4.4 (7.1K)
26 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kajabi, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kajabi

4.43 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
2 months ago, goodlistener333
Audio playback issues
I keep having audio playback issues with this app. When I try to play a class and then switch to another, the old class will continue playing or glitch. Also sometimes when I try to play a class I’ve already started, the audio will not load and I have to quit the app and open it again. This problem has continued to happen over the past two years including app updates. Other than that it works great, just wanted to bring this audio issue to your attention.
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4 years ago, Pollyprogrammer
UI changes could improve this app
The biggest complaint I have in regards to the experience is with watching video content. I have to click two buttons to enter full screen mode on a video. I can’t just rotate the screen and have it take up my display. This is completely different from any other video app following mobile user interface standards. Then when in full screen video, if I accidentally rotate the phone from landscape to portrait the video automatically pauses. Extremely aggravating. The video should continue to play regardless of the screen orientation changing. The other large irritation is when navigating and viewing search results, there is no connection at to return to all search results after viewing an item. You have to exit the search and redo the search to see a different match. Very frustrating. My other negative experiences are probably a bit more difficult to resolve development wise. Search results could be better. And when opening a course, sometimes the contents just won’t ever load and I have to force quit and reopen the app for content to load. The browser version is OK, but there is no tablet version which I think is a travesty, considering the larger screen size of a tablet makes viewing content a lot easier for many people.
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4 years ago, END USER KBS
Great App!
Working effortlessly. No bugs or other issues, one of the better performing apps I have used-ever! If you need a platform for your business this one provides a superior experience for your customer/consumer. I would think it would be as great on the business owner’s platform side as well. I use this app for two great businesses that I also recommend! First is PTN (Plan to Nourish) for meal-prep/planning for busy families. Flexible, easy, slightly healthier-ish, picky-eater approved family meals. Great supportive plan w/ active private & positive community & owner support. Second- I also use the Kajabi app for an additional company-The Gardener’s Workshop Cut Flower Farm. Highly recommend them for those interested in organic farming/gardening of any kind. Geared to locally grown cut flower success in any geographic area, but amazing gardening knowledge that can be applied to any small farm crops. Focus on restoring healthy soil, eliminating use of all products that interfere with beneficial insects & pollinators, while decreasing “need” for same, while allowing full beneficial insect control of pest pressure. Also teaches improved cultural practices to decrease weed & disease pressure. Program is based in USA (USDA Zone 7B/8A) with international following & success.
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3 years ago, i need a zoo
Nice but needs improvement
It’s nice to have access to the recordings I’ve got subscriptions to all in one place. The latest update had some positive changes but one really annoying change as well. I like that I can continue to listen to the recordings without being active in that screen. In other words I can listen in the Kajabi app and play a game in another and not have to minimize the video to do so. The change I don’t care for is your space in the recording is no longer kept once you quit the app, or leave it running in the background too long. So if I want to pick up where I left off I have to make note somewhere on my phone or in a notebook or something like that. If you could bring back the feature of leaving the recordings of wherever they are left, that would boost my rating to a 4. What would make it a five star is if it also had a feature where we could make notations somewhere in the app, so I don’t have to make notes somewhere else in my phone or in a notebook.
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3 years ago, GTGnow
Not a happy experience
I tried to type in my experience then all of a sudden the review box just went away and I had to start all over again. One star only. Basically Your app wouldn’t accept my vendor selection after verifying my email. It was like it was in zoom mode in even though I restarted my iPad it just wouldn’t accept my vendor selection that was offered. So today I tried it and I was able to make my vendor selection and seems to work well enough but it still won’t go into landscape mode. I have a magic keyboard to use with my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 running iOS 14.4.4 and your app won’t go in to landscape. I restarted the iPad but to no avail. I suspect it’s just not a feature that you guys have put into your app yet. I hope you do otherwise I will never use your app and will continue to give low ratings. Hate being a jerk about it but this was a very frustrating experience for me. I mean think about it I have a $1400 invested in this and I can’t access my favorite vender in an app in landscape mode? You’re iPhone SE version works pretty good though. I apologize for my grumpiness, have a great day!
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3 months ago, ambs34
So incredibly glitchy!
First of all, the app shows up twice on my Home Screen, something that I’ve never experienced before lol. I tried to delete the second one and it deleted both. When I try to scrub a video, it is such a pain bc you can go “back” to the last screen with the same motion. Still on this problem, when I try to fast forward a video it just,, doesn’t. It’ll say it’s at a farther point on the progress bar but it’ll still be playing from the beginning. It’s very frustrating as someone who’s adhd and disabled as I often start and stop my course work on and off, it’s a battle to find where I was last. It doesn’t save from where You last started out either so I’m having to do this whole process every single time the app times out after a while of not using it. Sometimes it just, doesn’t load at all. I’ll click a section of my course and the video is black, and the transcript isn’t there. Idk how this app has such a great review average it’s driving me bonkers
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2 years ago, Smm379
App consistently crashes
This is my first time writing a review for an app and I wish I had a better experience. I’m being required to use Kajabi for a four week course that starts on 2/10. I’m using it on an iPhone 11 w/iOS 15.3. It seemed to be working seamlessly and flawlessly through the first 3 out of 5 lessons I’ve been working on today. Those were compiled of reading material and watching videos. However as soon as I scroll to a page that requires any typing or text , the app immediately freezes and crashes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times. Restarted my phone after reinstalling the app. Deleted the app, restarted my phone, then reinstalled the app. Nothing has worked and I am unable to move on and use the app on my phone. I have yet to try this on my laptop. I sure hope it works or I’m out quite a bit of money for this course that is only using Kajabi.
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1 year ago, Scampbell6
Buggy buggy buggy
1. Sound stops working when switching from airplay back to phone. Have to go to a different course if you have one, start a video, stop it, go back to the course you were on and maybe the sound will work. 2. Doesn’t always pickup new subscriptions tied to your same email. Had to uninstall, reinstall, reset passwords to get it to grab new subscription. 3. PIP no longer works, especially when casting. Forget playing a lesson or video while doing a workout or anything else that uses another app simultaneously. 4. Playback speed change doesn’t actually change the playback speed! Really a terrible app for great content providers to use. End user suffers. In the App Store, filter reviews by most recent and you’ll see how poorly the developers have kept up. 90% of web traffic is mobile. If you’re a content provider, please don’t use this service anymore.
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4 years ago, creationinmotion
Deleted app
Bummed out as I am sure many are that can’t use this app. First of all it opens into your email which is strange, then it states it can’t find a site associated with your email account, so I assume you cannot use this app with a phone which is too bad. You probably have a ton of people you loose as users daily because of this. I know I started out excited, then just deleted the app after trying for days to just be able to register my email in order to get started and see what the apps all about. I also didn’t like that the app asks you to register your email address then when you click a mail button pops up and if you click on it tge app opens your email for you in the app. Strange and concerning. Do they gain access to your emails by getting you to register? And after all that they say they can’t find a site associated with my email address? What is up with your app?
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3 years ago, DrDonkay
Some functions need improvement
Why is the app always in portrait mode? I am an iPad user, and if I want to use the app, especially while my device is charging, it is awkward if not impossible. Screen should rotate seamlessly. Also, initially when I’ve added courses, I am required to sign out and sign in again, hoping that the new courses would populate my library. I have a new course for months that has not shown up in there even though it is under the same email address as all the others that are showing. There must be a better way! The convenience of mobile access is great and tracking my progress is helpful. For the most part though, I still use the desktop for most of the content in my library.
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4 years ago, Matt "The Man"
App is unusable
I don’t check the email address I used for sign up on the device I want to use this app on so I am unable to login and the app is completely useless. I confirmed my email from my computer but there is still no way to use the app on my phone. This is a major failure on the developers part. Forcing a user to use there device in a way they don’t want to unnecessarily is a big faux pas for app development and is highly frowned upon by Apple. This was actually the second problem I came across. The text field for entering the email has autocorrect turned on which any developer that has worked on an app before knows not to do. Apples tools actually turn it off for you when a text field is setup for email entry so it’s hard to understand how this even happened. Please update your app to work in an acceptable manner.
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2 years ago, Thetoyboxstudio
Great potential! Still room to grow.
So I love the fact that Kajabi has an app for the phone and I really want to like it. But here are a few suggestions. The newest iOS update has broken the app for me. I can no longer reply to any comments from within the app and I’m forced to go to my browser instead which makes the app pointless. Both on the app and in the browser the ability to comment from a phone is extremely limited. The Comment text area is so tiny that it is very challenging to leave a thoughtful engaging comment without going to the computer to compose it. It would be amazing if video reply or audio message reply was included in the Comment area for those of us that are terrible typers (like me. Lol) meanwhile I am experimenting with shooting Loom videos and posting the link in the comments. Beyond that I find the app to be great in terms of being able to find the course contact quickly and easily. If the messaging and commenting improves then it could be a great place for community members to have a conversation. Cheers! Lij Shaw
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3 years ago, 4dogz
Keeping MSers Moving
More than just an app... it’s an exercise plan, a support group, a positive motivator, and more. After more than two decades with MS I was in a bad place. I needed to find a way to keep moving and my neurologist and PT were not helping. The pandemic confined me to the house without my usual social and exercise options. Then I discovered The MSgym and my life changed. I’m exercising more and getting stronger. If I have a bad day, I no longer feel that’s the way I’ll always be. I highly recommend this to anyone with ms, whether walking, in a chair, or confined to bed. The program is built to work with your abilities.
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2 years ago, ysgrace
Lovely interface, frustrating playback
It’s definitely much easier to use this app than navigate the website. Logging in is much easier, with no errors. And navigating to what I want is easy. However this app does not remember where I left off on a video. I have to figure out where I left off every time I go back to it. Also if I pause the video, then do something else on my phone, when I come back to the app, it opens back to the front page again. Then I have to navigate back to the video I was watching. Also in my class sound files are provided as attachments. But they will not play in the app. I have to use another audio player to listen to these. Or just go to the website. But it would be nice to use the app for everything. Including comments, which I understand are only able to be done on the website. So I don’t really know the purpose of this app if it doesn’t have all those features.I’m probably going back to using the website instead.
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3 years ago, Boxlightyear
!!!!Attention Devs!!!! Could’ve been better
There were many times I wanted to write a comment to respond to my mentor but it doesn’t work. There are other times where I tried to navigate the topics pages just so I can make posts but they’re completely irresponsive. The only time I can view these pages for feedback is thru the push notifications (which I shouldn’t have to do by the way). I would post images as proof if app store would let me. At best it occasionally works, at worst it’s completely irresponsive. Any developers who read this seriously I implore you all to get your act together and fix this app. Little problems like these really ruin the experience for your users.
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3 years ago, LaToyaHunter
Ease of use
This is a good application. I like the look and feel of it on my phone versus logging in to the website. I would like to ask if maybe classes that are currently being accessed be in maybe an active tab? Or something and as you complete and join certain classes that are easily available. I’m currently joined with happy jack yoga and have access to all their classes. I’m only working through 3 of them. I’d like to find those classes easier, rather then scrolling through the entire catalog. Is there a way to do that, that I am unaware of?
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1 year ago, wundermaschine
This App Crashes Frequently - Please fix defect
I have an iPhone 13 that is kept up-to-date, yet this app crashes frequently on me. I use this application for fitness training program. I’ll go to a day’s training tutorial which consists of multiple videos. I’ll complete one video instruction, click the arrow to progress to the next one, and the app crashes. This is completely annoying because then I have to reopen the app and remember which tutorial I was on. Would have rather not left this info on an app review but this company doesn’t have another place where I can leave this feedback.
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1 year ago, Msladolcevita
Basic things not working
I was so excited to get this app as I have so many courses. The two things that I was most excited about (besides having all courses in one place - I wish the online had this feature so I didn’t always have to sign into everything) was being able to listen while driving & using maps and being able to increase the play back speed. Originally I was able to listen to the course while using maps (Waze). This week it stopped writing. The only way I can watch a video is by being on Kajabi. And the speed play back just doesn’t work. Super unfortunate. I hope these get fixed! If so, I’d happily rate it a 5+!
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7 months ago, sak2014
Works well but can be better
I use this for a couple different toddler/parenting education courses. The biggest improvement I would like to see is the ability to play videos while navigating other apps. This app doesn’t allow the pop out video mode that most iPhone apps can do these days so you have to stay on the app for the video to play, which is inconvenient if it’s mostly the audio that’s important. I’m viewing my courses on their owners websites instead of Kajabi right now because of this limitation.
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7 months ago, Anon76Anon
Disappearing Audio
I like the app for the most part. But it’s very frustrating to have to turn my phone off in order to get the audio to reset and start playing again after a period of inactivity. App will be working fine. Then I will stop using and do something else for a while. But when I attempt to play another video, the audio does not work. I’ve tried closing and re-opening using varying lengths of time before re-opening but audio remains off while video plays. Only solution I have found is to reboot phone completely. Huge pain. Otherwise platform works well.
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1 year ago, jmparra7
Not user friendly
I have been using this along with several other systems for my clients. This is so frustrating. It’s extremely hard to do simple tasks like manually add a student to a class, upload a recorded video, set up monthly payments. Everything in the system seems to have a roadblock that hasn’t been worked through for either uploading, accessing the content or payment. I would recommend teachable for those wanting to host classes, that was so easy to use compared to this. For websites and marketing i would sear clear, this is a constant headache. Support is good to chat with online, but they often don’t have answers to problems since the system has a lot of holes in their loops.
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4 years ago, the art of energy
Stops playing when screen locks :(
I like having access to my courses, but I have to switch my auto-lock to “never” whenever I’m listening to one, or keep tapping the screen. If I forget to go into settings to adjust my auto-lock, then just when I get settled in, listening to a course or a meditation, it stops. If after I’m done using the app I forget to switch my auto-lock back off “never”, my battery goes down faster. UPDATE: I appreciate the response. That is useful: it saves from changing my auto-lock setting and saves my battery. Thanks!
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3 years ago, NS-77
Bugs in this updated version.
Love this app but there are bugs in this updated version that need addressing. While viewing content there is a blank white bar showing up unexpectedly. Also when commenting there are two comment fields showing up instead of within the originally tapped area. This version isn’t as smooth and loads some content slow. Please address these issues. I use this app almost daily and it’s now frustrating. Lastly, it’s time to make a dark mode version. Staying relevant with features is important.
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2 years ago, _Kay111_
Video Issues
I like the layout, but the video function has a serious bug. Every time i pause a video to write a note in another app and come back, it does not save my last timestamp location; it starts from some other random timestamp of the video, leaving me to manually remember & take myself to the place i just left off every time i leave the app for 5 seconds to write a note in another app. It would be great if the timestamp i was last on stayed there so i can easily pick up where i left off. Simple video playing function that is not working properly.
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1 year ago, KCourt10
Playback speed adjustment doesn’t work.
I enjoy the products format. But the fact that the playback speed tool does not work is completely annoying. Our brains are engage more completely when we can consume information at a bit higher speed than the typical speaking pace. It helps to engage our mind and help us to focus more and cut back on distraction. So having to listen to, the videos at normal playback speed is actually incredibly distracting. Please fix the feature for the playback speed tool so that you can listen to it in 1.5 even 2.0 playback speed to be able to engage the learning better.
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2 years ago, TJ Liwanag
Love this app, and I wish more creators would utilize it! Being able to find my favorite tutorials in one place is perfect. I like that you can choose the video playback quality, and captions (If provided). Watching this on my phone as a “second screen” is really handy when I’m working on my laptop. I also like adding specific videos to the Favorites folder to reference at a later time. Please add PnP functionality, download for off-line use, and the ability to cast. Otherwise, love it!
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5 months ago, ASHA L
Good in some ways - very frustrating when opening communities
I have three different programs with three different email addresses, which I can see fine in the primary Kajabi app. But if I click the link to open any of the Communities, from inside the Kajabi app, it takes me to the website with a link that says download Communities. Which is wrong, because I have Communities on my phone, and it won’t let me see all of my different communities. It only lets me see the last one used. Not integrated well. Not happy with that aspect of this program
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3 years ago, aphp25
Can only start video from the beginning
Ever since the update I cannot start a video from where I left off. There is a Resume button which does not work so to get to the video I have to use the replay option which takes me to the very beginning. Have tried on my iPad and iPhone and have the same problem. Please fix! Still having the same problem. This app used to keep your place in the videos and for some reason this s not working anymore. I listen to multiple videos and every time I have to start from the beginning when I resume. Will have to start taking notes so I know where I left off which is not the way this s unposed to work.
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4 years ago, RLbeehive1235
Love! And could use some tweaks
Love the ability to access courses on the go!! Works great. And, there’s a few little bugs that could use attention. One is that it doesn’t seem to Sync progress between computer and mobile versions (I’m also having the issue that the desktop/web version doesn’t save my place at all...almost always reopens from beginning of lecture). And, the mobile app is a bit fussy - every time you tap the screen video stops and backs out, if you rotate the phone it stops, if screen locks it stops.
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4 years ago, I am the Chezza
Could use more clarity
The interface is pretty basic and there is room for clarity. I wish the videos still played when I clicked out of the app. I also notice when the phone goes to rest mode and I pick it back up, the video will be playing although it will no longer be on the screen. Have the go back to the video and restart it. It will start where it was which is good but it’s a bit round the way. Just overall room for improvement I suppose in general. Not bad.
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4 years ago, DontQuitHustle
Disappointed, but the course requires it
Hard to get into and hard to use. Not intuitive at all. Had to switch emails to get it to work after trying to sign up for over a month using the email I’ve used for 2 events/courses in last year with no trouble. These courses now use Kajabi. I’m finally in and push buttons and there’s nothing: no link to site, no schedule, just one page and logout. Maybe it’s because this class hasn't started yet, but the course has been available for sign up for months. I don’t even know what time it starts unless I go back to the site I signed up with. Waiting to see I can eventually get my other class to load once I switch the email.
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4 years ago, TommySaidSo
No iPad version?
For an app that primarily serves up video content, why they would only have an app for phones and their tiny screens is beyond me. Sure you can still use it on an iPad but it’s a wonky experience. Also, I may be alone here, but I think it really needs the ability to download videos for offline access. If I have to be online to use it (without eating up all my data) then I might as well just view it on my computer. The point of having a mobile app is that it’s mobile. So having the ability to download files for offline access is key in my mind. But until there’s an iPad version, I won’t be using it anyway.
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8 months ago, todd0590
Smooth with one annoying (and ongoing) default
App is overall quite well designed and smooth. However, whenever I finish a video in full screen mode and go back to the regular video page to move onto the next video, the video I just finished RESTARTS and plays again. This is incredibly annoying and I have tried every setting available to prevent this. If they could fix this (or respond letting me know how to stop this from happening in some way I haven’t figured out) I will update my rating/review.
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3 years ago, Looseleaf
Teacher’s beware. This app will cost you students.
As a student using this application, I find it virtually unusable. This is the second weekend I’ve wanted to access material from a course and have been unable to login. Further this is the 4th such course from 3 additional teachers Ive tried to do through this app. The lack of customer service problem is consistent across All 4 teachers. Two of the other courses I paid for, were not completed because of app issues. From now on, despite how much I want to study with a certain teacher, I will not do so if they are using Kajabi. Customer service is so poor, it’s like throwing your money away.
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3 years ago, notrealatall
Critical feature missing!
94% of Americans own a smartphone the average person spends more than 24hrs per week on their phones, with younger millennials spending 5-6 hours per day on their devices. With the intensive use of smartphones people have the shortest attention span of all time so playing the videos at 2X speed is a critical feature to install in this app. I hope you take this into serious consideration and get this added to Kajabi ASAP. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Valymer
Audio/video sync issues
This app was working great for me on both iPhone and iPad for about a month, but now I’m getting issues with the audio being several seconds out of sync with every video I try to watch. I’m not sure why that started happening all of a sudden, but I don’t have any issues watching the same videos on a wired PC on the same network, so it must be something with the iOS app. Maybe these videos are 4K and the app has to have the device downscale it but it isn’t powerful enough so it is lagging a bit. But the same thing happens on safari...so I dunno.
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2 years ago, dreamz2019
No place to reset password
A bit frustrating as accelerated as technology is there’s no excuse really especially when the app I’m already signed into but for whatever reason it doesn’t work when I try on the desktop. I shouldn’t have to change my password just to login on the desktop. Doesn’t make sense especially when I have over 5 courses purchased through the app.🙈😤
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4 years ago, Erin Fulks
Sometimes I have to wait hours before I can use the app again
I have had the app since it started and I have several courses from different course creators in one place. It's great that I have access to all the courses, but when I buy new courses with any creator half the time the app updates and half the time it doesn't. Also I can go into the app once, but I have to stay in there if I leave for any reason I can get anything to work and I have to wait several hours before I can access any course again in the app. Super frustrating.
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2 weeks ago, AC9978
Ok generally but one fatal flaw
The app is fine while you are using it but as soon as you stop for a certain period or exit the 'currently playing' screen, it does not save your progress through that particular episode. Not having the ability to save progress means you have to remember your mm:ss when you exit the app - otherwise it will restart the episode right from the beginning! Seems like it should be an easy fix - not sure why it hasn't been done already
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3 years ago, IG~ @laceylynnj
Hey you guys I LOVE your app so much!! The only thing it’s missing is being compatible with the IPad Pro where we can turn the app Kajabi sideways instead of just having it in regular straight mode and also can you guys pleaseeeeeeee also make Kajabi where we can multitask with other apps like Goodnotes,procreate,notebook, and noteability so we can take notes while on the app, on the Kajabi app I have educational courses that I would like to watch the content an being able to take notes on my IPad also!! Please have this one in mind you will attract more users !! Free game take it you guys!!! 💖
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4 years ago, 916Studio
Convenient way to access content
Works, for the most part, but does a weird thing where it boots me from the app and asks me to log in via mobile web. I have a few memberships built on this platform, but I spend most of my time listening on the road as part of my commute. So, pulling over to log in again is not ideal. It’s mostly convenient, to be sure, and it’s an effective time-management tool for me, but this quirk gets annoying after a while as it takes me out of learning and being actively engaged to a mental space of annoyance.
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3 years ago, JenniParker
Just started using and am having problems already
Trying to watch videos on an iPad is painful. The videos in the first of my lessons are full of large charts; so when looking at them in full screen mode, many of the visuals are still too hard to see, like trying to see what the teacher wrote on the whiteboard from the back of a large auditorium. But when I try to use the iPad touch-screen’s enlargement feature, the app glitches and the screen goes black. Then there’s no fix but to restart the app. So, buyer, beware: if you don’t have young eyes and perfect vision, this app is going to frustrate you.
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3 years ago, Rudy6969
Update issues-iPhone/App
Ever since last week my downloads on my app no longer go to safari. Instead the prompts are to send a text or email and even doing that I cannot see the content. It is challenging to communicate directly with company if you are a member of a community and not a client. Before this the app worked just fine with ease. Hoping this will be worked out. I updated to the newest version however still no luck.
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3 years ago, CPickA
Awful for community and memberships.
If you only have ecourse and video content than its just an ok app. I don't understand the unnecessary extra steps to watch in full screen or why its always in portrait more. I am a part of a few community/ memberships and to get notifications i have to get emailed, the app doesn't do push notifications and i cant adjust my email preferences from the app. This is the most basic app i have had to use. The UI is bad, I cant organize any products in the app, and i dont want an inbox full of notifications every-time there is a post in a community.
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5 years ago, Bonnie Sayers
Easy course access on the go
Glad to be using the app on my iPhone 8 Plus. I have signed into four different email accounts and accessed courses I have purchased over the years. I have access to my own course and changed the icon to mine from the standard kajabi one- now mine stands out. I would like to see the module listed and not just the lessons. I like seeing my profile pick with resume option. I tried the search function but was not finding anything - will wait to see how searchie fits into the app system. Updates in footer of courses is really the announcements section- hoping they can change the wording somewhere to have them be the same. Looking forward to growing with the app
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2 years ago, zeldaplusdisney
Can't even login - first time user
Downloaded the app for the first time, and have done the email confirmation twice now, but once it brings me back to the app, it's like everything freezes up. It says to add a website, but it's a blank screen below the text with nothing to select (even though I have an entire online course and website created). So instead, I just click the "Next" button and wait... and wait... anddddd nothing happens. Just frozen. I've refreshed the app and tried again, even checked for a possible update since downloading the app.
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1 year ago, Ltrainlj33
Good but the Video Playback Features are Very Outdated
This app is good for its intended purpose of allowing you to view contact you have purchased from various training classes. It’s fairly intuitive overall and stable. The issue is that the video playback features are outdated. For instance, I rotate my phone the class should turn to full screen like 95% of other video playing apps. It does not. Also I should not have to tap to buttons to enter full screen mode. And here’s the biggest issue: There is no support for picture in picture. We need that functionality added in right away. As a result, I am unable to multitask or take in learning content, while performing other tasks throughout my day. That is a huge drawback that really needs to be updated right away.
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6 months ago, JensEm3
I LOVE the App, BUT although it says you can add another email address to pull in other applications/books/etc that were bought under different emails, it WONT actually recognize them unless you sign out of the one you are in! It acts as though nothing new is there, yet if you sign out and back in under that email the info from that account shows up. There’s no real way of combining that access, which is REALLY annoying!
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2 years ago, bohominimalist
Can’t use multiple email accounts
Once you’re signed in, everything is great. But you can’t be signed in and synced through multiple accounts like it leads you to believe. You have to switch between accounts and re-verify every time, rather than having all of your Kajabi content consolidated. It’s frustrating to say the least, and feels like a waste of time so I usually end up using my computer half the time anyway.
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3 years ago, Tennager
Worse user experience ever!
I have 3 different programs that the coach I bought the program from uses this site. I have forgot my password and there is literally no way for me to reset it. Every time I hit the forgot password, I never received the email. I’ve been trying for a few months now and still can’t get in! The only customer service is for the owner of the site, not a user! It’s horrible, and extremely frustrating for the user! If you are looking to move your course to this site, save your client a bunch of stress and just don’t do. Just don’t!!!
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