JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere

3.6 (347)
62.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tatsuya Tobioka
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere

3.59 out of 5
347 Ratings
1 year ago, trumpet_chump
Amazing app. One suggestion!
The app is amazing for on-the-go coding. I love it for when I’m slow at work and have some extra free time. One thing that would make debugging JavaScript a bit more user friendly is the addition to line numbers. I forever find myself counting lines to locate a bug in the app. I would suggest either adding them to be permanently a part of the UI or make them a toggle on/off setting. That would be so helpful! Overall great product.
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6 years ago, Khalidizumi
Nice app
I like the app, i'm trying to learn about JavaScript, i only have my phone but i wanted to learn it so bad and this app helps but i would like you to make the texts have different colors depending on what they are for, so that we can know where everything is easily, because making the entire text one color is kind of making it a bit hard especially to me since i'm a beginner.
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7 years ago, Hobes312
Some Ideas
Here is an idea I think you guys/gals should add to make the Editor more appreciated. You made it possible to add your own pictures to the editor, but you can’t add videos to the editor. I think it would be great and people would like it if you made a video downloader, just like the image downloader but you would download YOUR OWN VIDEOS from photo-library.
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1 year ago, asherbanipal111
Good but could be improved
I have not been using this app for very long but it is has proven to be a fairly decent OTG programming app. However, it would be nice if there were a feature where you could add new files into the project, such as TypeScript or SCSS. Overall a very good application though.
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1 year ago, PavelUg
Running JavaScript
I was looking to run simple JavaScript on iPad, with output in console, and found this app. So far - so good. Would be nice to have console output in the bottom of main window, as an option (instead of having to press the button to open console in a pop-up window)
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2 years ago, Better Yourself and Me
The Bomb!!
This is a great on-the-go coding app! Everything you need to build a webpage is right there in front of you! They say live what you learn and the best way to do that is by making it your everyday routine! As a new software engineer I am finding my work pace by simply creating a work flow in in tuned with !
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4 years ago, :tree:
Exactly what it Needs to Be and Nothing More
I love it. I’d even pay for it. As long as it doesn’t add any more features besides being able to bundle the files and POST them somewhere. But maybe it already does this and I just can’t find it. Either way, love love love this app. I wish I’d written it myself.
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6 years ago, See This please
Love it but a request...
I love the app and it is super useful but i would love for you to be able to click a file in download and press ‘edit’ to edit it and click which file to replace and have a full file structure and so its not a download folder you start in main folder and build from there!!!
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4 years ago, Adastour82
Why Does It Crash Upon Open
I love this app and stuck with it for 2 months and had projects that kept me up at night but recently upon opening the app it crashes and now I can’t find or even backup my files. Developer can you please tell me what to do
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5 years ago, Minxrod
Does what it should
It lets you edit html/css/js. Simple. Only issue I have is not being able to send to a browser like Safari or Chrome for better testing. Good app for a beginner or someone looking to try out html/css/js.
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5 years ago, CatherineTheGreat37
A miracle
I am amazed at the critical comments. They are by people who absolutely do not have any conception at all of JavaScript or anything else. This is an incredibly well thought out brilliant app that I am amazed to find on the iPhone.
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6 years ago, Artemixez252
Create html and export
This is what I was looking for a simple easy way to create html files with the need to install dream weaver on my MacBook and on the go! Small digital footprint taken up. So far first evite html project worked!
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3 years ago, Benjamin357
Perfect little JavaScript app for testing on the go! No need to fire up the computer when I have a middle of the night thought!
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3 years ago, Icy_BoiBG
Nice scripting app
Its nice but i was wondering abt coding books, like newbie books, average books, and extreme books. If u could add that i will update my review
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4 years ago, Nicholas Callihan
I hate to say it.
With all do respect I have reviewed the app and have gathered information on it. I do not believe that this is a proper or is a “real” app. I as myself knowing the ‘Html’ language know that what I saw Inside the app was not written properly. This either needs to be fixed, or the app is in need of being terminated of it’s service.
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3 years ago, ffldbch126
No surprises; works great.
Kinda fun; kinda handy. Very stable; would recommend. Bit hard to write JS on an iPhone...but that's not unique to this app.
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1 year ago, li-l one
Just too hard to figure out I thought it would be easy to make my last will and testament on it but not what I thought it was and it’s just too hard with all the abbreviations and back-and-forth and everything else so I will be deleting it sorry about that
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6 years ago, moke duck
Just perfect. Small ads, no issues... lots of features... got a more highly rated app and it’s nothing in comparison to this.
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4 years ago, Najib M.M.
This app is amazing, no idea why it has so many low ratings. This is perfect for some quick on-the-fly basic JS, HTML, and CSS. It’s great at what it’s supposed to do.
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7 years ago, ilan444
Does the job!
My wish list: to have line numbers in editor. Thanks for application
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2 years ago, citratune
Needs more quality of life features
I would give 5 stars if it included better syntax highlighting, and a line counter, for now 3 stars as it is too barebone.
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4 years ago, Samansss
It works as expected! great app
Thank you for creating this amazing tool, I installed at least 5 other apps only to understand they are so complicated or one important feature is not free. Your app was exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate what you did, simple but effective. All a js front end developer may need is here.
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5 years ago, Hhhhhbhhhhbbshs
What’s wrong with css
The html seems to work just fine but when I head over to css and for example try to change the header background color it won’t work: #header { background-color: blue; }
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7 years ago, seangeleno
Best JS iPhone app.
Perfect for on the go practice, just whip out your keyboard and find a screen somewhere and you've got yourself a nice clean coding environment.
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1 year ago, TechMahn
Great app
My only issue is how do I remove the ads?
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6 years ago, TheDarkWolf88
Probably cleanest environment on the App Store for javascript. Only downside is no syntax highlighting and no line numbers. If those get added it would be an amazing 5 star app.
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4 years ago, sdrawkcaB elppA
Amazing. Five Stars.
When I’m traveling without access to any other devices, I can rapidly prototype an idea I have, I can edit the HTML, JS, and CSS.
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4 years ago, fghmhgfmhgf tfhgfnhgfhgn
Can you hack?
I was trying to go on roblox to exploit a bit so I can feel what a exploiter feels
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3 years ago, SteelCurtain75
Can somebody tell me what this app is for and what it does on one of my programs it told me to download this app and I’m trying to figure it out but I can’t so if you could be so kind and helpful tell me what this app is for and what it does. Thank you
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4 years ago, bdh DV vdhgdbdv
Awsome download
Hello I am here to say this is awsome I can have my scripts documents and then look at them download it cause it’s free!and it’s amazing
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3 years ago, ;mk
Will flash back.
Will flash back when running on IPad.
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5 years ago, electrocano
I ran a program involving high powers of numbers and many calculations and found under rare circumstances 0^3 =1 !!! Be careful, I do not think this app should be used with monetary calculations. It does some things but its math has issues.
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5 years ago, seabee brat
I wish I could delete this app
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2 years ago, okiam mad
I don’t want this app it not what I want take me off JavaScript now I need my contact back my daughter I needed her bad last night couldn’t get her become I couldn’t call her so I don’t want anyone telling me who I can and can’t talk to
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4 years ago, cw2jhg
Worst app I ever tried to use
I have tried to download this JavaScript so I can read items requiring this app. The program with detecting if you were close to someone with the virus is inoperable due to JavaScript. If their was a lower number I would had given it.
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6 years ago, Nidocamen
Crashes when I do anything with Dropbox integration, doesn’t seem to support the new Files app. Otherwise looks really clean and nice!
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5 years ago, Mechwd
Great app
It’s nice that this app has multi-tasking support. Good design and looking forward to using more in the future
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6 years ago, Karma Power
Excellent app, learn on the go. Also very user friendly. Thanks.
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6 years ago, commanderkill_36
I need help
Every time I press that download button it just freeze and close the app even with the server
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6 years ago, artbyiain
Pretty useless for real projects
Looks like a good tool for when you just want to play with some Js, but I can’t open a folder for a preexisting project to work on, so I can’t do anything with it.
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4 years ago, Mahyar260359
Thank you for your help
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7 years ago, auntdonzi
Java script
It says it is not turned on my browser. But doesn't show how to do it but by turning green button on.
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8 months ago, Queenie 87
Great help!!!
I got the help I needed and it was so easy to use !!!
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4 years ago, NEEDLEpusher85
great for coding!
this app is great! as far as functionality it is top notch, i just wish you could hide the projects list while in wide view mode. it eats up valuable real estate. & it sure could use s night mode for the borders. other then that its perfect!!!
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6 months ago, HiggytheSkater
Free, useful JS editor
Free JS editor with an HTML, CSS, and JS tabs and n image tab. Great for making quick sketches on the go.
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6 years ago, Harrion's iPhone
Why doesn’t css work?
I love the formate of the app and how it works but is the css broken
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5 years ago, Boin'
Not what I expected
This app is simple and good for beginners but for me whenever I try to write text to the screen with JS it doesn’t work, it won’t allow me to change text’s color, overall it’s just a bad app.
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5 years ago, yusboomer
Ja anywhere
It’s a problem
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5 years ago, ..ou, myjntfhbg
The best
This is the best text editor for iPhone I have seen.
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6 years ago, cjbetbseijnd
Can’t use button tag
You can’t create buttons from HTML. The only real function it allows is basic text. When I created a button tag, it doesn’t run it.
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