoring stations than the epa website, so it didn’t seem redundant. And, always a sucker for something pretty, its slick appearance appealed to me Then one day I was at work and the smoke kept rolling in, soon obscuring the view of a nearby butte, yet the app’s AQI number read 187, pretty much in the same range it had been for a number of hours. Finally, after I finished my work project, I checked 2 other monitoring sites and the AQI was actually over 400! Maybe it was a glitch with a particular monitoring station? Maybe this really is a great app??? In that moment I was disappointed, felt like got a false sense of security counting on the app so I deleted it.
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3 years ago, Haru Shinbi
Very helpful information, user-friendly format
I downloaded this app to help with day-to-day decisions and vacation plans. I thankfully was able to cancel plans to head to an area with +400 AQI and went somewhere with 50 AQI instead. Having asthma, this is helpful to see if I should spend time outside or not. Some days I can tell visually or by smell if it’s a no-go kind of day, but sometimes it’s not obvious but I don’t want to aggravate my asthma. I like the color indicator, and the person icons that are a fast and easy way to see how things are in different areas. This is definitely reinforcing my plans to move abroad for better air quality.
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4 years ago, Weezie Watkins
Thank you!
You have made it possible for me to monitor air quality along the west coast during this horrific fire season. I live in Kentucky but have relatives in Washington and California as well as friends in Oregon. It may seem a small thing but it has meant a lot for me to be able to say to them “I see you are going to need to stay indoors today” or “your air quality will be better in two days so hang in there” instead of always asking “how bad is it?” I could demonstrate that I cared by knowing their situation and expressing empathy rather than pelting them with repeated questions. Compassion and empathy are so much better than questions when one is under duress!
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5 years ago, Betsy182
Best air quality app so far
I live in Northern CA where we call Autumn “fire season” and not because the leaves look like fire. This year was better where I live than past years but you can’t always tell right away when the air is bad or if it has become more dangerous. This app warns you (if you let it) when the air quality has changed, good or bad, and uses a lot of different data from many sensors around the area including privately owned and EPA etc. that give a much better reading in the micro climate air. It’s very easy to use as well. I highly recommend getting this app to keep track of the air quality where ever you go.
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2 years ago, Hiemerdinger
When I first downloaded this app it could show wind currents and offered to alert me when the AQI was over 30 and under 25- as someone who is sensitive to smog particles this was worth investing in until I actually used it for a week, I no longer can see the air currents to tell the directions air toxicity is coming from, Nor do the alerts warn me when the AQI is above 30, instead the only alert I receive is WHEN ITS NORMAL, imagine that? This makes it useless to defend yourself from toxic air- just a cute data drainer don’t download this app or purchase the 276$ equipment to join in like I was planning to do until this app can’t fulfill its own basic functions. I deleted my account and decided to buy a dyson air purifier/ionizer instead- tl;dr this app will notify you only AFTER you have ingested toxic air. Fix your map. Fix your notifications
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5 years ago, Don_iPad
Great international coverage
I spend a couple of months every year in northeast rural Thailand visiting my wonderful Thai in-laws. AirVisual's coverage of Thailand is excellent and helps guide me in taking antihistamines and using an inhaler when the sugar cane farmers are burning their crops. They do this prior to harvesting the sugar cane before they sell their sugar cane to the processing plants. Although the Thai government is actively encouraging the farmers to adopt different methods to improve air quality, the burn method quickly and efficiently prepares the sugar cane for harvesting. Consequently, change is slow. Beyond Thailand, I appreciate AirVisual's accurate air quality measurements and the ability to make a list of cities to monitor air quality.
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11 months ago, liontamerX67
You can see where the Canadian wildfires are too
Where I live on the East Coast is greatly affecting the air quality by the fires. This app has a map and you can see where the fires are located. I’m a map person and couldn’t find by searching for it. Plus it’s free. I’m going to look in to their air filters as we have allergies to pretty much everything outside and daughter has asthma. Looks like an interesting house unit that gets small particles my regular house unit won’t filter out. My 7 small air cleaning units inside my small house aren’t doing the job and they take up room on the floor.
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3 years ago, Imogene S.
Indispensable App
This App is indispensable during the ever expanding California fire season. With so much smoke generated by the fires, the air quality is often in the hazardous range. The extra-fine particles in the air are extremely damaging as they can actually enter the blood stream if inhaled. This App helps us monitor the highly variable air quality which can change drastically throughout the day and it tells us when to stay in and when it is safe to venture outside. With its many local location readings, we receive up-to-date real-time information for our neighborhood 24/7.
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6 years ago, WWinCA
Helpful Beyond Expectation
I started using AirVisual during the November 2018 California fires. Now that the smoke has (mostly) cleared, I will keep using it. AirVisual not only tells you what the Air Quality Index (AQI) in your area is but also provides detailed information on what an AQI is and how it’s measured. The app provides both local and global (via a 3D globe) views of how our air is doing. It provides a ranked list of major cities based on air quality (thankfully San Francisco is now down to 68 ... during the intense smoke from the fires it was up near the top 10 of worst places to breathe), news articles on air quality and resources. And there is more! Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, sputnikSF
Great app and integrations
Easy to use, nice UI, and great, accurate info. There are a lot of apps for aqi info, but this has become my go-to app. Seems accurate with up to date data that’s accessible and easy to read and use. The devices they sell are cool, too. The devices even integrate with hundreds of other things with IFTTT! My only wish is I hope they make the aggregated data and the news-like info they have in the app available for IFTTT, too — then it would work alongside the device-specific integration data they have if you own a device and the aggregate data wouldn’t be so locked up in this app.
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4 years ago, s.bpdx
Moving forward- a must have app!
What else can 2020 bring?? This app has honestly been such a good source for the AQI. A trusted resource that most use, gives you hour by hour updates of anywhere in the world pretty much. The graphics are easy to understand and the app is simple to navigate. The fires here on the west coast are insane, but I’m thankful of how educated I am becoming because of this app and the circumstances I’m in. Moving forward I will be using this app, even after the fires have passed and the air quality improved. It’s very important to me now that ever before to have knowledge of the quality of air I breathe.
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6 years ago, MrsWalker2010
Asthma Family Says Thanks!
This app has been incredibly helpful for our family. We have 3 people in our family with asthma, one of which has severe asthma. This app helps us to know when they are safe to play outside and when going to the museum or the mall would be a better idea. We live in the Rocky Mountains, so, the smoke can get pretty intense here during the summer, which makes us use the app multiple times a day. The only problem for us is that we live in the mountains so the air quality is different here (usually worse) than it is where the air quality monitor is. The closest monitor is 30-45 minutes from where we live. Other than that, we love this app!
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6 years ago, Blue hairpin
Best Headache control
Having this app allow me to know what’s going on with the air outside makes me super aware and careful of what’s also going on inside. It helps me know when to use my air purifiers and went to stay Away from the outside we had a major California fire blow through it in my hometown and the smoke put us in toxic levels and I don’t know what I would do without this app to keep me safe. It absolutely has gotten my headaches back under control I was so miserable every day in so much pain I recommend it for anyone that suffers or knows anyone in their family that suffers from any type of breathing issue
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6 years ago, stanton65
Oh say can u see!
Well, even if the air is not as clear as we would like, I live a short distance from the Carr fire in northern CA, this app really helps to let us know the current air quality as well as the weather. When I first starting using the app I was unaware of all the GREAT features that were at my fingertips. Wow, it is like having my own weather station right in our home. From current weather for this days activities to predicting what we can expect later in the week. It is a wonderful tool that helps us make plans for all our outdoor activities. Thank u developers for a wonderful app. The Ryals family😁
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5 years ago, ABRXCX
App is a literally a life saver!
More info is much better than less info to make an informed decision to expose yourself to harmful pollutants. Certain ill informed so called Educators working against the free flow of info do us all a disservice. I very much doubt air visual would try to manipulate data to sell products. You don’t need a degree to step Outside and see the acrid air. Is too bad Vietnam has let special interest override people’s health. This app and the info is critical. I am moving because the govt is not doing anything to stop pollution and the Vietnamese people are literally choking to death. Thanks Mr Vu Khac Ngoc for being small minded and limiting available info.
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6 years ago, Geeslin108
Fantastic easily navigated app
This app is so easy to configure and navigate through and provides so much valuable information. We are extremely polluted right now in the San Francisco Bay area because of the wildfires. With the single glance on the map display we can see how our relatives are doing in Grass Valley California and how things are in San Francisco and Palo Alto and anywhere else for that matter by simply zooming and scrolling.. With the favorite places page I can see details on cities I have selected with seven day forecast if I want. Right now severe pollution in San Francisco is still basically just the equivalent of a not too bad day in New Delhi!
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1 year ago, Mr_Smash
For the asthmatics
The app I didn’t know I needed. Great for checking the air quality with “accurate data”. I was using another website that was very misleading. The UI is pleasant and allows you to easily add multiple locations to monitor. Extremely helpful during the recent fires in Canada which put a halt on all outdoor activities for a few days. My family was able to map out a location to “get away” until things went back to normal in our area. I’ll definitely keep this around to better manage my asthma.
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4 years ago, FreshAir4everyone
A great reference tool—and free!
I have pulmonary fibrosis, which makes me extremely vulnerable to the smoke which is traveling through the west coast from fires in Siberia, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. This app has current readings and even tells you from which station data is collected. It has a detailed map, as well as hourly, daily, and 7day predictions. For each level, warnings and precautions are given. This has let me plan my outings (especially walking the dog) for a time of day when danger is lowest. I’m grateful for help getting through this. I now use my AirMatters app only for the pollen count.
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6 years ago, Jeff 8071640
This app has been great to have during all the wildfires happening around the West this summer. It updates quickly, and shows data from many locations. Cons: forecasting air quality is not really possible in the same way as weather - even though this app was predicting that every day the AQI would keep rising to “Very Unhealthy”, it did not turn out that way in our location due to ever changing winds. Also, the AirVisual Earth display is very cool and a pretty advanced feature in a free app, but I wish it would show state boundaries or some other geographic features to help me understand exactly where my community is, within the outline of the U.S.
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6 years ago, KaileighATara
Love the info-as far as it goes. Definitely recommend as one tool.
Great app, but as a small population state in MAINE. I am in the second largest city, Lewiston and I am not sure if the readings ARE actually for LEWISTON or the most well known city of PORTLAND which would mean a difference for someone like me. What would be very helpful for people with lung diseases and air quality issues- knowing mold/ mildew spore counts as well as allergens such a ragweed, goldenrod, and other pollens. These are just as important to know for most of us. Thanks for the app- I have been telling others about it, but then I have to go to other sources for the other info- one app that would tell me everything I need to know as a person with severe lung disease and allergies would be the BEST!!!
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9 months ago, JewelAngehl
This is feedback
Can you reduce the repetitive updates about air quality. I have my location setting on and am based in one city but right now I am receiving alerts for everywhere in the Bay Area and I don’t appreciate it. I know air quality can vary even locally but it’s a bit redundant to get 10+ alerts for the regional air quality, don’t you think? Also, make feedback through the app simpler. Otherwise this is a good air quality app. I like the air pollution and pollen info. If you don’t care about pollen and/or live in fire season areas then you should get Watch Duty. It shows air quality AND where wildfires are/their status, wind direction.
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11 months ago, leeleeg
I recently moved to Cincinnati, where the air quality is often poor. (This purple state has laws to mandate emission checks for cars more than 3 years old but doesn’t provide funding for car emission centers, so laws are unenforceable.). This app helps me time and pace my outdoor activities - shifting activity to Times with better air quality has helped my older toy dog, who developed bronchial problems after moving here. I use the app several times per day and compare it to other air quality forecasts - it seems pretty accurate.
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5 years ago, Caboose4492
Useful and provides insight
This app is very helpful whether you are traveling into the big city or just staying home. I never knew about this until it was recommended to me by a youtuber. If you plan on traveling, whether it be across country or just in to town, this app provides the right information you need to know about the air quality. My only qualm is since I live on the coast, the nearest AQI reading is 66 miles away, so it’s not really accurate for my local area but great for when I travel into the metro area to visit family. Maybe one day there will be an AQI for my area.
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8 months ago, D9101350
Pollen Counts
Love this app. We’re thinking of moving to get away from allergy city: Dallas-Fort Worrh Metroplex. A year after moving here I went from 1 to 9 allergies. This app allows me to check cities I’m interested in to see if it would be worth the move. A couple of improvements: 1. Break down pollen counts by most common allergens. 70% of people who have an allergy are allergic to Ragweed. 2. Add pollen counts for International cities. We’re also considering non-US locations like New Zealand, the Philippines and Canada for retirement but no allergy counts are available for those areas.
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12 months ago, Cchi32
Exactly what an app should be - dynamic, informative and can help people live healthier lives
IQAir has been amazingly helpful as we navigate the wildfire smoke days, thanks so much to everybody who manages and contributes to this effort. I have it at the top of my birthday wish list to get the equipment to become a contributor, and the information you provide has convinced many friends and relatives to take positive steps for their own health as well. This app is an inspiration about what science and collaboration by so many people can do, thanks again!
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