iVCam Webcam

4.3 (14K)
18.2 MB
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Current version
俊红 柴
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6 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for iVCam Webcam

4.26 out of 5
14K Ratings
4 years ago, brosnet
I really liked the app, but!!
Like the headline says. I really liked the app. Very responsive. Good quality of video. Although, I would recommend good lighting to improve the quality of the white balance and light capture. I was streaming out of the batt I’m 1080pm using OBS with two cameras (phones). Computer app was working flawlessly. I really like it and will continue using it. The down side here and the reason I don’t give 5 stars is related to the payment. I paid the 9.99 full version. Based on the information here. This app is compatible with family sharing. Meaning that I should not have to pay 9.99 for each device as long as they are under my family sharing. I would restore the purchase but, but still get the ads and watermark. I had to pay an extra 9.99 for it to go away on my other iCloud account. So that is already 20$ dollars. The only reason I paid it. Is because it is a fraction of the price of a good webcam or digital camera. Still you get the quality. I would say it is even better. Lots of things can be done with it. The app does what it promises. It is a good one to use and easy. I recommend it.
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4 years ago, MoonMusic NYC
Best webcam software for Windows users!
After trying out other webcam programs, I found the features and quality on iVCam to be the best. I use an iPhone 11 clamped to my monitor with a Smartrig multifunctional clamp, smartphone mount and ring light and it blows away my Logitech C922 in image quality. I get up to 4K 60 frames video with excellent low light performance. You can use iVCam with multiple devices which EpocCam will charge you extra for and I’ve found the latency to be much better than NDI HX Camera which is a $20 app. It is also the only app I found that allows you to use the mouse wheel or keyboard keys to control zoom in/out. This is a great convenience when you want to size yourself in a screen or crop out edges of a green screen without having to reach around a mounted iPhone to pinch and zoom on a tiny screen that is facing away from you when using the better rear camera lenses. I tried a lot of demos of these apps and finally bought the full version of iVCam and feel it’s maybe the best $10 I’ve spent on an app. If you’re a Windows user with an iPhone that you can spare during web calls then you already have a better webcam than most of the dedicated ones out there that are scarce and/or over-priced during these work-from-home times. This is frankly a no-brainer.
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4 years ago, jmprod
Pretty good, but a little secretive
I have only used it for a couple hours, but it seems to work with OBS. I paid for it, but there are still pop ups. Stopped letting me change camera lenses until I left a review. I have a good internet connection and router so it can stream 1080p 30fps well, but there seems to be a slight lag (expected - no sweat). About the same amount of lag over USB. Update: Trial expired for the PC Client so it only works in SD and with a watermark. The app plus the client is more expensive than Camera for OBS. It’s not a bad app, but they weren’t upfront about this and I needed it mainly for OBS. Generally wouldn’t recommend because of this. Update2: Realized $16 to use my existing phone as a better webcam than a $100 Logitech USB webcam isn’t a bad deal, especially after seeing the competition’s reviews. I would give this 5 stars but they should have been more upfront about the double purchase ($8 app plus full ad-free $8 client).
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3 years ago, Commuter bookie
Great app! - some multi cam advice here!
I was tasked with streaming a small outdoor wedding to 200 people who couldn’t come because of the pandemic. Never did anything like it before but determined to make it great, despite no ability to have additional helpers. Installed 3 instances of ivCam. Mounted 2 in strategic positions. Set up one attentive guest with it for a different vantage. (Added a wired in DSLR for a great main view) and fed it all into OBS. Some smooth transitions between all the views and the finished product got rave reviews. One confusing point for me. You have great control over the camera from the ivCam application on the pc - quality, exposure, etc. and an all important setting for hardware decoding. But I could not figure out how to get to each camera instance. Sometimes I got instance #1. Sometimes #2. It was all working in OBS, but couldn’t find the ivCam controls for each of the 3 cams. Turns out that I’d you just keep launching the ivCam application, it will load the additional instances. You don’t specify which instance - just keep launching and eventually you get them all.
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6 years ago, OJGaming
Nearly almost perfect but HELP...!
Okay so I gave this a 5 start review because it is basically perfect! I’m so happy that added USB support because I can not trust my WiFi connection. However the issue comes in (atleast for me) when I try to record from the client app on PC. I figured with the USB stability I wouldn’t have lagginess of audio and video and it would be all synced up, but boy was I wrong. This really needs to be fixed because at times it would buffer and chop up on a USB CONNECTION! Which doesn’t make much sense to me because it’s connected my USB 3.0 port. I wanted to use this to make video production easier but this is a major problem. I could understand if this happened under a WiFi connection but USB is just unforgivable. However that’s the only glitch/bug that I have had a problem with. If I use OBS just to pick up ivCam as my webcam there is no lag or stutter. The problem only comes from recording within the app! Other than that I love the app and has really helped me step up my video production!
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4 years ago, Ohmybobsaget
Pay $9.99 to unlock the 5 star rating
I wish this was stated more clearly before purchasing. The initial $8 was for a trial version of the app. I was shocked to find out that a paid app was not considered the full version. I was hit with the infamous rate 5 stars in order to get my old function of flipping the camera back, which is silly. Shortly after I was notified that my trial had ended and I would need to pay an additional $9 to get the full version. I ended up doing so, because I do enjoy the app. It seems that the watermark and the ads have disappeared so that’s great. The app works well enough for me and I enjoy the user interface. I just wish there was a separate free trial version and a full paid version in one transaction. I feel cheated on after the first transaction, because it was not made clear that the first purchase was for a trial. Other than that, the full version seems to be working well. USB connection works as long as you have itunes downloaded. I also recommend having Ivcam open on the iphone first before opening ivcam on pc to avoid some weird black screen issue.
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4 years ago, KingBrewMonkey
Works for what I need
A bit annoyed at that it initially is free download that works, then a week later it locks features that were working fine and requires a 5 star rating to unlock them again for use, and then becomes a trial. I wouldn’t be annoyed if this was stated up front that it is a two week trial without the seeming deception of “free” that most websites pointing to it say because they use it for 10 mins unlocked, write their review and then delete it before this junk happens. I also am not in the web development business, so I don’t know the struggles of this field. Sometimes underhanded and deceitful tactics are used because there is no other option for success and that makes me sad. Anyway, I’ve tried a bunch of other webcam software apps and this one just works with minimal effort compared to others that seemingly required programming skills to set up that I couldn’t figure out and don’t have much patience lately. That annoys me too.
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3 years ago, givemedevo
Developer, responding to your question
Don’t waste your time This was my original review, above. Just about every review here addresses the issues with your app. Which are legit. I understand ads on the free version. It worked flawlessly until your latest update for the computer, which was forced. The program will not work without the updated version on the computer. After the update the camera is forced into a “fixed orientation” and does not allow it to rotate as it previously did. You have a function which allows you to switch camera or switch “side” left to right. Nothing for rotation or orientation. I tried backdating to previous versions but this will not work either. You mention in several replies to make sure the user is using the most current version. Thanks for creating a cool app that sort of works but between the ads and the connectivity issues I don’t understand. The device even requires a WiFi connection even with data and a hardline connection to the computer. I’d rather not use WiFi. Thanks for responding to my review. You should find this detailed review much more helpful.
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3 years ago, natefish
Excellent app, but beware multiple users on same network
This app has been great and works as advertised. Overall, you can’t do better for the money. BUT...However, I really wish there was a way to choose which PC to connect to before it automatically connects. Where I teach, several teachers in my building have discovered how great this app is. However, we are all on the same network and the app wants to connect to the first connection it finds. I often have to close the connection several times before it finds my PC and the other teachers have to do the same. There is direct IP connection, but our IP addresses aren’t static and IP addresses are cumbersome to look up. I did reach out to the dev with these concerns a few months ago but never heard back.
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4 years ago, XZombiecrusherX
Not sure how to rate
I just made a booster box opening with this app and it made my video keep freezing through out the whole video. Of course I was unaware and ended up being disappointed when rewatching to see how it came out. I like the app and tested it a few times before actually making my video with it being completely fine. But when making my video it made it come out horribly. Update: I bought the app for $9.99 it was working great making another video I managed to notice half way through that the WiFi signal got weak for no reason. My router is only about 2 feet from where I’m sitting and everything else works fine. It started to make my video choppy again so I had to cut the video. I’m not too sure what is going on with this and why the app decides that the WiFi signal is weak when it’s not. I tried connecting it with a USB and it still relies on a WiFi signal. Think I will try to get a refund.
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6 years ago, Jemraider
Perfect but with a possible problem
As a content creator, I want to make videos in the best possible quality I can. Since I was getting annoyed with the quality of my Logitech C920, I wanted to look for something MUCH better. And behold, this app appeared. I cannot stress ho perfect this app is for m. Being able to get a webcam to record at 1080p and 60fps is a absolute blessing. And the fact that it’s using a pretty good camera from an iPhone 6 makes it even better! I’m still going to give it 5 stars because of how much I love the app, but I do have one problem with it. After 15-25 minutes of using the app (mind you, my phone is on a cell phone mount above my monitor in the air and the top of the monitor does not blow out any hot air), I will get a temperature warning message because my phon is overheating. I tested this issue with leaving my phone on for an hour both in standby mode and with the camera app open and I didn’t get that same message. I don’t know if it’s a freak issue but I’m also getting a cooler for my phone for it. Regardless, despite the overheating issue, I love the app. Once I get my setup situated, I’m definitely making a video about this app!
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4 years ago, Guillermiz
Disappointed with microphone app
The camera app works very well. If you are using the application with a professional purpose such as a live presentation make sure you have the full application. The free app comes with advertisements that can pop up an ruin your carefully prepared presentation. THE FULL iVCam APP IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. It will deliver a lot of value on your small investment. HOWEVER, don’t attempt to download the portion of the app that enables your phone as microphone as well. It totally ruined live my presentation. My audience couldn’t hear me. I was lucky that someone in the audience shared that they could here a voice saying “trial something”. It took me for ever to realize the problem was the e2eSoft mic application. I was still live while dealing with the microphone technical issues. My presentation started 30 minutes late. It was VERY EMBARRASSING. DO NOT ATTEMP TO USE THE MICROPHONE APPLICATION e2eSoft.
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4 years ago, person who will remain unknown
Great app, worked as intended
I was very hesitant when I got this app, it seemed a little to good to be true. The setup was very easy and only took a few minutes. It connected automatically to my phone and I immediately went to test it on Zoom and to my amazement it worked perfectly. The only issue I had with the app was the mic, I wanted to test out the mic and it allowed me to do it by echoing back my audio if I wanted, it played fine through my speaker but I couldn’t get it to play through my headset I haven’t had the app for very long so I hope there’s a simple solution to this, and I’m not even sure it’s a problem with the app.
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7 years ago, Charls09
Works flawlessly
I was in need of a webcam with the ability to show a much larger area than the one that came with my laptop. I didn't want to purchase another webcam so I looked into using my iPhone. After doing some research I chose this app. I installed it, set it up and have used it a few times now. I used the free version first and it worked very well so I upgraded by paying $2.99 to the full version (the free version contains a watermark on the image and the upgraded does not). The full version has worked flawlessly for me so far. I highly recommend it. Setup and use is extremely fast and simple. It gets the job done.
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3 years ago, Patty-Mick72
Works great
In these days of the pandemic everyone is using webcams and unless you want to part with or even have the cash for a really quality webcam. I’m using the iPhone 11 with a windows computer and it looks great. Like if I spent a ton of cash on a great camera. The 11 has a great camera so 9.99 for a year of premium. It’s a no brained plus cash is tight with the pandemic so I’m really glad this is there and it works cross platform. What more can I say? If your on a video call put your phone on do not disturb and take your meeting. You’ll get your texts and voicemails when you shut DND off , so no problem if you only have one phone.
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4 years ago, s3z3v
Free version becomes impossible to use
For the first month, it was working well for me, with two minor problems - 1) the watermark on the screen, which is fine considering this app is currently free, 2) once it shows an ad, I always end up having to close and restart the app to get the camera working again. Now that I left a review to use the “camera flip” feature, they started showing me ads that I couldn’t close (because close button was too far up to click), and the ad never went away after restarting the app. (EDIT: The ad problem seems to have been mostly fixed after this review!)
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1 year ago, Nef'arious
Tried to find something better.
As a content creator with limited funding I find this app to be the best. I wasted money on an expensive go pro hoping I would get better quality while streaming. All I got was more issues. Limited functionality. Limited features. I quickly went back to using my iPhone 7 with IVCam and it was significantly better. Blurred backgrounds without having to pay some ridiculous website. Full customization from brightness, ISO, etc. I left IVCam for about a year. Happy to be back using something I can count on.
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2 years ago, iamnewzealand
I love this app and have no complaints about how it works. However, I purchased it on the PC version (as my account is Family Shared and I can’t buy things from it using my own card) and I can’t tell you enough how obnoxious it is. Every single time the PC app needs an update, I have to play email tag with the support to reactivate my account because for some reason, it completely uninstalls the dependency file that says I have a premium account, and I’m not about to buy it again on my phone just to fix it because it’s not worth $20. If they would fix this issue, 5* for sure.
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4 years ago, EJBSK8
I like it but.
It works well and the video is clear. It works with all of my meeting software. For sound you need the virtual sound card mainly to access the microphone on the phone. The rest of the sound software requires some knowledge about computer sound and the interface and mixing computer devices to operate at full capacity. I am intrigued with the idea of using multiple iVCams. It is a nice feature to convert and iPad and iPhone into two cam-corders at the same time. It is easy to purchase virtual video camera software by mistake (VCam). I did. Now I am try to see if I can make use of it. The VCam is unique and usable. It is not user friendly for simple screen capture. Instead, VCam acts like a camera device forbrecording into your movie making software. VCam has many effects and some editing can be performed. I am please it does the webcam job really well. I am testing the multi camera feature. This is cool. Not convinced yet about VCam. The jury is still out on that product.
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4 years ago, Merak1
Works perfectly
I can’t appreciate this app enough. Under coronavirus circumstances, I have to work from home. I put my laptop on a stand with connection to an external monitor, making the built-in webcam facing the wrong direction....I was thinking about buying a webcam so people can see my face over virtual meetings, but I just can justify to throw down money for something expected to be only useful for this period of time—-until I found this app! Works as intended. Free version has ads pops up periodically ON YOR PHONE ONLY, not impeding the webcam function on the computer side, so no bother to me at all. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Jeff hutt
Overheats and kills battery
The paid version of this app works great and has lots of useful functions, except for you cannot use it very long because it either kills your battery or overheats and shuts down. I have tried on two different devices and got the same result. When plugged into usb, latency is almost zero but it drains battery faster than usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 can provide. When using wifi while plugged into the wall, the device gets so hot it eventually errors out and shuts down after about an hour. Not sure what to do at this point because it works well and I want to use it for long periods, but cannot. Any developer thoughts on how to fix the power consumption on this app?
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3 years ago, Tofup97
4 out of 5 for streaming, 5 out of 5 for everything else
Still the best app to turn your phone into a web cam on a budget. Trust me, I’ve looked everywhere. I brought the full version for streaming through obs, and it works great if you are not using 1080p from the cam. If you do then you will have lots of freezes and lag once the stream starts. I have a strong computer with a 1660 super gpu and high end cpu. My phone is an iPhone XS. So it’s not hardware limitations. Kinda bummed out that I can stream my face with 1080p but 720 is still just okay.
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4 years ago, SLCYES
Spammed with ads
I watched a streamer recommend this app and i thought it would be very good since I had just built a pc and didn’t have a webcam. To my great surprise, it was totally the opposite. After the free trial, the app is loaded with ads that pop up ever 45 seconds. Then when I X out of them, I can’t see what the camera sees on my own phone; I only see “IVCam”. Would it make it worse if I told you that half of the time the camera doesn’t even have the correct orientation? I have to flip it a few times before I can record anything. It also spends forever focusing at its aweful framerate. I know I can’t expect everything to be good in an app that has a premium version that I’m not paying for, but they push the premium version too much and it is completely unbearable. I ordered a webcam yesterday.
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4 years ago, LNCrosby
It is a bit buggy transitioning from trial to paid!
I bought this app on company’s website in order to be eligible for Family Sharing. After having problems with the app shifting from trial to paid, it finally worked smoothly. Now, it has been a little over a month and I am getting messages that the trial has expired and I must purchase this app - again! I have gotten frustrated with this constant trial problem that keeps coming up and am about to ask for a refund from the company. It is very frustrating to depend on iVCam for video conferencing and the app unexpectedly fails in this manner. If you want something secure, iVCam is not reliable in its present version.
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4 years ago, Harudo_
Desktop Application
The app worked perfectly fine for my use case. The only thing I would include on the desktop version is a notification or pop up message that tells you what short you press. I like to use af/ae lock on my phone but there is no indication on the desktop program when I use the short cut. I have no idea if it’s enable or disabled and it frustrating to see my refocus on its on. Some sort of prompt or notification would be helpful when triggering shortcuts
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4 years ago, sithijith123
I want to die
I don’t know about videos but if you’re using this to make something like a stop motion never download this. First there’s horrible lag. And this lag just happens randomly, it works fine half of the time but the the lag kicks you have to waste your time till the camera catches up to what happened. And no this is definitely not something wrong with my internet connection. This app also loves not connecting to your computer, one time I spent almost 20 minutes trying to pair this garbage to the computer. And also, the camera has it’s own will, it always changes the brightness making each photo look ridiculously different. I wish I never found this. It’s been 2 days of just rage and disappointment. Hope this company will go bankrupt...
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4 years ago, ProbablyNoah
Works great, use it all the time
Since COVID hit, I’ve had a lot of time to try this out. It hasn’t failed me once. My only gripe is sometimes the Windows app separates the Webcam input into “IVCam#1” and “IVCam#2”. I’m not sure why it does this, but say you have Chrome or Zoom set to use IVCam#2 from your previous session. If it decides to be IVCam#1 that day, you’ll get no video unless you change the input settings to IVCam#1. So, not always plug and play. Other than this, once it gets going, it works flawlessly. It works just as if it were a real webcam. Fantastic job, developers.
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4 years ago, Tyson2
Simple solution
I use the app to use my iPhone with Zoom and OBS on Windows 10 over USB with separate audio input into computer. Simple and easy to use. Cheaper than OBS camera app (but doesn’t have histogram). Bonus feature is you can press record right in the app and it will instantly save a video file on your computer when you stop. Was angry that the ads continued after I purchased the pro version. Support kindly encourages me to restart the app. Ads went away after that.
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3 years ago, Bobbity boo
Picture is good, but overall not worth it
Used the free version to make some instructional videos so my phone could provide Picture in Picture. Worked fine for that purpose. Be sure to connect over USB. WiFi connection is very laggy and unreliable. Very difficult to connect over usb, however. Had to turn off WiFi on my phone, because the app defaults to WiFi connection. Upgraded to the full purchase for 1080p live-streaming and it did not work for what I wanted. Opened task manager. The PC app is very CPU heavy and with OBS and Cubase running, the picture lags and freezes. My other webcams are fine. I was hoping to use it for another camera angle. For that it is completely useless.
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4 years ago, AdiChopChop
Update cancels previous purchase?
Hi, I purchased the app version here in addition to pc companion AND the VSC microphone add on from e2esoft and now nothing is working. The pc version updated and my license no longer works, the software just says that the license has already been used! I paid 8$ for the phone app and 8$for the PC software and 20$ more for the VSC microphone virtual sound card. Now the app is asking for 25$ for the new full version that includes all these features when I’ve already paid a total of over 36$ and each piece of software is saying that I’m on a trial version and I need to purchase it again. What is going on? The software works great but I already paid for the entire full version and now I have to pay another 25$? HELP
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6 years ago, Devicetattoo
Very impressed
I’ve downloaded many apps which claim to easily connect Wi-Fi to remotely function other software applications. None of which stand up to their claims of “ease-of-use”, most don’t work at all. iVCams free version DOES have annoying ADDS which block your view and distracts from the flow. BUT the free version allows you to see how seamlessly the app WORKS connecting the iPaD/Wi-Fi. Within 30 seconds of use I mediately bought the non-add version for 2.99. This app is wonderful and stands up to its claims. 👏
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2 months ago, infinitecomplex
gets the job done
It gets the job done (I’m currently using it until I can get a webcam for streaming), but it’s a shame to see that I plugged it into my computer maybe 3 times before the “trial” I wasn’t even aware of expired. I can deal with the low frames and quality for free, but the yearly fee isn’t so high that it’s completely outrageous. If you need a webcam for streaming such as myself, it seems like the better option would be to just get a webcam when you can if you’re also using this app for streaming like I am in a pinch.
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3 years ago, dmx0987664321
Good but the PC app has issues
Works well, except once you install the PC application, it immediately makes the default video and audio inputs the phone camera and mic and won't let you use any others, but I have another mic I want to use - and it won't let you actually use the phone mic with it, it'll just play a recording of "TRIAL VERSION" to whatever call you're in unless you pay. Even when I actually got a webcam, because I was done with this app, it wouldn't let me use it until I uninstalled IVCam. So, it works, but in my opinion there are better options.
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6 years ago, M_Zcroft
App working perfectly fine -updated review-
Hi. I tried to connect with USB and it really worked fine. I suggest to silent your phone when using app cause any sound -vibrate- is really noisy especially when you recording a video. Unlike the other apps,on PC when you minimize the recording window it won't stop recording -Gamers will understand this part it's really annoying- If you don't have enough money for expansive webcams this app will do the job Thank you <3
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5 years ago, KayTeaBiscuits
Good but having trouble -Help-
Hi. So it’s good. I’m using the free version and despite the ad that goes across the screen when recording the quality of shot is good. However, I don’t know if it’s just me, the microphone is very echoey when I tried using the program with OBS. Maybe they’re not compatible like I thought but I want to stream on twitch and the echos are driving me insane. Other than that it’s easy to sync my phone with my Windows PC, so that’s good. PLEASE, if anyone has advice, let me know what I can do so I can stream!
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4 years ago, vpnuser1011783
Bad at switching modes
The app totally crashes if you try to switch modes from wifi to usb etc. You have to restart everything in a specific order to be able to connect again. Also if you accidentally close the pc app, it totally messes up when you try to reopen and reconnect. Plus the desktop app often does not open for me. Personally found epoccam to be a smoother experience but they have less features in terms of video quality (no 4k), frame rates, recording etc. I just needed a good app to use my phone as webcam for classes for which 1080p is enough and reliability is more important.
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1 year ago, 1 for the People
Ads on premium
Purchased the permanent license and it made me watch a ad and restore my purchase every time I opened it. scaming me into watching ads to use what I already purchased is so frustrating . now it stop working all together all premium features disabled and stuck in trail mode even after restoring my purchase on top of that I was told by e2esoft customer support to purchase the app again as Apple wouldn’t charge me for it twice and now I’m short another 26$ really just upset about the whole situation it’s a good app but seems like a greedy tactic to make customers watch ads on a premium purchase in the manner they do
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4 years ago, Gabe🎙
Here’s my only request.
As the iPhone generations progress not in hardware but in software, allowing each new phone’s camera to be a step up for the last, the only thing apps like this are missing is the ability to manually adjust blur and focus. This should be an option if not available to both versions at least available to the pro version so that people like myself and adjust the blur of my background while keeping myself in focus. This to me is the only thing holding this app from being the best iPhone to webcam app on the AppStore.
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4 years ago, GMooney2013
Worked great until today Nov. 17th 2020
Got this maybe 3 weeks ago and it worked great until today when I went to record video through usb as the WiFi route has too much lagging. But after 3 full hours and my entire workday lost I’m here trying to share. Tried everything from forums to reinstalling and restarting both PC and IPhone, updating any drivers, and it’s still messing up. Sadly the company is only available through a message online, so I’m at their mercy. Sadly as well, I bought the Full version at $25! Maybe should have invested in a webcam instead... if I hear back from them anytime soon I’ll update but that’s been my experience.
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4 years ago, BoSsEbLaZiN
I like it and use it often
My biggest problem with the iVCam app is when it sends the camera feed from my phone pro Max over to my computer it gets slightly fuzzy. It’s not the 4K quality my phone is capable of, and it’s not just the high resolutions that do it, it’s any size 1080p 720p they’re all really fuzzy I know it’s not that big of a deal but it just feels like it’s not the quality of the phone :/ other than that I completely love this app! Stream with it all the time.
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4 years ago, _KevinJerome_
Almost Perfect
Firstly, I wanna say great job on this! This app is super useful and saves 100’s on buying a webcam. The only issue I’m having is sometime my video feed will rapidly switch from colored to black and white back and forth. This will last 5-15 seconds and then stop for a while. I can’t seem to find a pattern to when this happens or what might cause it. Other than that it’s perfect :)
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4 years ago, jindomie
Pleasant surprise
Decided to turn my iPhone 5 into a webcam since I was being cheap. Plus there's a shortage of webcams because of covid 19. App works super well with easy set up. Connectivity is stable. It some settings are a little clunky when usin a phone. Flipping image vertically/horizontally and then the touch adjustment of exposure/white balance. Using the desktop app to adjust is much easier. Overall a great option if you have an phone laying around and want to try streaming.
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4 years ago, Leather B Windfree
I like it so far!!!
So far it dis exactly what I needed it too and it’s pretty quick! I would like more features so well see what I think with those. So far I’m content, my computer is older but iphone XSMax runs good with windows 10. I can’t run 60 frames with video quality at high because I own a 10 year old computer! I’m sure with the right equipment this program would run smoother. Rating = 8.9 stars out of 10
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4 years ago, jkolling
Video works great... still figuring out audio
This app has been really helpful for me because I usually keep my laptop shut — I project to two screens, so I’m unable to use the built-in web cam on my laptop for video conferences without moving everything on my desk around. However, I still have to use the laptop mic to speak, and tried downloading the audio add-in for this app, but it’s only a trial version.
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4 years ago, Phoendro
Simply surprised
this app just works as long as u know the settings u want u can change anything, even video encoder format which is perfect. The only problem is that rarely the display on the phone goes blank, still works, but I can’t change any settings. My guess is that a few of the adds are interfering with the function of the app. But I works perfectly once u restart the app.
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4 years ago, hobiesa
IVCamera App
Been using the app for a week now and no issues whatsoever. The set up was slightly more complicated than the four other apps, but the fact I have not had a single issue is worth it. Will most likely upgrade to purchased option. Have not played with WiFi connection too much but that’s due to my network and not the app.
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6 years ago, ArcFuu
Pretty Nice
It turned my phone into a webcam and was pretty easy to use. Connected to my discord and worked well for video calls without having to switch to my phone app. The only bad thing is the watermark that flies across the screen every few minutes. But for a no cost alternative I can live with that. One time it did stop workin because I didn’t update so make sure you update the drivers.
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4 years ago, Weekly subscription fee
Audio not good
1. The information for microphone settings is ambiguous. At first I couldn’t get the audio to play on the PC. And then when I did, even when I turned off the app the microphone from the mobile phone still played through the PC. 2. The room noise coming in through the mobile phone microphone is really loud! A filter option would be beneficial. 3. There should be a mute button on the phone screen. 4. Audio quality is really poor with much skipping and static-like noise.
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6 years ago, jk431959
Not Connecting
Gave this app a try based on all the positive feedback and was highly disappointed. App would not connect to my PC. I allowed it through my firewall and Avast. I added my PC IP address to the app and still not connecting. I then attempted to send an email to them on their site and I get this message “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later” I did several times and still getting same message. My internet connection is good so that isn’t the issue either. Too bad because I was looking forward to the same experience others seem to have with a smooth working app.
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4 years ago, Automatic User
Bait and Switch
The software is decent, connecting the iPhone to my windows PC using wifi or USB was not a problem and I was able to use it with Webex. The problem is after two weeks of use, all of my setting disappeared and I couldn't use the camera in portrait mode. Shortly thereafter it placed a large box over the center of my picture that said "TRIAL." This app isn't really free. So be aware that if you want to use it long term it's going to cost you. Seems dishonest to slowly take away features from users after a certain threshold with no indication that it's a trial app.
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