4.6 (2.7K)
62.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KALB WX

4.6 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
2 years ago, LindaBakerWarrick
We are always up to date in weather conditions in our area!!
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4 years ago, DDF90
Hate the ads
I understand that apps have to have ads but these ads just stay on my phone. I can’t close them. I have to wait a long time and open the app again hoping the ad is gone. I have downloaded KNOE TV 8 app and have far fewer issues. Here’s a crazy idea KALB, FIX YOUR APP.
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5 years ago, ~*~TraceyMichelle~*~
Great weather app cluttered with SLOW ads and way too many cute & chatty “watch the news tonight!” ALERTS!!! That is NOT an alert and is quite disruptive throughout the day. While using the app during sever weather, the whole-page ad that loads upon opening is incredibly frustrating. I am deleting the app. There are other weather apps that use this same data elite view that only give actual ALERTS when relevant!
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5 months ago, Mama Jx5
Just a follower
I like the vocal updates. I forget to look at the week ahead! A quick reminder is helpful. Thanks!
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2 months ago, Westerns Man
Kennys Opinion
I enjoy watching the Alexandria station all but the loosing of the station quite often. 👍
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4 years ago, ikypawpaw
Won’t open
Need to fix problem with opening.
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2 years ago, Bo....D@vis
I think the radar is top notch and the weather alerts come in a timely fashion. Far better app than the weather channel. Thanks KALB!
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3 years ago, MawmawTani
When I needed it most...
...the app and the information I needed was not loading during this winter storm. Apparently towers were down and data was very slow to come through and since this app is so ad heavy, it would not even load so that I could get the information I desperately needed since I had no power!
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7 years ago, Steve & Onnie Breland
App will not open
App will not open in iPhone 6 Plus since last update!
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3 years ago, morning magician
Early morning
Informative; great interaction with each other; love the bowls of deliciousness
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5 years ago, Waco161
I used to really enjoy this app! But for about 2 weeks now the radar image won't load at all. And I agree with other users it does freeze up way to much. The hourly forecast generally are on call. Please fix radar for ios9 users, my ipad2 can't upgrade up any higher.
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6 years ago, MaryV60
Won’t open 50% of time
I’ve had this app for several years and it used to be great but lately it won’t open or it opens slowly and freezes up. I’m getting rid of it unless it improves soon!
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4 years ago, Marlem54
Bad app now!
I loved the KALB weather app! Not now! I can’t get it to come up on my IPhone 6s or my IPad. What gives ? Please fix it!
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2 years ago, wx time
Older news crew
I miss Tom konvicka and all of the old news crew
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1 year ago, Reb !
Mr John Loden
I mainly watch thi site so I can keep up with the weather, and it’s pretty good to me !
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3 years ago, big1962
Weather only
To many pop ups
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6 years ago, Mantha1014
This app is so slow and I absolutely hate when you close it and reopen, it has to reload even if it had just loaded. I would much rather have to manually reload
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4 years ago, ole GG
My program was working just fine. Did y’all make lots of changes? I depend on your local weather since that’s where we are. I get a notice that it’s not available at my location. Very aggravating!! I always depended on yalls program!! Having to watch something else. Even going online to try to watch doesn’t work!! Apparently there are no nicknames that will work!! No way all I put in was taken!!
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2 years ago, noKALB
All I want is the weather forecast no videos with different Forecasters and way too many ads seldom go there any longer You really do not want to receive this ,,,,,that many nicknames cannot be taken
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3 years ago, Roblox god xD
I had these app for many’s of years and my phone would be blowing up with 67 notifications! When I tried to take the notifications off it wouldn’t work!
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4 months ago, dis G yo
Thomas Konvicka Approved 👍
If you can trust Tom, you can trust this weather app!!!
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6 years ago, bluesmanjks
Don't just update delete the app and download the new app and it should work! But it doesn't to be a local weather app we sure are in trouble if we rely on this for emergencies! Plus the weather radio is a joke don't waste your money on it
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4 years ago, Powers.
App won’t work most of the time!
When you need to look at weather, it won’t open, or if it does it won’t work right. Don’t mind some ads, but they cause major problems with using the app.
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4 years ago, Tap8115
I’d die before my app loaded
This app never loads .... ever any time I get an alert and open the app to see what is going on I get a blank screen and if I go get it to load it only works for a minute or two and kicks me off 😡
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1 year ago, Rolline2
What title
Radar should come up immediately. No advertisements
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2 years ago, ebebhdijsjebfj
Tom was the best for the weather. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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6 years ago, Biteme3989
Notifications should only be for severe weather not bs
Don’t push notifications for no reason
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3 years ago, jcbutton69
Too much Unnecessary post not related to weather.
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1 year ago, summerandrory
Best app
Love it!!
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3 years ago, fufufufu69
KALB as a whole is garbage
The weather report is never accurate
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3 years ago, Sprools
App vs TV
This app can’t be trusted. It seems to never correspond with the TV station forecast.
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7 years ago, LSU79
New Update
App keeps force closing since new update
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12 years ago, iateabee21
So glad I have access to honest local weather instead of a national forecast from someone thousands of miles away!
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12 years ago, travis roy
Awesome up to date very reliable radar great features. I am a weather fanatic and have alot of weather apps and this is the best by far thanks alot I am impressed
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11 years ago, Shchian
Like having my local weather at a touch. Hate the fact can't even get my weather without ads at the top of the page get so tired of commercials and ads all over everything exspecially my weather.
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12 years ago, Fingers2288
I like having the gang at my fingertips... If only I could get my fingers inside them.
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12 years ago, JEAJJ123
Solid :)
Easy to use, nice graphics. This paired with the texts is great to have!
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7 years ago, Woodrowcall76
Better off sticking ya head out the door.....
Radar and the whole app is good for a one hour look ahead but that's the extent of this apps "forecast ". More than once I've missed a hunting trip or got soaked on my bike relying on this app. I don't know who's in charge of keeping this thing updated but they are definitely not handling business.
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12 years ago, Cottontop2008
Great app
So far this app is great. Glad to have local weather at my fingertips. Thank you.
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11 years ago, Ruthy May
I always use this weather app. Would love it if you add humidity to forecast. Then it would be perfect! Thanks
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10 years ago, Jdavis71483
Not the best
The forecast changes too much and the radar lags.
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8 years ago, G. Powell
Made things worse
The new update is now making the app crash. Worked better before the update.
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8 years ago, Fun but broken
Bad Update
The update has made it to where the app will not even open. Crashes as soon as it gets to the blue screen. Please fix!
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