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User Reviews for iSmartAlarm

1.79 out of 5
749 Ratings
5 years ago, Wm1910
Very spotty alarm
We installed this alarm 2 years ago now and have had issues most of the time. When we initially installed it, it was very buggy and we constantly had network issues. Then it started I to issues with the camera. We were told by “customer service” that their workaround was to unplug the camera every few days so it could reset (umm, really? Still no fix for this). It’s been fine besides that issue the last several months, but the network has been down the last several days. Bottom line, I wouldn’t purchase this alarm system if you won’t be at the home regularly. For us, it’s adequate, but it’s screwed us in the past not being able to arm the system. “Customer service” takes a couple days to respond to emails. Gave it 2 stars because the system does alarm as expected and send us alerts (although the notifications has also been down within the last 2 years which really makes this pointless) when we arm it with the remote.
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7 years ago, 80shair
Slowest company
The app was mediocre at best when it was actually working. I originally got the system because of the flexibility of it and the fact there wasn’t too many other choices at the time. Since then smart home security has exploded forward while this company has inched along. They promise new tech that doesn’t see the light of day for over a year. They’ve come out with 3-4 different cameras when customers are begging for other sensors or keypads. The finale straw was when I upgraded to the iPhone X and the app wouldn’t even open anymore. A few days later the company came out and said they were working on a fix and it should be out shortly. It’s been almost two weeks and still no update. That’s two weeks I haven’t been able to arm or disarm my system. You know apple contacts these developers and helps them get their apps up to snuff before major updates or new hardware releases so they’re ready to go at launch but somewhere along the way iSmartAlarm dropped the ball. What good is a security system if I can’t use it? On top of that they cameras cut out constantly and don’t record half the stuff that should set the alarm off. I’ve finally had enough with this company and will be purchasing a nest security system.
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3 years ago, chorriado
No longer supported
The app itself was mediocre because it chugged along with intermittent issues that required spending time out of your day with tech support. The basic interface remained the same for the 6 years that I used it. The biggest draw to this alarm ecosystem was the DIY aspect and no monthly charges. I speak of all this in past tense because according to its website, iSmart Alarm products are no longer supported and app functionality is being transferred to a third party company without guarantee of continued functionality. So those of us who invested considerably in their starter system and add-on offerings are understandably concerned that they invested in equipment that is being deprecated before our eyes. I found all this out, not by a courteous email from iSmart Alarm but when my system just stopped working. The third party “meShare” who will be supporting the hardware through their app for a year, does not guarantee functionality of the equipment. And even if the hardware eventually starts interfacing with the app and they continue free service and support past 12 months, they might switch to a monthly fee system which puts a nail in the coffin of what made this system special and worth it in the first place.
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7 years ago, Andy0127ad
Company needs to make major investments to keep up with tech
I got iSmartAlarm 3.5 years ago. Their system at that time was having growing pains, and was flakey as hell. They have got it working very well now. But they are slow with new extensions, and don’t seem to have an overall corporate strategy to compete against the Nests of the work. So things like a video doorbell, that was promised several years ago, have not materialized. And their wall-mounted keypad, which started pre-orders in January 17, with schedule delivery in July 17, have only now in Nov 17, begun shipping. It is like they can only work on one sensor at a time, and each one takes a year to develop. The system is totally dependent on connection to their server — but has no monthly fee. I don’t think that is a sustainable business model. My suggestion would be to get some capital investment, offer a service that has 24-Hour monitoring for a monthly fee, and use the money to hire a whole bunch of people to build out the rest of the system sensors, and provide complete integration with other gear like Alexa.
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6 years ago, Bretal
I bought some camera from them cause I needed something the same day and the price was reasonable. Simply for me to monitor the inside of my house. One camera constantly connects and disconnects and it’s directly next to the router. The second camera that is in the other room I have no issues with connectivity. Tried contacting customer service and they are the worst. They loop you around with a bunch of non sense. I would not recommend these cameras to anyone. They have a arm feature for motion sensing. I wish I could choose with camera I want to arm and leave the rest. This would be perfect since one camera I got from them once it’s armed it actually follows you when you move. This is a nice feature but I wish you could turn that part off. I would not invest in this company again and would not recommend you as well. Spend the extra money and get something worth it. Also to add I switched from Comcast to att thing the connectivity was because of my provider. Still had the same issue. So to the next customer service rep that wants to tell me it’s my internet provider.... you’re wrong! It’s your programming! (Wish I could really say what I wanted to say lol)
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6 years ago, Mike from Alberta
Had for a month now Ok up to now
Hello I am very tech savvy to begin with this alarm system up to now has worked pretty good the only problem that we have encountered is the two keypads that I purchased separately many times the keypads tell me that the pin is incorrect and I know 100% at the pin is correct I have my wife also try it and she gets the same results also The keypads audio commands sometimes do not work but then they come back Yes I did change the batteries to Duracell from the cheap ones that came with the keypads This alarm is perfect for a small place and I would make sure that the sensors are no further than 30 to 50 feet away from the Cube one unit After reading many reviews I see that a lot of people are having problems and I think it’s communication because of the distance of sensors from the main cube one unit Other than the Keypad issues I rate this unit four star The software on the app is very easy to navigate and is actually very good to help set up devices One huge plus this unit has is no monitoring fees Siren is very weak but it should wake you up out of a deep sleep if someone attempts to coming to your place of residence We originally bought this knowing what we were getting into and all we really wanted was to turn alarm on at night while we sleep and if anything occurred heaven forbid this unit would wake us up All in all we were glad we purchased this unit only time will tell how long it will last for thanks for reading
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6 years ago, DeepFocus
Slow to change
I’ve had this system now for about a year. I liked it so much at first that I bought another right away. My biggest complaint is that they rely on IFTT for any real customization of the app services. My main use for this is in my studio, I just want to be able to set a time that it arms every day because sometimes I leave and forget to arm it. Would be really nice if it would auto-arm at 5PM every day, and even nicer if it could auto arm after a period of inactivity or ONLY auto arm at the set time of no activity etc. This should be simple enough to program but I have a feeling this is a smaller company than they let on and they just can’t prioritize these kind of updates. The system works well and I am happy with it, just feel that it is lacking some features that would make it mindless to control which is really what you want from a security system these days. I don’t want to have a break in and know that I didn’t arm my system. It should arm itself each night and send me a push notification to confirm.
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6 years ago, Emerald23dragon
Good for their target audience
I’ve had this system for a little over a year now and overall I’m very happy with the peace of mind it provides me. This year our cube went out due to a power surge and even though I was a few days over my warranty they helped me out and sent a replacement. It took a little longer than I would have liked but we have our system hooked up again and is working as before. I’m very happy that we don’t have to pay a subscription fee for monitoring as other reviews on here have suggested. I can easily call the cops myself if I need to. The only issue we have is that our system is a little overly sensitive. So loud noises or a shadow passing our window will set off the camera/motion detector. Which really isn’t that big a deal. This system has worked very well for apartment living. The spot camera has a decent enough image and our satellite alarm works great. I’m honestly still very satisfied with this purchase.
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7 years ago, MP13352
Continually Growing and improving smart security family
I like this smartphone controlled system a lot. System is relatively inexpensive. The Variety of accessories for the base system makes it adaptable to lots of situations. High quality components. Very reliable. Easy setup, programming, and additions. Standard batteries for remote wireless accessories seem to be consistently good for a year or longer. Sensors notify you when their batteries are getting low. No costly contract with a monitoring company. Allows you to authorize specific access/notifications for family members/friends. Existing CO and smoke alarm audio recognition. Wireless switches provide remote control and scheduling ability for lights, fan, etc. Minor complaint: still figuring out best setting and notification level for new Keep Pro camera. It tracks the cat and sends me a push notice as she stretches and wanders around the living room in sharp 1080p and clear audio. Amazing!
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6 years ago, UniqueBeing
We purchased our first kit a couple of years ago and slowly added several cameras. At first, WE LOVED how easy everything was to set up and use. App was great, cameras recorded when triggered, easy to set and use. However, in the last 6-8 months, the app that is used and downloaded on our devices, constantly bugs out. We’ve tried all the troubleshooting recommendations but ultimately the app crashes. In addition, the cameras are frequently inaccessible and just spin on steps 2/4 of initializing - then if you try to clear the app, the entire phone freezes. I am constantly power cycling the cameras and cube to get them back online. Also, when the alarm IS triggered, my cameras no longer record any videos on any of the cameras. We’ve spent several hundred dollars on the cameras and various sensors, so we are begrudgingly dealing with these issues for now. I wish daily I would've invested that money in a higher end product - lesson learned.
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4 years ago, Jimjrfl
3+ years, still works great
I’ve had my system for over three years now. It’s in a 1640 square-foot home. Five door sensors a motion sensor and four spot cameras. And I even mounted the cameras outside! Under the eaves to keep them out of direct weather and they still work great. I have mine integrated with IFTTT. So every evening it will auto set to Home and every morning it will Disarm. It will even disarm itself if I arrive home after it has armed. If I am away and the power goes out or the Internet goes down, I still get a notification telling me my system is off-line so I know something is up. The system is perfect for what I needed. I didn’t want a system I had to pay money to see my cameras or to get notifications. The fact that I can integrate it with IFTTT and have it perform several smart functions by itself is great.
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5 years ago, bicknell
Sad decline and a waste of time
It started off great. Updates and bug fixes were regular. Most problems were minor and the company was responsive. One day my alarm stared triple beeping (instead of single beeping) when arming and disarming. No big deal, just a little more noise, but everything still worked fine. It took 2 months or so for them to fix that little annoyance, again not a problem. For the last month or so, ostensibly following some buggy sprint, the app starts acting weird. Can’t see the cameras, can’t see the devices. Multiple restarts worked for a while, then even this workaround stopped working. Now it’s intermittent, but mostly broken. Tech support says to delete and reinstall the app. That works for a while then we’re right back to broken. What was once a great little startup has slipped from a slick solution to an unworkable product. Save your time, money, and energy - pick Ring or Nest and get a product that is supported, that gets fixed, that actually works when you need it to work.
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4 years ago, timwc1953
Good system
I bought this system in 2015 to protect a vacation home that we have approximately one hour and 40 minutes from our main residence: Where this home is located there is only the option of satellite Internet, so we have Hughesnet. At first I had problems with the system disconnecting or going off-line at times, but this was not the fault of ismartalarm. It was due to the Internet service that I had, which I updated and since that time have had no more problems. The system did it’s job shortly after I installed it because we had a break-in and it immediately notified me and also prevented major loss or damage. The few problems that I have had with it were addressed expediently by their support. I would buy it again and highly recommend. Tim C.
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6 years ago, Joure
Inconsistent Protection
I’ve had the system now for about a year and was initially impressed by the flexibility of having a mobile DYI solution. I have invested in an array of motion sensors, door/window sensors, and key fobs. When the system is operational it’s great, however, too often there are issue with the network server or the app itself. For example, very frequently there are several nights where the alarm is triggered but the app (or even the key fob) will not disarm the system. This means that I literally need to unplug each siren in order to silence the system. The issue with the network server will either prevent the app from disarming the system if armed or prevent the app from arming if unarmed. This has caused much frustration. Another issue relates to the app. It is not always responsive and will lock up when trying to login in or change to a different security mode. Due to the constant issues with system reliability, I am now considering a different system if things don’t improve within the next couple of months. Hoping they can address these issues soon. As a side note, pop up ads should not interfere with the operation of the system. The developer should remove these as they are a nuisance when trying to arm/disarm the system.
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6 years ago, Gominister
Used to be Awesome but not anymore
When I first purchased the system I thought it was great actually I thought it was awesome but since that time it has become not so great the cameras do not record anymore it stop a long time a go or if it does it only take a picture but does not record anymore. It use to have a smart app for the Apple Watch but for the last year is says that it needs to be updated and then it went away. I wish there were so many more options for the system because it used to be awesome. I wish you could tell me or give me a push notification if I forgot to set the alarm at 7 AM or geo fence when I’m away and set it. Since coming on the scene there are so many more smart alarms on That has came out and I would assume that this company would have kept up with the times but I hope it will not be like other companies to have a great idea and it was awesome and then let other companies put it to the side like BlackBerry but anyway that’s my comment thank you
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5 years ago, TinyPixie777
System issues, lack of support: look elsewhere
We’ve had ismart for 4 years, and initially it was exactly what we were looking for in a security system. However, we had several issues with parts of the system over the years (poor audio quality on cameras, slow load times on the app, network errors when loading the app, inability to arm/disarm from the app) and finally about 5-6 weeks ago, we stopped being able to view our cameras unless we were on our home wifi, which is basically useless. Customer service never answers the phone, so tickets have to be sent via email. Responses take days, and the troubleshooting we were advised to do caused one of the cameras to be disconnected from the system and we could not reconnect. After waiting weeks with no response or resolution, we have chosen to purchase a system from another company. Ismart just doesnt seem to have the ability to keep its product working.
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6 years ago, BumpJamesBump
Consistently Unreliable
This service has quickly deteriorated into disappointment over the past year. The camera is a piece of junk that won’t move through app commands, or will only move in one direction. It also manages to loudly click for about 20 minutes at random times. This is to say nothing of the regular service outages, during which one cannot disarm the system, but must go into your house and unplug the cube altogether until iSmart gets their business in order. There has been many a morning where I want to leave my house, but can’t get the app to disarm the cube for no acceptable reason. The only reason this app gets two stars is because when it does work, it does its basic alarm functions as expected.
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3 years ago, Jank_Mike
Stay Far Away...
I was an early adopter and previously liked the iSmart Alarm brand. But those days have long since past. The app stopped receiving updates it needed and the recently announced changes have made the app, products, and company trash. *Their brand was acquired/taken over. This was in the works for a while now but the company never said much, probably so they could sell off the old camera/hardware stock that is now basically DOA. STAY FAR AWAY. The best part was the change happened when I wasn’t home and made the system completely useless since it required an update while on the same network. It could have been going off for hours. Not only would I not have known but it would have driven the neighbors crazy. Zero stars is all they deserve. Someone else mentioned a class action law in the reviews and honestly they are right. We have all been duped and deserve better.
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3 years ago, nothimeither
They have only gotten worse.
I am so done with this company. I mean with the amount of cash I have forked out for this system you would think I’d be super angry... but I’m not. I feel like this is the kid that wants to be helpful but smells like pee and eats whatever comes out of its body. This is the kid that opens the door for the robber because it has a weird way of making friends? You know that kid that walked across the street without looking during recess chasing a butterfly and found itself in the middle of the interstate. All you can do is look at it and say it’s probably for the best. Or, it’s tragic but this is the best thing for it... because somethings have a season. In short ISmartAlarm reminds me of a 1960’s mentally challenged 8th grader who calls his favorite pet feral cat “muh muh mayonnaise”. You know how you want the best for them but we all know this is as good as it’s going to get... and it’s just time to face the facts!
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7 years ago, jayserna
iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X
Someone tell them it came out. iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X, IPhone X, iPhone X, Also, where is my keypad? Ordered it a year ago. Said was shipping in June, pushed to October and it’s now almost 1/2 way through November. Is there like 2 people working there? You knew this phone was coming out months ago. Poor, poor, poor service. Now I have no way to control my alarm. Not good. Useless security now. —- Update: Finally got my keypad. A year later and the app is finally updated for iPhone X. I will agree with another post that says updates are slow at best. You all need to figure out a way to make this work correctly because nest security is looking tempting and I’m sure they will not drop the ball. Yes they charge a $99 annual fee, but I’d rather pay that than have a $1500 iSmartAlarm that I can’t use for a month. I moved you to 3-stars, but I think most people on here want a letter of apology and a statement from executives on plans for future and a guaranteed level of service. Silence is killing you.
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5 years ago, Wifionly?
Works for me
I have been using the hardware and app for several years. It does what I want. Home monitoring without monthly fees. I am willing to do simple maintenance and troubleshooting myself. The door and window sensors are limited by distance to the base unit but in my house they work well. I positioned the base unit between my three door and 1 motion sensor to get them to work reliably. I added cameras and remote siren later which work as expected. When I purchased this unit there were very few self monitoring systems available. Now everyone sells home systems. As long as iSmart keeps working reliably I am keeping it. Fingers crossed.
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4 years ago, LH500223
I had this product for 3 years, a few moths ago I was blocked by either my iphone or Ismart to add or delete devices. It lost me as Administrator. So I deleted everything because that was the only thing Ismart was allowing. Recently something changed and Ismart has now allowed my phone to start adding everything again, this could be an IPhone issue but who cares at this point because now I want to start adding devices and it says that I am not connected to the WIFI, the cube is directly connect to the router, my phone is on the same router. Ismart has major issue with their product, I tried adding the cameras and apparently those no longer work either. It almost seems like they want me to purchase all new equipment. So instead of Ismart, I am junking this equipment to go some where else with my business.
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5 years ago, Xstream2
Not a stable app or security system.
If I could give it zero stars I would. I have had this system for a couple years with intermittent network down issues. Once this error appears you cannot arm or disarm it. You can only remove power from the cube so the alarm does not go off. Monitoring is now non existent Any cameras you have are now expensive paper weights since they rely on the app to work. Have had network down issues for the last 2 days with no notification from the company and good luck reaching them. They do not respond. I recommend investing in a reputable company with a reputable security system and customer service who responds. Consider Ring they also offer $10 a month monitoring with no contract and provide cellular when your network goes down. ISmartAlarm inc I want my money back.
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6 years ago, Boatermike
Works great
It is not as fancy as an expensive system, but it does what it was intended to do. The system was easy to install and the app works good on my iPhone. It has no monthly cost because you monitor it yourself. You get an alert on your cell phone and you call the cops yourself rather than paying $39 per month for someone else to monitor it for you, I like being able to check status on my phone and even arm it when I am traveling and forgot to set it at the home. I will probably add some cameras to the system. Everything is wireless, so no wiring needed.
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3 years ago, Koytch
This version went downhill.
I’ve been using iSmartAlarm for a few years. Overall, I’ve had no real issues. However, this latest new app is now managed and restructured by a different support company and has provided more issues. You could always check the battery life of all devices, so you didn’t have to run around to check them all the time if they were low. Now that feature doesn’t exist in this appAnd you have to run around, otherwise you get no notifications. Second, you can no longer add another person in the household to get any notifications. So no one else will get notified on their phone if any device has been triggered. Not good at all. This update has made operation worse.
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5 years ago, Lv Viking
Very happy with my iSmart Alarm system
I have had the iSmartAlarm system quite a few years now and I have been very satisfied with the system. Love the camera Keep Pro also, and the siren is enough to blow anyone away. During the resent problems and the updates, the support was great. Everything was back up within a few days and I know everyone worked hard to get everything working. I do have my system connected to UPS, which really is a must with power outages and fluctuations. Yes, I do recommend this system. Easy to set up and easy to use.
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6 years ago, Lokalx
Why design a non-universal app?
First, the cameras consistently drop offline, and usually need to be manually power cycled to bring them back online. Has potential, but company just doesn’t seem to try to fix their issues. Obvious software problems, and yet haven’t seen a firmware update in months. If they’re planning to stay in business they need to pick it up a few notches! And, if I’m away and want to monitor my cameras, I WANT TO DO IT ON MY IPAD! Where the screen is big enough to view what’s happening! Also, needs to offer scheduling, so you can customize auto off/on to adjust to your individual needs. Been struggling to 2 years now, and still do not trust it enough to activate when I need the sleep! False triggers and failing to follow software command, keep this system OFF most of the time.
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4 years ago, douglastcollins
Seems to work well most of the time, but server issues are more common than they should be and take days to fix. The biggest complaint is that a momentary power outage (for example, in a thunderstorm) will cause a loss of connectivity. The only way to fix this is to reboot the cube by unplugging for a few minutes. This is simply not practical if you are away from home and depending on this for security. Major design flaw of which the company has LONG been aware and has not attempted to fix! My only solution for a second home that I’m away from for months is to give someone a key and pester them to enter my home and reboot the cube. Two stars because of the low cost and ease of use when it functions.
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4 years ago, Michael Chicago
Updated review 2019: yeah nevermind on what I said before. Cameras crash constantly, app hasn’t been updated and insanely overpriced. You can buy a Wyze cam for 1/3 the price and they actually update their software. Cameras are identical. Not sure what others mean by the app crashing, it hasn't once on me. After my home was burglarized, we bought the starter set for $150, and added 2 additional sensors. Not only do they set off an alarm that's louder than a car alarm if an intruder comes, but you get a phone call and alert on as many devices as you want letting you know which sensor went off. I love that the alarm is in the main room, so even if someone tossed a sensor or destroyed it, the alarm would still go off. I wish I had this a few days ago. Be smart, be prepared, don't be me.
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5 years ago, FQCS
Shut it down and give us our money back
It should be called iStupid Alarm- I know fifth graders who have designed “smarter” apps. there’s nothing smart about waking up and your cameras are all facing the wall. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. I used to think Spirit was the worst, but this company takes stupidity to a whole new level. This App is by far, hands-down, the WORST APP EVER by the WORST COMPANY EVER!!! It’s as if somebody deliberately went out of their way to create a worthless security system of that WON’T control your cameras, WON’T stay connected, WON’T record motion you wake up to find that they’re all staring toward the wall, watching paint dry. Like that’s really going to catch the bad guys... They NEVER update the app, and NEVER respond to support requests. I have been calling, emailing, tweeting and messaging them on Facebook for six months and have yet to get a response. 6 MONTHS!!! Where are the developers? Drinking margaritas on a cruise ship while their customers live in fear for their security of their homes and businesses? Give the people back their money so we can go buy real security systems
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6 years ago, Scott5a(4)018
Down right awesome
Firstly, I’ve brought Security system before. I’ve hated those coals cable systems that were too hard for non computer savvy like myself. Those ethereal cables though my apartment was a mess. ISmartAlarm I’ve had for quite a while. As a Veteans with PTSD issues, I need to count on my system. Honestly, there are times which every system shout down, but iSmartAlarm will tell me is off line by text. The best of all, the distance and what it called when partially in the way. I don’t know. OMG, they just upgraded to the keypad and Alexa systems. There nothing I can say but I love it👍🏿👌🏼
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7 years ago, Chase iPad app.
Has improved greatly over the years
I’ve been using this system for several years and it has continued to improve especially the most recent update. So simple to install and no monthly fee. With the outlet modules I control my hot water pump with set schedule for on and off plus manual on and off anytime. Also have module to control sub woofer on my home theatre system so when my wife goes to sleep she can turn it off. Yes it would be nice if you could have two way communication through the cameras but based on improvements I’m sure that will come soon. Keep up the good work.
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7 years ago, What changed?
App Not iPhone X Compatible
Update (17Nov17): app now works with iPhone X. Upgraded review. Unfortunate that the developers took nearly two weeks when the information on how to interface with the new phone had been available for some time. Appears to have been less about engineers and more about poor prioritizing by “leadership”. We will be closely watching in future since customers depend on this system for home security. Original review (3Nov17) App “errors out” back to home screen on my iPhone X. Reduces alarm system to on or off using small control key fobs. Unable to activate any of our custom modes. Please update ASAP.
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4 years ago, Teeeeee1
Seriously?? Delete app ... reinstall app ... repeat.
One star. This app seriously underperforms CONSISTENTLY! Funny thing is the camera is of good quality, very clear images, sound is good and audible. You can even rotate, zoom and control the camera simply through the app. You can capture images etc. But I am extremely frustrated that I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it several times A DAY because it crashes and freezes. Mind you, I have The Ring and Kuna cameras around my property as well and they don’t offer the flexibility of being able to maneuver the camera remotely but their app is consistently working. So cameras I like, and this camera would earn a great review from me IF the app actually friggin worked!!
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7 years ago, ckpaden
Installation instructions are easy to understand, and, I was able to everything in less than an hour. I love the video camera and video playback the most. I look forward to adding additional cameras in the future. The app has worked flawlessly with no problems, however, I have also just ordered a traditional key pad to further improve the system. I highly recommend this security system to any looking to add one to there home or office.
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4 years ago, ThirstyTank
Wish I didn’t have to write this
As the title says, I wish I didn’t have to write this. I’ve had this app and the accompanying alarm system for several years. Over that timeframe it was exactly what I wanted the majority of the time. However, within the last 6 months to a year, there have been an increasing number of glitches and technical issues which have rendered it unusable for a day or two at a time. Clearly not ideal for something you rely on for safety. Well, this past week has finally done it. It’s impossible to arm or disarm the system. I can’t even open the app. Their website barely functions. Save your money and your time. Go find another DIY system; I will be doing so soon.
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3 years ago, Scooter Rutter
Compared to other systems I’ve used
The ISmartAlarm system is absolutely the best in my opinion . It’s simple to install and very easy to use . The only thing this system dose not have that I would like to have is an outside audible siren to alert neighbors that something is wrong and 911 needs to be alerted however it’s not nessasary due to the downloadable app that includes all alerts. But just incase the siren would be nice to have as an option
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2 years ago, AZolivas
Doesn’t work: zero support
App has been buggy for years. Cameras stop working. Unable to update. Can’t add new cameras. Etc etc etc . Customer service doesn’t exist. It takes months to get a reply and when you do they tell you the same things from the FAQ. I paid for an entire year of cloud service and am asking for it to be pro rated as it’s completely useless after this last major update. FYI after this last update I keep receiving an error message that the cameras need to be on the same wifi network as my device. Guess what. I only have one network!!!!!!!! Utter garbage. Stay away!
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5 years ago, Test350
Network error
Updated review - app is now working for iPhone XR. Other than the keypad, no real issues with any of the sensors, cameras, etc. Come on iSmartAlarm, please fix the network error issue when logging into app on iPhone!!! Also, don’t waste your time purchasing the keypad - it works about 20% of the time. It usually doesn’t know the status when you walk up to the keypad, and it takes about 5 seconds to realize you’ve walked up to the keypad. My keypad was one of the preorder ones when they first came out!
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7 years ago, topico
Doesn’t work with iOS 11.1 & iPhone X
This app completely stopped working on new phone and iOS. It crashes on the login screen every time, and I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Nothing. So now I am unable to turn the alarm on or off, which makes the entire system completely useless. Very, very frustrating, which is compounded by the fact that we ordered a keypad in early spring with a promise of June delivery but it still has never been delivered. So this app is the only way to use the system and it doesn’t work at all anymore. Can’t express what a huge disappointment this is considering the hundreds of dollars spent setting it up.
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5 years ago, Quackerjack98
Broken login
I have a significant investment into this product and it’s worked fairly constantly up until the point where I started loading beta versions of iOS on my phone. Since early October 2018 to now, I’m unable to login to the application to fully control the system and the company has been elusive in providing a fix for 3 months and counting. It’s only a matter of time before Apple release a full version (12.2 or higher) and at that point all iOS users of his product will be broken. I’d avoid this product until they act like a professional company. Also, my Cube died after 3.5 years of use to give you an idea of product life
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4 years ago, Edcustomer
Fraud company!
They admit that the app doesn’t work on latest IOS and still sell the product, spent over 8hours trying to get the system to work but kept getting the same error message. After googling my issues I realized many of their customers are having the same issues. When I asked them to call me back because they have no direct phone support they never responded. But they did reply when I emailed them and would not offer to fix the problem but instead offered a partial refund if I return the item. Take my advice and save your hard earned money, go with their competitor instead.
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7 years ago, WTTNWA
Nice app and security system
The app works well with the iSmartAlarm security system. I have all the control that I want from my phone. ISmart is a little slow with new features, but right now they have about everything that I feel that I need. Contact sensors for the doors and windows, motion doctors, camera that tracks movement and listens for sounds. If anything activates the alarm, I get an email, text and phone call. For the price, I think it is a nice system and I have had it for a year.
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4 years ago, Stewartps8318
Very Dangerous
During the last day my family and I are not able to login to the app due to a pop-up message which says “system error”. This is very dangerous for anyone dependent on the alarm system for security. This needs to be resolved as soon as possible and a statement from the company regarding why this has happened and what they would do in the future to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am very disappointed with iSmart alarm, and will be going to another provider soon. I will write the FCC to let them know about this company and the security issue they have regarding alarm system security.
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5 years ago, xJay Cx
App hasn’t worked for a week
When the app works this system is actually pretty good. But without the app it’s useless. When I try to log in the app gives me a network error. So that means I cannot use this system that I paid good money for because they haven’t fixed their issue with the app. I can no longer see anything on my cameras, arm or disarm. So right now I basically have a piece of equipment that’s sitting here not protecting my family. I’ll look into the Nest system now. At least they have customer support that answers back when you have an issue. ISmartAlarm got my money and now they’re nowhere to be found.
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6 years ago, AirRescuer
Software is useless.
I have has the iSmart camera for over a year. The cameras are nice but the software to control them is useless. I hear a noise and want to check it out and the camera may or may not come on. They often hang, “Getting Data” for a long time. So what ever caused the noise cannot be seen. Also most camera software allows more than one camera to be viewed, with iSmartAlarm only one camera at a time. If you switch between cameras more than twice they once again hang “Getting Data”. I have been hoping for improvements in the software, so far it is extremely basic lacking in features.
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5 years ago, Kinginstaller
Up from 1 to 3 hopefully 5 soon
Removed cube and reinstalled all my devices. Seems to be working again. So last review was a 1, now move up to a 3 after reinstalling everything like I just bought it. All working again. If all keeps up, I’ll be happy to go back up to a 5. Cause I did live this system. And for sure want to again. Update you soon. So everyone with issues, just delete everything and reinstall it all like it was new. Pain to, but seemed to work so far. Hope this helps.
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5 years ago, Surfer Bert
Tech Support Response
Called this company over six times and emailed them three with no response to me not being able to see my cameras. Had always been able to see them from my iPhone. Finally I get an email on an update for the app for December 14-15 but the email does not address the problem. The last app update was months ago. Being a business owner this is a sign of a company that has a cash flow problems and are at minimal support for services. I feel my purchase will no longer be of value. Stay away from any purchases from this company. They will not be in business much longer.
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3 years ago, Cfp1putt
Save time and money with another system
I’ve had the iSmartAlarm for several years and loved it. The cameras and sensors worked great. Then without notice they updated the app and are “supported” by another company. My IKeep pro camera and Smart Switchs are not supported. The app is clumsy and to arm/disarm the system you have to navigate 2 screens. After investing (wasting) a good deal of money in this system now I am looking for another security system. This one is very primitive at best. Look at other systems and do not purchase ISmartAlarm. Save your money and buy from a reliable home alarm company.
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6 years ago, Gigibela
I feel secure at night
I love this alarm system! It’s simple and easy to install and use. Finally I feel secure at night and I know my home is protected while I’m away. I enjoy watching my little dog barking to our neighbors while I’m not home. Highly recommend it. I bought the keypad and it makes it easy for other people to have access without giving them a control.
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