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User Reviews for Jobber

4.78 out of 5
8.1K Ratings
3 years ago, royalflushsheri99
Jobber is exactly what we needed!!
I run a family owned pool service and repair business and Jobber has made my life SO much easier! We are able to track chemicals, send emails to customers and they can see the emails right in their own client hub. Jobber has been a great stress reliever to me as I am the person who runs the office. We had been using several programs including QuickBooks but it just didn’t give us anything for the technicians to use when they’re out in the field. I cannot say enough about how great Jobber is when you are in the service industry. The techs use the app for routing so I no longer have to print route sheets! They can enter notes like how much chemicals they used or even report a problem or leak right on their phone with the mobile app. Our pool techs in the field can look up information through the client hub quickly and even text the customer when they are on the way. You can look at each techs route for the day and see exactly where they are which helps when you have to add something at last minute. The customer service is excellent and if I have a question it’s easy to get a hold of a real person who can help right away. Jobber is the greatest app or program I have found for running our business!! Do I need to keep going because I could!
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5 years ago, amobe1190
Saves me so much time!
I’m somewhat new to Jobber, but so far I’m very pleased. I run a lawn care business in Virginia, and I have been able to systematize a lot of my methods through Jobber. Things like recurring jobs, the different calendar views, auto invoicing, the client hub, and the friendly and modern interface are awesome! I have looked at many different softwares to use, but Jobber seems to be the most innovative and cutting edge. I also really appreciate their customer service, when I have questions, I call or start a chat, and they’re quickly ready to help and answer my questions—plus I don’t have to push 37 buttons to get through to someone when I call! I definitely recommend Jobber for lawn care business owners who want to systematize, delegate, and organize their business. Lastly, I love that their team is constantly releasing new features. It’s already a great software, but I imagine within a couple years it will be all the better! Thanks Jobber for always having great customer service, providing a comprehensive system for lawn care businesses, and for constant innovating! 5 stars!!!
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2 years ago, kachina5499
Jobber website better than the app
I really like Jobber, but as far as the iPhone app goes, I can’t give it more than three stars. The reason being, the most important thing I use the app for is to be able to take phone calls on the go, do scheduling, etc. I wish it had a better calendar view, I don’t like that you pretty much have to manually click on every date to see when there are availabilities. I also wish it had a notes section. I find myself writing my notes from phone calls out on paper, then adding them to jobber later or when I get home, which kind of defeats the purpose of having an app. Please make the app geared toward management as well! Update: I’ve lowered my review to two stars after months of using this. It has potential, but it is not user friendly and is really making my job harder. The guys can’t figure out how to use it in the field even though we’ve showed them over and over again, and it’s next to impossible to accomplish anything as a manager for billing in the app. And if I want to schedule a visit for an existing job, why can’t I do it from the calendar? Why do I have to click on ten different things just to accomplish one task? This app needs streamlined and simplified. It also needs the option to do progress invoicing. Not a “deposit”, but actual progress invoicing for when each draw is completed. I will be looking for a different alternative for my scheduling needs.
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1 year ago, Emisydet
Great organizational tool
We love Jobber for logistics, organizing routes, setting up and keeping track of one-off and recurring jobs, materials, chemical services, etc, also the ability to upload pics and notes and to make changes to routes or job details without having to track down crews working on loud equipment. We don’t use the app for estimating, invoicing, or communicating with customers so we can’t speak to those features. The reports are very basic and have a lot of room for improvement - hence 4 stars. When we download reports we have to heavily edit them in excel to be useful. That gets annoying bc of time required which no landscaper has to spare. The report shortcomings might really matter to a small company using Jobber for all it’s capabilities - which we’re not. Hopefully improvements are on the way in that area. The only GPS that syncs with Jobber is Fleetsharp/Linxup and Fleetsharp customer service is so bad that we switched back to Clearpath anyways. Therefore we lost that connection betw our trucks and Jobber. Hopefully they expand that also? Still highly recommend Jobber to any service business. It’s done a lot to improve our efficiency.
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2 years ago, McGillzb
Worth every penny
Before bringing on Jobber this year, we ran our lighting business off of Google Drive sheets and Quickbooks to stay organized with client information. It’s INSANE how much time we waisted going back and forth between 5 or 6 different spreadsheets to answer even the simplest questions. Now everything is streamlined for not just the backend admin team, but for our employees and clients as well. Think we’ve actually saved money by paying for Jobber since it’s made the entire process so much faster from Requests, to Quotes, to Jobs, to Invoicing… so much less waisted labor hours and frustration. Our only frustration initially in the process was onboarding Jobber and having duplicate clients get created since we imported our client list from a CSV file and then synced with Quickbooks. Took a few weeks to find all the duplicates and get things cleaned up! Such a headache. But that wasn’t really Jobber’s fault, but more a mistake on our part with order of operations. Smooth sailing since then. Thanks y’all!
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4 years ago, L-Hart
Nearly perfect
We’ve only been using Jobber two weeks but we already love it. After trying countless free trials for countless management softwares, it only took me ten minutes of working in Jobber to know it was the software for us. Of course no software is perfect and Jobber is missing some things that would be super helpful to our business (i.e. more robust reporting or at least the ability to export all info to excel in one report so I can keep my own reporting database updated more easily, more calendar flexibility in the app specifically a weekly view, and a few various tweaks that would improve efficiency and functionality), but the great thing about Jobber is they’re always improving and updating and you can tell they review consumer feedback like mine and want to implement requested changes if possible. Jobber is definitely what we needed to streamline our operations and mitigate growing pains. For me at least there was almost no learning curve so the transition to Jobber was painless and I can’t wait to use it every day.
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6 years ago, Tykeezy
Awesome customer support
One thing that really sets jobber apart is their amazing customer support, you don’t get this with most companies as we have tried a few other service programs and they don’t even come close. You have the ability to set deposits on estimates and the customer can approve the quote and pay for the deposit so all you have left to do is to schedule. There’s really a lot to like about this software, we really only have run into a couple of things that could make it better, Ability to have customers pay for partial payments on invoices using jobbers payment system. Right now it only allows you to pay for the invoice in full with one credit card, if a customer has a couple different cards you can’t use jobbers Payment system. Ability to see the city an estimate appointment is scheduled in when looking at the booking schedule, it shows up on jobs but not on estimates without clicking on it to bring up the info. This makes it harder to quickly book clients when on the phone with them. Wish it also sent a confirmation email to the customer when you book them so they can save it, it sends a reminder email but a confirmation email would make it easy for the customer to save the date ahead of time. All and all this is a great software that we chose to use for our business above 3 others, primarily because they are just great to work with. Also updates come regularly and I’m sure the above items will get fixed in time.
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8 months ago,
Sica from Jobber, Thank you!
I’ve been running my detail business almost a year now and when it got to the 6 month mark, felt like I was falling behind. Jobber changed that! It has helped so much with scheduling, making invoices and overall having that professional experience. Clients look at me differently, which is a good thing because outshining competitors is a step closer to the goal. Invoices represent the time and proper care for a vehicle, it’s all shown to be described to them. These are few of the many features Jobber offers. Overall BIG thank you to Sica for helping me with this process. Without you, I’d still be stranded on line items and trying to figure out how to give schedules. So thank you for all the emails and consistent support, it means a lot. Thank you to the Jobber team for making a service that is easy and accessible to all, especially small business owners. This is an amazing service and can’t wait to grow with y’all 🚗✨
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5 years ago, Cnov09
Gets better and better!
We’ve been using Jobber for 6 years or so now and it keeps getting better and easier to use. It’s very easy to book clients, send invoices via email or text, and set up the schedule. I love that customers can fill out a job request from our website and all the information goes directly into their profile and we don’t have to input any of the information manually! They are constantly working on new features to add and on top of that, they have the best customer service. They always respond in a timely matter, it’s easy to contact them and they truly care about your feedback and share it with the developers. I love all of the new features and changes they’ve made recently. As a longtime user of Jobber, I can see how much work and time is always being put towards improving it so that it can provide its users with the best service software that it can. I highly recommend using this software for your business. Thank you Jobber!
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8 months ago, jorgerios95
Awesome Customer Success Team
I own a residential and commercial cleaning business and I have just implemented Jobber into my company. I am extremely happy with the results. I scheduled demos with most softwares out there and moved forward with Jobber. My number one concern was finding a product that would also take the time to fully onboard and train as I integrated it into my business and jobber has NOT disappointed. Sica Saccone was my Product and Implementation Coach and bless her heart for being patient with me. We had 4 different trainings and she has taken the time to work with me diligently with an amazing attitude. I really can’t thank her enough. As for Jobber itself, it has been so helpful. You won’t find a “one-stop-shop” software but jobber covers so much and if they don’t, they can Integrate with other services such as mailchimp (for me). If you are like me and are nervous about moving forward with a software, you can’t go wrong with Jobber.
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3 years ago, GonzoBill
4.5 Stars
Jobber as a whole has been an excellent new edition to my plumbing company. The desktop/browser app is well developed, with Quickbooks integration for contacts, detailed options for project management, client info for multiple properties, job scheduling with the option to assign employees, as well as time sheets for payroll. If you're looking for a robust CRM for your contracting business, this is it. They provide excellent tech support if you have questions, as well as scheduled one-to-one training to teach you specifics. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase. Also, if you buy at the annual price, it can save you up to 30% off. My one irritation is that the mobile app is geared towards service techs and not mgmt/admin. The work around is to open the browser app instead of the mobile app, on your phone or tablet. So for this I'm taking off the 0.5 star. However, my training rep informed me that they're working to improve this in the future, so hopefully I can upgrade this to a full 5 stars. Excellent app for the price! Fully recommend!
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3 years ago, Eeppdd24
Meets our needs other CRM software haven’t been able to
Our window cleaning business is transitioning from Housecall Pro to Jobber. When we first logged in and started figuring out how to use it we were overwhelmed to be honest. There was a serious learning curve because we were trying to make Jobber work like what we were used to with Housecall Pro and there were just so many features that we worried we’d have a difficult time figuring it out. Ultimately we realized that we were overthinking things because Jobber’s work flow is seriously intuitive. One of the perks of working with this company is the awesome customer support. We had multiple calls with them, (including several super informative calls with Émilienne) where they answered every question we threw at them and were so helpful. We’re excited to see what we can do with this CRM and how it will help us grow.
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2 years ago, Swimming Pool Service
Happy but needs some small yet simple revisions
We’ve been with jobber for almost a year and after 4 months of testing 5 apps that best suited our company, jobber ended up checking off 92% of what my company needed in an app. 11 months in and there are a few quirks that I would imagine to be a fairly simple add since the areas that seem to be lacking are 50% of the way there. Despite the few features we need it’s been a win for our company and clients. Extremely user friendly, pretty much a 10 year old could navigate the software in addition to our senior clients. It definitely helps minimize the time I spend on all the backend tasks and frees up time to do other work for my company. I hope in the future they can streamline some features that fall short and need some improvement. At the end of the day we are happy with the software and I’m happy that I chose jobber!
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5 years ago, Rufus1997
First of all, Jobber customer service is second to none. When I subscribed to this service, Simon, one of many of their expert training reps, contacted me right away and set up training schedules so that I could hit the ground running. It didn’t take long to learn this app as it is very easy to learn and use. My busy schedule allowed me to keep in constant contact with my customers when I needed to change appointments, schedule material deliveries, or email change orders on the spot so we all could be on the same page all the time. I really liked the option to get paid on the spot instead of sending invoices and waiting to get paid. The Client Hub was very useful as it allowed my customers to contact me with changes, sign-offs on closing bids, and referrals. The people at Jobber have made updates and improvements based on those of us out in the field doing our thing. They’ve listened and taken the field input and improved their software to allow many businesses to operate smoothly and with a lot of flexibility. Finally, back to Jobber’s Customer Service, anytime I’ve had a question or concern, they’re people have been available to help, and that’s huge. It’s personal service, not just another phone call. Thanks again for availability of this app, keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Precision Paint
Jobber saves us sooo much time!!
I interviewed many scheduling/invoicing programs after having a small contractor business for 36 years. We were working old school and doing repetitive work leaving room for error. Jobber has been a lifesaver for me as the one who coordinates 20+ complexes with hundreds of units at each. Jobber has centralized our whole business and everything is in one place now. I’ve even quit using my other invoicing program as Jobber literally does it all! The support is off the charts. Getting started was daunting but they walked me through every step of the way and continue to support me as needed. Every customer service rep has been knowledgeable, patient (which was especially important at first), and professional. My only regret...not doing this years ago!! Thanks Jobber for saving me so much time and making my life easier!
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1 year ago, jeb216614
Poorly Prpgrammed Platform That's Always Changing
A very Poorly Prpgrammed and Managed Platform That's Always Changing from one week to the next. Things startee off fine six months ago. However, when this faux CRM (cause it's not a CRM sustem as falsely advertised) is faced with dynamic or challenging client accounting issues or system bugs, you begin to discover that this is nothing more than an overrated and overpriced invoicing platform. They call themselves making"improvements" by stealing their clients intellectual property/ideas and making updates constantly, so much so one cannot keep up with all the tweaking and tampering. The platform and programming isn't remotely intuitive and the team has zero common sense. Ad some point we found ourselves working for Jobber though paying a monthly subscription; spending so much time on the phone with the trying to resolve their constant failures and lack of CRM functionality. The accounting and Financial reporting feature is a farce - programmers with absolutely NO UNDERSTANDING OF BASIC BOOKKEEPING or business processes.
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5 years ago, EmilyDW1919
Life Changing Software
Although my title is dramatic, it is so true! My husband and I run a small business that wasn’t so small anymore. We were losing quotes and customer information, making our employees upset with lack of details and running ourselves ragged trying to keep up. Enter Jobber and our lives and business run so much smoother. The scheduling and reminders are amazing, quoting is now simple and easy, the sync with Quickbooks online is hugely time saving and so much more. We impress our customers on a daily basis as ALL of their info is in one place and easy to access. On top of this, the customer service is second to none. Always responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to take suggestions...I simply cannot imagine working with a different company or software. Thank you Jobber for helping our business thrive!
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4 years ago, Maddamm
Excellent Adaptable for Many Business Profiles
Our company has searched a long time to find a CRM that fits our needs and we found it in Jobber! We are an Irrigation company that also installs fencing, drainage and outdoor lighting, and Jobber supports our needs with customizable features. There is no limit on support from the excellent Jobber staff, so on boarding is a breeze. The app is easy to use for our technicians in the field as well. On-line payment option removes the burden of having to track payments and notifies me when payments are received. A plus is they are Apple friendly so no glitches! Easy sync to QuickBooks brought our entire customer base over in record time. So no more having to convert our customer list into an “acceptable” format and crossing every finger in hopes that it worked. Good Job - Jobber! We are satisfied!
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3 years ago, Reviewer19583
Great app for service techs
After trying out some of the other software available on the market, we decided to choose Jobber due to its user friendly interface, features, and phenomena customer service. We appreciate the ability to easily schedule jobs, assign them to technicians, and to later create an invoice. The CRM system is also great, and we were able to import our existing customer base into Jobber seamlessly. I would highly recommend trying it out and taking advantage of the free trial. The main improvement I would like to see is a more robust app(vs the desktop version). The app is understandably more limited in functionalities, but I wish there were more customizable home page…and more flexibility to handle jobs that are put on hold or unscheduled.
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2 years ago, armor lawncare san angelo tx
Easy, awesome and affordable business software
Jobber has been great for our small lawncare company for the first year. Very easy to set up and use. We get compliments from our customers all the time about how they like the notifications like when we’re on our way text and job day reminders and how easy it is to pay. We like how jobber keeps Track of our customers for us and sets schedules and we use the reports all the time. Especially the income reports to see how our company is doing financially and the expense report. No more end of the month billing for us. We bill when the job is completed and get paid usually the same day. So simple to use and we’re more organized with faster pay outs. We will definitely renew next year.
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1 year ago, Bravery904
Jobber could teach Chick-fil-A things about customer service!
I literally have jobber’s phone number on my speed dial. They are always so helpful and they never get frustrated with me. I’m slowly starting to get this and the Jobber staff is always so helpful. Never once have they ever become frustrated with me. Trust me this says a lot about their patience. Last time I called, the person that answered my call recognized my voice. Yes, I’m a frequent caller. Her name is Mia and she was extremely kind with me even though I was so confused. She spent a long time working with me to ease my confusion. I’ve talked with other people that have Jobber and they are very happy with this CRM because it is simple. Technology frustrates me. I am not the norm. Thank you Jobber and thank you Mia for your continuous help!
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4 months ago, Nopitynope1202
Organizational backbone
Jobber is my organizational and logistical backbone for my handyman business. I use it for everything from lead creation, to quote and job building all the way to invoicing and revenue tracking. One thing I really really wish it had is the ability to import google calendars into the schedule view. I can export my jobber calendar to view in google maps which I use privately but I struggle when I have a dentist appointment for example. This is because since I am scheduling for work I am in jobber and my private events don’t show up in there but they should be considered blocking events. It’s not good enough to have my jobber calendar exported because I don’t schedule jobs in other apps so I don’t want them to only be there.
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5 years ago, PorshaRose
Don’t do it!!
This was the absolute worst business decision we could have possibly made using this app and syncing it with Quickbooks. The app automated somehow a TON of duplicate invalid invoices but with their own invoice numbers so QuickBooks didn’t catch it. The mess that the app created in our QuickBooks account was enough that it nearly put us under. Every customer account we had was upset and refusing to pay us for services rendered at all due to this phantom billing which made our business look unethical. We were barely able to keep our employees paid and business afloat by taking out a business loan to float the $64k that wasn’t being paid to us due to this issue. Not only that, but because we are a small business and dont have the time to sit behind the computer every day for weeks to research and fix the issues it created we lost more money not being able to be out in the field working. The app was supposed to free us up and help cut down on paper work and that is the exact opposite of what it did
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4 years ago, AnchorServices
Back again!
I tried Jobber as my very first scheduling app. I had no idea how to use it, so I gave up. After 5 years of trying other apps and services, we are back! Jobber keeps getting better and better. We are at a point where Jobber has everything we need, except sms with crew but we use Slack for that, so no big deal! I am still setting up my account but I can tell you that it is very user friendly. I can add custom fields like, “Where are the trash bags located?” so my people aren’t wasting valuable time in the houses looking for things! I really like that I can glance at the dashboard and see who hasn’t been invoiced. The best part is the customer service. I can ask a question and within minutes, someone pops up on my screen to help! It’s wonderful!
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1 year ago, Logan’s lawn services
Just yes!
Let’s start with this I work as a solo operator in a lawn care business and this app has been beyond amazing. The staff is wonderful and quick to respond. They have thought of EVERYTHING seriously if you want it or need it the app has a way to do it! It’s so simple to use(I say that lightly not all of you are smart) and for the price you can’t beat what they offer. It’s not cheap as far as a subscription based perspective goes but anyone who knows anything about running a business knows how difficult employees can be not to mention expensive as well. You literally have a full office staff here it’s just amazing. So much automation makes this great and I don’t even have the highest paid membership.
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5 years ago, Barbie0827
Game Changer!
Jobber is amazing! They make my life so easy! Sending invoices only takes a couple of seconds and I get paid by clients almost immediately after sending invoices through jobber. If I have a question they respond in a snap! They are constantly adding new exciting features to make my life even easier. I use jobber to track expenses, send quotes, invoices, reminders, scheduling, and so much more. I also appreciate the fact that they listen to my feedback. When I have a suggestion on the app and how to make it better they listen. They love feedback because we are the ones out there using the app. They want us to be successful in our careers! I couldn’t ask for anything more! We love you Jobber!
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4 years ago, C-Dunn01
A great addition to our business!
I did some research on different softwares that would help streamline our client details, quoting and invoicing process, and am very glad I chose Jobber. Within minutes of signing up for a free trial, I had a call from Jobber to talk through our business processes and make sure Jobber was the right fit for us. Instead of using Google Calendars for estimate appointments, paper estimate sheets, Google Sheets for customer & lead tracking and QuickBooks Online for invoicing, we now have everything centralized on Jobber, which syncs directly with QBO to keep track of the accounting side of things. Our customers’ quotes no longer need to be manually copied 3 or 4 times, and our crew can access accurate job/ quote information directly through the app. The customer service Jobber that provides is wonderful. I’ve spoken multiple times with both Evan and Annie; they’ve guided us through the setup process and been super helpful along the way! Jobber will definitely save us time (and therefore money), and help us to provide a seamless process from first call to job completion for all our customers!
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3 years ago, Carpet Solutions
Amazing customer service
This app is amazing! I can run and track my employees from a different city at all times. The app is completely customizable which makes everything your tech does super easy and a lot faster so they can move to the next job. It lets you be extremely organized. I would recommend this app to all my business friends. Most importantly, the customer service is the best I have ever had. Monique is so patient, kind, and listens to you all the way through. She will then walk you through the steps to fix your issue and explain ways to make things much easier and faster. She is extremely knowledgeable with the app. Thank you Monique you are a Jobber Rockstar!
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3 years ago, Mikethechipmunk
Instant Return on Investment!!!
I was reluctant to sign my small business up for the “Grow” plan and was skeptical that the amount paid would truly net more profits. Having the ability to add pictures to the quotes, build add ons into the quotes, and chat directly back and forth with our customers have separated us from our competition. The ability to manage leads from initial contact, to jobs, invoices, and payment collection is top notch! This service has built trust with our costumers and brought more credibility to our company. If you buy this easy to use software and learn to use it, you won’t regret it. Customer service is quick, knowledgeable, and responsive. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!
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2 months ago, H346),gjk
This Software Completely Changed my Business!
From the new guy starting out on his own to the guy with 5+ crews, this software is affordable and amazing! Customer service was always great and onboarding was easy and they offered solutions for everything. This software has made so many processes seamless in my business and it has kept so many things from falling through the cracks because of human error or forgetting. Follow the flow of the system and it will help you. I used to use Google calendar, QuickBooks, and my notes and todo app to try and keep track of everything. Now I just use Jobber! Thanks guys for all your hard work! Keep going! Jeff
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2 years ago, Jake (Cheryl)
Tremendous Customer Service
Signed up for the app and noticed the 14 day free trial offered (with out any payment info included) and thought to myself how awesome it was that they really let you try out the app to see if its a good fit for you, and right after that thought, i got a call from Emma to speak directly with me to see if it was a fit for my buisness! Unfortunately i sell insurance so i was in the wrong place, but regardless Emma went above and beyond to still offer me help and advice of other avenues to help me with my business. I was truly blown away at the selflessness. That alone will have me referring this app to anyone who i see this fitting… Truly impressed .
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4 years ago, _san1991
Awesome - So much time saved - Small pest control business
I was nervous about changing the software that our company uses because we are a very small business, but it really has been great. They provide lots of support from their staff through chat and also training sessions with product coaches. There is a lot I could say about how much this app is user friendly. We’re definitely going to be cutting down on the time we’ve been spending in the office managing paperwork. I’m especially excited about the client portal. Customer communication has been strained for us before but I think this program will help the correspondence between the office, technicians, and customers run more smoothly.
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5 years ago, Mattman520
Great program and customer service
We have a pool service and recently switched to Jobber and couldn’t be happier. We use it for recurring service and one time services. We have 10 employees and it handles everything perfectly. I did a lot of testing different programs before ending with jobber. Every time I thought of a possible issue they always seem to have a solution already worked out. I’ve already noticed several updates since using it for a few months so I know they are constantly improving and staying ahead. Special thanks to Hayley for patiently answering a list of questions I had and making everything easy dealing with setting up out account.
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2 months ago, Davids Lawncare
Been using Jobber for 10 years
I downloaded jobber just about 10 years ago. It’s been the best software I used hands down. They are always upgrading and adding all the features I need with out even asking about them. They are doing an amazing job keeping up with the demand for new features. My employee started his own business and I talked him into downloading jobber and he loves it so far. Even though I forgot to share my refer a friend link. Which is a program they offer for sharing there software with friends and both get free months of service. We both Love it so far. Keep up the good work guys !!!
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2 years ago, kingkramer85
Couldn’t be happier
Fast growing Chimney Sweep company here. I started with Josh who helped me through the free-trial tests and figuring out conceptually how we’d leverage the software in the best way. He was amazing, and patient and gave me a lot of confidence to move forward with jobber. What a delightful person. Then I had Erica J as my product coach to walk me through the implementation plan. I couldn’t be happier with the product and the service that both Josh and Erica have provided. I’ve used many different softwares for the service industries and I gotta say, this company is firing on all cylinders!! Intuitive, robust product, fair price, outstanding service. Couldn’t ask for more.
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1 year ago, Lcz69
Still learning to work
It’s early times yet, and I’m still learning how to get it to work for the various aspects of my business. As a fiction book editor with discrete projects and a lot of legal language to use in contracts, the way I bill is a little different than the typical business using Jobber. I’ve had to develop some unique fields and processes. The customer support and training people are very helpful. Each of my issues has been resolved with clear steps. I know that my productivity has already increased 20% though. That’s how much more revenue I’ve had above the same period last year, without raising rates, just being able to automate some client interactions.
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1 year ago, ddtgvnk
My experience so far
I’ve been using jobber for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I’m a small business owner of my own moving company. Jobber offers packages ranging from $70-$350 to fit the needs of all different businesses. I use the the $70 a month package and I’m still able to log my clients down, keep track of my schedule, take card payments through the app, send quotes and receipts and even more. One hour of work pays for my monthly subscription. If I even have any questions, all I do is call my Jobber representative and they always pick up the phone and are eager to help me with everything I need
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3 years ago, choc.chelsea
Simplifying work task through Jobber
The company I work with, Total Care Property Maintenance, provides landscaping and exterior home cleaning services and Jobber has definitely been a home run for us. It has helped us to optimize our work load by optimizing customer contact, track expenses, and keeping track of invoices. Jobber also offer training to become familiar with the app. I think it’s awesome that I didn’t have to wait until a problem arises before getting help. Daniel reached out and set up training to help our business run smoothly with the help of Jobber. He’s awesome!!! Jobber definitely wants their clients to succeed and that speaks volumes. Thanks Jobber!
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3 years ago, G8K33per
Jobber is a total game changer for my business! The very best solution for managing your clients information & scheduling, staff management, job management, time management, team leader access, client hub, invoicing, accept credit card payments and so much more. The Jobber staff is there for you every step of the way!!! Jobber has made my life so much easier and gave me time back that can be better spent with my family. You owe it to yourself and your business, end the chaos and get organized and look more professional by getting Jobber. My only regret is that I didn’t get Jobber sooner! Waste no more time reading this review, get signed up!
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4 years ago, Isabella-xiii
Unconventional User
Although this product is really designed for B2C service providers (think landscaping, HVAC, etc.) as a B2B bookkeeper, I can say this has been a total game changer for my business. Within 24hours it had already helped me organize my entire caseload and let me see what I needed to address next. I was able to set a preliminary repeating schedule for the month and ensure all my clients got the attention they needed. It let me get all of the “To dos” out of my head so I could get going on getting them done. I am so happy with this product. I absolutely recommend giving it a trial. It’s a little on the spends side, but it paid for itself in the first month.
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4 years ago, twevor
The best tool ever!
I am a new heating and cooling business and this has helped me so so much. I will start by saying customer support is phenomenal. Everything in this software is customizable. I’m able to add all my priced out products to the software, so when I’m out in the field it makes like so much easier! No more doing math in front of customers, invoicing is a breeze and easy. The ability to sign and pay online is a game changer for these “no-contact” times we live in. I could keeping going on. But you should just see for yourself. It rather easy to pick up on how the software works. Very user friendly. Would highly recommend
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2 years ago, MattGood90
App crashed in the middle of writing a quote
Overall good, but can get WAY better The app crashed while I was in the middle of writing a extensive quote. The quote didn’t get saved and I worked about 10 minutes on creating it before it just crashed. Super inconvenient. I’m using an iPhone 13 pro with the latest OS and the latest app And OS updates automatically installed. Also, massive feature requests: 1. Make it so that you can enter timesheets post work. You should be able to record time worked on a project at any time, not just clock in and clock out. Ridiculous that this feature doesnt exist on mobile. 2. Add service items to your timesheets, just like Tsheets. 3. Be able to attach photos to timesheets 4. Add a “work notes “section to quote line items. This would be way better than one note section for the entire quote. 5. Add formatting options to line items. Markdown is easy enough and can be easily and quickly implemented. Jobber is really nice to work with, really well laid out, and is almost there, just needs some finishing touches. For the cost these features should be there.
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4 years ago, emily01844
Super user friendly!
I just decided to try out a software to make our company more efficient in the office. I did some research and jobber was at the top of my list. I needed something that was going to be easy to use and affordable and this software nailed it. It’s totally functional and though I have had some great training calls that they schedule when you sign up, I have been able to figure out a great deal of it on my own. We currently use quickbooks and it was so easy to sync right up and get all our products and customers transferred over. I would definitely recommend! It has been great for our irrigation business!
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3 years ago, Ginagrl69
The best customer service
April was so helpful and so friendly right from the beginning , i’m an old school hand writing my quotes and invoicing and decided I needed to get more, I was a bit nervous at first but once I started to figure out the program it was super easy for me which was definitely a plus but what was a much bigger plus was when I needed help with some thing and everyone I talk to you on the phone was so pleasant and willing to help . Looking forward to using this app and it feels great to have happy friendly customer service if I ever need anything.. I hope this never changes!
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2 years ago, Visionlawnland
Vision Lawn & Landscaping LLC
Before Jobber, I struggled with keeping invoices and quotes organized. I struggled, trying to remember to do things and keep on schedule with my clients. When I moved to Jobber not only did my business life change, but so did my personal life. Job has helped me in many ways to become very successful at what I do by making it easy to quote jobs, send invoices, do online billing, and just stay on schedule with everything. Honestly, without Jobber I don’t know where I would be at today. My name is Branden and I own and operate Vision Lawn & Landscaping and I recommend this platform for everybody.
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3 years ago, yolondria t
Game Changer
Jobber is proving to be a revolutionary addition to our business! We are finally able to house all of our work in one location and will soon eliminate the double entry work and multiple software usage to operate. The platform is VERy user friendly and easy to learn. We had a few training sessions with Annie Brown and she was GREAT! Annie is very chipper, knowledgeable, and efficient. The training answered all of the questions we had after “playing” with the software and it also taught us a few tricks that we didn’t know we needed. I would highly recommend Jobber for any business that needs scheduling and dispatch solutions!
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4 years ago, twitrz
Exceptional Platform
Guys and Gals. I never do this for apps, but I had to with this one. I started searching online for apps that would allow me to use their platform to conduct business. I’m new to the game and learning everything on my own. Anyways, I ran into Jobber. After quickly logging in, it immediately brought me through a completely simple tutorial on how to use their app. It was extremely informative, bright, and well put together for me to understand how it works. It has so many options on creating clients, invoices, custom jobs, etc. Moving forward, I created my home as a job since I will be using this app to help my company grow, and to provide my clients a professional yet simple app to accommodate organization as well as payments. My hats off to you guys for allowing people to use this to grow their business or whatever they may use it for. Thank you thank you. 5/5 and I will be recommending this to as many people as well. IG:legionnairelandscaping
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6 years ago, Rafabby
Lacks on easy features
- If an employee wants to input expenses or timing on a existing work order he can’t. Even if he has all privileges on his sign in. - On the quick menu just released even if you are already on that cliente you still have to search for the client at the end (this doesn’t happen on the site). -If a supervisor signs in (with total privilege) he only can view his own tasks at a time, when he should be able to have an option to see everyone together if needed. (As it is on the site) - Very important!!! The app does not send notifications about visits or tasks to the phone like any other app. Only sends to email, which is nor very practical. The software itself is very good but need A LOT of improvements.
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4 years ago, TylerRae
Great online software, terrible app
We are really loving what Jobber has to offer with the website format. That being said, the app rarely works and we often to have call or screenshot things to send to our crew. Also, most customers aren’t getting invoiced once job is closed (even though that option is chosen). It doesn’t show up on our reports as an unpaid balance because the invoice never went through. It just sits there until we catch it. I had a customer who hadn’t been successfully invoiced in three weeks but we thought invoices were going through. We didn’t even catch it because he didn’t have a balance show up. Overall, app stinks and often just shows a solid white screen.
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4 years ago, Johnnypeppa
High quality program with super support
I have been using Jobber for about 1 month and am very pleased! I run a small lawn care business and knew I needed to systematize routines. Clients have been very responsive to the electronic requests, quotes, and invoices. I’m very happy not to have to linger around and wait for a check or cash. The electronic work request form was easy to slap on my website and made me look hyper professional. When I’ve had questions about Jobber, the support team exceeds expectations. Weekends, holidays, they’ve been there with momentary response times. Jobber has been an investment that I’m glad I made!
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