KAIT Region 8 Weather

4.7 (11.5K)
132.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KAIT Region 8 Weather

4.74 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Jimmy Ashely
KAIT8 Weather App
Really like using your app along with my family. Daily usages from all my family. One thing that hasn’t happened unlike the KAITV8 news app. Unable to get to the News App because of locations services. I don’t allow any app to track myself. Would hate to have stop using the Weather App if force to used! Thank for a Great App.
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8 months ago, THMostlyoutdoors
Daily nonsense notifications are annoying!
Honestly, the weather (hourly, daily, radar) part of this app is pretty good which is the reason they get 2 stars. The videos have ads as long as the videos themselves which is terribly annoying but understandable when you have people giving you money for the add space. The part that bugs me the most is the notifications everyday of meteorologists using this like a social media platform and letting you know that it’s Sunny or cold (as if you couldn’t already tell by using basic senses). As far as I can tell if you turn off notifications, you also won’t get the important notifications like thunderstorms and tornadoes. It’s just unbelievably ridiculous to have daily notifications for normal, basic weather circumstances.
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3 years ago, scaredofsqualllines
Above and beyond
My family and I have witnessed the Region 8 storm team go above and beyond for their community! I love the fact, when it’s “spring break/vacation season” they pay attention to severe weather elsewhere, knowing that parts of their community are there and probably can’t keep up with the local weather out of state! We feel so blessed to be able to call the Region 8 Storm team, ours!😊.
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2 years ago, pounjab
Giving thanks
Thanks to the KAIT8 storm team we was very informed of the horrible storms that hit us Friday night . Alerts came across our phones which allowed us to get to our save zone . We just want to let you know how much you are appreciated . Thanks again to Ryan Vaughan and the storm team .
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12 months ago, Kthielemier
Good local weather.
The app is great for checking the weather, but I have noticed an abundance of ads that consistently interrupt important videos. It appears that the app uses its own video player which is the reason behind this issue. On a positive note, the radar feature is quite useful. However, the recently added future setting is a bit confusing.
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5 years ago, Pdher1
This app has so much potential. It used to work ok..... but JUST ok. Not very accurate with the weather and the radar, when tapping on future, turns everything to a weird cartoon level map. But now, won’t open. Refuses to work. Uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared my cookies/cache, and restarted my phone’s everything is up to date and now I can’t get passed the first screen. I don’t even get the ad everyone is complaining about. Welp, I guess it’s back to ACCUWEATHER, which is a pain, but at least it works and is much more accurate.
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2 years ago, APZM
Great team poor app
Region8 weather team is Amazing! 5 stars for them but the app is not helpful. We don’t have cable/satellite so we watch live storm coverage via the app. During severe weather, we have to watch an ad before being able to watch live coverage. Definitely unacceptable during warnings! And if it buffers, we have to watch another ad. Also, the images on the newest update are not great.
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2 years ago, just me Rose
Channel 8 weather news
Thank you channel 8 News for making us feel safe through some of the hardest times we are blessed to have such a Great team it seems that lately every weekend is something different I know I feel better when I turn on my TV. I know that your there to help us through the day or night .❤️
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4 months ago, Lizzy 219
Best at predicting weather
If you’re looking for an app that will tell you the weather, so you know how to plan things that you wanna do, this is the app it’s amazing. Ryan Vaughn is the best weatherman. He is not almost wrong. This app is amazing you need to download it. It’s way better than Northeast Arkansas news app.
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3 weeks ago, WW winner woman
Love the app cause I can always see where the storm is in conjunction to where I am. Easy to figure out. Also BIG BIG BIG thank you to Ryan and his partner.(sorry can’t remember his name) I’m kinda new to the area and appreciated their detail and accuracy in the storms sat night. I trust them completely!!!!!
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1 year ago, Nana Amanda 68
Live not just recorded
I recently moved here from Oklahoma. I was able to catch the news live on my tablet but here I can only get Memphis or Kentucky. News and especially the weather from Jonesboro is so much more informative for us.
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5 years ago, Hearingguy
30 second commercials???
I love our news and weather team, but to check a quick weather report or see an update when I get an alert on my phone should not require a 30 second full volume commercial. I get that advertising pays the bills- but advertisers should know that I now automatically connect your business to the frustration level I have with this app. Show me some still images, or make it short and sweet. This is not TV.
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3 years ago, BonnieKayBaker
KAIT8 Weather team
These guys know by now how everyone in Jonesboro and surrounding areas feel...give them the well deserved Christmas bonus or at the very least, put something a little extra in their Christmas Stocking❣️
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4 years ago, awesome and the coolest
It’s really good for weather but.
Sometimes the weather lies but it’s ok maybe another part of Arkansas but it’s a good app I mean, but only one thing, every time I watch a video on the app there’s a mark martin/Kroger/etc ad, please fix this!
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3 years ago, FCDAT
Live, dependable, Action
The Region 8 Storm Team, are the most dependable and accurate news team in the country. This is their community, this is their mission, and they do it well. Through their dedication and commitment, they are life savers.
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3 years ago, HQT AIR
Balloon pilot approved
I live in the Region 8 area. I am on a chat group with hot air balloon pilots from all over the USA. One of the pilots from another state recommended the KAIT weather app as a good resource for weather forecast. I was surprised by his post but this app is spot on for our use. Thanks KAIT
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2 years ago, Cheri0223
The only issue I have with the weather app is during severe weather alerts you have to wait for the ads to finish before you can see the weather threat. And 2 minutes can be too long in a tornado
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3 years ago, Kristi Anne Bates
KAIT8 is #1
I’ve been living here in Jonesboro Arkansas for about 6-7 months. I watch KAIT8 every single day. Y’all are the only news & weather station that I watch. Y’all are the best. I have the KAIT8 app on my iPhone and iPad. I definitely give y’all 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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3 years ago, Hair_force
Can’t live in Arkansas without this app!
I bet I check this app 10-15 times a day. Always works, runs smoothly, beautiful graphics. User friendly, easy to navigate.
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2 weeks ago, DaniShootsFilm
Favorite weather app!!
A friend recommended it and I’m so glad. I don’t know why weather coverage is so inaccurate with the bigger ‘weather channel’ or apple weather apps.
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3 years ago, Kat1k27
A great app(almost).
It is a great weather app. I’ve used it all over the US with good results. But…it’s very annoying to be forced to watch the start up pages every time it is opened or brought up from the background.
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3 years ago, shitti1024
Personal thoughts
When moments count and you need live feed you still have commercials first. When the storm hit last week I pulled up my app and and had to watch a 30 second commercial before I got the live feed. Just saying. Need someone to sponsor the commercial free when there’s thunderstorm warning
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5 years ago, GG-+=;;)
I love being able to check the weather anytime BUT I have to delete and reload at least once a month. Right now it won’t even reload.
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4 years ago, Laytonclan4
Doesn’t even work all of the sudden
I have had this app for almost a year. Husband has it too. All of the sudden the other day, it started saying not available in your area. Weird, because it worked just this morning in the same place. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t solve it either. I liked the app, but I won’t keep it if this isn’t fixed. Waste of space on my phone at this point.
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6 years ago, PaulaSue2x
Commercial over and over
I don't mind the commercial at the beginning, but everytime my phone times out or i switch between apps i have to watch the commercial over and over again, it should start where i left off at least for a while.
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2 years ago, Arkansas Believer
Great source for weather !
The weather staff at KAIT is proficient and cares about the people of their area. Through the years they can be counted on for the latest weather-related information. Wayne Smith / Jonesboro AR.
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3 years ago, Morelli's Mom !
We love this weather app. I travel a lot and it’s always accurate no matter what part of the country I’m in ! Thanks for being here
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5 years ago, mosmo62110110
Confusing and Annoying!
The new storm tracks colors and icons are confusing and annoying to try and keep up with, especially during severe weather. If it’s confusing for a twenty something year old, imagine how confusing it is for an elderly person! Time for another weather app, I suppose. Hope the developers plan to change it soon! If it changes, I’ll be back!
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6 years ago, Dracer809
Fix the radar please!
Have always loved this app but since the new update it has glitches and I hate the radar now. It used to be a clear picture and very informative but now has a “cartoonish” look to it that makes it look very low quality.
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5 months ago, Dan Jackson Jr.
Not accurate, just useful for entertainment purposes
This app is not accurate at all. Not even close. It says 10 degrees and it’ll be 3 degrees. It says 1 inch of snow and we get 6. It says wind is out of the west at 6 mph and it’ll be north winds at 20 mph. Not a serious tool for those who depend on the weather. I recommend weather underground or similar for much more accurate information.
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6 years ago, BrandonRagsdell
Annoying Comercials
Don't mind a Comercial in apps but in this case put it at the end. When you get a notification of sever weather it makes you watch a Comercial before you can get the information. If minutes count this don't work. Also if app times out you have to watch the Comercials again.
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5 years ago, opangdhhbdjbdnhjd
I love this app, but.....
I love this app. I go to this app every time there is thunder or lightning near my area. But sometimes on the radar it will not let me choose past, future, or past and future. But either wise I love this app and is very helpful.
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5 months ago, rrader 63
Best weather for this region
I wish we could get k8 without cable. I miss K8 but not enough to pay outrageous cable prices
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3 years ago, coachsll2000
Accurate and reliable information.
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3 years ago, cricky lou
Wait time for emergency alerts.
When a weather alert comes on you have to wait for an ad to finish before you can hear the alert. Seems like a waste of time if it’s an emergency. I have started using other weather apps for severe weather notifications.
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3 years ago, NanaWx8
Radar doesn’t always load.
Quite often the radar doesn’t load or takes 3-5 minutes to load and catch up with what is really happening outside.
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3 years ago, sassybut classy
Great during severe weather!
Easy to check and stay informed using this app. Life saving during severe weather outbreaks.
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3 years ago, Hay Day fan 4 ever
Region8 Weather App
Region 8 weather app is one of the best apps out there! I use it to keep track of any severe weather headed that comes my way!
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1 year ago, vishwas26
Ad issues
Ad starts all over again even if we swipe the mobile device to just adjust brightness!
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4 years ago, PhilF2
Very buggy
Stopped using it as it’s too slow to load and very buggy!
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2 years ago, linerd76
This app gives great and accurate information! It is a must if you live in Jonesboro!
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1 year ago, ccmomx4
Weather from kaitv8 is the best
I love Ryan Vaughn & the weather team makes me feel safe in Batesville, AR Keep up the Great work team!!
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3 years ago, rocko jebel
Turn off ads during tornado watch/warnings
Good app but needs to turn off advertisements when their is storm warnings, especially tornado warnings
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2 years ago, diane totty
The best
This is the best storm track I have tried so many but this one is the one love region 8
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3 years ago, mlh3116
Laurie H
I have been subscribed to the KAIT 8 weather app. My most enjoyed is the comfort of the weather alerts.
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2 years ago, ParagouldMan
Ads are crazy
Love the app. Way too many ads especially when severe weather is going on.
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3 years ago, Master de bater
Always know when it’s gonna rain when my ballzitch thanks a lot KAIT8
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5 years ago, lrjacksom
Ads should not play during a severe weather event. Otherwise, I love it.
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2 years ago, Toydoctr
The best weather coverage in Northeast Arkansas!!! Thanks for all ya’ll do to keep everyone informed on the weather!!!👏🏻👏🏻
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5 years ago, Rhia444
Accurate but video glitches
Sometimes no sound. Very often there us a video error. But the predictions are awesome. Problems are with the app.
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