iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar

4.8 (56.7K)
82.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
ComcSoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar

4.77 out of 5
56.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Kyotosandz
Saved me...
Literally a day before my first coding assignment is due, my MacBook Pro adapter stopped charging my laptop, that was at 47% and counting. Long story short, I got right online and ordered a new one, but my power was getting lower and lower, and I had my first coding assignment due the next day 🤯 !!! Trying to follow all the instructions my teacher wanted, my Mac went “bye-bye”🥺😳💩🤯🥴🤢 is how I felt... I’ve never used my iPad before, to zip a file, but with all the apps out here, and it being 2019, I figured someone made one! After sifting through a lot that “Unzip”, I downloaded 2 apps, that turned out to be poor in use (didn’t open Google Drive within their), or were bait and switch situation (free to download, not to use without a $2.99 purchase). I found iZip after a desperate second look 😓, and am so grateful that I did. I logged into my Google Drive from the app, figured out how to make my folders, zipped up everything, and wham bam, thank you Ma’am, I did my assignment with time to spare. The stress of it all was relieved with this app. Hopefully my instructor won’t have a problem opening the file, as other’s have reported. If so, I will be back with an update! Other than that, the app is easy to use. Clear screens, and functions. I took a little while to figure out how to make new folder’s to put inside others, but it was done. I will keep this I app for future (hopefully, non-emergency🤯) use. 🥰
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4 years ago, Stevie Football
App does the job!
While looking for a free app to unzip files, I came across this app and downloaded it hoping (but not expecting) that the free version would do what I needed. And to my surprise and delight, the free version of this app did and continues to do the job. It should be added that the aspect of how and when the ads in this version will appear can get a little annoying/repetitive. But all in all, it’s a small price to pay for not having to pay a price. For the purposes of basic tasks, you can’t go wrong with this app!
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5 years ago, Joe Rsh R.
Free? Full of undisclosed limits.
I DL’d for my iPhone 7s and figured it would work as a Zip/Unzip engine & file manager plus everything else described. I never got past the fact that picture sizes were automatically changed from original resolution to “medium.” Changing that and enabling the ability to use a password required purchasing the Pro version is an instant deal breaker for me. Why? It’s not the price—I had every intention of paying for the Pro version if it worked to my satisfaction; the price is more than reasonable. But as others have observed the description is deceptive (with the disabled features making the product essentially inoperable) and THAT is unacceptable as far as I’m concerned. I’m deleting it and returning to my search for something that suits me (works as describes). I’ll be direct and honest: I hope the developer takes this/these criticisms to heart. I don’t believe they are being left in spite; I know mine is written to inform and, if possible, offer constructive feedback for the developers. The app is “fixable” IMHO and if made to work as people expect, would be worthwhile—and well worth what the developers are asking (for their Pro version).
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1 year ago, Nippersinker
Paid for pro...can't zip a file even though in your videos you SHOW the "ZIP" Share icons. This is false advertisement. Therefore Illegal. Class action Law suit illegal. If I am paying for what I see I expect to get what I see. Removed app, re downloaded app to see if it was an issue. No, they just ripped me off thats all. Love the product, don't mind paying for what I get. I don't believe in free. FREE shouldn't exist, has turned people into blood sucking entitlists. But I shouldn't be conned into having to pay for this app then your other app to get what I need. I would have just gotten the other app. You all owe me the difference, and you need to re do these videos for this particular version because it doesn't include what you are showing.
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3 years ago, Redfab5
Locked Out
I use this app daily and have loved it but I set up face recognition today and it would not recognize me so now it says it’s locked from too many attempts. There is no other option to get back in. I can’t find a valid email to contact you (the one listed is not active) so have to do here. Please help. ETA: Changed my rating. Finally found a way to contact the developer and response was immediate. Back at work. Ps. Problem resolved by turning off face recognition in my iPad settings.
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4 years ago, Jojo8484
Barely useable
This app crashes all the time, especially when you try to leave the advertisement screen back to the files screen. It just gets stuck on a white screen and you have to close the app to get back to your files. Also, when playing media files, it will often just restart the playback for no reason. Even something as basic as deleting files is not intuitive. There is no simple delete button and it seems you have to clear all files at once. If the free version works this poorly, why would we have confidence to pay for the full version? Not impressed and am looking for a better option.
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3 years ago, aqtyd
Very good until…
I like this app very much. I was using it a lot. But lately I don’t have access to it anymore because you updated the age for this app to +17 and due to a content filter on my phone I’m not able to open an app which is categorized for age 17 and up. I don’t think this app has any adult content that it should have such a categorization so I ask you to please switch it back.
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6 years ago, Sean D. Hunt
Ok, but crashes on random files.
There is a crash that happens randomly on files, also media controls on mp3’s and other media files are bugged. On the last file you cannot go back and on an end of a song that would automatically change if you pressed the next button at the same time it will crash. Also if you lock the iPhone, then the music plays till end, unlock it, then lock it the 3 media control thing in lock screen either disappears or the previous, play/pause, and the next button becomes disabled. This all should get fixed tbh.
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5 years ago, Hebeljen
good app, annoying ads
the app itself is simple and works as it should, i have no complaints. what caused me to deduct a star is for the ads. It’s not the fact that they have ads that bothers me—i understand, they need to make money. But, playing the most suddenly loud music or “Buffaloooooo!” every time you open a file is a little annoying. I know i can just upgrade, but honestly, it annoys me so much that i dont want to pay them to encourage keeping the noisy ads. I was just in a lecture and had my speakers up on full blast and just embarrassed myself.
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9 months ago, TopangaTango
Still can’t manually order a playlist/folder…
The app is fine for the most part, I like that it plays from track to track continually. But when you try to organize folders, you can’t have it listed by name if there’s numbers in the title (1,2…10,11,12, etc) because it just registers the first digit; so mine goes (1,10,11,12,13…2,3,4…) and it’s infuriating trying to fix it. I’ve used this thing since like 2016, and am shocked they haven’t allowed you to manually order/sort files!! Disappointed… also the ads are louder now after upgrading. :/
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2 years ago, Nutz4beauty
I'm happy!!
I was already frustrated and tired when I found out I didn't have a .rar extractor on my iPad. A bad day was about to get worse. Two apps in and I was about to blow a gasket; then iZip came to the rescue. In the time it took to delete the other apps, it has found and extracted my project files with ease.
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6 years ago, zReticolo
Good if you want the whole file manager..
The app worked fine to unzip my file, but it made a copy of my zip file in their own folder and unzipped it to that location. I’m trying to use my own folder structure, not theirs. The hassle of having to move my unzipped file back seems unnecessary and like another app trying to take over my life. I want it to work with me, not against me. It’s work 3 stars since it unzipped my file from iCloud for free.. but I uninstalled it because it’s not something I would want to use day to day.
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9 months ago, Sparky McMuffin
So ad laden, its unfunctional
I recently updated the app and the ad barrage is so annoying that I deleted the app. I never liked how the zip content was copied to their folder on my iOS device instead of just working in the source directory in iCloud, so I was already inclined to find some other solution. Now that there are so many ads, with so many gimmicky delays, I feel no desire to upgrade to their pricier version. I’m pretty certain I paid for this app years ago. I get that the dev needs money to continue developing, but this income method turned me off their app hard.
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5 years ago, Pone55
I love it ..but just one little thing
This app is great really helps me send multiple files all at once through email… But the only thing is when I’m trying to select Multiple pictures it doesn’t have a point and drag option to select multiple pics would really make my life easier instead of having to pick each picture one by one
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4 years ago, AmyB8484
Works great, no problems
I've been using this app for a few years now. It's fast, it does what it says it will, and I've never once seen a bug or had a problem. Very convenient that you can open things from safari right from the share button. Keep up the good work.
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4 months ago, Travis_M_AOG
Weirdly says “Wrong Password, try again?”, with a file that has NO PASSWORD!
The title says it all, this app does what you may need, but it for some reason has a random glitch with some files, where despite a file having no password needed at all, it won’t fully unzip and say the error “Wrong Password”, with each attempt at trying again failing for some reason… This is a huge issue.
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6 years ago, DoubleASacman
Zip? Yes. Unzip? No.
This app excels at zipping or compressing files. I select whatever I want and it zips it automatically. Share, export whatever you want works fantastic! While the zip part works great, unzipping and opening files is nonexistent. I have an already zipped file I wanted to unzip. Unzip in app. Great! Now I want to open said file with another app, nope. This app zips the file again. Wait, what? It doesn’t save it anywhere on my phone or on the shared drive I just unzipped the file from.
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2 months ago, chefgon
Very clunky
It technically works, but it unzips your files into its own app storage instead of putting them where your source file was. My zip file was on OneDrive, but to get the unzipped file in the same folder I had to press share and then manually navigate back out to where I started. It’s cumbersome enough that I’d rather go get a laptop than deal with this app. I guess it’ll work in an emergency where I have no other option.
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4 years ago, udspen
After downloading and uninstalling apps that SAY they can work well I quickly found they don’t!! This application is by far the quickest and easiest! Not to mention the freedom of not having to having to pay it!! I’m so LUCKY to have found this application that TRULY does offer what it says it does!!
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4 years ago, Mewf16kin
It won’t let me retrieve the file I uploaded
I downloaded Izip to compress my Minecraft PE worlds so I can upload my maps online. But some of the files are too big to compress without paying premium. So I went to retrieve the files that were too big to upload but the app wouldnt let me. It said I had to pay premium to move my worlds back into files. So now I’m forced to pay a ransom for my files that are too big to compress or take back unless I pay premium. If the app developers are reading this, can you please help me fix this?
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2 years ago, Masterang
Thank you!
I’ve been trying to figure out how to open some far files I downloaded to use in Procreate. Was about to resort to asking my husband for help, but did some research and this app was recommended in an article. So glad it exists. Thank you.
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2 years ago, STVAW
Effective Zip Archiver
I'm impressed overall but especially with the powerful functionality and user-friendly interface. This works way better than the others I have tried.
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4 months ago, sebsmia
Very suspicious, never looked for and certainly never downloaded
I never downloaded this app from my iPhone I never looked for anything like it, it just showed up after I downloaded an app having to do with EXIF metadata removal from photos which now I’m very skeptical of. I don’t really use the App Store ever I don’t download random apps, I have no idea how this got on my phone. Very very similar with Apple and all of its operating systems for every device, it’s whole ecosystem, And this I’ve never seen before…
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4 years ago, Lovitwanttoplaymore
What this app has done for teaching
I love this app, I started in college to unzip my classwork and then continued using. It for work. I have resources cross the nation where I have had to unzip the files. It put big files in one place so when I need it again, I can find it to use later in future years.
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3 years ago, JohnoInMonroe
Easy to use
I bought the pro version and I find this a good utility to upload/download files from iCloud and have them password protected. It is easy enough to use and I have not encountered any problems as of yet.
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3 years ago, Terie36911
Zip files
This is the first 5 star rating I've ever given!!! :) I have had a lot of trouble finding a way to open anything i didn't have to click on to read, and this app does it all with just a click!!!! Thanks so much for a GREAT app --- that's FREE!!!!! 😁
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4 years ago, HAMsmoke
All fixed
Not much needs to be said. A fine zip utility. Halloween 2020 - I am thinking the latest fix has broken DropBox integration. But perhaps it is Dropbox. I am now putting my money that the Dropbox app is having issues.
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5 years ago, Bonnie3j
Great over view, detailed explanation, convenient. I would like to see a short quiz at the end asking questions, waiting a few seconds in between and then providing answers. Give the listener an idea if they remember what was said and reinforcement. Bu good material and did not sound dry.
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4 years ago, Ken6871
Good app until they changed how the app work
It is very frustrating when you have a file extracted and open it, it does not stay on the open file when you switch apps. Before it used to stay, now I have to deal with a 2 second advertisement until you press skip and then re-open the file I had before.
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3 years ago, Abigail N. Rich
Best zip opener; does its exact job
This app will unzip ANY zip file you need and does its job exactly as anticipated, with no intrusive advertisements. I love this! The other apps either can’t open some zip files, play intrusive ads, or both. Use this one!
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9 months ago, Larken Rose
Absolutely useless and poorly designed
I needed to zip 2 video files to export off my phone and the app had me choose the videos, then I select zip, then it takes me to the files page where my only options are to choose a file I want to zip or unzip, none of these files are the videos I just selected. The previous step of choosing the videos was useless and nothing I did led to being able to zip the 2 files
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1 year ago, 09098huhuihi
overall good
If you have been using this there for more than two years. Most of the time it works well, but sometimes. I just can't Close the advertisement, even after the due time of advertisement . I just can't figure out why.
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7 years ago, Emmayemmagallo
Don’t search more
This is the most simple and fabulous unzipper app: Makes his work, unzip everything and it has no problem with saving your documents. The problem: Crash a lot with heavy documents, and it have an messy interface. I'm hopping that this problems would be fixed.
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5 years ago, ProudBuckeye1
Free version worked great
Downloaded WinZip first but then found out I would have to pay for pro version to download & access files on the cloud. Decided to try iZip next and it worked great - could save and unzip files from OneDrive with no issues.
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6 years ago, Bootsie Barker
Works for me and my iPad Air
I don’t use it often, but works fine for me. I use it to unzip documents and am able to the open them in the my iCloud Drive in the folder structure I created. I then go and delete the local files afterward.
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5 years ago, N@$$IM@K
Useful app
Thanks for the useful and simple app. I’ve been having this app since 2 years ago and I don’t have any problem with it. Just now, I did a stupid mistake and deleted some files that are so important to me and I don’t know how could I restore them. Pleaaase don’t tell me that I can’t! Thanks for your supporting.
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4 years ago, Ronnea
I have had no problems with this app as others have reported, however the ads are constant and incredibly annoying. I wouldn’t have a problem upgrading to the pro version, but I’m so frustrated by ads popping up EVERY TIME I open a file (even if I’m just opening my phone back up) that I refuse to give them my money.
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6 years ago, sftts
It’s so hard to unzip multiple files
I hope they fix this problem soon cause it’s going on my nerves. The problem is that I couldn’t unzip multiple files at once , and I have to do it one by one and so freaking hard and the,all,button doesn’t do any good either cause I have to open all of them one one and click unzip!
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3 years ago, Mohammaddarvish
It’s Amazing! I couldn’t watch my teacher’s classes because she usually sends them in RAR files. Now I can easily open them and even send them to my iPad to watch even more easily.
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4 years ago, Snowingpeak
Okay but photos
Just wanted to zip some photos up for a quick thing and this app tells me I need to pay to do more than 10 photos in one zip file. I went to another and didn’t have that problem. Not a bad app but if you’re using it to zip photos it won’t do.
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1 month ago, T0ucH30
I’ve downloaded a ton of these and this is the one. This right here converts to zip with no issues, it even does the steps for you all you gotta do is press ok, and it’s not a greed filled app at all! Great job
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6 years ago, lovinbuble
Wish I could get this to work
I downloaded the app to unzip a file in google drive. I then learned I couldn’t unzip something from google drive unless I had the pro version. Next I tried to move the file to my iPad and was unable to because this app took over. So, plan B - I delete the app, then moved my file to my iPad, reloaded the app and it didn’t respond to my file. I deleted the app again. Side note there are constant ads at the bottom of the app.
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12 months ago, CorinneMSD
One of the rarities - an app that works!
Not only does it work but I works great, no crashing, just works perfectly every time. This unfortunately is a rarity among apps but I greatly appreciate it!
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4 years ago, Debbie91001
I have had an iPad for several years but could never figure out how to get my svg files on it without first unzipping on my lap top. This app is a god-send and so easy to use. Thanks
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5 years ago, Chris Dusendschon
Great and the paid one is even better!
Works perfectly on my iphone 7! Does what I need very simply and efficiently. I shoot photos on my iphone and then send them to my PC or Mac to finish them in Photoshop/Lightroom. The only reason I needed the paid version was so I could zip more than 10 photos at 1 time to save time emailing them to my desktop computers. Both free and paid versions are really useful and work like a charm. Thanks for a great app that makes my photo work so much simpler!
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5 years ago, soulcarol19_
I started really well with the app, I got to unzip an audio file perfectly. But now when I try to unzip another one, the ads come in and interrupt the process! And when I try to unzip a file again, an ad comes and everything gets ruined. I am not upgrading!!!! Please remove at least the ads while trying to unzip a file :( this is really urgent for my work
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3 years ago, klpuleo
Absolutely thrilled to have Gigih Rudyanto design my logo 🦬 thank you!!!
Absolutely fantastic experience! Hope you all use this service and check out this designer as well! 🙌
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7 years ago, BinkyMelnik
This “free” app does nothing.
It can neither be used to zip nor unzip any files. It requires a “pro” upgrade to unzip a file; trying to open an existing file to zip results in an “Unable to communicate with helper app” message. I don’t buy upgrades blind; I need to know that an app works and works in a pleasing manner. I can’t tell whether this app does either of those things without spending money. I’m off to search for another de/archiving app.
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6 years ago, Jesus_is_God
Excellent for zip and rar files
I have only tried these file types so far and I’m handling files that unzip to about 75 pages PDF. I don’t know how it will do with larger. But for this it’s working without a hitch.
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3 years ago, robinhoodscam
Come on
I just want to un rar some files. I have the files in the app… now what. I don’t want to upgrade. I just want to open some files. Why does apple hate files? How can I move the files out of this app? Why limit stuff. If it were 1998 and I were on a Mac this would be done already. Moving backwards in the sake of selling apps that weren’t needed 20 years ago is awful.
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