1.8 (102)
1.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
IronPlanet, Inc.
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for IronPlanet

1.8 out of 5
102 Ratings
4 years ago, Eli8!
Room For Improvement
I’m a fan of the website (Govplanet) and was hoping the app would be a more convenient way to browse upcoming auctions. It sadly is not very convenient and looks like the app just needs an overhaul with more of a focus in user experience. Some things I would like to see changed for the rating to improve is: -swipe to go back and forth between your last pages. -better search control, The refine results feature has too many options and your constantly just changing refine criteria. -an emphasis on the photos when viewing a listing with all the information below photos. Just look at eBay/amazon as a reference. - overall responsiveness of buttons and load times could be improved too (mostly referring to the back button). I hope these suggestions are helpful, I’d just like to see the app get better and hopefully it makes buying stuff easier. Thank you for your consideration.
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4 years ago, 19374729104
Can’t view pictures, lots of bugs with new IOS update.
App was great until the latest installments of iOS operating systems. Now I can’t get pictures to load, sometimes descriptions don’t load or they load under lots of blank space making you have to scroll down to even get to the actual listing once clicked on.
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8 years ago, mce99
Easy lookup but a work in progress
Makes it easy to look items up but needs tweaking. Need to be able to delete ended watched items from list. When viewing items should go back to list where you were rather than the start each time.
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4 years ago, tyygjgdthkifesdhk
Horrible Horrible
Can’t view descriptions in the app. Only online. Only shows starting price on the item. If you place a bid, it will probably kick it back to you saying someone has already out bid you on a priority bid. But they never say what it is. So you place another bid, same thing. So you never know what the bid was run up to. On the surface, their procedures seem kinda fishy. Bottom line don’t get the App, just do it online. Same difference
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3 years ago, I paid $48 to play
The app doesn’t work & they know it
So I’ve tried to use the Iron Planet app several times but cannot make it work. Finally called your customer support number and was literally instructed to go to the web browser because the app doesn’t work right? Why on earth would a company the size of Ritchie Brothers leave an app out there that they know doesn’t work?
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2 years ago, Lostngone
Very poor experience
Slow, fails to load information, non-intuitive search.
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2 years ago, Jlaw1770
I like the convince of the app, but half the time the item you’re trying to view is under miles of grey screen. Or you can’t scroll back up after viewing an item and have to close the app and restart it. One star for the glitches only, not the business or the service it provides.
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2 years ago, Cubla
The mobile app is terrible and someone please fix it! The browsing is screwed up on iOS, it's slow, crashes, and is pretty much useless. If you're going to run a site like this you best up your tech budget. The entire system needs an overhaul.
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3 years ago, Dannyd2450
So much money in developing this app
There has to have been so much money spent on this app. Im talking about tons of money, because it is so HORRIBLE that the only way it could be this bad is to only hire the best developers with the goal of making the WORST app. And if my hunch is right; goal was to make the worst app of all times; THEY NAILED IT!
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3 years ago, manda2329
Doesn’t want to load
App doesn’t want to load information. There will be several blank areas to scroll through or pages not loading fully. I used to use iron planet often but with app it’s easier to stay away.
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5 years ago, Nothing Hidden TV
Specific location
Need to list the city location also.
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10 months ago, Bigjohn6t9
Border wall material
It’s sad to see our government still not this material when it should be finishing the border wall with it . Joe Biden will destroy our country and this is just how he’s doing it open borders means defenseless lines we need to protect our own and not take care of the worlds unwanted.
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2 years ago, Wclark77
Who did this?
I suspect that a government contractor made this app. Possibly the same people who did the Obamacare marketplace. The most nonfunctional app I’ve downloaded in years. It will certainly cause items to sell for way less than the should…don’t fix it!
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5 years ago, Awesomepeerrrsoon
Needs work
I like this, but it needs work. Takes time to load. When you go back, you’ll need to scroll down, as it automatically goes to top
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3 years ago, Issues filter
App needs an update really missing out people using it
App need an update seriously a lot of me and my colleagues have stop buying from iron planet or we don’t as much because the app is outdated and very slow An update its very much needed!!!
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2 years ago, 401handyman
Non usable app
The app worked for the first 5 min now can’t seem to look at anything except items that are already sold I’m looking to buy equipment guess I’ll be taking my business elsewhere
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3 years ago, TopSgtJoe
Every category selected goes to a blackout cookies page!
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3 years ago, JackieG765
Full of glitches does not work
Never works and is full of glitches, they need to fire their IT department! Been three years and not a single update to fix it.
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11 months ago, tony32143214
Doesnt work
Absolutely terrible when trying to bid on items or search for items. Been this way for years..
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4 years ago, oenterprise82
Your app has not been working correctly for over a month now. Very annoying when trying to watch an auction. Please look into this problem
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3 years ago, TommyTwoBalls
Fix your app
On iPhone 10. The app shows cookies error with a big gap at the top of screen, fix your app. Can’t buy anything now on the mobile app. I’ll move to a competitor until they fox their app.
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4 years ago, bigjom2002
List price
The app shows the list price of the auction item. You have to go to the web to see the the current bid amount. This makes it useless for an auction site
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3 years ago, Autojosh
Virtually useless
Really bad app. Can’t search by location, many features just don’t work. This is actually the worst app I’ve ever used.
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7 years ago, DDS1x
Doesn't work
This app use to work, last few weeks it have not even after deleting and reinstalling. Fix it
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10 months ago, Nicknicnicnic
Deleted this app within 5 min of trying to navigate it. Love the website, but the app needs a complete tear down and reboot.
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2 years ago, whohappygrissini
It was a great app before it was bought
This app seems like it haven't been fixed since 2019 it yous to work great!
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3 years ago, Menow007
Keep crashing
Crashes constantly
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4 years ago, dean c 2014
The app will not search all it’s doing is loading the online version is way better I don’t think they got all the kinks out of this app
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4 years ago, LeeBY89
Cheap app
App doesn’t even notify you when the auctions are about to end. Seems like a quick thrown together app that needs much updating.
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2 years ago, bk 4569
Dose not work
App is worthless can’t go look at something and go back and forth it just dose not work any more
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3 years ago, DPS45/67
Don’t waste the space!!
ThIs app is horrible! Their online site works far better. Don’t lose an item due to this horrendous joke.
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2 years ago, JCboater
Will Never get rid of them!!!
Unsubscribe is a cruel joke they’ll play with you over and over. Never Never ever download!
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3 years ago, Limcon411
Doesn’t Work
The app doesn’t work. Apple should remove this garbage from the store.
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2 years ago, SL12572
It’s 2022…Time to have a functional app
Worst app I’ve used. Time to fix it so it actually works!
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4 years ago, NaStYPyRo
Very bad
They have not updated this app in 4 years. I don’t even know how this app is still in the store
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3 years ago, Skilled Biz
Terrible app
Just scrap this piece of junk and start over
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11 months ago, EvanRp252
App Not Modern
App needs major updating.
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2 years ago, AWC Co.
Ritchie Brothers Should be Ashamed!
This is the absolute worst app I’ve ever used!
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3 years ago, Onceahutlover
Redo everything!
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4 years ago, Em em em em
Glitchy terrible
This app is terrible
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2 years ago, AKTemo
App Problem
App is super user unfriendly.
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7 years ago, Tessynae
No longer loads auctions
Was great, but now ... not so much ...
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3 years ago, Patdoody
Terrible app. Barely works.
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3 years ago, djones2365
It wins an award!
For worst app I have ever used.
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3 years ago, Clbme86
That’s what this app is. A steaming pile of garbage.
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10 years ago, hunter purnell
Hasn't been updated since iOS 6. That's at least two years. Needs new update bad.
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12 years ago, o8
Great App
Like the ability to see pictures of the listed equipment while you're on the move.
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13 years ago, mad mark
Great way to keep up with the auction when you're on the move. Bidding feature and the notifications are great.
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13 years ago, BenLabich
Works great, fast and easy!
I just bought my new car on iron planet motors!
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13 years ago, rcassidy1
Cassidy Enterprises
Works great and easy to find what equipment your looking for.
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