Jamf Self Service

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JAMF Software
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jamf Self Service

3.01 out of 5
237 Ratings
6 months ago, RJNpizza
Buggy user experience
As someone on the user side of this service, my experience has been frustrating… Lots of bugs when installing approved apps (requiring reboots, reinstalls, and at one point a full reset of the phone), newly added apps by our admins not showing up for days or ever, and inability to install approved apps and error messages that don’t lead towards a resolution with admins. I don’t know what this tool looks like from the admin side of things, but the experience from the user side has been frustrating.
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4 years ago, Midspeed
Making Admins Life Easy.
I am not sure why some reviews are poor or there isn’t more 5 stars on this app. This app is used together with Jamf Pro. For those that don’t know this makes giving your users the access to install apps without them having to use their personal Apple IDs. You can also assign purchased apps and this will avoid your org losing money by having people buy their own apps and then reimbursing them but you will never have a license for the app if that employee leaves in the future. Together with Apple Business Manager or School Manager together with Apps and Books (formerly VPP) this has helped tremendously. Having users with iPads in my org all across the US asking me for an app and being able to give them access so easily and cleanly is priceless. JAMF FOR LIFE!!!
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5 years ago, Stevarino420
Bringing the Launcher to Mac
Our user base is a very unique set of users. They prefer things to “just happen” by magic. For us, Applications are best scoped directly to devices, however we were able to leverage the power of Bookmarks in Self Service for creating a one-stop shop for all the web shortcuts to mimic the application that we use on our Windows computers. Mac users now have easy access to all those daily use items that they were accustomed to finding all in one place. This makes it easier for everyone to get to where they need to.
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5 years ago, derrad89
Self Service
Chances are if you are reading this review you are interested in utilizing jamf or you have no idea why this application is on your device. No worries. Think of jamf self service as your organizations internal App Store. If your organization provided you with an iOS device or you opted in to use your companies mobile device management (MDM) for email on your personal device this application would be pushed out. If your organization is looking to make access to applications easier without the use of an Apple ID talk to jamf about their solutions.
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5 years ago, rwbaldwin89
Jamf Self Service is great...
...if you have any idea what it is! It’s a shame a bunch of folks download this and assume it just doesn’t work, when the reality is it’s a professional tool that only works in conjunction with Jamf Pro. In that context it’s incredibly useful to be able to standardize and manage the deployment of apps to organizationally-owned devices (or to users who approve on personal devices). IT Admins: Please tell your users what this is if you’re going to enroll their devices and push the installation! It pains me to read how many folks think Self Service is malicious.
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7 years ago, SGpro.
The application sign up process is complicated
JAMF takes time and doesn't manage the server well At the same time, the security of the mobile device management part runs by JAMF makes me think, any student can just go and exploit and escape the MDM profile, it's not yet fixed on iOS 11, but here I am, a student with a unmanageable iPad typing here inside the "restricted" AppStore... Any student can bypass and take it home, that's my point.
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4 years ago, ajz2020
Wonderful App
Self Service has really empowered our school district or enable our student and teacher to install the apps that they need and want for their classes. Self Service gives up the option to provide grade appropriate apps to each grade level K-12. We can even organize which apps are featured and have a higher importance for our end users. Huge asset for our district.
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3 years ago, Jwkrock
A must have in your mobile environment
JSS is simply a must have for anyone managing a mobile environment. Allowing the users to perform functions at their convenience eliminates a log of the administrative guess-work that goes along with remote administering. Being able to send messages to our entire fleet of devices at once is also a plus! Jamf is simply the leader in MDM for Apple devices.
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5 years ago, joelsenders
Jamf is the best!!!
Self Service is a great way to get apps deployed out to your Apple devices in your environment. I am an Apple Systems Specialist at a college and can vouch that Jamf is the real deal. If you want to manage your clients and do it with real power, use Jamf. You’ll give your users the great ability to use Self Service and get customized content that YOU host. It simply works and is easy for users to use. Once you go with Jamf, you won’t go back.
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3 years ago, emadams1980
Perfect App Catalog for macOS
I use this application in conjunction with Jamf Pro. In an ever exhaustive effort to bring the Apple environment up to the same level as the Windows environment, the Self Service app does just that. This application works just like other app catalog platforms but just does everything better. I highly recommend this one to anyone using Apple and Jamf Pro.
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3 years ago, penntechadmin
Necessary for any MDM environment
Self Service is the in-house app catalogue that pairs with the Jamf-Pro platform. This app makes device management a dream in any environment. Easily control which users in your organization have access to specific apps. If you issue iPads or Macs to your users, Self Service is an app that you are going to want to utilize.
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5 years ago, XVasquez
Jamf Self Service is awesome
Jamf self service can be elegantly branded for your organization while also being extremely user friendly. The app updates quickly and apps can be found easily using the interface. What ever is needed to provide your organization, documents, web links, tools, can be done and will be done efficiently.
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4 years ago, Mmehl98
Time saver
This has proven to be a critical tool in my infrastructure. It allows for group separation with all departments. My customers love the ease of installing additional apps that are not on their base build and allows me to manage those while reporting who has installed what. The login functionality seems a bit buggy but could also be an issue in my setup. Will add an additional star once confirmed.
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5 years ago, Sammymantha15
Has been a real time saver!
We got Jamf and self service in February, those tasks that took us hours now takes us mere minutes. Those staff who do not want to use their personal Apple ID for work, we have an option now to get the app and push it directly to their phone. It has been such a help! I cannot even describe!
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6 years ago, Eric J Boyd
Easy for Orgs to make apps available for their users
A great way for Organizations to make apps available to their users in a customized App Store. Greatly reduces confusion when asking users to install an app. If your Org uses a specific 2FA app, you can feature it on the main screen! Highlights Apps, web shortcuts, digital content and more.
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5 years ago, Kagato101
Companies personal App Store
Self Service is your companies personal App Store. Your administrators can populate it with all the apps that you may need for work, so you can find the few apps you need for your job instead of having to hunt through the thousands of apps in Apples App Store.
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3 years ago, Sagar Mac and Mobility Expert
One Stop Solution to access Apps
Self Service is one of the powerful utility or tool to manage apps pushed from Jamf, managing printers, bookmarks, access important websites, view system information, very useful to gather application logs and many more. Easy to use and interface is splendid
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3 years ago, llane_mac_admin
Why Aren’t You Using This Yet?!
As a Mac Admin, Jamf Self Service saves both our users and myself much valuable time. It is easy and simple to get designated software to our users. If you’re not yet using this tool, you are wasting time!
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3 years ago, rossluzz
Easy and convenient
Self service for Jamf has worked well for our organization. As a tech manager it makes it easy for us to provide apps and services options to our end users and reduces our time spent on support.
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5 years ago, Thedude abide me you will
Customer install apps on their time
Using Self Service I can make apps available for my customers and have them install at their convenient time. This helps with lean initial device deployments. User clicks on the app, done. It’s like the App Store but you control who gets what.
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6 years ago, willowhaus
Great tool for empowering your users!
Jamf Self Service is a valuable addition to the Apple Admin’s toolkit. It allows you to curate the experience between the IT department and the end-user, giving them the power to take care of many things that they would have to seek out the help desk for.
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5 years ago, A Mac Man
This is a Must!
4 stars all the way! This app is a must for anyone supporting iOS users in a Jamf MDM environment. This app give the end users all the tools needed to keep the device relevant to their work environment and retain a sense of ownership. Even on institutionally owned devices. The app is stable, reliable and updated often. Welcome to jamf!
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5 years ago, SgtShocker
IT Admins
As a Mac And iOS admin in an education setting this app is a huge asset in restricting what apps student have access to and makes it easier for teachers to find the apps that students have available to them for lesson planning and then guiding students through the lesson
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5 years ago, MacBucky
JAMF self service saves the day
We have been deploying JAMF self service for a long while now. This is saving us a bunch of calls to our help desk and this literally making digital lives here at our college much more pleasant. No more waiting on hold for answers.
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5 years ago, Leefurd
Great for iOS Management
Many of these reviews are from people who are trying to rate this but do not have a Jamf subscription For those companies that do have self service, it is a time saver and a huge convenience to have self service to use
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4 years ago, spotter74
Jamf Self Service allow you to empower your users. The users have the ability to install and run task on their time so you don’t cause them any disruption. Self Service give Admins the ability to have the users do the work for them!!
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5 years ago, NetRacer
Everything a user needs
Excellent way to be proactive to your users needs. New tools, updates, resources, you can put everything here for them to have easy access to without searching around.
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1 year ago, Rissybo
No longer works
I’m no longer able to download any apps and it’s frustrating not only not being able to do certain things at home but when you have to go into work to get stuff approved it takes a while. If I have an approved device I should be able to approve another one at home
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5 years ago, Jeffa cafe
Extremely Valuable
We use Jamf Self Service to allow our employees and Trustees to install apps for their iPad directly from the Self Service app without having to go to the iOS App Store. We have great success with the ease of use.
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3 years ago, chase1021
Self Service is awesome
This product is great when paired with Jamf Pro! You can set specific devices to get certain apps as long as you set them. Very powerful tool when used with Jamf!
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5 years ago, bstead1024
Jamf - taking the bite out of apple administration
Jamf self service helps IT admins around the globe and puts the user back in the driver seat. Really a must have in this day in technology. Thank you Jamf for making amazing products for us to use. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, macdcsound
Love It
Self Service saves time day after day in our organization. Our teachers and staff can download apps and perform simple maintenance with the click of a button. No need to create a ticket - just click it
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5 years ago, Matthew Straub
Great for Managing Devices in Higher Ed
We use Jamf Self Service to allow users and student workers to install applications on iOS devices without having to call us to do so. This greatly improves how quickly we can assist our users.
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5 years ago, Floydiandroid
So much better than it used to be!
Been a jamf customer for years and this app is so much better than what used to be considered self service. Makes getting apps out to our users so easy and it’s pretty easy to navigate for them.
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4 years ago, lazlo fan 99
Great app from a great company
Self service is great on both macOS and iOS. Puts the user in the driver seat and allows them to take control of their device and install the software they need.
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6 years ago, papagreer
Put the power in your users hands.
Great application in the Jamf suite of tools. Allow your users to install updates or drivers whenever or wherever they may be. Really powerful and beautiful looking tool that I love....and my users love.
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5 years ago, Jawshiebear
Self Service Rocks
Could not imagine my job without Self Service! Jamf makes my management of Apple devices a breeze and Self Service puts basic troubleshooting tasks in the hands of employees, saving me so much time! Keep up the killer job Jamf.
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5 years ago, Michael Trimm
Best Mac Management tool
Jamf is the best Mac management tool out there, and Self Service is an incredible offering. Self Service lets us provide apps and other tools to our users without having to have an Apple ID or IT intervention. Such a time saver!
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5 years ago, Tawean
It works for me
Jamf integration for app version control and patching is great. Highly dependent on your server admin (for some of the negative reviews out there) but so long as your admin has their distro point in order you won't find a better end user interface. Jamfuser
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5 years ago, MotterTektura
Self Service & Jamf FTW!
Self Service is a great and empowers your users to download and install apps, updates, resources, or access links, pretty much everything they need to help them be more productive quickly!
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5 years ago, bcbackes
Look no IT tickets!
Jamf Self Service is great allowing you to install trusted apps on your own without having to contact IT. Not to mention I can map printers, do OS upgrades, submit support tickets, use SSO, and do reset my password.
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3 years ago, sp3032
If you’re reading this
We use this at my school to download games that are safe for kids so I say this is a pretty cool thing you should get it people it’s awesome😁✌🏻
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5 years ago, Blu Jess
Good for what it does
Works pretty well. I like the category options to find apps we push easier. App has connectivity issues from time to time, but nothing major so far
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3 years ago, edmtechnole
Great app!
I use this app to deploy apps to all of our managed iOS devices and it is great for allowing for easy distribution of company managed apps to all of our devices.
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4 years ago, JHathcock
Fantastic for App Management
Love the fact we can empower our users to install apps they need or may want without having to come to tech support. Easy to use and set up. Love it!
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5 years ago, tragicdog
Jamf Pro required
Jamf Pro makes Self service an amazing piece of software. It makes it so easy to show our users what they need to get things done for our business.
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5 years ago, mustangmatt46
Great App!
We utilize this app in an education environment managing over 9000 devices, app seems to install and work well for us. New update brought branding and title options which is nice. Continue the great support and work!
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6 years ago, rsaeks
Helpful to get you content
Self service is a great way for your organization to assign content your way and make it easy to find and install software on your device.
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3 years ago, Matt Peterman
Poor User Interface
Everything is just a list. Fonts, profiles ( like VPN or Wi-Fi) just all appear in one long list. There should be categories at the bottom for organization. The UI also renders poorly on iOS 14. The three dots at the top left when open get get covered by the “back to previous app” feature in iOS. Major improvements required.
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5 years ago, leegalan
Huge user empowerment tool
Slowly but surely users are getting more confidence and more used to helping themselves. This tool allowed us to provide an avenue for them to do it safely and securely.
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