iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

4.5 (30.9K)
51.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jade Lizard Software LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

4.46 out of 5
30.9K Ratings
6 years ago, CreativeStriker
It couldve been great
It COULD be good, dont get me wrong the dog whistle always works thevsounds always play, BUT its the ads, and i know, i know thats how they make money, i just think, that they could handle WHEN they play the ads better. For instance i could be in the middle of training my dog, clickibg the clicker and i have his attention good, then out of nowhere, i see an ad of a boy playing piano and loose their attention. I suggest to maybe play the ads right when you open the app or have a button to play an ad to unlock a sound for a short amount of time. Thanks for reading, please consider my suggestions
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3 years ago, lego life fan
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars!
Omg I love this app! I love seeing my dogs faces when I put my iPod 6 under my beds blanketo and have the Stuffed dog toy on ! They tilt their heads it’s so cute ( I have 2 lovely boxers! ) And my dogs are super sneaky they always try to get out of the house and it’s hard keeping them inside. So when kmy dogs get out I can use the dog whistle! And This app is a miracle worker I have a DISGUSTING fear of bees! ( Disgusting as in HORRIBLE ) and I would play the sound over and over again! It made me less scared of them it is so amazing!!! Thank you for creating this app! But I have a few concerns... 1. Why do we need premium to do some thing’s?! 2. Why do you need a SUPER HIGH whistle for dogs I am concerned it will hurt my sweet doggies ears! 3. Why do we need certain versions of a clicker! The first one is good enough! Maybe you guys made it for certain kinds of dogs idk. Anyways not trying to throw hate but yeah. Still love the app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌈✨ Thank you.
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4 years ago, htruesdale1995
Neighbors Dog
Neighbors dogs were out of control. Barking for hours on end and the owner didn’t care a bit seeing as they are never there. Thought of the idea at work and download a dog whistle for any kind of help. This app worked wonders!!! Within 15minutes of using it I had my dog sitting and the neighbors dogs staring at me trying to figure out what they were listening to. Keep in mind I did a lot of research and found safe levels to use this app at and used in short bursts not to hurt anyone’s ears. Humans can hear upwards of 20,000hz where dogs can hear up to 45,000hz. At a setting of 15,000hz I am able to hear the whistle slightly and the dogs get the idea. Also the full version is .99c ?!?! I thought it was a misprint but purchased it anyways because it’s amazing. Hope this helps anyone looking for training or neighbor relief.
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2 years ago, BigGamer9274
Great tool!
I use it kinda differently as a way to make the local dogs stop barking 24/7. Really nice since the neighbors don’t care to stop it when it’s going on for literal hours at a time and it’s very disruptive to sound sensitive tasks such as recording. Or even if you just want a little peace. Just give ‘em a little whistle and they stop, keep doing it for an hour and then they learn to stop barking for a few weeks at the least. I’m sure it’s great for other training purposes since it works so well for this unusual use case. 10/10 seems to work well just use it at above human hearing so it won’t bother you or others around you!
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3 years ago, Alpha_girlwolf
OMG THIS APP IS THE BEST! I LOVE IT! First of all the whistle always draws my dogs attention along with the sounds. The clicker lets my dog know he’s doing something wrong and you should see the look on his face when he heard the cat sound! He punches and looks for the cat?!! My dog is so funny and adorable at the same time when he reacts to the sounds! I definitely recommend this app to any dog trainers or well anyone really. The app can make noises that are so high HUMANS CANT HEAR THEM!!! It’s crazy right! Anyways of your reading this I recommend this app to you. Sorry for the long review! Ps I have a challenge! Go up to your dog and do the bee sound and see how he/she reacts! Byeee
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12 months ago, Miracle Dog Whisperer
Feeling hopeful!!
I started off with the free version as I took my dogs for a walk in the afternoon. Typically we run into 2 to 3 dog walkers, which becomes very stressful with my dogs, barking up a storm when they see other dogs. I have two mini poodles and supposedly they’re known for barking a lot. I downloaded this app in hopes that it may help limit their barking. When I was walking my dogs in the afternoon I saw a man walking, which typically would alarm my dog to bark, I started the loud noise maker and my dog looked at me as though he did something wrong and did not even bother to bark. This is my all-time favorite app so far!!!
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2 years ago, ridiculios
German Sheppard dogs next door are within 100 feet. Using to whistle to stop their obnoxious barking has not been effective. It’s as if they don’t hear it at all. I’m retired and stay at home most of the time. I’ve made it a point to be very consistent with using the whistle when the dogs bark. Their barking continues uninterrupted despite the whistle being at full volume and full frequency. I opted to pay so I could effectively management the system-Don’t. The advertisements are not only annoying, they show up at the most unpredictable times. If you plan to use this for training purposes don’t waste your money. The other features for entraining animals may work. I didn’t use those features. I can say the whistle was not only a waste of money but a waste of time. My last resort is to rely on the city nuisance ordnance.
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12 months ago, Dirtlips
Possible app issue
I apparently can hear decibel ranges way above human ear range and the sound waves are very loud. Might be an app issue or I am a superhuman. Does that make sense. Your dumb app is broken. Unsubtle changes in the user experience. UNSUBSCRIBE. Thanks. Love you guys. ~Hugz and Fishes. Al my love and a game sandwich…….. counterfeit money machine. Thank you very much. God speed. Don’t take any wooden nickels. I’m your son. Sorry I just got out of the hospital. Anyway, I like your hat. Excelsior. 🙌… nuff said. For real real, not for play play. Mmmmm bye bye.🤠👍🚬🏁🔮🎳🤖🌶️👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🍉🎄🔨🕊️🧬🦋🎫👾👽👺🤑🤮🫶🏻🦷👁️🫁🫀🧠🎅🏿🧟‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🧶🪢🪡🧵🪖🎩🥾👠👘👙👔🧳🕷️🦗🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🦍🦧🦣🦬🐿️🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🏁🤠👍
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6 years ago, Nails511
Best app to wear the puppy out!
I can easily turn a non squeaky toy into a squeaky toy just by placing my phone behind a toy and playing several different squeaking sounds and my 1 year old puppy is instantaneously attracted to the toy even if the toy has no squeaker! It works great when I want to wear her out and throw a toy! And the extra .99 it totally worth the extra squeaky sounds, extra animal sounds, and all the goodies! My dogs just get so perplexed as to what the noises are😂 I love this app! The clicker helps with my dog training business and I have also let my employees use the app for play time and training! Couldn’t ask for anything better:)
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6 years ago, lexistrainer
I give it five stars
I used this app to train my cat with the whistle at 340 Hz it completely combed my cat and now she’s the most lovable cat ever and she used to bite you every single time you touched her in any area other than her head wow. I also use this app for what it’s made for a dog because my dog is a service dog and it has lots of distractions and I played them all and she stayed with me and then I started messing around with the squeaker and she would not stop getting out of focus then I use the whistle at 310 hz and she went right back to normal so it is a great thing to get a service dog training or any dog to be Calmer
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5 years ago, bj squad gang
This app is worthless You should read the whole thing because I have a point about this app
The thing does nothing to my dog the so whistle was hard to use and there was no bright side on this app it was very tricky to use and my dog even care about it they didn’t do anything about it so you should not buy this app because this app is stupid worthless and disappointing I didn’t mean to train my dog all I did was nothing this app is worthless and it does nothing to your dog my dog does even care about the stupid app so my dog doesn’t care is stupid is worth it it is disappointing I don’t even know the point of that my dog does nothing he doesn’t wanna do anything about this app like who has time for this app but doesn’t even care so you should read this whole thing and hopefully you get the point
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6 years ago, ahcornell
Apparently the dog whistle works
I just purchased this app for $.99 because I saw the reviews about all the ads. I was trying all the sounds out and hit the dog whistle button. My puppy instantly got up and went straight into his crate. I tried all the sound effects after he finally came back out and I love the little head tilts he gave me. This app seems great so far for his puppy training. Our puppy is a foxhound and it’s hard to get his attention once he picks up a scent, hopefully the dog whistle will work. I will definitely update this and let you know.
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4 years ago, levithelilaussie
The solution to alert barking
This app has been the ONLY THING that stopped by mini Aussie from barking at every single thing that walks by our first floor apartment window and porch. He learned very quickly and now, if he needs a reminder, I just press the button for one second and he gets the message. So impressed. I tried so many training techniques for that one... that being said, I tried it with a friend’s Aussie and he did not even finch. So I guess it depends on the dog. But this worked miracles for me and my neighbors are much happier now
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1 year ago, westbrouke463
Dog whistle
This is amazing it makes my dogs listen to me when they have a dog fight I play the whistle or the clicker and it helps so much my sisters dog and my other sisters dog don’t get along when she brings her dog here to my house they get into a fight I finally got my dream room witch is huge and they got into a fight in my window seat the plants were falling and the hanging butterflies were to it is much more effective that a dog whistle as soon as I played it they stopped fighting and it may have saved some injuries to dogs.
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2 years ago, Pippi E
Love but having trouble sharing w family
I absolutely love this app and my husband wanted to get the paid version that I have. He went to the family sharing area and it’s turned on and he sees the app, but when he downloads it from my app purchases, it’s the free version. Does he have to pay as well? Overall I’m very happy with it. I have 3 goldendoodles that USED to bark at people when were in our backyard. Now I just pop the whistle to remind them and they stop.
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3 years ago, MacFan4
Works perfectly
The clicker sound is great for those times we’re rummaging around the counter to find our puppy’s clicker. I like the different click options so you can create a sound identical to what your dog is used to hearing. The whistle is great, and I like that you can choose manual or continuous. There is a clear animation to let you know when the silent whistle is sounding. This is important and it’s something our last app didn’t have. The one-time cost to remove ads is completely reasonable and worth it. Thanks!
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5 years ago,
Best thing ever
So have you ever won’t to trick your friend well this is the app I think that it is the best is because I love to prank my family and friends and they we’ll fall for it like the clipper I did it and I was doing it and she thot I was texting someone and I was doing the animal noises to my family and I was doing the dog one and they that there was a dog out side of my house and it was the funniest thing ever I was laughing so hard because there face they were so surprised so that’s is why I love this app so much ❤️❤️
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2 years ago, kkkkaav
Omg I love it
So I have a 6 month old puppy who loves the squeaky noises and the animals sounds. She goes CRAZY when she hears the dog whistle or the bees 🐝 . If u tap the bee multiple times is sound’s like a herd of bees coming towards u . Umm 1 thing that is disappointing, I have to pay to get more stuff💴🙄. But other that that I love this app 💖😊.So yeah this review is pretty boring but please read this review to hear what this great app is about . Thanks for reading this review! Bye ✌🏼
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5 years ago, Erikac
I have a 5 month old cattle dog who likes to sometimes run away while we go outside to go potty. I’d yell her name to come back, whistle, etc and she’d never come back and I’d have to go looking through neighbors yards for her. I downloaded this app on a whim, not really thinking it would work. I turn my volume all the way up and play the squeaker or the clicker and she comes running back immediately! I never write reviews but this app saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Heather76227
Absolutely works!
I have to start out by saying we have been working on training our lab since he was 4 months old. He is now 10 months old. He KNOWS his commands and will listen to the majority except when I ask him to come inside. He will listen to my husband every time but I guess since I’m “mom” he chooses to ignore me. I downloaded this whistle, used it, called him, and he came directly inside! I am shocked! Absolutely recommend it.
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2 months ago, A problem for everyone
Premium problem-
Hi, I have three dogs Jack kobe and goose. Goose is a 7 month old Rottweiler, kobe is a 3 year old red retriever, and jack is a 12 year old golden retriever who is right now sick. I am having a problem with goose, he does not respond to it. Kobe although- she only likes the squeaky’s I mean she tilts her head, and yeah, but here is the real problem… the premium- I mean you want money and stuff- but to get the premium and stuff? Yeah no! I am not willing to spend money on something that doesn’t even train my dogs! So I decided that I would delete this app- on my watch and on my ipad- so please understand this. I hope you have a great day!^~^
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1 year ago, Csalem
Cruelty to animals by dumb people
if you can’t have a civil conversation about your neighbor's either unattended, or untrained dogs barking and you found a solution in torturing them. Perhaps you should seek psychiatric help. As for people with furry family members like myself, read up on separation anxiety and make sure your dog has toys to keep him her occupied when you aren’t at home and train him at her not to bark excessively. It’s easy to do if you need help there are trainers everywhere. This app is a torture device. It is neither healthy for animal or human and I've reported every one of them. You should all shame yourselves to abuse harmless animals.
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5 years ago, krod0705
Ads popping up constantly!
Has some good sounds that my dog really liked but the ads pop up constantly and block the whole screen causing you to have to stop and try to click on the tiny little ‘x’ button to close it! About every 3 or 4 times you click on a sound button, another ad pops up. That’s way too frequent to actually enjoy using the app at all. Uninstalling.
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3 years ago, norbeanzie
It works for my two chi mixes
Chihuahua’s (mixes) we all know are notorious for barking and mine are on alert all day. I had to get them to stop barking at the airplane, the neighbors dog, a car door shut across the street and each other. This whistle apps definitely works. I almost spent $40 on a hand device to get them under control. You save me a bunch of money. Thankyou.
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3 years ago, Supercrazypants
I downloaded this app because I have a neighbor who has two small (badly behaved) dogs that appear to have no training that bark frequently. The people leave the dogs alone for long periods of time, and rather than train the dogs not to bark, their solution is to return to their unit, which teaches the dogs that barking = the humans will return. This app seems to help if I leave the whistling setting on “continuous” and blast it in the dogs’ direction. Really comes in handy when the barking happens at 12:35 am!
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3 years ago, it's a great name
It’s a wonderful game
So it is a wonderful game I have loved it since my dog well since I haven’t been using it mine I don’t know where my dog is right now but I’m trying to do a lot of stuff usually usually are you going to school day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday it’s a lot of days I think I spent like maybe nine or eight or seven hours at school and when I get back with me just put my iPad bye-bye
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4 years ago, Jusonis
Ads pop up in the middle of training
This could be a perfect app if you placed the ads as soon as you open the app. Ads are placed in the middle of using the app so when you are training you have to bypass an ad or close an ad in safari while you are trying to train. The training button in the app is a perfect large size for you to be able use it in your hands without having to always look at it to find it. But again, if you are in the middle of training, the ads show up and completely disrupt your focus and the training. If there is an ad free version, it’s gotta be worth it to pay for that.
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3 years ago, my name to long ig
great because my dog likes the squeaky part
Great because my dog likes the squeaky part and seeing my dog happy was great so I’ll give this app 5 stars, idk if it says unlock by paying but if so that ain’t right we should be able to unlock things for our dogs thru ads or playing levels for our dog so Our DOG can enjoy the game, but if it’s not like that then yeah this app is pretty great
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2 years ago, 😋🤫😫
This App lol😂
This app is really good for some people,like my friend she has a puppy and uses this app for him and it really works he loves the noise. But it doesn’t work for me not because the app is bad because I’m trying it on my dogs. I have two dogs named Quentin and Tiny dog ( I know the names are a little different but so are they lol)and they are very lazy and energetic at the same time and the only thing they listened to was the squeaker it funny 😆
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3 years ago, Layla175
This app is good for you dogs if there naughty or bad this will help a lot I have a warning at the and it’s a BIG one so don’t do it this app has a lot like a Whistle, Clicker, And a Squeaker this app has animal sound and you can record you’re own sounds like sit and lay and name them that’s all I have to say please read this warning!! WARNING: Do not turn up the whistle all the way can hurt ears and permanent damage!!
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3 years ago, Bigbob08
Dog previously trained with collar
This app works wonderful for my dog! However she has previously been trained with collar. This is a wonderful substitute for her when she’s not wearing her collar when set around 3000hz. I am not sure if my iPhone 12 capability to project the higher frequencies though but I must say it’s a great app overall! Don’t change anything please.
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4 years ago, Ellietippens
Like this!
I am looking for an app to use for my dog & came across this one. So far, this is the one that I have found the most useful. I love that it has a clicker sound for training, because I have lost my normal clicker. The dog whistle is interesting, but I especially like that it tells me the level of hertz. Above 30,000 seems to elude my dog. Creative app that is useful. Thank you for creating this.
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5 years ago, LexisLuther
I was trying to use...
...this app to find my lost dog in the woods. It popped up constantly with ads that would block the screen while I was trying to use it. My dog could have been lost forever due to the greedy ads. I get the use of ads in a free version, but the ads in this app altogether block functionality. I ditched this app and went back to a real world whistle. Not only was the app laden with ads, but the volume wasn’t nearly loud enough to hear from any distance beyond my sight line. BTW: Found our dog after 3 hours of searching, under a pile of branches bunched up at the river bend. He’s ok.
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4 years ago, Bodzilla02
The extremely repetitive ads completely ruin this app
Like everyone else is saying, the extremely repetitive ads almost prevent the app from being used. You cant get more than a few taps on anything and then theres ada popping up and going off onto some scam websites before you even know what happened. Ive tried this with all of the animals, in multiple frequencies and none of them even respond to it. The only responses i got were from other animal sounds, which they were quickly uninterested in. Deleting the app as soon as im done with this review, unfortunately.
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5 years ago, DavidT V
I love this app.
This app is great because it is so different then all the other whistle apps. In this app you don’t have to pay, you choose the amount of hertz the whistle produces, and it has more sounds! I haven’t had the chance to use the app yet, but I’m sure I will get the chance and I am sure it will work when the right time comes. Thank you devopers!
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2 years ago, Ngvghmk,1383
Good with one major flaw
The whistle seems to work, the main problem being that I don’t want to receive video advertisements for a whistle that requires you to turn your volume up to maximum. That way i won’t have an advertisement waking up the entire building even though the whistle isn’t meant to be audible for humans.
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4 years ago, Xxreddog49xX
Good but could have been better
I love the app and I understand that ads help keep the app going but when I’m trying to train my dog it’s really hard when I’m getting an ad in the middle of it. I was thing to do the ads to where it’s a reward so after 5-10 min I’m getting an add instead of every 1 min.
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4 years ago, DonutDays
Whistle works every time
When I got this app, I didn’t think it was going to work. I tried out the whistle when my dog bit me and for the past month, she has not even barked. A lot of you must think, this is just the game posting this but this is a real review. I don’t about the clicker or the squeaky toy thing but the whistle works for sure.
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3 months ago, Sparkiest little thing
So good!
So my dog loves to run away a lot and when I used this app for the first time when I caught him it was a life saver!! He immediately stopped what he was doing and ran to the house. Good app! I actually lost him once and I used the whistle and he came back! Last this app saved my dog from being hit by a car! THANK GOD FOR THIS APP!!!!
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3 years ago, rock&rollruinedmylife
Love it!
Happy to pay for premium, the price was right and the app UI and features are great. The whistle I’ve read online might damage speakers so I don’t use that one, but I love the clicker options and squeaker options, and the other sounds are fun too, I was amusing myself like a toddler pressing all the animal noises while my dog cocked his head. Edit: thanks for response! You’re right about the widget and it’s awesome! I didn’t even think to do that. Also so many 1 star reviews of people complaining about “greedy” ads. Are they serious????? They want a developer to make an app for free and are unwilling to spend 99 cents... who is the greedy one here?
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4 years ago, betrustworthy
Kelly klaxon this is the best for your dog try out the dog teaser one to
This really helps my dog and he really love the bark we pretend to that we said it and he’s so confused if she sparks English and mows how to dog dog it’s so funny and you should download the dog teaser one it’s super fun my dog loves it and he’s only a puppy and there is really cool stuff at pets mart the thing to cut nails and give them a bath is 15 dollars but for big dogs 25
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4 years ago, 05 Dyna
Neighbors dogs
We have neighbors that doesn’t mind if there dogs bark all hours of the day and night. I purchased the app (very low price) hooked it up to my Bluetooth speaker and used it. The dogs stopped barking within minutes. Very helpful tool for annoying neighbors dogs. Thank you.
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4 years ago, fall out pro929
Spammed with ads
I was using the app just to see if it works and it kinda works, the whistle doesn’t work for dogs but everything else works like it should but the only problem is every 12 to 13 clicks or the amount of time you tapped on your screen it leads you to an ad and they pop out of nowhere and while you tapping they appear and cause your tapping you don’t stop and you click on the ad
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5 years ago, Bella Beyer
Doesn’t Really Work....
I have a dog named Oreo and I was looking at apps like this. I looked a the rating and reviews and saw it looked cool!! I downloaded it and I tried to whistle my dog ignored it and ran from me. Then I tried the squeaker and my dog came running back 😊 I saw the locks an clicked it to find out I need premium!!! Upset I kept exploring and did the clicker my dog once again ignored me. I did the sounds and my dog came for some of then like the cat, cow, etc. I also notice there are TOO MANY ADS!!! I'm going to delete this after I sent this!!
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2 years ago, Lacey☺️🧐🧐
This app works for cats too 😍
This app completely amazed me! Not only does it work on my dog but on my cat too 😂! It has tons of sounds to use and the whistle hertz are just on point. My favorite is the squeaky toy and the whistle. I recommend downloading this for not only training, but for some pretty funny sounds😳.
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3 years ago, semiusedkindalife
I LOVE this app!
It really works. I use it to call my dog, to get her to stop barking, even when she’s at the neighbors house! The full versión is totally worth it. I use this app multiple times a week and each time I think about how I need to write a great review. I finally did it! Highly recommend
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3 years ago, Unifawn
Works for me
My dogs bark at almost all passerby’s when outside but they love LOVE a good squeaker sound! So instead of yelling at them or doing the high pitched whistle to make them uncomfortable. I just pick a random squeaker and they coming running to me instead of focusing on who or whatever is beyond the fence! Win win 🙌🏽
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4 years ago, vica0428
I love that app don’t get me ring but every time I am out side training my dog it works really well but the add pop up and last time that happened she ran away and almost bit another dog I was asking if you could like put the add in at another time not at the time we are training or pressing the buttens
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1 year ago, mgskdj
Awesome must read
Ok so I only put five stars because I WANT YOU TO READ THIS it only has a couple of noises and they don’t even work and there are waaayyyyy to many adds and if you won’t more stuff you have to buy it do not down load I’m putting these emoji’s in but I don’t mean that 🥰😍🤩🥳😘🥰😍🥹🤩🥳
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5 years ago, Flyaway Prizm
Ad and micro transaction Hell
You guys need to F off with your greedy monetization. There is absolutely no reason you need all this crap in a sound board app. Ads every couple of taps? EDIT: Due to the comments from the developer, I’m going to make myself abundantly clear. This cheap app is over monetized. Plain and simple. If you need to monetize this much for an app I can program in my sleep, you picked the wrong career choice. Less ads. The one at the top while you’re selecting sounds is enough. You want to make more money? Make more apps, not more ads.
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