iQuad by Quadzilla

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Current version
Quadzilla Power, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for iQuad by Quadzilla

3.97 out of 5
34 Ratings
1 year ago, El Rabbino
Awesome, but…
Awesome so far. Only one complaint for the fifth star. Please move the power level switch arrows more towards the middle of the screen and bigger. They’re so small and at the bottom that every time I try to switch the power level I accidentally hit my iPhone window closer bar instead.
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2 years ago, Fordy lageorge
Much better than before.
I purchased a Quadzilla Adrenaline several years ago and had nothing but problems. It would never connect or disconnect and leave me stuck with half finished tunes on my truck. I ended up returning it and going with an Edge tuner. I recently changed some parts on my truck and the Edge wasn’t capable of handling the changes so I decided to give the Quad another try. Thankfully they seemed to have worked a lot of bugs out. Been using it for several weeks and it hasn’t lost connection once. This tuner truly does give you more control over every aspect of the fueling and timing. That being said you kind of need to know what you are doing. I have a friend who has been working with these since day one and knows them very well and has helped me build a base tune to work with. Hoping I can learn more as I go.
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3 years ago, ndidhe
Surprisingly satisfied!!!
I’ve done hours and days of research looking at tuners and company’s and how to videos to see how the majority of them work and react to my truck(2000 Ram 2500 Cummins). I made my decision and will never change it out. I’ve had my tuner for a while now and never thought I could get this train in stock with 35’s to run as great as it does. No more getting passed by passenger buses and it’s clean no smoke unless you change the settings. Still learning the settings but it’s a great tuner. Been running it for almost a year and love it. I say surprisingly satisfied bec I didn’t think my 7,500lb truck could move as good as it does. Not because of the tuner. The tuner woke it up. Thnx for a great product!
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13 years ago, Rocknhog
Works Well But....
Does everything it's supposed too but it's kind of hard to see the secondary gauges while driving. How about an all digital screen?
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2 years ago, Bryce_Dudash
Decent App
Overall the app and module work great, never have any problems connecting or controlling the truck. But since the new iPhones came out, the swipe home feature makes it near impossible to edit gauge format! I always end up swiping home or between apps. Don’t wanna buy a different device when an update could fix this!
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2 years ago, ambitious tomcat of blue realm
I’ve been using quadzilla for the past year! Making tunes, loading them and then trying them. The app works perfectly and the trucks I’ve tuned have such good smoke control and power, best tuner on the market!
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4 years ago, The_chickeneye
Thank you
2020 update app is useless with original still working Quadzilla Adrenaline. The app worked great for my 99ram but then went away and couldn't re download due to switching iTunes account. Thank you for bringing the app back. So far on my iPhone 6+ seems to be working good.
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4 years ago, HEstellaJ
Best Tuner
New update to app is great, tuner is the best out there for a 2nd gen.
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4 years ago, teen in Fagge bag
It’s fake
There isn’t any sound and you can’t even us the app
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13 years ago, RacecarAl
Well they finally got it right and gave us all what we have been asking for! I cannot imagine it gets much better than this. The user interface is silky smooth and easy to use and has tons of options, the new screens are what the original app needed. I would like to see additional data logging and tracking but, after talking to Quadzilla I think that will happen before too long. Thumbs up from me and I was critical in the beginning!
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7 years ago, Norrisk66
Very Cool!
Great app! I use my iPhone 7 plus as the screen. Phone is mounted to my windshield. Gives endless custom tuning capability to Cummins 24V VP44 powered trucks. Displays gauges and other vital engine parameters on your phone. Must be used with the QuadZilla iQuad module which syncs with your phone over its own WIFI network. Hurry up with the V2 please!
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11 years ago, Tolbert887
Better be a patient person!
This is amazing "when" it connects! Huge power with 150 horse sticks and exhaust + a few other mods. It will not connect sometimes for no reason... Sometimes it's amazingly fast but rarely I'm goina try to get the old style adjustment tool. It's embarrassing when u brag on big power and when it comes to "turn the truck on" it won't connect to turn the lvl up! Even tho it says ur connected to the wifi net work!
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12 years ago, CJ655
Love it! Works great! There's a few things that don't work all the time like the converter lock up green lock only works some of the time but who cares I can feel it when it locks up, custom tuning is amazing!
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12 years ago, Cumminstacker
Works great but...
It stops working after 45min-1hr of driving and can't reconnect until you shut the truck off, very annoying for long drives were you don't want to stop. The safety settings have to be reset, after you change custom tunes in order for the turbo timer to work again.
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13 years ago, Peter B - Fuzing
Current Version does NOT work with IOS 4.3.x
App worked great until the release of IOS 4.3 --- app splash screen appears then the app crashes. Confirmed this for iPhone 3GS, iPad original and iPad2........ hoping for a new version that actually works. Awesome concept but still buggy!! Once Quadzilla gets it's act together and fixes what are likely minor issues with their app then they'll sell a million of these things!
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11 years ago, bryant91b
I just opened a Diesel Performance & Repair Shop and bought the Adrenaline which I love and will recommend to anyone but the iQuad app is junk. Every 3-4 days I have to delete the app and reinstall to get it to connect. When it works I like it cause my truck looks like it doesn't have a tuner but when it won't connect I cuss it to no end. I won't recommend the iQuad to anyone.
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13 years ago, dakirby
Finally, I can tell when my Dodge is in regen mode. Love it on the big screen of my iPad. If this is version 1... I can't wait to see how awesome this app will be in future versions. WOW ! ! !
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13 years ago, patracy.
Great potential, keep up the good work
App is working solidly. The linking of the app to the ad-hoc network can be hit and miss sometimes. But quad is working on that. Range is surprisingly well from the wifi module. The features to come (custom tuning) will really make this shine. Some wish list items to me is a vast datalogger, remote start, auditable alerts with thresholds, maybe a "remote throttle" just for bragging rights. Keep up the good work!
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13 years ago, MafiaGW
By FAR the best automotive app on iTunes!
Works perfect, new displays are awesome! Can't wait to see what's next.
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11 years ago, Brad68170
Won't find wifi
Out of the blue app will not connect to controller. Have to shut phone down and restart phone,wifi,and app then it works great.
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13 years ago, Nick Lund
Great but needs improvement
Needs high res update for retina displays and iPad version and maybe more display options
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13 years ago, Pokapotato
Loses customized settings occasionally, fuel temp is still not available but was promised as a monitored parameter, phone won't charge while running program. It's way too small on a phone but might be nice on an iPad.
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13 years ago, Team 13 Racing
One problem, this needs to compatible with the plx kiwi wifi module because the app is beautiful but it needs the performance of plx
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13 years ago, Bubbyh24v
Needs a little more in custom tuning
Custom tuning is the best for the 24v cummins but it needs an idle spike on it.
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13 years ago, Locey
I don't have half of the features that quadzilla has on their website. I emailed them and they never responded.
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13 years ago, justin davidson
needs work
when i try to use custom tuning it puts me back to the home screen
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13 years ago, Rarefy
Works great!
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6 years ago, JohnnyOfOz
Not terrible, that guy is an idiot
Dpg4t is an idiot. This isn’t supposed to support vehicles worldwide it’s strictly for 1998.5-2002 24 valve Cummins powered Dodge trucks with a Quadzilla Adrenaline tuner. And it’s awesome for that.
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13 years ago, Cattitude
Tried using it, and the app crashed. Tried deleting and re-downloading...still crashed. Tried rebooting phone.....still crashed. Buggy...
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