Ivanti Mobile@Work™ Client

2.3 (488)
128 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ivanti Mobile@Work™ Client

2.28 out of 5
488 Ratings
5 years ago, 2for1Bill
Doesn’t play well with fitness apps
I’ve had the MobileIron security on my IPhone X for a couple of years now and about 6 months ago I started having problem with my fitness apps on my Apple Watch. I usually carry both phone and watch when I run. Running distances weren’t accurate. Over an 8 mile run, I would lose about a mile. The problem went away after I deleted the MobileIron app and discontinued the device management. And then it came back again after I re-installed. I would delete it permanently but unfortunately I need it for work. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, JKristinsson
Irritating and buggy
While providing a secure way of accessing corporate email and another resources, the app is quite buggy. Launched automatically when Email+ or other in-suite apps, it’s supposed to verify device compliance, log in the user (FaceTime) and then hand back over to the originating app. But this never happens - it just verified device compliance and stops there. One need to switch back to Email+ in order to be once again forwarded to this buggy app before user authentication happens. Also, might be my company policies, but as new iOS versions are not automatically approved, more then once, I had my phone automatically update iOS overnight and the first check of emails using Email+/MobileIron in the morning rendered my device non-compliant and Email+, together with my on device email and settings is wiped and I am without access to my corporate resources until some IT resource person have had their morning coffee and decided that the iOS security update indeed made the device more secure. This app and the whole suite uses old fashion security approaches and offers little convenience for the users. If you are stuck with this solution because of your company polices, I’m so sorry for you.
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6 years ago, The Stig Again
Terrible App
This, and the Docs@Work companion, have been nothing but trouble. Crashes, bugs, etc. Our IT department chose this app for security purposes, but the app functionality for the user is nothing but trouble. The document management functions work/don't work inconsistently. Just trying to sign a document can be an exercise in frustration. The pop up menus appear and disappear on a whim and the signature save function will work then not work. I'll amend a document then save it, then the app won't let me have access to it again. Now I'm told that there is a new update and Mobileiron will no longer work with any iOS less than 10, so my 3rd Gen iPad (which can't be upgraded beyond 9) won't run it, which means I would have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new iPad just to run Mobileiron, which isn't even working properly on my iPhone 8 with iOS 11!
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5 years ago, Radiax
iPad screen freezes
I believe this app is causing my iPad’s screen to freeze. It was working fine until I installed this program and supporting apps, apps@work and docs@work. I wiped my iPad and set the iPad up as a new iPad. Everything was working great. For 4 days, I had no issues. Had my company enable my account to install MobileIron and configuration. Not 5 minutes after the entire setup, the screen started freezing. Games, web browsing, Facebook app, all freeze for about 10-20 seconds at sporadic times.
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3 years ago, Beekster1969
Avoid at all costs
Our company switched to this product for some unknown reason. I believe it has something to do with security but we were not told the reason. With that said, it’s terrible. You have to have it open to known when you have a new e-mail. This drains your battery. Another item is that I can no longer go to a simple URL link. Maybe this is also a security issue? But I can manually go to the link by copy and paste so what does it matter? I would never recommend this product to anyone… IF you have a choice.
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4 years ago, ShelbySaleen47832
Bullet Numbering in Email is off
I’m a loyal, frequent user of MobileIron. It worked great, until a recent defect I noticed. When sending an email (from Outlook in desktop with bullet point numbering) the numbering shows up incorrect when viewing the email through the MobileIron app. I’m still giving you five stars because it’s a great app, but please fix this defect!
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5 years ago, vsp2979
App just crashes, won’t open
Had to reinstall recently on a new device, it worked for the 1st day. It’s been crashing constantly since then, won’t be able to access work emails now. Please fix it.
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10 months ago, mainframe007
Poor Performance
I have two iPhones one for personal one for work. The one with the service on it with minimal apps runs excessively slow doesn’t allow me to unlock the phone in ample time delays. The keyboard prevents me from doing basic tasks in a timely manner so that I can be affective at work, some considerations to think about would be thinking about the end users experience on the phone. If your app slows down the core Apple processes, then you might wanna consider what you’re doing with the app overall.
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4 years ago, jrobnavet
Problems with support and email.
My original problem was the lack of search capability within email folders. When I tried to submit a bug report in-app, the TO line was blank. That started a search for a tech support email on their website. Nada. So I come to the App Store and the feedback link doesn’t work either. The company probably thinks customers are happy since they’ve had no bug reports!
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6 years ago, ZachC123
Those complaining about privacy???
This app is used by companies to protect information, known as security. It’s a necessary evil for sure. But for those complainers talking about privacy and what the app is capable of, talk to your company. It is the company’s decision on what settings or restrictions MobileIron is capable of. The company is the customer of MobileIron and they decide what it can and cannot do. You look like fools if you think otherwise and complain.
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4 years ago, G R Woolman
Been a nightmare
Had to load this on personal phone for company emails. I do not work there anymore and although I have deleted this from my phone the app is still controlling everything. How does it control everything when it has been deleted? Their tech is not very helpful because I do not know some pin from the company I no longer work at nor have access to their email system.
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5 years ago, duncanatlk
Does precisely what it is intended to do.
Most of the negative reviews seem to be due to functionality restrictions put in place by the IT departments that deploy it. Functionality missing, e.g. inability to share, has been configured in the policy distributed by your company, not by MobileIron.
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6 years ago, Ammariramzi
Disabled screen capture in the whole phone
They have no way of disabling screen capture on the apps related to work . So they disable the screen capture on the whole phone . So it’s either you lose the screen capture feature which is very important for every day usage or you use their app for work . No thank you I will check my email when I get to work instead . What a shame !
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3 years ago, Tjg101
Junk software I was forced to install
My company forced us to install this software. The only thing I can see that it does is randomly delete my contacts. My phone still knows who it is but I can no longer use Siri or hands free in car because it won’t attach their name to their number. Some contacts now have two to three entries. I fix a contact and 2 minutes later it’s gone. HIGHLY UN-RECOMMENDED
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7 years ago, ColumbusIndiana
Sharing via messages is still not fixed.
Please fix this soon. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why this feature disappeared and then found out it was MobileIron causing the problem. Very frustrating as I would expect this kind of issue to be fixed very quickly in a couple of days not a couple of months.
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7 years ago, moldyhands
Solid app for email, calendar, intranet, etc.
Solid email, work tool app. They fixed the ability to share things through the share button.
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3 years ago, SGworkout
Terrible app
I’ve been trying for half a day to install and activate the MDM profile. No go so far. App crashes and is not at all intuitive. Gave up. I’ll check my mails when I go to the office, thank you. When the rest of the world is trying to make it easy to work remotely, I don’t see any value in an app like this.
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5 years ago, JordonSchultz
IOS 13, worked for about a day
Somehow, this app worked for around a day after they supposedly “updated” for iOS/iPadOS 13 but hasn’t allowed you to open attachments in Docs@work since. Ironically everything is fine for the iPhone and iOS 13 but not so for the iPad. Get it together guys, iPadOS isn’t really different than iOS yet.
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6 years ago, Jvany
Update request
Face ID Copy and paste from within apps to outside them Allowing mail app to sync in real time instead of having to open manually and check for new emails Export calendar to main phone calendar on iOS similar to how contact sync to the main phone contacts
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5 years ago, user that thinks app is crap
App is crap
The finger print sometimes works and most of the times i have to type my passcode? I dont understand cause you have the option to enable touch id and it works like 2 out of 10 times? What kind of crap is that. Then dont even say touch id is available.
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7 years ago, bkplus7
Please fix
The sharing in messages option has been disabled with the update. This is horrible and really needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I spent so much time trying to get this fixed only to find out this app is causing it not Apple.
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5 years ago, Joshisstupid
Horrible app
Most of the time it doesn’t work. I have to force stop it and open again. Very clunky and unreliable. I have tried reinstalling from scratch multiple times and issues still persist. Please fix already!!!!
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7 years ago, Why_1
Fix the action sheet problem update 9.6 did not fix
Mobile iron is causing action sheet issues with pictures and other apps. Why hasn’t this been fixed. It’s been going on since iOS 11 release. Ridiculous. Fix your bugs mobile iron.
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6 years ago, vtbdub
Technology Gone Backwards
This app has made my work email, documents and calendar clunky and not user friendly. My calendar won’t even work with my Apple Watch anymore. Very disappointing when new app makes technology less efficient.
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5 years ago, Not Ungrateful
App crashes as soon as it is opened
iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 12.3 Without exceptions, app continues to crash within a split second. Other apps (for work) rely on this app. Example: Tunnel won’t stay open, the VPN switches off. No time to troubleshoot phone. I have work to do.
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7 years ago, Justin Kent
Not ready for iOS 11
Since the update to iOS 11, I can no longer share photos via a share sheet into Messages. Very inconvenient. A company of this size and importance should be ahead of these updates. Please fix immediately.
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4 years ago, JRVenturaJr
The app is super buggy. I always have problems signing in to my account and email. Always have to delete it and download it again to try to solve the problems. Terrible
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5 years ago, itsyaboi2019
This allows me to use my work email on the go
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7 years ago, Cafesitter
Blocks creation of reminders and meetings on Apple Watch
As soon as I install which I cannot avoid since it’s used by my company it will kill creation of reminders and/or meetings on the Apple Watch - Error message sorry I could not create your reminder
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3 years ago, Joe-Anon-Doe
Unclear what this thing even does in the background, if your employer forces you to use it let them know that’s a problem and/or switch jobs.
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2 years ago, asjdrvdhghikkk
Renders Apple Watch useless
Installed for corporate requirements. It prevents you from accessing even the time or find my phone feature if your phone isn’t unlocked first. Terrible.
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4 years ago, FS465425
Why doesn’t it install profiles?
The app won’t install profiles when the user is not allowed. The app should be able to install profiles when pushed by the administrator.
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6 years ago, gabusmaximus
Security app
Mobility is tricky for business nowadays, and I think these folks do it best
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6 years ago, Dr.Suburban99
Easy app
Install profile and roll.
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7 years ago, BXGuy
Email do not sync
Ever since upgrading to IOS 11.1.1 emails either don’t sync or takes forever to open. Various users are having the same issues. Very frustrating. Please fix ASAP.
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7 years ago, Mark in Brooklyn
When are you going to fix this?
iOS 11 is borked. You can’t use the quick send from apps or pictures via messages anymore and this app is responsible. It’s been known since June. It’s November.
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5 years ago, Dima78
Quite horrible
The app constantly crashes. Now I need to reinstall it because it stopped working. Even when it works, the design and functions are very outdated.
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7 years ago, Uga13reviewer
Not able to share within iMessage
Once you update to iOS 11, you are not able to share any link via any app using iMessage. Please fix as soon as possible.
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6 years ago, BruiserXX
Companies like this don’t have to care how their software runs because companies like mine force us to use it. Way to not care because you don’t have to.
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6 years ago, trose124
Super quirky
This app is super quirky with a lot of bugs. I have a lot of problems forwarding emails and forget about forwarding anything with an attachment. Wish my firm would change to a different platform.
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4 years ago, jsntrenkler
Lack of updates
Terrible software, slow support. And always behind when it comes to updating software.
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5 years ago, alby3z85
Waste of time
Please, solve the writing issue in the email. If you try to move the cursor somewhere in the text, you just get stuck with the cursor vanished that is impossible to be repositioned.
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2 years ago, redshirtkiller
I despise this app
Have to use it for work and I can’t stand it. Buggy as heck- from when I first used it in 2015 to today in 2022. New year, same craptastical app.
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3 years ago, ManojCS
Why does it need access to my personal data.
Please don't install this. Not knowing what level of data it can track I wouldn't trust to add the profile.
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5 years ago, #hadtofindadifferentwayhome
Not working IOS13
How is this possible when you have had the opportunity to test it. Fix this ASAP. You are supposed to be an Enterprise solution, not problem.
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6 years ago, Nathan B @ CHI
Registration is Broken
The registration feature necessary for signing up is broken. The “register” button is disabled even after I put in my ID, so there’s no way to use the app.
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7 years ago, Cha02
Many issues
Lost the ability to text photos from camera roll due to this app??? Needs a major update.
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5 years ago, Suzeekew2
Battery hog
This app consumes more of my battery than any other app on my phone - more than twice the next biggest app. It stinks to have your battery drained by this app.
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6 years ago, StuckInTheCloud99
Poor development with lack of support
My company requires this app for email access. Ever since I downloaded the app my phone freezes and requires constant restarts.
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4 years ago, Shadowdc1
Unable to remove profile
I don’t understand why I am suddenly unable to remove the profile and reconfig
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