Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid)

4.6 (1.5K)
71.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phase Five Systems
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid)

4.63 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
3 years ago, hamiltongrp
This is the one you’re looking for
After getting my iPad I was disheartened to learn that sidecar wasn’t as fully featured as I hoped. While the picture was fantastic, it didn’t support an external mouse or the trackpad on the magic keyboard. So I started searching for remote desktop applications that would fit the bill of allowing me to access my desktop across the house with minimal effort. To my horror, I realized that almost none of them provided an easy way to resize my screen to fit the iPad resolution, further, when connected to an external monitor, they maintained the iPad 4:3 aspect ratio, which made for an unpleasant experience. Much to my surprise, this app not only automatically resizes the screen to the iPad resolution (when using their protocol and app), but it ALSO changes the video out resolution to fit whatever monitor you hook it up to. Absolutely incredible work! Well worth the money.
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5 years ago, KarlChilders
Great app!
Now I CAN leave my laptop behind! There is no hyperbole in this comment. I set up a VPN on my home network and complement it with Jump. I have installed it on my iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro. I use it to connect to my desktop (Mac Mini) when I am away from home. I also use it from anywhere when I connect to my Ubuntu file, and network servers, and any one of my Ubuntu Virtual Box VMs. It is a proven winner for me using RDP, and VNC protocols. Since I have access to my home desktop, I can do my remote software development work without having to be stuck at home. The only downside is that I occasionally lose connections. This may be due to weak WiFi or when my OS goes to sleep, I don’t know. But it is super easy to re-establish the connection manually. I think I spent $10 in the App Store and is totally worth it. I compared with several RDP apps which are either free or for a fee (including the remote desktop from the software giant) before I committed to Jump. Jump is definitely the better value on all platforms.
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2 years ago, R a g e r
Literally The Best Remote Desktop/Connection Out There By FAR
Been using Jump now for a few years and ever since the very first day I’ve loved it and never regretted purchasing for my iPhone. I’ve tried so many other different apps and software and jump is literally endless miles ahead of so very many others. I even use it when I want to connect with my shadow cloud desktop from my iPhone instead of using the shadow application alone simply being that it lacks a plethora of user friendly features and versatility that jump does, like flawless two finger zooming and scrolling, mouse pointer and touch location and accuracy and so many more. Cannot recommended Jump Desktop any higher, they have by far exceeded my expectations for years now and continue to do so flawlessly. Cheers!
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3 years ago, ButchPudding
Promised features nonexistent & locks features behind subscription
I tried this app due to it being recommended online. They also say that you can connect with full retina resolution. Not the case. You can only utilize retina from iPad>Mac by using a VNC connection, which performs horribly, and you can do this for free anyway without Jump. Fluid connections do not support Retina. They hide this well on their website, but promised years ago that they were working on it. What they have actually accomplished is locking more features (like manual Fluid connections) behind a subscription! Yay! More subscriptions for an app you’ve already paid for in the first place! The reason I bought Jump to begin with was that they didn’t have a subscription model, but it seems every developer nowadays wants a piece of the pie. BTW, Anydesk (free) does retina resolutions for Mac currently. Microsoft’s free Remote Desktop accomplishes this for Windows. I asked Jump about getting retina resolutions on Fluid, and they did not respond. And now they want more money for manual cloudless Fluid connections. Nah, man.
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6 years ago, TimDawgz
Back to being useful 😃
I had been using this for probably years when suddenly a problem with the URL launches setting window sizes stopped working and all windows were sized to the iPhone screen resolution. I had reported the problem which took a long time to get fixed but it's finally fixed and I can once again go back to using Jump Desktop as my preferred RDP client. I was so sick of using another client that didn't function the way I wanted but it honored all URL variables and sized appropriately so I reluctantly used it until this was fixed. I'm very happy that Jump Desktop is now fixed! I access hundreds of servers with a separate client that manages credentials but connects via URL launching and changing the means to which I manage those connections and credentials just wasn't an option. Thank you guys for fixing the problem! 👍
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4 years ago, Moonbe@m
I had given up on anything you can buy and not pay subscription monthly. I ended up getting this for 50% off which was a steal. I haven’t been using it long but so far it works great! It's fast, fluid is a great description because it is just that. I have not even used all of the features, there are many. It works on all platforms and across platforms. I ❤️ this app! It’s not often you come across a perfect app, this one is perfect. The devs already pushed out an update and I’ve not owned it a week. Great job Devs! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any other apps you might release. This is the best app of its kind, truly it is. I haven’t even used it with my Magic Mouse or iPad yet! Oh and did I mention it does sound as well! But it, it’s work 3 times they priced it at, much more than what I paid.
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5 years ago, Voiptelecom007
Finally an RDP app that supports Mac and Windows!!
I bought this app 5plus years ago and it only supported Windows. It’s by far is the fastest app to connect to remotely even better/faster than Microsoft’s built in client. Now I for something to connect my Mac remotely and I ended up circling back to this app. The RDP sessions with Mac is really some and has hardly any lag time. Another thing I noticed was the ability to switch between multiple desktops on my Mac which was awesome because even the Apple Remote Desktop can’t change multiple desktops so I am super excited about that function being incorporated into this app. The developer really didn’t an awesome job by add the Mac to the equation and that feature alone. This is definitely my All-in-One app for remote access to all the Windows and Mac systems.
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2 years ago, Ki2rin
This one deserves the 1st place among the RDP apps.
I fell in love with this app right after using it less than ten minutes. I found every issues that I had when I was using RD Client that drove me crazy have been solved. People say RD Client became great especially after having its recent major update (version 10). And it seems they consider it solid just because MS made it. But, for me, great is not enough and MS is not almighty. In my case, the alphabet and number keys were not be able to put to the X11 apps in WSL2. Also, Ctrl + Space combination which performs the language switch in iPadOS was also hooked even in the RDP sessions, which made me depressed since that key combination was meant to do a crucial role in my dev app.
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5 years ago, chrinist
Please please please add sound!
This is one of the coolest apps I’ve seen in a looooong time! However the fact that I can’t stream any sound from my Mac makes it very limited. With the mouse support coming in iOS 13 and with sound added, this is is definitely the best setup where I can just use my iPhone or iPad as a remote computer. The latency was very good! I was shocked at how well it worked with minimal lag. I could honestly barely see any lag between the real computer when I moved my mouse and when the app screen mouse moved. The only negative is the lack of sound that it doesn’t support yet. Please add this and you have yourself a winner! Also, I am not sure if there is a way to lock my computer when I am out and about so I can log into the app but not have my activity being viewed on my computer screen when I am gone. I didn’t know if this is possible.
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6 years ago, Fire Ghost Dancer
As a software engineer I am always sensitive to the quality of software that I use that has been written by others. Jump impresses me as being one of the best-designed and best-functioning software products that I have begun using in many years. The design of its ability to create on my local device an interface to my desktop on a remote host is well thought out and excellently rendered. I have used it several times a week for many years to extend my connect time with my software development projects on remote hosts no matter where I am, be it in a restaurant, a customer waiting room, or anywhere, and it has always worked flawlessly. An easy five stars.
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4 years ago, MikeTheSpike_
Best one out there
I’ve used almost every remote desktop tool for iOS out there and this one is the best, no contest. Multiple ways to connect to hosts, plenty of control customization, not enough latency to matter, audio streaming to the connected device, resizes resolution to match connected device (my favorite feature), saves multiple connections, easy setup, automatic reconnect when multitasking, gesture navigation, and best of all you can get it all for a ONE TIME FEE and as of the time of writing this review that fee is cut in half. Get it while you can, but even if you don’t spring on the half off, it’s still worth the full price and I would pay it again in a heartbeat.
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1 year ago, Bewildered Goat
Jump Desktop is Amazing
Jump Desktop has been the most effective solution I've found for streaming my desktop PC to my iPad Pro. It should be noted that it is not intended, nor very effective, for game streaming and that anyone looking to stream games to their device should look into Moonlight, Parsec, or any other number of solutions intended for that purpose. That said, general desktop computing is wonderfully smooth and many features are well implemented. Using my Apple Pencil for image editing inside of GIMP was a breeze, as well as working on my coding projects. I've tried other apps, such as Screens, and they just don't compare.
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4 years ago, boldcity
iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard + Jump Desktop
The iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard + Jump Desktop is the holy grail. The iPad can do a lot of things, but sometimes there’s something I can only do well on my MacBook, such as programming. Now I can confidently leave my MacBook connected at home and just take my iPad Pro with me and not feel limited. The Magic Keyboard’s trackpad works like a native mouse! Although iPad swipe gestures take precedence over native swipe gestures, they have on-screen buttons for exposé, desktop switching, etc. One major downside preventing a 5-star rating is connecting to your mac via jump desktop will expose your mac’s screen to anyone who is in the same room as your mac. There is no indicator in-app that your mac’s screen is being exposed to the world. Using the Mac’s user account switcher there is a way to make the Mac go to the lock screen while keeping jump desktop connected via the iPad, but you have to remember to do this every time you connect. When you switch the Mac to the lock screen there is no indicator on the iPad that the Mac’s screen is locked while you’re using the Mac remotely — you just have to know it is.
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2 years ago, Odysseus42
Keyboard scan codes
Sends keyboard scan codes instead of unicode over RDP, which means you can interact with VMs running on your remote host and other applications that expect scan codes. Not even Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client for iPad supports scan codes even though this has been reported as an issue for years (but the desktop client does, go figure). Combined with the iPad mouse support, we finally have a completely functional RDP solution, and the iPad can function as a fully featured thin client. The VNC support is a nice bonus, and works well with MacOS hosts. My only complaint is that the app needs some polish, but it works
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3 weeks ago, luckylanno
Great image quality and plenty of settings
Using RDP mode on a local network gives a sharp image with low latency. Using "Windows multi-touch mode" makes my desktop feel like a native AVP app as far as gestures go. Connecting to a remote PC over the internet was easy, but the image quality is lower. Also, the windows multi-touch mode isn't available. Using "Direct touch" mode is 90% of the experience, only the scroll gesture doesn't work. It integrates really well with the a BLE keyboard and the magic trackpad. Everything works as expected here. You can use touches on the trackpad in lieu of pinching, which feels pretty good for desktop work. There are a lot of input modes, so you can pick what you prefer. Also you can change the resolution without having to reconnect, which isn't always the case with remote access software. It also has an option to spawn multiple windows for connections to multiple computers. Unfortunately my keyboard seems to jump randomly between windows no matter what I do. Hopefully this can be fixed.
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6 years ago, Jwenzel09
Must have for any IT pro
I like to go places and work remotely on my servers at home. With Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client support for the Smart Keyboard was pretty dismal and limited what i could do. Right as i was considering breaking down and buying a laptop that I wouldn’t have much of a use for i found this amazing app. I can now seamlessly work with Remote Desktop as if i was on a laptop. I can now remotely control my kvm setup that required xming and an ssh client to tunnel virt-manager and work on my servers that way. Working with this app feels like it may take some getting used to compared to Microsoft’s version but it gets the job done better overall
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3 years ago, Un Boricua
Look no further...
This is the BEST app to access your Mac from an iOS device. I’ve tried many apps, and this is the best one. Very easy to set up, and a stable connection. The last app I tried was Screens, and this is much better. For one, you can hear your remote computer’s audio in your iPad (which you can’t do on Screens), and Jump has a full screen, unlike Screens, where to take advantage of your iPad screen, you have to enter into Zoom mode, which can be cumbersome to move apps around afterward. In conclusion, this is the one to buy if you’re looking to access your computer remotely. Period.
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7 years ago, akingkubo
Best Remote Desktop App!!!
This app has been a very valuable tool for my work as a Clinical Application Analyst and I have completely depend on this to remote in to my desktop at work when I am on call and do not have to log in to our server and use VPN for this. I used to always have to bring my work laptop at home when I am on call. Now I leave it at work and use my iPad instead. One time I was called during my nephew's birthday party which was in our city zoo! All I have is my IPhone and all I need is quick access to an app in my desktop and I was able to use my freaking phone to do what I needed to do. That is so awesome! I love you Jump desktop! I even used jump desktop during a presentation because I used my iPad. My CQO saw me using my iPad and ask how she can do that as well as so she can use her iPad Pro. I told her about Jump desktop and now she's using this too and loving it!!! You rock Jump desktop! Do you work overseas?
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5 years ago, SF.SWM
Hooray for remote keyboard shortcuts!
I took a chance on this because the official MS Remote Desktop client doesn't support keyboard shortcuts (at least not with my Gen 1 iPad Pro 9.7" smart keyboard) on the remote PC. To copy, I'd have to tap an on-screen "control" key, then the "C" key on the physical keyboard. Drove me nuts, and made it harder to get work done on my iPad. Jump Desktop to the rescue! Looking forward to trying out VNC support for my Mac and considering buying one of the supported mice, but seriously just being able to fully use a keyboard on the remote machine again was worth the price. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Annoyed ready to leave
Two things I don’t like
Downloaded this yesterday and would have given it five stars right off the bat except for two issues the first I can live with the second sort of makes the product useless. 1) It changed the size of my screen display on my computer monitor. I guess is so that this would fit the format of my iPad Pro. I can live with this. 2) today i tried to log in and since my computer was in sleep mode it could not access it. So if I want to save energy and not run my computer all the time and have it set for sleep mode this is not going to work. So is the work around to leave you computer running 24/7?
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6 years ago, Ciaovista
As a retired software development manager, I find Apple apps are typically semi-vaporware that are NOT even worth free. I’ve been burned many times by apps written by amateurs who have either no Quality Control or piss-poor QA. So when I looked at the cost of Jump Desktop and all its extraordinary features and the cost, I thought, I’m going to get burned big-time, but I will give it a try anyway because it’s exactly what I need — IF it worked! Well Surprise, Surprise! I bought an excellent, well-written and designed app for pennies. The app is well worth more than $15!
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4 years ago, Jweeba86
Better than Screens
I am using this app to connect to a Raspberry Pi 4 running the Astroberry distribution of Raspbian Buster via the Pi’s built in WiFi hotspot. It works great. I was using VNC viewer first but found its control scheme wanting, so I tried Screens but Screens suffered from terrible visual lag (it took multiple seconds to refresh the screen at times, which I found utterly bizarre). I really wanted keyboard and mouse control so I tried Jump and I’m happy to say that Jump has none of those problems and let’s me use a physical keyboard and mouse, which is awesome.
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4 years ago, Kfrye89
Full keyboard and mouse support with iPad Pro & better than Microsoft’s RD Client!
I paid for this hoping it would provide full keyboard and mouse support (when they are connected to your iPad of course) in a remote session and it absolutely delivers! It’s also very fast, fills the iPad Pro screen, and allowed me to import .RDP files for a fast setup. Yes, this is better than the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, if for no reason than the keyboard/mouse support. In the Microsoft RD Client, the keyboard is gimped and the mouse doesn’t behave exactly the way you want it to. This was worth every penny!
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4 years ago, unchewable
One of my most recommended apps
When I think of teams that have put in the work you guys are one of the first ones that come up. I jumped all in with iOS and i am a IT manager by trade. Your app is the best remote application out there period. I am blown away by all the updates you guys do and how well you think out things. Your implementation of how a mouse works is still nicer the iOS 13 implementation. I will continue to be a fanboy and shout from the roof tops loving that fluid now supports audio well done again team well done.
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2 years ago, Mera Wu
The app that gives the user what Apple won’t!
This is the app justify the claim of iPad for business! Not only does it provide the true 3-button mouse function for all PC users, but also the true experience of remote desktop with full external screen instead of content mirroring with 2 black bars. Forgot to mention one more great feature, which you can multitask Jump Desktop with any app on your iPad with FULL screen of your PC on the external monitor!
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2 years ago, Figmo the great and powerful
Great app - except no file transfer
I’ve been using this app for a couple years now to control my Windows machines from iOS and other Windows machines. Works great for remote control - except the clipboard is very limited. You can copy/paste text between host and remote. But that’s all. No copy/paste of images. And (very frustrating) NO COPY/PASTE OF FILES!!! In fact, there really is no way to do any sort of a file transfer between host and remote machines. Your only options are the same games you’ve always had to play when transferring files between any two machines (e.g. “email to yourself”, “install an FTP server”, “use a thumb drive”, etc, etc) This app brings NOTHING to the table to aid in file transfers. So to sum up - great for remote control. But you’re on your own if you have an image or other file you need to transfer between machines. Too bad. I would have given it 5 stars if it allowed file transfers.
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4 years ago, SuperKyleJ
Easy win
I use this app to connect to a Pc running XP. Compared to the Microsoft app this is way better. Hardly any lag for me any on slow WiFi. The amount of options to interact with the remote computer from a touch screen is incredible. Plus slide over and split screen both work perfectly. I couldn’t be happier, well worth the price. The functionality of this app is perfect for me. The only things i would like to see are totally cosmetic and both are only on the screen where to select what pc to connect to. 1) I’d like the ability to nickname computers. For example name a computer work or personal 2) The ability to use a jpeg image or picture as the icon for the remote computer. For example using my company logo to identify my work computer. These are nitpicks for sure and dont take away the fact that this app is amazing.
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6 years ago, Soviet Enigma
Surprisingly Robust App!
So, I ran out the office one day and I forgot to file a document electronically. When I got home, I didn’t feel like going back to the office, so I downloaded this app. To be honest, I thought I was getting fleeced for almost $15. However, the intuitive interface, comprehensive keyboard functions and instructional video made my task almost as easy as if I was at the office (but saved me a drive back to the office). I did what I needed to do reclined on my couch in comfy slippers. The app is worth every penny.
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3 years ago, hngrange
Best RDP client for iOS by far!
I’ve been using Jump for probably close to 10 years. Working in IT, I always have to stay connected wherever I am but it’s not always easy to drag a laptop around with me everywhere I go. With Jump, my iPhone becomes an extension of my desktops and laptops. I’ve been able to connect to a multitude of servers and PCs around the world on some horrific network connections and Jump hasn’t let me down yet!
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4 years ago, paulshoe60
Daily Productivity Booster
This is my go-to Remote Desktop app and it’s become a critical part of my daily routine over the last several years. The app is well-maintained and very stable. I travel extensively, so Jump has truly allowed me be productive anywhere in the world. I do have one feature request: please make a Today View widget for iPadOS. I would love to be able to launch into a remote computer with one button push on my iPad home screen. Thanks for the great product!
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4 years ago, LaCiel69
Jump Desktop saved my life as a college student
I use Jump Desktop all the time now that I’m living at my university, and it has proven to be invaluable to my situation. I bought an iPad because I fell in love with the Apple Pencil and could not go back to the Windows tablet world, as I never found them to be something I could just pick up and start drawing. However... as a CS major, I needed access to tools that are just not accessible on the iOS platform, and Jump Desktop has absolutely bridged that gap for me! Remote computing with Jump Desktop feels very close to natively running Windows on my iPad (especially with a bluetooth mouse), and with the addition of audio streaming, I have found it to be the absolute best remote desktop application, and a total lifesaver! Can’t send enough of my appreciation, thank you so much!
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2 years ago, JustJanie95
I have sat on my office floor crying the past two nights because I could not for the life of me figure out how to Remote Desktop from my work PC to my home computer until someone told me about this app and now I am CRYING TEARS OF JOY. It was too easy I was almost skeptical at first because of how difficult windows is but I wish I would have known about this app a long time ago it would have saved me so much frustration and tears! THANK YOU JUMP!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Designer Nate
iOS 16 Horrible integrations with the Magic Keyboard
Ever since iOS 16 this app hovers a bunch of alternate character options if the key on the keyboard is held which occurs often if you do any sort of games using this, also the three dots at the top of the screen on top of apples three dots is kind of annoying this should fade off the screen after a few minutes. This app is so close to being perfect, but the latest iOS Update kind of breaks a few things with this app. Please consider this when developing / considering. Thanks so much for a great app!
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2 years ago, Al Zal
Great. Period.
I am not sure if there is an app similar to or better than this one, but it is a really good one. It works fine for logging onto my MacBook from iPad even with slower wifi connections in e.g. coffee shops and malls. No disconnections or any other issues encountered. Hope they keep the good work and also continue to support the free app. Update June 2022: I have now purchased their Mac remote access app, and it works flawlessly accessing both Macs and PCs.
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4 years ago, VersionJ
Newest update adds everything I wanted with a mouse.
Before version 9.4.16, mouse support was functional, but lacking all mouse functions. I was able to point, click, and right click with long press. Now, everything works in every app. I remote into my windows pc to use 3D printer slicers and right clicking now allows all range of motion as if I was right in front of it. Scroll wheel works, 3 dimension manipulation works, right click works without long press. Finally!
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4 years ago, ahwman
Full mouse and trackpad support puts Jump over the top!
I can honestly say that I have tried just about every Remote Desktop app out there. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Without a doubt, Jump desktop ticks all of the boxers for me and now with the recent addition of trackpad and mouse support, it takes it to another level. Throw in the stellar tech support and you have a five star app which will save you many hours and increase your productivity...
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2 years ago, 이앱진짜이상해
Can’t even get it started
I wanted to use it to access my father's computer who needed onscreen help. But I couldn't even start it up because from the moment I bought it I had to log in with the password of the remote computer. The problem is that my dad doesn't like locking his computer with a password under any circumstances. This app doesn't seem to assume that there are computers in the world without a login password. If I press Enter on the app's login screen, as he does on his computer, then it endlessly asks for a password and never let me in. This needs to be updated immediately!!
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7 years ago, dabeantx
Best Remote Desktop
I've tried both Jump Desktop and Logmein. Jump Desktop provides a much more intuitive interface that makes JD easy to use. JD is very reliable and stable and works without a hitch. It is one of the key apps that extends the functionality of my iPad into the desktop world. Love it. Highly recommend it. 5 years on, still a go to app for me and the best remote desktop. Beats Microsoft Parallels too and without the monthly cost.
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6 years ago, Paul in Georgia, USA
Fantastic app. I’ve used a few different remote control apps and this one is the best. Easy to set up, easy to use and with a great user interface. I have 2 office computers - an older XP machine as an email server and a Windows 10 machine for everything else. I connect via my iPad Pro and connections are fast and secure. I had one little question after installing and customer support responded in minutes! Outstanding. Thanks for a great app!
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1 year ago, reginamichaela01
Ipad to Windows made possible by Jump Desktop.
This is the best 😭😭😭😭. I now have access to my desktop pc through my ipad. This is a game changer because I have a very heavy gaming laptop that I cant bring around. My ipad has become a 2in1 device in a way because of this app. You’ll definitely need a mouse to maximize the jump desktop if you’re connecting to a windows pc though :)
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3 years ago, Univ of Kansas student
Been using JumpDesktop for 2 year
I’ve been using this app for two years and I absolutely love it. I use normally from my iPad Pro (LTE) to get into my work laptop which I typically leave at home. I also use it to get into my windows gaming PC. Both work fantastic. Everything is smooth and it does not need much bandwidth. Sound also works! I’d def recommend it. I’d consider myself a JD power user. Cheers
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4 years ago, MrMojoRisin10
Connects Desktop to Mac Perfectly!
By far the best version of this kind of app I have ever used. I have a MacBook Air and a desktop I use for work things. Jump connects the MacBook seamlessly to the desktop and re-sizes. If you are old school like me and use the keyboard for excel, you will love this interface. On your Mac keyboard, just hit fn with the function keys at the top and/or hit the alt/option key when you need alt. It even works great on your iPhone!
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3 years ago, Matty.Goat
The best
I never write reviews but this app is so amazing it deserves one. I use it on iPad Pro to connect via RDP to Windows servers. Much better than windows RDP app because modifier keys work! Also works with Linux and Mac, but RDP protocol is absolutely stunning! I programmed keyboard macros using autohotkey to get a nice Apple Pencil workflow. One feature I’d like to request is an option to hide the shortcut bar obstructing the start menu bar when displaying the floating keyboard on ipad. Good stuff.
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2 years ago, PopTartS2000
Fantastic for years and years
I’ve used Jump for what feels like a decade now, since the very early years. It’s always been great - and they really thought of everything, like the integration with the iPad Magic Keyboard. The trackpad on the magic keyboard works just like you are at your remote computer. This blew my mind! It’s even easier to use than before. Thanks to the team.
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5 years ago, Why??????!!
A great app, works perfectly; but with a mouse
The quality of streaming is very clear but it’s hard to use well without a proper mouse. These mice are from $60- $180. It’s not entirely “Jumps” fault though. Apple doesn’t allow all mice configurations to connect via Bluetooth. Another problem is audio. I still can’t figure out how to change the audio output. It wont play from my iPad, but from it will from the computer I’m streaming from. The help forum didn’t specify how I change this either.
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6 months ago, justin.miller423
Braille Displays
Hello, I was wondering if you guys could take a look at the commands in voiceover where braille displays are concerned and try to support those. Also if focus is in the compose field could we please get the app to stay there after pressing enter? When using a usb keyboard it works fine but control tab don't work with my keyboard. So I tried using my braille display to type in a program I use all of the time remotely and I have to move the cursor everytime I hit enter then hit enter again.
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2 years ago, Jf!::!:$:'dicnc
Great App
This app does exactly what I want need. I was using MS Remote Desktop which I have to say the graphics were much cleaning looking but I kept having the issue with the app losing connection if I switched between iOS apps. I do not have those issues with this app and it is extremely easy to setup. For those two reasons alone it is well worth the money for the app.
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5 years ago, leon177
The best Remote Desktop Software ever used
It’s better than be in the front of the computer. Has better controls than windows desktop. The zoom is amazing and the option to use Apple Pencil ad better accuracy to the selection of items. At this time I not use a mouse yet but I have plans to buy it. I prefer to wait until iOS 13 to buy a more cost effective mouse option.
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5 years ago, davidrocklee
Super duper!!!
I don’t write reviews much but this one is worth writing for! Used to have iTeleport and since that app is no longer supported I’m looking for an alternative. Jump is amazing. The control and shift keys work as they should when using my iPad keyboard- iTeleport did not. Mouse control options are great! Securing with FaceID gives me peace of mind if my device is stolen. I can easily import and export for free using my iCloud account. Love this app!
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3 years ago, RWest152
Excellent on the M1 iPad Pro
I needed to remotely connect to my work PC when I am not home. Out of all the remote apps that I’ve tried, this one by far is the best. Yes you have to pay for the app, but it will save you A LOT of headache and frustration. The fact that you can customize the screen’s resolution to fit your device is true bliss. I highly recommend this app.
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