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swipejobs, Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for JobStack | Find a Job

4.47 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
3 years ago, kairosan117
Good for those who have other things to do besides work
So far this app has been accommodating to my needs. I wouldn’t say my jobs are super close to where I am but I can usually catch an Uber back and forth with makes things smooth. The next two jobs I found on the app are near bus lines so I shouldn’t have too many problems getting there. I’m planning to use the money I make on this to travel pretty much and reinvest in my businesses. But I also needed something that allows me flexibility. Traditionally your main 20 American businesses want you to weekly work for them. You won’t have to necessarily take a weekly temp job on here which makes like easier for me.
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5 years ago, Brandon_Weierke
Real Results
Overall, my personal rating is a 4.5/5, based on proximity of jobs in my area, but the pros outweigh the cons by far. It falls just short of a perfect 5 for me only due to my location; but to avoid a biased review, I’m going to give a full 5- star rating (as there is no option for 4.5) for this purpose. I’ve met lots of friendly people, and PeopleReady staff in Brainerd, MN are very helpful and attentive in making sure I get paid, catering to my questions and needs, as well as notifying me via phone and email with updated job information and opportunities. When a new job appears, it’s simple to apply and makes the hiring process very smooth. The hours are flexible and you can pick and choose what jobs you prefer vs. jobs you don’t want to work. Perfect for those who enjoy a challenge, learning new skills, or being put to the test to see how well you can perform in comparison to potential co-workers - in various environments. I’m happy with my current line of work thru this app, and there seems to be plenty of room for growth, especially for those who are looking to become/already are certified to do whatever line of work you prefer. JobStack is the only app I’ve found that I can trust, and I plan on continuing to use it as long as there’s work in my area.
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3 years ago, Father_of____9
Worst app ever invented.
After reading other reviews it goes to show most of them is from the staff of the company that uses the app. I however am not an employee nor do I chose to be for the simple fact I used this app for the company as a day labor & after accepting a job offer then having to let the job go due to an family emergency I have been blocked from using JobStack & can’t seem to get the block removed. The company picks & chooses who uses the app & how they want to run it. The company keeps sending text messages to except a job on JobStack but sadly it can’t be excepted because I have no access to the website. Plus as high information about this company they aren’t allowed to hire family or friends into the company but every manager post’s on their Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat about jobs they have & if anyone is interested they will pay a little more if they take the job which if the pay more for friends & family then they should pay the same amount to everyone else. But say a company is willing to pay $15 an hour for light duty construction clean up, this company pays the laborer $9-$10 per hour but you still pay $15 per hour. But then this same company will pay someone else the same amount to do very extremely heavy lifting of debris. Which is garbage. Beware of this company when hiring people. Craigslist is some much more better then this company ever could be.
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2 years ago, AJlivesinNCnow
Wonderful App! 5 stars just minor change or two
This app is great! I cannot say enough about it. First off, I work with People Ready in Fayetteville, NC and they are amazing! So I guess it helps that the real people on the other end of the app are so friendly, professional, and a joy to deal with. One change I would make is that I would like to see the app show how many workers each job needs. My fiancée and I like to work as a team and it’s just helpful in us planning, with one car, if we work together or how to coordinate transportation to 2 separate locations. With that said, approximate hours of the job and/or ET of job end would be helpful. I have seen this information posted on other job apps. The other change I would make is to be able to expand in mileage radius. Sometimes I would be willing to take a job in South Carolina because I have family there. I could take a job then head to visit them upon completion. So that’s about it…I love the People Ready app!
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6 years ago, Ace900block
Alexandria, VA 900
Great way to find different types of work and definitely a good way to build a resume in all types of work fields. But I will say.. Vienna, VA Manassas, VA those branch locations are rude and disrespectful to the max. You have to bug them to send your worksheet's because they take their time. And last, it's sad they have no communication skills whatsoever, They will dispatch you to a job site only to find out that jobsite doesn't need you meaning they don't keep up with how many people they've already dispatched. Other than them 2 branches and overall, I would say it's great. Great way to make quick cash when your waiting on your regular job paycheck or when you just need it at that moment. (you only get paid that same day after your done with whatever job your doing at that time and only if you've signed up to get their pay card. Takes about 2 to 3 days if you get direct deposit)
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5 years ago, Chanukaa23
Just some suggestions
This app has really come in handy for us, it’s a great source of almost daily income with good hourly pay. I understand the app is still in beginning stages, and there will be bugs to be worked out. However there are a few things that would greatly improve the user interface: - Allow for “repeat” jobs to be sent directly to the recipients it applies to, not on the main job page. My husband will accept jobs and then be removed because the job is a “repeat”. It wastes time he could’ve spent accepting another open job. He then has to waste more time calling his branch to inquire about why he was removed. - Add a scan feature for adding employee job tickets. This would make it easier for employers and employees to add their hours and eliminate mistakes. As of now, the employee has to take a photo of the ticket, then email it to the branch, which isn’t too many steps, but again time is of the essence with this app and adding a scan feature would make things that much smoother.
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6 years ago, durrea38
Good app
Love the app easy to use easy to find jobs BIGGEST PRO IS U CAN WORK AS MUCH AS U WANT OR AS LITTLE Cons:: have heard of people not being able to find as many jobs as me for some reason some people have been saying that’s due to when u first sign up u need to put u can work any jobs or else they send u specific ones and u won’t get as many options for example : if u only put u can unload trucks u will only get those jobs but if u put your experience on all jobs u will get a wide variety of jobs I usually have about 10 job options a day 2nd : when scrolling down the screen sometimes it will act as tho u swiped left or right and it will accept a job and if u aren’t paying attention and u swipe again u will accept the job then have to call off
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5 years ago, Smgoose
Not reliable
First of all, the app freezes constantly and then you must restart your device to reconnect it. I have signed up for many tickets and shown up to the job site only to find out that the local branch has already assigned others to the job. So what is the point of the app if the office chooses who they want? The office claims that posting certain jobs on the app site “was a mistake.” Truly, this company plays favorites in job selecting and the benefits of “1st come, 1st served” by the app are bogus. After wasting time and gas going to jobs that have been “reassigned”, I again confirmed a job while sitting at the office only to be removed from the ticket immediately by staff. Their explanation was that a certain employee had been “requested.” All I am trying to say is to NOT believe that downloading this app will give you easier access to jobs in your area. A confirmation on this app and a job ticket doesn’t guarantee you will work.
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11 months ago, Zraua
Avoid this place
Too much information to get hired through an insecure app. The staff will forward you to voicemail. You need to wait for recruiter to contact you before hiring, or designate someone to identify you. Bad impression from this company. Lady on the phone seemed very unprofessional, just an “answer and hang up” type of call, but that’s if they answer. It seems they rather hear voicemails than deal with people directly. They look for professional workers, workers with experience, flexible schedules. The clients can request you for a day and say they will need you for a week and suddenly it’s only 2 days. They are inconsistent, unreliable, and they use workers from third party to not deal with anything they should actually be paying for. The clients don’t abide to OSHA standards, and PeopleReady does not support anyone who complains since it’s a common trend with every temp-hire agency. They simply will stop giving you work and you are left to look for work elsewhere. They need you to submit all your hours which is fine because that’s how it’s done. Though, who knows what else you need to do that the staff should actually be doing themselves. The app itself ran quite smoothly so props on that. Sadly the staff itself was the reason you get 0/5 stars.
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5 years ago, Justin.H (BuB)
Thanks for the help
Just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know how grateful that I am for job stack I think the workers there does a fine job at helping you relate to a job that best fits your abilities...also they do a wonderful job by contacting you when there’s job opportunities available like me for an example I work 40+ hours mom-thurs so by Fri-sun I’m looking for extra work just for those days an in the past they have done an excellent job with keeping me in mind by letting me know a job needs to be filled or ifs already been filled... very nice folks doing an excellent job an for that I’m very thankful an grateful to be able to say that sincerely thanks so much. Bye-Bye
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3 years ago, sassydiaz
I would recommend
I love that we have a company like this u can work when u want what job u want u select it ! You in control of what ur work day looks like because you can select what job you want if u to not want something extra between a full time job then this is perfect or even this fits while looking for employment! Or make this is ur employment u get paid same day most days depending on shift and end time but it’s also cool instead of waiting two weeks for a pay or a week after u been there for ur two weeks ! Plus the people are friendly!! Just don’t select a job and not go they won’t be happy
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4 years ago, Joseph.Dancer
Notifications haven’t worked for months.
The app would be great, if it worked correctly. Used this app for a long time without issue when suddenly I noticed a single badge notification that refused to go away, even after reinstalling, so I submitted a bug report in app. Never received any type of response but after sometime I noticed the badge was gone, but, and here’s the kicker, I no longer receive any notifications from the app whatsoever. I have tried everything under the sun to fix this, from reinstalling the app to factory resetting my phone. I’ve submitted a bug report this as well, but still have had no response. I’ve even contacted Apple Support and after exposing the situation, was told the fault lies the app/developer. Without notifications working properly I can’t respond to time sensitive alerts before they expire, I don’t get notified about job invites or new work in my area, this is literally messing with my livelihood, I hope somebody fixes this soon. PS. Jobs saying “so and so ONLY, all others will be removed” is also a huge issue, as well as being removed from tickets for no reason, or whatever BS the office tells you, like the above, or they claim you don’t meet the criteria, when jobstack shouldn’t even be showing you jobs like that.
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2 years ago, shayluv216
Horrible Company to work for
This company has went downhill fast. Dispatchers play favorites and give the good paying jobs to their own family and friends and lovers . They have bad attitudes and can do whatever they want, so they don’t treat workers very well. They’ll adjust things on the backend of the app to only offer certain people the undesirable jobs that are the furthest distances(30-50miles away). You don’t always get paid when you’re told or expect to, they’ll hold your pay for no reason, other than to be spiteful towards you, but will pay everyone else that worked the same shift as you and have you calling and begging them for the money you’ve earned while they ignore your calls for days. Wonolo, swipejobs, veryable, instawork all are better options with less stress . You’ve been warned ...
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6 years ago, tmack1201
The app doesn’t work properly. I see the same jobs all day. When I accept a job it be already taken. Ppl Ready tells me it shouldn’t never appeared. I waited two weeks to start an assignment to only hv it taken away by the person who was on the job prior to me. They don’t give other ppl chances to work. My app also show “No Work Available”. I feel they don’t wanna show me nothing. I put in for several jobs and went there to only find out the job was canceled or somebody else was on it. Ppl Ready didn’t reimburse me for my gas. On a cold and snowy day I waited an hour for ppl ready to open in Indiana. After I left they opened and called to tell me the job was filled. Now I suppose to confirm any job before going. I wanna work and make money, People Ready isn’t the place to work for steady income. My app always give me problems. Fix it or get rid of it.
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3 years ago, momoney900
Top five favorite app
One of the best apps around if your looking for great pay and a good job you have chosen the right app for that matter no hassle at all you simply put your information where it directs you to and pick your line of work and how far your willing to travel and that’s it when you finish work go back on the app toConfirm your hours and you get paid instantly after that! I recommen this app to everyone looking for a fresh start and seem to be down on their luck hard work does pay off especially when you get to pick it at JobStack
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5 years ago, aj fantasy island
Work when you can not when you have to
I like that the jobs are easy to find on job stack. The app is easy to use. I like how we can work on the days we want to. To make it flexible around doctors appointments or family. I have enjoyed the jobs I have chosen so far. I mean it’s hard work because I chose a job that’s more physical. Though they do have jobs that are easier. That’s why I like working here at people ready and using job stack. I can either work hard or not so hard. Pick my days if choice to work. I can choose from housekeeping to construction to hospitality. Will give feedback if anything changes.
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10 months ago, lilc threw
People ready Communication skills and my life situations
I chose this app not for just a reason but it’s a good way of getting money yuh know opportunity and I’m well known of all situations and not from just experience this app is good app because it’s crazy I did talk to a good good women that works with people very well with a good soul and ready to work for Devon the first day I talk to this man name I forgot lol but I was really up on my phone the whole night while I was sleep and it was like I was getting treated like a slave off the road like Cotten so rn I feel really disrespected from Devon Gibbs to peoples ready
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3 months ago, Morga4life
Sexually discrimination
How can you post a job that states can lift up to 50 pounds and then remove women from the job ticket? And state that corporate won’t allow women to work there. It’s a warehouse- last I checked women are permitted to work anywhere a man is. I’ve been removed from two separate job tickets after accepting them thru this app by Cathy in plant city and Lakeland, Fl stating “oh you can’t have this ticket, you’re a female, you can’t do this work. I have to remove you, I don’t have a choice; this is a corporate account.” At first I thought she was joking. Also, why was my pay sent to a pay card when I never authorized for that to be done? I still haven’t been paid for the work I did in January 24. Where’s my work history in the app JobStack? Its empty. Please fix these things.
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6 months ago, Jay_workz
Still glitchy!
I am convinced that the in-app bug report has no one on the other end for you to reach with your message! Notifications are still a major problem with my app. If there’s anything that can be done to revamp or remake this app, it would be great because nothing that has been done has resolved the issues consistently! Whenever you don’t get notifications properly you lose money, you lose opportunities and I’m not happy with that! Please someone in a high ranking authority position that has the ability to make things happen concerning this app please either fix or replace this app with a properly working one I would be greatly appreciative of that. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Mr. Do-rite
New to People Ready (D. W.)
I have just gotten signed up at The Plano TX. office, The ladies working there are 1st Class,,,they are very helpful, they were very knowledgable about the company and how things work, very good explaining all safety equipment needed and payroll.... And all questions I had asked them, Both answered them and they were very professional at all times,,,, Made me and my son feel like we were important enough to be heard and assisted in all aspects of the total process from start to finish.... Jenna and Lauren I would rate them a ‘10 plus’ All Pro’s And no Con’s,,,, for the “Ladies of Plano” Thanks Sincerely D. W. and Kidd’O
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2 years ago, xxxsuckmydick
Working for PeopleReady & The app
I’ve been working with people ready in ATL, Ga for almost 10 months now and here’s what I can say about both the app and the company. There’s several different branches that staff different types of job from warehouse to cooking. They always CONSISTENTLY PAY EVERYDAY or THE NEXT DAY. That’s something you can always count on. My biggest problem with this company is no matter what job position is posted the pay rate is always the lowest amount of money they could possibly give you on top of wanting people to travel hours to get to and from a job site.. If your looking for something FULL TIME STEADY AND RELIABLE this is NOT the ideal job.
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3 years ago, Darrell The Peace Activest
Convenient source of work
This app will put you to work. There are always jobs on the app, sometimes a lot. I never have trouble getting the hours I want and I usually want a lot of hours. I have been using JobStack for a few months now and so far I have liked all the jobs I have been sent to. I live just outside of a large and spread out city so the app has been a great convenience for me. It list the jobs and how many miles from home they are. The JobStack has been a blessing to me.
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2 years ago, Mi'khell60
Bad company to work for period
Complete waste of time I wouldn’t recommend to anybody..hard to believe these guys are still in business …the jobs will give you a start time but not a finish time…most jobs Are not what the description says..all jobs don’t leave a call number so call if anything happens you’ll have to call the branch and if this happens be ready to wait over an hr and a half for a prepared to show up to a few jobs and get turned around because they have already sent enough people out you’ll be promised show up pay but will not receive it..this app or it’s people don’t not care about their workers at all avoid the hassle and go to another app not worth it at all ..
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9 months ago, DlC61MonY5
Work History in Settings
This app is really good about its post for jobs in the areas of preference; however once a job is completed and repeat jobs in the area would be great if it was seen in the “jobs history” in settings. It should show and would be helpful if the jobs already completed, and history for the week, month, and year were visible in work history in settings and more jobs available in the areas of nearby residence and miles traveled. Thanks.
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1 year ago, The thestewthe stew!
Be professional
when sent out on a job, be professional and help the supervisor fill in where the help is needed. make sure you get good reports and give People Ready a good name. so that the people at People Ready at your local branch know what kind of job tickets to put on your app so you can always find a day to work and get paid the same day so you can count on working when you want and count on the money you need to survive.
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3 years ago, fookduke
Lynchburg Virginia office is great
I’ve had a great experience with the people at my local office! Extremely friendly and helpful throughout my visit. Because of Peopleready I ended getting into a career position with a big company. I got in as a production mechanic by solving a problem a mechanic was having and got the interview but I wouldn’t have gotten in the door without Peopleready having the contact. If you are willing to work and put your best foot forward it’s a great place to find your opportunities!
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5 years ago, BigYunus
App stops showing jobs for no reason
I had many jobs listed on the app for many days but I was busy with other companies. And when I opened my app today it says that i have to call the branch because the app cant list jobs anymore. When I called the branch on Sepulveda BLVD. North Hills, they couldn’t explain properly by giving irrelevant excuses that perhaps I have been calling off jobs which I never did, and she said that it cant be fixed now all I have to do is call branches for work manually because they cant fix the app lol... i understand that people working at that branch have difficulty communicating, and they’re rude like they’re talking to you on the street as if you’re a gang member... anyway this bug needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, 1123556689
The worst company ever
I have worked for them for years now that I’m in Orlando Florida and pregnant I am Discriminated against their employees will take me out of jobs I loss all respect for this company They have me wait to jobsites for two and three hours and won’t even pay me after wasting my time even when they lie and say they will cover a few hrs this place is truly a job that ruined my life never work to a temp agency if you have a choice not to it’s no future with the real company because they need you to stay a slave for the temp agency so they are contracted to get paid double for your worth and give you minimum wage even with Your many years of experience Tempe just says are designed to keep you down they rarely find a permanent company
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11 months ago, FlitterBits
Subpar customer service
I have worked with people ready on a couple of occasions and I can say the app is a great concept in spite of all of its frustrating bugs and issues. My primary concern is the fact that I have not once had a positive experience with the office lady’s we have in my local region. I wish I could review them through people ready directly. Miscommunications are rampant and every time I call to try to get things sorted out I already know what to expect. An irritable and rude tone on the other line blaming me for things that have nothing to do with me. Makes the app very frustrating. If your in Idaho I’d suggest waiting for another app of the same concept to set up an office.
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4 years ago, jcoch75
Not too bad but the app is buggy
The app overall is great. Seems to list the most recent jobs and it’s easy to accept them and find out the requirements. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is because the app seems to lag a bit. Wants me to confirm arrival after I’ve been on site two hours. Shows a new notification but I can’t read it unless I delete any others that are there. Other than that it’s a great app and a great way to make some extra cash!
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11 months ago, tinderkilledusall
Peopleready likes to starve people out
Peopleready likes to starve the people who depend on them, by purposely with holding jobs from qualified individuals, (saw the job stack of a couple other employees mainly three other employees and one had more jobs, some had less, some had none listed. HOWEVER, all these employees had all the same qualifications, the one with the most qualifications might of had the least jobs offered to him, and this was all at the same location) and sometimes even purposely trying to starve out employees or are skinny or single. Like paying them days out when we are suppose to be paid the day of or next day for single events.
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4 years ago, motief420
I love JobStack. Just the only thing I would say negative about it is sometimes only very few jobs to pick to work. But overall it is by far 5/5. You get paid the same day, you get you’re own global cash account, friendly people from the co workers to the people themself who work for people ready. And always make sure you have a job to work if you don’t see one listed, they’ll do their best to get you a job for the day, and now I got a full time job temp to hire @ GM. (General Motors). THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLE READY! ❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Receece
Current employee
People ready is an awesome company they work with your availability which is awesome for me working around kids and another job it as been a great experience and when you think all the jobs are gone keep checking your app something is going to show up thanks people ready also when you call the office very professional ready to answer your questions efficiently😍
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2 years ago, purringneck732
The Overall worth of this app.
This app is excellent to manage your work life balance. Being a new user of this app, and this type of work scheduling, It would have been perfect if the app had more details as to the tools you would need to have on hand before going to the job site, along with the amount of hours you will be working for each job. Nonetheless this app is worth 5 stars, hands down.
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5 years ago, johnnyboyblue87
John C. Snellville
These people are scam artists and I am now working on a petition to sue peopleready cause I was suspended from work because I went to work for them and on their app they put down wrong addresses and no contact names that way they still get compensated and you get screwed cause they suspended me cause I didn’t get paid and now I’m out of work and not to mention that I had been working so much that I had been hit by a car in Kroger still tried to go to work and they suspend me cause of their mess ups and now today I’m placing a civil suit against them in the state of Georgia anyone I ant to jump on the suit I have 20 coworkers that are on board with me now and I think it’s time true blue paid out for real.
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6 months ago, Valdiviez1310
I would recommend this app to anybody who gets busy and can’t have a steady job. For example, like doctors appointments this would be the place to go. You can work when you’re not busy and yet you’re not required to be there when you have your doctors appointments I would recommend this to anybody. I’ve had an awesome experience and I’m still with them, thank you Job stack!
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3 years ago, mrkamwill
Long as they like you
The moment you can’t make a job they start forgetting every job you did make and will make sure you can’t find work. I’ve been dealing with having new born on the way so I’ve been bouncing around a lot and working when I can. Not when I’m forced. Nobody works in the office so I’m trying to see what do recruiters even get paid for ? I have zero felonies and I’m 27 years old with over 10 years work experience I don’t need people ready as much as they would like me to. I just want to work when I can and they don’t like that. Fals advertising
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2 years ago, Ultra-D
JobStack - Daniel Padilla
Finding work has never been easier, thanks to JobStack. It is so convenient, and very simplistic in regards to determining on which job works best for me on any given day. The simple ease of getting daily assignments for the right amount of pay, and the fact of getting paid at the end of every day, is what I love about JobStack. I’m not sure if it could get any better… Thank you JobStack/PeopleReady. Daniel Padilla
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2 years ago, Witch Ouija
simple 1 day jobs normally
If you’re just needing extra cash, this could be helpful as most jobs last for a day - though some have FT/PT opportunity. Despite the job preferences I listed, I continuously get recommended jobs I have no interest or skills in which is quite annoying. The past couple of days they’ve been giving last minute job notices (i.e, job starts at 9 and they send a text at 8:40) which is ridiculous. Would personally prefer to just stick to job sites then this app.
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2 years ago, Solo da Beastt
Networking at its finest
Pros:This app makes it no man can ever have an excuse for not being able to work I love this app it is all the connections you just have to pick the Plug Cons: Here at job stack they are very very strict because they want employers to understand that they are professional and only will hire professionals on their teams, therefore too many times of picking a job and not following through with it will result in temporary suspension with the app. Good Luck!
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6 years ago, mrsdmvc
Notifications are always right on time!
Getting a notification from JobStack is the best. You know when customers submit your hours to be paid. You know when there is a job or jobs available and from what branch is offering it. And you can share the app by using different logins for people who also get jobs from JobStack! Very important app to have for employability. This is one of the smartest apps in the market
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6 years ago, People Ready Worker
App Support
This is Not ease of use, customers cancel and don’t show up at times, but then it only effects the employee. I have not been able to get work due to the system trying to say I have called off of jobs which is not facts, then it refers me to keep calling the branch when I want work, I wish you guys fix this problem for me please. Seem like anytime I need something fix the app and branch can’t do anything!
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3 years ago, no google voice, please!
PeopleReady is a Scam
PeopleReady is NOT a company that allows the worker to choose from all jobs available. The post jobs to this app that they choose for the worker. The worker can choose if they want the job. Sometimes staffers will post jobs in the app that are deceptive and do not disclose what the real job is. For example, if you take a job thinking you’ll be doing janitorial work and when you arrive you discover you’ll actually be moving and lifting heavy objects. THEY WILL AND DO LIE about what the job is on the app the to get a worker there. STAFF WILL AND DO ABUSE COMPANY RESOURCES BY REMOTELY ACCESSING AND CONTROLLING THE JOBSTACK APP ON YOUR DEVICE!!! Use caution if you choose to download this app or work for this company!
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6 months ago, 🥷🏽🟦
I spent five years in prison, and when I got out it was rough getting acclimated to everything new in regards to cell phones and apps and everything being digital job stack was one of the first things I encountered and it’s functional. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to understandand it works. It’s not perfect. Nothing in life is perfect. Always get what you want but it does work very well.
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2 years ago, Michael.Glenn G7
My idea
Its a reliable source for money some jobs are far but not all it’s a waiting game at times for the right job but this app is definitely worth trying out it keeps you with a busy work schedule at moments, You can works days you want and get paid sometimes that very day, Remember don’t let the job work you, you can work the job. . .
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2 years ago, treyd333
Lack of care in Austin, TX
Do not work for this company if you live in Austin. I showed up to a job twice and was reassured that the job would occur the second day. After showing up the second day, I was informed the job was cancelled and that my time would not be compensated for. It took me two hours round trip to get to the job site. Complete lack of care for my time. Not only that but I didn’t pick up other potential jobs because I was committed to this one. I just started working for this group and this is the second job in two weeks that I have been screwed over on.
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10 months ago, Shailbaby94
Pretty Alright👍🏾
The staffing agency itself is pretty alright. The branch that I signed up with in North Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina will really work with you and they are so nice. Now they don’t play. You keep asking them for work and the not show up or keep calling out or keep declining they will not work with you anymore. Every branch is different. I just know that the branch I signed on to is a good branch.
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6 years ago, shadrachattack
great concept, app functionality leaves some to be desired
I love Jobstack for the work itself and that i can confirm hours and schedule everything right in the app. would prefer if the layout was a little better and i used to have to sign in manually every single time i logged in. so i appreciate that i don’t have to do that any more. would be great to access work forms directly in the app and maybe some aesthetic changes.
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1 year ago, Coolredfishking
Just not there
This app used to be really good for locating local jobs in your designated area or what part of town you were in depending on what shipyard you need to work on until their systems are updated further in this app to where it can actually assist you based off what skills you to have Anytime I hop on here to look for work or see what is going on in the ports or what construction jobs they do have available nothing seems to pop up
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6 years ago, RomeDog9
Work force/timing accuracy
This new Job Stack app has been updated and has become even better as the ease of understanding the job locations, times, and special functions created to assist employees in there work day and work enquirers. Thank you to the creators for what is plain to see in there efforts in bringing a whole new way to the job seeking-daily labor work force, I give it a 5 Star.
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